Ma'kai's first encounter with people at Fort weyr, leads to quite the exciting turn of events. Well, exciting for a young dragonrider at least.

B'ky carefully picks up some stuff as well, carrying the weight easily. The bluerider is a lot stronger than his slim frame might imply, and he follows R'ik and Toren, chuckling at the comment about bronzers.

The little brown-haired man leads the two riders to a storage cavern not far from the northeast bowl. He has an area rented, to which he leads R'ik and B'ky, who are carrying things from a rather large pile back in the bowl. "The goods can stay here until we figure something out," a tiny brown-haired man, who doesn't even stand five feet, notes. R'ik nods and places his load of things down, then goes back out to the bowl for another load….

B'ky follows R'ik's lead, hauling stuff to the storage cavern and back, talking amiably as he goes, "If you need any help setting up the booth later, let me know. I'm curious to see what you'll be selling." B'ky's blue is sitting in a sunny spot not far from the pile of cargo in the bowl. Avideth watches his rider carrying things, eyes swirling peacfully in the same bright blue as his hide.

Trotting down the staircases that leads to the Weyrleader's complex, a young woman in a billowy pale yellow dress paired with a leather vest takes the last step at a skip. She's wearing also a wide straw brimmed hat that as a sunflower and a ribbon for the center piece. On her feet are Pern's style of cowboy boots, to which she walks with an easy sway, her attention clearly not on any of the hustle and bustle of the Weyr - that is, until she sees a few people unloading some goods. Normal every day thing, right? Even if it is, she for some reason wheels her steps over toward the group of men.

Seems like it's a busy time of day will all the activity in the bowl, and just to add to it, another bronze pops out from between, bugeling a greeting to the watch before landing a safe distance from the cargo being moved. A somewhat scruffy youngman slides down and looks around before giving his lifemate a pat on the side before heading off towards the working people. Best way to get information in a new area right? People? "Hello." Ma'kai says with a nod and a smile to the lady in the pretty yellow dress once he's close enough.

"We'll be selling a little of everything," R'ik answers to B'ky. "Nothing illegal or dangerous, of course…" He chuckles. "We won't be setting it up until we can get the weyrwoman's permission; I wouldn't want any trouble here. No sense burning bridges." He gives a grin. And then he sees the other bronzerider and the woman in the yellow dress. "Hello there," R'ik offers to them both, with a smile. If there's something illegal going on here, R'ik's not acting like it.

At the arrival of the second bronze, Avideth turns from observing the cargo-haulers to bugle a friendly greeting. B'ky pauses in his item-lifting to offer a smile and a, "Hello," to Ma'kai. Upon seeing the woman coming down the stairs, he offers another smile and a greeting, "Hello. That's a lovely hat." Avideth rumbles in agreement, stretching his neck to peer at the woman's headgear.

There's a rumble in the background of the watch dragon ushering his greeting to the newly arrived, causing Kessa to lose a step in her walk as she listens to who it is that descend on Fort. She tilts her face up enough to observe the shadow of the dragon descending, yet, nearing those working with unloading stock irregardless. It takes her a while, to cross the distance, but when she does, she hears the hello of the newly dismounted bronze rider. "Fort's duties to Igen and her queens." she offers formally, but without the gusto to back it up. Her eyes flicker back toward the two riders hauling goods, "Hello. I hope you have the paper work to record what's moving in.." she has an authoritive tone to her voice, at the very least, certainly inquisitive about the shipments. "And if you do, may I just glance at it, before it is passed off to the Stewart?" The compliment has her regarding B'ky quickly, flashing a smile at him, "Thank you. Made it myself."

Ma'kai smiles, friendly enough, and nods as well to B'ky and R'ik. "Hello." Then back to the lady. "Igen's duties to you and yours." It's not a greeting he's used to using, and often forgets. Garanth rumbles a greeting to Avideth, but isn't overly friendly about it. He's not like his rider when it comes to new people. He decides to be a bit nosy and listens in on the conversation about the cargo. Glancing over the boxes and such, he folds his arms. "Do you need anymore help moving things?"

R'ik faces the woman squarely when she greets Ma'kai so formally. Ah-ha. Weyrwoman, perhaps? He puts his load back down onto the pile. Then he gives a smile. "You must be the Weyrwoman?" he inquires of the lady in the hat, voicing the thought. He gives a formal greeting (whether that be salute or bow). "Pleased to meet you. I'm R'ik, of Ierne, and this is Tunseth." He introduces his bronze, the one on which all the cargo had been heaped. "Actually I needed to speak with you about that…." R'ik notes, "It's just a load of small trinkets from Ierne. And a bit of lumber, also from Ierne. You're welcome to search it if you'd like." He digs around in one of the pouches on Tunseth's straps. "Ah-ha." He produces a slip of paper on which is documented the legal purchase of items. As mentioned, the sale of a number of small trinkets from Ierne, and a small quantity of lumber recorded on the slip. "I'd have no objections to having everything checked, if there's a problem." After all, he doesn't know what's been happening here at Fort. "I had wanted to set up a booth here at Fort to sell items from Ierne. Not major things, things that are already imported. But small things like hair trinkets, perfumes, clothing items. 'Comfort' items. Perhaps other things as well, depending on how well it does. Toren here," He points to the tiny brown haired man that had been leading him to the storage area… "Was going to gauge the interest in the customer base, while I ran the idea past you." Ma'kai speaks, offers help, and R'ik smiles. "If you can spare the time," he says. "We can use all the help we can get. Though only if it's all right." Here he looks back to Kessa.

B'ky smiles, letting R'ik do the talking, since it's the bronzerider's cargo. B'ky had assumed it was all legal - after all, why wouldn't it be?

Kessa gets utterly suspicious when a random Igenite rider offers help to move the load of supplies, regarding the bronze rider for a long moment before she nods to him and his own formal reply, "Thank you." She steps back from the working men, patiently wondering if either of them have the proper documents or if she would have to track down the Stewart at this time of day. Her teal eyes settle on R'ik since he makes himself the target of her inquisitive eyes, "Well, no, not really. Just a junior, but I'm still a weyrwoman nevertheless. Just doing some surprise checks on some cargo now and then, to make sure everyone stays on their toes." She shrugs, watching him salute - this alone getting her to blush. "R'ik, of Ierne…" she reiterates, nodding her head politely, offering a little sheepishly even though she came on strong before, as if some of her prior confidence has slide by the way side, "Please, call me Kessa if you would. Weyrwoman is better suited for Tarish." She brushes her hand down to smooth her dress before stepping on tip toes to see over heads at the cargo-laden bronze. Afterwards, she takes the paperwork as necessary, scanning over it quickly and returning it with a smile, "Sorry. I don't mean to sound rude. It's just a task I have to do from time to time when the guards aren't doing it for me." She looks between the four men, including Toren, then nods, "Go ahead and continue doing what you have to do." Then she listens to R'ik, interjecting when she can, "If you wouldn't mind writing something on paper in regards to your business proposal? That way I could get it processed much quicker than a verbal proposal." Her eyes skim over B'ky's face, murmuring, "Aren't you on vacation?"

There's a dragon in the sky! ..Big friggin' deal. That happens a lot. But Silaveth still manages to look rather nice while making her landing, twisting around to land her hide feet first, before settling completely. Maybe it's the vibrant tint to her hide. Still, K'ori does hop down, pushing his goggles up onto his forehead, tugging gloves off carefully. Hrm. There's people in the bowl. …Unfamiliar ones at that. ..Well except Kessa, obviously. Which is why the greenrider heads in that direction, clearing his throat softly. "Everything going well?"

Ma'kai isn't bothered by the regarding he gets from the gold rider. He listens still in on what's going on, letting them converse rather freely before speaking up again and interjecting. "Well, definately seems like a good idea. Keeping people on their toes." He gives the lady a salute then. "Here's hoping you'll keep me on mine. Ma'kai and Bronze Garanth. We're being transfered here." He tells her before gathering up cargo in his arms and giving her a bit of a wink before moving to ask Toren where exactly the stuff is going. The arrival of yet another rider has this bronzer thinking this will probably be an interesting place to be stationed and a nod is given to the greenrider, if only because Garanth is rumbling lightly to Silaveth.

R'ik nods to the request to call her Kessa. "'Kessa' it is, then," he agrees, giving a charming smile. He understands the random cargo checks, and nods easily as she notes them. "Perfectly understandable." Kessa suggests a paper request, and R'ik nods. He looks to Toren. "Hey…you're not helping us unload. That being the case, and since we know where the storage area is, how about you get something written up?" Toren nods and makes to hurry away. Ma'kai picks up a load of the cargo, and R'ik smiles. "Hold on, Toren. Mind showing Ma'kai where it's going?" he inquires. Toren motions for Ma'kai to follow, and leads the man off to his little rented area in a storage cavern. Silaveth and K'ori arrive, and R'ik offers a greeting. "Hello there!" he greets the greenrider. And so does Tunseth, the bronze offering a rather vivacious greeting. Looks like the green's got a couple of admirers, now that Tunseth is approaching her as well. R'ik smirks a bit and picks up his own load of cargo, shaking his head slightly at the bronze.

Female instinct? Whatever the case may be, Kessa seems to be aware of K'ori long before K'ori has wandered over toward the group. Tucking hair behind her ear, she cannot help but notice the gleam on Silaveth, though says quickly enough to her rider K'ori, "Very well. Visitors," she announces, gesturing to the group before her. She points hapazardly to R'ik, "That's R'ik," then to B'ky, "B'ky came back.. he's supposed to be enjoying his vacation right now but is working again," she amuses about the blue rider before turning to point out Ma'kai, "And this is Ma'kai." She systematically seems to edge closer to K'ori, "This is K'ori." She has completely forgotten about ranks and status, merely adding in names for the sake of being easy. "Transfered?" She abruptly says, looking back over at Ma'kai, "Welcome to Fort then? Pleasure to meet you." Awkward. But what's even more awkward is that she watches him gather up some cargo, straightening her shoulders when she notices the wink. Her hands reach up to the brim of her hat, pulling it lower as if to shield her face, trying to hide the red blush showing now. She does eventually mumble to R'ik, "See it sent to me as soon as you can.." A green might interfer with business afterall, if she decides the time was right, to which, she sneaks a glance at K'ori.

Oh, there's rumbling and other greetings? Well, Silaveth just stretches her neck toward the boys…and gives a rather abrupt snap of her jaws at the nearest one. HISS. ..No, she's not a very gentle creature.. K'ori just groans a little bit, fingers reaching up to rub at his temples briefly. "Sila, please stop that…and try not to actually /bite/ anyone?" First impressions and all. He himself looks a bit tired, considering the state of his dragon. Yeah, being forced to wake up /well/ before the crack of dawn by whim of a dragon is just…rather troublesome at times. "Oh." He offers once introductions are made, although there's a bit of a throat-clearing. "..Yes, I'm the Weyr's dragonhealer." Might as well tack it on, right? Just in case someone needs tending to later. Silaveth though, gives another, milder hiss, /glaring/ by way of the males, wings shifting uneasily.

Avideth bugles another friendly, and decidedly more enthusiastic, greeting, this time at the newly-arrived green. He doesn't get up, though, aware that he's outsized by the shiny bronzes. But lucky for him he didn't, as he avoids the snappage. B'ky just watches the conversation between R'ik and Kessa, having nothing really to add - not his cargo after all. He does cast a curious glance at the paperwork. He's all too familiar with shipping procedure, and the nightmare of organizing things. "You might want to send a copy of the inventory to the steward, too," he suggests to R'ik and Toren. It's always good to have spare copies, just in case. At Kessa's question and comments about vacation, B'ky smiles warmly, "Avi's been asking me the same thing. But I thought, since I was here already, I'd help this fellow take his cargo in. Everything in order then?" he asks, resuming his cargo hauling. He gives K'ori a smile too, saying, "Well met."

Garanth raises his head, looking rather proud, though Ma'kai knows he's really just taken aback. The green's hiss is met with a huff and a black hissing thought from the younger bronze. He's never encountered a green lady like this. "The pleasure is mine. Kessa, K'ori." He gives each of them a nod, grinning when Kessa tries to hide the blush on her cheeks behind her hat, before following off after Toren. Ma'kai's not concerned with the state of the green at this moment since he'll be right back anyway, and if anything happens while he's away then he can just hurry back.

"Everything looks to be in order," she replies to B'ky, nodding at the others. It seems a little abrupt, but then, she looks a little awkward right then anyways, trying to perhaps run away from such a feeling as it were. It could be that K'ori's lifemate may have a little to do with it, or it could be she was uncomfortable being in the company of so much men. Either way it doesn't take her but a moment to make up an excuse to move on, "Have a good afternoon. I have some other things to check on…" Yes, that sounds so convincing, doesn't it? She nods to them, smiling a little sheepishly for how awkward she's been before turning and striding off, at a little less than a jog.

Silaveth doesn't play nice, it seems…. Oh-ho! A fiesty one! Tunseth draws back from the snap, whether it's aimed at him or not, but he doesn't seem put off. Matter of fact, it only seems to encourage him, and he seems to circle around her slightly, rumbling a little. R'ik just rolls his eyes as he returns, watching Tunseth. The blond bronzerider shakes his head; Tunseth is going to get himself bit if he's not careful! R'ik notes Kessa's retreat with interest. "Hmm…hope I didn't scare her off…" he murmurs quietly as he picks up another load of cargo.

K'ori does look a little bit troubled as Kessa goes and wanders off. Don't leave him with /people/! Really now… He sighs though, looking at the other riders with a vaguely wary expression. "Um…yes, well met.." Well /now/ what's he supposed to do? Oh yes, that's right. He groans somewhat as Silaveth rather abruptly hisses again at the interloping males, and then just, leaps upward. "Oh not /now/!" Yes, he'll just..glare at the suddenly skybound green. Although, the expression doesn't quite stay, even as a hand comes up to cover his face.

B'ky chuckles at Kessa's quick retreat, telling R'ik, "Don't worry, weyrwomen don't scare easily," then the bluerider glances sharply at his blue, blinking. "Ah," he says, giving Avideth a headshake, eyes flicking briefly over the green …and her rider, before he resumes the hauling - or tries to - and then the green takes off and B'ky drops the box he was holding - hope there was nothing valuable in that!

Garanth is quite content to just watch the little green from a distance. He's not usually one for showing interest in something while it's on the ground. But once that little green bounces into the air, his massive wings snap open and he takes off after her into the air. And thankfully for Ma'kai, that storage area isn't too far off, or maybe it is, but the bronzer is reaappearing pretty quickly. Did he run? Well, he's not breathing heavily. "Well, this'll be an interesting first day." He says, sighing a bit as he watches the dragons go up.

Not one to be left behind, Tunseth goes up after the green taking to the air as well. Is she rising? Tunseth hopes so; the chase is exhilarating. R'ik looks almost startled as his fiery bronze leaps into the air with a bugle that almost sounds like a challenge. Though to whom is unknown. The sound of the box hitting the ground catches R'ik's attention, and he picks it up, setting it back on the pile. "You all right?" he inquires of B'ky. Looking to Ma'kai, he nods to the observation. "Looks like it…" he agrees, with a chuckle. R'ik hadn't expected this…is the green rising…?

Well it's always nice to greet guests to the Weyr with good hospitality. K'ori just hadn't been expecting to show /this/ sort. There's a bit of a struggle in his own mind though over things, wrenching himself right around before Silaveth gets any further. "If…well obviously.. Yes. There's a place for this.. over here." And the greenrider doesn't wait at all. He just moves, striding quickly across the bowl. True, it's probably best not to let things get out of hand in the middle of the bowl. Not too many would appreciate /that/ sort of scene in front of the caverns. Silaveth, however, lets out a shriek when she's followed, and quite promptly sets into a full-tilt race in the opposite direction. Is she flying? …Yes, it's a fairly safe bet.

Poor Avideth, he's regretting having just sat there now, as both bronzes are in the air before he is. But the blue nevertheless springs up in chase, leaving B'ky to mutter absently, "Shardit Avi, every /shardin'/ time we go home…" Then he glances at R'ik and smiles sheepishly, "Ah, sorry about that," and he follows K'ori quickly without another word.

Ma'kai casually follows off after K'ori, slipping his hands in his pockets as his eyes keep trained on the dragonhealer. "Mmm, glad there's someplace so close." He comments. Garanth growls at that shreik from Silaveth and when she kicks in the speed he pumps his wings hard, following as closely after her as his wings'll keep him. That black hiss from earlier is replaced with a richer, minty green thought, egging her on to try and out run him. Probably the opposite thing he should be suggesting now, but with as much attitude as she seems to have, the bronze is expecting a good challenge from her.

R'ik shakes his head. "Shards…" he mutters simply. Poor R'ik…though it would be the first time his bronze ended up chasing before the blond realized it. He can't really concern himself too much with the rest of the cargo right at that moment; hopefully no one steals it. Right now his bronze is taking up most of his concentration. He has about the presence of mind to follow the others to the more private area, and that's about it. R'ik has never been one to try to prevent Tunseth from flying, or to try to block the fiery bronze from his mind. It just seems unnatural. For his part, Tunseth appears to be the biggest of the three chasing Silaveth. And if not the strongest, perhaps his enthusiasm will make up for it. The bronze almost seems to smirk as his powerful wings carry him after her as she heads in the opposite direction. He's old enough to know not to make his bid immediately; let the younger ones, and the female, tire themselves out first. Budget the energy, make it last. Let the others use it all up in the beginning. His own thought to the green is much the same; fly, little green…fly. The fiery bronze wants a chase worth his while….

Avideth may not have the size, but he's agile. And he's had turns of practice. His sky-blue wings beat swiftly as he seeks a thermal. He may be smaller than a bronze, but he's also got less weight to lift. But the green… Avideth spreads his wings wide, catching that sought-after thermal. He may not by ahead, but he's swinging out, hoping to rise just enough. He doesn't egg the green on, focused instead on the air currents and that lovely green behind.

There is only a mild glance back at those in pursuit. Silaveth's jaw parts just slightly, a rumbled and muted hiss escaping from her. Then the world shifts, wings tucking close and tilting as the green's body makes a sharp turn, her frame wheeling in a barrel roll in the process. Oh, she'll make it interesting alright, if the boys can manage to follow the nimble green, after all. Size surely isn't everything. She evens out though after a moment, and banking steadily higher. K'ori himself moves away from the other three, eyes a bit unfocused as he simply perches himself on the nearby bed. Hey, if it's inevitable he's going to end up there eventually…might as well be comfortable in the meantime. He does look at the other riders though, eyes narrowing just a little bit at them. Hmph.

Garanth might be the youngest one there, but that just means he's got more energy than the oldies. When Silaveth makes that sharp turn, he attempts to make as sharp a turn after as he can. His turn is much wider than hers, but he stays in it long enough to cut across behind her before righting his path. And if he cuts someone off in the process, all the better for him. Ma'kai takes a place on the wall, his mind half in the room, half in the sky. Either way though, his thoughts are set on catching someone.

Tunseth watches the green bank and twist. Perhaps not so agile, nor the most experienced, no…but he's learned a thing or two from his rider about mental calculations. And that's what he does. The bronze concentrates on those moves Silaveth makes, calculates where they're going to take her. Estimates the first point she can pull out of her turns…and goes that way. It's Tunseth that Garanth cuts off, but the fiery bronze banks down sharply, just enough to miss a collision. Tunseth gives a squawk of indignation. And in the guest weyr, R'ik frowns sharply. He tends to just let things ride where flights are concerned, and pretend he's not here. Which he really isn't. His thoughts are lent to the bronze in the air, measuring, calculating…he's thinking about catching someone, too. Though as he pushes Tunseth, lending his energy, his thoughts, whatever he can, outwardly? He's just kind of…leaning on the wall, looking distracted.

Avideth turns sharply, wingsails snapping as he pursues the green, gaining speed and distance, but at the cost of abandoning the thermal to follow her. He loses some ground - or rather, sky - as he evens out, but regains his stride with quick wingbeats and banks sharply upward, gaining height again, using his agility to narrowly avoid the bronzes, seeking that warm air to lift him higher towards the green. B'ky meanwhile is just standing there in the guest weyr. His mind is, obviously, elsewhere.

The unfortunate thing about greens is that while they may be very fast, and able to turn on a dime…well. They just can't keep it up for very long at all. Which is why, going at such a break-neck speed, Silaveth is already showing a few obvious signs of slowing. Still, wings tear through the air around her, propelling her forward and upward once again. Higher…higher, with a loud, and rather angry note of frustration bugling out of her. K'ori shudders briefly, fingers absently reaching up to loosen his collar. Perhaps things are just a bit stuffy in the little weyr. But his mind, like the others, is in a place with far much more altitude.

At those signs of slowing down and the sudden turn up, Garanth bugles out his own notes, though they're more of excitement, than frustration. Beating his large wings harder, the tarnished bronze makes a last ditch bid to slip around the little green jewel they'd all been chasing and overtake her. He reaches out for her, attempting to be the one to wrap himself around her and be the one to remind this snappy green there is a good point to all these flights. Ma'kai's eyes follow K'ori's hand to that collar and he pushes off the wall, ready to either pounce or get out of there, which ever turns out to be the case.

« NOW! » Tunseth sees his chance, sees Silaveth slowing. He knew she wouldn't be able to keep it up forever. And so it is that he puts on that extra burst of speed, using every drop of the energy that he'd been saving just for this moment. The speed he saved from the beginning…but now he pulls out everything he's got, wings pumping with all the power he can manage. He doesn't bother wasting the energy on bugling; his concentration is on catching, not trumpeting. The claws of the flame-kissed bronze reaching, reaching out to catch the wily green. Such a chase! Now…to let her know there's an equal for the fiery nature she displayed before the flight! R'ik, too, moves slightly, though he tenses, drawing in a deep but soft breath and holding it in anticipation of the end. His eyes flick to K'ori, still slightly unfocused, and linger there as his bronze makes his own power play for the green high above….

The blue, too, is tiring, but he's still got some chase left in him. Luckily, he'd saved just enough energy riding that thermal for one last aerial sprint. With a final burst of speed, and as tremendous a downsweep as he can manage, he darts upward, twisting to try to nab the green right out from under those big bronze noses. B'ky notices K'ori on the bed, but his mind is still with the dragon, and he tenses as the blue makes one last effort to catch the green.

Silaveth may be going out, but she's not going down without a fight. With her slowing speed dragging her quite dangerously close to grabbing claws, the green twists in the air, jaws open in a snarling hiss to find Tunseth there. And while she gets wrapped in the bronze, she also lashes out, talons swiping in her frustration before the inevitable moment of giving in. Caught, K'ori groans just a little at being partially rocked back into his own mind, still quite connected with Silaveth but with a bit more awareness now. And if his own breath has gone ragged,'s only normal, as is the very sudden need to get out of his tunic completely. Clothes are stupid anyway.

Garanth bugles in anger before turning off and going insearch of a place he can be alone, new place and everything, he's got something to keep his mind distracted for a moment. Ma'kai's gut wrenches at the miss and nodding lightly he walks out of the weyr, hands still firmly in pockets as he goes off in search of some place he can get a drink.

Avideth lets out a bugle of frustraton, though really, what'd he expect racing against bronzes? The tired blue soars off to some ledge to go sulk, and B'ky lets out a snort, rubbing his head as he departs to go find some booze and possibly one of those friendly lower caverns girls he knows.

After the catch…THAT is the time for a bugle of triumph. Which he does, even as Silaveth lashes out at him. Pain is temporary. Well, so are mating flights…but the pain just makes the catch all the sweeter! And so as he wraps himself quite firmly around Silaveth, nope, not getting away, little greenie, R'ik inevitably finds himself drawn towards K'ori and where he's sitting on that bed. Really, R'ik doesn't swing this way. But…ah, well…mating flights, after all…are the ultimate luck of the draw….

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