Fort Weyr — Floating Dance Platform

It's sunny out today, which is merciful after all the unfortunate rain. The beach has become crowded with dragons, so Zap has fled to the floating dance platform to do her sunbathing. Her towel is spread out and she's laying on it face down in her bathing suit, letting the sun warm her back. Nothing but the breeze, the splashing of the dragons a distant white noise. The blond girl might be asleep, as still as she is.

Bright and sunny. Borodin isn't dressed for the occasion, really. He's rolled up his sleeves, at least. Not only that, he's undone one - count it, one - button. It's not really proper attire on the beach, which is part of why he's not on the beach. Also because he saw the crowds, and so he wandered down this way instead. He looks out over the water, and then slowly makes his way out along a wobbly bridge.

Seems this is the place to flee to, well that is at least what Abigail is doing here. She's spent the morning gardening and is even still dirt covered in some places. Huritt flies over head zooming this way and then while Tadhg is settled upon her shoulder. It doesn't take long for Abbey to catch sight of her brother and with a smile she runs on over to where he is. "Borodin!" Is called out with a happy tone. The bronze on her should croons out as he it juggled about from his person running, the lizard is also covering up the white knot on her shoulder to some degree.

Zapallie hears the sound of shoes, the subtle bob of the platform as more weight is applied and the moving bridge causes it to sway. She lifts her head slowly, and then pushes her arms under her to support her frame, trying to see who is approaching. Abigail's helpful call to her brother solves that problem though. Zap pulls her legs around so she can stand in a fluid motion, hands on her hips. "Well, here's a pleasant surprise," she greets them as they come up.

…so much for fleeing. Borodin winces as his sister calls his name, and stops midway along the bridge. His hands get shoved into his pockets, then dragged out again. He slowly turns himself around. "Hey." The hands go back in the pockets, and he shuffles his feet as he turns around in place to look at Zapallie. "Uhm. Well." He takes a small step, then stops again. "Hi."

Abigail is a guard, and she is good at what she does? Sure!.. She continues along until stopping next to her brother and gives him a smile. "Though I saw ye. Where ye going?" She hears another voice and waves to Zapa. "Hey Zap. Hiding out here too?" Well, it is on thing to do when there is bunch of people milling about the beach.

Zapallie tips her head and smiles a little bit. "Aren't you hot?" she asks, seeing his overdressed state. "Come on up you two. Otherwise I'm going to come over and throw you in." A lopsided grin is given with these words to show she's teasing. "I'm not hiding, exactly…" begins the blond slowly in response to Abigail's question. "I just know better than to try to lay around with dragons everywhere."

"Uhm. Nowhere," says Borodin, and he shrugs. "I mean, uhm… I dunno." He turns, staring out across the water. His hands are already in his pockets, which means he's stuck just trying to shove them in deeper. "Well. Hot… I guess so." He gives about a quarter of a smile, starting from one corner of his mouth, and then shuffles his way out to the platform and steps out of his shoes. "It's not as bad as morning baking." But then, what is?

Abigail nods as she hears Zapallie while glancing back towards the beach. "Ya I can understand that. There are more dragons there today then when I was helping Lix bath 'em yesterday." She follows along out onto the platform, pausing to take her boots off and sits down on the edge rolling her pantlegs up to her knees and letting her feet dangle in the water. "As for throwing us in.. I'd pull ye in with me Zapa." This said as she grins.

Zapallie skips on over to the pair of them and throws her long, lean arms out to try to catch them both beneath their umbrella. "Ah, Abbey, at least I'm wearing my bathing suit." Zapallie grins good naturedly and then settles down with the redhead when she settles herself, dipping her feet into the water as well. "Ahh… So I see you're still here, Borodin. Change your mind about leaving us after all?"

Borodin squeaks as arms enfold him, and his eyes widen. Uhm. Uh. Er. …pat, his hand carefully emerges from his pocket and attempts to pat her back, in the hopes that's what she wants and she won't toss him into the lake or otherwise do… things… to him. Fortunately he escapes as she skips away, and shuffles along in the wake of the other two slowly. He's not so good at fleeing. Or escaping. "I, well… no." He looks away. "I… started back. But… the burdenbeast went lame."

Abigail chuckles to Zapallie and grins. "So?.. Been swiming before in me clothes. Wouldn't be a first or last time for that." She is rather sure. Tadhg hops down to her lap and peers out into the water, a soft trill escaping, hey look fish! Though this does leave that knot on her shoulder more seeable. "So.. Yer gona stay then?" THis questioned as she peers back at her brother curiously.

"Sit," suggests (commands?) Zapallie, patting the platform between Abi and herself. "Seems to me if the burdenbeat went lame, that's your sign. You'll just have to stay after all." This decided chipperly, Zap swishes her feet through the water and then kicks her toes up to direct a splash towards brother and sister on the dock beside her.

Borodin shakes his head to Abigail, though he still doesn't look in her direction. "I've still got to go back. I… sent on your letter. And one from me, explaining…" He frowns, and steps forward to plunk himself obediently where Zap indicates, folding his hands in his lap and twisting them against each other as he looks out at the water. "I… it doesn't work that way," he says to Zap. "I'm going back, I just had to wait a little, that's all. My arm's better now."

Abigail is quiet at that and eyes the water a few moments, a frown seen at the talk of the 'letters'. "Ya…" Is murmured out softly. At the splash she smirks and peers at Zapallie, which makes her send a splash back towards her. "Well… When ye go back tell them I can't come home Borodin…" There is a slight pause. "I got asked to stand on the sands fro the clutch an I mean to do it." Good luck trying to change her mind to go home now!

"Of /course/ it works like that," says Zapallie with a huff. "You're 18. Which means you're well over the age of majority, which means you can be anywhere you damn well please." Like her! "Besides. You haven't taken me out on a date yet. I'd be mighty insulted if you left without taking me out." That's right, Borodin! You didn't even know you'd asked her out yet. But that's Zap, always anticipating the, uh, whims of others. She bends forward, cups water, and sends a bigger splash Abbey's way with a grin. "Back me up here, Abs."

The combined effect of Abbey and Zap is kind of a one-two punch on Borodin. First there's the bit where his sister is standing for a clutch (of dragons!), which makes his eyes widen as he actually looks at her and goes, "Oh, uhm, that's nice, I'm glad for you." He smiles, and then… blink. He turns to Zapallie, and his mouth opens and closes a few times before a word finally emerges. "Uh. Sorry," is the best he can come up with. It's kind of reflex, as his brain tries to catch up to all the ramifications of this situation. It fails. "Uhm."

Abigail is quiet while watching her brother, not to sure what to expect him to say it seems. Though at that part comes she sighs a moment and nods with a smile. "Thanks Borodin.." She offers with a soft tone. A glance is sent towards Zapa and she can't help but chuckle and grin at this. "I see.." She offers softly at the idea. "An yes, ye totally have to go on a date with Zapa.. It's a must." At the splash she smirks and sends more flying towards the other with a kick of her foot in the water.

"That's right!" plows on Zapallie before Borodin can recover from massive shock. "And you want to see your sister stand, right? So you're going to have to stay. It's the right thing to do, you know. And while you're here, you'll have plenty of time to make me dinner. And eat it. With me." Which is what cooks do for dates! Or something. At some point the poor boy in the middle is going to become a casualty of this splash fight evolving between both girls.

The water is already starting to soak up along the leg of Borodin's pants. He bends his legs back, cuffs trailing, because maybe if he does that and his shoulders shrink down a bit, nobody will see him. That totally always works. "Well," is his next attempt, just as cogent an argument as the first. "I… uhm, I, well, we'll see." He sneaks a tiny sideways glance to Zapallie, then back to the water as his ears go pinkish.

Abigail doesn't seem to mind splashing her brother a little now an then in the process. She peers at him curiously as he starts to shrink down. A slight smirk is seen and she goes about splashing water, this time at him. "I think ye'd like it.." She offers softly. "Plus yer the best cook here."

Zapallie will definitely not forget Borodin is there, sorry! "We'll see isn't an answer," the blond says with a pout. And then something occurs to her. "Aw, crap. You're gay, aren't you?" Which is of course cause to sigh and pout. You can just see all of her plans to get fat with Borodin's cooking being dashed. It's quite tragic. She does not join Abbey in splashing her brother. She's too busy pouting.

She's too smart for him. Well, both of them are, really, but the current object of Borodin's wince at being caught out is Zapallie. Then his sister's in there with the encouragement - not helping him turn invisible, Abbey! He shakes his head fractionally at her praise of his cooking, but it's with a smile. "Well, I… uhm… what?" Back to Zapallie. "No, uhm, I'm not gay, I mean, uhm, there's nothing, but, you're very attractive, and I like you, and I'd, uhm, uh, I, I, of course we can, I mean, uh, will you go with, I mean, on a date? With me?"

Abigail just blinks while peering at Zapallie at the question to her brother, a soft ah escapes and she isn't to sure what to say. After all Abbey is the hellraiser in the family not Borodin. Amusement is clearly seen across her face and she winks at Zapallie. "I'll go on a date with ye Zapallie if he won't." She says with a teasing tone and chuckles softly. Though at Borodin speaks up she smiles and gives her brother a soft elbowing. "Goood!"

Zapallie looks a wee bit smug and leans back just a bit to wink at Abigail behind Borodin's back. One cleverly engineered excuse to keep Fort's best cook around that much longer. "Of course I will," she tells him then, and even swoops in to plant a loud smack of a smooch on top of his head. And Abigail gets one too for her offer. "Careful, I might take you both out," she teases cheerfully. "I'm going for a swim. Anyone else coming?"

Yay! She said yes. The smile of relief splashes across Borodin's face, followed mere moments later by the wide eyes of fear as his brain catches up to what his mouth just did. He asked her out. What has happened here? He doesn't even know. Now he has a date, and also he's gotten a kiss; though, fortunately for his ears not raising the temperature by more than a degree, only to the top of his head. Also maybe his sister has a date? He… manages to keep his mouth shut for that part. "I… uhm. I'll just watch."

Abigail chuckles at the kiss and grins at Zapallie looking amused but at the same time not mind the idea! "Cool, tell me when and where." She winks at Zap before ponering the idea of swiming and eyes the water. "Oh might as well." This said while she takes a few things from her pockets before sliding down into the water in her clothes. No big deal to her. "Don't worry Borodin.. Yer have fun." She offers with a smile towards her brother. Her firelizards sit on dry land so to speak settled next to Borodin even.

So, it appears Borodin's staying at Fort Weyr. His parents will be disappointed, which means the Bakercraft here will be getting an earful from his mother. As will he, especially once she hears what Abbey's doing. Borodin has also got a date, with someone who started out the relationship by insulting him and is in the running for least liked person of the weyr. The worst part, however, is this: she's out there, swimming around, and he's too distracted by thinking about these things to do even the slightest bit of watching her. At least nobody steals the contents of Abbey's pockets, but that's just because her firelizards are there. Borodin probably wouldn't have noticed.

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