Fort Weyr - Lake Shore

This lake shares many features common to mountain lakes — a brilliant blue jewel nestled amongst the rocks. The waters are crystal clear, and the north shore slopes gently before abruptly falling away into the depths. This lake does have one significant differentiating feature, however. The south shore of the lake is a tumbled mass of rubble, rock and earth of an ancient rockslide smoothed only by the elements in the intervening years. This rubble, as well as the rather sheer east and west faces, makes for the north shore to be the only one easily accessible.
The chilly lake waters are an invigorating draw to weyrfolk and dragons alike as summer's heat bears down upon the Weyr. The calm jewel blue waters offer a pleasant respite upon which to bath, relax, or play. The shoreline buzzes with activity and at the peak of the day it can be hard to find a spot to stretch out. At night, like a great mirror the lake reflects the multitude of stars overhead with the occasionally shadow of a passing dragon breaking the serene visage.

Mid-afternoon has descended on Fort and the Weyr itself remains a hub of activity. The rains have stopped since early morning and the sun is now out in force, drying up the excess water but also making the air a touch on the humid side. Regardless, the weyrfolk are out in droves to enjoy the heat and sunlight as many doubt it will last long given the regions current record for rain days. Velokraeth appears from Between high above the Weyr, wings dipping as he begins a slow and graceful decent downwards. Seconds later, a small group of dragons appear in formation, each laden with passengers. It would seem that the afternoon rotations of the excursions is just completed, as the group veer off towards the northern bowl to land by the barracks while the Weyrleader has his pale bronze aim for the lake. Sweeping his wings back, Velokraeth lands a far enough distance away not to shower those already present with sand and grit. Folding his wings, the bronze swivels his oversized head to look longingly at the water and then rumbles low and impatiently as Th'ero unbuckles himself and dismounts. "Hold on, hold on." he grumbles to himself, stripping off his riding helmet and jacket and shoving them hurriedly into the pouches on the straps. He then begins removing them from his bronze, one buckle at a time and barely has them stacked on the ground before Velokraeth is lumbering in his waddling, awkward gait to the cool waters. The Weyrleader only sighs, eyeing the straps and grimacing before bending to the task of inspecting them as he arranges them safely. So much for going back to his weyr?

Much to Sohnyuoth's discontent, Miki had been out since the rain began falling upon Fort in the early morning. Though that's hardly a surprise. If there's one thing Miki can't resist, it's playing in the rain….and the mud that comes afterwards. Oh and snowball fights. Once the sun appeared however, Sohnyu was more than happy to join her rider outside. The two are already settled on the shores of the lake, curled up happily in the sands. The green's emerald tail flashes as she curls it around her tiny rider, idly preventing her from running into the waters. "Oh come one….My clothes aren't even completely dry yet, what's the harm?" Seems the opposite scenarios occuring on this pair's side! Miki gives a little huff before sighing and ceasing her attempts for the moment. Instead, her gaze flicks around the rest of the beach, finally falling on Velokraeth and Th'ero. "Looks like I'm not the only one who thinks it's a good time for a swim." She calls over with a grin, eyes moving to the lake and then back to the Weyrleader.

Velokraeth slips into the waters and out to the deeper parts of the lake or at least as deep as he can go and still stretch out in the water and not really swim. It's more like a lazy, lounging bath. Yawning, the pale bronze then turns to glance back to shore and on spotting Sohnyuoth, he warbles warmly and sweetly to the green. Care to come in, fair lady? Of course he would attempt to lure the green to his side, always up for the company and even more so if that company is female. Th'ero only eyes his lifemate with an almost wary look before his gaze is darting to Miki and then her lifemate. At her call, the Weyrleader only smirks and sets down the last buckle after it passes his inspection. "The water's here are too cold for my tastes. It's Velokraeth who insisted on the swim." And he pauses, only to take a few small steps forwards as he gives Miki a cursory glance. "Doesn't seem to dissuade you from enjoy it though. Been a relaxing start of the day then?" he drawls.

Sohnyuoth lifts her head at the warble, glancing out towards the waters and giving the sweetest of croons back. Slowly, her tail begins to unwrap from around Miki. The woman simply snorts and shakes her head. "Oh /now/ you want to go in the water." At the remark, Sohnyu gives the AWLM an affectionate nudge before moving off and out into the waters. Miki simply watches for a moment, waiting until Sohnyuoth's gotten fairly close to the bronze before looking back over towards the Weyrleader. "Not at all. Nothing better than a cold swim. Besides, I'm used to it." She laughs quietly under her breathe before flopping back onto the sands nad letting her gaze drift upwards. "Been a good start. I'll have to do some real work in the afternoon though. Figure I'll enjoy a bit of free time when I can…not going to have too much of it soon."

Score a few more points for Velokraeth's ego! The bronze croons back, low and honeyed mellow to Sohnyuoth's and remaining suave and calm as the green slips into the waters now as well. If Th'ero were the sort of man to do it, he'd likely facepalm right then and there. Instead, his features only twist into a slightly pained grimace before falling neutral again. He's sort of used to his lifemate's quirks by now, but that doesn't mean he'll ever enjoy them. "I suppose so. But I'd still much prefer /some/ warmth. At least then you can swim longer, without worry of the cold leaching in." he murmurs, meeting Miki's glance with a vague sort of smirk and then blinking a bit when she flops back onto the sands. The Weyrleader doesn't quite flop down, but he does at least approach enough to stand nearby, weight shifting to one side as his arms cross losely over his chest. His gaze turns towards the waters, only half observing Velokraeth's interaction with the AWLM's green. "Ah, yes. Preparations are going well then?" he asks, as if only now aware that she would be directly affected once the eggs Hatch.

Sohnyuoth is all fluff and sweetness, crooning as she moves lazily about in the water near the bronze. Though really, the only time she isn't is when she goes up. That's never pretty. "True. But hey, we've got big winged lumps to help heat us. That's gotta count for something, yeah?" It seems like Miki doesn't particularly care about what's going on in the waters at this point. She's too busy soaking up the sun and things. Eyelids fall and she tilts her chin upwards. "Mhm, going well. The candidates I've seen so far all seem to have good heads. Hopefully won't be as difficult as last time…." Peaceful features twist into a small grimace of sorts, but only for a moment. One eye opens and drifts over towards the Weyrleader. "Been taking them around all morning?"

No it's not pretty and Velokraeth likely has some faint marks on his hide left from the last time he faced Sohnyuoth in one of her flights. He's probably forgotten by now, but his rider has not. The pale bronze remains sprawled on the lake's bottom, soaking most of his stunted body under the water's surface. He does watch the green though as she swims and showers her with little compliments and probably a few sarcastic barbs to stir up some humor. "I suppose it does," Th'ero has to agree, though he still doesn't seem too enthused on the idea of cold water swimming as Miki is. The Weyrleader's gaze drifts from the waters to the shoreline now, glancing off into the distance where some weyrfolk are mingling in the shallows. "Most of them do seem level headed. Though I worry, several are quite young… I am hoping the Searchriders manage to find some older prospects too, just to balance out the group. But I should not complain, really. The barracks are filling well. And difficult how?" he asks, turning now to glance down at the Assistant Weyrlingmaster. Surely his memory hasn't failed already? When she glances up at him, Th'ero smirks again. "Overseeing the excursions yes. One to Healer Hall today and the other to Rubicon River Hold for Dolphincraft. They just rotated out. I believe too there are some here for Vintner demonstrations and lectures." That earns a bit of a chuckle. "That one seems almost cruel." he murmurs.

Sohnyuoth has quite a few scars of her own, but it's like she's a completely different dragon when she isn't up in the skies and all glowy. There's likely some idle crooning and showing off mixed in with the fun she's having in the water. Lucky for her she can switch off things like her personality. Miki gets to deal with it all. Joy! "Hmmm…" Brows knit for a moment, the woman perhaps thinking back on those candidate's that she's met or seen about. "You're right. Some of them are pret-ty young. Makes me feel like a granny. But there's a pretty big group that aren't. Couple that are almost 20." As he continues though, the AWLM has to stifle a giggle. "Infirmaries? Not fun. Shipfish? Seem amusing. But Vintner's? Poor things…I'll have to drop in on one of those demonstrations. Can be official taste tester or something!" The woman likes her drinks, who can blame her?

Velokraeth doesn't mind if Sohnyuoth shows off a little, likely flattering her or making some wry comment. His personality never really changes, though he has his moods like any being. Today he seems pretty laid back and sociable. The complete opposite of his rider on any day! And oh, the feedback Th'ero suffers through some days… Maybe that's why the Weyrleader always looks to have a pole up his backside. There's a snort from the bronzerider, "You're hardly a granny. But it does make one feel older. I was in my twenties when Searched and the experience was enough of a shock then. I just… worry that some of the younger ones will be overwhelmed. We have some that aren't even of Apprentice age yet." he remarks, only to then nod his head slowly. "Hmm, yes. There are some in the higher ranges of age. Still, I'd prefer a handful or so that are closer to the restriction limits." When she stifles a giggle, Th'ero's brow quirks up in an inquiring way. What? "Dolphins." he corrects, though with a bit of a small smile. "And it could be amusing, depending if they see demonstrations rather then lectures. As for Healer, last I heard they were being shown plants and even being set out to harvest some from the local countryside. Not far from the Hall though… I had to be certain of that." Th'ero chuckles dryly at Miki's suggestion and shakes his head. "Drop in if you'd like. And I doubt they'd turn you away though you'd just be rubbing the poor Candidate's faces in it. But truly… a /small/ taste of alcohol wouldn't hurt?" he murmurs thoughtfully. Oh, he's not thinking on stretching rules now too, is he? Or is this part of the joke?

It seems a constant battle for everyone! Dealing with comments from their lifemates. Sohnyuoth's particularly prone to not letting Miki go play outside. Hah, mother hen. Which only makes Miki all the more delighted when she does go out. Which explains a rather constantly smiley mood. "Really? Cause Aniki told me I was getting wrinkles." Then again, that's /Aniki/ saying it, so maybe she shouldn't listen. "I was in my twenties too….But if there's one thing I've learned from being nanny, it's that kids their age are stronger than we think. Though…well…it'd be nice if they didn't have to worry about too much so early. Few older ones would be good to balance things out though." There's a small pause, eyebrow lifting at the correction, though it's soon followed up by a shrug. "Dolphin shipfish, all the same, right? I imagine it'd be a boring lecture if they were talking about dolphins and such." At leat she used the right term this time! "Gathering plants…that's less fun. But at least they're learning about the plants instead of just picking them. Probably come in handy in the future." Lashes lower once more, the woman resuming her sun-soaking for a bit before laughing. "It would be, wouldn't it? You know…you can't /truly/ appreciate the Craft if you can't try a bit of alcohol. It'll have no meaning for them. A few drops might do them good. You know, for learning's sake." Riiiight.

Velokraeth has the opposite trouble then Sohnyuoth with his rider. The bronze is constantly trying to get Th'ero to go out and be social, to unwind and relax. It's been an uphill battle, for certain! The Weyrleader snorts again and shakes his head, "That's what siblings do," he remarks dryly and with a faint but crooked smile. He won't even go into detail over what his sister has called him over the Turns. Most of it is not polite at all for public discussion. He nods his head subtly in agreement to her last comments on the age of the candidates, letting that topic slide now in favor of others. "All the same," Th'ero agrees again, though he smirks. Maybe he knows something? "And well… it's an unfortunate draw back that most of these excursions lead to lectures but it cannot be helped. Some of the Crafts are too dangerous for untried and inexperienced hands getting into things." Judging from his grimace, those are not the Weyrleader's thoughts entirely and perhaps the dry echo of some of the words tossed at him by Pern's Craftmasters. See? He's not the only spoil sport on the planet. "Mhm, that at least I can approve. If they do become riders and are out in the field… at least if an emergency strikes and they cannot get to supplies or aid they at least can handle the wilderness. Or know which plants to pick." Th'ero glances away again, thoughtful as a heavy frown creased his brow. His weight shifts again as well, this time to the other hip as he seems to truly consider Miki's words. "They tell me that with tasting they never truly swallow the drink. It's spat out." And he gives a slightly baffled look at that. But who is he to judge? "Perhaps I can allow the Vintners to teach them to appreciate some of the finer and tricker alcohols fabricated through samples." He chuckles dryly then, focusing back on the greenrider where she lounges in the sun. "For learning's sake? I suppose."

"True. Doesn't mean I have to like it." And well, a sibling with Sohnyuoth taking /his/ side instead of Miki's? A hundered times worse. "At least I finally kicked him out." And /that/ is definitely an accomplishment. She catches the smirk on the Weyrleader's face, raising an eyebrow at that but eventually shrugging. "At least it's better than mucking the stables? I mean…I guess I could see the Smithcraft and Glasscraft being dangerous. Could do a lot of damage if those tools are handled properly. But still, letctures are better than stables. Though…they might get to do that in the Beastcraft?" Thank Faranth she's not doing any of that stuff anymore! "Exactly. You always hope that they never have to go through anything that has them needing to know that stuff, but gotta prepare them just in case." Even with the somewhat serious words coming from her lips, Miki's smile hasn't faded much. And now? Well, she's giggling again. "Spit it out? No way I'm spitting it out if they let me have a taste. It's going straight to my stomach." Blue eyes move upwards to the Weyrleader, and a grin splits her face. "Definitely for learning's sake. I think, Sir Weyrleader, you've come up with a rather brilliant idea. Let them learn how to appreciate booze!"

"You kicked him out?" Th'ero seems a little surprised by that news, though he hadn't truly known of Miki's living situations or much about her sibling, other then the rumors he's heard and perhaps a brief encounter here and there. But as she's treating it as an accomplishment, the Weyrleader takes it as good news at least. "I suppose it was for the best then," he adds with a vague smile. "I would think so," he muses. "I would have much prefered these excursions over the chores. Mind you, they DO still have their chores to do when they're not out and about learning." He wasn't about to let the Candidates off that easily! No sir. "Exactly. Hot metals and hot, possibly explosive glass? Not exactly what I want to send them into untried. But they'll witness demonstrations at least." From a perfectly safe distance, of course. Not entirely fun but not overly dull. The brighter ones will know better then to complain! At the giggling, Th'ero gives her a long, lingering look and with an expression that hardly seems amused, stuck as it is forever in neutral save for the times his mouth will quirk in the slightest of smiles or smirks. "Oh sure, /you/ can drink it if you want." he remarks in a low tone. "Just don't let /them/ catch on." When she grins and mentions it being a brilliant idea, he frowns and that smirk returns and his eyes look slightly uncertain. "I wouldn't quite call it that," he drawls again, "And appreciate booze?" Another snort and he exhales slowly. "Wasn't the point… but I suppose it is. I meant more for them to appreciate the work behind the /crafting/ of them and not the drink itself." he murmurs as he tries to explain, only to look a little baffled.

Miki grins, "Mhm, a few sevendays ago. Hopefully he'll stay gone. He needs to spread his wings and get rid of that sister complex a bit." After a few moments, she sits up, bending her knees and letting her elbows rest on them. "But it's still less than we had to do, right? And a good bit more interesting. Properties of glass versus properties of laundry? I'd take glass any day." Blue eyes shift out over the waters and over towards Sohnyuoth for a bit. "Mmmm, I see what you mean. I'll be sure to do the drinking on the down low." In the midst of their conversation, Miki brings a hand to her mouth, stifling what seems to be an oncoming snickerfit. There's likely some commentary from Sohnyuoth coming in. "Ah yes. Sorry. Need to appreciate the crafting, not the drink. Though honestly, they come hand in hand right? If you don't appreciate the glass, you can't appreciate the glasscrafter. Same goes with the Vintners."

"It is good for the younger folk to experience some independence," Th'ero agrees rather cryptically, looking out over the lake and then off to the distant wall of the Weyr. His position shifts a little, becoming relaxed enough that his arms fall to his sides at least. "A little less. But more to handle up here," And he lifts a hand to lightly tap at the side of his head, just by the temple as he turns to glance down at Miki again. At her remark of choosing glass over laundry, the Weyrleader actually does chuckle, though it's brief. "As would I. Perhaps if this does not meet with utter disaster, we will keep it on for the future Candidates." Velokraeth has had enough of the water it seems, crooning almost apologetically to Sohnyuoth as he rolls himself to his feet and begins to waddle (rather comically) out of the water. Grace? Not his forte. Pausing to lower himself down onto the sandy shore and stretch out, he proceeds on to sunbathing, looking rather smug with himself for whatever private reason. However, Th'ero is giving the pale bronze a rather narrowed look. Something planned go amiss? Seems so. Miki's snickerfit is given a slightly wary look, the Weyrleader uncertain of it's origin. It lets it go though and only shakes his head, looking a touch frustrated now. "Point taken," he says slowly, having to agree with that logic at least. Then with a low exhale, Th'ero adds. "I need to be going. I have meetings later and it would seem I have to lug these straps halfway across Fort now first." Grimacing, he shoots Velokraeth another look that edges on annoyance, but the bronze simply ignores him and goes back to enjoying the sun and, of course, any of the greens lingering about (and Sohnyuoth among them). "Good afternoon, Miki. Hope the rest of your day fairs well," he murmurs then, a little overly polite in his last words but done is done and Th'ero turns to stride over to where he left his riding straps, working on setting them in a way that he can haul them back with minimal discomfort. Once ready, he pauses for a brisk nod and wave of farewell and then sets off.

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