'The World of Pern(tm)' and 'The Dragonriders of Pern(r)' are copyright to Anne McCaffrey (c) l967, 2000. This is a recorded online session, by permission of the author but generated on PernWorld MUSH for the benefit of people unable to attend.

Location: Fort's Feeding Grounds
People: A'dmar, B'nar/Ely, Miki, M'lo, Xe'ter

Thin grey clouds blot Fort's sky this late afternoon and a cold wind blows through the feeding grounds. If one waits long enough, they may be able to catch sight of the sun, barely peeking out from behind it's cover and attempting to warm the grounds to no avail. But not all is gray and dreary. A tiny, glowy green is being quite a nuisance to dragons and their food. Sohnyu has drawn a large circle with her tail and settled directly in the middle of it. The slightest threat to her 'territory', whether by wherry or by dragon, earns a violent snap and flick of her tail. Sohnyu's rider however, doesn't seem to be having the same issues.
The tiny rider is settled on a fence near the guest weyr and despite the cold weather she's in a pair of khaki shorts and a pink short sleeved shirt. Her hair is up in pigtails, tied by two pink hair ties. Miki also has a poor beastcraft apprentice trapped in conversation. The apprentice is also awkwardly holding a large teddy bear. "Now now. That's no way to hold him!" With a giggle, Mki reaches over and sets it like a baby in the man's arms. "That's it. Awwww, look, Key /likes/ you!"

High upon a ledge above the feeding grounds, a silken-sheened presence is lurking. It's the perfectly hued Istan bronze, Romth, and he clings to the side of the Weyr's Bowl wall like a strange, feral thing…watching Sohnyuoth from a distance for NOW. Sadly, he still has his packing straps on. At least he doesn't have any cargo attached this time! Pale green scars, only recently fully healed, are still obvious across his perfectly shaped chest…adding character to a bronze that otherwise was unremarkable in color or variation. His eyes whirl, taking just the slightest tinge of lavendar on, as he cranes his head to one side, and then the other…and never mind his presence is not helping the wherries any more than the green's is! Where his
Romth contemplates from his respectful distance, his mindtouch soft…black…like running a hand over pleasantly distressed driftwood found half-burned and wet at the edge of the ocean. It leaves a sooty smear, where ever it touches, and a deliciously carboniferous scent, a phantom of the mind. « You are more beautiful up close. » A private mind-to-mind conversation, lest he make the lesser males jealous.

Irelanth is already here, crouched outside of Sohnyouth's circle and watching the glowly green with a predatory, lusty gleam in his whirling, jewel-toned eyes. Other dragons are here? Irelanth is totally ignoring them. Which is why it's kind of funny when M'lo runs up to him frantically. "No!" he shouts. "Irelanth, no /way/! I forbid you to fly this green! Not her! Just wait a couple days, Mags is going up!" Irelanth rustles his wings and 'accidentally' sends his rider sprawling in the mud. Oops…? Seems he's not going anywhere.

Huffing and puffing, a burly bronze lands with a *whumf* near the glowing green. Daimaokupath flicks his tail and crouches down, muscles bulging upon muscles. He's certainly large and apparently trying to look in charge. And nonchalant and superior all at the same time. At least the fiery fringe of peaked ridges that slide down his head make him look slightly debonair - in an evil kind of way. He eyes Sohnyueth as though she were a princess ready to be snatched and carted away forcibly to his lair. He flicks at ongue out and rumbles what sounds like a sadistic laugh. His rider isn't anywhere to be seen, though.

Sohnyuoth flicks a mental bout of wind at the Istan bronze, violent and irritated. «Stay AWAY!»

Hunched forward with his stride stomping and disgruntled lines marring his features to a grizzly cast, the man is on a mission and likely in quite the mood, since his voice beckons out, "Yaro!" The reason is lost on the black-clad bronze, whose craggy ridged neck crans back over the tops of his wingsails. Numerous times the man could be heard cursing 'bitch' while he strides over toward the fence line of the feeding grounds. Yarovith wins out the battle between man and beast when there bronzerider sighs in exasperation, his irritation transferring over toward the greenrider whose shoved that stuffed bear on some other poor sap. Fire blazed muzzle then slides back over toward the carcass at his feet, dipping low to nudge the half-consumed meal, which happened to be turned into blooding when the glowy green came to be an interest, only to turn up to the air with nostrils flaring to take in the scent of Sohnyueth, while wings extend to catch the air, physically becoming a part of the lust as eyes start whirling to a soft shade of purple.

Funny thing about having a dragon - they usually know when another flight is going to happen even if they're green. It might be the reason why Ely is making her way towards the feeding grounds, her footsteps determined albeit slightly stop and go due to being a bit tipsy - obviously her green tipped her off on what was happening. And, more importantly, what particular dragon decided to participate. Stumbling over a raised hillock of grass near the fence, she grunts as she sort of semi-collides into the fence post. "/Milo/!" her voice comes out rough, broken and strained as though she'd been crying, "What are you /doing/? Get away from there. I can't deal with this now." She seems like she's struggling to keep her composure - the onset of proddiness warring with her usual temperment. She scrubs furiously at her eyes to remove any evidence of tears and works at trying to get /into/ the feeding grounds to get at her weyrmate.

Romth is unencumbered by the nonsense of a rider telling him yes or no…he clings to the wall, watching the other males in the periphery of his gaze, his whirling eyes fixing in on the green as she snaps and complains…ooh, fiesty! He widens the scope of his mindtouch, going from warm, tropical pools and charred, carboniferous driftwood to warmer…greyer…sootier tones. Like the heat of coals not quite extinguished. He is so very much above the simpleminded emotional lashes of mere HUMANS, after all. He's here due to the beckoning allure of the glorious green Sohnyuoth…little else matters.

Sohnyuoth's head flicks up from the line, a sudden bout of paranoia forcing her to scan the area and her gaze immediately comes to rest on first the wall clinging bronze. His appearance earns an irritated hiss before sudden shouts bring gains her attention and the green growls menacingly at the brown and newly arriving bronze, watching carefully should they even mar the line a smidge. Yet another arrival seems to finally make the green snap. Throwing her head up, Sohnyu sends a loud warble into the air before literally charging into the circle of dragons. The physical charge is accompanied by an equally strong mental one, gusts of hot wind sent in every male's direction, attempting to scorch their minds and send them scurrying. An unfortunate blue is knocked to the ground as Sohnyu makes a flying leap at a large wherry. In a neat stroke, his neck is snapped in two and Sohnyu's head lowers, blooding the beast in only moments. And then she's up in the air again, only to bring down another wherry. As for her rider…Miki's only awareness seems to be a quick glance at the green. Then she's turning back to the apprentice and pushing him away. "Ok now. You go put Key to sleep in the nursery, the nannies will take him." The man takes the chance, rejoicing in his escape and practically sprinting away as the giggly woman waves after him. To everything else but her parting with Key, Miki doesn't seem to be paying attention until someone's yelling bad words and the tiny woman turns to glare at the man. "Stop saying BAD WORDS!"

M'lo gets up out of the mud and looks toward Ely. "I'm trying!" he yells to her. He reaches out and grabs a hold of Irelanth's wing, and tugs. It's kind of ridiculous, since the small freckled brown is a couple hundred times more massive. "Come /on/," he snarls. "Not this green. Let's go!" Irelanth merely stands up and walks off, circling the perimier of the proddy green's barrier. M'lo is yanked off his feet and sprawls face-first into the mud. "FARANTH'S EGG-HOLE, IRELANTH! DO NOT CHASE THAT GREEN!" Irelanth ignores him. He leaps back from Sohnyouth's charge and meets her mental heat with the vision of a cool, wet ocean. He watches her blood, his wings half-spread, ready to leap into the air after her and give chase!

Daimaokupath gives a satisfied rumble at the green's feisty attitude, his wings unfurling in lazy grace. Fire is in his mind, too, but it's all molten lava and flickering flames - warmth, heat and smug determination. He manages to get his bulk into the air and downs a massive herdbeast by his sheer weight - smash! He slurps at the blood, tongue flicking out and whirling eyes focused on the green. He keeps his wings slightly extended, always ready to leap into the air after her.

Nebulous tones of bronze hardly flinches from the invested spot above a half-eaten carcass, with Yarovith holding his ground against a charging green. A reflection of cool water rippling is what greets the harsh heat created by Sohnyuoth, accented with a few sparkling pops that leave a sooty smoky smell wafting behind. The graze of wingsail against his hide mades a leathery sound, as the bronze does not exert any further energy to obtain the necessary stamina naturally possessed, because no amount of stamina would make quick turns easier to accomplish. Orange-bursted muzzle snips in the air for whatever reason as his gaze lingers upon the green, experience in his limbs keeping tension out of them until the precise moment needed. Relaxed and waiting, for what else can a bronze do? As for A'dmar, the glare Miki turns on him is surprising at first, until he realizes who it is that was yelling at him. That previous stomp carries him over to her, flicking dark eyes over her shoulders to watch the flight of the apprentice, dropping them moodily back upon her. "I'll speak them in my own tongue then…" a dialect of the sand people more or less tumbles out of his mouth, the tone the same as if he were swearing in the common tongue, vile and spiteful. The sheer fact that Ely and M'lo both have followed him out, makes him growl, though other than that, he had no authority to remove them from his sight; he simply turns his back on them with arms crossing and a haughty eyeroll.

Ely inhales a ragged breath and lets it out sharply, one hand snapping out to try to grab at M'lo's arm once he's in range. "You have to.. you have to /go/ before you won't /want/ to go either." There's half anguish in her voice - likely the proddy emotions struggling to rise to the forefront. Once she does get a grip, she'll tighten her fingers and likely won't let go for anything - clingy much? Though with the alcohol in her system she's likely not very steady on her feet - not a good combo. "Let him do whatever the shards he wants. I need /you/, not him." Her voice betrays her and it breaks. Though the sight of A'dmar has some of her previous emotion rolling back in and she swallows back further outbursts.

Romth is a silent presence, waiting for the young green to fall on her second wherry before he too, falls, like a thunderbolt out of the sky and onto one unwary but panicked beast. It's fear doesn't last long….he bloods with efficiency, his pale eyes almost luminescent as he keeps the green in sight, his wings half-spread. Bronzes, brown…the nimble female might well give them all a merry chase — at least until her stamina gives out and she falls again, into his waiting clutches. After all, he's Romth…and he has no reason to believe he would do anything but succeed! The smugness ripples away from him like waves in a pond where a heavy stone has fallen.

The green's blooding continues, the second beast drained in seconds and a third one suddenly tackled. Miki's attention finally turns to Sohnyu as the dagon brings her head down to break her prey's neck. The tiny woman lets out a small giggle and jumps down from the fence to turn and watch the spectacle. "Now now sweeting, you'll be too heavy if you drink too much." Despite her childish tone, the words do seem to bring about something in the green and she lifts her head, sending another cry into the air. Muscles tense and pale, paper thin wings unfurl. For a few seconds, Sohnyu freezes in this stance, as if for all to admire, but the interlude is only for her to send a fresh blaze of scorching winds to the minds of the males. And then she's pushing off, shooting into the air and banking towards a particularly thick cluster of clouds in hopes to hide before they see she has left. With the green disappearing out of sight, Miki's gaze turns back to the grounds and she practically jumps at the sight of M'lo. "Why are YOU here! Oh get away get away. Go find Elyyy!" Her voice is whiny and high pitched, like a little whining to her parents. And then A'dmar is close to /her/ and in a rather childish move, she waits until his back is turned to send a well aimed kick at his butt. "Stop. Saying. Bad. THINGS!"

M'lo swallows heavily, and gives an agonized glance at his dragon, before turning back to his weyrmate. "You're right," he says. He grabs her hand and makes a run for it, dashing madly away from the scene, and leaving his dragon behind.
Irelanth doesn't even seem to be aware of the fact that his rider is gone. All of his focus is on Sohnyuoth, indeed admiring as she strikes her pose. He somehow seems to take the hot winds she sends, and fills his wings with them, launging into the sky just a second behind her.

It's almost too late, when the Istan bronzer appears, stumbling across the sands of the Fortean bowl with a notebook clutched to his broad chest like a breastplate as he goes. Of course, he's not seeing much more than what Romth shows him, so he's staggeringly LATE…Romth's broad wings twitch once, twice, three times with some unheard rhythm, and then he launches into the air, his frame twisting as he goes, to follow after the hot-minded green. His answer is black, blacker, blackest of nights, her motions followed by a thousand silver-hot stars, each one fixated with their brilliant beams on her. Oh…she can run, and she can hide, but he will chase her…chase her until she loves him!

Ely gives a sob of relief - that in itself completely out of character for the woman who usually works so hard at seeming strong-willed. She just grips M'lo's arm and tries her best to keep up, though her tipsiness makes her progress a bit slow and stumbling. Maybe people won't notice the tears on her face since she's running away now. Probably best, as she'd likely ream anyone who mentioned them when her proddiness fades in a few days.

Sable bronze is near the head of the pack to find a response in his muscles, anticipating her leap skyward with the display of delicate wings which are indeed powerful. Crouching low, it is the only way that a large bronze like him could get the needed air to immediately put him into contention with a green. Greens were quicker and smaller, with half he mass to get airborne. Yarovith therefore is leaping skyward when she decides to do the same, experience sparking the bronze after her with a crackling of his wings as sails catch crisp air. Delayed only in the lumbering broad sweeps of his wings, the intention is clear as the chase has begun, sizing up the competition with a sway of his craggy ridged neck before there is speed with each of his movements. Meanwhile the rider on the ground staggers forward a step at the kick on the ass, pivoting around to meet the woman's gaze with a righteous glare that burns holes at the childish greenrider. Oh and then the dragons are rising and he's torn between trying to smack her butt in return and ignoring her.

Sohnyuoth turns her head as she enters the thicket of clouds, hissing at finding the flock of males have indeed followed her. In a rather deceptive move, the green slows her speed, falling into the pack of the closest chasers as if her stamina had aleady been used. But no, that certainlt isn't the case. Sohnyu's mouth opens, closing with force around one of Daimaokupath's wings. Before he can retaliate however, the green darts away, leaving the bronze falling behind with a loud roar and disgruntled snort, the sounds being the only indication that he had ever been there. But her attack on the group isn't over yet. As she twists to the side, Sohnyu slams broadside into Irelanth and raking a claw against his sides. Yarovith doesn't fare much better then, the geen dropping back just enough to bite viciously into the bronze's tail while flicking her own and slamming into Romth's muzzle with as much force as the tiny dragon can muster. Her first assault done, Sohnyu drops just slightly and dives into another clump of dark gray clouds.
Miki's movements on the ground seem to be slowly changing now. Rather than childish sentiments, she now seems to be filled with a sense of increasing anger. Her gaze settles upon A'dmar and Xe'ter, and the two unfortunate bronzers soon become subject to sudden attack. Legs and fists lash out now, a kick aimed at Xe'ter's shins and a punch sent towards A'dmar's gut. "You two and your Freaking. Smug. BRONZES!"
Irelanth bellows at the attack dealt by Sohnyuoth, and rolls over in the air, dropping like a stone for two hundred feet before levelling off. He sends the glowly green an irate look, but his shoulder is oozing ichor badly, the little droplets soaring away from his wounds like emerald droplets. He peels off and heads back for the Weyr.

In some strange…nay…weird turn of fate, Xe'ter briefly manages to avoid all of the physical farce for a few moments…his eyes locked skywards as he watches Romth vanish into the blue, giving chase to the green. The younger bronze does not dignify the darker bronze Yarovith with a whit of his attention. It's meant for Sohnyuoth, and her alone, as he begins the age-old battle-dance. Wit against strength, stamina against agility, patience against white hot lust.
His mind is sharp, bright, black against brilliant white and blue, calling out…intending to wear down those heated flames with his smothering blackness; to slow her down, to make her falter…that's all it will take, that is all he will need…to get that which he yearns for, that which he so rightfully deserves, that which is by all rights, HIS.
The attack, though, catches the youngster somewhat by surprise, and for a moment his smugness falters into a white-hot rage that is easly the match of the green's aggression…and it's echoed, far below, when Xe'ter lets out a SHRIEK that is almost not human sounding, responding to the lashing out at him with a return SHOVE that…given the size difference…could send poor Miki flat on her back.

Yarovith is an easy going fella, not smug in the least! He's only won a handful of flights for how old he is and has taken to the idea that coasting through these things had been as joyous as winning. Challenging, yes, which was certainly the point. Smug, smug isn't the word! Yet there's some confusion as the night-encrusted dragon faces a green that was on the -attack-. Not much can be done since his size doesn't allow him to twist and turn easily, unable to avoid the teeth that gnash into his tail. There is a YOWL from the bronze as he abruptly swings wide to the right, away from the green as his tail (the rudder) yanks away from the teeth of the vicious Sohnyuoth.
On the ground, A'dmar is not doing any better handling the tempers of the woman. That punch lands full swing into his gut, taking him off guard as much as the kick in the butt did. A loud 'oof' heard for her efforts. This time, he looks winded, holding a hand over his stomach and backing off a staggered step or two. Clearly, mystified, his heated gaze blazes hate back at Miki, lifting a finger in mouthy warning, "You little wench… You clearly need someone to teach you manners…" He's coming back for more, as is Yarovith who re-angles himself toward the pursuit with his own anger spiking forward as red mingles with the purple of his eyes.

Sohnyuoth lets out a triumphant warble as she watches Irelanth fall back and a searing blaze of satisfaction is sent towards the chasing group. But the green is not tired yet. No, she will not succumb to them so easily. With a defiant screech, the green folds her wings, dropping just below the pack and then falling behind. The climb upwards brings Sohnyu directly behind and above the pack. And suddenly she's darting forward again, claws extended. She makes her way to the head of the group, bounding from the backs of the males, and tearing into their flesh. A blue goes tumbling, and then a brown before she's dropping down onto Romth's back for a few seconds, digging her claws in with force. And then she's leaping again, this time landing on Yarovith with a screech of rage and raking her claws along his body before she leaps off to another dragon. By the time she's in front again, the number of males have decreased significantly and Sohnyu lets out a delighted croon.
On the ground, Miki does indeed go flying, landing on the ground with a muffled groan. It's only a few seconds however before the tiny woman is up, eyes blazing. A hiss escapes her lips and she backs up against the fence, looking as if she's about to strike out again herself.

It is all fun and games, until someone gets HURT. Romth's ROAR of anger is accompanied by a night-black BLAST of mental rage that could easily slap lesser minded dragons right out of the air…a bronze might not be as all powerful, mentally, as a gold, but they aren't to be triffled with, as he twists, and flails, and RIPS himself away from the impudent green…or takes her for a ride on his back as he folds one wing and dives the opposite way, thrashing and clawing until he's free…but if she thinks that will stop him, she's sadly mistaken. Lust can easily turn to something else, when passions are aroused, and he goes after the green like another might go after a tasty little morsel with an easily snapped neck.
Far below, Xe'ter meets Miki with a glowering, towering BUFFET of his chest, reaching out as if he'd take hold of her and shake sense back into her. Or throttle her. One of the two.

It happens that when Sohnyuoth gets behind the pack, Yarovith is trying to move quicker! Trying to dodge not the other males but her! Could it be… male dragons trying run from a female? Whatever the case, he was trying to bank himself wide enough to be able to slip behind her as she was ripping into the other males. Unfortunate that he was so large! He isn't able to pull of the aerial feat before those sharp talons RIP into his night-cloaked sides, forever marring the hide as talons sink deep and spread green incor along the craggy neck ridges in racing streaks. Yarovith shows his teeth and is NOT going to tolerate a one-sided fight, GNASHING his teeth up at Sohnyuoth to bite at whatever part of her comes near enough - and he WILL try to bite her hard in return. Enraged, the pretentious green will NOT get away. He surges after her, with hot pops of sparkling and crackling noises, fast and furious sounds that seem to explode time after time.
A'dmar senses the encroaching Xe'ter… if the other bronzer thought -this- bronzer was out of the contention, think again as A'dmar means to shove himself up against that BUFFETING ALMIGHTY CHEST. It might be a shove enough to put Xe'ter off course from reaching out to Miki, half standing over her form as if to protect her… or save her for himself to punish.

Fatigue and pain. The green has certainly not escaped from harm or wounds. Gashes and teeth mark cover the green, ichor flowing and almost blending into her hide at parts. The combination seems to be taking the toll on Sohnyuoth. Her pace is indeed slower now, and it seems only a matter of time before she's thrown into the clutches of those disgusting /males/. Yet Sohnyu will not go down easily. In a deft movement, the green /turns/, now facing the group head on. Eyes whirl a bright red and a mental wall of heat and air is sent towards the remaining males only to be followed seconds later by Sohnyuoth's own charge.
Miki's situation on the ground is almost a mirror of the skies. A defiant shriek escapes her lips as the men reach towards her, but even she knows the game is coming to an end. Like her lifemate though, Miki will fight. Backing up against the fence, she holds onto it for a few seconds before hissing once more and charging at the two men.

This time, this time Romth is ready…infuriated, but ready for the green and her foolish behavior. Her flare of heat is met with the icy, blistering COLD of disdain and utter, murderous intent. She charges, and he, foolish or not, stands his ground, meeting it head to head in a game of hormone fueled bravado…and the fact that he's roughly twice the green's size…charge away, little green fool, and he'll show you what it is to face a real monster…he just hides his very very well!
Xe'ter takes the buffeting in stride, slinging an elbow at A'dmar that goes with the punch he'd just recieved. Go on, charge him…he grew up on the docks of a seahold, on the planks of ships far out to sea…and though he's generally sort of meek, sheepish, and mild…he's had his fair share of scrapes, knock-downs and drag-outs…and someone really, really needs to dunk that fool greenrider in some water and cool her off!

Yarovith has had enough of the sinister methods of their glowing green, seeing opportunities in the skies as she charges back at them where other less confident dragons might taper off and flee. This time, he isn't fleeing. He's playing a game of chicken with her, flapping those broad wings of his to accelerate his speed, maneuvering despite the wounded 'rudder' of a tail. It's a clumsy thing anyway, a chunk out of it doesn't really matter much! However, revenge does! Maw opens as he catches a loud gusty roar, preparing to SMASHED into the green if that is how he is going to catch her. Dangerous, yes, reckless, certainly, but the blood lust for vengence has always been a part of the dark motif of both dragon and rider. She was going to pay and HE was the one that was going to be priviledged to do just that. A wrath of justice, punctuated by a gleaming metal shine of some steely material that ominously hangs…
A'dmar grunts at the elbow striking him… but he's so far gone into the game of this violent race, that he barely blinks at the blow, save for a glowering that accompanies it. Seaholder vs a sand-dwelling outsider, who had to fight tooth and nail his entire existance to just survive, let alone again when he was considered a renegade and brought into the 'society'… While he's not entirely muscular as some would be, he seems to not be afraid, generally haughty in the first place and stand-offish, with a condescending ire for most people. One last -heave- ho against the Istan bronzer and a potential leap made for Miki… if he misses (or she moves), he'll go headlong into the fence, if not, Miki's going to find herself confronted by her punisher sooner than she'd like.

The blast of ice sent towards her makes Sohnyu falter for a second, but soon a sense of increased rage fills her and the green barrels into Romth, only to hurtle right past him, the equivalent of a mental sneer her only departing gift. And then there's another block of bronze is in front of her, but the previous collision has decreased her momentum and when she crashes into Yarovith, the green is unable to move past. The game finally over, Sohnyu lets out a pained warble, but it is too late to escape now.
The crazy green is caught and now it seems that so is her psychotic rider. Her charge sends Miki headfirst into A'dmar and the tiny woman lets out a distressed shriek, but for her as well, it is too late.

Romth is weirdly triumphant…having stared the miserable green down, he doesn't even seem to CARE that he 'lost'…let the dark bronze have the nasty little trollup! But it's not long after that, that he begins to falter…and spirals down to his now startled, even aghast rider…
Xe'ter is, for his former rage, suddenly drained of it as it comes to his attention that Romth is HURT…and still wearing his straps. Faranth save them, but he's in enough of a muddle that when his young bronze lands, he RUSHES to him…and in a frantic sort of escape from the scene, clambers up, buckling himself in. Moments later, the greyed Romth takes back to the air…and unwisely, they're gone *between*. Somehow? Xe'ter even managed to keep hold of his notebook. Wonders will never cease!

Opaque hide collids with emerald, the dark bronze taking NO chances with the wicked Sohnyu, with teeth gnashing down hard on the back of her neck once their SMASHing collision allows the bronze to get the advantag. There is a tangle and twist of wings and tails, the battle looking to be onesided as Yarovith does not take the necessary procautions, careless if talon tears her hide or if his teeth sink in just a little too hard against neck ridges, scuttling them across the sky for a time as they fall…