Fort Weyr - Training Complex
The remnants of a historic collapse are apparent here, as the slope face of the bowl has a predominant downward curvature. It's likely long ago, that a cavern larger than any Fort currently has was where the training complex currently is. A probable cave in triggered a fissure on the bowl wall which lead to a great chunk of it dislodging, thus creating the rounded slope.
Yet, many centuries later, all that remains to give evidence is the pocket made into the bowl wall. It seems that the inhabitants of Fort Weyr have made best of the created space. Rock on the ground proper has long since cleared, but pebbles and loose shale are constantly underfoot. Still, the sprig of some green leafed vegetation isn't too out of the ordinary in these parts, as long as it doesn't get trampled by the comings and goings.
It's clear that this area has been designated for the training of young minds, whether human or dragon. Surrounded by rock on all side, it's like a personal weyr bowl for the youngsters to minimize distraction and danger. The candidate barracks have been built across from the Weyrling barracks, so that one group can educate the next. Finally, placed in the center of the two entrances of the opposing barracks, near the rock face, is a statue with a memorial plaque.

Oh, look, it's raining. Again. Imagine that; a Fort Weyr summer with rain. Finding a nice day is apparently the most difficult thing possible to do when staying here, but it's certainly not getting to Inyri — she's used to this weather. And that is why, when given nannying duty, she's brought six children between the ages of four and ten turns outdoors in the rain. They're wearing rain gear, but having a grand old time splashing around and having mud fights — and Inyri's walking behind them at a relaxed pace, shaking her head and smiling to herself. As they approach the training complex, she calls out, "Watch out for weyrlings!" but of course, these being a gang of weyrbred children, they should know how to handle themselves around the potential young dragon.

Yes, watching for the weyrlings! Is What Abigail would get out if she could catch up to Inyri. Though she is following along with one of the children that was taking out an about so to speak, holding onto his hand and eyeing him a moment. "Yer rather quick.. I bet yer as fast as a runner." This makes the brown headed youth just grin, his about 7 turns at most. Abbey gives his hair a playful ruffle and then a soft push towards the others. "Keep up with the group, and don't wander off this time. If I have to hunt ye down again Kerti I'm gona send my firelizards after ye, and there tickle you until ye can't run anymore." The boy sends the once guard turned candidate a strange look before running off to join the others.

The girl at least packed clothes for all four seasons, warned as much to do so. A rain coat is hunched over her shoulders with a hood drawn up and dripping water in strings down the front of the steeped middle. Hair is scraggily but at least bundled inside the hood. Tired eyes look out from the shadow of her hood, shuffling forward from the candidate barracks. The chill in the air makes her cling her arms to her middle, eyes on the strange sights of a new Weyr she's never been too yet. New Weyr, new people, new position. Her eyes blink away some sleep, unable to fully adjust to the time differences yet, she notes the two out with the energetic kids, picking her way through the puddles since she doesn't have rubber boots, at least not yet. — Zaala

Between nearly being bowled over by an enthusiastic child and dodging out of the way of a tossed mud pie (which disintegrates midair), it's hard for Inyri to be able to properly stand still to wait for Abigail to catch up to her. That doesn't mean she's not paying attention, though — she overhears enough to let out a tiny laugh at the remark about the firelizards. "That's one way to teach 'em," she calls over, and as she's attempting to get out of the way of yet another splash — and slightly failing, though it at least only gets her own rainjacket — she spots Zaala out of the corner of her eye and waves. "Hey," she calls. "New?"

Abigail grins as she hears Inyri. "Hey… When I was there age firelizard amazed me. Truthfully they still do at times." She is holdborn after all so this shouldn't be a surprize! An speaking of firelizard her young bronze lizard is poking his head out from between her hair to peer out at whom all is around. An like Inyri, Abbey get's splashed as well and smirks while peering at the kid. "Oh to be a kid again." This said with a shake of her head and chuckle escaping her befoer she glances over to see hom Inyri may be speaking with. A warm smile and nod is seen. "Hello there."

Zaala keeps a weary eye out for the mud slingers, though the whole mud tossing does bring a curious smile to her face only for it to drop into a sad tilt. The blunt forwardness of being asked if she's new earns a slight pursing of her lips. Obvious ain't it? She does cross the rest of the way to answer, "Yeah… I just got in last night. It's rough doing the time changes." Where it was winter one place it's summer in the next and the days and nights are all screwy. As if to prove her point, she stiffles back a yawn and hides it behind an uplifted hand. "Rain's better than ice…" she declares, as that's where she left Xanadu, in ice. Her eyes follow the antics of the children, looking between the two other girls, then back to the barracks, debating.

"Thought I hadn't seen you before." It's not personal, and it's said with a smile — Inyri makes it her business to at least recognize most everyone, and so a face she can't recall has got to either be someone new or someone visiting. "Sorry about the kids — /Careful there!/" as one child nearly hurls a rock instead of some dirt, though he at least seems to realize what he's doing before Inyri has to go and actually fix it. "— I figured the best way to get them tired out was to treat them the way I treat my own siblings, which is forget the weather, go play outside anyway. They're doing pretty much exactly what said siblings would do, too. I'm Inyri." As for rain vs. ice? She keeps mum on her opinion.

Abigail points at the child wit the rock. "Hey! If'n ye throw rocks then no more playing out in the rain." She points out with a soft, yet firm tone, well she is a guard after all and it is still going to come through. Her bronze firelizard crooons out though stays snuggled within the hair as it helps him stay dry to some degree. A soft chuckle escapes her and she nods to Inyri. "Best way to wear 'em out." She says with an amused tone before her gaze turns back to the new girl. "Welcome ta Fort Weyr then. I'm Abigial." Another girl from Xanadu huh? Not that she cares just seen to be a few from there.

Zaala shifts her shoulders underneath her rain jacket, smiling quietly at the mud flinging and the puddle splashing, "It probably keeps them warm," she intones to the children at play and why they're outside. She acknowledges both of the girls comments, offering in a friendly tone, considering she's out of her element, "I'm Zaala. Nicely met." She bobs her head to Abigial, tilting her head up enough to look up at the ring of rock that forms the Weyr, "I've actually never been in the North before." She closes her eyes for a time, only for a few drips to land on her nose to cause her to pull her face back down.

Emerging from the direction of the candidate barracks is Mikal. Absently he runs his fingers through his hair with a under the breath mutter about it being too long for his liking. He stops to peer upwards, allowing the rain to hit his face and open mouth for several drops. Soon though he hears Abagail giving some sort of welcome to a new person so he peers about to see who she's talking too. "Zaala?" he asks in some disbelief. "You here visiting your friend?" is questioned as he steps closer in to the group.

Gosh. /Two/ people Inyri doesn't know — her eyes actually widen ever-so-slightly as she catches a young girl who runs into her legs without even glancing down until she's already got the girl gently between the shoulders. Lots of experience around children, apparently; near as much so as working in bars. "Hey, Eliana, how about you watch where you run a little, huh? Go play over there." Enthusiastic pointing. To — wherever over there is, but Eliana looks excited and duitifully does so. "Never? I've never left, so I guess we're even — I've never left the Fort area, honestly, though I'm not all that old hat to the Weyr. And — another stranger! Hi. Welcome to weeks to months of ridiculous, grueling chores for a chance to stand on hot sand, I'm Inyri."

Abigail looks amused as she hears Inyri and chuckles softly. "It's not that bad." Is offered about the chores, though Abbey does tend to be use to hard work so perhaps this is why she feels this way. "Well meet Zaala." She tilts her head casting a faint glance towards the bronze firelizard whom has fallen asleep, at least not chewing on her hair yet again. "I'm from Fort Hold and never went far until coming here actually." A new voice gets her attention and she smiles, a wave sent towards Mikal. "Hey Mikal." A sudden sharp chittering from a firelizard is heard, a brown firelizard can be seen perched upon Kerti's head and Abbey looks amused as she glances over. "I told ye I would send one after ye didn't I?" Yes Kerti was attempting to sneak off again and do WHO knows what boys his age do.

Zaala perks up at hearing her name, somewhat hopeful, a little bit of familiarity found in the Weyr afterall! She turns to see Mikal, whom often avoids her, but he's a known face, so it doesn't matter! "Mikal," unable to keep her voice from being suddenly cheerful, "I haven't seen Eirwyn yet! Please let her know I'm here if you run into her! I'm dying to tell her the news! There's so much that's happened since she left." There, that's her normal self coming out now, comfortable in the presence of a fellow Xanadite. "Mikal, I'm not just visiting-" excitement with a stronger pitched tone declares to him, "I was /searched/!" She smiles behind some wet pieces of hair that have escaped the confines of her hood, pushing them back without total success. She doesn't pay any mind to Inyri's tone of the grueling chores, rolling her shoulders, "I'm used to working for the headwomen. I guess the reward this time is being able to stand in front of eggs where as before it was avoiding a tongue lashing." Bring it on her tone suggests with a boastful pride, "I'm from Xanadu and I lived in Western too. Parents there, you know." Her elucidation for the reason why she's never been to the North. She nods at Abigail for being in the Hold, "You've never been to the Weyr before? Isn't the Hold close to the Weyr though?" That seems to baffle her, eyes tracking Eliana in whom Inyri points to go play away from them.

"I've been doing chores so long I suppose it's no different having a different set." adds Mikal. "I'm Mikal." is said on the heels of Abigail's greeting. Cause he doesn't think he's met Inyri yet. "Got lessons today as chores. Easy peasy." yup, another day of chores with Abigail it seems. Surprise flickers on his face as Zaala explains she was /Searched/. "Oh! hey…cool." avoidance at Xanadu but at least here she's a familiar face to him. "Wow. That's great." he does mean it too. "I bet you'll probably see Eirwyn before me but I'll tell her if I see her." is promised. "That's several people from Xanadu."

"At least four," Inyri offers helpfully, as regards people from Xanadu. "That's my count so far, and I think it might be off — there could be more, especially if you're counting people from the entire Xanadu area instead of just the Weyr. Which seems kind of strange, I mean, that Fort would search so far away — but I guess if the riders are already there." Which seems to have been the case in most all the stories she'd heard, except in the instances where the Xanaduites were already at Fort. "Nice to meet you, Mikal," shea dds, belatedly. "And Fort Hold's not that far, I don't think," yeah, no, she doesn't actually know. "I'm from Breakwater, which — is." She's looking at Abigail now, though, for confirmation on that distance.

The brown firelizard flutters off the boy one he is back with the group and perches somewhere to keep an eye on him? No not in the least. Abigail ahs softly as she hears Zaala. "It's about a full days travel on foot, faster with a runner an so forth of course." A slight shrug is seen. "My parents are more hold orinated I suppose." Really is is a conversation that she'd rather not start on at the moment.

"Four…" Zaala seems to show some enthusiastic relief for having a few more familiar faces than she previously thought, "That's great." Inyri's remark about it being strange meets Zaala's retort, "I don't think it's strange. The Fortian Weyrleader was down there a lot. Not to mention that any of the candidates that stood for the Xanadu clutch that was …" how do you say over cooked without sounding disrespectful, "… that experienced problems are allowed to come up here. Weyrwoman Thea encouraged it." She brushes some of those wet strands back from her cheeks, eyes flicking back to Mikal, "Thanks Mikal. I'm sure I'll see her tonight once everyone comes back in from their chores." Chores for her today? Rest and try to get adjusted to the time differences, *between* lag or something! Abigail's answer to her previous question gets a nod, "I see. That's normal though, I think." For a majority of holders to stay put, probably.

Mikal seems content to fall silent. Or perhaps he thinks Zaala talks enough for the both of them. So he simply gives a nod at the…misfortunes clutch and candidates that came from those two clutches. Smaller clutches than the 10 eggs that sit on the sands here. "I don't know what chores she's got today." he does mention. "I've not had any chores with her yet."

"Oh!" Well, that clears things up for Inyri — she shoots Zaala a grin, too. "Yeah. I didn't think of that — of course they would. That makes a lot of sense, actually. I'm not all that familiar with Weyr dealings, and I know that Fort and Xanadu have good relations, and that combined with Mae " Here we go with the dragon names again. " With Jaye's dragon being the sire for that clutch, um. Makes even more sense that Xanadu's candidates might come up here. Did either of you guys stand before? And I think Eirwyn's on kitchen duty."

Abigail smirks faintly as she peers at Zaala, a slight shrug seen. "I suppose so. Some just have different thoughts on Weyr life 'tis all." This said softly. A curious glance is sent between the two Xanadu kids and she ahs softly. "I heard some of that." Well who hasn't at /this/ point? "Tis good ye all was able to come over there here." Nothing wrong with bring friendly right? "I do believe Wyn is off in the ktichen. Saw her when I has to hunt Kenti down." That boy is going to drive her crazy before the day is over she just has a feeling.

Zaala seems to be on top of Weyr matters, one of those girls whose always hearing things. For Inyri's continued thought on it making sense, she nods, huddling in on herself to try and keep the rain out. "I've never stood before no," she responds quietly, "I just never asked to stand before. M'lo caught me off guard and well, a weyrbrat has to try once at least or they can't call themselves a weyrbrat." Shifting her feet so as not to let them sink into the mud too much, she nods at Eirwyn's whereabouts, "I'll go see if I can poke my nose in… but I fear as soon as I do, I might get wrangled into working. I know -how- most kitchen staffs work, especially when a person is wearing a white knot." Abigail's remark about hold life earns a nod, since she didn't have anything else to offer in that regard.

Mikal shifts his hood up to cover his head, tired of the rain hitting his brain. He needs his brains intact to preserve them from any zombie apocalypse. A restless kid his feet shovel and idly he drums his fingers along his belt buckle. He says little about the unfortunate clutches except for. "The two weyrlings that hatched are being watched closely." "I lived in Red Sands hold for some time." is his only remark towards Abi's comments on hold life. "Mostly weirs for me though. Even after I got into the Healer hall as apprentice." deep breath now! He glances around at the girls surrounding him. Eee! Too many girls. An unconscious step back is taken. "Seriously need more male candidates." is muttered to himself.

Rain can be rough on the brains, after all. Especially when it hits you in the skull just-so. Inyri has been lurking inside her raincoat the entire time, and so her head's all right, but there are splotches of mud all over her coat still. Thank the kids. "They ship apprentices out to weyrs now? Not that I'd know. I've been a Hold girl as long as I've been alive — when I said I'd never left the north, I /really/ meant it." She's used to being teased for being the bumpkin, after all, to the point where she's come to embrace it; might as well just reveal herself now. "Have you guys slept in the barracks yet? Because there's this one girl who likes to move furniture around at night all the time, and people're taking turns yelling at her to shut up."

Abigail is well, right there with Inyri, a slight shrug is seen and she peers at the two from Xanadu as well they seems to know a bit more on certain things perhaps? "Ya I hollared at her last night to stop it before I stuck her in the furniture." A faint grumble escapes her. Living in the barracks is about the only thing she has anything bad to say about all this experence as thre are people around /everywhere/ all the time. Hearing Mikal she chuckles, a grin seen. "Me brother was searched just the other day. His name is Borodin so there is a few more boys now at least to help that the numbers." This said with an amused tone.

Zaala jumps on that, eyes pivoting to Mikal and shuffling close to him, "Whhhhhy… Don't you like girls?" Her tone teases him as she goes to nudge him on the shoulder, "Most boys would love to be in your shoes. So many girls to pick from," she drawls on, softly laughing, leaning to murmur, "We honestly don't bite. Actually, I don't know about them," eyes glance back to Abigail and Inyri, "But you know I don't bite." No. She'll just talk his ear off. She doesn't really leave him alone, getting into his personal bubble by standing next to him, maybe trying to prevent him fleeing just yet. Inyri's words to apprentices gets Zaala to shrug, "Most of them go where the journeymen go. If journeymen work at the Weyrs, then sure. A lot of the smaller crafts don't have Halls or most of the apprentices learn better by doing than by being in a desk." She is miss know it all, her colors showing through. As for the candidate moving furniture around at night, she stares openly at that, "Has anyone tried tying her to her cot yet?" Honestly.

"I've been here a few nights now." so yeah, Mikal's slept in the barracks. "That must be further down though I heard /something/ the other night and didn't know what it was." he's a heavy sleeper though so it's easy for him to miss things in the middle of the night. After all he's nearly a teen and that's the point in which sleeping become a hobby that he'll do any chance he gets. Taptaptap goes the rain on his hood making a little tune inside his hood. Green eyes slip from girl to to girl as each speaks. It's like watching a tennis match. Just watch out for dehoodings. As suddenly his bubble is being invaded he blinks. So he can either moooove away or….nudge back with his shoulder into hers. It's not a hard nudge though but one to show that girls don't scare him! "I do but you all don't like squishy bugs and running into mud puddles." he counters to Zaala. "Too young to choose from." is added in a mutter. "I worked with Journeyman and masters at the Weyr." is said to Inyri. "That's an idea. I'm good with knots if you want me to tie her to her cot."

"Honestly," Inyri confesses, around giggling — because her initial chortle at Zaala's suggestion did not wear off into silence so much as it did into laughter, "I hadn't thought of it myself. And if anyone else did, well, there wasn't any related screaming. And it didn't /work/. But if you want to try it, I won't stop you! And — one second." She ducks out of the conversation to pay further heed to her charges; two of the children have gotten into a rather aggressive mud fight and have started aiming for faces, which is decidedly Against Rules. Inyri stops to lecture gently for a few moments before returning to the — well, the group of candidates, who are not necessarily 'adults.'

Abigail chuckles as she hears Zaala and winks at Mikal. "Yer safe from me." This said with an amused tone at the idea actually. She does point at the firelizard on her shoulder. "Tadhg, and Huritt will chew yer hair though. Have no idea why they find it so amusing." At the part on squishy bugs and mud puddles she shakes her head. "I'm a guard Mikal, mud puddles don't stop me." Though she doesn't comment on the 'bug' bit. A the part on tying the girl up she ponders that a few moments. "Naw I think that would be a bad thing." She grins before looking over to the kid once Inryi is off to attend to the children. Her gaze drifting over the group until she catches sight of Kenti, well he hasn't escaped yet it seems.

Zaala sends Mikal a grin for his nudge back, taking that to be a sign to give him a little space, at least he earns that much from the return of her playful gesture. "There -are- some girls that like mud…!" she notes though isn't about to go prove it, despite the curious smile that play son her lips. Though it's back to the conversation of tying up the would-be late-night furniture bandit, "I'd say we try it. If we want to make sure our trunks are where we left them when we wake up, best we tie her to her cot." Amusement clear in her eyes as she giggles softly with the other girls, noting, "Or someone stuffed a sock into her mouth and that's why she didn't scream." There's a look to Abigail when she doesn't seem to like the idea, "She'll be fine." Assurance that the night-mover won't be harmed.

One day Mikal will be an adult and he'll still play kid games! Or something like that. Mikal cranes his neck a bit to watch with amusement as Inyri lectures the kids. "They are just being kids." he mentions as she returns over here. "S'not so bad as long as you untie her in the morning. Maybe they do find your hair just that tasty." Mikal remembers the comment given from another candidate but he dares not repeat that. "Seen the eggs yet?" he asks Zaala.

"And I like mud, too," Inyri chimes in, as she — well, wipes some of it off her raincoat, but it was going to come off in the rain anyway. "I know they are, but I can't take them back to the nannies screaming over cut up eyes once they get dirt in 'em. It took some persuading to be allowed to let them play outside in this weather in the first place." The kids, though? Are loving it, and therefore causing essentially no trouble at all for Inyri and Abigail. Except maybe for Kenti.

Abigail chuckles and nods to Zaala and then Inyri. "See, we all like mud here. An don't even try anything cause I'd totally beat ye in a mud fight Mikal." She's joking, mostly. At the comment on her firelizards and the hair chewing bit a curious glance is sent to Mikal. "Oh… So funny." Abs isn't happy with Polana over that comment, and she will make her thoughts known on it when she can catch that little troublemaker. Tadhg is at least sleeping so no worry on hair chewing at the moment. She chuckles at Zaala and looks at her with a grini. "Maybe Mikal can supply the socks?" She doesn't mind the idea but doesn't want it getting taken to the point it happens, she is still a guard here.

Mikal's question toward her makes Zaala shake her head, keeping sure to pry forward her hood so the rain doesn't sprinkle inside her jacket, "No. I just got here late last night. I just got out of bed a while ago." She considers the younger candidate for a time, "I might go see them today since I don't have anything else to do and I doubt I could sleep anymore." Even if she didn't get enough to adjust to the time.

Mikal offers a quick grin to Abagail. "We could team up and push her down into the mud?" he offers though he's not entirely serious. "My socks? Oh I dunno…I've got smelly feet." he warns. It's a good warning for anyone who's sleeping near his cot somewhere in the middle of the barracks. "We could totally do a mud fight though." he's all for that. "I didn't know girls liked mud though." really he gives them all a dubious look. Could he be realizing that some girls could be cool to hang with? Really he's got little choice though as the males are outnumbered two to one. Or something like that. "I've several favorite eggs so far."

"I've got a choice one myself, though I doubt the eggs care what we think of them just yet," Inyri shrugs, sliding one hand into her pocket. The pocket moves in response — apparently she's been hiding a very small firelizard in there the entire time, but the firelizard makes no indication that she intends to leave the pocket, either. "It's good to know which ones you want to touch first, though, so I've heard. And all you need are clean socks," she adds, with the sort of smile that belies that while she encourages mischief she won't be pushing anybody in any mud. "There is a mud fight going on right now, though. If you wanted to join in. I bet the kids wouldn't mind."

Mikal's brow furrow suddenly. "I'm starved!" he announces. He /is/ a growing boy after all. "I'll see you guys…er girls later. I'm going to grab some food." with that he heads off towards the Living Caverns.

Zaala considers the topic of a mud fight and snorts, "There's only one boy I'd mud fight with." And he's not here right now. Sad. Her attention goes toward the bowl, "The sands are that way somewhere right?" She didn't get a grand tour yet and will have to manage to figure her way around for now. "Maybe I'll go check them out after I say hi to Eirwyn." She looks at the rest of them and smiles, "I'm going to go warm up now." The drizzle and rain goes right to her bones. Burr. She looks suddenly up as Mikal starts to head toward the caverns, "I'm going to go follow him… keep myself from getting lost in the rain!" She finger waves at the other two girls and then hurries to catch up to Mikal.

Abigail grins at Mikal's comment on his socks. "Sorta the idea." She points out with an amused tone and soft chuckle escapes her while she watches teh boy zip off. Her attention turns over to Zaala and a soft ah esaceps her before nodding. "Well I hope yer get some more rest if that is wher ye need. Plenty of places to look around an so forth. Have a good day." This said with a wave off her before she glances to Inyri looking amused. "Think it was something I said?" She questions with a grin before catching sight of the firelizard in the other's pocket. "So ye have one yerself? I find them amusingly fun." She does like her little flits. She hums softly. "I've gotten to peak at the eggs only from the gallies so far, didn't get to see to much of 'em. Hopfully that will change soon." She is curious about it all.

The departing newer candidates get light smiles and parting waves from Inyri, before her focus is quickly readjusted to Abigail. "I — favorite egg? Oh! Firelizard. I have two, actually. Liechten, the bronze, he's the well-trained one who actually does things like send letters and follow commands. Lyo here's a tiny little cretin of a thing who spends most of her time in pockets. Only a little over two months old, and I think she's always going to be on the small side." The green doesn't even really budge. So what if they're talking about her? The pocket is warm and cozy and not wet. "And Liechten was the one I got on purpose; I sort of found her. Well, I found her egg, abandoned, and then she just hatched into my hands. Go figure. I only wanted the one, but I don't mind her any. I saw the clutching, but I don't blame you for missing it — crazy hour."

Abigail smiles and nods at the talk of the firelizard. "Tadhg is about a month old, still getting use to everything I suppose. Huritt is a month more but his picked up on this quicker." A soft oh escapes her and she smiles once more. "Huritt was the one I found in the wild, and Tadhg… Well I won his egg during a drinking contest." Yes sh ewon wee! There is a pause while she looks to the other. "You saw them?… Well that's great, what was it like?"

"I was mostly asleep and it went pretty quickly — sorry I don't have more to say." Because that's really all Inyri's got on the subject; she smiles a little, shrugs. Dodges out of the way of splashing again. And whatever gossip might be spread around about the egg that had initially looked broken, Inyri's being respectful enough not to perpetuate it. "Lots of people making bets on the numbers, and then almost immediately after switching to making bets about what was in each egg. Mostly, everyone was tired, though. The afterparty was a bunch of sleepy people. It was hilarious. I, of course, looked terrible because I'd been woken up for it — but it was hilarious overall. And exciting. And I heard the Weyrwoman predicted the number of eggs exactly." There's some less potentially dramatic gossip.

Abigail ponders some and tilts her head, a smile seen and she nods. "One I saw looked different, just barely got a glimpse of it and then it was covered again. Maybe me more curious about them I have to admit." An sh eis talking about the one that looks broken. "Fellan was talking about how people was starting to bet on 'em. I've never been much of a betting person then so suppose I'm a bit unsure about it." She ohs. "Well I imange being the Weyrwoman she sorta had an idea on it all aye?" A glance is offerd over. "How is yer canine doing? Mine has been staying at the kennels since all this."

Inyri presses her lips together for a moment, weighing the odds of if she /wants/ to go on about that egg. Answer: no. Dtirae never seemed worried and, thus, there's nothing worth discussing. "No two look alike, so — you'll find out in time. The betting's kind of wild — I keep meaning to go pry at people to see who's bet on what in front of 'em. I played witness to a bet between Khyonai and Ezra, and I'm looking forward to seeing if either of 'em are right." Somewhere in her things, she's still got that piece of paper, after all! "Durahiko's back at the tavern, still. Koren's minding him officially, and Ezra walks him and plays with him and such."

Abigail nods slightly, heck she won't be betting on any of the eggs at this point. She just doesn't like the idea really. I soft chuckle escapes her. "I'll have to quetion Khyonai about the betting then." A nod is seen while she looks over to the chidlren once more. "Well That is good. I could have sent Storm home but I figure she would be happier here where I can at least get to run with her if nothing else for the time being."

"It wasn't much of an — official bet, they bet on trading chores with me writing it all down," Inyri explains, rolling her shoulders back — and then glancing over them to check on the kids, who are still playing up a storm — before turning her attention back to Abigail. "Brexa, I think, is the one keeping the official bets on what's in each egg and whatnot. Some awful people were even betting on if eggs would hatch at /all/. I'm glad that was in the living caverns and not in the galleries; imagine if the dam had heard." Whether or not that would actually have upset Zuvaleyuth is anyone's guess, but Inyri suspects it might! "Yeah, I can imagine she'd rather be where she can be near you; canines have their people, after all."

Abigail hums and nods. "Brexa? Alright.." She blinks and glances over to Inyri at the bit on ones possible not hatching. "Why would they do a thing like that?" After all the mess at Xanadu and people would think of betting on sure a thing. "If they are dumb enough to say it there then they deserve to have a angrey dragon on there tails." Her arms fold in front of her while pondering. "Aye. Storm is always by me side. Had her since she was a very small pup. I'm just glad I can at least keep her here at the kennels."

Inyri shrugs again, with "People can be terrible," as her only possible explanation, said in a sort of distant tone — she's not quite looking at Abigail, or at anyone at all, when she says it. "I don't suspect the gold in question would eat them, but I don't know if I would /entirely/ put flaming a person past certain dragons here." She just won't say which she means, and that way she won't have been talking badly about anyone! It could be she doesn't even know, for that matter. "Durahiko's not even one yet. He's pretty flexible with who he spends time with, though, and I do get to see him every now and then. Give him a walk and a good brushing on my days off."

Abigail nods a moment, a hand lifting to push a few stranges of her hair back and out from her face. "Well I din't mean anything like that." When it goes to comments of a dragn eating someone. More like someone getting pummeled for the idea then anything. "Storm doesn't mean being with others, I think she just prefers being wiht me. I raised her and traiend her and so forth."

"It makes sense. You're her person. Everyone else is kind of just eh." Inyri smiles a little, and squints past her conversation partner to keep watching the children. They're not throwing mud so much anymore; it appears as if, instead, they're drawing pictures in it. So long as nobody eats any … "But that doesn't mean they're /bad/, just not you. Dura's very flexible about who he's around, which is good because he was trained to be that way. He's supposed to be crowd control, after all."

Abigail lifts her head slightly while she watches the group of children play in the mud, well so far so good, right?" She seems amused over the idea of be able to play in the mud so easiler. A nod is seen and she looks over to the other. "Oh I know, no problems here. I don't see a problem in it." She smiles a moment. "So have you adjusted well to everything with the other candates and chores an so forth?"

"It's — a change." This is obviously an understatement, and so Inyri laughs. Only Inyri, standing out in the rain babysitting and laughing /at herself/ and looking relatively pleased about the entire thing. "I'm still not sure how I feel about it overall; like, the entire potentially Impressing thing? But it seems like everyone I talked to about it was so excited about the prospect, and had seriously considered being Searched, so when I got offered the knot it didn't seem like there was any logic toward saying no." Well, if 'everyone' is Ezra and Edani, anyway. But evidently they count. "I can't say I had any major life plans, though I can also say I never considered dragonriding to be potentially part of it."

Abigail smiles and nods to Inyri. "Aye, I do understnad that." She offers with a soft tone and takes in a breath. "I never expect to be picked for such a thing. It's an honor I think." Her gaze rests on the chidlren, making sure it doesn't get tooo crazy it seems. "My parents an't happy over the whole idea. But then they did want me ta go home before all this happened." An she didn't listen, imagen that!

"Looks like you won." Inyri's expression doesn't really change, but her eyes brighten a bit; one can tell, maybe, what she thinks about listening to parents as an adult. "You certainly can't go home /now/, and after — who knows? Maybe you'll still be stuck here with a baby dragon's whims to cater to." She's not the sort who looks ahead that much — there's been absolutely no looking ahead as far as a hatching, for Inyri. Maybe as far as touching the eggs, but only because it got talked about before. "Right now, though? We should probably get those kids back inside and bathed before they're too dirty to make it to dinner."

Abigail smiles slightly. "I wouldn't really call it winning anything." She's quiet for a moment and a soft sigh escapes her. It is a sad and straining subject which she quickly tries to forget as Huritt flutters down and lands upon her shoulder. At the talk of a dragon she smiles once more. "Perhaps fate will be nice to smile upon me, but for you as well." There are so many for the dragons to pick from it should be interesting come hatching day! She looks over to the kids and nods. "Aye, suppose that be a good idea." Her gaze drifts over and she catches sight of Kenti coverd in most of the mud and she sighs a moment while her head lowers. "That kid.. Alright who wants to go get a warm bath and then see what is for /dessert/?" She won't comment on eatting dinner first as they would make the kids whine most likely. At least now the kids are interested in leaving the muddy play area!

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