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Fort Weyr - Living Caverns

This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.
Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.

As far as feasts and celebrations go, this one is fairly laid back and almost tame. Most folk though are still waking up or perhaps finding the calmer atmosphere welcomed, so the caverns are almost comfortable and full of murmured conversations that for once are lighthearted and positive. Tensions are forgotten, worries gone as folk focus on the newly laid clutch and some delicious food and friendly company. Th'ero has just finished with the last person greeting him when Ezra's plying him with his and questions to boot. Eyeing the modifications to the jacket with barely contained curiosity, the Weyrleader manages a small smile for the boy. "Morning, Ezra." he drawls. "So you were able to see it?" Obviously. "I will pass that compliment on. And yes, it does mean that they will be Searching folk soon. We will have candidates within the barracks again." Oh joy of joys! Oddly he doesn't seem to thrilled on the prospect.

"No," Kazulen decides on, answering Inyri. He's not particularly awake, whether or not she is, but he's at least a little bit willing to get out of the doorway before someone flattens him into a rug. Besides, there's /klah/. It's right over there, on the table, behind the … milling masses of other people who want it … The realization hits him like a bar-brawl to the back of the head, leaving him looking comically dismayed. He doesn't even have /toast/ yet.

Edani has been to the bathing caverns for a very quick wash up and then to his cubicle to don clean clothes, his muddied ones left in the wash bin. His hair, towelled dry is left damp in his haste and he's padding out barefoot in comfortable jeans and a loose shirt to at least have a bite of something before snatching a few hours of sleep. He's got a plate of cookies with enough to share as he wends his way though the crowds to offer the Weyrleader a, "Congratulations on a fine-looking clutch, Sir," as he offer the plate to the group standing around him.

Ezra beams at Th'ero, the boy in a very happy mood (for once), as he nods and then starts to fill up a plate. One of everything is what she wanted, so one of everything is what she's going to get, and the boy is nothing if not dutiful in filling that request. Returning to the table, he sets the plate down and grins. "Be back!" he says, going off to fill his own plate. "Hi, Edani!"

"Hey, thanks!" Inyri was not literally expecting one of everything, and so is taken aback by the pile of food in front of her for a moment. Blink, blink, slow and steady blink — she's forcing herself to wake up more and more by the minute. Complimenting the Weyrleader personally would involve standing up, so Inyri drinks whatever liquid is in front of her instead and focuses on being more human than asleep. "I should hire you as a waiter," she adds, to Ezra, and then, well, if she's yelling over that way anyway: "Beautiful clutch, sir! I really liked the — uh — the one that looked like it had mirrors in it, y'know?" Maybe not.

Th'ero blinks a little when Ezra beams at him, not ever having recalled seeing the boy in such a mood but pleased all the same. The Weyrleader is glad to see the excitement in him and others milling about the caverns. It's infectious and even he's beginning to relax a little more under it. He watches as he moves off to fill a plate dutifully for Inyri, but it's Edani who snares his attention briefly next. "Thank you," he murmurs genuinely for once. Then back to Inyri, he inclines his head and a vague smile quirks the corners of his mouth upwards. The same thanks are repeated, before his brows rise a little and his gaze turns questioning. "Is that so? I have yet to observe their details up close." And it's true. The Weyrleader left rather hurriedly and Velokraeth must not be giving him much in the way of details.

Surprisingly, the Weyrwoman is striding into the caverns. It is likely due to some prompting from her lifemate rather than a lack of food as the drudges would likely bring meals to her. Dtirae is looking pleased? But she's certainly watching everyone she passes as she is fetching herself a glass of wine and a few minor bits to nibble on before she's venturing over towards the Weyrleader.

Kazulen has lived in the Weyr long enough — his whole life — to know how to get when the getting's good, which is why he blatantly utilizes the Weyrwoman's approach (tangential or not) to elbow his way through the crowds milling around between him and the klah. He /might/ be muttering something under his breath about how he's getting a klah /for her/; then again, that might just be something someone's overhearing, right? Except… He glances over at her, and at the Weyrleader, and sighs, because one way or another he's /still/ not going to be able to drink this klah any time soon — and then he has three cups balanced with the utmost of care between his hands, and he's wending his way back over in their general direction. Just in /case/.

Hey, if no one is going to eat his cookies, Edani will eat them all by himself, one after the other after the other, after… They're pretty good and they're fit for a growing boy, full of nutty goodness, packed with vitamins. And sugar. He'll have to compliment Borodin later. "Hey Ezra, you-" he leans back a touch to watch the ebullient boy dash off, shakes his head with a fond smile. He's just a few steps away from the Weyrleader as the Weyrwoman strides up and he offers her a nod and lifts the plate in offering. "Cookie?" What else does one say to a woman of such importance at such a time? He doesn't linger there long, however. Kazulen is there not too awful far away and so he moseys that way. "Hey," he greets the guard without preamble, "did you trip Zapallie at Inyri's party?" Casual, curious.

Ezra returns to Inyri's table with his own plate, which he digs into with gusto. And, of course, bits of breakfast wind up in his jacket pockets. It's amazing they haven't been eaten out by critters yet, with as much food as he keeps in there, even temporarily. "Cookies?" he asks, finally hearing that word and perking up, looking around for Edani and waving to him. But he doesn't interrupt the older boy's conversation. Nope, he has food right here that he wants to gobble down. So he does, giving Dtirae a wave as well.

"You guys enjoy the cookies, it's a little early for me," Inyri confesses, holding up a single hand of dismissal. "That or it's appallingly late, I'm not sure which." Another yawn. Someone is going to need to go back to sleep before going to work; good thing she usually starts at around two in the afternoon. She does grin at Dtirae upon entrance, though; the Weyrwoman is someone Inyri's come to like from stories she's heard at the tavern and brief personal interactions, so she's less uncomfortable than she is around most Intimidating People Of Rank. "Nice eggs!" she calls out again, this time meant for Dtirae — or maybe for Zuvaleyuth directly.

Th'ero's eating habits are questionable on most days and made worse when he's under certain tensions. So it's meant as no insult as he passes on Edani's offer of cookies and, in fact, doesn't seem at all interested in the bounty of food still spread out among the serving tables. Others are, thankfully and as more filter in, some of the more popular dishes are dwindling fast. As Dtirae approaches, the Weyrleader gives her a slightly questioning look that is replaced by a polite nod and reserved smile. "All is well then?" he murmurs softly. They must be, or else neither of them would be here right now.

Dtirae certainly hasn't noticed someone trailing behind her claiming to be gathering her klah, or if she has there is no indication of it. Instead, she's settling in comfortably near the gathering. The offering of a cookie is taken with a smile and a nod of thanks, settled onto her small plate of goodies. The plate goes down first so that food may enter her mouth without issue. "Hello Inyri. Thank you. Ten, again, and we're quite pleased." She smiles a little wider and the glass is lifted briefly and a drink is taken before she nods at Th'ero. "That one with the cracks? It's fine. The dragonhealers say it shouldn't be an issue." Of course she summoned them as well.

Kazulen is busy staring at Edani. Hadn't he /been/ at Inyri's party, to have seen for his own self? "/No/," he hisses, once he's close enough to only drip a /little/ bit of klah on him. "That was /Khyonai/. We don't actually look /that/ much alike!" His dubious '/do/ we?' isn't added on aloud, but it's still there.

"Oh, of course you didn't," says Edani, lips curled in a wry little smirk and with a dry chagrin a beat after absorbing that confounded look. "That would be the other K-named guard who will clean my clock when I ask the right person and then tell him not to do it again." It's said with a self-directed deprecating humor that does show he embraces reality and will stand for his ideals even when he knows in advance they are most definitely going to cost him. Solemnly offering the plate - and his hand for shaking. "Edani, beastcrafter. And soon to be bruised most likely."

Ezra grins at Inyri, "I think it's early," the boy offers, glancing around the room for a moment. His gaze settles on Edani, and brows knit behind his curtain of hair for a moment. Then he leans, trying to not too subtly eavesdrop on the older boy's conversation. He's a curious lad, that much is sure.

Oh, not-eavesdropping is something Inyri is awesome at! So, giving Ezra a quick little flash of secret-between-us-smile, she leans a little closer herself and adjusts the hair on that side of her head so that it's not covering her ear anymore. These two? Are just eating, and not listening to anything at /all/. (They may also be exchanging conspiratory smiles, but on a small, quiet level.)

Th'ero grimaces a little as Dtirae shares the news so openly but it's overheard by a few and as the word spreads, a few rousing cheers are given. That has the Weyrleader blinking a bit and then clearing his throat. "Ah, well. Good to know it has been cleared." he murmurs and then seems to grow restless as the seconds tick onwards. A glance is given towards the spiral stairs, brows knitting together heavily and then he's turning to give the Weyrwoman a brisk nod. "I need to attend to something. Forgive my absence." he states, too formally almost. Elaborating no further, he waits until he feels fewer eyes

"Kazulen, guard, soon to be /asleep/," says he, sassy, shaking Edani's hand. This, of course, has required him to set down those mugs of klah — but on the other hand, now that the Weyrleader has taken off, that's /one/ mug that's free to a good home, at least! The other is actually possibly even close enough for the Weyrwoman to think it might be hers. Maybe. "I won't give him any advance warning, though, if that helps."

Dtirae grins pointedly at Th'ero as she notices that grimance, the wine is downed shortly after as the Weyrleader hurries off. Lips are pressing into a thin line and then the woman considers just for a moment before she, too, is departing. With her plate. Clearly, something's gotten to the Weyrleaders.

Evesdroppers, really? Edani would be so so flattered if he knew! "Not really," says Edani to Kazulen with a droll fatalism. "But I appreciate the sentiment?" He'll pass on the klah because that's not conducive to sleeping, which he must do if he's going to be coherent tomorrow. "Khyonai has another day of peace before I'll be able to hunt him down; I sit for my journeyman exams tomorrow. Well-met Kazulen." So saying he nods to the guard, excusing himself, and his plate of cookies, which will serve as breakfast when he awakes and rushes out of the Weyr to head for the Beastcraft Hall.

Ezra grins at Inyri and manages to catch enough of Edani and Kazulen's conversation to holler out, "Good luck!" to the Beastcrafter. "Wow, that's a big day," he says to Inyri. "We should send him something, huh? Like…a card or…or something."

With a few well-wishes of his own in Edani's direction, Kazulen disembarks for his own bed soon after, leaving the eaves-droppers still holding on to those eaves.

"Yes," Inyri agrees, with another yawn. "I think we should get on that — after I nap. Can I go nap? I'm gonna go nap. Now that I've eaten." She probably ate enough to keep her awake, but the mindset that says she should still be in bed at this hour is winning, and so she pulls herself to her feet and stretches again. "Catch you in a few hours?"

Ezra looks disappointed that they can't plot right away, but he nods. "Yeah, I'll get started on…on something." What do you send for someone's exams? Snacks. Snacks are a /great/ idea, and the boy stands. "Bye!" And off he darts to the kitchens to beg some snacks that will travel well to the Beastcraft Hall, for Edani's exams.