Xanadu Weyr - Wanderin' Wherry Tavern

There's sleet outside, at least according to the weather report. Mikal certainly doesn't like sleet so once his studies were done for the day he skipped out of the infirmary to take refuge here in the Tavern. Elsie flits in ahead of him to check the place out with an curious chirp. Mikal rolls his eyes as he steps in and sheds his coat. "Yes, food." he assures the young green firelizard. He moves towards the bar to lean against it, sparing a quick grin for the bartender.

While quite used to sleet and unfavorable weather, it's still not a pleasant type of day to be lingering outside. Having had mind to seek out the caverns, Th'ero is instead waylaid by the sleet to the tavern instead. The Fortian Weyrleader is no stranger truly to Xanadu, but few occasions have left him much time to explore the Weyr. Today is no different, though he's just finished with his reports. Standing by the door, he takes a moment to scan the unfamiliar tavern in a reserved and aloof manner, though it must meet his approval or the dim lighting and quiet nature of the place appeals to him. Shaking off the worst of the wetness from his jacket and the dirt from his boots, he then strides over to the bar as well, taking a seat not far from where Mikal now resides. "Strongest ale you have, please." He'll tell the bartender, once he has the man's attention. Ordering done, he glances sidelong again towards Mikal. "Good afternoon," he greets, his voice low and murmured, slightly drawled in an accent that is neither Xanadian or Fortian.

Mikal seems to find himself within this tavern a bit more often than the other one that around the beach area. Mostly because the colder weather keeps him away from the beach most of the time. With his concentration fully on trying to decide what exactly to order he misses the entrance of someone else entirely until he hears the ale being ordered and the greeting. "Some scraps for Elsie and hot klah for me…" is ordered before he turns his head to spy the rider. "Heya..good afternoon sir!" he goes from casual to polite quickly with a roguish grin escaping the youth.

Youth is right and Th'ero is giving Mikal a right and quizzical glance as to how one of his age is in a tavern, rather than the caverns or better yet among the other weyrbrats and youths his age. Figuring it to be the weather or simply none of his business, the Fortian Weyrleader keeps his thoughts well hidden beyond that single glance, features changing instead into a reserved but still welcoming half smile at the polite greeting. "Escaping from the sleet, are you?" he asks, drawling and seemingly mildly curious in his questioning. The bartender returns then with his ale, some dark and vicious looking one that is then paid for and in reaching for it, takes the first tentative sip and then another when it proves satisfactory.

The still blue tinged hair against the normally dark red hair may be an indication if asked that Mikal's got cause to avoid the other weyrbrats for a bit. Mikal simply shrugs, his eyes flashing with amusement. "Got caught outside just as the sleet started as I was leaving the infirmary and crossing the bowl. Closer to duck inside here. It's usually safe and quiet in here." his attention is distracted briefly as the scraps he asked for gets set before him which causes Elsie to wing over to him for food.

That strange tinge of dyed hair is noted as well, though for now Th'ero does not comment on it, not wishing to pry the poor boy with endless questions. Lowering his mug to the bartop, the Fortian Weyrleader then turns a little in his seat, now facing Mikal more or less directly. "The infirmary?" he inquires gently, giving the youth a studious look from head to toe and determining that he appears well enough and whole. "Hopefully for the sake of chores and not another reason?" he ventures on to ask, trying his best to keep the question lighthearted and not to directly blunt. It makes for a bit of awkwardness on his part. As the green firelizard comes for her food, Th'ero smiles faintly before his attention drifts back to his drink. "It is quiet," he agrees after he's cleared his next sip. "Cozy too. Most taverns I've seen are boisterous or not entirely safe. This one is pleasant, though I suspect that changes with the hour of the day…"

Offering a shrug of a shoulder, Mikal comments. "Generally I tend to avoid the Tavern when it's got a larger crowd in it." a wise choice by the pre-teen. "Slowly!" he admonishes absently and out of habit as the green attempts to go all greedy on the food. "Oh for learning." Mikal clarifies the question from the rider. Suddenly he realizes he's never given him name. "I'm Mikal, by the way. Originally from Ista then Red Sands and now here!" "You here visiting or on business? I can help you find someone if your looking for someone."

"That would be a wise decision to follow," Th'ero remarks cryptically and likely approving of the youth's insight. "Though I am not fond of the crowds either. Which is why this is a welcomed spot for now to wait out the sleet," he adds with another one of his faint smiles. When the green is admonished for her greediness, the Weyrleader chuckles dryly. "Is she still a young firelizard" he asks, giving the little green a cursory glance and inwardly approving of it's health, should he observe nothing at fault with the hide or appearance. "Ahh. I see," Now his gaze focuses back on Mikal, brows knitted together in a thoughtful frown, perhaps to gauge the young boy's age. "Planning on a future in the Healercraft then? Or merely curious?" At the offering of a name, he nods his head politely and answers with his own, "Th'ero, Weyrleader of Fort Weyr." Obviously. "Ista and Red Sands? You have travelled far." he remarks with a vague smile that falters a little on his nature of his visit being questioned. "Business to start. And I thank you for your offer, but I am no longer seeking anyone. I was going to check on my Wingrider's here, but the sleet came and Velokraeth can easily bespeak their dragons for me. Once the weather clears, we will likely be returning to Fort."

With his attention being able to be given to the klah mug now that the scraps bowl is empty, Mikal gives that several minutes of attention to warm his insides a bit. "Oh I dunno…apprenticing for now. Suppose we'll see how well I do it it. I wrapped up Idrissa's wrist pretty good the other day. "Well met then, Weyrleader." "Been here since I was 12 so I suppose it seems my travels are over except for the occasional trip to see my parents I suppose. Ah, well then I'm sure that the sleet won't keep you and your bronze from returning home for too long. Did you meet Eirwyn yet? She's a good friend of Zaala…boy was Zaala so excited to hear tht Eirwyn got Searched but then all girls are pretty excitable."

Th'ero nods his head slowly, reaching again for his drink to take a considerably long sip of it. "For now? You're not certain yet then on your decision?" he asks gently, "And for only twelve Turns of age, I'd say you have travelled more than most have. I was still in my home cothold at that age. In fact, I never stepped foot far outside that region until I was twenty one and posted to Western Weyr. Half my life on one island." Now he resides in Fort and has visited half of Pern no doubt, though the Weyrleader doesn't go on to say that out loud. Instead, he only chuckles dryly, "No, it won't. He just does not favor sleet for flying though he's growing restless the longer it keeps him from returning to the eggs." Then he blinks, "Eirwyn? Why yes. Velokraeth Searched her in fact. I am glad to hear that her friend was so pleased to hear the news, then." he tells Mikal, giving him a curious and sidelong look. "Are they friends of yours too?"

"Nearly 13 actually." Mikal corrects. "Naw, I plan on sticking with the healercraft. Actually I want to learn all I can and maybe delve a little into Dragonhealing when I'm older." he admits. He considers Th'ero before him, one hand absently running along Elsie's neckridges. "I don't know Zaala much though I've seen her around the caverns. And I just met Eirwyn a few days before she got searched actually so I don't know her very well." his answer is a moment in coming as he tries to actually place Eirwyn in her mind. "Mainly I remember Zaala's reaction. Oh you've /got/ to tell Eiryn how excited Zaala was though I don't doubt she wrote a /long/ letter to her though." he adds.

"Those are good goals to have and Pern is always in need of more Crafters, Healers among them. And a Weyr can never be without too many skilled Dragonhealers." Th'ero agrees, giving Mikal an approving nod of his head. "You seem well set on your life's path for most your age," he adds in as casual a manner as possible though a compliment is a compliment no matter how one puts it. "Regardless, they are acquaintances." The Weyrleader murmurs, "And if I do cross paths with Eirwyn, I will let her know." he offers with another low and dry chuckle. The rest of his drink is finished then, the empty mug returned to the bartop and when the bartender begins to approach, Th'ero waves the man off. One ale is good enough it seems. And he turns a little in his seat, glancing back towards the door as if considering the outdoors and if it's safe enough to venture there. "Have you had any interest in relocating to the Healer Hall at some point? Or did you figure to remain here and learn under the Healer's posted to Xanadu?" he asks abruptly, slowly turning to face Mikal again and with his features set in a curious, but serious expression.

Mikal leans back against the bar, letting his legs stretch out before him. He too spares a glance towards the door to peek at the weather as Th'ero does. "I bet she'll be pleased to hear the news. I'll tell Zaala next time I see her." he says quickly. "Yup! I know what I got ahead of me from here on out really." though he does tilt his head a bit at the question. "Relocating?" brows furrow close together. "Nope, never thought of it much really. The Healers here at Xandu are quite enough for me to learn from for now. Suppose maybe in the long term it's a good suggestion. Never been out even close to Fort though…is it as cold there in the winters as here I wonder?"

"I am sure that they are skilled here in Xanadu as they are in the Hall. Otherwise I do not think they would be posted out. I can understand why one would choose not to relocate, if the options remain favorable here." Th'ero reassures but also muses, chuckling again to the youth's response. His frown turns thoughtful then, eyes sliding back towards the door and seemingly indecisive. Pulled from his distracted state however, he turns back to Mikal and smirks, though his dark eyes remain amused to take the edge off such a gesture. "Colder. We get a lot more snow and ice depending on the Turn." he replies, only to hesitate awkwardly. A few moments pass, silence stretching as the Weyrleader grows distracted again, conflicted and then giving the youth a long and considering look. Finally, he takes a slow inhale and exhales as he speaks. "There is no easy way to skirt about this, so forgive my bluntness. But it would seem Velokraeth is of the opinion you should relocate, even if for temporary measures. Experience more and grow from them." Th'ero pauses again to clear his throat, a slight shrug given for his bronze's opinion and possibly not equally shared between them. What they do both seem to agree upon is obvious next, as the Weyrleader reaches into his jacket and pulls out the tell tale white knot. "One way to start would be as a Candidate for Fort Weyr, if you agree to Stand as one for the current clutch." he goes on to offer, along with the knot which he rests on the bartop between them.

"Colder? Ooh well then maybe…" Mikal trails off a bit though as he can see the distraction on the Fort Weyrleader's expression. "The Masters here are good." he fills in the silence a bit. "Shellie is a great teacher so far. Even told poor Jessi she was preggers!" amusement flickers in his expression before suddenly Th'ero's being blunt so he listens and his eyes grow wide at the sight of the knot being pulled out and offered to him. Uncertainly flickers in his eyes as he watches Th'ero closely as he conferrs with the outside bronze but his voice is steady even if maybe his hand isn't as he reaches to touch the knot. It certainly feels real enough to the touch. "I accept!" he hastily says when he realizes he's not voiced anything after the knot went to the bartop.

All casual discussion is set aside for now, as Th'ero remains focused on Mikal, watching him carefully as he reacts to the offer and remains silent as he does so. The Weyrleader is a patient man, giving the youth the time he needs to come to terms with his decision. Once the knot is touched, it's enough to have the bronzerider's shoulders lowering a little in relief, always tensing a bit when the suspense is palpable enough to be felt. None have refused him yet, though one can never be sure. "Excellent," Th'ero murmurs, sounding pleased though his expression remains carefully neutral. "Congratulations, then on your new position and role. You do not have to report immediately to Fort Weyr. You have time yet to settle your affairs here and then arrange transport north. I have a few Wingrider's available that are on duty here with the Xanadu Wings. They next rotate out just after the dinner hour and before nightfall. Velokraeth and I must depart earlier, I'm afraid…" And he pauses, only to add. "Unless you can be ready within the next hour? Otherwise, you are welcomed to come later. When you do arrive in Fort, you are to settle immediately in the barracks and then report to the Headwoman, so she can record you into the ledgers. Do you have any questions beyond those orders…?"

Mikal listens carefully though certainly his mind is spinning quickly to absorb this completely. "I uh..can be ready in an hour. Don't have too much to pack really and can tell the healers on duty where I'm going." he boggles a bit still. "Th..thank you." is remembered to be given at both the chance and the words of congratulations. "Wow." he breaths.

Th'ero slowly stands, pausing to adjust his jacket in a seemingly idle gesture. To Mikal, he'll incline his head politely again and offer the youth a small smile and one that is slightly encouraging. "Good. Velokraeth tells me the sleet has ended and it is only drizzling now. I have one last matter to attend to briefly. Come to the clearing in an hour, when everything is sorted. If you are delayed, send notice. Until then, Mikal." And with the last orders given, he turns away and walks briskly out the door. True to his word, the Weyrleader will be at his bronze's side in an hour and once Mikal returns, it will take little time to have his belongings secured to the straps and both of them mounted up and buckled in. Velokraeth will spring aloft then and spiral up slowly, likely to give the boy one final glimpse of Xanadu before Betweening home to Fort.

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