Logfile from PernWorld. - 8.30.03 - By Elara

Fort Weyr - Living Caverns(#10592RJ$)
This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.
Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.
People: Elara Westal
Firelizards: Jeeril Vrel Lar
Objects: Ex-rider N'kee

Obvious exits:
Stairway -ST- Game Room -GR- Kitchen -K- North Bowl -NB- Infirmary -IN- Guard Post -GP-

Wiyaneth> Ihyth flies down from the center sky.
Wiyaneth> Ihyth has arrived.

Eetie moves into the living cavern, from the north bowl.
Eetie has arrived.

Elara sweeps into the Living Caverns from the Infirmary in her extravagant Gather gown of violet and gold, a ring of flowers over her head. She spins and then giggles before barking at a drudge, "Bring me bubblies!" The drudge blinks in surprise and then scampers hastily off.

Wiyaneth> Sahentath flies down from the center sky.
Wiyaneth> Sahentath has arrived.

X'ian moves into the living cavern, from the north bowl.
X'ian has arrived.

Wiyaneth> Wiyaneth is stretched out in a puddle of mud. Thank Faranth the young queen is sleeping, or else her anger at being dirty would know no bounds. Her ivory gold hide shines with the brillance of polished amber, even through the curtains of rain which pour down from the cloud-laden skies. Her forked tail lashes back and forth in her sleep, splashing a bit with each twitch.

Wiyaneth> Ihyth had landed not far away, dropping Eetie off there before the Brown's attention is taken up by somethign much more intresting than tracking down Renegades. Soaked, he still appears as fuzzy asever as he rumbles softly from the distance, eyes spinning faster, then he settles down in the muddy sand where he is by the entrance, just waiting and watching for now.

Wiyaneth> Talyn flys into the center bowl, from the south bowl.
Wiyaneth> Talyn has arrived.

Eetie darts into the living caverns, soaked and shivering as she pulls her weyrhide jacket around her, looking around teh caverns before heading right for the nice, warm, hot fire. "Shards its cold here all times of the year."

Wiyaneth> Sahentath rumbles as he watches his rider head for another bowl, before he looks up at the rain filled sky, before he sinks down onto the rain soaked earth, comfortable there for the time being, though his gaze looks to the sleeping queen.

Elara snorts loudly at the newcomer, piercing Eetie with a steady gaze. "Do not insult my weyr!" she hisses, shaking out the skirts of her violet gown, letting the glowlight play off the golden thread, making the embroidered stars shimmer. "Are you here to attack me?" She demands then. What a bizzare question. The drudge that was sent away creeps up to Elara, offering a big plate of bubblies, and the junior weyrwoman snatches it from the girl's grasp with a hiss.

X'ian quickly moves into the living cavern, before brushing the water off his jackey. He looks ready to comment himself on the weather, but Elara's shout quickly shuts him up. "Hello." He greets calmly, and raises an eyebrow at Elara. "Why do you think anyones going to attack you?" He asks her. "I certainly wouldn't, and the one that would, would be foolish."

Wiyaneth> From the sky above, Anonmyth has arrived.
Wiyaneth> From the sky above, Anonmyth emerges from *between*.

Eetie stops cold at Elara's accusation, staring at her in shock. Then a flicker of anger as the amorous dragons outside start to affect her through Ihyth. "/I/ meant no offense to the weyr I'm visiting, but maybe a little courtesy to visiting riders from Western would avoid offending THEM instead." her voice was brittle, the cold and wet forgotten.

Wiyaneth> Anonmyth flies down from the center sky.
Wiyaneth> Anonmyth has arrived.

Lyrriva moves into the living cavern, from the north bowl.
Lyrriva has arrived.

Wiyaneth> Talyn lands on a damp branch of a tree near by, and starts to preen the water off his hide.

Wiyaneth> Wiyaneth continues to sleep, the heavy rain not even causing a flicker from the Gold's dreams. Her tail continues to lash about in the thick mud, sending more splatters to mar her brillantly glowing hide. She hisses softly between clenched teeth and slams her tail down to the ground with a slurping thud. Still she sleeps.

Wiyaneth> Ihyth remains nearby, eyes focused on Wyaneth, oblivious now to all in admiration of the beauty before him, nothing dulling the Brown's opinion of the gold. Remaining totally still, you'd think he were more of a statue of mud sitting by the door of the LC.

Elara gasps at Eetie, her hazel eyes flashing. "How /dare/ you?" she hisses, stomping her foot hard onto the ground. "Do you know who I am? I am Elara! It is not my /job/ to offer courtesy." She stuffs a bubblie into her mouth, crumbs dribbling down the front of her Gather gown.

Wiyaneth> Anonmyth looks after his rider who is carrying the package they brought to Fort. Slowly his head turns to the sleeping gold and tilts his head, too much like the way his rider does. He finds himself a little wallow to lay in while he watches and waits.

Wiyaneth> Sahentath warbles as he curiously watches the glowing gold, and then looks to the other arriving males, and rumbles to them, before he sits up, shaking his head, and sending rain water flying. « Nice weather. » He remarks in his fast speaking tone.

Auberaan has arrived.

Wiyaneth> Siryth lumbers into the center bowl, from the south bowl.
Wiyaneth> Siryth has arrived.

Kevyn moves into the living cavern, from the north bowl.
Kevyn has arrived.

Eetie is standing, dripping wet (for those who just arrived) a short distance from the door, stock still as she glares across the cavern at Elara, eyes narrowing a little bit "Elara… Elara…" her mouth works the name over, trying to place it. Not successful she shoots back "Its not your place to accuse anyone who walks in the door of being here to attack you either!"

Kevyn wanders in, yawning, in search of what for her will be breakfast. After a long night studying the skies, she's slept in late.

Kevyn blinks, stopping short at the outburst she walks in on.

X'ian rolls his eyes. "Ok, come on you guys, let's not get in a fight here in the living cavern." He replies, though he goes silent again, he's not going to get in the middle of a fight, nope.

Lyrriva walks into the living caverns with a package under one arm. She stops just inside and blinks at Elara who seems to be giving someone the harsher side of her tongue at the moment. Not wanting to get into the middle of something she quietly takes the package into the Kitchen and returning a few moments later with a basket of goodies. The goodies is from a friend of one of the kitchen staff from Western, who Lyrriva has a sort of mother-daughter bond with. She grabs herself a mug of klah on her way back in and still tries to keep out of the line of fire.

Elara draws herself up to her not-consiterable height. "Because I /was/ attacked!" she says, thrusting a hand out to point to the spot Eetie is standing, "Right there! And someone tried to /poison/ me last night! How do I know it wasn't you, huh?" She looks smug. Ha. That got her. She whirls to X'ian, "Or was it /you/?"

Auberaan enters searching out Elara, he is caught off guard by the ruckus and tries to intervene, he approaches her and bows. "There are whispers in the air, Milady Elara, whispers and rumours in the skies of Pern that a Gold Queen will soon take flight. I wondered, Milady, how you fare this day?" He smiles.

Eetie's attention also is drawn by poor X'ian, head whipping around to spray water at those nearby, and after Elara is finished she glares at the other rider, sweating now, despite her cold, wet body "Stay out of it! This is between Fort and Western. " she literally snarls, lip curling up.

Kevyn's eyes widen in shock. "What?! Why haven't I heard about this?" She makes a bee-line straight for the junior goldrider, looking her over with concern. "What happened?"

X'ian raises an eyebrow. "I don't think it was me, I wasn't here last night, I was at 'Reaches." He replies. "Plus,. I wouldn't poison you, you're a friend, or atleast I consider you one." He remarks., and looks around a moment. "The one that did however should be reprimanded, yes." He tilts his head as he listened.

The weather is: It is pouring rain at Fort Weyr, the sun setting behind a thick layer of black clouds. Thunder rumbles in the distance, and winds are unpredictable.

Elara whirls around to face Kevyn, "You remember when /she/ attacked me, don't you? Then she went away. Far, far away." She cackles at this, as if she had something to do with it. Then she stomps her foot again, looking at Auberaan. "Wiyaneth is not going to Rise!"

Eetie folds her arms finally, still focused on x'ian as she glares, cheeks flushed "Well it wasn't me! I was in western. Tell them, Ihyth. I was doing shoddy paperwork."

Wiyaneth> Anonmyth turns his head to the sky and snorts « Lovely indeed. I hope it will stop soon. » He turns his eyes back to the gold and keeps his distance from her even though he wants a closer look. With one claw he starts to make lines in the soft mud, what his calls drawing though he can't figure out how to make shapes with lines yet. A second later he smashes them back into the mud.

[Dragon/FOW: Fort Weyr - Center Bowl] Ihyth projects « *distracted* what? Oh. yes, we were at Western. »

Kevyn looks extremely confused, frowning at Elara's apparent madness. "Now, just take it easy, Elara. This has nothing to do with Rianya. Remember, we talked about this during weyrlinghood. It's just the proddiness affecting you. Perhaps I could get you something to drink? Sit, relax a bit. Breathe."

Wiyaneth> Ihyth rumbles, distracted «What? Oh yes, we were at Western… » He then replies to Anonmyth locally «Its too wet. Beloved is cold. » he rustles his large wings, shedding great slews of water everywhere, tail curled around his toes like a dam.

Auberaan eyes Elara with concern, wondering how to calm the young woman.

X'ian shakes his head lightly, but he acts msmart, and doesn't comment, faranth help him, the girls outnumber him!

L'har moves into the living cavern, from the north bowl.
L'har has arrived.

Wiyaneth> Siryth croons softly, a greeting to the young gold, as well as the others in the bowl. He seems rather untroubled by the rain, and offers an outstretched wing to shelter any who wish to take him up on it.

Wiyaneth> Diefeth lumbers into the center bowl, from the north bowl.
Wiyaneth> Diefeth has arrived.

Wiyaneth> Sahentath snorts lightly. « No, this is Fort, you do not know where you are? » He asks, and grumbles. « I thought they teached that to all weyrlings." He replies, and seems undisturbed by the rain, living in 'Reaches, he's used to cold and wet weather.

Lyrriva lifts a brow when she hears the words 'rise' and 'proddiness' and starts coughing when some klah goes down the wrong tube. Her eyes become a little wider as she connects with her brown, trying to see what he is up to.

Auberaan says "Yes, Milady, perhaps a drink would be soothing." He takes a cautious step toward Elara examining her every move."

Wiyaneth> Ihyth presumes Sahen was directed to him « No, we WERE at western. Beloved was accused of poisoning and attacking the Gold Jewel's Beloved.» he still sounded rather distracted. he doesn't take the offer of shelter, being as large as a bronze himself.

Wiyaneth> Wiyaneth is laying in the bowl in the mud, tail lashing. Then her eyes snap open, a violet mix of violet and red lashing through her orbs. She rises very slowly to her feet, like a very angry sun breaking the cloud cover, rain streaming across her muscled form. Her wings snap open and she hisses loudly at the males who have snuck up on her. With a powerful kick from her hind legs she springs into the air, heading south towards the feeding grounds.

Dragon Travel Spam to the Feeding Grounds

Eetie cuts off as the queen suddenly zips off, and he howls loudly, bounding after her, half running, half flying as water splashes everywhere.

Elara gasps, both hands flying to her mouth. "Wiyaneth NO!" she orders, dashing out.

Rider Travel Spam to the Center Bowl

Wiyaneth> Ihyth cuts off as the queen suddenly zips off, and he howls loudly, bounding after her, half running, half flying as water splashes everywhere. His eyes spin deep blue, but very fast, slowly turning violet as he bounds ahead of a few other dark brown and bronze dragons, tail swishing sand all over. Of course, those exiting the CB just then may get showered, since he was sitting alongside the Living Caverns' Entrance.

Palouseth appears from *between* with a shrill trumpet to those Dragons nearby. The Browns attention soon turns to more interesting things, though, as Wiyaneth is spotted. Moving into a dive, the spotted Brown goes *between* once more. Appearing a mere dragonlenght from the ground and back-winging curtly for a neat landing. With rapid motions, his One, Sala, dismounts and quickly removes her Lifemate's Straps. With a whicker of joy, Palouseth lifts himself into the air once more and heads towards the Feeding Grounds. Glancing about Sala sighs, "What a time for a Flight!"

Wiyaneth> Siryth squeaks in surprise when the gilt queen rises so suddenly. He snaps his wing back to his side, his eyes whirling rapidly with confusion. It takes only a moment for realization to set in, however, and he quickly follows the dripping gold through the rain and the mud to the feeding grounds.

Wiyaneth> Wiyaneth circles the feeding grounds with a murderous gaze, seeking and prodding for her prey. A helpless herdbeast is spotted and with a furious trumpet Wiyaneth swoops down with a great *woosh* of her huge wings, sending the beast stumbling and tumbling before she crouches over it, dipping her muzzle and poised to eat. Her head lashes from side to side as if suddenly restrained, and she lets out a furious bellow. Hissing, she bends to her rider's will and bloods only.

Eetie is about to say something more, still pretty upset at being ignored, but then the Weyrwoman darts off, and without even thinking, thedripping brown charges out into the rain as well, getting shed with sand as Ihyth takes off as well.

L'har of course follows the Weyrwoman from the Living Caverns. The young Istan Rider didn't mean for Diefeth to join any flight… but dragons seem to always have their own plans. "Diefeth! We are on… vacation!" he yells as he stops for a break in the ceter bowl, panting.

Wiyaneth> Anonmyth quickly comes into view of the glowing gold once again but keeps his distance thinking that he might scare off the gold since she didn't seem too happy to have others around her when she awoke. His eyes start to whirl purple in color as he watches the gold with their speed increasing slowly.

Honahlee has arrived.

Wiyaneth> Sahentath launches into the air from the center bowl, before he swoops down after the young gold, moving fast then some of the other males, as he follows Wiyaneth over to the feeding grounds, red violet eyes already focusing on the herd as he seeks out the best beasts to take out and kill. He waits for Wiyaneth to catch her kill, before he swoops down on a beast of his own, and snaps it's neck, just before he starts to drain it.

Elara dashes out into the rain and mud, squeaking in fright. She bounces around, furious and yelling things to her queen. "Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Oh what do I do now what do I do I don't remember this lecture it's been a long time this is all YOUR fault!" She points furiously at Eetie. Just because.

Wiyaneth> Palouseth keeps his distance from the Proddy one as he falls upon a large and most-likely old Headbeast's back. With rather savage gusto, and ignoring the rain upon his hide, the Brown latches his muzzle onto the poor creature's neck and sucks until there is not a drop of blood left within it. With an angry rumble towards any nearby males, the Stud takes to the air once more, his gaze moving from Wiyaneth's shining form to his next victim. A game this may be, but a rather serious one at that.

Kevyn grumbles under her breath as she once again heads out into the rain. Her dragon may not mind the weather, but she is most definitely NOT comfortable in her sodden clothing. Flicking dripping locks from her eyes in irritation, the young brownrider mutters under her breath. She's following to keep an eye on Elara. That's all. Yup, no other reason. Has nothing to do with the fact that her silly /dragon/ thinks he's to chase the gold. This rider's only concern is for her former weyrling in her maiden flight.

Wiyaneth> Diefeth keeps just out of distance from the gold, with the other male dragons. He catches his own kill, a smaller Weyrbeast than some, and drains it of it's blood. His eyes, though, never leave the glowing gold dragon.

X'ian follows after Elara into the the rain and the bowl. "Don't let her eat Elara, just blood, the meat'll weigh her down." He advises to the rider, though it's up to her if she's listening, yes.

Lyrriva is aware what her Anonmyth is doing a second before the Weyrwoman darts out of the Living Caverns after her own dragon. Dropping the basket of goodies and the mug of klah she races out into the bowl hoping to catch her dragon before he becomes involved in this chase so that she might have a chance to get them out of here before it happens. Remembers Anonmyth's last chase all too clearly to want a repeat this soon after it.

Eetie hisses at Elara at that. "I just got here!" she declares loudly "Start remembering then, shard it." she merely states to Elara, eyes focusing and unfocusing. «Ihyth?»

Westal walks into the center bowl, from the north bowl.
Westal has arrived.

Eetie says "Ihyth? Stop. We're leaving. No - we're not sta- you're not going to fly her, you stupid dragon!"

Kevyn scurries after Elara, annoyance turning to concern as she hears the young goldrider's words. "Easy, sweetling, easy. You can't stop the course of nature," she says soothingly, placing a hand comfortingly on the girl's shoulder. "Don't even try. It'll only upset her. Just do as he says," she nods in X'ian's direction to indicate him, "and make sure she only bloods. You'll do fine, dear."

Elara stomps her foot in frustration and spins, running blindly to the closest exit. It's the guest weyr. How convenient!

You wander over to the guest weyr, gazing around.
Guest Weyr
The guest weyr at Fort has been given as many convienences as possible. A large, comfortable-looking bed rests against the back wall, the linens changed on a regular basis to keep them fresh. For temporary storage of personal belongings a sturdy footlocker can be found at its foot, and a table and a quartet of chairs provide a place for visitors to entertain guests if they so wish. The floor has been covered with a large rug and the walls are draped in tapestries depicting various scenes from Pern's grand history, all to help ward off the chill of the stone in the winter months. There's even a small icechest with an attached cupboard for storage of cool drinks and energizing snacks for the weyr's occupants.

People: Elara

Obvious exits:
Center Bowl -CB-

X'ian meanders into the guest weyr, from the center bowl.
X'ian has arrived.
Kevyn moves into the guest weyr, from the center bowl.
Kevyn has arrived.
L'har moves into the guest weyr, from the center bowl.
L'har has arrived.
Eetie steps into the guest weyr, from the center bowl.
Eetie has arrived.

Wiyaneth> Anonmyth takes himself away from the golden queen but makes sure to keep one eye on her the whole time that he goes after his own heardbeast. He issues a growl at the other males but soon after he is almost purring at them in a sudden change of mood.

Lyrriva walks into the guest weyr, from the center bowl.
Lyrriva has arrived.

Wiyaneth> Sahentath hisses at another chaser that lands too close, and he lashes his tail at him, as he finishes this beast, he tosses the lifeless corpse aside, leaving it to the firelizards, or whoever would want it. He then snaps up another foolish beast that races past him in an attempt to get away, and said best is quickly killed, as he latches onto his it's neck and sucks the blood out of it's veins. His whirling eyes are however on Wiyaneth as well, so much to do and watch.

Wiyaneth> Wiyaneth hisses angrily at these other dragons who dare enter her feeding grounds. Hers! She springs to the air and brings down two more beasts in rapid sucession, drinking them dry. Flecks of mud and blood stain her broad muzzle, and her eyes settle to a deadly calm. Slowly she turns her gaze over the males in the field as she crouches, wings half unfurled. Petty things. All of them.

"Diefeth! I said no, you lowsy brown! " L'har shouts this very loudly. "I said no! I don't want you to do this again! Why do you never listen?" he says this as he steps into the Guest Weyr. Oh forget it! He wipes sweat from his face… even though he hasn't been doing much anything that's phisical.

Wiyaneth> Palouseth knows this game well, his One assures him he has played it before, but never has he chased this Gold. The fact that their Ones or (or where) close does not escape his notice, but the thought is quickly pushed aside as a Wherry is chosen for the next drink. This one shorter than the rest. What better reason to win this game then to have a reunion with his Gold ClutchSister?

Auberaan steps into the guest weyr, from the center bowl.
Auberaan has arrived.

Auberaan peeks into the guest Weyr, dripping from the rain, his only concern right now is seeing to it that Elara remains safe and unharmed.

X'ian moves into the guest weyr, his hanf gripping Eeeties as he tries to drag the other rider into the weyr, he could of left her out there in the rain to catch a cold, or what have you, but he's too courteous for that.

Elara drips her way across the guest weyr, darting into a corner and backing herself into it, eyes wide and terrified. She squeaks, "Go 'way! Go 'way I don't want you here!" A rather angry brown firelizard swoops in and circles her head protectively, Hamemelis never having been good around strangers.

Wiyaneth> Siryth hangs back near the entrance to the pens, shifting his weight from foot to foot as he waits for Wiyaneth to make the first move. He watches the other males warily, his tail lashing in confusion. He only manages to stir up more mud, however, though it doesn't show on his chaotic brown hide. When the golden beauty finally chooses her prey, he makes his move, snagging a herdbeast as it passes with eyes rolling in fear.

Wiyaneth> Diefeth knows he is pretty, as always. In fact, he is very much so. He bloods one more weyrbeast. He is not pig, nope nope nope. And too much is too much. He doesn't listen to the feelings that his partner, L'har, is sending him.

Lyrriva walks into the guest weyr just thankful to be out of the rain so that everything doesn't become soaked down the to core. Lyrrive finds herself a nice wall to lean against, admitting to herself that the flight is more good for her Anonmyth then harm, or is it her trying to convince herself?

Wiyaneth> Ihyth ignores the tail lashing water at him, wings stretched taught, pointing right up into the boiling clouds overhead. In the dark, all one can see are the brown's glowing purple eyes, his hide as dark as night at this point as he lifts up into the air, wings beating, splashing others with mud and water as he drops suddenly again with a sicekning *CRUNCH* right on another beast, smothering the poor creature.

Eetie is coming along, but only because she's distracted "Ihyth! Are you listening to me?" she calls, sounding like a mother trying to get her child to return. "Ihyth!"

Kevyn sighs, casting her gaze about the room. Siryth is forgotten momentarily as she eyes the young riders around her. "I am only going to say this once," she says forcefully, making sure her voice carries. "Do NOT try to stop your dragons! It's not healthy for them, and it's not healthy for you! Believe me, I KNOW! I've been there! But please, just keep them from eating, and let them follow the instinct that guides them!"

Familiar with Hamemelis' dediaction to Elara, Auberaan makes it a point to stay back otu fo the way.

Wiyaneth> Sahentath rumblkes deep and low as he throws that beast aside, the carcass just barely missing hitting another male, though he ignores it as he starts to drain another, rumbling as the warm liquid energy of the beast is brought into his stomach, and fuels his energy. One more is drained, and then he seems to get his full as he turns his violet gaze on the young glowing queen, picking up speed as they do so, the pouring rain falling down his smooth sleek form as he waits to see what she'll do next.

L'har shakes his head slightly to Kevyn's words, "It doesn't even matter what I try. He isn't listening to one word of mine, the stupid dragon… oh forget it!"

Eetie's attention is brought around again to the here/now and she snaps at Kevyn, voice booming from years of shouting from dragon-top "Don't talk to me like I'm some sodden weyrling! I know what I'm doing."

X'ian leaves Eetie to her own devices, and looks at the angry firelizard a moment, before he finds a comfortable place to stand, though he keeps his distance from the gold rider, he certainly doesn't want to get attacked by a firelizard.

Wiyaneth> Wiyaneth snorts loudly. Pittiful. This is it? The great Gold of Pern rises and this is all they send? Fine then. None shall catch her. Before she makes that plain though, she might as well have some fun, right? She kicks into the air with her powerful hind legs, up through the rain. Wings snap downwards and with a haughty trumpet the Gold dissapears into the sheets of rain and the low clouds.

Lyrriva finishes off the one heardbeast and is content with just watching the golden beauty. He is rather torn at the moment by wanting to his and growl at all the other males and wishing them a happy chasing. He just can't seem to make up his mind which he wants to do first. He also doesn't know how close he wants to get to the gold because he doesn't want to hurt her.

Wiyaneth> With a deep warning rumble to the other males, Palouseth takes to the air after the present Prize for the winner of this game. Palouseth, seemingly has eyes only for Wiyaneth as violet begins to whirl into the twin orbs which serve as his eyes.

Kevyn raises an eyebrow at the brownrider's words. "You look pretty sodden to me, right now. But that's entirely beside the point. You act like a weyrling, I will treat you like one." She levels her best weyrlingmaster glare at the other woman, then suddenly her eyes go wide and her mind is yanked rather violently from the guest weyr to the sky outside as Siryth darts after the fleeing gold.

Elara whimpers and slides to the ground in the corner, curling her knees to her chest and wrapping her arms around her legs. Hamemelis continues to circle, hissing warningly at a Bronzerider who dares get too close.

Wiyaneth> Diefeth springs up. Only two wearbeast will be enough for him to chase the pretty, pretty gold. His powerful hind legs push from the ground and his wingsails spread out. This is what he was made for, flights. Too bad he hasn't won too many. His eyes search the air and clouds for the gold. No sign, but he keeps going. He'll find her…

Wiyaneth> Ihyth hardly has time to finish his herdbeast and lifts off, before dropping it to the ground in midbeat, powerful wings sending him rising quickly after the Gold, not too far behind despite his bulk. Neck stretched out like a baby bird's reaching for its mother's beak, the Western Brown pushes himself to rise faster, sooner than the others. his own eyes only see a glimmer in the clouds and he heads that way.

Wiyaneth> Sahentath rumbles and crouches, strong hind leg mucscles bunching, before he launches into the rain filled sky, one lid covering his whirling eyes to keep the falling rain out as he moves, taking off into the air after Wiyaneth, wings kept folded as he just uses his momentum to carry him into the sky, before his wings are snapped out to his sides, and beat against the cold sky as to propell him forward.

Eetie meets that glare with her best 'don't mess with me' look she gives to miscreants she catches wanting to cambush campers and traders on their way to and from the weyr, not backing down. That is, until Ihyth takes off and she grunts, falling to her knees on the floor, eyes closed to avoid double-images

Wiyaneth> Anonmyth springs into the air after the rising gold but he sees several other shapes pass by him before he is able to clear the rim of the bowl. With it getting darker and with the storm so heavy it is a little hard for him to see the gold that he is chasing after but he follows the best that he can. He issues a rumble, that sounds more like a challange, to a bronze that almost clips him.

Wiyaneth> Siryth is in the middle of draining a second herdbeast, rather messily at that, when the ivory godess that is Wiyaneth suddenly springs skyward. With a groan of regret at leaving his meal unfinished, the brown drops the bleeding bovine and crouches to spring after the gold. He is not the first male in the air, and may even be the last, but that does not make him any less eager. Rain-slicked wings strain against the wind to carry him airborne, and he croons a hesitant plea to the fine female form disappearing into the sky above him.

L'har sits down on the floor against one wall. Well, no good fighting, might as well join em', huh? "Fine… have it your way…" pickles oinions and some lettuce? "you will anyway, you idiot brown." he says this to himself… but loud enough to be heard.

Wiyaneth> Wiyaneth sends a sweet and enticing trumpet from wherever she is, hidden amongst the clouds. They will never find her. Not now, not ever. She is too smart, too cunning. Still she rises, the rain washing over her perfect body, shedding mud back towards Pern even as she out-flies the Browns and Bronzes who think they're good enough for her. An angry squeal echoes through the Bowl as she nearly collides with a Bronze she over estimated, and she rolls away, winging upwards still.

Kevyn stands rooted to her spot, fists clenching, face turned skyward, eyes unseeing. Her lips move as she murmurs under her breath, but as to what she is saying, none can tell.

Wiyaneth> Palouseth continues to climb, passing some of his fellow chasers, being surpassed by others. None of that seems to matter to the Brown as his gaze remains upon Wiyaneth. For the moment, he does not correct his flight to match her own. First eyelid coming down to help him see through the rain, the spotted Brown of Pern continues to climb, large wings beating in rapid strong strokes.

Lyrriva remains where she is, standing against the wall but one look into her eyes will tell you that she is no longer within her body but somewhere outside with her Brown chasing after the flirting gold dragon. Every now and again you'll heard some sort of mumble coming from her lips but it's not loud enough to be heard.

Wiyaneth> Ihyth homes in on the squeal as drops of mud fall on him, and he bugles back, flapping hard to rise quickly, claw groping as he sees a murky form in front of him. Was that her? Or was it another chaser? he couldn't tell, and rises higher into the air, buffeted by winds, his sturdy frame helping him keep stable. For once his size helps him against the winds as he moves through the clouds, catching another glimpse of eyes nearby and turning that way, searching out to find the Gold with his mind.

[DTU/Project] Ihyth senses that Wiyaneth sences you reaching out to her, and she sends a blast of hot air and a (hopefully) distracting image of the Weyr Lake.

Wiyaneth> Siryth casts his gaze around the sky as he levels off, searching for that elusive prize that is Wiyaneth. He croons piteously, confused and bewildered. A distant flash of lightning briefly illuminates the sky, dazzling the poor brown, and doing nothing to reveal the glorious gold. Darkness is his enemy, and Siryth merely flies in ever-widening circles, hoping to catch a glimpse or a scent of the queen.

Wiyaneth> Anonmyth gets smacked right in the muzzle with some dragon's tail when he wasn't paying attention to who was around him. The tail slap isn't enough to take him out of the chase yet but he needs to find the gold before he can really start chasing. Anonmyth settles into a medium pace, wanting to go faster so catch the beautiful glowing gold but also wanting to go slower so as not to surprise her if he does catch up to her. He growls, this indecision is what got him into trouble with the last flight but he is unable to control it. So he continues the search for the gold.

Wiyaneth> Diefeth the ever listening brown durring flights… and every other time, sends his eyes darting to the area where Wiyaneth trumpets from. But still he doesn't go to where he heard the sound. No… gold is too fast…. he won't catch her like that. He made that mistake chasing a gold once already. He won't again. He rises silightly higher, but not as high as many of the other browns and bronzes. It's better for him to view from below and wiat until he sees her totaly than going too far up and passing her. A streak of lightling flashes, but does not make the Istan brown even flintch.

Wiyaneth> Sahentath hisses lightly, before he gives a hearty trumpet back at the gold, using the sound of her trumpet to zero in on which cloud, and he swoops iup into one near the one she is in, wingsa carrying him through the clouds, crystalized water of yet fallen rain sticking to his hide, and washing away the mud of when he'd been in the bowl. His whirling eyes keep an eyeout of any sign of the queens glowing hide, the light that shall guide him through the darkness of this dreary day over Fort. He glances around, checking the positions of the other males that he can still see, hanging toward the back of the pack, despite his smaller sizes, he's not going to wear himself out too early.

Wiyaneth> Wiyaneth is having quite the fun time, here! Leading the group of chasers through the clouds and rain. She even dares to circle around a few of them, letting them get her scent before she darts away again. She has the best endurance of them all! They will never catch her. How silly are they. Then she breaks through a very thick cloud to find herself in a much thinner bank, visibility much improved. Without helping it she gives a startled and angry shriek at suddenly finding herself revealed. She pumps upwards powerfully, glowing hide now easily seen should any other dragons follow the shriek.

Wiyaneth> Palouseth turns his gaze, with what seems like a great deal of effort, away from Wiyaneth and upward. With a one-track-mind he begins to climb. The thermals are rare in this rain where he has chosen to attempt his strategy, but he makes some leeway then some more. Truly, females are but a distraction in the early game, or so it would seem, as Palouseth gain height over all but the most determined of his fellows.

[DTU/Project] Anonmyth senses that Wiyaneth coos softly into your mind, « *Ihyth* flies better than you, » she taunts.

Wiyaneth> Ihyth isn't quite fooled by that. Not only was it impossible to find the Weyr Lake in this weather, but he's chased a few golds, and he's worked in this type of weather before, though his prey hasn't, yet, ever been in the air as he flaps hard to rise, a gust of wind flipping him around and he bugles in surprise, dropping before steadying off again. Continuing to press mentally, he tries to 'hear' where the mind is coming from, not where it says it is. his head jerks around at the sound of the shriek, and he banks that way quickly, a gust of wind pushing him along, much faster than he intended as he dives blindly into the cloud bank.

<OOC> Elara says, "After Wiyaneth's next pose I would like catch attempts, please. This has been a blast but I know some of you are on time limits, so this one will be kept short. :)"

Auberaan eyes L'har as he slides down the wall then glances at Lyrriva, the flight is finally taking its toll on the riders. He glances at Elara and smiles, concern finally beginning to melt from his brow. One more glance about the room and he decides it's time to give the riders privacy.

Wiyaneth> Diefeth makes his head turn toward the gold's angry shriak. There! He speeds upwards, with others of his color and some bronzes, but not as fast as the others. In fact, he pull out of the rise sooner than any of the others, and levels out. Not too far below where he believes the gold will level, also - but he doesn't want to be tricked by another gold. They are tricksy, they are.

Auberaan meanders over to the center bowl.
Auberaan has left.

Wiyaneth> Anonmyth keeps his steady pace while he looks the the glowing gold in this savage weather. Finally he spots the gold in a bit of clearing of the threatening clouds and chases after her. As he gets closer he can hear the taunting of the gold and the challanges she issues. Another dragon! Better then me! Never! With a new strength, coming from wanting to be the best at everything, he picks up the speed of his chase of the gold.

Wiyaneth> Sahentath may be one of the smaller one, and he may not have the endurance of the larger browns and bronzes, but what he does have is determination, determined to not be lost easily by Wiyaneth. He rumbles as she shoots out of the cloud cover, and trumpets as the young queen is finally spotted in the thin cloud bank, and he darts that way, wings pumping hard as the energy of the blood in his stomach drives him on after the lovely gold Wiyaneththough he still hangs back, watching, and waiting for just the right time to make his move, and move in for the kill, er the catch, watching her weaknesses or tiring in the queen.

Wiyaneth> Siryth's head suddenly snaps around, sideways and upward, much in imitation of the crookedness he was hatched with. His keen eyes focus on the brilliant golden beacon shining like a guiding star through the rain. With a cry of triumph, he renews his efforts, winging determinedly upward. He homes in on the ivory godess, his flight arrow-straight.

Wiyaneth> Wiyaneth hisses angrily as she sences them gaining on her. She lashes her tail out against a pesky Bronze, giving him a good thwap on the muzzle. He pulls away, roaring in surprise and the Gold smugly continues to rise. She looks back over her shoulder. What, they're still here? Perhaps they're not all bad. This thought in mind, she marginally slows her pace. Alright then, let's see what you've got.

Wiyaneth> Palouseth pushes himself for that little bit of speed which might make the difference. Neck and tail stretched to their full lengths, wings beating madly at the air, talons searching for that contact which will reveal to all his mastery of this game.

X'ian is still there, honestly he is, though the floor seems very interesting, one crack, two crack, three crack, four.

Elara gasps, "Don't let them catch you!" she suddenly shrieks into the weyr. "Don't! Don'tdontdontdontdont!"

Lyrriva slowly starts to slide to the floor as the chase starts to close in on the end. Just need rest. Thats all, just a little rest.

Wiyaneth> Diefeth suddenly rises, passing other browns and bronzes that have used up much of their energy. The gold… slowing? No! His speed is great, for he is small, and can sometimes rival a green for speed, and he can keep at it. He does. He'll catch the gold. All of them make mistakes, this was hers. He does, though, stay to the right of the gold's path and most of the pack of chasers… he will not run into other bronzes or browns in this sprint to the gold.

Wiyaneth> Ihyth bursts out of the cloud cover with a loud, triumphant roar, tendrils of the dark damp cloud following him like small snakes, for a moment before being pushed back again by a blast of icy cold wind that freezes the water on his body, giving him a gilded appearance, like some crystalline dragon. Then, there's a hissing, crackling sound in the air and a burst of lightning explodes, deafening a few nearby and himself as it lights him up from behind, from the Golds' point of view. A shock of heat after the icy cold, like bursting from BETWEEN into Igen's central bowl at midday. The heat wave shoves him forwards without warning, and he howls, claws and tail reaching as he surges towards the golden one.

Wiyaneth> Siryth continues on his course, his attention focused on that one shining star, that beacon, that prize. He is unaware of any other chasers, unaware of the rain that slides down his wings, unware of the wind buffetting him. As Wiyaneth slows, however, his bold determination, combined with the weather, may just prove to be his downfall. He quickly backwings, scrabbling in the air to slow his flight and turn, but it is nearly too late. A strong gust of wind blows at just the wrong moment, catching his wingsails and sending him spinning in a chaotic flight that mirrors his hide. He reaches blindly, forelimb snagging another dragon, but whether it is Wiyaneth or another of her suitors remains to be seen.

L'har's mouth moves, but no words exit it. He has brough his own knees up to his chest. He starts to rock on his boot's heels now.

Kevyn shrieks as her dragon tumbles. "NO! Siryth!" Every muscle is tensed, and she remains standing firm as the others around her collapse. She flails blindly, as if trying to find purchase in a spinning world.

Wiyaneth> Anonmyth doesn't like being taunted and doesn't like any dragons that do that to him. 'Except this one, yes. Because this one is only doing it out of need, yeah thats it. And she is so beautiful and strong. Yes, such a nice dragon. Very very pretty. Pretty Gold.' Don't worry he doesn't know what to think most of the time. With his ego always needing to be the best the brown starts to close in on the gold with his little burst of speed. Closing up from underneath the gold Anonmyth weaves his way around the other chasers. 'Closer. Just need to be a little closer.' With his neck searching and claws ready to cradle the soft golden flesh, Anonmyth reaches for the prize of this flight.

Wiyaneth> Sahentath snickers at the bronze that gets whacked across the muzzle by the golds, silly bronzes, almost asking to get injured when they get cocky like that. His wings lash against the rain filled sky as he moves up through the pack, up near the leaders, using his smaller frame to manuver through the larger chasers almost easily, dodging a few swats from the ones trying to keep him back, and not give him a chance at the glowing queen. He finally hissesat the males, and swoops just the pack, and moves forward toward what looks to Wiyaneth, and he hopes it is, as he swoops in toward the form, though ready to pull back if the form isn't the lovely queen. His neck and tail extening as he reaches out with his forelimbs, is it Wiyaneth, or is it another male, only faranth knows for now, but soon they all shall know, in one way or another.

<OOC> Elara beams with delight, "I want to thank you all /so/ /much/ for making her Maiden so memorable! This is going to be a hard choice…"

Wiyaneth> Wiyaneth planned it this way. As her head snakes around to see those closing in on her, she makes her choice. For it is no matter of chance that will bring about this mating. She must calculate carefully which dragon will be the best for her, and the best for her future clutch. And which dragon's rider will be best for her lifemate. Calmly Wiyaneth drops her weight, falling into Anonmyth and twining her body posessively with his.

Group: Mating Flights
Title: The Ivory Sun is Caught

Wiyaneth rose amongst her rider's furious accusations that visiting riders were there for the express purpose to either attack or poison her, the Gold springing into the rain-laiden clouds and leading her chasers on a merry and blind chase. Until she found herself in a thinning cloud bank, and calmly picked the winner. Brown Anonmyth and his rider Lyrriva were chosen for the Gold and Elara.

Congratulations to the winners, and many MANY thanks and cookies and kudos to the Chasers!

Kevyn - Brown Siryth
Lyrriva - Brown Anonmyth
L'har - Brown Diefeth
Eetie - Brown Ihyth
X'ian - Brown Sahentath
Sala - Brown Palouseth

I hope other Green and Gold riders will be as lucky as I was for this Flight to have such a superb and fun group of chasers. Thanks again! ~Elara and Wiyaneth