'The World of Pern(tm)' and 'The Dragonriders of Pern(r)' are copyright to Anne McCaffrey (c) l967, 2000. This is a recorded online session, by permission of the author but generated on PernWorld MUSH for the benefit of people unable to attend.

Fort Weyr - Living Caverns

This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.
Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.

A girl walks in from the lower caverns. She is tall and curvy and wearing a pretty yellow dress that nips in at her waist and fans out to her knees. Her blond bangs are pulled back with a yellow and white flower barrette, and though her hair is pixie-cut, there's no mistaking that she is definitely a girl (As opposed to a boy in a dress). A small green firelizard drapes around her neck like an accessory, and an ugly, mean looking brown zips around, coming back and shooting away again often. She giggles when some unsuspecting person whistles appreciatively at her, and as soon as she turns her bi-colored gaze that way, the entire table falls silent. If Zap had an evil twin — well, Zap would probably be the evil twin, actully, so if Zap had a NOT-EVIL twin, this must be her.

Zapallie flits on over to her friend and drapes an arm across the back of her chair, leaning her hip against Abigail's shoulder. "Hey guys!" she bubbles brightly. Yes, that's still her wide face, the same Shipton nose, same husky voice. "Oh!" she adds, exclaims brightly and plucks a finger at the redheaded guard (former guard!)'s knot. "You were Searched! Congratulations!" She turns a wide grin at Etzlix then and leans to offer her hand. "I'm Zapallie."

Abigail nods slightly whie she listens to Etzlix, pondering. "Fellan talked about Xanadu, his from there it seems." Not that she knows /where/ that even is mind you. She moves on over to a table after getting a few sweet looking things for herself on her plate and settles down upon a chair. Tadhg, her little bronze crooons out while he hops down to the table eyeing the plate of food, this is all for him right? Huritt not to be left out and fluttering down and lands next to the bronze that for the moment she is biggar than! It has been raining out around the weyr lately, an now it is about mid afternoon. Abbey is a bit wet, her hair is getting pulled back to try and help is dry some, and looky thar, there is a white knot upon her shoulder too.

Etzlix hmms, nodding a bit. "Dmar's bronze sired a clutch there recently, 'tis th'only reason I went there. An' then I didna stay long. But it seemed like a nice 'nough place." Both ladies are wet, Etzlix's strawberry blonde locks hanging damply down over her shoulders while a small golden head peeks out and watches the bronze and brown on the table. Zelix, the neon blue firelizard in the rafters, proceeds to flutter down as well, looking at Etzlix with a 'Hey, where's mine?' kind of look. "Aww, go catch yer own, Zelix." She mumbles to the eye-smarting blue flitter. Etzlix proceeds to unzip the borrowed flight jacket, opening the damp blouse beneath up to air dry as she slides into a seat at the same table Abbey grabs. A sip is taken from her wineglass before it's settled on the table and she plucks up one of the small pastries she managed to snag.

Abigail chuckles and ndos to Etzlix. "Well I hope ye can stick around to talk with me a bit." It's afternoonish time, and it has been raining most of the day, there are several people milling about through the cave at the moment. Abbey is sitting with Etzlix at a table. An there both rather wet from running about in the rain. Abbey smiles. "Well thanks, that's might nice of ye to do an all." A slight nod seen. Huritt goes about happly eatting his meatroll, though Tadhg's attention is on that pretty gold over /ther/ He takes hold of his meatroll and inches on over to Ixzana, a soft warble escaping him while he noses his meatroll on over towards the gold lizard. Well isn't this cute. At the touch Abbey looks up blinking a moment as she just peers at Zapallie, she looks utterly confused for a few moments, a brow lifting. "Zapa… Did ye lose a bet or something?" Ya she went there. Amusement is seen acros her face, her gaze flicking over Zap's form and she can't help but wink at her. "Nice dress. Aye I was, last night actually. It's wild… I really can't believe I was searched." The holder girl that was here for guard training got searched, of all things!

Etzlix grins, "Well, I gotta stick 'round long 'nough t'see yer brother, right? He might be upset iff'n I didna say hi, right?" Well, maybe not, but yeah. As the yellow dress clad girl offers a hand, Lix brings her own upwards to meet the other girl's, bangles tinkling merrily against her wrist. "Pleasure t'meetcha Zapallie, m'name's Etzlix." Of course, the knotless young lady's attention is caught by the young bronze's interest in her baby gold and Lix giggles quietly. "I think he likes m'lil Ixxy, Abbey." Ixzana? Yeah, she croons softly to Tadhg, abandoning her blue big brother's meatroll for the offering from the bronze. Chirrup? She moves to take a little bite, then pushes it lightly towards the bronze, share?

Enter Edani, stiil wearing his journeyman's knot alongside of his candidate knot, still looking for the headwoman, apparently. Former beastcrafter…still a beastcrafter - he seems a little unsure which would be why he's got them both on. That he's been about his chores and they were outside in the rain is clear because both hair and shirt are damply clinging. And he's in need of klah, so heads towards the pot and pours himself a mug. Only then does he take a look around to see who's about. Abigail he recognizes, girl in yellow dress, not so much. He drifts nearer, sipping. You'd think being a beastcrafter he'd pay attention to all those pets but nope. All he does is ask in general, "Hey there. Have any of you seen the headwoman?"

Zapallie tilts her head at Abigail and then giggles again. "Of course not, silly. I don't make bets." A hand reaches up to brush her hair behind her ear and idly stroke Absinthe's head. Maybe the flower is to hide the hole the Healers used to remove a portion of her brain. That's the only reasonable explanation. At least /some/ things remain the same, because her young brown appears and drops practically right on top of the bronze and gold firelizards. Terror of the terrible, come to ravage. He hisses at them both and tries to bully the bronze away. Zap doesn't seem to be paying particular attention to the antics of her rogue firelizard, perking instead to the mention of Abigail's brother. "Have you managed to convince him to stay yet, Abbey?" Edani's question has her turning at the waist to look over her shoulder at the question asker, and then she smiles brightly. "Edani!" Her eyes flick to his knot and first her eyebrows raise and her smile changes, less eager, happy and sad somehow at the same time. "You too, hm? I suppose I owe you double the congratulations."

Abigail chuckles softly and nods to Etzlix. "Well that is true. I certain hope he wanders along so you all can see one another." Tadhg coos out to Ixzana, he lifts his head, it tilting as he works on looking all regal like. Which at the moment is rather amusing seeing how Huritt is bigger then the bronze, at least for now. Abbey peers at the firelizards and sighs a moment. "So it seems.. His a silly little bronze. An't even a month old and look at him trying to strut around." Abs waggles a finger at Tadhg whom is busily taking a bit from the roll, he is ok for sharing it seems. The guard looks to Zapallie and gives her a grin. "Well, it an't bad really. The dress that is. Borodin?.. Naw he an't sure 'bout staying in the least. I think his more worried about our parents then anything." A faint sigh escapes her before she is sipping at her mug, a curious glance is sent to Edani and she nods to him. "Hello Edani, congratulation to ye as well." As for the bit on seening the headwoman, she ahs softly. "Naw, don't believe that I have."

Etzlix lets hazel gaze swith from Zapallie to the newly arrived Edabi, who gets a nod of greeting from the knotless girl, and then back to Abbey. She nods to the guard turned candidate. "Well, I sure hope so." Lix says before giggling quietly at the firelizards. Of course, she notices that bullying brown and frowns a bit. But before she can reach to grab Ixzana up to protect her from the bully, the gold is chittering, rather loudly, a scolding at the mean brown who is trying to push her bronzen friend away. She's not that old, or that big yet, but she's all gold and she pulls herself regally to her feet to glare, yes glare, at the offending male.

Hearing his name seems to lift some of the preoccupation from the beastcrafter's mind and he responds with an absent sort of greeting, "Zapallie? H-hi. And thanks." The happy-sad is lost on him at the moment though because Edani's staring at her with a sort of muddled bemusement. He does send a look askance at the squabbling firelizards on the table, of all places. He'll just stand over here rather than sit. In fact, he edges away just a little from the racket while keeping his attention on Zap. There's something different about her, but he can't quite put his finger on what. Finally he blurts, "Did you get your hair cut?" Brow wrinkle. That must be it, right? "Hmm? Oh right. Thanks. You too," he thinks to answer Abigail and gives her a quick, genuine smile that includes Etzlix before he peers back at Zap to await her answer.

Whiskey hisses at the gold again but retreats grudgingly, flapping his wings and swinging his tail dangerously to show just how very unhappy he is. Beware spilled glasses! Zap seems to notice the commotion now and reaches to pluck her prickly brown up around the middle behind his wing joints. She gets promptly bit, and while the brown still has his sharp teeth sunk into her finger she lifts him to stare him in the face. "Now, that, sir, is unacceptable," she informs him. "Now /shoo/." The firelizard squawks angrily before he pops /between/. That bit of nastiness handled she returns to smiling at everyone. Hooking a chair with her foot, the typically unpleasant young woman slides into it, sweeping her skirts under her so they don't wrinkle. "I didn't, Edani, but it's kind of you to notice my hair. Thank you." The beastcrafter is offered a smirk that is mysterious rather than malicious, keeping him on his toes. Abigail and Etzlix get her attention once more. "Maybe I'll talk to him again, Abbey, see if I can't talk him into it. I think he should stay. I admit it's mostly for selfish reasons, but it sounds like it might work out for the best for him, as well."

Huritt perks his head while eyeing the brown trying to bully his bronze friend about. Oh no he didn't go there! He hisses out, tail lashing about as he bounces foward. He'll protect the bronze and the gold, totally! With Whiskey grabbed Huritt tilts his head and chittters out after the brown that is now getting in trouble. Tadhg snrots while he catches his footing as it were, seemingly about to go diving into the fray and then the enemy is gone. The young bronze tilts his head, eyes wirling about madly a few moments before he starts to calm down. Abigail just eyes her two lizards and pointly pokes at Huritt. "Be good." Though her attention it turned back to Etzlix. "He'll come around, he can't stay hiding forever." A soft ah escapes Abbey as she hears Zap, a faint smirk seen. "As long ye don't go trying to goad him into a fight an stuff I'm fine with that Zapallie."

Etzlix gives Ixzana a light pat as the prickly brown is removed and her gold can go back to sweetly sharing the meatroll with Tadhg. "Well, that one's a bit.. not nie, hmm?" She shakes her head, glad her two get along so well. Okay, now what were they talking about? Oh yeah. "I've nay seen th'headwoman either." Yes, well, then Zap and Abbey are talking about Borodin and the knotless girl listens as she nibbles at one of her pastries.

"Sure, anytime," says the rather dazed ex-beastcrafter about her hair. Give Edani a minute or sixty. He'll figure it out eventually, Zapallie! Squint. "Are you wearing makeup?" Poor, befuddled boy! He just stands there sipping his klah, oblivious to the firelizard fracas while sorting through the heretofore unnoticed quality of this particular smile she's wearing. To Etzlix he can only nod a silent thanks, sending another glance around the caverns. Obviously the Headwoman isn't about or she'd most likely becoming down like a ton of bricks on the misbehaving critters and shooing them off.

"I'm not going to pick a fight with Borodin," responds Zapallie with a rather cute little pout. "He's my friend." Actually everyone might be her friend while she's like this. A deep breath in and she smiles at Etzlix as she withdraws a little. "Did I hear you say you're from Xanadu, Etzlix?" she prompts. Oh, poor Edani, she'll wait patiently for him to figure it out. "You're getting closer," she tells him kindly, and absently reaches to pat a seat, indicating he should sit. "I'm sure if you wait, she'll be along, dear.

Abigail waves a hand slightly as she hears Zapallie. "Just messing with ye." She offers while leaning back in her chair, a sweetroll is plucked off her plate and she takes a bite from it as she eyes the firelizards, while listening in on the others. Huritt hops up onto Abbey's shoulder, working on another meatroll, his tail curling around her neck losely. Tadhg is busy with Ixzana, crooning out and nosing the meatroll back to her after he takes another bite from it. Does this make anyone think of a few doggies with a plate of noodles justin lizard form? Abbey lets her pale gaze dance over to Edani and Zap, curious to where this may be leading. "Yes, it's totally nice, and sorta cute Etzlix." The firelizards of course.

Etzlix can't help but giggle at poor Edani as he tries to figure things out. But then Zap's words catch her attention. "Nay, not from there, but I been there a few times. I'm from, well, c'rrently I'm from Ierne." She offers. The gold and bronze firelizards are watched, ixzana getting back into her sweet little meatroll-sharing mood, though she'll keep an eye out for that mannerless brown just in case. "Have y'been t'Xanadu?" She asks of the dress-clad girl.

She said the f-word and there was no u in it. And the d-word she uses has no n at the end. Almost suspicious now, but with a baffled smile Edani sits in that patted chair almost warily, not quite settling his entire weight into it as if he's expecting it to collapse under his weight. It could be a trap? He just gives Abigail a sort of helpless shrug. He still has not a clue what the nameless change is about Zapallie and while he's mulling this over, he asks, "So tell me about being searched." Etzlix mentions she's from Ierne and he finally recalls his manners enough to say, "Welcome to Fort Weyr. I'm Edani." Oh and he's still keeping an eye on Zapallie out of the corner of his eye when he thinks he has it. Lightbulb! He leans over and idly sniffs for fumes and murmurs under his breath, "Are you drunk?"

"You could say that," replies Zapallie with a brief smile. "My mother is a brownrider there. I grew up there. Well. Part of the time. The rest of the time I lived in Western." Elbows are leaned onto the table and she folds a hand across the back of her neck, tucking her chin into her chest. Absinthe nibbles at her fingers curiously and then climbs down to go make up for the rudeness of her brown companion. Which mostly involves seeing if she can charm some meatroll for herself. Now freed of little warm 'lizards, Zee tips her cheek into her hand and smiles at Edani. His question gets a bubbly giggle. "Don't be absurd. No, I'm not drunk."

Abigail hums softly while she just sits back and continues to waches the show it seems, a slight shake of her head is seen while she glances to Huritt and gives him a soft scritch across his head. Tadhg continues to share the meatroll with his new goldie friend, at the green comes over he ponders and looks bit confused. Oh.. Two girls now? He eyes the meatroll once it is offered to him again and thus offers it over to Absinthe and warbles out softly. Abbey glances over to Edani, a soft ah escaping her. "Ye mean me?" Is questioned about the searched bit. Well out of the four only two have white knots, she just wanted to make sure it seemed. "Happened last night. I met a rider named Miki and her green Sohnyuoth. It was great. Never been though anything close ta it before." A curious glance is offered to Zap as he giggles? "Ye sure ye an't drunk. Ye just giggled…" That isn't normal Zap behavior!

Ixzana eyes the green briefly, but, well, thre's enough meatroll to share three ways, right? Etzlix runs a finger over the small gold lightly. "Dunna eat too much, Ixxy." She coos at the little gold. The interaction between the other young people is watched by a quiet knotless Etzlix who listens quietly to the conversations going on. She nods to Zap, "I see, well, I was only there a couple times while Yarovith was tendin' to eggs there. So I didna get t'meet too many people."

Edani isn't going to argue with Zapallie, but it's clear he thinks he's figured it out. That giggle clinched it for him, not that he'll censure her for imbibing. He leans back, hooks an arm casually over the back of his chair and continues to watch her with eyes that are almost lazy, half-lidded. "If you say so," he says agreeably, then nods in answer to Abigail. Yes, he meant her. "It was… great," he echoes a touch flatly at the vague answer that could mean, oh anything. "Details, woman!" It's a humorous chide though. Back to Zapallie, he gives test to his theory, "So… have you seen Ezra today?" Nothing like kicking a hornet's nest! What? He's looking for the Headwoman AND Ezra.

"You'd remember Adinaeth," remarks Zap with a fond smile. "He's usually painted pink." That's pretty distinctive! Absinthe takes a polite nibble of the meatroll and then pushes it back with one dainty paw, tail curled politely around her haunches. Her person glances at Abigail, fixing her two strange eyes on Abbey. "I'm not drunk," she insists patiently. "I'm conducting a social experiment." Which is a nice way of saying she's having a laugh at everyone's expense. Edani gets a fluttery smile, it's…almost flirtatious. This just went from bad to worse. "No, I haven't seen Ezra. I was talking to the WeyrHarper all morning. He's agreed to allow me to resume singing lessons."

Abigail looks amused for a moment, details, alright! "It was rainning an all, an I went to find a quiet place to read. There's a ledge up in a tower and I wandered up there. Miki was there and we got ta talking, told her I be a guard and doing some training while I'm here at the Weyr. Talked about what I've had learned an so froth and in the end we got to sparing." She grins fiantly. "I won too, got her to fall flat on her back. All in good fun though an so forth." Yes she totally spared and won with the AWLM. "Her dragon came onto the scene, and told Miki that she liked me for putting up with her rider, and for sticking through ta be a guard when me parents don't want me ta be one." Details have been given! A slight glance is offered back to Zap, pondering this 'experiment' she is doing. "I see.." Tadhg is thrilled for being around the gold and green it seem and goes about nosing the meatroll between the three lizards until it's all gone.

Etzlix blinks, "A brown dragon.. painted pink?" How very interesting, a shame she didn't get to meet that one, could be interesting. The given name isn't one the young woman recognizes, so she just listens to the trio, a brown arching curiously at the thought of a social experiment. "Sounds.. amusing." She comments with a chuckle. After the meatroll is gone, Ixzana proceeds to clean herself, right there on the table next to the bronze, ayup, gotta keep clean afterall.

That settles it! She's so drunk she doesn't know she is. Or she's snapped (maybe she was crazy all along?) into a split personality. Either way, it's a scary thought. "Uh huh," is Edani's only comment to the social experiment but, "Congratulations, you do have a lovely singing voice." His comment is sincere, for he's heard it once, even if he thought the song was crude coming out of a woman's mouth. He listens to Abigail's account with genuine interest, nodding here and there before commenting, "It's interesting to hear the reasons dragons decide who they want to Search. I was told Varmiroth liked the way I handled animals." And here he is ignoring the baby firelizrds, go figure!

"That sounds exciting. You must be very good to have beat the assistant weyrlingmaster. Perhaps we should spar some time… well, when this has all cleared, of course. I don't think Candidates are allowed to spar." It's cringeworthy, just how pleasantly Zapallie can converse. She spends a moment fooling with the lay of her buttercup colored dress across her lap and she smooths her hand across it before becoming distracted with her nails. A tsk is given to them and she picks at them, a speck of dirt obsessed over. Edani might be right about her finally cracking. Etzlix brings her back to the real world. "Hm? Oh, yes, he's a very peculiar dragon. Obsessed with the color pink, like nothing you've ever seen. Ma's weyr is an eyesore. You kind of grow accustomed to it though. He's very funny, and kind. He's always good with the Weyrlings. She was a good Weyrlingmaster." Edani's comment earns, briefly, a wide-eyed pout from her. "You don't believe me. I'm hurt, Edani. I've never lied to you, have I? And about something so silly!" But she relents and beams at him again. "Well thank you! You see, there's good news all around."

Kimmila steps into the Caverns from outside, pausing to stomp spring mud off her boots so she doesn't track it in. "That he did," the newly knotted Fortian bluerider says, flashing Edani a crooked smile as she breezes past the table to get herself a mug of ale. Zapallie's attitude draws a second glance from the bluerider, and she slowly seats herself (uninvited) at the end of their table. "How's everyone?" she asks, soft enough to not disrupt, but still there is folks would care to oblige her with a reply.
"I dono about good, I think I just got lucky." Abigail offers with a slight shrug at the idea and smiles. "Though it was fun Miki thought so as well, her dragon not so much." She glances to Edani and nods with a smile. "I can see that happening, there all friend an so forth. Different reasons catch there attention I'm sure." The young bronze firelizard Tadhg is rather happy to just settle there next to Ixzana, a soft trill escaping him in the process, as if saying 'looky the new friend I got'! Huritt the older brown firelizard just watching seeming amused at the pair. "Oh Im sure Zapallie is telling the truth.. Just makes a bit scared what she'll do when she has all the information she is out to get." Abbey grins while eyeing Zap. "An when I'm able to spar yer own." The new voices gets her attention and she looks to he rider offering her a smile an nod. "Hello, I'm alright. Yerself?"

Pink-obsessed dragons draws a crinkly-eyed sort of eye-twitch, but no comment from Edani. He keeps his thoughts to himself on that one but hastens to assure Zapallie that, "I believe you were being truthful." She believes she isn't drunk so that counts as truthful in his mind, anyway. In the wake of her beaming and easy affability he rises, still wary around the edges and trying not to show it too glaringly that he's making his escape before the buzz wears off. "Afternoon, Kimmila." Edani gives her a salute. "Just looking for the Headwoman, actually and then going to get my physical." He thumps his ribs with a palm, "They want to be sure I'm fit to stand." He nods to the rest, then adds as an afterthought, "Nice dress, Zapallie." And he heads off as in the dark over what's changed with her as he ever was.