~~*~~ Fort Weyr - Scenic Overlook * Sheltered Ledge ~~*~~

An irregular opening in the outside western wall of Fort Weyr provides a sheltered scenic view of the mountains and valley's beyond. A sturdy but decorative metal railing has been installed along the length of the opening to keep the unwary from inadvertently falling. The low ceiling of the sheltered cavern juts out just enough to protect any observes from the worst of the elements as well as prying sky bound eyes. It offers a perfect spot to settle and watch the spectacular sunsets, stargaze, or just relax in a peaceful atmosphere and watch time go by. Towards the outer edges of the covered ledge's railing one finds a couple of woven reed chairs and small wooden tables where one or two folks can sit in relative comfort.

It is early afternoon, there is a lovely summery rainstorm out an about, it's falling all different ways thanks to the slight breeze that sends it all about, most are trying to avoid it but few can actually escape the rain, at least it isn't cold! Abigail has just gotten off guard duty, a buck is tucked under her arm as well she is still in training and she must read to get use to things here at the Weyr, which she isn't doing /too/ badly with at least. She is making her way slowly up the steps humming softly to herself as she goes, her jacket is wet, boots muddy but she doesn't mind in the least. There is a pair of firelizards with her, a brown and a slightly smaller bronze. The brown is busy chewing upon her hair while the other lizard is sleeping. "Huritt, stop chewing. I'm not gona have any hair left if ye keep this up." She half grumbles out to the brown whom does stop, for the moment at least. Once upon the ledge she pauses and looks over over the opening grinning slightly to herself. "Looky here boys, found a new spot." To read of course. Huritt looks amused and is off fluttering over to a perch and trills out at who knows what.

It seems there's at least one other person that's dared the stairs and headed over towards the sheltered overlook. Drenched to the bone, a 4'10 greenrider stands with her back to the railing. Closed eyes are turned skywards as she leans rather precariously back against it. Elbows keep her steady as the rain hits her face, and lips part to let a bubbly giggle escape. The AWLM lifts both arms then, stretching them out to each side. It almost seems as if she's absorbing the rain somehow. It's no surprise then that she doesn't initially notice Abigail's arrival. That, however, is quickly remedied. There's a soft chirp of greeting from a brown that's been curled up on one of the red lounge chairs until this point, and Miki tilts her head slightly. "What's up, Baru?" Lashes eventually lift, frost colored blue eyes landing on Abigail before she smiles widely. "Hi there!"

Huritt catches sight of another firelizard, the young brown chirrups out from his place and is soo fluttering down to perch upon a chair near the other, well isn't he curious little thing? Abigail glances over curiously, making sure the little troublemaker of hers isn't doing anything well, firelizard like. At the voice though her attention turns and she looks over to Miki, a friendly smile and wave is seen. "Hello, sorry. Hope we didn't bother ye." Yes the firelizards are included in that, especially that nosey brown. "Rain is sorta nice today isn't it?" She doesn't mind the rain in the least, but then she didn't mind the snow all that much either.

Baru doesn't seem at all bothered by the new arrival. Instead, he lazily makes to his feet and pads closer to the edge of his chair. There's a sweet sweet croon over towards Huritt, and if any flit could sound grandfatherly, the brown certainly is at the moment. But Miki herself doesn't seem at all concerned about what's going on over there. Instead, she straightens up and shakes her head. "Not at all! I was just a bit surprised. A lot of people don't like all the stairs." A tiny eye-roll follows those words, but she doesn't dwell on the subject for long. "It is!" The greenie enthuses, leaning back once more to catch a few more rain drops. "I'd be out running around in the bowl right now….but there are certain persons I need to avoid, otherwise I'll get in trouble." A pause. "Do you like rain? It's the best for mudfights. Aren't as good as snowball fights, but still fun!"

Abigail looks amused as she watches Miki, she grins and nods. "Well I dan't mind the stairs." A slight wave sent back towards them. "As much as I go hiking that is nothing." She sets her book down in a mostly looking dry spot and moves closer over to peer out and up at the sky while she grins. "Oh yes, much rather it be in the snow form, snowball fights are always fun." She pauses at the idea and glances over. "Mudfights huh?.. Can't recall ever being in one of 'em." Something to try out later when Fellan or Borodin is around. "Well, dan't want ye getting in trouble. Won't tell no one yer here." This said while she grins. A thought dawns on her, she can't recall meeting this person before, which isn't a surprize as she is still rather new to the Weyr. "I'm Abigail, from Fort Hold. Here for guard training an so forth." Might as well get introductions out of the way! Huritt watches Baru curious like, his head tilting to the side, eyes swirl happly and he croons back. As for the bronze, Tadhg is still happly curled up asleep upon Abbey's shoulder, tucked under some hair even to keep warm.

Miki lifts her head, eyes sparkling as she looks over at the girl. "Promise? You have to keep it a secret. Especially if any weaver's come asking." Because she apparently needs to avoid that most for some reason. "Yup! Mudfights! Get the littles from the nursery out there and you'll find nothing more fun to do." The introduction seems to only come as an afterthought to the greenie. "Well nice to meet you. Guard, yeah? That's some pretty intense training. Faranth knows we need them though." The last sentence is a quiet mutter, but the tiny woman is soon moving on. "I'm Miki. Sohnyuoth's and Assistant Weyrling Master." As for Baru…well, he hops right off the chair and glides over to sit by Huritt, twisting his head this way and that as he looks the other brown over. "Have they been teaching you a lot of fighting moves?"

Abigail nods. "Aye, I promise. Not to tell a soul. I can play confused. I'm still new enough to get away with it I'm sure." This said with a joking tone and she grins. She does ponder the mudfight, she is sure Fellan with be in for it, Borodin would take a bit more poking. "I'll have to remember it for the new time I see a muddy spot." Oh and she will. A nod is seen and she smiles. "Aye it is a good amount of training indeed, me father is one of the main guards over at Fort Hold. Sort of grew up all round it." At least she has an idea of the trianing she was going to be getting herself into. Her pale blue gaze drifts back to Miki and that warm smile of hers is see. "Pleasure ta meet ye Miki." There is a slight pause at the rest come out and she ohs, she'll have to fill that title away for later, being from a hold some of these things go right over her head but it sounds important. At the part of fighting moves she nods. "Aye, that they have. Be learning a few new moves actually." Huritt puffs himsel up slightly as he sits there trying to look all regal like, tho who knows for what reason. A soft trill escapes him as Baru glides over next to him.

Miki whistles softly, "So I guess you really were born for it in a way." But what seems to really interest her is apparently the fighting moves. All other topics of conversation and soon the drenched woman is taking a few steps away from the railing. "New moves? What kind of new moves?" There's a glint in her eyes that's rather hard to pin down as a certain emotion. But it does tell of excitement. "Think you could show me what you've learned so far? I know the proper falls and stuff to use during practice." If she's someone important-sh, the greenie certainly doesn't act like it. She's practically asking to be thrown around. Baru tilts his head at the brown, crooing what seems suspiciously like the flit equivalent of a chuckle. There's a bit of complacent admiration mixed in as well. What a sweet old fuddy-duddy of a brown!

Abigail is quiet for a moment on the 'born for it' comment a soft ah escapes her. "Me parents wish I choose something else." Her gaze soon drifts back to Miki at the question. "I'm more of ah… Well i'm more of an attack first and not let the other get hopfully get many hits in so I'm learning more defensive moves as it were." There is a slight unsureness about her at the comment of showing the other the moves. Would she get sent back to the hold if something happened to? Or perhaps a dragon would swoop in and beat the tar outa her for hurting the dragon's rider? An there is a few other thoughts that roll through her mind at the moment. "Well… Sure?…" An she doesn't listen to any of those 'warning' voices and bells in her head at the moment, like normal. Huritt trills out softly, seeming happy that the older brown is ok with his 'showing off'. Abbey picks the still sleeping Tadhg out from his hiding spot and moves over setting the younger bronze near her brown. "Be good." Is murmured out softly to her lizards.

Miki tilts her head to the side. "Do /you/ wish you chose something else? Because I'll tell you one thing….Even if they aren't so pleased right now, if you're happy they will be too in the end." There's a warm smile for the younger girl before the greenie moves over to give Abigail a slight nudge with her elbow. "Sure's a good answer! Learning defensive moves first, huh? So should I attack? Or I can just stand here and look menacing. Then you can attack and show me!" The greenie gives a slide glance over towards her brown. "It's play, okay Baru?" Apparently that needed to be clarified for him rather than anyone else. She seems ready, but suddenly holds a hand up. "One sec." Bending at the waist, Miki reaches down into the boot on her right leg and pulls out a sheathed knife which is thrown over towards one of the chairs. "Alright, ready whenever you are!" The words are acompanied by a broad grin, the small woman quite literally bouncing on her toes. Warning bells? She's got none!

Abigail keeps telling herself that about her parents and then something else crazy happens and more silly little thoughts are thrown into her head. She smiles at the nudge and nods to Miki. "Thanks." Is offered with a soft tone as she pulls her jacket off, and well takes out a couple of her own knives and sets them out of the way. No need for them to be there! A glance is offered towards Baru as the 'it's play' bit is offered to him. Though her attention is back on Miki, attack the assistant weyrling master? For some reason one of those bells in her head is going DINGDINGDING. "Ah.. Well… ye want ta attack me first..?" Sure that will work splendedly! She doesn't want to attack Miki for whatever reason that might be. Huritt hops over to settle next to Baru, a soft trill escaping him as he watches the two people curious like.

Miki giggles, "Alright then, prepare yourself!" This all seems to be little more than a game for the small greenie. A game she's thoroughly enjoying. She shifts her weight from one foot to the next, and then she's suddenly hurtling her way towards Abigail. Though hurtling is really too strong a word for it. Maybe a light jog with about as much force as a weyrbrat. But hey, she's small, can't really blame her. Baru croons over at Huritt before shifting his attention to the female-types in front of him. And it seems that another set of eyes is on them as well, but these slightly less obvious. Bright flashes of emerald hide appear every now and then, the figure of a dragon half-hidden by the clouds. Is it a dragon? Or perhaps an illusion. One thing is for certain, it's keeping distance for now.

Abigail doesn't mind a game in the least, she just was not about to be the one starting it. "I shall!" She can't help but grin as she hears the other giggle. Her pale gaze curiously flicks over Miki, watching her closely while she shifts on her feet, arms hanging low and loose, slightly bent at the elbows so she can move her hands quickly when needed. With Miki 'hurtling' over to her she waits for the last moment before turning quickly to the side and moves to try and give the other a slight shove to the side attemping to send her in the other direction. Well it's not really a hit, or a block, but it is a start. Huritt croons back softly, a curious look sent towards the sleeping bronze not to far from him. As for anything else about Abbey has no idea there is something sneaking around.

Miki teeters towards the side, taking a few hops on one foot before pulling her arms out to balance. Tiny she may be, but she's not a complete weakling! There's a quite laugh before the greenie turns to look over at Abigail once more. "You gotta hit me harder than that, yeah? Or else I won't learn anything!" There's a quick upwards bounce before she's making a move towards the guard-in-training once more. This time however, her approach is faster. She picks up speed with every step, though what she's planning on doing is anybody's guess. Just before she pulls up in front of the younger girl, the AWLM begins to drop and push one leg outward. Maybe she's aiming for a kick. And Baru? He simply watches, though attention moves towards the sleeping bronze. All the while, the emerald flashes in the sky seem to be growing closer, and perhaps even faster.

Abigail chuckles softly. "Alright… ye have a point der." She offers while shifting back half a step as the other is moving quicker now. Oh dear! She pivots on her foot that is closest to Miki and turns to the side while she catches the other seeming ready to aim for a kick. Her right hand lowers slightly, swinging forward and if that leg comes up she'll make a move to grab it, if not… She'll have to think of something else! Huritt sways back and forth while watching the two people, a soft cooo heard. Tadhg finally figures it's about time to wake up, the younger bronze half crawling, half slides over to stretch out next to Huritt and just watches the 'show' as it were. The sudden flashes of green isn't picked up just yet, but Tadhg tilts his head, sleepy gaze resting on the sky with a soft chittter escaping him.

Miki is aiming for a kick indeed! Foot moves upwards, only to meet Abigail's hand. The greenrider doesn't lose balance however. Both hands are up in front of her face and curled into fists while she satnds poised on one leg. "Show me what you got!" Bending her leg at the knee, she pulls it back slighty before snapping it forwards to continue with the action of a swift kick. Her features are purely smiles and laughs. Oh Miki's having fun. Meanwhile, Baru lets out a quite croon and begins to nudge at the other brown, perhaps trying to herd him farther away for whatever reason. Maybe it's just an overprotective side showing up.

Abigail can't help but grin while she tries to keep a tight hold on the leg, her arm tensing as she feels the movement of the kick as she does her best to keep said leg from boucing up to high. She doesn't comment now, or make a move to try and hit Miki either. Instead she shifts and with a quick movement attempts to try and hook her right foot about Miki's leg that is keeping up, and if she does so try and yanks forward to and send the other woman falling upon her back if given the chance! Huritt shifts on his paws, a faint trill escapes him, eyes swirl as he looks to Baru and is up following after with a few hops, his tail snags around Tadhg's. While the bronze is watching the sky he is half dragged off where ever Huritt is heading it seems.

Miki was apparently not expecting her other leg to get hooked. Knees begin to buckle slightly as she's pulled forward. Unable to pull her right foot from the other girl's grasp, it isn't long before the greenie is on the ground. There's a small yelp as he backside hits the floot and one hand govs to wipe a few loose strands of hair from her face. "That was a good one! Catch their leg while they're distracted." She looks upwards with a smile and begins to pick herself up. She crouches there for a moment before a playful glint is coming to her eyes once more. And there's only one thing that can mean: it isn't over. With a sudden push of leg muscles, the AWLM is launching into the air towards the girl. It's midleap that a rumble suddenly races through the air. The emerald flash from earlier now hovering just a few feet from the ledge. It seems that Baru vacated the flits just in time. Miki drives her feet towards the ground, ending her jump far sooner than intended. "Sohnyu!" There's a protest for the green, but it soon seems as if Miki has no choice in whatever conversation their having. "Sorry Abigail. I shouldn't have started a fight with you." Back is turned towards Sohnyuoth who rumbles once more, earning a wince from Miki. "I already told her I was sorry! I'm getting to it, hold on!" Tiny fingers dig into drenched pockets, and after a bit of rummaging around she withdraws and holds a fist out in front of her. "Sohnyu thinks you're brilliant. Cause well, you put up with me. And you've got fight in you. But what she likes most about you is that you aren't giving up what you want to do, even if your parents don't want it so much. It might mean putting the guard training off for a bit, but she'd like you to stand for Zuvaleyuth's clutch. Whaddya say?" Fingers uncurl, revealing a white knot which Miki holds out towards the girl, a smile on her face as she asks the question.
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Abigail lets go of Miki's leg as she goes falling backwards, not wanting to get kicked in the face by a failing foot it seems. She drops to a half crouch, hand resting against the ground and she chuckles while nodding to Miki. "Ya, I rather like that one. Let' em kick at ye and then send 'em sprawling on their back." There is a slight pause as she eyes the other, making sure it seems that she didn't hurt the AWLM. Though she is standing once more just as Miki is coming towards her once more! A half laugh escapes her, she drops a shoulder as if about to try and grapple with the other if she is hit but there is that sudden flash of green and her pale gaze turns towards the green that is there. She blinks a moment and nearly stumbles her way back as she wasn't planning on a dragon to appear, well there was that thought eariler of one pummeling her to a splotch if she hurt the rider. "Don't worry about it… It was fun I have to admit." She glances back to Sohnyuoth whom gets a smile from her now that she is sure the green isn't going to smite her! "Nice to meet ye." Is offered, that polite tone of her's offered to the dragon. Her gaze is back on Miki, a curious look crossing her face and she blinks. "Wait… Me?" Well this is not something she thought would happen. "…Really?" She catches sight of that white knot and just looks at it for a few moments. "Yes." This is said with a warm smile and firm tone, and without any warning bells or little 'voices' that tell her it isn't a good idea. "I'll do it." Her hand lifts slowly, finger wiggle a bit before she slowly reaches forward to take the white knot, as if half expecting someone to so 'joke's on you'!

Sohnyuoth croons sweetly over towards Abigail. She'd probably land if she could, but with the railing in the way, all she can do swish her tail about and warble. "See? She says it was fun! I thought it was fun too!" And well, her lifemate simply snorts and proceeds to ignore Miki. All her attention is on her pick! She gives a tiny bugle, as if to confirm the question that comes from the girl's mouth. The AWLM chimes in as well. "Yes really!" There's a smile of pure relief and warmth that washes over her features as Abbey says she'll stand. Hand is held still until knot is taken, and then the tiny woman is skipping over towards her. "Sohnyu's got a sense for these things, better than most dragons. There's no mistaking her choice, and it's you. I'm so glad you'll stand!" With a delighted giggle the greenie makes as if hook her arm with Abigail's. "And if you've got no objections, I'll show you over to the barracks!"

Abigail looks back to Sohnyuoth and can't help but grin. "Well i'm not too sure what ta say… Other then thank ye both." An she can't help herself while pointing to the green. "She's beautiful by the way." Is offered to Miki. Her other hand holds onto the white knot tightly, no one is about to take it from her now without a fight now. An amused look crossed her face. "It totally was fun… Be glad to 'fight' with ye again anytime." It's more a game right? Totally. A nod is seen and she smiles. "Sure, no objections from me." Huritt flutters over and lands upon her head, and a more awake Tadhg is there upon her shoulder at the talk of leaving. "Oh sure, now yer awake Tadhg." Though not for long as he is curling up dozing off once more. "Ready when ye are." Abbey says with an amused tone to the AWLM.

"Don't thanks us, darling. It's because you're you that we can do what we did." Miki smiles, glancing over her shoulder and grinning over at Sohnyuoth. "Thanks. She's my dearheart. Even if she's an overpotective little monster!" There's another laugh then before the AWLM side-glances over towards Abigail. "Excpect a fight when you least expect it!" It's definitely a game, and this greenie loves it. There's a chitter from Baru who flies over and rests on Miki's shoulder. "Then off we go!" Miki declares their departure as if it's some adventure of some kind. And in a way, it is! So it's down the stairs and off to the barracks they go!

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