~~*~~ Fort Weyr - Candidate Barracks ~~*~~
Carved from a natural bubble in the volcanic stone, this cavern has room enough to hold around two dozen occupants in comfort. Set into one of the long walls is a natural hearth area, not as large as some but more then enough to warm the cavern. Before it lays an old, well-worn rug that's colors have faded over turns of being un cared for. Mismatched chairs, an old couch, and a few randomly placed floor pillows finish up the sitting type area where candidates can relax after a long day of chores.
Along the walls are stationed sets of cots and clothes presses with curtains dividing them for privacy, each made up to the standards of the Weyrwoman. The left hand row of cots is made up with coverlets of brown and trimmed in black for male candidates, while the right hand row is made up with a lighter brown coverlet that's trimmed in white for the female candidates.
Above, the soft white light from electric lamps cast down during waking hours, while basket of emergency glows are stored in corners around the cavern for use during power outages.

It's night time in Fort weyr, the darkness of the night seems to of been made even more dark by the heavy clouds that have hung over the Weyr all day. Rifght now there's a torrential downpour outside. But inside the barracks, it's warm, and dry. There's a sudden rumbling that starts low, and picks up volume. But that's not thunder, oh no, it's the dragons humming! It's not long before Meo is busting inside the door. "Dragons are humming! Candidates! Into your robes, now!"

Lyana rolls out of her cot with a loud THUMP, startling her small faire into taking to the wing with squawking galore. Rubbing her temples, she pushes herself to her feet, stumbling for the robe at the foot of her bed, on top of her small clothing press. "Okay, okay…" It's a comical sight, with her struggling to pull the thing on over her head, all the while somehow removing the clothing underneath while remaining decent. Win for mid-performance clothing changes!

Sertorius, fast asleep in his cot, is startled into wakefulness by Meo's sudden arrival, and snorts as he jolts awake. "Wha-wha-wha, huh?" He sits up, rubs his eyes, and looks around. Dragons. Humming. Robes. OYEAH! Sertorius is instantly awake, and jumps off his cot, grabbing for his robe to put it on. Which he does before pulling off the rest of his clothes, like Lyana is doing, so he doesn't have to flash people his bare backside. Or other things!

Edelwin had just been on his cot reading a book when the moment comes. He's a little more slow to get himself set up- he has to finish that paragraph first. Once that's done, however, he's quick to lean over his cot and pull the white robe from where it had been folded up. It is tugged over his head and in another minute he is changed and slipping his feet into sandals and reading his book again until they're called to line up.

Galina is, fortunately, not sleeping. At all. But, then, she's been lucky to get an hour or two a night between the mingling of young firelizards being noisy and the general anticipation of things that's been eating quietly — but deeply — into her stomach for the past sevenday. Thus, when the call comes, she's already awake and aware enough to simply flip her blanket back and plant bare feet on the floor to rise. Off to get her robe, then, though in utter silence — silence contrasted sharply by the cacophany of hisses and squawks uttered by her companions.

Flavia isn't quick, she's sluggish as if she'd only just managed to settle into a deep sleep. Blinking it takes a full few seconds for the words to sink in and she pops straight up off her cot. "Robe! Robe, robe…" she chants as she digs in her press for the only recently completed robe. Stripping quickly she pulls it over her head and digs again for the sandals, the poor young firelizard Lumi humming her own tune from her space on the cot. At least until the nightshirt landed on her head.

Aludra is instantly awake, eyes popping open and breath gasping. "Dragons humming…?" It finally penetrates. "Faranth!" Her two sleepy firelizards are barely disturbed as she rolls out of her cot, grabbing the white robe hanging on a peg at the head of her bed. It's pulled on over her head, while she shoves her feet into the plain sandals. A brush is dragged through her hair and discarded on the messy bed as she hurriedly takes her place with the other candidates.

Siobhan murmurs something in a groggy fashion, making to drag a pillow over her head to shut out that rumble in the distance. "St'pid rain." Wriggle, wriggle, shift, Sio scoots about in her cot, attempting to get comfortable agai- "/What/?!" Rocketing straight up, the beastcrafter glances around, the fact that her fellow candidates are getting into robes registering before Meo's words to. "Sharditshardit…" Letting off a small litany of words to no-one, the girl rolls out of bed and starts fussing with her gown and sandals, leaving Dacote's miniature bulk to blink blearily in her wake. Huhbuh?

Pralius is still curled up on the couch where he finally managed to doze off. It's Yoshi's green and white head that pops up over the couch first with a bright "Chirreeep!" It's that that actually wakes the healer, "Huh-whu? Yoshi, I jus-" He pauses, feeling the vibrations start up through the soles of his feet, "Shard-fardles!" He leaps the back of the couch in a single-bound, leaving the otherwise treasured comforter laying there with a confused green as he fumbles to pull on his robe before taking off his boxers. When Yoshi hops back up to him, he shakes his head firmly. "Stay."

Orice had been bunlded up snugly in his cot in his fancy silken pajamas and curled into a fetal position. That is, until Meo barges intothe room. With a grunt, he jerks into a seated position and blinks blearily, his amber hair in disarray. Deuce, the rather uggly poo-lizard, gives a gurgle of surprise and falls off his pillow with a *plop* and a squeak. It takes a heartbeat or two for Orice to register what's happening and then he's on the move, his legs tangled in his bedsheets. But it's not long before he's up and pulling on his robes - his fancy brand new weaver-made robes that fit just perfectly. He struggles into his sandals before hobbling over to the line, trying to straighten his hair. "You'd think they'd decide to hatch at a decent /time/," he sneers.

Joan, who was only just waking up from the sound of the rain outside, practically tosses himself out of his cot as Meo's declaration that the Hatching is almost upon them. He quickly puts on his white robe in record time and follows in line with the others. There's a excited smile on his face as he follows his fellow candiates.

"Make sure firelizards, and any other pets do not follow you onto the sands!" Meo calls, and moves to a spot in the barracks at back. "When you're in your robes, start lining up here in front of me!" She says. " I expect you all to be respectful, and remember, if you want to keep all your fingers, no touching the dragons unless it's yours!" She says.

Sado has never been much for fanfare or trumpets and so it is with the quiet grace that he blinks to awareness and dresses himself quickly.

Parizi has been through this twice before. She rises from her cot, yanks the curtain around it, and in less than a minute she comes out again wearing her candidate's robe. She stands there pulling her ash-blonde hair back into a simple runnertail, and looks at Orice. She smiles at him. It's nervous, sharp, pinched. "Good luck," she tells him. Her eyes sweep over the rest of the candidates and she takes a deep breath and says, like it takes something from her, "Good luck for the rest of you as well."

Jayashri starts awake with a double-blink and a snort. "Huh? Wuh?" Legs kick as realization comes with growing wakefulness and she struggles to get out from beneath the cozy fur that she had only moments before been contentedly dozing under, head propped to one side. She finally manages to free herself from the warm material, leaping from the chair and nearly tripping as she hops toward her cot, scrambling to be rid of her nightie. Nevermind that she's naked underneath it, there are more important things to worry about! She manages to throw the garment onto the bed and pulls out her robe, tugging it on and snatching up her brush, yanking it through her hair and wrapping a band around it. There! Out of the way! Sandals as hopped into and then she's lining up with the rest, ready to go. Phew! Show time.

Lyana manages to shove her feet into her well-loved brown sandals, taking her place by the door, and Meo. Her fingers, used to twitching and playing over gitar strings or drums, now have nothing to hold onto. Instead, her hands clench and unclench into fists around handfuls of the fabric enshrouding her form, sure to leave nasty wrinkles to be ironed out by some poor soul or other later. "Don't worry, ma'am, I'd like to be able to play music when this is all done." Flashing a nervous smile to the rest, she offers tentatively, "Good luck, all of you."

Galina pulls her robe on and makes a quick effort of brushing her hair before working it deftly into a familiar braid. White fabric binds it securely and the addition of sandals completes the look. Congratulations: she now looks the part of a proper ghost. Pale — paler than usual, if that's possible — and with an oh-so-faint tremble made manifest in her hands, she attempts to calm herself with a few slow, deep breaths and passes her hands down her robe in an effort to smooth it out a bit. "Of course," is said to Meo, though she says nothing further. Off to join the others in line, then. Dutiful and quiet, to the last.

Aludra tells Vallis and Pullo to stay as she lines up, her heart racing. This is it. She'd have thought after four times standing she'd not be so excited, but the thrill just bubbles up inside her. She glances around, smiling. "Good luck, everyone." And then there's no more time for thinking. Sweaty palms are dried on the sides of her robe. Faranth, I'm actually terrified, she thinks.

Giving a nod to the Weyrlingmaster, Joan looks at his brood of little flits. "Ok you guys stay here, i'll be back after a while" he says to the three wide awake flits, reinforcing it with several strong mental commands. He moves over to join the others in line and winds up behind Lyana. He whispers a friendly "Good luck" to her and then says the same to all the other candidates as he patiently waits for further instructions from Meo.

Edelwin is back up and heading for the line moments after the book had been picked up again. Leaving it on his cot, he joined the line, nodding to the other candidates nearby and smiling with just a touch of nervous energy.

Pralius nods, passing the command to stay on to the rest of his fair before he falls into line near Flavia, giving his sister's shoulder a gentle squeeze before he takes another deep breath and murmurs quietly to himself, "I can do this… I /can/ do this…"

Sertorius offers a thumbs-up for Parizi. "Good luck to all of us," he offers. Including himself! Serto's playing it cool…but the astute could pick out the slightly increased breathing and the slight tremble to his voice. He indicates that his firelizards should stay as well, and then follows the rest of the candidates in the quickly growing line.

Siobhan attempts to straighten the flit-nest that is her hair, but really, it's the least of her concerns. Instead, she fetches up a plain white scrap of cloth with which to cinch her… well, 'gown' is a very strong word. "Yes ma'am! And thanks, Miss Meo." Turning towards Dacote, Sio places a finger to his blunt nose and says, "Stay." If flits could roll eyes, he would, much more content to stay here and sleep for the time being. "Right. Ready?" Trying for casual, Siobhan winks at Galina before sidling down to line up with the rest of them, nodding to all the candidates she passes.

Flavia shuffles into line, after having freed poor Lumi. She grins over at Pralius in that nervous sort of way. "You can totally do this Pral, in the bag." she shifts on her feet, the sandals a pair she's not worn often and perhaps a poor choice.

Public Announcement from Kessa: Hatching Time! Help Gold Zuhth and Bronze Taozyuth welcome their clutch of 8 into the world! Encourage on the candidates! Come visit us for the immediate hatching of the eggs! +go fow, hc, galleries! Good luck to all!

Edrosayen is slow to start. Though the ruckus of changing candidates and excited voices made him stir, it also made him pull the blankets over his head and roll over until a well-aimed punch from one of the boys in an adjacent cot lands in the pile-o'-Roo'n'blankets which has him jumping up - ready to respond, but the unfamiliarly active scene has him scrambling for robes. It takes him time to dig to the bottom of his press and pull out the wrinkled things, but little time to shuck his sleep pants and don the robe and sandals instead. Soon enough he's sliding over to the line of candidates, not bothering to run fingers through bed-spiked hair until he's comfortably behind Galina.

Sado finds his way into the line as well, tall as he is he seems to gravitate towards the end of it. Content with the fact that he can see well over most of the candidates heads.

Galina catches that wink of Sio's but doesn't return it. Instead, there's a flat — if muted — "If not, then the eggs do not care." A faint, strained smile is tried, then dropped, with the young woman lapsing into silence again. A backwards look is given to Roo, sympathy scrawled across her features for a fleeting moment. And then, it's forward and center. Waiting.

Meo grins, remember the mad scramble from the time that she stood as well. "Good luck to every one of you." She tells them. "And no matter what happens, I hope to see all of you still around after this." She says, and watches the lining up. "Alright, all good to go? Let's go then, and once again, good luck!" She says, and with that, will turn to open the door to the tunnel, and lead them through.

Sabrina comes darting back in from outside, a bright smile on her face as she finds her way into the forming line of candidates. She doesn't want to be left behind after all.

Fort Weyr - Hatching Sands
The sands. The most prominant and possibly most important area for a weyr, this section of Fort is no exception to the rule. Completely enclosed from the outside elements by a high rounded ceiling, the golden white sand glitters under the streams of sunlight that manage to make their way in from the upper openings. Ledges abound in the upper areas of the dome, perfect for riders and their dragons to watch the action happening on the ground. At the back of the sands there appears to be a raised section of sand, built over generations by the golds who have laid clutches here, a couch of sorts for basking on while protecting their eggs. Slightly to one side of that, a small nook has been carved for the weyrwoman to take respite from the heat of the cavern.
===============================< Room Contents >==============================
People: Meo M'lo Ely Calria Neyuni B'ky N'shen Kessa
Dragons: Taozyuth Zuhth
Eggs: Irony At It's Worst Egg Tropical Treasures Egg Down to the Depths Egg The Sea's Stained Glass Egg Terrible Tempest Egg Sheen of Crude Poison Egg The World Between Egg Memories of Grandeur Egg

Terrible Tempest egg starts a slow spin out of its little wallow in the sands. The spinning gets faster and faster, until the white whorls on the surface of the blue shell truly look like a storm seen from above. After several seconds of whirling around, the egg falls from its wallow and rolls across the sands, finally coming to rest against a little dune.

Neyuni strides onto the grounds, clearly summoned back from a late night snack just before the activity breaks. She looks to her dragon who begins to hum a deep warm welcome to her children, attention focused as the first of the eggs begin to wobble. Yuni carries with her a single half empty cup of klah, not that she's likely to need it with the excitment a hatching brings, and makes her way to N'shen.

Lyana takes a deep breath at the entrance to the Sands, closing her eyes for a long moment. One heartbeat. Two. Three. Emerald eyes fly open, before she steps out onto the searing sands, bowing with a theatrical flourish to dam, sire, and riders alike. "Thank you for letting us Stand." With that, she takes her place to one side, near the entrance but where she can keep an eye on her fellow Candidates and render assistance if need be.

Meo comes out onto the sands, it's fortunate they have a tunnel that leads for the barracks, right to here. All nice, and dry. Once out there, she'll step to the side, and shoo the candidates out there. "Go go! Remember to be respectful, and no touching the hatchlings!" She reminds them.

Sabrina enters the sands with a wide eyed look on her face. Making a deep bow to the clutch parents, she heads over to where the candidates are supossed to be standing for this. She can feel the nerves finally starting to surface as she sees one egg is already begining to move.

Still tucked into the burrow it had been laid into, the Irony At It's Worst Egg sits still, and peaceful. But suddenly there is a break in the peacefulness, as the egg gives a jolt. The jolt sends a shudder across the entire shell, sending grains of sand into the air, before it stills again.

Jayashri follows the Weyrlingmaster onto the sands, her breathing quickened as the excitement of the moment catches up with her - or perhaps it's the brisk hustle across the bowl to the sands? - and she pauses a moment as she reaches the hot sands proper, eyes glazing over for just a second as if lost in a memory. Then the moment is gone and she takes another step forward, this one to bow to the clutch parents, before shuffling closer to the storm beset Tempest, swallowing and licking her lips. Will this time be it?

Orice trails along in the back of the line of candidates, his pristine white robes swishing about his legs and his amber hair slicked back and gleaming. He manages a stiff bow to the parents, though there's stilla smug little sneer on his face. He gets into line as near to Parizi as he possibly can.
Pralius takes a few quick steps, then stops to bow to dam and sire before he finishes his steps to ring the eggs, stopping near Down to the Depths Egg, eyes darkle expectant.

Sertorius enters with the rest of the candidates, offering his respectful bow to the dam as well, before finding his way over close to where Galina is standing. He offers her a smile, though the first egg to start its trembling catches his attention and he looks back to it. He's practically bouncing in place, his heart hammering against the inside of his chest. Though he tries to calm himself — breathe, Serto! — so he can watch without too much nervousness. One egg and then another starts to move….

Aludra follows the others, surprised her knees aren't knocking as she walks. She looks to her side and sees Lyana. A quick reach and she's clasped the other girl's hand. "Good luck," she whispers. giving the hand a squeeze just before she releases it. THen she's making her bow to the clutchparents. "Thank you for allowing me to Stand for your clutch," she says, her voice only slightly tremulous. "You do me great honor." And then she's distracted by one of the eggs moving.

Terrible Tempest egg makes a loud noise, almost like the crack of thunder, and jagged black lines break up the white ridges and slick blue of the shell. It spins around for good measure a few more times, and tiny chips start to fall off and sprinkle over the sands around it, falling like rain and small hail stones.

Galina nods, once, to Meo when she speaks … but Galina's gone utterly silent and offers a stiff approximation of a bow before seeking out a spot to stand. Once there, she's rooted — stiff-backed and with pale eyes locked onto those eggs. Silent. Still. And all too aware.

Parizi enters the sands, white-faced and nervous. She bows and then minces along in her thin sandals, picking up her feet comically, trying to keep them from burning. She takes a stand near Orice, but not too close. Her attention is focused on the eggs, now.

Siobhan halts at the sands entrance, but only for a moment. It's /almost/ familiar, the eggs in place, and the parents present, but all of a sudden there seemed to be so much /pressure/. Sidling forwards, the candidate follows Meo's suggestion and hustles forwards to bow to the parents before clearing away. Inhale. Exhale. Breathe! "Good luck, Pral."

Lyana squeezes Aludra's hand, her own slightly cold and damp with nerves. "You too, Alu." Then her eyes are glued to the eggs, and the only one that almost had her running from the Sands. "I wonder what that one will be…?"
Sabrina jumps a little as that egg that was particularly harsh on the mind cracks. "Oh of course that one's the first to hatch." She whispers to herself. She's steeling her nerves and paying attnetion, just incase that one decides to charge as soon as it's free.

Terrible Tempest egg makes one final, savage spin, enormous chunks of the shell fly away, hopefully missing the other hatchlings and the candidates ringing the eggs. Out twirls a large green hatchling, neck and tail and wings flopping hither and thither, caught in the wind of her own motion. She finally spills onto the sand and rolls down a little dune, popping up woozily a few seconds later, coated in egg-goo and sand and hissing furiously, eyes red with hunger.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Tempestuous Temptress Green Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
There is nothing about this dragon which is soft and giving, nothing in her form which suggests weakness or imperfection. Every single inch of her gleaming sea-green hide is polished, faultless impeccability. The ridges which march down her neck, back, and tail are precisely shaped like peaking waves, and colored darkly, save for the froth-white tips. Her broad wing-sails are similarly dark, though the spars show up in a vivid contrast, the same sea-green as most of the rest of her hide. Along the insides of her legs, her belly, the bottom of her tail, and the tender hide of her throat and chin, there are brighter, lighter striations, like light thrown up from the undulation surface of the ocean to caress her undersides. Strength emanates in the lines of her face, in the stern, severe slope of her eye ridges. Around the whirling jewels of her eyes, dark shadows play, lending mystique and allure to her gaze. Her frame is spare, and thin, lean in a way that lends itself to lightning speed and incredibly agility. Nothing about her is over-long or too-short - her proportions are exactly perfect, and coupled with her lithe musculature, she has the appearance of a sprinter - powerful and very fast in short bursts.

Edrosayen shuffles out onto the hot sands, one hand finally going to try to smooth sleep-mussed shock of blond locks. Grey-blue gaze widens as he makes it onto the sands, Adam's apple bobbing in a hard swallow as he takes in the crowd in the stands, the eggs on the sands, and well- everything! He manages a bow to the cluch parents before spreading out, though remaining near Galina - maybe he wants a healer near by in case he faints!

Meo checks for stragglers, moves to take a position with her her AWLMs. All they can do now it wait, and watch now, and retrieve those who impress.

Edelwin follows the group out, his usually merry voice silent with the solemnity of the moment. He offers bows as the other candidates do, then finds himself a spot near some of the others and watches the eggs, occasionally glancing up at the stands. The first to hatch earns a soft whistle of appreciation. "Well now. Nice looking lady there."

Growing more and more excited, Taozyuth slides just a touch closer to Zuhth, his attention sliding from eggs to Candidates - then back to the eggs as the first of them begin to finally show signs of what the dragons already guessed. N'shen purses his lips and moves to meet Neyuni, inclining his head respectfully to her as he offers a hand to lead her back to her queen. The little boy is - slowly - growing up.

Pralius gasps as the first egg hatches before all the candidates are even on the sands. A green first.

The Irony At It's Worst Egg sits perfectly still for a while. But starting slowly, and picking up pace, the egg starts rocking back and forth, right to left, left to right, from where it laid on it's side, like a ship in rough seas. Like a ship cresting a wave, it rocks back to front and back again, tiny cracks finally becoming visible across the shell.

Flavia slips out onto the sands, mincing her steps even as she finally looks wide awake. The green that bursts forth even as she's barely managed to get a glance around is passed over for the respect owed to the clutch parents first. Only after does she truly look over the first of the hatchlings.

Galina slants a look askance to Roo, a thin crease forming between her brows. That look is fleeting as her gaze shifts sharply to the greenling that's hatched. The gravity of the moment finally hits and she's soon swallowing hard as well, a slight step bringing her closer to Edrosayen. Purely because, as a healer, she should be close just in case he faints. Really.

The Sea's Stained Glass Egg turns slowly upon its sandy mound, colors shimmering from light to dark as stresses from within bulge against the smooth, glittering shell. Slowly, the surge subsides, until it rests quiet again against its nest, but for the occasional shudder that sends light dancing across its iridescent surface.

Tempestuous Temptress Green Hatchling staggers slowly to her feet, covered in sand, eyes red with hunger, wobbly on her feet, ungraceful for the first of only a few rare times in her life. She creels, the sound loud and piercing, and it seems like the noise surprises her. It doesn't scare her, though. Neither does the tumultuous noise from the galleries, the looming forms of her parents and the other watching dragons on their high ledges, the ungainly figures of her siblings, and the uncertain candidates in their white robes. She plants her feet firmly under her and shivers all over, trying to shake off some of the sand coated to her beautiful green hide. When that doesn't really work, she heaves a gusty sigh and gets down to the business of finding her lifemate.

Sabrina can't help but oooo, at the pretty little green that pops out of the Tempest egg. She looks so angry though, and that makes her keep an eye out. But there are other eggs moving, so she can't focus all her attention on the one dragon.

Lyana jumps as the Tempest egg frees its long-held green prisoner, taking a step backwards. "Beautiful… but oh, so stormy…"

Sertorius looks as the green hatches, smiling softly, and looking to Galina with a wink and a grin. He seems a little calmer now for some reason. He smiles as she slides closer to Roo and then makes up the distance with a step closer. He only looks for a moment, and then looks back at the green. No sense getting run over….

Pralius nudges Flavia and points, "Those two are moving, too." But his focus is on Depths, silently willing the hatchling within to choose him.

Aludra shifts from one foot to the other as the first dragon emerges. She's beautiful, indeed. Someone will be lucky to Impress her. But Aludra's eyes are on the other eggs. She somehow knows The Green Lady is not for her. Perhaps no dragon born this night is. She begins to have that sinking feeling she's felt before on the sands. Then she remembers the Weyrleader's words and straightens. Burn brightly. Yes, that's what she has to do.

Jayashri steps back as the green bursts forth, momentarily startled by this sudden arrival. Her eyes flick to the other eggs starting to twitch and shiver, eager to be rid of their cages, but then it's back to the green, aware and ready to move if needs be, her feet already shifting on the hot sands. Sweat beads her brow and her pulled back hair is slightly damp around the edges. Still, she does her best to remain calm, taking steady breaths. "Amazing," she exhales.

As the rocking continues, the cracks get larger on the shell. The main cracks start at one end of the egg, and spread back, along the shell, before it spiderwebs out, to encompass the entire shell. The egg seems to be collapse with in. Then the shell bulges out, going to the breaking point, before the shell gives way, and sends it's former occupant stumbling back, to wind up sitting on his rump.

Sado seems content to remain in the back of things, at least for the moment. A dutiful bow is given to the adult dragons on the sands before he crosses his arms over his chest and takes a deep calming breath.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Unlikeliest of Heroes Bronze Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
He is compact, perhaps one of the smallest of his color, but there is no denying that this is a bronze. What he might lack in size, he more than makes up for in muscle. The muscles of his legs are well developed, and yet lithe. His body over all is lithe, though not overly so, with bright, curious eyes looking out from under average ridges. His coloring starts out as a pale golden bronze on his head, spreading back to midway along his neck. As it goes, it slowly gets darker, deepening to a deep golden red bronze, like the colors of a sun set or sun rise, at his center, and continuing to darken as it spreads down into his tail, going to a coppery color. It fades into a dark bronzen color, almost becoming black in coloring as it reaches the tip of his tail. Throughout this coloring, is a sprinkling of the dark bronze coloring like his tail. The same slow darkening travels down his legs, and ending at his feet, leaving him with obsidian talons. His wings carry the pale golden bronze from his head, along his wing spars. It deepens to a deep copper bronze color as it moves over the sails. His wings too have not escaped the sprinkling of that deep bronze color, though it stays lighter, almost looking to be brown in color.

Standing next to Lyana and Aludra, he gently places his hands on the both of their shoulders. Whatever he was going to say is lost as the first egg hatches to reveal an angry green beast on the sands. With arms behind his back, he stands straight and tall with the confidence and resolve of the smith wrapping around him like a second skin.

Edrosayen's face is draining slowly of color - where others are flushed with excitement. A bad case of the nerves. Watching for turns doesn't prepare one for standing so close, and he jumps - not out of his skin, but just about - when the first hatchling sheds her shell, fingers curling into tight fists at his side.

Zuhth warbles a welcome as the first emerges, and leans closer into Taozyuth sharing his excitement. Beyond Neyuni accepts N'shen's hand, squeezing perhaps a bit to tightly in her own excitement. "Thank you." at least her lips move, whether she can be heard above the humming is another question and she lets herself be led just about wherever, eyes never settling in one spot for two long as the activity increases.

Orice jumps just a little at the sudden hatchings of two dragons, though he tries to smooth the move over with one of his usual smug little smiles. He wasn't scared. Really. Still, he glances around to be sure no one saw him startle. Satisfied, he turns back to look ahead, feet shifting uneasily on the hot sands. "Mm. A bronze," he murmurs, eyeing the shiny with covetous eyes.

Siobhan shifts nervously from foot to foot, worried eyes watching those eggs as they wiggle and begin to crack… and then… hatchlings! The girl inhales and holds it without really meaning to, hands fisting at her sides, nerves ratcheting up like crazy. "Shells," she breathes, half-admiring, half in awe, and completely unable to entirely process things just yet.

Parizi gasps at the sight of the pretty green hatchling, and then again at the bronze. She says nothing, though. Just stares at them. Almost unconsciosly, she clenches her hands into fists. Then she swallows, nods at Orice, and breathes.

The Sea's Stained Glass Egg flakes and flutters, scales going dark one by one as they crack and strain beneath the pressure of the hatchling within. No longer a solid shimmering line, instead the glass is spider-webbed by faint crack lines, dotted here and there with shadows where none existed before.

Galina shifts her weight a little, gaze flicking mechanically from hatchlings to eggs and then to fellow candidates. Mostly, her attention lingers peripherally on Roo, with her mouth pulling just a little to one side. Sertorius is caught a moment later, an appraising look given … and she settles on keeping her hands close to herself, knotting a bit in her robe.

Tempestuous Temptress Green Hatchling prowls as quickly as she can over the sands and toward the waiting humans, her head swiveling from one side to the other, eyes trained on each person as she approaches them. She pauses just in front of each candidate, though her pauses are longer in front of the females. She stops in front of a blonde and actually hisses her displeasure before going on. No, no, wrong, wrong, hiss, growl! Her eyes whirl faster and faster as she becomes more and more agitated. One brunette girl stumbles back with a cry when the green's eyes meet hers, literally thrown off-balance by the force of the green's searching mind.

Unlikeliest of Heroes Bronze Hatchling sits where he landed for a moment, dazed, and wondering what happened. He gives his head a shake, before he looks around. Oh! A whole new world to explore! He climbs up to his feet, and gives him self a shake off, making sure everythings where it should be, before he heads off toward those white things, pausing as he gets to the closest ones, examining them.

Lyana's eyes widen to huge, glittering jewels in her face at the emergence of the bronze. "Fardles, he's gorgeous. You could write whole songs about him!" She smiles, glancing around amongst her friends. Who would be walking off alone, and who would be beginning a whole new life this night?

Pralius glances up as others mention a bronze, then shrugs, eyes darting back to his own egg. He does stay aware of the hatchlings, but only peripherally.

Sabrina smiles as the cutest little bronze she's ever seen pops from his egg. "He's so little." She grins to herself as she watches. Two on the sands, both about to search. Sabrina only hopes that she'll be able to jump out of the way should one decide to charge. She's seen it before.. But at least that angry green is only prowling. That's a good sign.

Standing next to Lyana and Aludra, he gently places his hands on the both of their shoulders. Whatever he was going to say is lost as the first egg hatches to reveal an angry green beast on the sands. With arms behind his back, he stands straight and tall with the confidence and resolve of the smith wrapping around him like a second skin. Joan also spots another egg hatching in the distance, to reveal a beautiful bronze dragon. "Hey there…" is all the young smiths says as more eggs begin to hatch all around him and the others.

Sertorius looks to the second hatchling and smiles. "Second one a bronze. I think that's a good sign, isn't it?" he inquires of Galina. He looks up to Roo and blinks slightly. And then he too is scooting a little closer. Just in case. The cry of the brunette girl draws his attention for a moment, but he looks between her, the hatching eggs, and the dragonets in a darting manner.

Flavia doesn't cling to her brother, but it very well looks like she might in her excitement. "Was that your egg?" comes the question, as she's not quite sure which one came from where. The bronze earns an ahhhhh "Look at him, isn't he beauty." but as she realizes that Pralius still watches another egg she nods. "Wasn't was it, its time will come though. You'll see."

N'shen's eyebrows raise at the Hero hatchling. "That's a bronze," he informs Taozyuth - who gives his rider a look that essentially translates to 'duh'. Chuckling, N'shen squeezes Neyuni's hand lightly as he settles her near Zuhth - he, too, is quite excited, but it's more of a child's wonder than an adult's sense of pride, and he simply watches hatchlings and Candidates with wide, shining green eyes.

Galina reminds herself to breathe. Inhale. Exhale. Still, she's pale, fighting a bit of a shiver that … well. It's marginally successful. Only her hands are trembling and they're tangled up in her robe enough that it's hard to tell from any distance. Calm, cool and collected? Only on the outside … and that mask is slowly cracking.

Aludra nods eagerly to Lyana's words, but takes a step closer to Joanethen. He's big enough to hide her! Suddenly, things are a whole lot different than those other times. "They're both beautiful. You write the songs and music," she tells the other girl, "and I'll play it with you." And then there's even more action on the sands.

The sunlit waters seem to shift as the World Between egg begins to move. There is no doubt to the movement, no hesitation or reluctance. It's as if the one within has decided and once decided puts all into emergence. A task that will not come easily to the sea colored egg, despite the growing movements.

Edrosayen is forced to swallow hard again, taking a very slow very deep breath to try to calm himself. "Hey, Galya? Remember after the touching? I'm feeling… a bit like that." He drags in a shallow breath and then forces himself to take another deep one, his fingers uncurling from their tight balls. He gives a glance further towards Sertorius, his expression betraying mild illness.

Jayashri's head jerks as the bronze explodes from his shell, her eyes softening at his startling yet somehow almost cute exterior. Unusual for a bronze, but certainly he looks healthy and absolutely stunning. "Woah," she blinks. For once the normally chatty girl is quite concise with her words, shifting a few steps back to get a wider view of the arena.

Sado shifts, his stoic expression only slightly changing as the heat begins to seep in through the soles of his sandals. All of that seems to be forgotten at the sight of the bronze though. There's a gleam to his eyes as he tracks the small hatchling through the sands.

Pralius' breath comes slowly, almost rhythmically, eyes darting up, then back down. They do dart briefly over to World Between as it shudders, but slides back with a silent shake to Flavia, "Each egg is amazing in its own way."

Unlikeliest of Heroes Bronze Hatchling gives a snort. Just not the right ones. He slowly starts down the line of them, pausing to sniff at one or two of them. No no, just not right. A group of girls makes him stop though. Well hello there pretty ladies! He'll give a draconic grin, before he strikes a manly pose. Or, well, as manly as a hatchling can get. How do you like this? I bet you wish you could have a piece of this don't you? But, unfortunately he's on a quest, and he can't waste too much time with the girls, as he's off to find a man.

Tempestuous Temptress Green Hatchling prowls along through the candidates with more and more frustrated motions, making impatient sounds as she goes. None of them are good enough, it seems, and there is an edge of frantic frenzy in the quiver of her sand-coated wings. She stops in her tracks and lets out a demanding keen. Those wings of hers flare out as wide as they go, and this new they're nearly translucent. Then the noise cuts off and her head swivels unerringly toward a certain girl. Then she takes off, her movements awkward but fast as she trundles through the sand and fetches up at the feet of a hazel-eyed, green-haired hairdresser. She sits back on her hind legs and stretches her head toward Sabrina, her eyes locking onto those of her chosen.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Tempestuous Temptress Green Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

The Sea's Stained Glass Egg gives way, the incessant demands of its occupant shattering through the prison of glassy scales, leaving them lying, forsaken, upon the ground around her. Proudly, a tiny green hatchling steps away from the shards of what used to be her home, freed at last from the confines of the shell to seek out that siren's call that haunted her even as she lay quiescent in egg's comforting embrace.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Romancing the Stones Green Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Beryl flows along a slender muzzle, deepening to jade as it curves above high eye ridges, highlighted to peridot by streaks of sun-kissed gold at jaw and throat. Hide darkens further, tsavorite's mystery gleaming subtly from nape to shoulder, gilt edging fading to moonlight's argent brush where wings meet back, surging aloft from her narrow back. Sea-foam silver spars rush upwards, transfixed between by near translucent sails of purest pearl, faint flashes of malachite veins shimmering iridescently across their opaline shell. Slender, svelte body, with its lithe dancer's curves, is darker yet - the rich matte of aventurine eventually fading to heliotrope's nightfall hue at tail-tip's spade. Coral's pale touch steals from crown to tail, a steady march of rounded ridges, starkly blushing against encroaching emerald shadows. Lean and limber, with grace writ large on every curve of hide over muscle and flesh, the delicacy of her tiny form is belied by the strength of purpose in shining, sultry gaze.

Siobhan glances to the side when Edrosayen speaks, blue eyes flickering with an emotion that might be more akin to terror than excitement, even though a smile lifts one side of her face. "Hey, cheer up. At least they're friendly." Or at least, that bronze was, with his manly pose and big grin. That actually earns a snicker, even if she doesn't relax, eyes sidling over towards Galina. No words, but definitely a curious glance.

Romancing the Stones Green Hatchling pauses, head tilted to one side as it comes again - that faint call of mind to mind and heart to heart. Roughly shouldering through a line of Candidates, she stalks across the sands, hunting her prey as surely as he - yes, he - hunts for her. And there he is, the one whose sweet siren song has drawn her from egg to Sands, and from Sands to /him/ - Orice. Settling delicately at his feet, she arches her slender neck, gazing straight into his eyes. "Azaleath?" Orice's voice cracks beneath the pressure of Impression. With tears streaming, he reaches out. "Yes, of course I heard you calling. I just didn't realize it!" Together, under the guidance of the Weyrlingmasters, R'ice and Azaleath leave the Sands - his steps as proud as her own, despite the tear-tracks on his cheeks.

With a triumphant cry the Romancing the Stones Green Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the Weyrlingmaster leads the new pair off the sands.

Sertorius doesn't even seem to register the heat of the sands on his feet, perhaps it hasn't reached him through his sandals yet. Or perhaps he's just too nervous and anxious to feel it just yet. His whole body is held tensed, and he chuckles at the antics of the bronze as he watches him move across the sands. Roo gets a sympathetic look. Where's Serto's usual sarcasm…?

Lyana applauds wildly as the little greens both find their lifemates, calling out congratulations to the newly Impressed. "Go, Sabrina! Knew you could do it!!!"

Pralius claps absently for the greens, favoring Orice, wait, R'ice, with a smug grin. Sabrina gets a slight nod, but that's it.

Galina slants a look to Edrosayen, a shallow nod given to him. Mechanical. "I cannot forget." A smile flickers, fades, and she's back to her breathing mantra. "Breathe, Roo." Healer's orders and all. "If you breathe, you cannot vomit." Helpful advice, no? Of course. And if she's looking away for a moment to look at the galleries … well.

Parizi stares as first Sabrina, and then Orice find lifemates of their own. Orice, now R'ice, leaves, and she stands alone. Her gray eyes follow them out, and she blinks a few times. Her glance lands on the other waiting candidates, and she focuses once again on the hatchlings. "One of you… pick me," she half-pleads, half commands.

The World Between egg's movements continue to increase, rocking becoming more frantic though for the longest time not even a crack appears upon the surface. Then, slowly, efforts are rewarded and dark black fissures work their way upwards from the rocky looking outcropping at the base of the shell. The lines seem rather ominous, cutting across the strange scene as if it won't be long before the end is known, one way or the other. Has time run out for the eggs occupant?

Flavia's eyes trail the hatchlings and a cry of 'oooooh' escapes as Sabrina and then /Orice/ impresses. "Ah! Look, did you see that?" she takes a deep breath herself, perhaps the flutters in her own stomach beginning to get the best of her. She levels her attention on the Memories of Grandeur Egg and sighs a bit in hopefulness.

Joanethen Joan nods in agreement with Lyana, "Yeah he is a real beauty." Joan also sends Sabrina his congratulations, "You go Sabrina!" With that he returns his gaze to the Sands and the wandering hatchlings.

Aludra joins her companions in applauding the Impressions. "Oh, good! I was hoping they'd Impress," she says, though is probably not heard in the whole exciting jumble of candidates and dragonettes. Finally remembering to breathe, she grins widely, truly happy for those lucky candidates. No, they're weyrlings now.

Edrosayen's breath swooshes out of him as first Impressions are made. He manages a bit of a choking sound that might be his attempt at congratulations to the others finding their mates and then a hand is offered out to Galina. Her words are not lost on him and he focuses on his breathing, eyes sharp though just in case a hatchling should blunder his way and he needs to leap aside.

Pralius nods, chuckling softly, "Orice finally found his girl." He follows her glance, then gives her a nudge, "It'll hatch. They always hatch." He's sure of it, right? Right?"

Jayashri blinks as the two greens bond almost simutaneously it seems like. "Well, they were decisive." She licks her lips, starting to feel parched as the heat gets to her, now thoroughly covered in a sheen of sweat. She eyes the bronze, smiling as he struts his stuff. Surely a man's man, this bronze! Then more eggs start moving and her attention diverts, but not so much as to not spare a quiet snicker for Orice - now R'ice - and his bond.

Sertorius smiles and pffers congratulatory waves to the pairs leaving the sands, and then turns his attention back to the hatching. He looks to Roo and nods. "Exactly what she said. Just breathe, and be calm. Everything will turn out all right, one way or the other." He offers a reassuring smile to Roo. Mainly becaus ehe doesn't want to get vomited on, yeah….

Tropical Treasures Egg is so utterly still, it might be asleep. Or a dud.. But nope! There's a definite tremble as it ventures a little shake. Grains of sand are clearly skittering away. And then it returns to an unmoving state once again. Perhaps it's still not ready. Or perhaps there's just too much else going on. It's obviously not in a terrible hurry, patiently waiting for its own time. You can't rush greatness, after all.

Orice, or R'ice as he's now known, reaches up to swipe at his cheeks with the edge of his robe to remove the evidence of his tears. He flashes a smug sneer over his shoulder at those who might be watching him - no, no one saw him cry. Deal with it. Then his expression softens as Azaleath calls his attention and he follows the Weyrlingmasters off the Sands, pausing only to smile encouragement to Parizi.

Sado seems to barely notice the greens impressions, or perhaps his expression doesn't change overly much with them. Instead he watches the hatchling that still wanders the sands, an almost yearning look in his eyes.

Siobhan nearly falls out of her sandals when Orice impresses, to be honest. A stunned moment of silence passes, then two, the time filled with the realization that Sabrina, too, has found a lifemate. And then… "Congrats?" It's squeaked, but more out of surprise than anything, the girl torn between wanting to laugh or pass out. "Did you see that, Pralius?!" The girl aims that over yonder, jerking her thumb at the green. Seriously? Hah!

Galina takes the offered hand from Edrosayen, her eyes shifting from the galleries to the eggs and hatchlings and, ah, the first pairs just over there. Nods are given, but no vocalized congratulations; there is no need for such, not with the others being so vocal. It's almost too much to react to … but it's all taken in, in between measured breaths that serve only to keep her own internal balance. The mask is temporarily restored to wholeness, but only because she's back in healer mode — if briefly.

Meo spots the greens impressing, and groans as she sees Orice impress. She heads out for Orice. "R'ice and Azaleath? This way, please, we have meat ready for him."

A struggle to the end, pushing the very limits and boundaries at this very first stage, the World Between egg shatters. It no longer can withstand the ever desperate kicks from within, and shadowed shards splatter like rain to the sands around it. In its wake is left a rather large and lanky brown panting from the exertion but clearly exhilarated as he tosses his head back and bugles to the Weyr.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Reckless Suntanned Diver Brown Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Golden-brown dapples of light play across the broad expanse of tanned sail. As if settled just below the sea's surface, the light can still easily reach the translucent membranes, playfully crisscrossing the sails in loose diamond patterns to the random ripples of the waves above. As agile in the invisible currents of air as in the thicker veil of water, lean defined muscles connect and support the easy flow of joints which manipulate the broad span. Beneath, the dragon himself is not quite as dramatically dappled by the light pattern through neck ridges, back and the upper portion of his tail. Darkened, sun-tanned brown hide flows with a smooth tautness over his long frame with its slim athletic build. There is a sharp angle to his jaw which leads to a rather pointed muzzle. Pearly white teeth glint, while a more calming blue-green swirl emerges in his eyes. The jewel-like orbs are protected by distinct jutting ridges dusted in a sandy-brown. Neck ridges too are sharp and distinct as they flow down the spine of his long neck. Angular arms protrude from broad chest while haunches draw his hips distinctly as muscles tense and relax beneath the drawn hide. Each of his features is sharp and distinct, even the lanky tail which trails him with its much smaller ridges ends in a distinct point. Pearl hued talons tip mud splattered fingers and arms, a bit of treasure found from rummaging upon the sea's floor. The apparent efforts also spackle his belly with smaller dots of muddy brown, though tail looks to have kept out of the way. His movements are clearly well controlled but surprisingly agile for one of his size, the tradeoff in the lack of sheer bulk that so many others carry.

Lyana has no such luxury of a mask, her nervousness and excitement plain for all to read upon her face. And in her hands, for the two Candidates nearest to her—Joanethen and Aludra. Is that shells crunching on the Sands, or their palms caught within her grasp? "I never thought it would be like this… don't care if I'm left Standing, this is going to be something I'll never forget"

Sabrina stands very still as the two dragonettes search the line of candidates. No need to be distracting right? When that scary little green comes running on up to her, she can't help but stare straight down at that lady. A slow smile grows on her face and a hand reaches out to wipe some of that sand and goo. "Well Zarawith, I have to agree. You feel very hungry." She tears her eyes away from her tempest and looks back around for where it is she's supossed to go. "They have the food." She says, pointing towards the weyrlingmasters, which probably wasn't the kindset thing to do to them, but she heads off the sands with Zarawith.

Pralius glances up as World Between deposits its brown occupant with a soft smile, "he's a pretty one. Always like browns."

M'lo strides toward Sabrina and her new lifemate and meets her halway. "This way, Sabrina," he says. "She's beautiful. But she's hungry, like they all are. Let's get her something to eat, all right?"

Unlikeliest of Heroes Bronze Hatchling keeps searching, pausing at each of the guys that he comes across. But none are good enough for what this dragon wants to do. He's looking for fun, and adventure, and none of these guys are adventerous enough. He gives a frustrated snort as he peers at them. Where's the one he wants? Then he spots something. Aha! He picks up the pace, and bounds down the line, pausing before a blue eyed lad, moving to headbutt him in the chest. Sorry to put your plans on hold boy, but we got other stuff we need to do first.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Unlikeliest of Heroes Bronze Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Aludra doesn't realize until a sharp pang from her hands reminds her to unclench her fists. So tightly did she curl her fingers into tight balls that her nails bit into her skin. Eight half-circle indentations mar her hands, but that's ignored now. Breathe. In. Out. Slowly. Make your mother proud. She represents Keroon, after all, even if she has not intention of returning there after the hatching.

Sertorius looks as the brown hatches, and smiles. "Oh, he is pretty," he observes to Pralius's comment. He smiles and looks back to the hatching, shifting on his feet a little. Perhaps the hot sands are finally getting to him?

From stillness to sudden shuddering, the Tropical Treasures Egg comes ALIVE! It's so totally shaking, that colorful, chaotic shell riddled with movement as cracks dance out across the curving surface, multiplied tenfold by every quaking, internal impact. It's waited long enough. This egg's occupant wants out, /now/. And nothing's gonna stop it! Well, there is that pesky eggshell, but judging by the shards already flying off, it's one barrier that's not going to last long at /all/.

Pralius can't miss the happy cry of that bronze, eyes gleaming a bit as he pumps his first for his fellow father, "Way to go, Roo!"

Jayashri swallows, her heart starting to race - perhaps it's the heat, perhaps the excitement of the shattering eggs - and she takes a deep breath, exhaling slowly. Her feet shift more rapidly now, unable to maintain any comfortable footing now. Still, Impressions are being made even as more eggs shatter and her eyes dart to try and keep up with it all. "Congratulations!" she offers to the new bronze and his lifemate, her eyes suddenly jerking to the lanky brown. "Oh, my." Eyes widen, breath catches. Gorgeous.

Reckless Suntanned Diver Brown Hatchling struggles to his feet, large wings flailing and dragging a bit as he works to coordinate these newly released limbs. Sand clings to various parts of still damp body, but he dries quickly in the heat and between that and movement it trickles off. The sand is not such a good way to learn ones footing however, whoever's idea this was needs to reconsider the concept! Instinct drives him to begin forward movement, shifting footing or not. Long tail lashes behind, seeking to balance out these first most awkward of steps.

Memories of Grandeur Egg starts to awaken from its long slumber. At first the vibrations seem like a trick of the light on the hot sands, but the intensity continues to build until there can be no doubt. The egg manages enough oomph to fall over on its side, and then the vibrating suddenly stops.

Flavia seems to move herself in so that she's near to both Pralius and Siobhan. "Look there at that brown, he's a nice looking one too. They're all just so grand." her voice trails off into a whisper, the unspoken 'I hope there's one for me' left hanging. As the bronze finds his lifemate she smiles again, the slightest of smiles. "It was Roo!" she calls happily.

Sado shifts from foot to foot once again, his gaze moving over those impressions that have been made and those hatchlings that are still searching. This tall quiet man seems content to do very little talking during this momentous occasion, taking it all in.

R'oo releases Galina's hand on reflex as a bronze head butts into his chest. The choking sound burbles from his throat and then no sound for a moment as the world comes to a stop for him, and then begins anew. "Zephryth," He manages after a moment, swallowing hard - eyes glittering, in… the most …manly way possible— not that manly, actually, but he manages to turn his head to Galina, a grin spreading across his face, joy in his eyes, "His name is Zephryth." And then back to the bronze with a surprised laugh, "Right. Food. No exploring on empty stomachs." Followed by another laugh.

Lyana smiles from ear to ear, that smile wide enough to permit a Queen's wing passage if such were anatomically possible. She throws her head back and laughs, eyes sparkling with glee as her friends Impress one by one. "Wonderful, all of you… congratulations!"

Siobhan, for once, focuses on the eggs instead of her fellow candidates, watching certain ones quiver and move, and others… not. Luckily, she catches the hatching of the brown, lips quirking up on one side. "They are, Flavia. It's…. amazing." Siobhan points a wide grin at the other beastcrafter, perhaps finally settling into the pace. "Wait, Roo?" Neck craning, Sio turns to peek and— Yes! "Yeahhh, Roo!" She bounces on her toes, expression elated for the young man. "Shards, it goes so fast!," she says towards Flavia and Pral after a moment, toes wriggling in her sandles.

One last, epic shudder and the Tropical Treasures Egg literally falls apart, colorful fragments shattering across the sands. Left standing in its place, amongst the scintillant shards, is a stormy patch of darkness unfurling itself with deliberate slowness. Midnight wings stretch and flex, while an egg-wet muzzle lifts to survey its surroundings, eyes startlingly bright orange to contrast with the deep blueness of the hatchling's hide. There is a rumble, low and throaty, despite his newness, announcing quietly to all: he has arrived.

Joanethen just watches as the newly hatched browns tries to maintain balance. Hearing the bry of the bronze ring about the hatching caverns, Joan sees the little bronze body resting there in front of Roo. He gives a congratulatory grin as he says "Way to go Roo, knew you had it in you!"

Galina is, in a word, startled. Her hold on Roo's hand is suddenly released and a step back is taken while her breath catches in her throat. Too close. Far, far too close for comfort. Back to her robe her hands go, pale, wide eyes flicking from the bronze to the man before a thin ghost of a smile is offered. "Be well, R'oo and Zephryth," is murmured to him and the bronze alike before she manages another step away. And back, slightly, as eggs seem intent on wobbling with increased fervor.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Courage In Spirit Blue Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Stormy skies never dreamt a blue so deep and dark, whose noble lines are toned by muscle, the slightest of movements sending ripples along clouded flanks. Echoes of the inky abyss haunt the shadowed realms beneath his wings, enormous membranes of windswept midnight hue, dotted by tiny, barely glimpsed specks of light, like stars blown across his back and shoulders to flash and shimmer and disappear, motes of brightness swallowed in the impenetrable darkness of his hide. Large for his color, and built more solidly than most, this dragon nevertheless carries himself with a sense of grace, a sort of quiet dignity present in every twitch or subtle shift, seeming fluid, as if almost deliberate. Neither clumsy bulk nor clunky angles mar his form, this fellow clearly cut from a somewhat sleeker mould. Like a carefully coiled spring, there's waiting potential in the strength evident from the smallest black-taloned toe to the sweeping length of his tail. The regal curve of his neck is touched below by the faintest tint of charcoal upon the blue, washed down along his chest and belly, and up across the underside of his jaw. There's even a hint of it brushed over pronounced headknobs and eye ridges, the latter set close above faceted orbs.

Meo grins and steps forward. "Well well, was it Zephryth?" She asks. "Come, this way, we have food for that empty stomach of his." She says, and motions the bronze pair to follow.

Sertorius offers a grin to R'oo as the other finds his lifemate. "Congratulations," he offers, before backing away so that R'oo and his lifemate can go off the sands without him being in the way. He grins to Galina, too, and then his eyes return to the hatching as the blue arrives, which he notes with a smile.

M'lo passes Meo on her way out with a hatchling and grins. "Congratulations," he tells R'oo. Then he takes up his position and waits for more impressions.
Pralius' brows raise at the appearance of the blue, "Now there's a pretty boy. And nice to see a blue in the mix."

Aludra grins, happy for her fellows. As for herself…? She's happy too. Glad to be a part of all this. She chuckles at the awkwardness of some dragonettes, and suddenly realizes her own eyes are filled with tears. But they're tears of happiness for those who have found lifemates. The hatching blue draws her attention, then, and she admires him with a soft "ooh." Such a pretty color.

Flavia's eyes land on the white egg as it begins to move. She nearly hops in place "Loook Pral its moving." eyes slant to catch the blue and she glances at Siobhan almost expectantly before she turns her attention back to the Memories of Grandeur egg.

Reckless Suntanned Diver Brown Hatchling quickly figures out the assortment of limbs and now moves much more quickly, if still with its awkward moments, over the sands. The line of white robed candidates is still a bit distant, especially in comparison with the nearer remaining eggs and the wobble of the next catches his attention, causing him to plow to a stop on his haunches and rear back defensively. There is no danger he will not brave, nor will he let anything stop him from his current course. For a moment it looks as if he might attack the offending egg, but practicality wins out in the urgency of his current quest and he simply steps around with a bit of a sniff. So there!

Memories of Grandeur Egg gives a sudden and jarring bounce from its tipped over position on the sands. A small crack appears at one end of the egg, and as the vibrating starts up again the crack multiplies and runs across the opalescent shell, marring its featureless surface.

Jayashri watches the brown as he figures out his footing, smiling and mouthing encouragement to the lanky hatchling. The blue receives an eye dart and she seeks out Pralius for a moment. Perhaps a blue for him? She looks hopeful for him, offering a smile and then her attention returns to the dragonets. Wouldn't do any good to get mained for inattentiveness! More foot shifting and a bit of hand ringing now. Will there be a mate for her this time?

Courage In Spirit Blue Hatchling stands there surveying his surroundings, hide slick with egg-goo, eyes whirling faintly orange from the prior battle to escape his cramped prison. Now that he's free, though, he takes a moment to stretch out fully and get his bearings, stepping carefully over the shards of his egg's shell, new legs a touch wobbly at first. But the hatchling soon stabilizes, wings angling to help him keep his balance. Right. He has arrived. Now there's something he must do. Scanning the sands, those figures in white are stared at briefly before he starts toward them.

Galina glances askance to Sertorius, her smile waning but only for the weight of the situation far more than for the sake of seeing him. Pale eyes flick to the latest hatchlings, studying each with an inscrutable sort of look. Back to silent, back to nervously waiting — for the cracks are there again, and the shiver-trembling from before is renewed in force.

Pralius nudges Flavia, "Your egg is shaking, Sis. Look!"

Sheen of Crude Poison Egg sways, floating on the dune of sand around it. It's a languid motion the continues, unable to be stopped now that its starting. Back and forth, back and forth, leaking bits of shell pieces from its side onto the sand below it.

Aludra watches her "favorite" egg, Memories of Grandeur. This is the one she has always liked. What will it contain? Will it be her lifemate, or one for a fellow candidate? Questions, questions, questions.

Joanethen finally feels the presence of someone behind him after gazing dumbfoundedly at all that has been happening around him. Seeing that it's Aludra, he puts an arm behind her little body and gently slides her forward. "You can't Impress if the hatchlings can't see you!" he says jokingly to the teary-eyed girl.

Lyana starts as Sheen of Crude Poison egg shudders and shakes, her eyes following the bit of shell that drops to the Sands. Her grip on Aludra's and Joanethen's hands tighten reflexively, and she seems glued to the spot.

Courage In Spirit Blue Hatchling makes steady progress across the sands, shaking out his wings as he goes. His eyes continue to whirl a bright orange, in sharp contrast to the slick, dark twilight hue of his hide. There's snort, the hatchling stopping some distance from the nearest group of candidates, just looking them over. It's clear he's seeking /something/, though apparently it's not here, the young dragon turning abruptly to swing his head at the next lot. They, too, get a once-over, his eyes whirling faster and deepening into a redder shade. Not here either! Bah.

Sertorius places a hand on Galina's shoulder for support. just for a moment, and then he looks back to the hatching eggs and dragonets. Must keep alert, after all. Dragonets are big and heavy, and probably don't feel good to be stepped on by. More eggs start to move, and he smiles, his attention divided between the eggs, dragonets, and the other candidates, mainly Galina.

Siobhan chuckles at Pralius, one shoulder lifting. "There's always a blue, isn't there?" She, after all, had one from the firelizards, didn't she? Still, it's a dragon to admire, and that she does until Flavia distracts her again. "The white one's still your favorite, right?" Hmm. Gasp! "It's cracking, Flavia, look!" Siobhan might do a reckless dance right there, excepting the fact that… well… it wouldn't be proper.

Memories of Grandeur Egg moves on from vibrating to actual rocking, and from the fine spider web of cracks covering the egg the tip of a muzzle emerges. And then in one definitive motion the egg is shattered, revealing the dragonet within.

Meo grins at M'lo as she joins him again. "Remember when we were out here impressing?" She asks, and watches the sands, keeping an eye out for any problems, and injuries.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Born Again Blue Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Long lines and smooth contours define this blue dragon. A broad cerulean stripe covers his long muzzle and narrow face, on his head knobs the cerulean brightens to a pale blue green, making them stand out against the rest of his otherwise drab and dark coloring. The band widens but dulls as it trails down the back of his sleek neck, each neck ridge a little darker than the one before it. By the time the stripe reaches his shoulders it is a dark grey blue. Across his lithe back, a hint of deep burgundy mingles with the grey blue, forming a loose striped pattern down over his lean flanks. On his chin and lower jaw, navy blue prevails, the color pouring down the underside of his neck and chest and across his underbelly. His long thin tail is the color of midnight, the burgundy stripes fading quickly. On his large powerful wings, a hint of the cerulean remains, the color marbled across his wing sails, mixing in with grays of various hues. Along limber legs the dark grey blue lightens, his dark claws at a strong contrast with pale blue grey paws.

With a triumphant cry the Born Again Blue Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the Weyrlingmaster leads the new pair off the sands.

Pralius glances at Sio, "You'd think, sio, but with such a small… wow…" He pauses at the newest blue, easily distracted, it seems. But no, it's gone elsewhere.

Born Again Blue Hatchling peers at the pile of shell bits he is sitting in and then blinks blearily out at the candidates. His target seems impossibly distant, but he's been waiting far too long to let that stop him. With a lot of wobbling, the little blue rises to his spindly legs and takes his first step, and then another. Huh, this walking this isn't so hard after all. With growing confidence he shuffles over to the line of candidates, the whole time focusing on a tall, ash blonde girl who's been on Fort's sands as a candidate twice before. He stops at her feet and nudges her hand with his sleek head. Parizi's thin face relaxes from its perpetually pinched expression for the first time in a long time as she gazes at the blue. "Pharzanoth. Yes, it would be my pleasure." The newest pair get lead off the sands.

Sado shifts, moving closer to the eggs and hatchlings that are still left. He keeps moving, one foot to the other trying to contain his excitement.

Galina tenses for the touch to her shoulder, a glance shot to Sertorius for it. But, it's not shrugged off, nor is he reprimanded for it; instead, she just nods, once, to him and moves just a step closer. Warily … but, there it is. No hand is offered, with both too tangled in her robe to be of service, but … it's the thought that counts, no?

Reckless Suntanned Diver Brown Hatchling gains confidence the more he moves and the faster and longer his strides become. The distance remaining between he and the line of candidates is quickly closed. Stopping is another matter and its good the candidates were warned ahead of time, the ones nearest stepping aside as he plows to a stop in a flailing of limbs. Well, he'll work on that. Eyes search urgently for the one he knows is here. Working his way along the back of the line now he is stared at by some, ignored by others. Limbs contained are little danger at this pace but for the urgency of his need and then he senses the one, his one there! Movements slow to a careful choreographed whisper as he sides up and settled next to his partner, leaning ever so gently into his side as eyes look up adoringly. Yes, hello!

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Reckless Suntanned Diver Brown Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

M'lo's eyebrows shoot toward his hairline when Parizi impresses. He beckons her toward the same path the other weyrlings took. She follows, and he's back quickly.

An audible snap punctuates the air around Sheen of Crude Poison Egg, the reason for the sound is a gaping hole that slices through it, leaving egg goo spilling outward from it. With time progressing, the goo gushes out faster and more fluidly, piling in the sand dune the shell sits on. There's a flurry of motion from within, more pieces of the shell littering the hatching floor.

N'shen's fingers linger along the side of Taozyuth's flank as he watches the hatchlings fumble about, each finding his or her lifemate on the sands. The bronze's throat is vibrating with the force of his humming, his eyes whirling double-time as a show of his excitement. "Yes," the boy murmurs, voice cracking slightly - which, of course, earns a faint grimmace - "You do sire beautiful babies." Wonder remains, tempered by his bronze's pride, until the slender lad is nearly puffed double with both.

Meo blinks, and groans. "Oh shell, both Parizi, and Orice, er R'ice impressed?" She asks, and rubs at her temples, oh boy, this should be a fun weyrlinghood.

Flavia's expression just falls when a blue emerges and heads towards Parizi of all people. "Of all people." is nearly muttered before she tries to put a brave face on and lets her gaze linger on those eggs that are still left.

"I remember," he tells Meo, a bit belatedly. Then he grimaces and nods. "Well. The dragons know best who's their match, right?" He shrugs. "Maybe they'll grow up a little with a dragon depending on them."

Down to the Depths Egg trembles, its entire shell quivering in a slow vibration that blurs the chaotic colors on it together. Grains of sand skitter and slide away from its base, as though afraid of what impending force might be coming from within. There's a sudden jerk and a twitch before the egg falls silent again, looking strangely innocent and peaceful.

Lyana offers Meo a sympathetic look, shaking her head and chuckling nervously. "Good luck to you as well." Though for very different reasons! With that, she turns her gaze back to the Sheen of Crude Poison egg, watching it shimmy and dance, the sands beneath darkening with egg goo.

Pralius' eyes dart up long enough to nod to the smith, then turns to Flavia, the first time he's looked away from the egg since they hit the sands, "Maybe another one liked you better. Maybe they talk amongst themselves to-" He pauses suddenly. The egg. His egg. It's shaking. Egg egg egg. He's twitching like a kid in a candy-shop.

Jayashri blinks. Parizi /and/ Orice? Well, maybe she should hope not to Impress with /those/ two. A frown, however brief, flickers across her countenance. Then it's gone, a grin replacing it as the brown chooses. "Congratulations!" He probably won't hear her, but still, it's a nice thought! The crude egg receives the eye and she waits for the egg to reveal its occupant.

Siobhan seems to understand what Pralius is saying, and shrugs, tearing herself away from that dark hatching again. "I dunno, they can't all be shiny or green." Or brown, as the case may be, but she's distracted from watching that one in order to eye this new blue. "Parizi?," she questions, but… then again, she hadn't imagined Orice on green, either, so… "Aww, Flavia. I'm sorry," she says, reaching out to pat her shoulder, eying the rest of the eggs. "Maybe there's another for you out there?" Like those wandering dragons, or perhaps another, one that hasn't been discovered yet.

Aludra looks up at Joanethen, smiling. "I don't —" But to burn brightly is to not be afraid. So she nods instead, standing proudly in front of Joanethen, her hand still holding Lyana's and his. There are fewer eggs remaining now, and they draw her attention. "Good luck, Lyana, Joanethen. If we don't Impress, it's a night at Shenanigans, right?" It's been a joke, but how real will it be after the night ends?

Neyuni lets out a sigh, pleased as things progress so well and quickly. She smiles ot N'shen before reaching out to her own, a hand caressing the nearest bit of golden hide. Dragon adn rider lock eyes, much teh same as they did so many turns ago, remembering their own joyous moment and now sharing that with those chosen out upon the grounds. Hearing N'shen, both Zuhth and Yuni agree, though in their own ways. The gold raising her head with a bit of a sniff, yes she makes good babies and Yuni with a softer smile. "They all look quite healthy." suppressing a further grin from the obvious smugness of her own mate. "He has reason to be proud."

Courage In Spirit Blue Hatchling rumbles deep, though despite the angry color of his eyes, he simply continues to scan the various white-robed individuals. He appears willing to stand there all day if he has to. But luckily, the baby dragon spots what he's after. Giving another low rumble, he zeroes in on one of the candidates. /Her/.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Courage In Spirit Blue Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Galina makes a quick count of eggs, of candidates, and hatchlings. Perhaps it's the sense of 'not much time left' that keeps her from utterly falling to pieces. She glances to the blue as he leaves with Parizi, but her attention drifts inexorably back to those that remain. A slow blink is given and she shifts her hold on her robe, flattening her palms out along her thighs while her feet continue to shift on the sands.

Lyana nods to Aludra and Joanethen both. "I'll buy the first round, too. One last hurrah before it's back to music theory classes, eh?" Though she chuckles, her shoulders begin to slump as the hope of a lifemate grows more and more slim with each passing moment.

Down to the Depths Egg jerks suddenly as something stirs within, almost seeming to rumble with the movement. It vibrates again, this time more forcefully and violent. Then something impacts the center of the vortex pattern, causing a round section to bulge out and crack before resettling again. It quivers fitfully for a moment before shivering to a stand still - whatever lurks within is not ready to be unleashed just yet.

Pralius is a horrible, horrible friend. That beautiful blue just walked up to his friend and where are his eyes? His thoughts? Egg egg egg. His shoulder are tensed, his hands moving in time with the egg. He's almost oblivious to the other hatchlings now. Bad candidate!

The inevitable cannot be stopped! Sheen of Crude Poison Egg explodes with a tremendous force that sends the affects of flying egg shells and goo to its neighbours. Pooled in the center of what used to be the shell is a seething mass of darkness, whose quick to spread limbs askew, shaking out head and snorting nostrils wide to send egg goo flinging across at the nearest candidates!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Environmental Hazard Blue Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Immersed in the waters of the loneliest depths of the ocean, this dragon has been forged with the darkest pigments of Prussian blue ever to be seen. It becomes nearly black on the splice of his proportionate tail and along the lines of his tapered jowls. Cast in this subaqueous shroud, the definition of his muscle is lost on hide drowned in the inky surface, only after taking closer inspection would one be able to witness that this dragon is built for aerial superiority. In fact, a narrow chest and small compact rib cages tailor him with a streamlined body, that paired with long reaching wings will make him one of the elite most flyers of Pern. And yet, the dark fathomless pattern of color is shocked by a brilliant glow of toxic azure and periwinkle that dapple his rear haunches in a sheen of oily residue, which further becomes surrounded by patches of a blue so dark it blackens. This molten mixture is then mottled alongside his tail and sweeps to the point just underneath his wings. Further pools of gleaming periwinkle are socked on his wide feet. Each foot neither showing the same color scheme or pattern as any of the others. Each toe being dipped uniquely to host a sharp pearlescent talon. Craggy neck ridges also see this sporadic display of periwinkle, like the tips of frothing waves, it rolls down from the top mast of his head toward the center press of his wing muscles. Higher up, the trailing edges of his wings, sails, and wing spars catch the mist of these frothing waves, as if constantly buffeting the rolling tide of the sea.

Aludra squeezes Lyana's hand a little more. "But we have each other," she reminds the girl and looks over her shoulder almost shyly at Joanethen. "And, there will be other times. We're all still young and there'll be more eggs in the future. Maybe our dragons just haven't been clutched yet." Encouraging words. "But, just to be on the safe side, I'll buy the second round. Then, it's back to —" She stops. What will she do afterwards? Why, she'll request a meeting with the Headwoman or Weyrwoman, and offer herself to Fort. She's got some skills, after all. Satisfied, she smiles, eyes focusing back on the hatching eggs.

Sertorius falls silent as he watches…two eggs left, both shaking. What could be inside them. By now he's shifting restlessly, not just because of the sands. But staying so tense has left his body a little sore. Now his energy's starting to wane….

Joanethen lets out a cry of joy as he looks into the little hatchlings whirling eyes with his own beginning to tear up. "No my dear Macorzath, but i definitely know where to get some food." His own stomach rumbles as does that of his lifemate. With a teary-eyed chuckle, he syas "Come on lets get some food." and with that he walks off the sands with his new partner.

Environmental Hazard Blue Hatchling draws a paw up to swipe at his muzzle, trying to dislodge some of the egg goo that's insisting on remaining lodged there. His head lowers after a futile attempt so that both forepaws can help scrape off the annoying goo, burying his muzzle into the sand in the meantime. Further snorting and shaking of his head dislodges it at last, but not without giving him a sand beard - which he doesn't notice! Apparently quite relieved by the egg goo out of his nostrils, the blue lifts his wings up high to fan them out, languidly putting his attention forward to the matter at hand. An inquisitive head tilt seems to grow steeper in angle as his apparent line of sight goes down the line of candidates.

Meo steps toward Joanethan, and his new lifemate. "Come on this way, Marcozath was it? We have food to fill his belly this way." She says, and motions for the pair to follow her.

Lyana 's eyes brim with tears of joy as she sees Joanethen Impress right next to her. From respect for him and his new lifemate, she takes a step backwards, clapping for joy. "Congratulations, Joan. I knew you could do it!"

N'shen's snickers are soft enough not to offend the bronze as the boy grins sidelong towards Neyuni. "Yeah, well - he's all pride right now. I'll let him have his moment though," he adds affectionately, tracing a hand over the antiqued hide of his lifemate, eyes soft with memory. "Another blue," he murmurs, eyeing the newest of the hatchlings. "A nice, strong spread," he approves, grinning lopsidedly. "I have a… fondness for blues." And his eyes flicker towards the galleries, where certainly his own parents - including his blue-riding father - can be found.

Galina's pale eyes drift to the others in their final moments of camaraderie, while she remains still and silent. The latest hatches and then her gaze drifts to the last of the eggs to remain. Her weight shifts uncomfortably with the mounting sense of heat, of being watched, of all of it. She even goes so far as to look behind, at the exit, before the constant reminders of the weyrlingmasters bubble to the fore of her mind and she's right back to egg-and-hatchling watch. It won't do to be the healer that gets mauled, after all.

Aludra squeals with delight as her friend Impresses. "Well, I guess he won't be joining us," she says to Lyana. Tears now openly stream down her cheeks. She joins Lyana in applauding Joan's good luck. "Oh, I'm SO happy for you two," she says, watching the pair depart.

Jayashri catches her breath as the blue emerges from the murky egg. "Woah." Clearly the colors are startling if nothing else. She looks over to Pralius and Flavia, hopeful for them still. She even shuffles in their direction slightly before glancing back at the remaining egg and hatching. She gnaws at her lip, hands at her side, balls into spasming fists. The wait - or the heat - is certainly getting to her.

Environmental Hazard Blue Hatchling sneaks a look underneath his wing at the clutch parents and possibly the last clutch sibling that is still struggling to free themself from its restraints. Oh but they are coming now, aren't they? Shaking himself out once more, he arches high up on his forelegs while the back legs are laid straight back behind him in another long stretch. Kicking out his back legs once he brings them underneath himself again, pearlescent talons wriggling, he starts marching toward the line of white - in a particular direction. There's a wing flap in there too. Oy. Look this way!

Flavia crowds closer to Pralius, a nearly forlorn look on her face as the number of eggs and candidates dwindles considerably. "I thought I would be okay if I was left again." Joanethan and then Siobhan impressing has her smiling for her friends but there is little left there, the heat and and sound. Instead she takes a deep breath and looks towards the last egg and squeenches her eyes, pleeeeease.

Tremors rock the Down to the Depths Egg again and bits of shell begin to shiver away from it in a colorful rain. Then, with a horrendous sucking noise, the rest of the egg implodes on itself before crumbling into nothingness. There's a flash of something pale and bright before a gold hatchling rises from the wreckage to greet the new world with an analytical glare.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Dare to be Different Gold Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Rolling waves of palest straw gold flow over the thin hide of this dragon, seeping deeply into the delicate contours of her body in a smooth plain of sun-bleached hue. Subtle hints of red-gold drift along the aquiline bridge of her sharply angular muzzle, spreading along to her peaked headknobs like a field of ripened grain. Ripples of amber and honey tumble down her long arched neck and breeze along her narrow haunches, creating a pattern of faint wheaten barring that shows up clear against her otherwise ghostly hide. Tiny stripes of the same hue start at the base of her broom-thin tail and the tops of her lean limbs, the banded design continuing on until it fades into nothingness. Warm golden tones of caramel and butterscotch, flushed with undertones of red, color the entirety of her ridges, the jagged peaks rising and falling evenly down her narrow back. Muted umber talons stand out starkly against the pale hide of her paws, each point carrying a wicked curve despite appearing flimsily thin from far away. Darker burnished gold and rich flaxen shades melt together into a light mottling over her rather large wings, the deep folds of membrane almost looking like an enveloping cloak that drapes loosely over her slight frame.

Pralius' feet shift on the sands, "C'mon, little one, you can do it. You can do it." Pralius' jaw drops. "but… I can't impress a /gold/!" The whole of him seems to melt, eyes sliding sadly to the last little blue, too, "What about you, big man? d'you want me?"

Lyana 's eyes flit between the two hatchlings, her grip on Aludra's hand tighter than before, ready to pull her out of the way of a charging dragonet if necessary. "Oh shards, those two are GORGEOUS…."

Environmental Hazard Blue Hatchling seems to be locked onto his target. While another flap is given to call attention to him, he starts to pick up the pace, charging forward with a looping splay of limbs. Lookit mee! He looks nimble on those limbs of his anyhow as he picks a path toward his own. Anyone else that tries to stop him he'll avoid with a quick zig-zag, but for the most part it's a path that leads to the blond haired hazel eyed candidate. At the very last moment as he's about to crash into a pile of them, he does a hockey stop that sprays his lifemate with sand, puffing out his chest as he eyes down his choice. Thats right. Its me. Look into my eyes!

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Environmental Hazard Blue Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Dare to be Different Gold Hatchling lets out a huff of indignation at her impromptu dumpage onto the heat of the sands and gives an irritated flick of her tail that sends a spray of sand flying. For a few moments she remains there brooding, her small body hunched and overlarge wings spread out behind her like some odd cape. It's a new world to take in - brightness, sounds and all those white things standing off to one side like some weird decoration. With a further snort, she seems to make up her mind and gets to her feet, wobbling only once. Determined, she makes her way towards the candidates, the tips of her large wings dragging along in the sand behind her and making tiny twin trails that lead away from the pile of egg shards.

Aludra gasps! A gold! Her heart pounds. Which lucky girl will Impress this beauty? "Look, Lyana — isn't she gorgeous?" It's like having a sister, the way she and Lyana have suddenly bonded on the sands. Perhaps its more like comrades in a foxhole, but it's nice having someone to share the excitement.

Neyuni mms and nods in agreement, though from a different perspective "Zuhth's always liked blues. Makes me wonder some times if they can't influence things somehow." of course then there's something very not blue that last hatches, something that will ensure both bronze and gold parents carry forth their lines… not to mention likely innumerable headaches for the weyrlingmasters. "I wonder who that last blue will choose, an interesting looking fellow."

Lyana 's brows knit with concern, as the gold's wingtips drag along the sands. It is all she can do to remain still, and not leap forward. Her toes curl in her sandals, forcing the soles deep into the Sands. "Oh come on, you can do it…"

Galina blinks owlishly at the gold that hatches, a thin crease forming between her brows. There is no ogling here, just a bit of mild confusion … confusion that's shrugged off a moment later as she struggles to regain her composure. The hatchling's determination is noted, but her gaze tracks from her to the remaining female candidates in abstract contemplation.

Siobhan was finally - finally! - getting settled, shoulders rolling back from their stiff positions, a smirk already half-pointed over at Pralius but… But. Just but. Nothing else can penetrate Sio's mind except 'but,' racing over and over in her thoughts when moments, memories, secrets, successes, failures, all play in her mind as though her life was on replay. And then— "Jysaiozetth." She breathes the name in a shaky, almost disbelieving voice, any wincing and temptation to faint under all of that pressure easing away. …Well, no, she still wants to faint, but for entirely different reason. "It's our moment," she corrects after a beat, collecting herself under that calm sensation, a bold grin splaying across her features. "I'm coming." This is assured, one hand pressing against his storm-darkened hide, recognizing that hungry pang, though whether it was hers or his is hard to determine.

M'lo approaches Siobhan with a wide smile. "Congratulations," he says to her. "Come this way, please," he says, and leads her off the sands to the other waiting Weyrlings. "We've got plenty of food waiting for him." He's out and back in record time. He doesn't want to miss the gold impressing, after all.
Jysaiozetth has left.

N'shen blinks. Several times. "Er - Neyuni, is that… gold?" Taozyuth confirms, even if the weyrwoman doesn't, with a brassy cry and a fan of his great wings. It takes a firm slap from his young rider to have him hunkering down on the Sands, grumbling good-naturedly, eyes locked on the remaining hatchlings and Candidates. Gulping slightly, the Xanaduvian rider gives a slightly sickly grin. "Boy, makes me glad I'm V'dim's assistant - not your Weyrlingmaster's."

Dare to be Different Gold Hatchling flicks her overlarge wings once, trying to rid herself of an irritating bit of egg shell as she walks - hey, she can multi-task! It's now to the business of searching those odd white things, though, as she doesn't have time to dilly or dally. Every step is full of confidence as she follows the line of remaining candidates, giving each of them a scrutinous and analytical look. Some of them receive snorts of disgust that sound almost like laughter, while others are merely passed over with a flick of her tail that sends out a tiny bit of sand. Nothing seems to be sticking out. Nothing calling to her. It's not long before she picks up speed, impatience fueling her steps, each movement punctuated with a tiny flick of wing or tail. This isn't going the way she planned. Not at /all/.

Jayashri watches. Blue and gold. She has no more words. She just waits, hopeful, yet at the same time prepared to walk away again, if necessary. She swallows, her dry throat convulsing momentarily in rebellion before giving in. She watches the blue, and then offers Pralius an encouraging smile that soon turns into congratulations. "Oh! Way to go!" As if he had anything to do with it, honestly, but still! She's happy for her friend and turns back to the gold, lips twisting as she takes in the dazzling beauty. Well, one last chance, perhaps.

Aludra watches the gold hatchling, willing her to make all the way upright. "C'mon, you can do it," she whispers, voice barely a breath. That's when she realizes she's holding her own breath. So many girls, and only one queen. Which one will the beauty choose? She glances to all the other girls almost instinctively.

Flavia says "Yes! Pralius!" is nearly shouted in joy as her sib is approached by the last blue on the sands. This excitement nearly overshadows the fact that the last egg hatched out a gold. That is until her brother is absorbed with his new lifemate and then she realizes and gulps, eyes moving over those left. Alllllll of those left and the lone hatchling left with a choice. "Look at her, she's just beautiful. All those shades of gold."

Lyana laughs softly at the decisiveness of the young queen, shaking her head. "You know what you want, don't you… go on, chase your dream. Find your lifemate, you can do it…."

Pralius' eyes are still stuck on the gold when the whole of him shatters. "Whu?" He turns, practically falling onto the blue's nose as it pokes towards him, wrapping his arms around the big blue nose. Perfection in a moment. "Hey, Zhieth." He leans back a little to look into those whirling orbs again, "What? Pick a name? But… isn't that your… P'rius? S'paul? What? I… I…" His eyes dart about before he nods, "P'rius. yes, let's get you some food. We have a whole world to face tomorrow, don't we." He grins, patting the blues face again before turning to lead him off the sands.

Galina takes care to measure her breathing, any adoration for the gold being kept behind tightly pressed lips. The candidate shuffle, she's getting the hang of it — back and forth, back and forth. Her attention wavers only from the wandering gold to the blue and its match, a thin smile flickering to her features before fading. Sio's caught in that glance, too, but there remains danger afoot, even if it is fairly well-contained.

M'lo approaches Pralius, a huge smile on his face. "Congratulations," he says, very heartily. "Come on, let's get your Zhieth some food!" He leads the way off the sands, and practically runs back, hoping not to miss the finale.
I don't see that here.

Dare to be Different Gold Hatchling skids to a sudden stop, letting out her breath in a quick noise of growing impatience. There she stands for a moment, wings twitching fitfully as she peers around. The people in the stands are given a glare for good measure that seems to scream 'what're you staring at?' before she goes back to scanning the imposing line of white before her with a stubborn set to her posture. It takes her a few breaths to regain her calm, body going still as stone as she watches. Something apparently becomes clear to her in that brief moment of meditation - she's found what she's looking for. Sand flies up and her overlarge wings drag slightly as she lurches forward suddenly, her path no longer wavering as she makes a beeline towards one particular candidate - one who just might be as different as herself. With a breath that sounds like a sigh, the gold hatchling flops herself down in front of her chosen and peers up into her face, completely at ease now that her search is over.

Aludra cranes her neck as Pralius is Impressed. "Way to go, Pral!" is said by way of congratulations. She moves closer to Lyana, standing almost shoulder to shoulder with the other girl. "She's so beautiful," is repeated. "Good luck, Lyana," is whispered to her companion. "Whatever happens to us, we'll always remember this."

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Dare to be Different Gold Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Neyuni giggles "No, it's another bronze." highly laced sarcastic tone there. The bemused junior looks highly tempted to punch the bronzer inteh arm. Of course his own partner clarifies the matter in no uncertain terms. Zuhth join in the bugling, as if anyone would mistake a golden daughter. Yuni let's her revel in teh moment, the gold and last of the hatchlings choosing.

N'shen's lips quirk in a smirk for Neyuni's quip, and he murmurs, "That's sure one messed up bronze, because I do believe he's just chosen a female." One hand flickers out to indicate the pairing, even as he rolls his eyes for Taozyuth's second cry. "I'd like to be able to hear tomorrow - thanks though." Chuffing, the bronze ignores him, instead presenting his muzzle to Zuhth in a kind of caressing hi-5 gesture. However, levity fades, as he glances first towards the stirred up Sands where no eggs remain - then to the remaining Candidates scattered around the grounds. And, chicken that he is, he edges back behind the goldrider. Hey, it's her Weyr.

Lyana nudges Aludra, grinning wide. "Well, will you look at that… congratulations, Galina!" She claps for the otherwise stoic and silent Healer, who has found someone to compliment the very core of her being at last. "See you in Shenanigan's, Alu"

Flavia's eyes widen as the gold approaches Galina and she beams widely. "Congrats! Looks like you'll be here for the post-Hatching feast after all!" if she's sad its barely showing, there's glee in her tone.

Galina finds it's too late to look away by the time that golden figure flops at her feet. She's already a half step back and ready to run just in case and yet- Her head lowers, pale gaze locking, unblinkingly, on the creature that, against all odds, has settled before her. Her expression shifts from cracked neutral to something utterly alien: a serene smile, pure and . And she says only: "Of course, Vidyazath." A smooth, long-fingered hand is lowered to press gently on her muzzle, heedless of the egg-slickness. And, now, food.

Aludra joins Lyana in congratulating the newest goldrider. "Congratulations, Galina!" It's with mixed emotions she watches the pair leave the sands. On the one hand, she's happy. On the other, there's that emptiness which can only be called desolation at being left behind for the … fifth time? Ah, well, perhaps sixth times the charm? She looks to Lyana. "Well, looks like it's Shenanigans for us tonight, hm? I'll see you back at the barracks. We'll get dressed up and drown our sorrows in Benden white or red."

Meo blinks. "Gold, oh shell." Now the pressure was really on her, and her AWLMs not to screw up with this class. She nods to M'lo, before she treks out to Galina, the newest Junior Weyrwoman. "Congradulations Galina, Vidyazath was it? This way, this way." She tells her.

M'lo makes it back /just/ in time to watch the gold Impress to Galina, and he looks… really surprised. But then he smiles and watches as Meo approaches her. He turns to look up into the Galleries, looking for his weyrmate and daughters, because surely they're here.

Jayashri watches as the last of the Dragons Impresses. "Congratulations Galina." She offers a smile, already turning to head off these sharding hot sands. Another Candidacy proven fruitless. Ah, well. Her shoulders rise and fall in a shrug to herself more than anything, but she does turn back to bow to the clutch parents once again. "Thank you for the opportunity. It was an honor." That succinctly taken care of she turns away again. Time to move again.

Sertorius sighs a little as he finds himself there with the others who have also failed to Impress. He slumps a little; not this time. A moment later, he squares his shoulders. There's always the possibility of another time, though. Besides, Galina was surely deserving of the pretty gold who chose her. So it is that he offers a slightly terse smile, respectfully bowing to the dam one more time, before making to join the others who were left Standing.

Meo glances at the candidates left standing, winces, before she turns her attention to the newly impressed, and moves to follow the last of them off the sands. Now the hard work really begins.

Neyuni rolls her eyes at N'shen, really! Gaze settles back as the queen chooses, a slight purse of lips as this is sure to keep things interesting about the Weyr. Still, another is good for Fort, if only however there were eggs left yet to hatch. A flicker of sadness and she spends a moment rubbing Zuhth's shoulder as the queen settles to the sudden quiet of the grounds. Wait, let's do that again! Zuhth nuzzles Taozyuth back as Yuni sighs, taking stock of the remaining candidates. A glance to N'shen, but she knows her duty and steps forward after the dust of the last has settled. Her voice carries strongly "To those left on the sands this day do not dwell on what could have been as you all have a bright future, and may stand again any time you choose. We welcome, and encourage you to stay with us. As we have come to know you, we hope you have come to know us and find a new home here. Shoudl you chosoe however, riders will be available to return you to your location of choise tomorrow. Today however," and her voice raises to carry out to the galleries "for what's left of it and I imagine into the early hours of tomorrow, we celebrate this hatching and welcome all to join us."

M'lo follows Meo, glancing back once, regretfully, at those left standing.

Lyana breathes a soft sigh as the evening catches up with her at last, something inside her seeping slowly away with the egg go into the Sands. One can almost hear the high, ululating note of a lone violin fading away into the echoes of the huge cavern, and to silence. Silence that only lasts for a moment, for she bows once more to clutchparents and riders. "Thank you, ma'am. If it pleases both Weyr and Hall, I'd like to stay."

Flavia shifts and then nods slightly towards Neyuni, her movements respectful. "I'll just be getting my things back to the stables here. Thank you, for the opportunity." a glance towards the other candidates and she smiles a bit forlornly. "If you stay, I'll be seeing you around. Don't forget the feast!" and with that she turns to make her way from the sands, as long as its the appropriate time.