~~*~~ Fort Weyr - Galleries ~~*~~ (#10420RIJ$)

The galleries are carved right out of the rock face, the rows and rows of benches rising high up into the air on a slight slant. Stone and wood benches that used to be known for offering little in the way of comfort, are now padded with cushions in Fort Weyr's colors. Placed along the railing at regular intervals are antique looking baskets filled with cheery fabric flowers. The curving walls sport tapestries in warm vibrant colors that seem to add a dash of color to the otherwise dreary stone. Where the galleries curve slightly at the ends, affording those attending hatchings or clutchings a decent view of the sands, shaded laterns offer warm lighting along the rows of benches.

It's relatively early in the Weyr, breakfast has just been served and a specially made one has been brought to the Weyrwoman who has made the Sands her new home for the time being. So, Dtirae is up in the galleries with a nice little breakfast set up. Now, it is no secret that the Weyrwoman has been asking of her sister to anyone who bothers to stop into the galleries, being that the young woman isn't all that hard to spot and asking any who see her to send her on over to the galleries. Thus: breakfast is always packed as if the Weyrwoman is expecting company.

It's a good thing that breakfast is packed, since there is one seriously hungry, and mildly irritated, Chyhi stomping on up to the galleries this morning. There's a hunk of bark in her hand and a sour look on her face. "Deitra! …err, rather, Dtirae. Shardin' name change." She grumbles as she walks over towards her sister. "You were wrong, sis." She snarls out. "BArk from the Klah tree don't taste /nuthin'/ like the boody drink! I've been chewin' this stuff for a blasted sevenday an' all I got for it is a buncha slivers in my tongue!" Just to prove her point, the girl sticks out her tongue and points at it. "Shee?" She slurs, waggling said appendage around. "Tashtes likeh bloodh." So dainty, so ladylike. The bark in her hand is tossed on the ground and stepped on, before the girl plops herself down next to her sister, hands already grabbing at a few morsels from her sibling's breakfast spread. "How's it been goin', being stuck on them sands? Ya missin' the hunts yet?" Chyhi asks, mouth already full.

Is that amusement on the woman's face? Or, perhaps it's concern? No, it is definitely amusement as Dtirae sees that bark in her sister's hand and the sour look on her face. "You can call me Dei, Chy." It's a teasing little tone she uses, not yet addressing the main issue on the bark's properties when chewed alone rather than made into a drink. "Really? I swear I heard that if you chewed it enough, it'd make it like the drink and you wouldn't have ta bother gettin' a mug." There's no hiding that grin, until she carefully lifts a mug to her lips and sips at it. Why isn't she chewing the bark if that were the case? Really. She's sipping her klah. "I'm stayin' on the Sands cause I want ta. Missin' the huntin', though. Figure'n I'll go on one after the Hatchin'. Found any good game?"

"Damn skippy I can call ya Dei." Chyhi states, talking with her mouth full of food. Chew, chew, chew. Swallow! "Can't say I'm feelin' nuthin' from it. Outside of pain from, y'know, chewin' on wood." Her nose is wrinkled in distaste. "Tastes like wherry shit, as well. Klah as a drink 'least tastes good what with all the extras in there. Just chewin' on the bark is plain gross." Her head is shaking. "S'kay, sis, it was a good theory." That's right, Chyhi is forgiving her sister as she leans over and pats Dtirae on the shoulder. A pastry is picked up and shoved into her gaping maw, chewing thoughtfully a moment, before shaking her head. "I'd be feelin' trapped, if'n our places were reversed. You always were more patient than me." Shoulders are shrugged and arms are lifted over her head, giving a mighty stretch. "We'll need to plan a big hunt, then. Something fierce an' hard. Nuthin' round here has been giving any good challenges, y'know? All small game. I want to go after an animal that'll test my — our — skills! Like, like one of them felines in the southern continent. Reckon we can take one?"

Dtirae simply chuckles at her sister's declaration, as creative as it is. "Ah well, we won't be able to start that trend, though." Dismay, she hangs her head just slightly but visibly brightens as her sister forgives her. Might as well play along, even though she may have been testing if her sister would listen to her or not. Not that she didn't expect her to, her sister was an endless source of entertainment. No doubts that the woman would beat up anyone who messed with her. "Mm. It ain't so bad, felt trapped in the first bit of Weyrlinghood but you kinda get used ta it. The Sands ain't too much different, and with the little home I made out on the Sands, 'm comfortable. Don't see why anyone didn't think of it sooner." A chuckle and the woman considers her sister. Maybe a moment /too/ long at the talk of challenges. "Well, shells, Chy. We can take a feline. Just gotta be smart and get one away from the pack. The secret is ta find a way ta kill it without ruinin' the fur." She turns her gaze towards the eggs, idly. "Hey. You want a challenge, Chy?" Didn't she already do offer one of these?

"Gotta admit, Dei, for all that we live inna same Weyr, I miss not havin' ya about as often. What wit'cha being the Weyrwoman an' all. We need to get out an' hunt together more often. You can even bring your dragon. Bet she'd be a big help in takin' down the big game! I've seen them dragons hunt for their meals, damned effective. Lose the excitement of plunging a knife into the neck of an animal, true, but safer for the humans at least." This time a piece of fruit is selected as Chyhi continues to help herself to her sister's breakfast. A big bite is taken all while she's nodding her head. "Might be best with a long distance weapon. Bow and arrow or some such. Try an' get it through the eye, so like ya said, don't ruin the fur. I'd love me a nice feline fur. Mmm, mayhap someday. I'll toss out the idea to the other hunters, see what they think. Take a trip down to Southern and see what we can do." Fruit is finished off and Chyhi rubs her hands together excitedly. Her mind on future hunts at least until her sister poses a question. "Pffft, who ya talkin' to here, Dei? O'course I want a challenge! Ya got an overgrown tunnelsnake or something ya need killed? I'll get trusty ole Stabby," Her knife's name. "an' take care of it for you if so!"

"If you'd come when I send people lookin' for you, then we wouldn't have an issue." Dtirae teases, "but, nah. We'll have some time ta ourselves. Promise. Th'ero won't mind takin' over for a few days while we take the hunters out for a feline hunt." Though she may not be one of the leaders anymore, it's still likely they'd be up for an exciting hunt. "Zuvaleyuth'll be good for separatin' a pack, they afraid of dragons, especially the golds because they're harder ta take down." Whether or not Zuvaleyuth agrees to the hunt is disregarded. "Bet be practicin' with our bows, then, get good at aimin' for small spaces like the eyes. Though, you don't really see a feline fur with the head attached. We just gotta kill it from the head and we'll be fine for the rest." Of course, the offer of the challenge is taken. Predictable sister and whatnot. She takes another sip from her klah before placing it down on the seat beside her. "No need ta get Stabby, Chyhi." She reaches into her pocket and fishes out a knot. "Seein' as you already got asked by a dragon once, figured you could do another shot, hm?" The knot is dangled before her sister. "Yer biggest challenge yet. Need ya ta make sure there ain't any traitors among us, you hear? It's espionage. Secret task. Not a word ta anyone, just blend in and listen ta the chatter of others'n tell me if you hear anyone talkin' bout doin' wrong ta the Weyr."

Chyhi waves her hand in the air, "I'mma busy person, can't drop everything an' rush to my poor sister's side every time she comes a callin'." The hunter grins, winking at her sibling. "I reckon I had 'bout ten different people tellin' me to come an' see you today, an' it's only the mornin' still. Figured it was important if'n that many people were on the look out for me." Her eyes narrow slightly as Dtirae speaks, nose once again wrinkling. "Can't say I've touched my bow in a good turn or longer. Gonna need lots of practice, just incase." She makes a mental note to dig out the weapon and set to sharpening her aim. Though her concentration is thrown as the knot is dangled. Chyhi's eyebrows rise, a dubious look on her face at first. That doesn't last, however, as a rather sneaky grin takes place. "Aaaaah, secret task! I'm all over that an' then some. I'll be your, what do they call 'em? Secret agent or some such? Close enough. I'll be your ears on the inside, sis." Chyhi reaches out and takes the knot, affixing it in place. "I'll send ya reports an' what not, in code, an' let you know if I hear anything from anyone. Nobody gonna be messing with /our/ Weyr an' getting away with it!"

"'course not! Busy is the life of Chyhi. Ever so busy. This sister is left ta worry herself over the other, hopin' ta one day see her sister again." Dtirae returns the wink, amusement dancing in both tone and expression. "Been lookin' ta see you for awhile, now. Got ta naggin' anyone who came ta see the eggs, even if they weren't from Fort." Though, it is entirely likely that she's exaggerating that last part. Right? "Me neither. Was goin' ta practice on runner back, but Maybe I'll practice from dragon back." It's an idle thought, before attention refocuses on the task at hand. Knotting her sister, important business, that. "Close 'nough. At least make sure the code is somethin' I can figure out. Can't be spendin' a sevenday tryin' ta crack a code only ta have somethin' go down while tryin' ta figure it out." The woman reaches over and gives her sister an awkward hug, one armed and a sort of squeeze. "Yer the best sister. No one messes with /our/ Weyr. Now, finish eatin' b'fore you move yer things to the barracks. Free day fer your first day, so make sure yer gettin' ta know all who's worth knowin'. Inyri normally has good information, she's a candidate as well."

"Reckon if'n you practice from dragon back, I'll practice from runner back, an' between the both of us we'll be set. Be it traitor to the Weyr or a stinkin' feline, nuthin' will be safe from this pair of sisters!" Full of vigor, Chyhi is! A gentle pat is given to her new knot. "Ah, right, figure since I'm actin' the part of candidate, I'll gotta follow the same rules. Chores an' the like." Cue that same sour face. "Try an' make it that I get some of the interestin' chores, kay? Otherwise, what's the point of having a big wig sister, right?" She's only partly kidding here. Any nanny duties and Chyhi won't be responsible for the fate of those children. "I'll ferret out any info, no problem. An' I'll hook up with that Inyri-girl an' see if'n she can give me the low down." Another pastry is grabbed and a huge bite is taken as the hunter-turned-candidate gets to her feet. "Guess you'll be able to find me easier for a bit now, eh?" Eyebrows waggle. "Don't think this'll make me take more baths though, cause it won't." A wink is sent to her sister, and then a salute. "I'll go get my things moved into them barracks then, you take care now." The awkward hug is returned WITH ENTHUSIASM before CHyhi makes her way out of the galleries.

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