Fort Weyr - Northeast Bowl

The northern end of the bowl can be an intimidating area, being that Fort is the largest weyr. The far north wall contains the gigantic opening to the hatching caverns, and to the west of that can be seen the sprawling ledges and carved stair cases that mark the way to the administration complex and the training grounds were candidates and weyrlings can often be found. The west cliff wall towers up, dotted here and there by darker openings that mark individual weyrs before it tapers to a point at Tooth Crag.

One of those rare early summer evenings it is, at Fort: the weather is fine and the skies are clear, the temperature appealing and the promise of a splendid sunset just beginning to show at the horizon. Free after an early dinner to take advantage of the weather, a knot of candidates make their way from living caverns to candidate barracks, but stop to argue the merits of checking in the galleries first. Khyonai, at the outskirts of the group, provides his own opinion with no little amusement: "It's entirely too fine to be cooped up under stone, tonight — for either 'barracks or galleries. Who's up for a lap around the bowl?" This, of course, creates a series of groans: of course, the guard has to be the one who actually *misses* PT.

Merging into the group of candidates leaving the living caverns is Mikal. Though still fairly unsure of himself at this new weyr he's befriended another boy who's about a year older than him. "You got a favorite egg yet to watch Pridal." he asks the lad before Khyonai's words filter to him. "I suppose it /is/ nice it aint raining though I'll take rain over the snow." mentions the lad who's recently arrived from Xanadu where snow and sleet threaten to take over the daily weather every single day.

A rare early summer evening such as this should not be wasted inside and under stone. That remark one other likely agrees with… or two others it would seem. Velokraeth has sprawled himself out on his ledge above the administration complex to enjoy a rain free soak of the last of the sun and warmth, arranged for the perfect angle to observe both sunset colored sky and the milling groups below and the knot of candidates among the latest to fall under the pale bronze's silent scrutiny. Th'ero however is just coming down the stairs, casting a quick glance up to notice the onset of sunset with a grimace. No doubt the Weyrleader has been cooped up and missed most of the pleasant day. Hearing the groans though, he slows his brisk pace, dark eyes settling on the group of candidates. "I hope the complaining isn't over the sunset?" he muses dryly and a touch awkwardly, gaze darting between each and lingering last between Khyonai and Mikal. He missed the earlier suggestion of physical training, it seems.

Flash of white is transitory, the smile fleeting on Khyonai's face for Mikal — but it exists, in one still-frame to the next. The young man replies to his fellow candidate additionally with a nod; "After a full winter of snow, I think I'd take rain, too." An offhand glance to the burgeoning sunset raises gaze to the sunning Velokraeth, and the reflexive grimace takes Khyonai's features by surprise; and then to compound it, there's the lifemate of that strange little ma— er, dragon. "Th'ero," Khyonai states in greeting, barely checking a salute in time. Reflex, man. "No— they're just trying to figure out what to do. I just don't understand how anyone could want to be inside on an afternoon like this." A few weeks of candidacy have certainly loosened the strings of the typically reserved guard-candidate.
Dtirae has connected.

"G'day Weyrleader Th'ero." Mikal greets though he spares a glance towards the sunset in question which causes a puzzled look to crease his brows. "Complaining over the sunset? Never!" he does gesture towards Khyonai a moment. "Some of the other candidates were groaning over his suggestion of laps around the bowl." he manages a small grin. "I agree but partially. Not sure that running laps is the best way to spend time outdoors."

Th'ero doesn't seem too concerned over Khyonai's salute or the timing of it, simply inclining his head politely towards the guard-candidate. "Afternoon," he murmurs back, stepping closer now and clasping his hands loosely behind his back. He tries to make it seem so casual and friendly when it really is reserved and awkward regardless. "Some seem to have an aversion to the sun and fresh air. There is not much that can be done, truly. Though good on your attempts…" And there seems to be a pointed look for some of the candidates responsible for the groaning. Mikal isn't one of them, though the Weyrleader does incline his head as well to greet the younger candidate. "Running laps does have it's merits, though." he points out with a vague smile, yet doesn't elaborate.

Khyonai doesn't look put-out to be referenced again, even smiling again, briefly, at Mikal. He's not at all repentent for the suggestion; as a matter of fact, he considers the position of the sun again, as if assessing exactly what the likelihood is that he can still get in his run. "Some people like to run." That's his belated rationalization to Mikal, at least, riding the coattails of Th'ero's comment of the merit of such. He can't help but shift his stance at the somewhat parade-rest-esque pose of Th'ero's - habit rather than consciously. He's equally as awkward as the weyrleader, in his own way: clearing his throat and offering a, "He seems to be enjoying himself," with a chin-gesture towards Velokraeth.

Mikal spares a glance to Velokraeth, commenting. "I imagine he's glad to see the sun as much as we are." even though it's actually setting currently. His own posture is at ease and Khyonai does get a puzzled look at his odd stance of parade-rest-esque. Odd. "I suppose I can't argue with the pair of you though exploring a bit seems to be an option as well." suggests the Ista-bred lad. "I am tired of being indoors working on laundry."

From the Hatching Cavern comes the Weyrwoman, meandering mostly and without a purpose. Instead of giving a greeting, she slips herself into the conversation. "Stamina. Dragonriders need ta have stamina, even if we ain't fightin' Thread, yer still trained like you are." The woman points out, "still tossin' firestone and still doin' all the drills. Washin' yer lifemate is a workout as well, as well as putting on straps and makin' them." There's a brief glance skyward before she's looking to Velokraeth before settling on Th'ero. "Any chance Velokraeth minds takin' over on the Sands for a brief moment? Zuvaleuth needs ta stretch her wings some. At some point, when he feels up ta it." Dtirae then looks to Khyonai, quietly inspecting the candidate before her gaze settles on Mikal, giving him the same inspection.

Th'ero doesn't exactly chuckle, but there's a bit more of an amused curve of his mouth for Khyonai's response, though the Weyrleader agrees silently with no comment. Brows knit together briefly, a moment of confusion until the chin-gesture is noted and he glances over his shoulder and up to where Velokraeth is still lounging, but pointedly looking "innocent" by looking towards the central bowl rather than straight down at the milling groups. "He is naturally observant," Th'ero remarks dryly, head slowly turning back to give Khyonai a vague smirk that hints there may be something more to it then simple "observation". Side glancing to Mikal, Th'ero's smirk is a little more visible this time around. "That would be one reason he is out," he admits and then does chuckle dryly this time. "Exploring never hurt either and is a good option for exercise, I suppose. So long as you do not go getting yourself lost or stuck somewhere." Like those lower tunnels. Though Th'ero seems to have nothing to worry, given Mikal shows no interest in being penned inside either. Dtirae is approaching then, slipping in with her comments and the Weyrleader standing just a little straighter, hands now at his sides. "Of course," he remarks a little stiffly and above, Velokraeth rumbles long and rolling as he rouses himself and takes wing. No sense denying Zuvaleyuth, even if he was enjoying the sun as it lasted! Ah, such is his fate.

"Ma'am," Khyonai states with the ease of a Fort-weyrbred; his salute for Dtirae is precise and proper, as fitting of his previous position. He's not bothered by the inspection, turning instead to Mikal. He doesn't pounce directly on all the ammunition given for his stance on running, but instead mildly comments, "Exploring, if you're unfamiliar, is likely a good idea. Just don't get lost." As if he couldn't! He shakes his head at Th'ero's comment, but offers nothing more than a light snort for the wry 'observation'. His eyes follow Velokraeth's path, the guard-candidate opting for silence for a moment, before he comments — "I think I /am/ going to opt for that run." He eyes back to the group of candidates to see if there're any takers. The looks of dismay tossed back at him should say it all!

With the appearance of the Weyrwomen, Mikal tenses up a bit with nervousness as he casts a quick smile her way. "G'day, Weyrwomen Dtirae." is greeted her way as she slips into the growing conversatin. "Stamina indeed, my father often ran rescue missions at Ista weyr when he was younger." cause ya know he's sooo old now at 40 something, right? Right. "Oilin's a good workout too 'specially on the larger dragons." another look is spared up towards the sun-bath-watching Bronze as Th'ero's slightly more visible smirk causes him to perhaps question what exactly the bronze is…er was doing up there. Looks like duty calls for him. "Sometimes you find your way around by getting lost! Though I've no intentions of exploring the cavern's without a buddy." said towards the Weyrleader. "Uh..I think I'll pass this time though grab me some early morning and I'll join you Khyonai."

Polana enters the north eatern weyrbowl with a confident look on her face. She wears one of her nicer dresses, mostly white with some blue lace. She wears it simply because she wants to look nice, not like a drudge but like a rich holder girl. Her blonde hair is pulled back in a braid. A firelizard sits on each shoulder, a green on her right and a brown on her left. Both of them appear to be young, about two months old. She is out simply because she is done with her drudge work for now and wants some time to enjoy herself. Walking and thinking is something the she finds enjoyable, even though it might seem odd to those that know her. While she wasn't intending to stop and talk to anyone the sight of the Weyrwoman made her stop in her tracks. She didn't try saying anything, simply stood and stared. There she was, weyrwoman, everything she wanted to be.

"Explorin' is the best way ta learn the layout." Dtirae agrees, rather easily. "If you get lost, find yer way back and yer sure not ta forget it. How the brats learn, after all. They're told not ta go into the inner depths of the tunnels cause we ain't sure how deep they run and they go out and do it anyway" Rather than making it a horror story the woman leaves it at that. Her gaze drifts up towards Velokraeth as he wings off and the woman chuckles. "He's so prompt, he didn't have ta go right away." She nods politely towards Khyonai, "Candidate." Simply because she doesn't have a name, and also the same is said to Mikal offering both a smile. "How are you settling?" Because curiosity seems to be a prominent trait of the Weyrwoman. Or, she's simply nosy. Polana's arrival isn't entirely noted quite yet as the young woman has yet to say anything.

"Good decision," Th'ero remarks towards Khyonai, giving an approving nod of his head towards the guard-candidate and then another pointed look for those other candidates who cast a look of dismay. Hopefully the Weyrleader isn't getting the itch to command they all follow suit? Because that would likely ruin any peace one could get from a nice run about the bowls. Thankfully, he holds his tongue for now, speaking instead to Mikal. "Also a good decision," he adds and his gaze now drifts towards Dtirae and though he falls silent again, Th'ero dips his head in agreement to her words. "I didn't mention he had to go this second. Velokraeth chose to do so himself, for his own reasons." he drawls in a low tone and keeping his reply cryptic for now. Perhaps he's a little uncomfortable discussing his pale bronze's many, many quirks in public?

"Sure, Mikal," Khyonai agrees easily. "I go most mornings, anyhow." He lifts a hand in farewell to the other candidates, salutes the weyrleaders once more, and heads off at a brisk walk back to the barracks to change into clothes more suitable for sweating. Or running. Or both.

It's how Mikal learned Ista weyr as a kid. Head out in the morning and just spend the whole day exploring. "I'm Mikal, Weyrwomen, from Ista weyr." he offers an introduction to Dtirae shyly. "Course he went right away." he dares chime in a bit. "He was asked by the Sr. queen." to Mikal that's all the explanation needed. For the moment Polana's not noticed either as his attention is shifting between Khyonai, Th'ero and Dtirae. He gives a little wave towards his fellow candidate as he jogs off. Or rather walks off with intentions of a jog somewhere within Fort Weyr.

Another day of doing laundry, this is the chores that Abigail got to battle with today, and she didn't complain one bit. She is making her way on out from the training complex after dropping off some laundry in the barracks it seems that was needed to be delievered, she carries with her a empty basket that was used to take said laundry. A soft humming tune escaping her as she goes, upon her shoulder is a young bronze firelizard, whom is half sitting upon her white candidate knot. Voices are picked up as she heads ever closer towards where the others are. A warm smile and nod is seen to the ones present, an yes she even goes so far to offer a salute to both Th'ero and Dtirae in the process. "Afternoon everyone." Her tone friendly filled as her pale gaze looks over the few here.

Slowly Polana steps toward the group, showing a lot more respect and caution than she normally would. "Weyrwoman, Weyrleader," she says. For once her voice is respectful, showing that she knows and understands these people are of a higher rank than her. These are the people that lead the weyr, if she ever wants anything to go her way she had better be nice to them. That meant not lying about being a lord holder's daughter. When Abigail arrives she gives a small nod but says nothing, partially out of fear. Wasn't that girl there when she lied about being a holder's daugher? She knows that she has seen her before. /Hopefully if she was there she won't recognize me,/ she thinks.

Dtirae lets out a soft hum to Th'ero's answer, saying nothing more on that, instead, she drifts near the Weyrleader and gives him a gentle nudge. "Stop actin' so stiff. He's fine." Khyonai departs and she waves a farewell to the young man before attention focuses on Mikal. "Well met, Mikal from Ista. He doesn't need ta go right away. They've got a good enough relationship ta where he can take a few moments to himself rather'n listen ta her right away." Speak of the devil, or something similar to those lines as the gold is seen flying briefly over head before she departs to the great unknown. Not really, she's just circling the Weyr. Abigail makes her way over and the Weyrwoman nods once before offering a smile. "Hello. How are you doin'?" As Polana makes her way over the woman lifts her brow slightly in question. "Hello." Pause, "why're you dressed up so nice?" Blunt? Dtirae? No, not at all.

Th'ero gives Mikal a brief but puzzled look, until the young candidate's words finally strike home and the Weyrleader clears his throat slightly. "Ahh… I wouldn't quite say it was like that. Velokraeth is just…" A womanizer among draconic kind? A sauve, honey-tongued flatterer? A doting clutch father? The Weyrleader seems to choke on all those and instead simply finishes with a rather lamely murmured, "…prompt." Right. Prompt. Dtirae's little nudge does little to have Th'ero unwind. In fact, it only has him tensing all the more. "I know that," he mutters towards the Weyrwoman, partially under his breath. Then she's explaining things better then he could to Mikal and luckily Abigail's arrival adds a bit of a distraction, or one that Th'ero latches on to at least. "Afternoon," he returns in greeting, turning to nod towards her, though his tone and expression remains reserved as always. Likewise the same is given to Polana as the girl approaches, another low spoken greeting given to the girl and followed by a curious glance to echo Dtirae's blunt remark.

Hey look, it's his laundry buddy. Sorta of. They did have laundry duty today though Mikal finished up a bit earlier than Abigail did. Still though he remembers seeing her there so he gives her a finger wave in greeting as she approaches the small knot of people forming up in the bowl. His own young green preens from where she sits upon Mikal's shoulder. She had a fun time earlier in the day playing in the dirty clothes before they were washed. Polana is given a quick nod though no verbal greeting since he's not seen her before. A green eyed gaze slips up momentarily to watch the Queen soar off into the sunset….or circling the weyr. "Oh and um from Xanadu also." he adds hastily to the Weyrwomen.

Abigail continues to smile, the basket held by her side. "I'm well, an yerself Weyrwoman, weyrleader?" She glances to Mikal and waves at him with a finger wiggle. "Nice ta see ye outside Mikal." Well they have spent the day cleaning laundry! Her pale gaze turns towards Polana, whom she eyes a moment, a faint narrowing of her gaze seen. Oh yes she does remember this girl. It is hard for her to forget such things as someone lying about being a holder's daughter, and how the other acted towards the Harper. A slight shake of her head is see, though she does ponder the answer Polana may offer to the question presented to her. Her attention is soon sent skywards and she blinks a moment while watching the gold circle the weyr, which makes her smile after a few moments of watching.

K'drozen makes his way slowly across the northern bowl, adjusting his flight jacket as he goes, his stride unhurried as he works his way slowly towards the south. As he spots Th'ero and Dtirae he tenses slightly but sends a wordless salute in there dirrection. And gives the candidates a nod.

Polana glances skyward for a moment to see the gold soaring. For a moment all words are torn from her throat. After a bit she turns back to the group of people and gives a small nod to the weyrleader after his greeting. Dtirae's question receives a small frown. Normally she might say something rude, maybe a comment about how the other person should also be wearing nicer clothes. Instead she restrains herself and asks, "why not? I was in a good mood and wanted to look good. One does get tired of wearing old battered clothes after a while, even if they haven't been to any special occasions lately." When she sees K'drozen she gives a small wave of greeting.

Dtirae chuckles as Th'ero seems to struggle with finding the words and his muttered response only earns a smile and a gentle pat on the arm before her hands tuck into her pockets, taking up a more casual stance, shifting foot to foot before her gaze settles upon Mikal once again. "From two Weyrs, interestin'. Can't say I've been from two, just Fort. Been ta Ista once and Xanadu a handful of times." Once Zuvaleyuth finishes her round, the gold departs back into the Hatching Sands, and it is as if she's never left. K'drozen's salute is briefly noted from the corner of her eye, but she does not give a response or confirmation of seeing it, bitter or simply holding a grudge, either way: The woman's attention turns towards Polana and the second brow follows the first, however, she says nothing and simply holds her tongue on that matter. "Yer lookin' familiar. What's yer name?"

"I am well. Simply ventured out to enjoy the last of the day, now that the weather seems to have decided to remain clear." Th'ero replies easily enough to Abigail, keeping to his polite and slightly reserved nature despite Dtirae's earlier attempts to get him to relax. At Polana's reply to the Werywoman, the Weyrleader can't help but smirk slightly. "She has you there," he points out in a drawling, accented tone as he glances over to the goldrider. With Zuvaleyuth's return, Velokraeth swaps out again, taking wing and soaring back to the ledge he had vacated moments before. Settling back down with a contented groan, the pale bronze goes back to his observing as though he too had never left. Th'ero glances up briefly, only to shake his head and turn his attentions back again to the assembled group. K'drozen is given a brisk nod, but it's Mikal and Polana that the Weyrleader glances between next. But as Dtirae asks the questions, he simply remains silent, curiosity lying more in their responses then to pry for more information… for now, anyways.

K'drozen gaze lowers slightly and he continues on his path, moving towards the south of the bowl, passing up the group and picking up his pace. The brownrider expression going distant as he moves away from the weyrleadership. Not a word being said.

"I imagine you're glad to be outside as well." Mikal remarks with a lopsided grin cast to his fellow laundry washer. "And out of the smell of soaps!" is added as an afterthought. K'drozen is given a polite nod in greeting as he notes the rider's nod. Polana's given a cursory look as he hears a remark of someone being dressed up. A blush creeps up his neck a bit as he ducks his head. "Well I aint been in Ista for a number of years ma'am…and I got Searched from Xanadu." he speaks quickly.

Abigail smiles and nods as she hears Th'ero. "Nothing wrong with that in the least." She offers to about enjoying the least bit of the day, especially when the weather is well! Her gaze drifts back towards Polana and she ponders the answer she will given the weyrwoman it seems. Though after the comment on the clothing she figures Polana is keeping her tongue in check unlike the first time she met the other. A soft croon escapes the bronze firelizard that is upon her shoulder. Tadhg, the firelizard, shakes out his wings and stretches before settling in more and turns his swirling gaze to his person's hair which he starts to chew on. Abbey hasn't picked up on the chewing just yet, she grins back to Mikal. "Aye, that I be. Nice to see the sky again." This said with a amused filled tone to Mikal, and she too offers a wave over to K'dorzen as she catches sight of the rider.

"Polana," she says, careful not to let any of the nervousness she is feeling seep in to her voice. "Fort born and raised," she adds as a second thought. Her rank is not mentioned at the moment, if she recognizes her as a drudge then oh well, but she wasn't about to go pointing out that she had the lowest rank in the weyr. She then noticed Abigail's firelizard chewing on her hair. At first she simply rose her eyebrow, considering not telling her and letting her make a fool of herself. But in the end she comments, "your bronze seems to find your hair quite delectable. By the way he's chewing on it I would guess you rub chunks of heardbeast across your scalp daily."

Dtirae gives Th'ero a look and mutters softly, "coulda said something, but didn't." This is to the Weyrleader alone before she straightens up and looks to Veolkraeth for that brief moment in which he settles down once again. "Ah. Well, still. From it at one point in time, still from it until the end. Loyalties change, where you been and where yer from doesn't." There's another glance up at Velokraeth and the Weyrwoman's nose scrunches just a bit. Disgust? Displeasure? An evil plan that involves making Th'ero's life awkward? Possibly. Attention slowly returns to those gathered and the woman's hands are slowly being drawn from her pockets and settled on her hips. "So," Polana is given a very careful eye, "I /do/ know you. Yer name ain't ringin' a bell any." A soft tsk and the woman tilts her head slightly, but eyes narrow on the young woman at her comment towards Abigal. She says nothing in regards, however.. Then, without warning the woman is moving closer to Th'ero, shoving her hand into one of his pockets and pulling out a white knot. It doesn't linger in her hands too long as she's throwing it at Polana. "There. Take that. Maybe that'll teach you a lesson in watchin' yer mouth."

"And yourself? You are adjusting well, I hope to candidacy and the chores?" Th'ero will ask Abigail next, likely chiming in right after Mikal's own comments directed towards her. If he notices the hair chewing by the firelizard, the Weyrleader makes no comment. Most likely because at that point, his attention is drawn back to Polana as she supplies her name to Dtirae, shameless in the way that he subtly listens in to that particular conversation. He clears his throat, readying to correct the young girl for her comment when he's thrown off by the Weyrwoman reaching for his pockets. Grunting under his breath, he shoots her a narrowed look, realizing too late exactly what she grabbed, moving too slow to stop her and it's only when the flash of white of the tossed knot catches his eye does it click. "What are you—-" But his protest is cut off by that strange chuffing noise Velokraeth makes when the bronze is very amused. The pale bronze is still up on his ledge, talons clicking against the edge as he shifts, oversized head tilted to regard the group below, one in particular among them, with obvious interest beyond mere "observation". Oh yes, he approves of this! And awkward it is, with Th'ero simply standing there frozen, stiff and blank faced. When he recovers, it's Velokraeth who gets the glare first, followed by one to Dtirae, Weyrwoman or not. "Conspirators, the two of you. You'll drive me to an early grave at this rate!" he mutters, anger barely held in check. Taking a steadying breath though, he turns to Polana, waiting to see if the girl takes the knot at all, given the abruptness of it.

"Well Khyonai went off for a run to enjoy the rain free evening." Mikal remarks towards Abagail. The hair chewing isn't actually noticed himself until Polana mentions it though her words draw his brows together in thought. "I hardly think she'd do that….unless she washes her hair with soap that smells like it.." hey he's a guy so he's unsure of that! "Maybe tho…" words trail off into surprise at Dtirae's sudden movement and subsequent tossing of a white knot towards Polana. Another candidate and yet another girl. Talk about outnumbered! However Mikal's not seeming to care about that though as he holds his breath to await Polana's reaction to the offered white knot. The Weyrleader's muttering gets a brief and curious look.

Abigail nods as she hears Th'ero. "Aye, I like to think I'm adjusting well sir. No problems with the chores, and very thankful for the chance of candidacy." With a tilt of her head she picks up on a certain bronze firelizard chewing upon her hair. "Tadhg.." Is murmured out while the basket she is holding is set down and she picks the lizard up to peer at him. Though she doesn't look mad and smirks as Tadhg hangs there in her grasp still with a bit of hair grasped within his maw. The two have a staring contest for a moment before he lets the piece of hair go, and it is quickly tucked away from him. "Yer silly." Is murmured softly, her pale gaze lifts to look over towards Polana and she lifts a brow slightly, pondering how to take what was just said. Her jaw does tense a moment before she speaks. "Why thank ye. He does that at times, playful little thing." Though perhaps not at all what she wanted to say, at least she has the thought to bite her tongue in the company of certain people. A slight nod is seen to Mikal at the bit on Khyonai going off for a run. Though at the white knot is fished out of a pocket and thrown towards Polana her pale gaze lingers on the girl watching her an already having a feeling on the answer.
Dresses. Oh, still with the dresses. Along comes Zap, wearing something blue and swishy. She notices the group as she approaches and heads for the redhead that she knows. "Hey Abbey," she greets brightly. "What are you up to?" and by you she means the group at large. And they are large.

Polana says nothing what Dtirae comments about knowing her but her name not ringing a bell. Her body is beginning to tense up with nervousness for what might happen. She watches the weyrwoman carefully as if she expects something terrible to happen at any moment. However, the exact opposite happens and she reaches in to the weyrleader and pulls out a white knot that she proceeds to throw to her. She catches the knot, shock clear on her face as she stares down at it. The green on her shoulder, Opal, sniffs it before giving an excited little twitter. The weyrleader's words barely register in her mind, although she does glance up at the bronze dragon with a look of awe before looking back to her knot. Once she finally recovers from her shock she stammers, "t-th-thank you!" For once Polana is not holding back cruel words, for once in her life she is having trouble figuring out what to say. But one thing is for sure, this chance means everything to her.

It's Th'ero's reaction that has the Weyrwoman laughing. It is almost to the point of hysterics, which is quite rare these days for the woman to laugh sp wholeheartedly. Her hands go to her stomach for a brief moment before she's patting Th'ero on the shoulder fondly. "You'll be fine. Velokraeth'n I are just keepin' you on yer toes." Not that they don't have enough to keep him on his toes regularly. The Weyrwoman seems quite pleased as Polana accepts, even if the Search is most obscure. It's not every day that the Weyrleader's dragon tells the Weyrwoman who to Search. With that, she focuses her gaze on the young woman. "Gather your things and report to the Barracks. I will meet you there for a brief explanation of the rules of the barracks. Once you do that, report to the Weyrwoman and inform her that Th'ero's Velokraeth has Searched you. You are to do all your chores and duties, if I hear one word about you slacking, you will not have a pleasant time of this. If I also hear word of snide talking to anyone, even the other candidates, I will be coming to see you." A brief glance towards Mikal and Abigail, giving them a very expectant look before she's turning towards the training complex and heading that way.

Once the knot is caught and Polana manages the stammered thanks, it's enough for Th'ero to thaw enough to nod towards the girl and even smile vaguely. Or is it a smirk? Hard to say. Either way, Velokraeth is now looking rather smug even if that is not an unusual thing for the pale bronze. At the glares from his rider, he simply ignores them, attention focused elsewhere. The Weyrleader struggles to form his usual speech, hindered only all the more by Dtirae's near to hysterical laughter. "Wasn't /that/ funny, Weyrwoman." he almost growls at the goldrider, temper piqued and his sense of humor leaving much (very much) to be desired. Some of it ebbs though when she pats his shoulder fondly. "I'd prefer it if you two wouldn't quite go about it in such ways," he grumbles, but the apology, for what is is, is accepted. Leaving Dtirae to take over the charge of Polana, he turns back to Abigail and Mikal, only spotting Zapallie now as he's not longer distracted and gives her a polite, reserved nod. "I'm glad to hear it," he tells Abigail, belatedly and glancing between all three before darting a look at the stairs leading to the complex and his weyr not far off. "If you will all excuse me. I've another meeting shortly, rather last minute. Hope the skies remain clear for the rest of your afternoon." More surprises! Just what a Weyrleader wants. Giving a hasty incline of his head in farewell to all, he too takes his leave, heading not for his weyr as he'd like but the council chambers instead.

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