'The World of Pern(tm)' and 'The Dragonriders of Pern(r)' are copyright to Anne McCaffrey (c) l967, 2000. This is a recorded online session, by permission of the author but generated on PernWorld MUSH for the benefit of people unable to attend.

Fort Weyr - Living Caverns

This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.
Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.

Etzlix seems maybe a bit relieved at the change of subject, no more relationship talk, this calms the fury of her cleaning some. Though still the miniskirted teen is quiet, contemplative, perhaps broody even. She'll have to ask A'di about some stuff later, but, well, she's not ready for that yet.

Abigail did indeed want to change the subject, why? She didn't like it, she doesn't want to think about that stuff at the moment thank you! "Well that is good Wyn. I haven't worked the launry or the stables yet. I got stuck with the nanny bit alread, and doing maintance stuff today. I was in the library and now here making sure the tables arn't wobblie." She smirks. "I think they just wanted to give me some busy work." Abbey is not the best with this sort of job, she is more of a outdoors sorta person! "Did wash dragons the other day, that was fun." She offers while getting back to getting that table leg screwed back down so it isn't all wobblie! It is last afternoonish, some people milling about within he carvern, and for once it isn't raining! Which makes working inside even worse. Etzlix is wiping down tables, Wyn is sitting at a table, and A'di at a nearby table as well. The two our having a conversation as they are somewhat near one another for it.

Edani is surrounded! He's juggling one toddler on a hip, leading three other younguns by the hand and keeping a sharp eye on several more clustered around him as they all enter the living caverns from… wherever their parents aren't. Yay nanny duty! "No running and we'll all sit together-" he's telling them as they make their way through. His lips are moving (yes, he keeps counting them over and over!) soundlessly until he stops at one of the tables near Abigail and Eirwyn are and announces, "Okay everyone, grab a seat and I'll get your snacks." You KNOW there's got to be one in every bunch, right? Edani's group is no exception - and it's the freckle-faced, mop-haired redhead with lively green eyes that insists HE'S going to sit by the 'pretty girl' and plants himself down beside Eirwyn defiantly. Then latches onto her arm with both of his with an adorable smile announcing sweetly, "I'm love you."

A'di looks over towards the kidletts as Edani herds them in, chuckling quietly in amusement. He shakes his head, leaning over towards a satchel that he dragged in. Is it safe to say that he's wearing an atrocious outfit consisting of a yellow jacket with purple polka dots? Yeah, it kinda makes him stand out and people are rather staring at the hideous outfit. A'di's not paying it not much mind, either he's blissfully ignorant, or he's just gotten used to it.

Eirwyn looks over to Abigail as she speaks upon the chores she has had so far and cants her head to watch her work on the tables. "Oh dear, I hope I don't get that one anytime soon. The furniture may not be safe." There is a least a half smile at that, slowly recovering from her day in the laundry. Does this girl have any skills other than riding runners?" As a youngen grabs her arm, Eirwyn looks quickly down to the redheaded kid and can't help but smile, "Aww. That is sweet, want to eat with me?" She asks her new 'boyfriend' before glancing up to Edani with a questioning look in his eyes, "Need some help?"

Abigail chuckle as she hears Eirwyn and smiles to her. "Naw, this was just the job I was stuck with. I'm sure they would give ye something else." Her pale gaze turns towards Edani and the group of children he is dealing with. "Oh my.." Is offered softly while she tucks the screwdriver back into a pocket. "Brings back memories from the other day." Where they pulled on her hair like crazy she would point out but does not! Hearing Eirwyn she nods and offers Edani a smile. "I don't mind offering some help too if ye like." Might has well share the joy right? Sure!

"A CLOWN!!!" It's one of the older girls, who shrieks this upon spotting A'di's polka-dotted eye-magnet and is pointing straight at him. The rest of the unfettered children engage in a mad scramble from that table Edani is trying to get them situated at and instead surround the bluerider demanding candy and magic tricks. All except the tot Edani is holding. She takes one look at A'di and… bursts into tears! It's a safe bet that she probably doesn't like clowns. She burrows into his shoulder while the beastcrafter-candidate tries not to look as helpless as he really is. His smile to Eirwyn is a touch strained, but genuine nonetheless. "Sure, if you keep him-" his chin-point to the clinging-leech of a redhead "-from trying to fly or make things fly like he's been doing all afternoon, I'd be in your debt." As for Abigail, he tosses her a brief, "Hi Abby. Sure, um. Rescue him?" Him being A'di whom he hasn't met yet. He, meanwhile seeks to calm the child, jiggling her in his arms.

A'di twitches, as that cry goes out and there's a soft groan followed by a long facepalm. "Dalasith is never going to live this down," A'di grumbles to himself before taking a moment to himself to take a deep breath and let it go. In and out. Finally steeling himself against the kidletts he glances to them, "I'm not a clown, and I'm not particuarly funny, unless you want stories. I could tell stories, I know a lot of fun stories you could listen to." Well, maybe he's good for something.

"So, no flying…I should be able to do that." Eirwyn says to Edani before looking down to her new 'boyfriend'. "Would you like some of my bubbly?" She asks as she tears off a corner of the foldover sweet to pass to the boy. Nothing like sweets to keep a boy's attention. Well she won't have to deal with him when he doesn't go to sleep tonight. "So what is your name?" She asks the young man before looking up to Abigail with a touch of relief at her response to her earlier question. "Good, they really don't want me working with tools."

Abigail offers a soft smile to Wyn. "Don't worry, it isn't all that bad." Though her attention is over on the children which make her blink as she watches the children running towards A'di. "Oh dear.. Ah sure…" She ponders a moment before she moves on over to the group of kids that are all around the bluerider and smiles at them. "Hey kiddies…" Is offered, a soft smile sent to them and then to the bluerider. "Oh, a funny story sounds good. What about that?" She questions softly to the children while leaning down slightly so she can look at each child. "How about this.. If A'di is free to tell ye all a story, ye all can also have yer snacks?" Perhaps the snacks will keep them till and the story busy?

They do not believe you, A'di. The group remains stoic, unmoved in the face of that claim. Don't all clowns pull your leg? All the time? Tough crowd! "Can you juggle?" one demands, while a few others are reaching into his pockets in search for the candy he's SURE TO HAVE (since he didn't specifically deny having that, now did he?) "What's this?!" is what one girl wants to know when she pulls her hand back out. The wild child beside Eirwyn looks like he's about to protest, "Butbut- okay!" He nods with enthusiasm, accepts the piece of bubbly and munches, keeping one arm curled about hers. Edani heaves a relieved sigh, "Thanks and if he asks to touch your hair, don’t fall for that either. His hand may still be sticky." He turns his head to check on the cluster around the other man, frowns, but gets distracted by Eirwyn's question. Either she meant him or the tot glued (maybe literally!) to her arm, he's not sure which so he gives her his best Try Not To Look Harried smile and says, "Thanks… Miss. That's Lendy and I'm Edani-the-Grateful." The tot he's got is still wailing. Oh joy!

"I can't juggle. I'd probably end up hitting my head if I attempted." And then the tots are looting his pockets! A'di flails! His! "Lint, I don't /have/ anything and I'm not a clown. I'm boring. Really, I'm only good for stories!" He climbs up onto his chair, clutching it like it means life or death.

At the warning of sticky hands and hair, Eirwyn moves her braid to her OTHER shoulder and smiles down at Lendy. "Well that is a nice name Lendy. Do you want to hear the rider tell a story?" She queries of him before looking over to A'di and can't help but smile at the look he holds for the marauding crowds of hungry children. She feeds Lendy another bit of Bubbly before taking a bite herself before looking back to Edani with a grin, "It is alright, I got a younger brother…this I can handle." For now.

Abigail oys softly and ponders. "Huritt!" She calls out and the brown firelizard flutters down to the table next to where A'di is. Huritt trills and crooons out towards his person and then peers at the children. Abbey peers at the brown and signals for the lizard to do a few circles or something it seems. Huritt tilts his head and twists about as he rolls across the table and then hangs off the edge of it only using a back paw before he flutters down to the floor and scampers in through the children before jumping back into the air with a flutter of his wings once through the mass of children. He proceeds to start doing a few lazy circles in the area. Around and around he goes, getting ever quicker, a little *swoooosh* is heard while he pass by a child right over his head never touching. "Ah.. Looky, watch the firelizard. He oes tricks!" Well not really other then his a clown but she is at least attemping to try and let A'di flee. If the children should look away Abbey waves a hand for the bluerider to run it seems.

Edani is still shushing the two turn old tot whose huge tears are soaking the shoulder of his shirt as she howls. The group around A'di bursts into laughter when the man climbs up onto his chair. And he said he wasn't funny! The man gets a blink and a bit of a strange look from Edani but he's going the polite route and pretends this is normal behavior for every thirty-turn old man. At least Abigail's firelizard distracts them, all save the girl with the VERY colorful handful of pocket lint, which she solemnly offers back to the bluerider (but only because she's tasted it, spit it back out when it is indeed, not candy), "You want this back Mister?"

Only when his safety is assured does A'di finally climb back down from the chair. There's a slight shudder from the short man, "Err, no, keep it. It's yours. A…er…gift, from Dalasith. He says it's a fuzzle." There, that should satisfy the kidett, right? Right? A'di quickly moves to hide behind the nearest person. Flee!

Abigail watches Huritt as he conitnues to swoop and circle, he dives a few times and swings around a chair before swooping up towards a rafter and snags hold of Tadhg, a younger bronze firelizard and is pulling him downwards. The pair of firelizard trills and warble out and Tadhg looks very fearful for a moment before he remembers he can fly, his wings snap open and he wiggles free from Huritt and drifts drifts down to settle upon Abbey's head, trilling out after the brown that is still having fun it seems.. A faint ah escapes the once guard and she oys softly. "Isn't that funny kids?" Ya she really isn't that good at keeping there attention, if she had her canine here it would be easier! A glance is sent after A'di hoping the rider knowshow to run…

"Eww!" says the girl about the soggy 'fuzzle' and she promptly turns her hand over, letting it drop with a SPLOT on the floor. While the main bunch are watching Abby's firelizard, Edani heads to the serving table with the sobbing child. The serving girls either take pity on his predicament or they're going to get rid of him quickly. They get a plate heaped with bubbly pies in record time, which Edani gladly accepts then he wades back into the chaos singsonging, "Who wants bubbly pies?" They're hungry enough to relinquish their chair-climbing 'clown' and be lured to a table where they (finally!) sit quietly and eat. Edani? He just melts into a chair still cuddling the tot, who has cried herself out, silent because she's fallen fast asleep curled into the candidate's neck. Aww?