Fort Weyr - Living Caverns
This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.

Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.

For once, there's no rain! It's a blessing for Fynnigan, who's managed to get himself from the barracks to the living caverns without getting soaked. In fact, despite it being early morning still, the day seems to be promising to be good as the stiff, cool breeze whips the clouds across the brightening sky above. The Istan-born and bred candidate shrugs off his jacket when he's inside, making a beeline for the breakfast platters to start loading up his plate with all sorts of early-morning yummies.

Hotaru is also excited that it's not raining! That means she can go exploring someplace outside of the series of tunnels that make up the innards of Fort. And she's run off to do her chores as soon as the sun came up. Or at least some of them. She doesn't want to be late to breakfast, that is for certain. Then everything is picked over. The red-headed girl loads up her own plate as well. There's a pout as Fynn grabs the last of the pastry she was hoping to snag, and she pouts a bit. It's a fried pastry filled with redfruit filling and covered in glaze. "I'll trade you for that." She says, pointing to the offending pastry. Trade what? Fynn can easily pick up anything else Hotaru has grabbed.

Fynnigan looks down at the pastry in his hand, then at the younger teen… then back at the pastry. Perhaps it's lucky for her that's he's pretty much a pushover? Or maybe he's just a nice guy? "Oh…" He looks wistfully at the treat, then concedes with a little shrug of his shoulders and a nod of his head. "S-sorry, I didn't realise you wanted it." It's gently set down on Hotaru's plate, and he smiles softly, shyly at her. "What would you like to trade?"

It is lucky for her! Though she might whine at Fynn until he conceded anyways. She beams as he puts the pastry down onto her plate. She ignores his apology. Unnecessary, of course. How could he know that was her favorite? She ponders something for trade. "Hm. I dunno. What do you want? I guess you could just take another pastry. So I guess maybe I'll just have to owe you one. Unless there's something I can do for you. Maybe chores or something. As long as it's not too time consuming." How much was a pastry worth? She finishes up filling her plate, and grabs a mug of klah to go with it. "What do you want more than anything else?" Probably a loaded question, especially coming from someone you don't know.

Hotaru's little spiel has Fynnigan grinning and on the verge of laughter. He shifts the weight of his plate in his hands, then brushes a wayward curl back behind his ear. "I-I think I'm supposed to do all my chores myself," he admits coyly, dropping his gaze to his pastry-less plate. "But it's ok, we don't have to trade. Call it a…. a coming to Fort present?" He cants his head gently towards the tables, indicating he's going to go sit. "Do you… um, live here? All the time?"

"How are they going to know who did them, as long as they get done?" Hotaru asks, peering at Fynn. "Suit yourself though." He might not want Hotaru messing up his chores anyways. The teen assumes his nod towards the tables is an invitation to sit with him. Even if it's not, she's heading over to plunk her things down next to Fynn as he sits. "I live here, yeah. All the time. Well, I mean, now I live here all the time. I grew up mostly at a cothold outside Fort hold. And at Igen weyr. My parents are riders. You're new here, then? I guess you got searched at another weyr?" Sheesh, someone's talkative this morning. Or maybe she's just curious.

Fynnigan settles himself in, neatly arranging his cutlery around his plate and setting his glass just so, right where he wants it. The curl-haired brunette then heaves a contented sigh before picking up a slice of buttered toast and tucking into it. "Um, I was picked up from Western Weyr, actually, but I hadn't, er, been there for very long." He concentrates on the toast as he speaks, then takes a bite, chews it carefully, and swallows. A sip of juice follows; then he speaks again. "I-I'm in the infirmary today. I think they would, um, notice? If you were there, not me. Maybe? I'm… I'm not sure."

With hair still wet from the baths, Mikal emerges into the living caverns from that direction. Heaving a huge sigh he sets his sights on the tables with food. Seems he's only one thing on his mind right now and that's eating!

Hotaru doesn't bother with her cutlery really. Instead she fixes most of what she's taken into a breakfast sandwich, and eats everything that way. Even if it is huge and a bit sloppy. "Mm." She says to him about being up at Western. "I've never been there. Why were you at Western, then?" She looks to him as he says he's assigned to the infirmary. "You have to hang around there all day? Or is it just like 'go do these bunch of things'? Because I could always help do one of the things or something." After a sip of klah, it's back to her breakfast sandwhich, which almost immediately upon biting spills some tubers onto her plate.

When he sees Mikal arrive with his tet hair, Fynnigan gives his fellow candidate a somewhat shy wave. It's more of a finger-waggle, but it's definitely an invitation for the youngster to join them! Then he looks back at Hotaru, and shrugs his shoulders gently. "I-I… there was… um… a storm? We were… um… we were coming from Ista, and this storm just…" He cuts short, looking uncomfortable. "I stayed at Western. It was like home… just different."

Looking over the selection Mikal eventually chooses on a small plate of fruit and cup of cider. Turning he looks for a spot to sit when he notes the wave from Fynnigan. Deciding that's as good of a place as any Mikal heads to join them. "Hiya!" greets the youth with a quick grin. "Never been to Western." he comments as he sits. "It like Fort any?"

Hotaru tilts her head to Fynn. "A storm? Oh, you were traveling by ship, then? Do you travel by ship a lot? I've only traveled by dragon. I've never been on a big ship or anything like that." Given the lack of details, Hotaru assumes Fynn doesn't much want to talk about the storm. And whatever happened to cause him to stay at Western. Instead she just fixes him with an inquisitive look. "Why were you traveling from Ista?" As Mikal takes a seat with them she grins to him. "Morning!" Then it's back to fixing Fynn with that look as Mikal adds to the question pool.

Fynnigan shakes his head at Mikal. The way he does it, he almost looks /apologetic/ for having to correct him. "N-no, not like Fort… um. It reminds me of home. Ista. H-have you been to Ista?" Hotaru's continued talking about ships makes him squirm, and he chews on his lip. "Um… I… I-I don't like the s-sea." Clenching his fingers around his fork, Fynn's knuckles almost show white through his tanned skin. "W-why? Why did I leave h-home? Um…" More nerves! The candidate looks down at his plate, then at the cavern around him for inspiration - and, finding none, he swallows hard and shrugs sheepishly. "Um. I… guess I… um… I kinda had to."

Mikal's brightens up. "Ista's where I was born." he says cheerily. "Got two parents there but I was fostered out at an early age." he in turn casts an apologetic look at having added a question to Hotaru's growing pile of them. He gives Fynnigan a puzzled look as he sees the boy is clearly nervous but Mikal can't figure out why for the life of him. "That wasn't you snoring last night was it?" he says, jokingly. "Man whoever it was…was /loud/!"

Hotaru ponders. "I guess Ista and Western are both kinda the same climate or something, aren't they? Does Western have black sand? I heard Ista has black sand. I think I was there once, when I was little." The red-headed teen just tilts her head at Fynn. The poor guy. He just just ignore Hotaru, or his answers are just going to make her more and more curious. "I was born at Igen and then fostered! With my grandparents, here around Fort. I still see my parents a lot though. They're both riders." She giggles and turns to Fynn. "You snore?"

Snoring? Fynn?! The teen's eyes go wide and he shakes his head - but then again, how can he be sure? "Oh, I - was I? I… I don't think I snore, I'm… well, I don't know, but I'm sorry if it was me!" He runs his tongue over his bottom lip, then bites down on it. "My parents aren't at Ista any more.. they're, um, on a boat. My g-grandparents brought me up." To continue the subject change and divert it awaaaay from snoring, he draws out the home-talk. "W-what's Igen like? I've never been."

"Shells, do all girls your age talk /so/ much?" Mikal questions Hotaru good naturedly. "It's Fynn, right?" he asks his fellow candidate. "I'm Mikal. Not sure if we've been actually introduced. You get out of the Weyr yet on a trip? I've not gone yet." he pauses here to stuff a bit of fruit into his mouth.

Hotaru giggles at Fynn. "Just have someone in the barracks see if it's you tonight? This guy will help you out." She motions to Mikal. "On a boat?" How does one live on a boat? "Are they traders or something, your parents?" Or pirates!? "It's hot and dry and full of sand. I don't like it too much. I like seasons, and snow." Hotaru grins to Mikal. "Sometimes. If there's something interesting to talk about." She looks between Mikal and Fynn. "Are they having trips or something for the candidates?" Color Hotaru a little jealous. She wants to go on a trip! Not that she can't just ask one of her parents to take her.

"Fynnigan, yes." The curly-haired teen nods at Mikal, giving him a crooked smile. "I've seen you in the barracks, but no, I don't think we've been introduced." With the conversation going towards something easier, the older of the three gathered relaxes a little. "They've not taken me out yet, but I'm meeting with the Bakers here today." Which should be delicious, if nothing else! He picks up a piece of bacon, nibbling on it as Hotaru describes her home. "Snow? Um… I've never seen snow. Not ever. Will it snow here, do you think? And… um… yeah. We're going to different crafts to see the crafters."

Mikal finishes several bites of fruit before he returns to the conversation with an eye roll towards Hotaru. "Just like Zaala. /She/ always has something to talk about. Mm, the Bakers! I'm jealous. Maybe I'll be able to join that group." he sounds hopeful. "Snow…brr! It's cold. I much like Ista's weather better. And I don't know if it was you snoring or not."

Hotaru tilts her head a bit. "To the crafters? Why to the crafters? To learn about them, or to get you interested in joining one? I didn't think riders had much time for crafting, too." She nods to Fynnigan. "Yeah. It snows in the winter time here. You will see snow if you stay that long, yeah. I can't remember a year it not snowing here. But it's fun! You can go sledding, and when the lake freezes over you can skate on it. I can show you how." Hotaru just grins and shrugs to Mikal. Having finished her sandwich, she picks up the pastry she conned off of Fynn and then carefully pulls it in half. "Ista's better for the beach. Fort isn't very good for the beach." She carefully hands Fynn half the pastry, tilting it so the filling doesn't run out.

"O-oh… I think I'd like to see the snow. Sledding sounds like fun, and skating, too. If I'm still here, I'd love for you to show me, please?" Fynnigan gives Hotaru a puppydog-eyed smile. "Would you like to swap, Mikal? I don't mind - there'll be other days to go to the Bakers. I think I'd, um, like to go to the… um… maybe the Smiths, or the Harpers. Do you have either of those?"

"I have to check the board actually. Not sure what group I'm part of today." Mikal admits. Hotaru gets another amused look at her rambling before he simply falls quiet to finish up his fruit.

Hotaru grins to Fynn and nods. "Sure. I'll take you." She turns to Mikal then. "You can come, too! Just… try not to knock me over. Especially with two of you. We might have to bring out a chair." Apparently today is the day for swapping! Hotaru is busy working on her half of the pastry. If Fynn doesn't accept the half she's made for him, she'll eat that, too! "So what's it like being a candidate? Other than the fact you're stuck with more chores. Do you guys like it?"

Fynnigan is /more/ than happy to accept it, of course! He just had to finish his bacon. The baked deliciousness is accepted graciously, with a polite nod of his head, a little smile and, of course, a thank you. He breaks it apart delicately with his fingers, popping each little morsel into his mouth to savour before swallowing. "I don't mind swapping at all, Mikal, whatever you have. I'm sure you'll enjoy the Bakers." Fynn takes a sip of his juice, then nibbles some more pastry and looks at Hotaru. "Why do you need a chair? I suppose… well, being a candidate is… um… busy? There's so much to do."

Mikal waves a hand. "Naw, no need to swap. I bet you'll like the Baker's too." his now empty plate gets pushed off to the side. "Lots of learning so far along with chores. We're traveling places to learn about stuff to do I suppose." he shrugs a shoulder.
Hotaru watches Fynn eat his pastry, apparently lacking the willpower to savor every bite like he's doing. "Eh? Oh. A chair. For you to lean on while you're skating. In case you feel like you're going to fall over. That's how I learned to skate. But I was little then, so hopefully it works when you're bigger, too." Since her plate is empty now, Hotaru focuses in on her klah. There's a wrinkle of her nose. "Meh. I guess visiting the crafts is fun. Depending on the craft maybe. I heard a lot of times the candidates play pranks on each other and such. Any of that?"

"Pranks?" Fynnigan shakes his head. He's just about finished up his breakfast plate now, and picks up his juice to start draining it. "I don't think there have been any pranks, ummm, not that I've seen." He's about to get up to go put his plate away, when a passing serving girl takes it for him. Fynn blushes, but doesn't sit back down to join the two younger Weyr residents. "I-if you change your mind, Mikal, I've got the, er, afternoon slot. I'm in the infirmary until then." His green eyes flicker over to Hotaru, and he gives her a smile. "It was a pleasure meeting you, miss. And lovely meeting you properly too, Mikal. I-I'll, um, see you both around sometime?" After he's said a proper goodbye, he leaves to meander his way out into the bowl - the blissfully rain-free bowl.

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