Fort Weyr - Living Caverns
This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.
Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.

The dinnertime crowds have mostly dispersed by this time of the evening, though a handful of people still linger at various tables. There are remnants of the dinner itself, as well; those are set out on the tables near the kitchens - though the roast wherry is down to the bones and gristly bits, and the rolls have been replaced with plain bread. Still, it's available for latecomers, though the kitchen's stopped bringing anything out; instead, dirty dishes are being gathered and brought back to the kitchen for cleaning. Borodin's one of the people doing that, his bin set down on a table as he stacks up the dirty plates.

Etzlix seems to be one of those latecomers, the miniskirted teen is sauntering into the caverns, but at least it's not on the arm of some random bluerider like usual. This evening she's on her own, strawberry blonde locks still damp from her recent bath after doing jumping jacks and push ups and all other manners of exercise all day long. Hazel eyes shoot around the cavern as she heads towards the food tables, the Candidate giving a smile or a wave to those she recognizes. "Hey Borodin." She greets the young man as she passes him on the way to peer at the barebones wherry, hmm.

M'lo is almost done with his paperwork, and with his dinner. He likes to work while he eats, in order to get home earlier. So there he is at a table, dressed in rather nondescript clothes of brown and cream, with his wrist-thick black braid hanging to his waist. There are three firelizards playing chase in the air above him - a gold, a green, and a blue. Blue seems to be winning at the moment. As he reads over some document or other, M'lo hums a bit, in a voice that's really not too bad, in just the right decibel level to reach ears under the background noise of the caverns.

One of the lingering dinner visitors is the Weyrleader himself, tucked away in his usual spot at the back of the caverns and seated so he faces the entrance ways leading to the bowls and deeper into the Weyr itself. Th'ero sits with his back flat against the chair, lost in his thoughts as he stares at some point or another with a heavy frown. In one hand, he holds a mug of ale, still full and likely being nursed slowly during his distracted state. His plate has been pushed to the side of the table for easier pick up and looks hardly touched for it's contents, though there are only small scraps to show evidence of the roast wherry that was there. As Borodin approaches, the movement is enough to snap him from his thoughts long enough to glance up, giving the cook a slight nod in greeting. Only then does he spot Etzlix wandering by and gives her the same subtle greeting as well. Pulled as he is from his thoughts, he takes another slow sip of the ale that up to that point had been forgotten.

Borodin bobs his head with a quick little motion at Th'ero's nod, then quickly looks down at the table again. The plates clink against each other as Borodin sets them down, and he's intent on it enough that he's got a startled expression as he looks up at the mention of his name. "Uhm," he says, and then his eyes settle on Etzlix and he adds a moments-too-late smile and, "Hey. How're…" She's gone again. His eyes follow her for a moment, then he sighs and picks up another dirty plate.

Etzlix considers the remnants of wherry, shaking her head. Plain bread? Blah, not for this girl. Aha! Dessert! She's heading to see if there might any yummy sweets left, because a candidate can totaly live on sweets alone, sweets and, well, she can't have her regular drink, so sweets and klah it is! Well, if there're any sweets left anyway. Th'ero's nod is returned and Borodin gets a quick grin from her. Then there's M'lo, over there, whom she doesn't think she's met yet, hmm, she watches the humming gent with the firelizards a moment.

With a satisfied little grin, M'lo pens his signature on the last document and fairly springs up from his seat. Straight for the Weyrleader he goes, a bounce in his step. There's a bit of maneuvering as he slips around Borodin, and then Etzlix, with a friendly grin for each. A relatively full folder is put down on the table next to the bronzerider before M'lo joins him at the table. "Here you go," he says lightly. "Anything else you need from me before I'm done for the night, Th'ero?" he asks. His firelizards, seeing that he's moved, gradually take their game of tag closer to him, zipping through the air around various random people, including the candidates.

With mug half raised to his lips, Th'ero pauses mid-way with the gesture as M'lo joins him at the table and placing the full folder down on the table top. The Weyrleader gives both a curious and wary look to it, grimace barely hidden and then shifting to a vague smile as the Weyrsecond settles himself. "No, I believe that would be it, unless I've overlooked something." And he leans forwards in his seat, reaching for the folder and dragging it closer to him across the table's surface. "My thanks though, M'lo." The mug is set down as well, after the Weyrleader has taken another healthy pull of the ale. But it's not the folder that his attention returns to, but rather Borodin again and likely for the sigh. "A long night ahead?" he asks him, a touch awkwardly as the statement is a touch abrupt and blunt. His eyes lingering, he no doubt tries to spy out the young man's knot, being as he's completely unfamiliar with him.

Sweets and klah are fine things to linger over, and so those were the most recent trays brought out and are still (relatively) available. Which means Etzlix gets her choice of proper nutrition, as Borodin glances at the approaching M'lo and tries to step out of the way and instead just bumps the table with his hip. The dishes in his bin rattle. "Uhm, sorry," he says to nobody in particular, then leans in to reach for another plate. He's interrupted in this by two things; a green firelizard flying in front of his face, and the fact that the weyrleader is talking to him. Quickly now, quickly, he… "Uhm." He turns to face Th'ero, tugging at his shirt to try and make it more respectable (there's flour on it, today, as well as a bit of the red soup that was served earlier). That incidentally makes his knot easier to see; it'd be entirely unremarkable, the knot of a resident, except it's for Fort Hold instead of the Weyr. Right, he was asked a question. "Er, well, yes, I… I've got cleanup tonight, and then I was going to… well, there's always a lot to do, anyways."

Etzlix plucks a few tasty sweets onto a plate, she can totally live on sweets and klah, ayup. Plate and mug in hand, the candidate is naturally drawn to the small group there. She arrives beside Borodin, giving him a little hip bump and a smile. "Did y'make these, Borodin?" She asks of him, settling her plate on a nearby table. And, well, she notices that the cook and the weyrleader are talking and she decides to help, err, well, yeah. "Hey Borodin, 'ave y'e'er met th'Weyrleader Th'ero?" She quirks a grin, hazel eyes shifting between the three males. "Weyrleader Th'ero, Sir, this is m'friend, an' Abbey's brother Borodin, from Fort Hold." There, isn't she just so very helpful? And, well, back to M'lo, she grins. "An' I'm Etzlix, but y'kin call me Lix iff'n y'like. I like yer hair." Yes, well, no one can say Erzlix isn't friendly.

"Any time," M'lo says, and he means it. Now that work is officially done for the evening, he stretches his arms above his head and arches backwards over the rungs of his chair to pop his spine, stretching his shirt taut. "Ahhhhh," he sighs, and then slouches a bit more comfortably. He glances around at Borodin, notices the knot, blinks. But Etzlix is there and she's complimenting his hair. He chuckles, glances at Th'ero, and then looks back at the girl. "Thanks, Lix. I like your…" there's a pause as he tries to think of how to return her compliment. "Accent. I'm M'lo. Where are you from?"

Unremarkable perhaps to most, but the knot being for Hold rather than Weyr is a detail Th'ero would instantly hone in on. Enough that the staining from soup and the dusting of flour upon Borodin's clothing goes unnoticed for now and likely would not have been faulted. An unnecessary setback when one works in the kitchens, after all. Sensing the younger man's nervousness, the Weyrleader does his best at offering a reassuring smile, though it's bare and small. "Indeed," he drawls, voice lowering a little and his accent slightly more pronounced than before. There's a pause, as Th'ero considers some thought for a moment before speaking up again and remaining direct with his questions. "I would not doubt that. What brings you from the Hold to the Weyr?" he asks, his tone polite and merely curious. Etzlix is there though to helpfully put some pieces to the puzzle though, regardless if Borodin wanted that shared or not. Glancing between the two, he settles again on the cook and chuckles dryly. "Is that so? Welcome then, Borodin to Fort Weyr. No doubt quite belated. I have spoken briefly with your sister. I was surprised to learn she was a Guard prior to her Search." he murmurs, only to glance sidelong to M'lo as the Weyrsecond stretches out and then gives a questioning quirk of a brow. No comment it seems?

Borodin shakes his head in answer to Etzlix's question. "No, I've… mostly just been doing cleanup… lately." He looks away, down at the table again to frown at a plate. Only for a moment, for the conversation's moving on and the frown falls by the wayside as his gaze darts back up to Th'ero, and then from the Etzlix. From the look he gives her, she is most certainly helpful; he smiles with relief and nods his head a couple times. "Yessir. I mean, that's me. Uhm, Borodin. Hello. …sir." He brushes his hands against his pants, smiling awkwardly. "Well, uhm, thank you. For the welcome. I, well, Abbey was here first, there was a training thing for the Guard. I came to visit her." And then? He hesitates, the muscles of his jaw shifting as things to say are considered and discarded. In the end, he settles on, "I hope she'll do well. With the Search. It's an honor."

Etzlix grins, "Oh, y'know, here an' there an' ev'rywhere, mostly th'southern continent. Most r'cently Ierne 'til Velokraeth and our weyrleader d'cided t'let me stay an' conduct m'experiment." Yes, that's what candidacy is to the girl, an experiment. "Oh! An' so I kin see th'eggs closer up so's I kin see jus' how diff'rent dragon eggs are from firelizard eggs so's I kin sketch 'em better." Because, yeah, that's a perfectly sane and normal reason to become a candidate, isn't it? Poor Borodin gets another hip bump from the teen. "Aww, well, I hope t'have s'more of yer tasty treats soon." So much chattering, this girl, at least everyone gets a bit of relief as she takes up one of her sweets and takes a large bite from it. Mmm.

"You know, when I first came here, I was visiting my sister," M'lo says. But the comment makes him look down at his hands and an expression of sadness flickers across his face. It only lasts for a couple of seconds, and then the Weyrsecond puts his smile back on. "Yes, yes, welcome, Borodin. Planning on staying long? Through the hatching, maybe?" he asks curiously. But Etzlix's comment about sketching catches his interest. "You like to draw, then?" he asks. "Me, too. If I hadn't Impressed I would've gone to Harper Hall to train as an Artist."
Th'ero remains perfectly neutral as far as emotions go, the same small smile fixed to his features and the slightly reserved look about him. But he can understand Borodin's awkwardness, oftentimes in the same situation though of late and over the Turns he's come to master it a little better. Just a little. He had to, once Velokraeth seemed insistent on winning first Zuhth's flight and then three of Zuvaleyuth's. "Just Th'ero is fine, Borodin. It's good that you respect rank, but for this time I say we can drop the formalities and enjoy a bit of casual discussion," he points out gently, trying again not to let his lips curve into a smirk or grimace. "Ah, that was nice of you, to come visit her." he remarks, sounding almost approving of the reply. "She seems to have adjusted well to the change. I don't think there is any concern to be had." But what does the Weyrleader know, truthfully? He's met the man's sister once. Much could have changed! To Etzlix, Th'ero only chuckles again, reaching for his ale now to finish the rest of it off swiftly. "An experiment is it now?" he drawls and muses. "I thought it was the experience." A glance to M'lo follows and Th'ero asks to him curiously, "Why not pursue your art now? Or is it required to train only at the Harper Hall?"

"Yessi- Th'ero." Borodin nods, smiling in an awkward fashion that grows more genuine as the weyrleader continues. "I don't think so either. I mean, she's always been the one who's ready for anything." He starts to nod at M'lo's mention of a sister, then goes "Oh," and looks away as implications sink in. He looks back up as the weyrsecond continues. "I'm planning…" He trails off, and his eyes lower for a moment before he takes a deep breath and raises them again. "Yes. I'm planning to stay a while. If that's okay, sir." His gaze darts briefly to Th'ero as well, and then Etzlix hipbumps him and Borodin does a pretty good impression of a herdbeast that sees a dragon overhead - complete with wide eyes and the shuffle back and forth of his feet as if he's not sure whether to respond in kind, act stoic and cool, or run and hide underneath the nearest table. What he actually does, besides look awkward, is smile a little and tell her, "I'll, uhm, I can make some for you. What's your favorite?"

Etzlix grins at the Weyrsecond. "I love t'draw, I'm nay very good at it, tho C'yr seems t'think I am. I jus' like t'do it cause 'tis fun an' it keeps be from bein' bored alla th'time. Havena had much time t'draw since I got th'knot, but I did m'nage t'draw th'eggs from th'galleries. I kin go get m'sketchbook iff'n y'wanna see it." She offers that last to both riders because, well, M'lo likes to draw and, well, the eggs are Th'ero's bronze's, so he might like to see them too. She quirks a grin to Th'ero, "'tis both! 'Tis an experiment that'll end in quite th'experience, I'm sure. A rather nice experience prob'ly, or one that'll scar me fer life." She jokes softly. Should a candidate really be this comfortable in the presence of not only the weyrleader but the weyrsecond as well? "I'ma take m'art stuff up t'that bridge up above th'bowl next time I gots a free day, so's I kind draw th'sunset, 'tis real pretty when 'tis nay all cloudy or rainy." For Borodin, she's got a grin and a wink of hazel eye. "S'rprise me. I'll most likely eat it s'long as 'tis sweet." Poor poor Borodin, all this hip bumping from the miniskirted Candidate.

M'lo considers Th'ero's question. "Well… I'm so busy here," he says. "Being Weyrsecond doesn't come with a lot of free time, and what time I do have I like to spend with Irelanth, and the kids and Ely." In that order, preferably all at once. He leans foward a bit. "The girls are turning 10 in less than two weeks. They've been asking me for a puppy for /Turns/, and 10 is when I told them they could have one. So that's going to be… interesting. And busy." He grins. "I do still draw, though, when I can. I'm just not, you know, trained." That grin is transfered to Borodin. "That's great. We can always use more help in the kitchens. Hey, you two," and here he's talking to both Borodin and Etzlix. "Why don't you sit down? You're gonna give me a crick in the neck if I have to peer up at you like that." The invitation is friendly, though. "Yeah, if you want to grab it, I'll take a peek," he agrees with Etzlix.

"An adventurous type?" Th'ero ventures to say concerning Borodin's sister Abigail. The Weyrleader looks a touch baffled by Borodin's request, but carefully schools it back to a neutral smile again. "Of course. As M'lo said, we can always use more help around here. You are a cook, then?" he says, both to agree with the Weyrsecond and reassure the young man, but taking his assumptions from the request given to the Candidate. At the exchange between Etzlix and Borodin, there seems little in the way of response from Th'ero, save for a small quirk of one corner of his mouth. Amused? Possibly. But he's not the laugh out loud type… if he laughs at all. "The arc bridge?" he inquires, now focusing on the Candidate with a bit of a frown. "Best mind yourself if you're up there. Granted, now that it's summer there should be no ice and snow to worry about, I suppose it is safe enough." he murmurs, voice drawling again and accent a bit more prominent as his tone lowers. "You do have a point there," Th'ero agrees again with M'lo, nodding his head slightly towards the brownrider. "And a puppy? Seems like many folks are getting into these canine's as pets." he muses, shaking his head. "Between my duties, time spent with Velokraeth and with Kimmila, I have little time for much else. Though I still put some aside for hunting or hiking or simply exploring." he admits with a slight shrug of his shoulders.

Borodin nods to Etzlix. "Okay, I'll see what I can do." He smiles to her, even if it is with the slightly distant expression of one already pondering the possibilities; though serious thought will have to wait for another time, for he's being invited to take a seat. Borodin's gaze goes to the kitchens at the suggestion, but no spoon-wielding horrors appear. "Uhm, all right." He sits down. Hah, let's see Lixxy try and bump him now! He's perfectly safe, which is why he's not keeping an eye on her but instead nodding to M'lo. "Kitchens are like that." He chuckles slightly, and adds, "They're already telling horror stories of past hatching feasts." This topic seems a more comfortable ground than many for him, and he nods to Th'ero's question. "A cook, yes. My mother's in bakercraft, so I've sort of been around kitchens since I was a little kid." And yet, his knot isn't a bakercraft one. He makes no comment about that, just continuing on. "Well, kinda adventurous. Abbey's more just… ready for anything. She doesn't back down. She's the brave one." His lips quirk in a self-deprecating sort of smile.

Etzlix beams as M'lo says he'll take a look at her sketches, "Oh, good. I'll go grab it when I finish my dinner." Yes, dinner of sweets and klah. Th'ero's question of the arc bridge gets a nod. "'Tis so high up, I love it. An' y'kin see almost ev'rythin' from up there." She does arc a brow briefly as he says to be careful, then giggles. "Oh, I've got good b'lance, y'dunna hafta w'rry 'bout me up there. Acourse, I wouldna go up there in th'ice or anythin' but th'weather's been pretty nice lately an' so I've been goin' up there b'fore I head back t'th'barracks at night." She grins at something, though whatever has her grinning isn't voiced. Then there's the whole exploring thing. "I simply love explorin' I like t'find new places an' things. I'm do more of that while I'm here too." Like she has so much freetime to do these things, but, well, if she's determined enough to do all this she'll likely succeed. First sweet pastry is finished and the girl starts in on the second. Another brief pause in her chattering, thank goodness. As Borodin sits, she grins a bit impishly, well she could do something worse than hip bump him, but there's a weyrsecond and a weyrleader here and so she'll have to refrain at this time from trying to see if she can make the poor holderboy blush. She does, however, eventually finish that last pastry and takes a swig of her klah. Swallowing, she smiles. "I'll go grab m'sketchbook." And with that, the chatterbox of a candidate is scurrying out to the bowl and off to fetch her sketches to show them off.

"Seems so," M'lo agrees with Th'ero about the canines. "There was a young man at the lake shore the other day with a canine. I asked him about her, but he just stormed off." He shrugs. "One of these days, Th'ero, you and I should go hiking together. Before the snows set in. Maybe after the eggs hatch?" He grins. "We could bring our weyrmates? Picnic?" He chuckles at Borodin. "They are," he agrees. But for all their talk of hatching feast horrors, they manage to pull it off every time. I hope this year they outdo themselves again." He grins at the thought of delicious feast food. "By the way, I'm a vegetarian, and so are my children, usually." Just a little FYI. He listens patiently to Etzlix's chatter, smiling and nodding hwere appropriate. Once she's gone, he turns back to Borodin. "I think she likes you," he teases a little bit. "All that hip-bumping. Just don't tempt her to break any of the Candidate rules, alright?"

"Horror stories? Is it truly that bad in the kitchens come Hatching time?" Th'ero asks, though his smile broadens by just a fraction of an amount. The Weyrleader likely knows the truth of it, but it amuses him none the less to hear it from another and Borodin seems to be the source for this evening. "A good skill to have and not one all can claim," he remarks and keeps his opinion to himself if he notices again that the young man has no bakercraft signia or mark about him. "You are the second one to tell me this. The other was another young fellow… Fellan I believe. Smithcrafter." he goes on to say, frowning a little as he tries to recall the memory and one he should be familiar with, as he's another Candidate Searched by Velokraeth. "Not the adventurous type yourself, Borodin?" he asks gently. Now he does grimace and openly towards Etzlix, his tone taking a slightly cautious and disapproving edge to it. "Best to 'balance' yourself behind the rails and don't go crawling where one shouldn't be. Even in clear weather, that bridge is precarious." Or the Weyrleader is paranoid. It could be both. Then Etzlix is off to find her sketchbook and Th'ero can relax enough to simply shake his head. His attention turns to M'lo again, a frown creasing his brow. "He just stormed off? That's strange. As for hiking, that would be a kind offer and I'll consider it, next chance I and all of us would have time to spare. I could ask Kimmila as well." he agrees with another small smile. At the mention of tempting Candidate rules, Th'ero only snorts and leans back into his chair, glancing sidelong towards Borodin. "I don't think there's need for concern on that." the Weyrleader drawls in a tone that is both lightly joking and serious. "A bit of… what's the term now… platonic?" he murmurs, "Yes, platonic flirting or playfulness between friends never hurts and could be nothing more than that."

As Etzlix talks about the view from up high, Borodin's head tilts consideringly, and he gives a little nod, with a smile that lingers through the talk of exploring. M'lo's talk of feasty marvels makes him smile and nod. "We'll certainly try." He nods again at the mention of vegetarianism, with the studious expression of trying to commit it to memory, in case it's ever relevant to him personally. He smiles to Th'ero. "Well. Any feast is a lot of work." That part is in the voice of experience. "Especially when there's a lot of guests. So if something little goes wrong… well, like, they were saying that one year, someone mixed up the sweet and hot pepper in a soup. Which would be bad enough if it was just the taste, but then it got to boiling, and, well, it kinda made a cloud through the whole kitchen. Everyone was in tears." Borodin chuckles, shaking his head a little in amusement at the story. He nods at cooking being a good skill, and then at the mention of Fellan the smile that's been lingering vanishes. "That sounds like Fellan." He's not frowning, but neither is he smiling. His tone is flat; careful. It stays that way as he answers his own adventurousness, or not. "I try to stay out of the way." He looks down and away, taking advantage of the distraction to wave to Etzlix as she departs. After she's gone, the Candidate succeeds in making a holderboy blush without even being present. It's a rather impressive trick, but as M'lo teases, Borodin's ears (and soon, cheeks) turn pink and he stammers through a variety of uhms, uhs, and wells before finally going silent to preserve what's left of his dignity.

"It's okay not to be adventurous," M'lo says to Borodin. "If everyone were the type to jump off cliffs for the thrill of it, there'd be no one left to get things done." He chuckles a little bit at Th'ero's protectiveness toward the Candidate. "If you want, I can tell people to keep a sharp eye out, and report any Candidates taking foolhardy risks. It wouldn't do for a baby dragon to be left without its lifemate because of some idiot stunt." He beams at the prospect of hiking and a picnic. He takes pity on the poor visiting holderboy. "I'm sorry," he says. "I'm just teasing you. But I can see you're sensitive to it — I won't do it any more. And if anyone else gives you too hard a time over something, you come to me about it, alright? I don't stand for bullying around here."

Th'ero chuckles heartily for the story Borodin shares, his smile broadening just a little further. "Now that does sound like quite the horrible experience. Hopefully this Hatching Day no such event will occur. Though I will not fault the kitchens. It can be chaos everywhere… if we're given no warning." he remarks and then that smile falters too with the change in the young man. The Weyrleader can sense when he's treading towards unstable grounds and so he merely nods and does not press the discussion on concerning Fellan or mention of his sister. To M'lo, he simply shakes his head. "I think it won't be necessary. That bridge is frequently patrolled by guards and is a walk through for the riders. She'll be safe enough." As Borodin turns the classic shade of pink, Th'ero is both sympathetic and understanding. Holderbred as well, the Weyrleader knows too well fromt he past how such teasing can be taken. "I agree. I forget sometimes that such jokes don't settle well with all. The Weyrs can be a little… lax in those regards." he points out and then turns to glance away towards the entranceway of the caverns. Lost in thought? Perhaps. Regardless, Th'ero begins to shift in his seat, reaching back to pull his jacket from where it rested, slung over the back of his chair. It takes only a brief moment, but it's obvious that he's not seeking the jacket to wear it, but rather the delve into one of the pockets. When his hand emerges, there is a white knot clutched within it. "It would seem that not just M'lo and I wish you to stay," he begins, slowly placing it down on the table and closest to Borodin before leaning back in his seat. "Velokraeth wishes it as well, though in a different aspect. Not as a cook, as a Candidate, should you be willing to accept the offer to Stand for the clutch. No grand adventure, per say, but it's a change or chance. And you won't be entirely parted from your work as a cook." Once he finishes, he gives the young boy a small smile again and lapses into silence to wait, patiently, for the offer to be absorbed and responded to.

Borodin takes a deep and steadying breath, and swallows as he looks back up to M'lo. "No, it's… it's okay. I… know weyrs are different." His gaze drops to his hands, and he makes an effort to straighten them, then looks up again, at weyrsecond and weyrleader both this time. "I'll get used to it." Someday. Maybe. Don't go holding your breath, anyone. For now, those ears are still pink - but there's no sign of offense, just embarassment. As for reporting things… well, there's a fractional nod, but it speaks more of acknowledgement than agreement. His gaze drifts along the table as Th'ero reaches for his jacket, settling on the dish bin. One hand starts to reach for it, and then the weyrleader speaks and draws his attention again. Someone else? His gaze follows his thoughts as it flicks to where Etzlix recently departed, then to the kitchens. He's not thinking along the right lines, holderboy as he is, and his lips repeat 'Velokraeth' silently. Who's that? It's… Oh! The widening of his eyes comes on about the word 'cook', and the look of surprise hasn't had time to fade before it gets the second whammy of 'Candidate'. It's an awful lot to take in, and Borodin's stunned silence reigns for several moments after Th'ero has finished talking. First he's stunned; then he bites his lip and starts to look away… but then he pauses, midway through that lowering of his head, and looks up again with a determined expression. "Yes. I mean, I'll do it. I mean, it's an honor." He twists his lips slightly, and reaches to take the knot before he makes more of a mess of this. He looks down at it a moment, then up again. "Thank you. And, Velokraeth, too. Thanks."

"You do adjust, but not entirely. There are days still when even I am floored by some of the talk and I have been in a Weyr for over five Turns now. There is some truth in the saying 'You can never take the 'hold' out of 'holdbred'." Th'ero muses and in the same breath shrugs his shoulders dismissively. He'll wait as Borodin works his way through the shock that is perfectly normal, given the circumstances. That white knot holds so much for such an innocent and harmless circle of woven threads. The silence could have lasted for minutes more and the Weyrleader likely would not have prodded the young man. He does not want it forced, so as Borodin comes to terms with his choice and himself, Th'ero looks genuinely pleased and satisfied, inclining his head respectfully. "Excellent," he murmurs, "And the thanks is mine as well, for accepting. Congratulations," It's chimed in along with M'lo's, which has the bronzerider chuckling a little before he continues. "And welcome to Fort again. You have the rest of the night to relax, to complete any work you have. There is no rush, though you will have to settle into the barracks at some point tonight and report to the Headwoman. Tomorrow your duties will be assigned to you as a Candidate." Such short time! Th'ero perhaps looks a little regretful for that, but there's no way around it. "If you need a message sent to the Hold, let us know as well." he adds, then begins to slip his jacket on this time, no more surprises to be had save for his obvious intentions to depart.

To finish his work, and also to alternate between joy and terror. That sort of thing. Borodin smiles to the congratulations from both, with just that faint edge of 'what have I just agreed to?' on his face. He nods as Th'ero explains what he'll have to do, then glances to the dishbin again. Better get on that. So, as Th'ero prepares to depart, he does the same, pushing back the chair and reaching for the bin. "I will. I'll do that." He'd say thanks again, but he's already done so, and this time, happens to remember it before speaking. So instead, he just smiles and bobs his head before heading off to continue the chore he's started… if somewhat distractedly.

Th'ero inclines his head again to Borodin, eyes following him briefly as the young man returns to his dishbin and consequently back to his task. The Weyrleader then takes a slow intake of breath, exhaling just the same manner as he reaches for the folio left for him on the table as well. His work is far from over this evening, it seems. "Clear skies, M'lo. I'll have Velokraeth bespeak Irelanth if I am in need of you before nightfall." he turns to the Weyrsecond, nodding his farewell to him as well before turning briskly on his heel and striding for the bowl and out, likely running into a very smug and lurking Velokraeth just outside. Another for the ranks! At this rate, the barracks will be fit for bursting soon.

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