Fort Weyr - Candidate Barracks(#10124RA$)
Carved from a natural bubble in the volcanic stone, this cavern has room enough to hold around two dozen occupants in comfort. Set into one of the long walls is a natural hearth area, not as large as some but more then enough to warm the cavern. Before it lays an old, well-worn rug that's colors have faded over turns of being un cared for. Mismatched chairs, an old couch, and a few randomly placed floor pillows finish up the sitting type area where candidates can relax after a long day of chores.
Along the walls are stationed sets of cots and clothes presses with curtains dividing them for privacy, each made up to the standards of the Weyrwoman. The left hand row of cots is made up with coverlets of brown and trimmed in black for male candidates, while the right hand row is made up with a lighter brown coverlet that's trimmed in white for the female candidates.
Above, the soft white light from electric lamps cast down during waking hours, while basket of emergency glows are stored in corners around the cavern for use during power outages.

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People: Arkoss Bellanne
Firelizards: Kornerupine Fedora Horatio Sprinkles Salome Pudge
Objects: Fort Preference Machine <fpm> Notice Many Rows of Cots <NPC Candidate Object>

Obvious exits:
Center Bowl <cb>

There was no warning, no word was leaked out. Not even a twitter from a firelizard. He's just there, standing in the doorway and suddenly V'gay belts out "Inspection!"

Arkoss is still working on making his shapeless mass of cloth into a candidate robe, but when V'gay suddenly appears in the room he makes a sound almost like a squeak, but not quite. Of course, that could've been reaction to stabbing himself with a needle. Again. He leaps to his feet, looking over at the Weyrleader.

V'gay eyes Arkoss and the shapeless mass. "What is that?" he asks as he steps over close "Are you actually trying to sew a rope? I do hope you have it finished. Eggs should be hatching soon." he states as he takes a look over Ark's area. "Hrm…" he murmurs, not really saying anything positive. Or negative yet.

Arkoss lifts it up. It seems to be a tube with an uneven hem and holes in the sides for his arms. "Uhhh…if I have to wear /something/ it'd work, I'm just trying to make it look….not like a dress." sigh.

V'gay snorts a bit "Get on from the Headwoman, that one looks…" he shudders a little "About as bad as the rest of this place." he notes as he looks around "Really beginng to get that lived in look." he sniffs a bit "Smelling like it as well, don't you all bathe?"

Bellanne comes into the barracks, peeking at Arkoss' robe before giggling softly. "You know, Arkoss.. We've got a lot already made." She points out, gesturing to where all the robes are kept. "They're all clean and we have some to fit any size along with extra." She notes, giggling before she smiles brightly at V'gay. "Hello Weyrleader." She chimes in greeting, moving to her cot to fetch a few things.

Arkoss drops the ?robe? on his cot with a sigh. "So we really didn't have to make them, then?" with all the talk the other day about making the candidates go out wearing nothing but loincloths, Arkoss wasn't sure WHAT to believe. He looks at the supply and sighs again.

"/V'gay/," is the rather snooty noise coming from the doorway as Tarish's trench-coated form leans in, her hands hanging onto the sides of the doorway as her eyes glance from side to side along the barracks. "You /really/ should start an inspection without me. They're /my/ candidates." But, ignoring any fact that the man may be Weyrleader, the dark-skinned woman tromps on in, shoving her hands in her pocket as she walks along the cots. "No, ya don't," she nods to Arkoss. "They're a bit worn and scruffy, but that's part of how we keep the weavers busy when the commissions come slow.. Force 'em to sew up those stinky traps." Her green-eyed gaze flips from side to side. "Bed made?" is snapped at both Bellanne and Arkoss.

V'gay glances over at Bella "Inspection." he states as he goes back to going through the area "No, you didn't have to make it, you should have been told as soon as you were brought here." a glance to Tarish "Ahh, my dearest goldrider, I know how a gold can be at this time. So close and all. I didn't want to distract you with such a trivial matter. But, I do appreciate you taking the time away from your lifemate. I'm surprised she let you come." a glance back at the barracks "Course, since things are getting a little out of hand here, might be a good thing she did let you come."

Bellanne giggles softly at Arkoss, shrugging her shoulders and patting her cot. "Nice and clean." Surprisingly, seeing as Bella's room is.. None too friendly to those who randomly pop in. A smile at Tarish and she takes a basket from under her cot, digging through it quietly.

Arkoss's bed is made, it's just that it's a bit wrinkly because he was just sitting on it, and there's sewing supplies on it as well as the quasi-robe. He eyes Tarish warily, looking around to check and make sure nothing is out of place.

Nostrils flare as Tarish turns her gaze back to V'gay, eyes thinning with brows going cock-eyed. "Either that, or you just don't want me eating them before the eggs go haywire and we need them. Yeah, Sevi's being a bit clingy, but with her constant pacing and egg turning and — /shards/, it makes me dizzy. And, she's not in a pleasant mood today. Something about someone in the galleries looking at her eggs too long.. I figured it was best to leave her be." As Bellanne speaks, she shifts away again, plodding over to peer down Bellanne's cot. "Wow. A change, from your pigsty of a work-place. If'n you Impress, I hope you do the same in there.. Can't stand how it smells when it's dirty." A weyrling barracks with baby-dragon poo everywhere? … UGH. "S'in the basket?" Eyes turn to Arkoss. "Oh, put /that/ away, and go find one of the finished ones. Should be in that closet over there," she says, pointing. "Make sure it fits. I don't want to see anything I /don't want to see/ during the Hatchin', ya hear me?"

Bellanne blinks at Tarish, flushing a shade of red. "Well, Jeddie helped.." She notes, gesturing to the cot abnormally close to hers. Finding what she was searching for, a pen to be exact, she puts away the pack and then gathers her sketch book. Setting those aside neatly, she begins to also clean up whatever mess is around her cot and Jed's.

V'gay gives a nod "Golds can be like that. Some get over it, some never do." he hmms a bit as he leans under someones cot and pulls out a mess of clothes that look like they've been dragged through the mud "Well, here's part of the smell." he states "I'm surprised you all put up with this." He tosses the mess on the candidates bed, a young boy he's practically quacking in his boots. "You should learn to wash. A thing like this could get everyone punished." he eyes Bella. "This is an inspection dear. You should have cleaned up earlier." he comes her way, looking over her spot and Jeds "The point is to see how much of a mess you let things get."

Arkoss doesn't have much of anything aside from clothes, and looks around furtively. He hardly spends enough time in the barracks as is to make a mess. He moves over to the closet and starts pawing through the robes there, holding a few up to him. "What do you want me to do with that?" he points at the robe he was trying to make.

Tarish scowls at little at Bellanne, but appears to lighten up a little. "Well, good to know at least /one/ of you has some sort of organizational skills. "Cha drawing?" she poses of the girl, but quickly gets distracted by V'gay, raising her brows at him with a humored expression. "Well, she better get over it next clutch, or I refuse to be on the Sands with her." Eyes drift to his interaction with Bella, but she just stands and watches rather than saying anything. Hey, he's just saying what she wishes she could! "Unsew it," she snaps at Arkoss as she watches him dig through the closet. "Or rip the hems. Give the scraps back to the stores, so they can go to some other use. Or, if you really want, finish it and give it to the weavers or put it back in the stores.. But Sevi could be hatching any day now, and I don't want anyone out there in an unfinished robe. It'd be ridiculous, and I've already spurned enough bad reputation for this Weyr."

Bellanne glances at V'gay, smiling. "Cleaning up my mess, sir." She chimes once more, settling away her pack and peering over Jedrek's stuff. Hopefully it's neater than her own. With a shrug, she glances at Tarish with a grin. "Yeah, I'm thankful for that. Won't let him touch my room." She muses then shakes her head. "Got an idea for a new dress, can sketch it out later. Can't do anything with it other than draw it."

V'gay glances at Tarish, is there a bit of humor dancing in his eyes there. "Well, that'd be an interesting fight." he states and then eyes Arkoss "Alternately , turn it into a bunch of little dolls foe the kids. Should keep you out of trouble." A glance at Bella and he sighs "I shouldn't have to spell this out, you've been through candidacies before. You do /not/ clean during an inspection. And it is not the time to chit chat either." He narrows his eyes "You have this much trouble with discipline, if you do Impress. Weyrlinghood is gonna mess you up."

Arkoss looks around and wisely keeps quiet. He can undo the hems and turn it back in to the weavers. "With how much cloth costs these days…" he mutters, and finds a robe that'd fit him well enough.

Tarish chuckles about the sketch. "Oooh, anything I can fit on my fat bum? Not that I won't be losing a few pounds, because that /tard/ R'ja sent away ALL OUR FOOD. No Hatching Feast! Can you believe that? I can't. I can't understand why ELARA would be so… /UGH/." Yeah, someone here could use some truffles. "Oh be /nice/, V'gay," she says as she passes by him, swatting at his shoulder. "She's just trying to be /friendly/. Just because you're an old coot doesn't mean you can't have a little bit of sympathy." Oh, the irony, as she turns her eyes towards a smaller girl sitting at a cot, eating something from a bowl. "NO FOOD IN THE BARRACKS?! How many TIMES do I have to SAY IT! Out, OUT! BACK to the kitchens!" The poor thing starts crying and runs out. "Nit wits," is muttered under her breath as she reaches the end of the aisle, dipping down to look under someones cot with a brief glance. "Yeah, cloth costs a bundle," she snaps at Arkoss. "Which is why /you/ shouldn't be wasting it. Now hurry up! You aren't supposed to be messing around while we're doing inspections, either. And don't mess up the closet, if we have to clean things up after the Hatching because /you're/ being sloppy, I'll have your ears for it, understand?!" RAWR!

Bellanne blushes, nodding slowly. "Sorry sir." With that, she hops up, and scoots away from her cot with sketchbook and pen in hand. Not touching it anymore. She simply glances at Arkoss, watching him with his robe but still smiling. Though Tarish's outburst makes her go redder and she murmurs. "Ah.. It's okay Tarish.. Really.." A pause and her brows quirk upwards. "But, Xanadu could use the food…" She offers, then, shrugging she lets her friend go off, no point trying to stop /this/ outburst.

V'gay just listens to Tarish. Even a Weyrleader knows not to get on the bad side off a broody Goldrider. He can't help but grin a little, course it's off his A face 'fore Tarish can turn his way and see it. No point in letting him see him grin. A glance at Bella "Xanadu is doing well for now, what we sent them should keep them for a bit." he notes. A look at Arkoss, but Tarish touches upon that herself. "All right, since you all seem to be itching for something to do. I expect to see this place clean and mopped." he starts pacing the length "You all won't be here much longer, and we don't want to make it all the harder for the caverns women to clean this place. Some of you are going to come out of this hatching weyrlings. Learn how to keep things spic and span now. You'll have even less time for cleaning with taking care of a dragon. When you're done with something, you put it away. Something spills, clean it up then and there. Trust me, when a dragon poops, you do not want to let it lie there. Some weyrlings have been known to have their beds filled with the stuff when they don't clean up after their own dragons. Don't let this be you."

"Ahh…" Arkoss blinks. Clean the barracks? "You mop, I move?" he suggests to Bellanne. That means he picks up all the icky stuff. Or rather, he'll just make other, more wimpy candidates do it. There's bound to be one or two wimpier than him, right? Stepping away from the closet, he shuts it and sets his new robe down on his cot, looking around. Where to start…

"Well, I really don't care," Tarish chides at Bellanne as she passes by again, now pacing the barracks watching the idle candidates. "We can't just let our guests go home hungry. Just watch, they'll come see the eggs hatch, and then fly off to Xanadu without even a word to the weyrlings. Or me. Just.. UGH!" Her hands are thrown up in exhasperation, coming down the rub her poofy black hair up to an even higher volume, making her look just.. well, silly. "Oh, don't try to make out to be a saint, V'gay," she eyerolls at him. "He's right though, candidates. You'll have even worse inspections in weyrlinghood! And, with a dragon to care for, very little ability to be lazy. They need you to feed," she stomps. "Clean," stomp. "Nurture," stomp. "And Excersize them constantly. There's absolutely no leniancy, there!" She glares at Arkoss. "Make the girl do all the hard work? NO CHANCE, buster." She picks up the mop, and shoves it in his face. "Do it, or this heel?" she points to her boot. "Is going a place even your /mother/ hasn't seen."

Bellanne glances at Arkoss, shrugging her shoulders. "That's fine with me…" She starts, only to stop as Tarish goes at him. Shutting up again, she simply smiles at V'gay and nods. "Well, that's good to hear. What with them not having a kitchen… Maybe they can fish." She muses, tapping at her chin before she moves to start picking up stuff for Arkoss to mop. Seeing as Tarish is threatening him with her boots.

V'gay eyes Bella "Yes, they can fish. I think you fail to realize however, that they are missing a lot of the major cooking implements for feeding a large population. Reaches has sent them a large kettle, we provided some food. Or perhaps we can send you there to help them? Course you would miss the hatching." he turns around as a candidate is just shuffling around "Get the mess cleaned up boy!" he snaps and then looks at Bella again and then just nods a bit as she starts cleaning. A glance at Tarish "I ain't no saint. Pi can tell you that." he notes with a wicked grin and then peers at her boots "Sure you wanna dirty them like that?"

Arkoss eyes Tarish's boot warily, grabbing the mop. Really, he was gonna do what Bellanne is doing now! Hrmph. Arkoss waits for the floor to be cleared of debris before he tries mopping it though.

Tarish tosses an odd look at Bellanne, but crashes rather lazily on an empty cot as she begins to watch them mop. "And scrub hard, too! I really shoulda dragged you all up to my weyr to do some cleaning while Sevi was on the Sands… Her collection of junk has turned that place into a madhouse. I'd rather sleep in a guest weyr than in there, these days." She tosses her arms behind her head to prop herself up as she lays back, crossing her feet out in front of her. "Anyone mind if I take a siesta?" Not waiting for a response, she says, "No? Good. I'm dead beat with the way that beast out there's makin' my toil." Yeah, standing for hours and hours doing nothing but watching her pace? Sounds like a right pain. "'Course you're a saint, V'gay. Just a naughty, naughty saint. You let Elara get away with being nice to the rest of Pern.. no way that you don't have a good-complex somewhere in your head." She eyes Arkoss rather plainly, but as he hasn't even started yet, she says nothing.. For now.

Bellanne peeks at V'gay, smiling slightly. "Well, I'd probably set everything on fire again." She points out before giggling and continuing her pickup. "I think we'll have it all pretty before the Hatching comes along." She offers to the two overseers with a grin and she gives Arkoss a curious look.

Arkoss meets Tarish's gaze guiltily, then looks away to see if there's any floor available for mopping yet. "What?" he asks Bellanne, noticing her look. "I can't mop when there's stuff on the floor!" defensive much?

"Well," Tarish says with a smile. "Maybe if you start mopping without things moved, it'll make her go faster." She toses them both a wink, before knocking her head back even further, and closing her eyes. "I'm surprised they haven't made you keep the barracks in better condition. All the rest of your chores for the day done so far?" she quizzes, opening the corner of one eye to peek at both of them. "Excited for the eggs to hatch? Nervous? Sevi looks forward to seeing who becomes prey.."

Bellanne gestures to the spots she's picked up the stuff laying around, making a nice little pile out of stuff she's gathered. A soft hum and she begins to gather more trash. "I didn't say anything, Arkoss." She notes, giggling softly at Tarish then shrugging. "Maybe our Weyrling Master is just lazy, too?" She offers then, shrugs. "I've been trying not to think about it."

V'gay snorts "Forget watching out getting mauled by hatchlings. Watch out for the gold." he states and grins "Course, who knows maybe she'll take a shine to someone and keep them all to herself." he states. A look at Bellanne "Arkoss, this area needs to be mopped." he states as he points to her head.

Jeread walks into the barracks, his clothes filthy and anyone getting within 3 feet of him will notice a pungent odor about his person. Jeread stops as he spots V'gay, Tarish, Arkoss and Bellanne seemingly cleaning the barracks. "Good day Gold Rider, Sir don't mind me I just need to get a change of clothes then head to the baths."

Arkoss lifts the mop automatically, then looks confused when V'gay tells him to mop Bellanne's head? "I don't think I can clean that, I'm sure the dirt is all internal." smile. Hey, did Arkoss just say Bellanne has a gutter mind? Nah, just your imagination. "Nuh uh, no you don't! Help us clean!" Arkoss frowns at Jeread. Sneaky!

"Well," Tarish says with a bit a frown. "We don't exactly /have/ a Weyrlingmaster, at the moment, considering J'xmi had to step down, thank goodness, but.. None of the assistants want the promotion yet. So, we're making them do joint lessons. Probably why they're being so slack with you guys.. They aren't used to being in charge. The fatty /had/ been Master for a long time." She snickers lightly at V'gay. "It's quite possible she might. She's never really liked the candidates much, but now that she's losing her 'preciouses', she might need to overcompensate by kidnapping someone." Wouldn't THAT be lovely. But then, there's Jeread. And tarish's pleasant nature goes 'bye bye'. "What on EARTH did you /crawl/ through?! I can smell you all the way from /here/? Pee all over yourself or something?" She grabs her nose tightly, puckering, as if trying not to breathe the odor as well. "Aw, shut it, Arss," she snaps, forgetting the rest of the boys name. Stick with what's easy, right? "She's /much/ less dirty than you.. Be nice or I'll make you scrub this floor until the Hatching's over!" She eyes Jeread. "Help 'em." A short, but firm command.

Bellanne continues to make her pile of garbage slash, things that don't look like they should be left behind in the barracks. She tilts her head to eye V'gay and Arkoss with confusion. A glance at Tarish and she blinks in confusion, missing what's going on, clearly. Jeread gets a wave as he enters, "gonna have to help clean. Barracks inspection and making it look all pretty."

Any response that V'gay might have had towards Arkoss and Tarish is interuppted by the smell that comes in through the entryway. He turns and eyes Jeread "Where in the sphincter of…" he shakes his head and then picks up Ark's mop bucket and tosses it on the candidate "Get another one. Forget that, you're getting washed off before you go anywhere else."

Jeread sighs and then nods his head, "Yes Gold rider, and the odor is from the manure pile I was assigned to shovel for my chore I was going to bath so that I'd not stink out everyone else in the barracks. SHARDS"…is all that he get's out as water is tossed over him by V'gay, "I'd have been just as happy to have gone to the bathing cavern sir, really it would have been no problem at all as Arkoss and Bellanne seem to be doing an excellent job of the cleanup." Can't blame him for trying well at least not get him into more trouble.

Tarish opens her eyes just late enough to see V'gay dump the bucket, causing her to squeal, horrified, at his action. "V/gay/! What in the bloody hell do you think you're doing??! You'll get water /everywhere/!" She leans her head over the edge of the cot to see the water pooling towards her. "You're freaking INSANE. You two!" she waves her hand at Arkoss and Bellanne. "Get towels, and more water! Grab a bar of soap while you're at it, may as well make the boy bathe right now." She eyes the two for another moment, before screaming, "GIT! Git, git, GIT!!!" Her head flops backwards, and she flails her hands over her face. "Don't expect anything from the Weyrleader, candidate," she says to Jeread through her face-covering hands. "He's unconventional. Just get your clothes off." Mrowr! Sexy requestion for a very peeved woman!
"…hey!" Arkoss protests when V'gay tosses the bucket of water on Jeread. "I was using that…." he trails off and just sighs. Oh well, it's for a good cause. As Tarish starts bellowing at them, however, he jumps, going to get towels while still holding the mop.

Bellanne gapes at V'gay, staring blankly before she drops the garbage into a nice pile and hurries out to get some towels at Tarish's command, still too shocked to give much of a complaint or scolding look to V'gay. And, Tarish already has that down.

Bella's lucky, after all, scolding the Weryleader? Not a good career move. He stands there watching as things go to action around him. He nods and then looks at Jeread "Next time? Wash off outside. I don't care how. You don't track filth." A look to the other candidates "This is why you're always work at keeping clean as a weyrling. THat could be you, in dragon poo."

Jeread sighs with a nod of his head, "Yes Gold rider." as instructed Jeread disrobes and stands ready to scrub himself clean as instructed, looking for the soap and the rest of the water to rinse off with as soon as he's done soaping up. His clothes are piled at his feet until Jeread kicks them out of the way."Yes sir…I'll keep that in mind for the next time sir." scrubbing is complete as he rinses himself off.

Tarish scowls further. "Well, I'm sure he coulda," is snapped at V'gay despite him not speaking to her. "But /you/ certainly didn't have to spread water all over the floor. I know bein' nice to candidates ain't a requirement, but if they have anything under their cots…" She looks about. "See, look! This stack of papers is.. egh." She pulls them up, dropping them right back onto the floor with a look of disgust. "Clean 'em up!" She bickers at Arkoss. "And Bella, start trying to get this water soaked up before it does any more damage.. And you," Jeread. "Do it all over so we /know/ you can't be hiding any more dirt." Scowl. "I can still smell that foul.. /Ugh/. That' just nasty."

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V'gay glances around "Well, they've been warned to keep their things in the their clothes press." he notes with a shrug. "FLoor should be kept tidy at all times and that includes under the bunks, and if they're stashing stuff under? Well." he looks around "You know how much trouble a curious weyrling dragon can get into if he tries to scarf down someone's skivvies?" he shakes his head "Until they learn, things are kept secure. We try to teach you this ahead of time so it's not an issue." A shrug. Maybe it's a good thing V'gay ain't Weyrlingmaster?

Bellanne returns with the towels and begins to put them ontop of the water, quickly soaking it up with a soft sigh. "Shells.." She mumbles, continuing to mop up the water with a few of the towels.

Arkoss also comes back with towels, as well as the mop. "Might as well do the mopping now then." he mutters, and does so after most of the water is soaked up.

Jeread slowly nods his head as he scrubs himself down again, "Gold rider maybe it's my clothes that are still smelly? If so I can just throw them out after I get changed and that should solve the problem?" As he speaks Jeread rinses himself off then towels himself dry, then heads towards his cot to get some clean clothes.

"You'll likely need to burn them," Tarish says, still pinching her nose (so, her voice is rather distorted.) "But, just throw 'em out into the bowl for now.. You need to help your fellow candidates get this place clean." A smirk is sent at Arkoss. "Yeah, probably." But, it's V'gay that gets the most annoyed glance, as she raises her eyebrows and puckers her lips. "Sure sure, but really," she says, as she wags her fingers at the papers. "You coulda at least /warned/ someone. Ah well. Whatever. You have a fuuunny sense of humor, Gay." She leans herself back again, closing her eyes. It's so nice, hearing the sound of lots of little minions cleaning around you.. Servants, whee!

Jeread gathers up his clothes and tosses them out into the bowl as instructed, now fully dressed Jeread takes some of the towels and starts to soak up the water. Not saying a word he takes the wet towels and rings them out outside, away from the entrance to the barracks then returns soaking up the water with the others. "What do you want us to do with the things that got wet sir?"

Now, if everyones lucky, someone will have seen it and burned it. Course, Jeread is sopping wet, from having had a bucket tossed on him, and the floor as well, though that's mainly been soaked up by towels and now being mopped. Still V'gay is eyeing the candidates. "Remember, a dragon newly hatched is clumsy. They can just as easily knock over a mop bucket, or knock over the cut meat. You do /not/ want your stuff laying out where it can get ruined." He looks over at Tarish on the cot and smirks at her a bit. "Those of you who Impress, will find out just what it's like to be worked to the bone, not only by the weyrling trainers, but by your own dragons."

"Mmmmmhm," the laying goldrider says with her eyes closed. This, here, is a prime example of how hard you have to work once you Impress! … Not. "Just make sure all the water gets soaked up, I really don't want to get my boots caked in dust because of it." Her eyes flip about, eyeing the cleaning candidates with a scowl. "Get it done, NOW! The Hatching could be any… Any.. An…" Her eyes glaze over, and her eyes lift to look at V'gay with a plaintiff look, almost as if tears were starting in their corners. "V.. Vvv.. V'gay.. She's.. She said… That.. It's.. Uh…" Her eyes turn towards the exit, but she's too late to say anything; a loud hum begins from all directions. "It's happening…" Guullp.

Arkoss fumbles and drops the mop, picks it up, then trips on it as the sound of humming is heard. He falls to the floor with a crash and an injured grunt, then he heaves himself up. "Now?!" he exclaims, leaving the stupid mop where it is. Meh. He dives for the robe he pulled out earlier.

Rhalin wanders into the barracks just moments before the humming starts, rubbing the back of his head with a bit of a grumble. He's halfway to his cot before he even realizes that there's water on the floor in his way. Of /course/ the boy skids right through the puddle past Jeread before landing on his cot with utter grace. Right then, don't mind the flailing. And then… blink…. "Aw shardit." Great timing, he was going to take a nap.

Calandria breaks sharply at the entrance to the barracks, with a wide-eyed look. Shes breathing hard, and sweaty. She must have been running to get here. "Heyguys! It must be time!" Only after the shout does she bother to take notice of who's all in the room. "Oh, but I guess you already knew that." Walking brisky to her cot, she rummages around in the trunk for her candidate robe, shooing Naia off her shoulder.

Xelleen has to be forcibly herded back to the barracks by Generic Rider #1, complaining as she goes. "But I wasn't /done/ yet." She informs him, grumbling as she's thrust towards her cot and the rider leaves. Sighing, she takes up her hair brush and attempts to do something with her nappy hair. Yeah, right. "What's the hurry? They don't hatch /that/ fast." Dreamily, she sits down on her cot, twitching her dress into place, and finally deigning to notice all of the water on the floor. "Hmm, did somebody reroute the lake without letting us know first?" Cuz that totally makes the most sense.

Tarish fumbles for another moment, looking rather disoriented, as her mind has been flooded by Seviadith's insistent urgings to get to the Sands. "CANDIDATES!" she yells, trying to conquer the noise of her lifemate. "ROBES! Line! NOOOOWWW!" Her eyes turn towards Xelleen, as her nose shrivels upwards. "The way that this THING is talking in my head," she says, pointing to the side of her brain. "It doesn't matter how fast they're coming. She wants you there, NOW, or you're all her evening meal." By now, Tarish is standing, leaning up against the wall heavily. "Where the /hell/ is Vi'leko," is muttered under her breath as she eyes all of the candidates.

Bellanne hops up from cleaning the water, practically letting out a scream that comes out as a squeak at the humming. Instantly, she's diving for her robes and pulling them on and instantly hopping in line at Tarish's command.

V'gay is about to say something as well to the candidates and then a look at Tarish, a confirmation from Limerith and well there's the feeling all around them. "All right, play times over. This is the real thing people. Get your robes on and line up please." he says calmly. A look at Tarish "Easy, it'll seem like forever, but it'll go quickly." He hmms a bit "He may be out waiting for you on the sands. Lets get these yahoo's moving? What do you think?"

Jeread stops mid soak as he hears the humming as well, "Oh shards that time is it…" with that he rushes to his cot searching for his robe and the sandals. Finding his sandals Jeread starts to get undressed again, this time slipping his robe over his head, cinching the rope belt around his waist and slipping his feet into the sandles. He watches as Rhalin lands on his cot as he sits waiting for instructions on what to do next then stands heading for the line as Tarish barks out her commands.

Arkoss dives into his robes, slaps on his sandals, then stands over at the entrance, hesitating. He doesn't want to go face the big scary momma dragon /alone/!

Giving her foot a shake, Kessa is trying to get some water out of her socks when the dragons begin to hum. As chaos ensues, a smile tucks it's way across her lips, and she can't help the bright expression which fills her eyes. With a dart towards her cot, she pulls out her candidate robe, and quickly switches into the pure white hand me down, then starts to give it a smoothing, hoping the wrinkles will work their way out. She looks towards her other candidates expectantly, practically bobbing up, and down on her ankles, waiting to be herded out.

Rhalin doesn't go scrambling for his robe until that last shout. He was making his way to his trunk and starting to rummage before. Now he's upturning the contents until he pulls out the robe, changing quickly and ditching boots for sandals. "Shardit… belt… where…" Grumblemutter and it's found and tugged on. Then cal is spotted and there's a grin. "Here we go again." Grabbing Cal's hand once she's changed he doesn't quite drag her to the line. They're starting out together, makes standing together easier.

Xelleen waves a hand boredly at Tarish and gets up to collect her candidate robe, a shabby looking thing that looks like it's been through more than one round. "Eh, sooner this is done with,t he sooner I can go home." She reflects, rubbing her chin. Leisurely, she begins to change, completely oblivious to the fact that she should be nervous, excited, anything. She just .. is. This, too, shall pass. Once she's finally dressed and her sandles are strapped on, she picks up her brush and begins trying to brush her hair again.

Calandria takes Rhalin's hand gets dragged toward the line. She hadn't tied the cord around the waist of her robe tight enough, and it nearly trips her as it slides down around her legs. Muttering a inarticulate curse, the girl pulls her hand from her best friend's and hurries to retie it, joining him in line a moment later.

Tarish slams her hands on her hips, and nods to V'gay. "Aye, it's about time." She looks to all, and then nods. "ALRIGHT! We're HEADING OUT!" She orders her hand forth, before she ducks out into the Bowl. That's ooonnnee angry puppy!

Fort Weyr - Hatching Sands
The sands. The most prominant and possibly most important area for a weyr, this section of Fort is no exception to the rule. Completely enclosed from the outside elements by a high rounded ceiling, the golden white sand glitters under the streams of sunlight that manage to make their way in from the upper openings. Ledges abound in the upper areas of the dome, perfect for riders and their dragons to watch the action happening on the ground. At the back of the sands there appears to be a raised section of sand, built over generations by the golds who have laid clutches here, a couch of sorts for basking on while protecting their eggs. Slightly to one side of that, a small nook has been carved for the weyrwoman to take respite from the heat of the cavern.

===============================< Room Contents >==============================
People: Arkoss V'gay Tarish Xelleen Vi'leko Calandria Rhalin Elara Jedrek Bellanne Kessa
Dragons: Shidenisseth Seviadith
Eggs: Bubbles A-bursting Egg Sweet Sweet Cherubim Egg Golden Glow of Sanctity Egg Gates of Heaven Egg Raindrops on Roses, Whiskers on Kittens Egg Peace After the Storm Egg Still Before the Storm Egg Early Morning Gem Egg Harmony of Colors Egg

Obvious exits:
Entrance -E-
Please see +Thelp for Egg Touching commands.

Tarish runs onto the Sand, the candidates following soon behind her. "Leko!" is yelled a bit curtly, as she looks about and sees his dragon, Shidenisseth, but no trace of the rider. Eyes are shifted back and forth, but she doesn't have time to fret; there's Seviadith, lumbering loudly, her humming still unceasing. "Oh quite the crap," she mutters softly as she comes to the standing gold's side, crossing her arms while looking out at the eggs.

Elara isn't here, she's in the galleries. This Elara is just a refraction of the light reflected on a short wavelength from Venus.

Gates of Heaven Egg begins to toil, quickly, as if in hurry… Jittering back and forth, as if a fight were going on within. Really, within Heaven? What a silly proposition!

Early Morning Gem Egg wobbles gently within place, perhaps a little less violently than some of its brethren, before it comes to a quiet rest.

Xelleen takes her own sweet time getting to the sands, meandering in at the straggling back of the candidate line. She looks completely, thoroughly unimpressed with the situation. She does remember her manners, however, bowing to the queen dragon and her bronze before strutting to stand in the loose semi-circle forming around the already rocking eggs.
Jeread walks onto the sands and gives a bow to the dam and sire of the clutch before joining the other candidates. He stands next to Arkoss looking around as he does so and spies the eggs that have started to move.

Gates of Heaven Egg quickens it's wobbling, the beast within fighting a foe — this heaven, this… shell. Heaven cracks in two, as the thing shatters the prisonous cage.

Arkoss follows Tarish out onto the sands and shoots a rather….frightened look at Seviadith before bowing to both her and Shidenisseth, then looks over at the eggs. Here we go again…. he nods and gives Jeread a grimace that /might/ be interpreted as a smile, then pays attention.

Whatever there was to do or had to be done is in that moment forgotten as the dragons hum and the eggs crack just before her very eyes. Kessa is amongst the crowd of white robbed candidates, stepping quick enough to stay with the flow but not quick enough to avoid being near the back. She looks around at the other familiar faces plodding along in the robes, taking up a position near Arkoss if she can - and if not, she'll hover on the outskirts of the clustering group. As she reaches the sands, she gives a quick nervous bow to the dam, and sire, before offering up an optimistic smile to the rest of her fellow candidates.

With little prelude to its action, there is a definite crack that breaks the air. Closer inspection would reveal that there is a gaping crack in the Early Morning Gem Egg which opens and closes slightly with the movement of the hatchling contained within its hard shell.

Rhalin isn't so much marching onto the sands as quick-stepping with Tarish's current state of mind being what it is. He's got the other Istan candidate Cal by the hand is apparently gripping rather tightly. There's a quick bow to the dragon before he starts trying to drag her off into the ring, better save their places right? Generaly speaking he looks calm but all the little signs point to a rather nervous flutter.

Bellanne follows Tarish out to the sands, fidgetting with her hair and pulling it back still. Her nose wrinkles and she looks over the eggs, glancing around to find Jedrek.

Gates of Heaven Egg splits in two, drawn in fury with the thing within. It must be sent away out! This is no place for him! And so, with one more defiant *crack*, Cast from the Heavens Brown Hatchling is sent onto the Sands, ejected from right between the gates of the sky.

Gates of Heaven Egg
Cast from the Heavens Brown Hatchling rolls onto the Sands rather oddly onto one of his wings. He creels, stretching out two oddly white-feathered appeared 'sails. Another pitiful call is made, before he turns his head to glance at the landed wing, which looks oddly bent and distorted. Seeing this, a not-too-bright, blonde female candidate lurches from the other white-clad to help - lucky for him, the brown approves, and Impression is made. "That's a funny name, Anggelath!" The girl drops to the Sands, hugging him. "Fallena, I will be!"

With a triumphant cry the has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the WeyrlingMaster leads the new pair off the sands.

Calandria walks hand in hand With Rhalin. She stops upon entering the Sands, smiling slyly as she takes a good look around. Whatever that smile means will remain a mystery as Rhalin gives a tug and she remembers to bow to the queen and sire. She stands with her best friend then, as the eggs start to hatch.

Tarish watches as the first egg hatches, raising her brows a little as she pats Seviadith's side. "Well.. I guess Leko was wrong. They aren't /all/ bronzes." She begins to shift uneasily from foot to foot, looking about desperately. Oooh, if there were only someone to hold her hand! .. No, she didn't think that! Nope!

Xelleen lifts an eyebrow as the first pairing happens, mouth pressed tightly so that her lips form white around the edges. She glances at her fellow candidates, considering, and then sighs, folding her arms across her chest loosely and continuing to look on.

Golden Glow of Sanctity Egg gives a wiggle and a jiggle, a shimmy and a shake. It's trying, rather hard, to free itself. The egg constantly in motion and easily thrashing around, almost hitting the fellow ovoids around it.

Jeread see's the first impression and congratulates the candidate and his new lifemate, "Allright way to go!" then returns his attention to the other eggs still on the sands. He notes where the rest of the candidates are then moves closer to the group after all there is a better chance of avoiding trampling if there are more between him and the hatchlings.

With a violent wobble and shake, Early Morning Gem Egg breaks apart in a veritable explosion of shards.

Insatiable Gaunt Beauty of a Green Hatchling
All the impurities found within the natural stone of jade have been purged from the hide of this dragon leaving behind a simple and unmarred pale creamy green. Such an even tone washes over the hide of the average sized dragon, yet cannot hide the harshness of her lean and rangy body. There is a hint of ribs along her side, while the rest of her bones provide a skeletal frame of angles and hard edges. Softening this appearance, but only slightly, are her headknobs and muzzle, which are well rounded as though tumbled through a riverbed for ages, out of place on her otherwise harsh body. Her wings are perhaps overly large on her narrow frame, though it could be an illusion caused by the gauntness of her form. While she measures up along most other greens, she simply appears to be a bit smaller due to her lack of bulkiness. Nearly blending in with her pale hide are a pair of ivory marbled talons. It is only from a distance that one can see a slight variation in her coloration. Beginning at her worn muzzle there is a bit more cream to the green of her supple hide, though as one's gaze travels down her neck it becomes apparant that her body contains more green pigment than the rest of her, a tribute which fades only slightly towards the tip of her tail.

Rhalin shifts from foot to food, even kicking the sand a little into the air and onto his toes as he shifts. A squeeze of the hand at least seems to calm the teen down breifly. "Can't believe we're doing this again… you nervous?" Cause he's not, really. Eyes follow the eggs hatching and dragons scrambling with a grin emerging on his face. "Didn't know her… did you?"

Bellanne smiles at the hatchling that impresses, clapping her hands for the pair before she glances to the newest green on the sands. She grins, glancing around once more for Jed before paying attention to only the green. "That one is lovely."

Arkoss would rather hold Kessa's hand if possible, Jeread, sorry. "Congrats…!" he says to the new brownrider, then looks over as the green hatches. "Hmm…" a green? Arkoss turns a bit pink at that, remembering a certain conversation between him, N'yx, and Rhos.

Calandria is neverous of course, but will never admit to it. "Nope, didn't know her." The girls says about the first pairing, dispassionately. Her eyes are watching the eggs closely, is she even remembering to blink? A little smiles spreads when the green hatches, and she steps a little ahead of Rhalin.

Shell meets shell, and Golden Glow of Sanctity Egg ends up as the only one worse for the wear. Or perhaps, it's for the best. Even though the egg starts twirling about, a crack, large and distinct, now runs from the very top of egg, to the very bottom. Bits of shell has already fallen off, but the being inside still struggles.

Kessa gives a shout of congrats to the newly minted brown rider, then turns her eyes to the next set of wobbling eggs. When the green arrives, she lets out a soft 'aww' under her breath.

Insatiable Gaunt Beauty of a Green Hatchling rolls herself up carefully, eyes whirling fast, faster! in a bright shade of red. She creels towards the gold on the edge of the Sands, but quickly turns her eyes down to see her feet as she rights herself. Hmm. This pose doesn't feel right. She shifts to her other side, before shaking quickly to rid a shard off of her hide. Well. While the idea of sitting her, taking her time and wasting everyone else's seems good.. That growl in her tummy is definitely a large motivater. Letting it consume her, she takes her first awkward steps forwards towards the candidates.

Xelleen considers the green as she hatches, and relents, grinning. "Well, that's more like it." A sage nod of her head, nappy curls bouncing around her small brown face. "Wonder who she's for." She muses, glancing speculatively around at the other candidates, as if it might be written clearly on someone's face.

Eberkwan brings up the rear of the candidate line, executing a stiff bow before he finds a place to stand. He's missed the initial excitement to stand at abrupt attention, (an attempt to look professional no doubt) sweat starting to bead on his forehead.

Rhalin wrinkles his nose just a little as the green spills out, leaning back in for more quiet conversation with Calandria. Can't exactly keep it at a whisper though with the busy hum that's happening all around. "She's really… gaunt. Aren't babies supposed to be chubby?" Maybe they get that way later? Cal also gets a little bit of an eying as she moves in front of him, even if slightly. Right.

Jeread smiles as the green hatches and makes her way onto the sands, "Now she's a fine looking girl, wonder who she'll choose?" His feet getting hot Jeread starts to hop slowly from foot to foot, holding one up to cool as the other heats up.

Jedrek shifts himself in the sands a bit. He's positioned himself in the back and out of the way for now. He could easily see from there, though with the crowd it was a bit hard to see him. Finally he scoots himself up a little closes to Bella. "Hey. Dis is all pretty exciting, huh?" He smiles a bit to her, but the big man looks pretty nervous.

Kessa looks over to Rhalin and nods her head, shuffling her feet a bit on the sand as they start to warm up beneath her boring sandals. "She is really thin, isn't she?" She asks, her tone lingering on worried. "Bet she'll be a porker though when she gets older." She says with a grin.

One minute the crack is easily noticed, the next it is gone completely! The crack has grown in size, now breaking apart the entire egg! Golden Glow of Sanctity Egg is split and then destroyed! Small pieces of shell tossed into the air, though the two halves fall to each side, leaving in it's wake a triumphant looking hatchling. Pride Before the Fall Bronze Hatchling takes one step forward, his head held high. None of that awkward moving and tripping over oneself for him!

Pride Before The Fall Bronze Hatchling
It was the tales of old that told of Herculean bodies such as this, where the strength of intellect was nothing compared to the brawn manifest in such a creature. While short limbed for a bronze, muscle upon muscle lavishes his body, the angled lighting causing his dark, golden bronze exterior to become ablaze in color. Nobility clings to him fiercely, denoting a proud muzzle and elongated headknobs, to a spade-ended, short, robust tail. Molten gold forms leaf shaped ridges that course down his neck and tail, and spills in wavy pools over the striking membranes of his wings - large and monstrous like the rest of him, they tower over his figure, not so much in length but in extension from his hulking form. A strange, leafy pattern in lighter yellow wraps in a half-crown underneath his headknobs, thick at the back, before thinning and ending near the tip of pointed, bejeweled eyes. But, for yet another show of brilliance, deep violet ribbons of color wrap up his grandeous limbs, tracing up legs and draping his wings with opulent highlights befitting his dignified stature. And yet, while whether a brute such as this is worthy of such pride may be a mystery to us all, not a thimble of a question lingers in his mind.

Bellanne glances at Jedrek, smiling brightly at him and reaching for his hand. "It's exciting, yes. Don't worry." She chimes, glancing over at the bronze that hatched and letting out a soft ooh. "He's pretty too. Err.. Handsome."

Calandria of course has a reason for stepping out in front of Rhalin when the green hatched, she's just not willing to share it. The rest of the candidates get a quick eyeing, who is the green heading for? "I guess?" In truth the girl never really thought much about what babies looked like, having no real interest in them.

Xelleen takes a bit more interest in the bronze, probably more interest than a girl should take. "Ahhh, a bronze." She sighs. "Whoever he goes to shall be truly worthy!" Except, well, that boy with the smelly boots. There are always exceptions to the rule.

Insatiable Gaunt Beauty of a Green Hatchling begins to walk forward, examining a girl candidate fiercely. Her breathing is heavy, noticable in her thin, evident ribcage and the loud noises leaving her pale muzzle. Another moment passes, before she decides her unsuitable, moving on.. Another is inspected, but still, not good enough. Shall anything be good enough for her? Or will she have to lower her standards to get rid of that AWFUL noise in her belly?

Pride Before The Fall Bronze Hatchling is here! The bronze hatchling shakes off the flakes of shell like they were nothing more than teeny, tiny members of some invading army. Bah! Back, you piddly things! And just for good measure, he smashes a bit of his egg's shell that dared to be in his way. Take that, little…sharp…shard…thing! Haha! You're dust, now! The bronze lifts his head and bugles his arrival to the weyr. Alright, so it's a soft trumpet compared to a full-grown dragon, but don't tell him that. He spreads his wings and lifts his wings, and poses. For a moment it's as if he's carved from stone - motionless in his awesomeness for countless turns. Admire him!

Arkoss jumps as another egg shatters. "Oooh….that one's confident." Arkoss remarks, staring at the bronze as he comes right out. "Wonder which one will be lucky with him? The green isn't ignored, however, as Arkoss spares a glance for her. Making sure she won't go out and maul anyone. Or, uh…gulp…derobe anyone.

Rhalin doesn't have smelly boots luckily, that's Eberkwan who takes the cake there. Head tilts as he peeks at the bronze for a moment with a grin. "He's pretty." Yes, he just used 'pretty' to describe a bronze, never one for proper is he. And with that there's a snicker. "And… perfectly macho it seems." Nope, not impressed, but definitly amused.

Calandria's eyes light up with the bronze, as if the hatchling has potential. Now she steps behinds behind Rhalin, and gives him a little push forward. Maybe now her plan is more clear to the other candidates. "Pretty indeed." She responds. Go get him tiger!

Kessa chuckles at the bronze's antics, smiling broadly as she gives a clap of her hands at his posturing. "What a stud." She says, bubbling over with giggles as she wrings her hands together for a moment, before looking towards the flimsy looking green, watching her carefully.

Jedrek nods. His gaze shifts over to the bronze hatchling. "Mm. Ya, he looks pretty nice." The smith follows him as he moves about. "I guess you more used to dis since you done it before. Sheesh it's hot. Like bein' in front'a da forge only it's comin' from da floor." He glances to Bella and takes a deep breath.

Seviadith glares from candidate to candidate, and, watching her prized beauties of eggs hatch and find someon else? Well, that's no good! "Oh shush it, Sevi," Tarish hushes at her. "You've got enough treasure back at the cave." Eyeroll.

Eberkwan cracks his knuckles with a slow curl of his fists, mustache twitching before he gives an assessment, "That's a fine dragon there!" The green isn't paid serious attention to.. so long as she doesn't decide to go on a mauling frenzy.

Jeread keeps an eye on the green then smiles as a bronze hatches restraining a laugh as he destroys the shards of his egg "Now there's a fellow that thinks a lot of himself I'd say." with that Jeread watches the bronze closely as well as to anyone else that might be in his path if he has to move fast out of the way of a hatchling. His hopping from foot to foot a little faster than earlier as the heat seems to penatrate the soles of his sandals quicker.

Bellanne smiles, shrugging her shoulders. "Just once." She reminds him, looking over at the green with a curious look. "Wonder who she'll go to." Is mused, a glance towards the bronze as well.

Insatiable Gaunt Beauty of a Green Hatchling decides not to waste anymore time. She doesn't need to, as she's seen the one. There he is.. Her eyes begin to churn even wilder, and a rumble meets her throat. Who cares if the bronze over there is pretty? She's found the one she likes, whose eyes seem stolen from her hide, and seems just as awkward as she is. A perfect match, really.. Excited and over-eager, she stumbles over herself a little, rumbling over in the found one's direction. Exerting so much energy causes her to collapse at his feet, but raises her eyes quickly into his, as her paw touches his sandalled foot. She breathes a sigh of relief.. because, finally, she has found the one to satisfy ALL her desires.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Insatiable Gaunt Beauty of a Green Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Rhalin flails slightly as suddenly he's no longer behind Cal and in fact is shoved foreward. Catching his balance he turns and gives her a bit of a glare. "Hey, what was that for?" Grump. No fair getting him eaten by the clutchmother for straying from the line. He's not really paying enough attention as he's stepping back in line and suddenly there's a green hatchling… the gaunt one, with a paw on his foot. His hand had already left Cal's with the shoving and now just hangs limp at his side as he stares. And then, down onto his knees he goes to wrap his arms around the green's neck. "Niarleth…." is whispered with a huge grin before he griamces.

Still Before the Storm Egg jitters to and fro, quivering in the anticipation of what is yet to come. Are you ready for this? … Tap. Tap. Hmm. Apparently not. The shivering ceases, and it falls back into slumber.

Upon seeing Rhalin impress, Kessa gives a warm smile to the pair, doubtless that it would be seen, but nevertheless, the congratulatory smile is on her lips. She considers the candidate next to her, "What a good pairing, don't you think?" That candidate, happening to be Jeread as she shuffles to his side, giving the newly paired a bit of room.

Calandria isn't feeling cold, for the first time during this candidacy. She's quite comfortable in fact, and glad to be back in her old sandals. She has scarce put them on since arriving at Fort. But that comfortant means nothing to her at the moment. Nothing at all, as Cal watches the green hatchling claim Rhalin as her lifepartner. No wait, that wasn't how it was suppose to work! He was suppose to Impress bronze! Emotions war across her face, but she manages a smile and a "Congrats!" to Rhalin as he is led off the Sands.

One of the many eggs gives a little wobbling. Which one could it be? Perhaps the usually still, and currently unmoving Harmony of Colors Egg was the one that twitched.

Pride Before The Fall Bronze Hatchling moves forward confidently. Alright, there's a stumble here and a stumble there, but he carries himself with such pride and confidence that he doesn't notice his small stumbles. His wings remain fully outstretched, to show off their awesome size and power. He moves towards the white things with quick strides, kicking up sand and barreling forward with little grace. One group of candidates have to stagger backwards as he skids to a stop in front of them, sniffing and snorting with displeasure. Awful, just awful and pitiful! Straighten that robe, white thing! You look a mess. And you! You could use a few laps around the sands. Get going, move it! He gives a plump boy from Southern a bump with his muzzle before moving on, prowling down the line like a commander sizing up his troops.

Still Before the Storm Egg begins to rumble again, a storm within breaking out. There is noise from within, an ungainly low, ravenous noise, before a lightning strike — er, crack — distorts from the clouds on the shell, ripping from top to bottom in a wild, odd shaped bolt… Before, again, it ceases to rest.

Xelleen watches the green plow towards her chosen lifemate and her eyebrows raise in disdain. "Well, pity." She muses, her curls bouncing once more as she shakes her head. "Ahh.. Congratulations, Rhalin." She calls, as light and airy as usual.

Eberkwan steals a glance down the line, only to let out a chortle at Rhalin, "Precious on a green? I always knew Polly was the man in the relationship!" Rude.

Jeread watches as Rhalin impresses the green, "Congratulations Rhalin!" then turns to Kessa with a nod, "Yes I agree I think they're going to be a fine pair." hop, hop, pause hop, hop..

Content for the most part to remain placidly in place on the sands, Harmony of Colors Egg shows a little change of plan. With a gentle wiggle that increases in intensity until the egg falls on its side, there's a thrusting from within that results in the formation of spider-like cracks on its surface.

Arkoss grins over at the newest Weyrling "Rhalin, congrats! You'd better feed her before she wastes away!" he suggests, then looks at the bronze. Hastily, he straightens his robe just in case the bronze shows any displeasure in how Arkoss looks. Yes sir.

Bellanne claps happily for Rhalin as the green moves towards him. "Oh! How exciting. I was hoping he would." She muses with a grin before she looks at Jedrek. "What do you think?" A giggle and she looks towards the other egg that rocks.

Still Before the Storm Egg goes wild, as the hurricane within goes mad with disaster, destroying the shell into smithereens — leaving Fat on Sin Green Hatchling in it's place.

Still Before the Storm Egg
Fat on Sin Green Hatchling bursts noisily from her cloudy cage. She's quick to business, lumbering her tainted, acid green pudgy form towards a small group of girls, before grabbing for one of their robes and almost tugging it off completely. "Lucyfeth, stop!" The girl whines, before her fellow candidates, canting 'C'mon, Devli!' assure her towards the fat green, who wraps her tail around the red-haired woman possessively. Together, at last!

Jedrek blinks as the green attaches itself to Rhalin. "Huh, green for him? Well, congrats." Stereotypical thinking for this smithy. He grins a bit to Bellanne. "I t'ink dat's good for him. Oh? Look dere's anodder one out now. Anodder green. Dat one's cute." He chuckles a bit. Then it's already attached to someone.

There's a gentle wobbling of Harmony of Colors Egg as the youngling contained within pushes against its shell, the round surface fairly pulsing with the movements. But finally there is give and a talon shoves out, grasping at the air. A snout follows, and then the rest of the egg gives way to reveal the hatchling contained within.

A Sea of Lust Blue Hatchling
From a sea of dazzling tropical blues arises the spectacularly crafted form of a regal dragon. With all the grace of an esteemed lord he holds himself, his gently curved headnobs and long blunt muzzle kept aloft by a smoothly sloping neck held in a pose that suggests one surveying his domain. These graceful qualities are, however, merely the refinement of that natural ease and grace that dragons are bestowed with. Every inch of him appears to have been lovingly crafted by a fine sculpturist, then worn slightly smooth by the gentle action of warm waters. Even his tail has a gentle, rounded taper to it, and in the fine bones of his wings and the powerful muscles of hindquarters and shoulders there are no harsh lines to be found. Sprinkling over the bright azure of his hide are the faintest hints of gold and green, much as though a brilliant sunlight were being reflected from shallow waters. The pale, taut fabric of his wings is merely a bleached version of the rest of his body, a pale pastel blue through which are the subtle suggestions ichor-carrying veins. There is but one flaw in his coloration and this is a large patch of pale grey-blue at the junction of tail and body. Belying the peaceful and graceful appearance are the distinctly sharp alabastor talons on his feet, though even they have the appearance of hard stone and careful work.

Calandria glares at Eberkwan, her lips drawing thin. She'll have to make sure to be extra annoying to him when this is all done. Hmm, now what? The girl finds herself standing next to no one in particular and shuffles over to join Arkoss. "What'd'ya think so far?" She says, rather distractedly. Her mind is still on Rhalin.

Pride Before The Fall Bronze Hatchling pauses along the line of Candidates to peer at a few of them intently. Hmm. That one looks alright, except that he's thinking about his girlfriend. Snort. The dragon rustles his wings, his eyes picking up speed as his hunger finally begins to catch up with him. Someone needs to fill his stomach, or there will be a battle on these sands. His tail lashes with frustration as he marches on, before coming to a sudden halt. His head turns and there…there! He's staring his new lifemate right in the face, and the brash bronze gives a commanding rumble. You are mine.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Pride Before The Fall Bronze Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Rhalin finally gets out of his daze and to his feet as the weyrlingmaster calls him over to the side. The pair make their way over rather quickly, the green spurred by hungry and the boy well, by the green.

Bellanne giggles, nodding her head in agreement. "I do, too." She muses, glancing at the newest green. "She's pretty. Already has one, though. She was fast." A glance to see who the bronze went to.

B'kwan is rattled from his chortling by the beefy bronze that stops before him. He instinctively stiffens, no longer Eberkwan, he says with barely contained self-righteousness, "Tchuunziketeth! Aye! Meat to feed our campaign." His grin only minorly eclipsed by his mustache, he gives the young dragon an affectionate swipe across his head knobs.

Jeread claps as Eberkwan impresses the bronze,

Sweet Sweet Cherubim Egg begins to tremble upon the sands, sending a small rivulet of sand cascading away from its shell.

A Sea of Lust Blue Hatchling sloppily tries to get to his feet, lumbering his wings from left to right to try and ease himself up. Hmm. Well, isn't this delicious! Freedom! An aire of nobility graces his nose as she begins to walk forward, his neck gracefully swooping upwards as each plodding step is made towards the groups of white-clad candidates. An easy gait is his match, other than the awkward misstep occasionally.. But, finally getting that down, he brings his head up even higher, and begins his quest.

Calandria ponders the blue. "He's pretty." She says, with a nod. And then all is forgotten as Eberkwan….B'kwan impresses bronze. "Oui, just what his ego needed, another boost. Still, in the spirit of the hatching and all she grudgingly congratulates him.

Arkoss blinks as the bronze goes to Eberkwan, and relaxes with a slight sigh of relief. "They fit each other. I would've been eaten alive by that bronze." he comments, then notices the blue hatching. Ah, a blue.

Bellanne claps for B'kwan, giggling. "See, I figured he'd get a bronze, Jeddie." She notes, giving the smith a nudge before she's looking towards the blue curiously. "Wonder who that blue'll go to."

Bubbles A-bursting Egg lazily shifts too and fro. Well, it's a bubble, what do you expect? Jet speed bursting? No.. It is lazy, wafting from side to side in an almost angelic manner.

Sweet Sweet Cherubim Egg begins to fracture, the tiny cracks barely discernible. Anyone close to the egg can hear a rhythmic pounding as the dragon within tries to get out.

With a triumphant cry the has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the WeyrlingMaster leads the new pair off the sands.

Sweet Sweet Cherubim Egg finally breaks into fragments, the dust of the shell clinging to the wet hatchling who tumbles out onto the sands.

Jedrek nods to B'kwan as he finds his lifemate. "Yeah? I sorta t'ought so too." He grins a bit and looks over the blue. "Ooh. Dat's a nice lookin' blue." He pokes at Bellanne a bit. "What color was you expectin' for me? Or you jus' expectin' me ta be left here, huh?"

Craving Indulgences Green Hatchling
Large, in charge, and green. Delicious, savory, smooth hues of green wrap around her like silk across a stone. She's built bulky, but her coloration is bite the back of your hand beautiful. Soft spring green leaves twist around her muzzle leaving faint vein patterns that are barely discernible. Her neckridges are soft mounds cascading down her neck, and end rather sharply. Her wings are huge for her size, and at the moment look as though they'll make it impossible for her to walk. Despite this odd configuration, she carries herself confidently. Her wings continue the leaf pattern, but also take on a gem-like quality. It's as though facets of emeralds wink across the entire surface of her sails. Pearls roll down her tail, a treasure trove of patterns in contrast with the simple blandness of her face and neck.

Bellanne grins at Jedrek, nodding her head. "I agree. He's lovely as well." A squeak as he pokes her and her nose wrinkles. "I can't tell you what I think otherwise I'd ruin it." She pouts at him, shaking her head as she looks to the next green. "Oh, she's pretty too."

Craving Indulgences Green Hatchling shakes herself free of her shards and spends a moment tidying herself up. She must look absolutely immaculate before she goes out and…oh my. What's that? She twists her neck around to peer curiously at her empty belly, and she creels at it. Stop that! She's starving, and she needs food. She lurches forward, moving in a back and forth motion as she goes, seeking someone to fill the void in her belly, and in her soul.

A Sea of Lust Blue Hatchling begins to wander around a bit, examining his surroundings. What's this? He stares at a shard from one of his previous clutchmates, smelling it's oddness, and poking it with the tip of his nose. Must not be anything special. He continues to investigate, noticing the other, unhatched eggs. He waddles a bit uneasily towards Bubbles A-bursting Egg, but accidently trips, knocking into it lightly. Whoops! Didn't mean to do that! Righting himself quickly, he stumbles backwards. This world must NOT be this confusing… So many question.. He needs answers! The sea-colored hide of his muzzle turns towards the group of candidates again, and a little lightbulb goes on over his head. /Those/ things must have some answers! Eagerly, he begins his epic journey over towards them, eyes moving from candidate to candidate for one who will help accomplish his goals.

Jedrek chuckles and looks down at her. "Why's dat ruinin' it? You jus' don' wanna hurt my feelins when I left her and you not." He nods about the next green. "Ya, she very nice lookin'."

Craving Indulgences Green Hatchling moves down the line methodically. She pauses at each Candidate, staring at them, sniffing at them, mentally prodding them before she moves on. And on. And on. Stop, inspect, reject. Stop, inspect, reject. Time and time again. It gets quite boring to watch, after a while.

Bubbles A-bursting Egg jitters once again, before *SKRITCH*, a vein appears across the shell, and then another, the bubble not quite holding the prisoner within. Really, though, if you want to keep anyone in, don't use soap formations as a cage!

Calandria smiles at the new green hatching, isn't she sure of herself? She stands silently, swaying slightly herself, she has things she wants to say, but with Rhalin gone no one really to say them too. She watches the blue's progress and grins a little.

Sand skitters a little as Raindrops on Roses, Whiskers on Kittens Egg begins to waggle back and forth, the thin shell of the egg poking this way and that, as if something was trying to get out. Oh wait. Something IS trying to get out. It rolls a little bit, flopping down onto it's longer side, before settling and going to mere, small shivers once again.

Bellanne gives Jedrek a look, wrinkling her nose. "No, that's not it. I just don't want to get ahead of myself, silly." A gentle smile before she's watching that green again, brows quirking. "Ah.. She's taking her time.. I think."

Arkoss watches the green and the blue wander around, and leans over to Jeread. "Who do you think will be lucky?" he asks the candidate. More eggs are hatching, the numbers of dragons are dwindling. Again.

Xelleen glances curiously around as the blue and green hatchlings move about their business, contemplating the remaining eggs. Her eyebrows lift and she sighs, shifting too-hot feet against the sand. "Well." She muses, watching and rubbing the back of her neck.

A Sea of Lust Blue Hatchling continues on forth, for nothing shall jade him from his quest! But… so many faces… So many people with so many paths! Headstrong and brave, he keeps on down the line, before finally catching sight of a breakthrough. Someone with something to say… He has loads of time to listen! Each aqua paw is put before the next awkwardly, but he eases himself just slow enough to make the grand entrance suitable for him. With a final creel, a lays his head down at the feet of a black haired girl, looking up at her quietly. Talk to me baby, I want to hear you for the rest of time! Do that.. For me?

With a triumphant cry it seems that the A Sea of Lust Blue Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Tanvi was here the whole time… honest. She stands among the other white clad figures, a few admirings murmured under her breath of colors. An expectant look is shot to some of the other eggs… but the blue's creel breaks this and she turns to smile as he finds his.

Raindrops on Roses, Whiskers on Kittens Egg begins to roll a little from it's original position, bumping into a hatched egg-shell as it swishes about. Hmm. Not that way. Getting frustrated and not being able to move in this form, the inward creature begins to pick more at getting out onto four legs. There's a thin vein growing across one side.. Then another, branching from the same source. Another, and another, before, with a rather loud -crriiiiicck!- a long black line enwraps half of the shell straight down the middle.

Calandria drops to her knees, mindless of the hot sand. She cocks her head a little at the blue hatchling who's head is at her feet. "Of course, Celephath. And it /will/ be spectacular" She says, a coy grin spreading wider until it seems her face will split in half. She gets to her feet then slowly, with one arm around the blue and makes for the side of the bowl.

Jeread starts to hop faster from foot to foot, the heat not only penetrating his feet but he can feel sweat slowly trickling down his face, "These sands are sure hot, I can hardly stand still anymore with my feet cooking through." Then see's the blue pause in front of Calandria and impression is made, "Yay Calandria!"

Craving Indulgences Green Hatchling finally stops in front of a small group of Candidates. She spends a few moments looking from one to the other, inspecting these two closer than any she has before. Then, with a delighted trumpet, she makes her choice and wraps her tail possessively around her chosen one.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Craving Indulgences Green Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Bellanne claps for Calandria, grinning. "Look! The blue went to her." She giggles and looks towards the green again curiously. "Wonder if she's going to pick anyone any time soon, what do you think, Jeddie?" She claps again and looks to the next egg that cracks.

Arkoss notices the blue heading towards someone and turns just in time to see Calandria Impress. "Congrats!" he calls over to her, then chews on his lower lip, looking at the green and the eggs. "Come on…" he whispers. Then he grins at Jeread. "Try living in Igen for over fifteen turns."

Xelleen lifts her hands to touch her cheeks as Calandria Impresses, "Congrats." She calls, digging her sandle-toe into the sand and then wandering closer to the candidates left, disliking being on her own so exposed and far away from the rest of the rapidly dwindling class.

Bellanne almost seems to lurch forward as the green approaches, dropping a hand to rest on her stomach before she looks at the dragon before her. Cheeks flushing with color. "Oh.. Ay.. Yes, Nyiseeth.. Food.." A pause and she looks herself over slightly. "I think I look fine.. I think." The tail around her draws her attention and she fidgets. "Hm.. You'll have to move your tail first, though…"

Bubbles A-bursting Egg gives one final *POP!* before the prisoner, this firey demon, is let loose into the Sands.. This.. Dare I say it? Seven Rings of H-E-Double Toothpicks Blue… Monster.

Bubbles A-bursting Egg
Seven Rings of H-E-Double Toothpicks Blue Hatchling spills onto the sands, the firey azure and yellows of his hide wiggling all the pieces off of him as quickly as possible — before adjusting himself just enough to turn his eyes towards a nearby small boy looking wide-eyed back at him. "En..fernoth? I.. of course I'll be your D'nte!" And they both live happily ever after! … Maybe.

Jedrek blinks a bit at the green hatchling comes over close to Bellanne and himself. "Er…" He doesn't even hear Bellanne speaking to him since he's so focused on the green. Then suddenly the dragon is very focused on the weaver, and he just stands there dumbfounded. "Er… B-Bella! Oh-oh wow!" The smith grins at her, then shifts nervously in the sands as she heads off. Whose hand was he going to hold now?

Jeread claps as Bellanne impresses to the green then watches as another blue hatches and quickly impresses, "I don't know about that Arkoss, was bad enough on ship sometimes and I did that for most of my life."

Peace After the Storm Egg begins to rock back and forth, wafting about lazily from side to side. But, the effort doesn't come, and no crack appears - so, it returns to being docile.

Arkoss nods at Jeread, then blinks as Bellanne is Impressed by the green "Congrats!", and another blue hatches and impresses right away. "So fast, yet taking a lifetime." Arkoss sighs, bringing a hand up to gnaw on nonexistant nails in nervousness.

Raindrops on Roses, Whiskers on Kittens Egg begins to rock more, as white talons peek out from the formed crack with increasing fervor. The crack is dug at more and more fiercely, but only until the crack becomes a gaping hole, the inside blocked by the shadows of the remaining shell. There's a hesitent pause, before one ghostly paw reaches out - then another - then a silver-lined, glistening golden head. They pause for a moment, before wretching the rest of the body from the shell, leaving a spectral queen laying, like a bright, sudden light source, amongst the sullen color of the sands.

If Only It Were -I- To Be Envied Gold Hatchling
Light never illuminated such a graceful creature as this, an ethereal form that, as a whisper in the wind, seems ghostly compared to others of her kind. Gold she is, but of a hue so pale and lustrous it appears more silver in tone, with the edges of her physique the only radiant points that glow in sunshine golden color. Like a metallic paintbrush wafted across her figure, swirls — like dusty fog curling around a source of movement — dance about her frame, accentuating round structure and delicate features, but thin into streaks, rather than swirls, along the functionally built appendages of legs and tail. The tip of her tail lights to pure white, edged in a striking hue that stands out amongst the almost lack-thereof; the hue, a pale but sensual metallic blue, coats the entirity of the thin membranes of her wings, whose spars hint a darker shade of such. The color touches only one other place; her face, between eyes but just before thin knobs, a dripping crown of glory is held… But not all glory is fame; for some, it only becomes a chain.

Xelleen finishes her skirt of the sands to stand near Jeread and Jedrek. Head cranes to catch sight of Bellanne and she offers her thoughtless, "Congratulations." Once more. Glancing to the side, she once again goes back to looking at the eggs. And then looking at the exit. "Hopefully the weyrbrats won't eat all the pastries before this is through."

Kessa gives a quick round of applause to those who have impressed, waving a hand to Bellanne, despite probably being missed in all the excitement. Biting her bottom lip, she lets out a soft breath of excitement, and nervous energy as she gives Jeread a light bump at the shoulder.

Tanvi looks around again as Bellanne impresses and smiles faintly, murmuring congradulations. The hatchling blue impresses quickly and as such causes her to see only the backs of the pair going off the sands. And speaking of quick… "Ooh, lovely." She murmurs of the gold.

"Didn't you hear? There is no hatching feast." Arkoss tells Xelleen, then stares as a gold hatches. Great.

Peace After the Storm Egg finally begins to show some more movement, as a weak spot in the shell seems to split, causing a radial crack to show where the sun glimmers along the eggshell. But, even though it forms, it doesn't break open quite yet. Being lazy, the cloudy egg returns to being silent.

Jeread feels someone bump into him lightly then turns noticing that it was Kessa, then see's the gold break free of her egg "A gold now who is she going to pick as her own, that's right no feast the food was sent to help another weyr."

If Only It Were -I- To Be Envied Gold Hatchling slowly begins to right herself, as her softly glowing color begins to become more shimmery the more she dries. As a ghost, she doesn't seem to move, but waft, like the wind blows each of her movements. Each wing is stretched, gracefully, before her neck swoops upwards, eyes gleaming in a slowly churning, lucious color. Her eyes flee towards the candidates, and to the stands, before a graceful paw is moved forward, and she takes her first step. Delicate, precise, engaged - nothing less for her.

Jedrek blinks as a gold dragon pops out of the latest egg. "Oh wow. Gold, dat's… a pretty dragon." Then he looks over at Xelleen. "Dere's pastries after dis? Hm. If my feet don' melt ta da sands first, I guess." His poor tootsies just weren't used to this sort of temperature!

Peace After the Storm Egg isn't moving.. Despite having cracked, it seems to not care, continuing to idle as long as possible. Unforunate, having been shifted into a position at an angle, the egg topples over onto the crack, forcing the rest of the shell's integrity to be compromised, leaving it in two pieces, and Slothful Moonlight Gazer Brown Hatchling splayed out on the Sands.

Slothful Moonlight Gazer Brown Hatchling
Blushing to a hue similar to an aged rose, mahogany sifted with deepest crimson glazes the hide of a stout dragon, large limbed, large bodied, large headed - in size, he could almost be mistaken for a bronze. Coppery red wisks his sides and paws, forming spars that hold sails of the palest chestnut between. Neckridges hued and shaped like a half moon in the sky dance down neck and tail, as pale yellow as the multi-sized frecks glimmering across his cheeks, dappling the tops of his paws, and dotting the end of his long, winding tail. As if stars stolen from the sky above, they appear to twinkle in changing light - they lead towards his body, before ceasing where pale blotches the same taint as his wings leave wispy entrails of clouds on angled joints and limbs. Softer still, the tinge touches the lids of his eyes, which constantly pull downward to hide his eyes in what could be called a dreamy escape. A giant, he may be, but with night sky colorings and a constant smile to persist even through the deepest of sleep, he truly is no more fearsome than a child's teddy bear.

Kessa looks over once Jeread gains her attention for a moment, then spies the Gold who has clawed her away out of her shell. "She is stunning." She says with a smile on her face, looking back to her companion at her side. When the Brown makes his way out as well, she gives him a long look, speculating. "He is -huge.-"

Xelleen glances at the gold, and her nostrils flare in some undefineable emotion, something passing through her mostly empty head. Now, if only the synapses can fire in so much dead space. "Oh, lovely." She murmurs, shifting her weight and then glancing over at Jedrek. "Sure, what sort of feast would it be without pastries?" A dreamy grin. "I hope there's redfruit. I do love redfruit."

Slothful Moonlight Gazer Brown Hatchling doesn't seem to mind the bits of shard clinging to his hide as he takes a long, luxurious stretch. It's cramped in there! Then a mighty yawn follows as the brown pauses to look about him languidly. Hmm. His rumbling stomach spurs him into action, but even his top speed could best be defined as a stroll as he moves towards the Candidates.

If Only It Were -I- To Be Envied Gold Hatchling begins an easier pace, but it is broken as she again looks to the candidates, and their wide eyes at her. Why do they look at her so? She looks down nervously, unaware of her ghastly beauty, or the frail delicacy of her existence. They must be confused with something else… Each eye turns back to the humans, spinning more wildly as she thinks to the future, and to what could possibly made for herself. Maybe, just maybe, one of those ones will be the one she needs to maintain this gracious stature. A soft croon is issued to her remaining clutch-mate, before bold move drives her forward, leaving the remains of her shell behind to seek the one..

Jeread nods his head, "He sure is I think he's the largest brown I've seen, you'd mistake him for a bronze." He looks to the gold again thinking who among the female candidates might be chosen by her. Then smiles as the brown starts to saunter towards the remaining candidates. "Now there's one who doesn't to seem to be in any hurry."

Kessa chuckles. "He could very well be a bronze in disguise." She looks amused by that statement, giving her friend another nudge, before examining how slow he crawls along the sand at his own pace. As the golden one presses forward, she eyes the creature, rocking a bit on the balls of her feet. "She is sure majestic, huh?" She asks, looking to her friend with a crooked grin. "The way she moves and all."

"I bet she's for you." Arkoss tells Kessa, though he's watching the brown. His gaze goes towards Jeread and Jedrek, convinced he'll go to one of them.

Slothful Moonlight Gazer Brown Hatchling yawns at his clutchsister, not much glitzed by her beauty. He can't eat her, so right now she's of no use to him. Maybe later they can…nap together or something. He moves on, haphazardly sniffing out Candidates. A pause here, meander over there, wander back to his egg and lick it…yuck, that's no good. Slowly and casually he continues on, his wings dragging in the sand behind him.

Jedrek shifts himself a bit as a brown slowly emerges onto the sands. "Oh, dat ones got some stuff left on him. He should… shake it off or somethin'." Right. Then he glances over to Xelleen. "Feast, oh right. I forgot 'bout dat." Of course he wasn't very hungry due to all the excitement. "Ya… redfruit is good."

Kessa lets out a laugh to Arkoss. "Yeah, right." She says, giving him a measuring look, before giving her hands a single clap. "I don't trust my luck that well, but, she will make someone happy, that's for sure." Growing hesitant for a moment, she worries her bottom lip with her teeth, before peeking upwards again at the sand. "Maybe that brown is mine." She says, jokingly.

Xelleen grins lazily at Jedrek, tipping her head and dropping into flirt mode. Yep, there it is. Hatchlings? Forget them! BOYS! "Maybe you'd like to sit next to me, after this is all over?" A slow grin, white teeth flashing.

Tanvi peeks over at Xelleen at this comment about boys and gives a good laugh to that. Her eyes drift over the gold and brown respectively. Such a handsome brown.

If Only It Were -I- To Be Envied Gold Hatchling becomes increasingly more jealous the more she looks between the candidates. Why couldn't she be so strong, so brave? But, perhaps… The one she finds will be her strength, and will let her perform miraculous things.. Yes! It is this thought that drives her forward, sensing the one that is near, the one whose fears she will chase away, the one who, together, will do many great things. With one more graceful steps, the ghostly presence sits down in front of a brown haired girl, and raises her head to meet the woman's gaze. Yes, you, you will be the one who will help change the face of this world forever.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the If Only It Were -I- To Be Envied Gold Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

With a triumphant cry the has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the WeyrlingMaster leads the new pair off the sands.

The intensity of the weight from some other life form joining her soul has its physical affects, which become obvious to the rest of the people observing the moment. Kessa's eyes droop down low with a heavy flutter of lashes, while her knees bop together as her whole form seems to shake. Remembering to breath, she gulps down a breath of air, her weight all but falling against the dragon that is so near to her. Eyes lock onto eyes. The impression is made. And soon, her face is lowered so that dragon forehead rests against her own forehead in a compassionate gesture, one of happiness and completion. "I can't believe…" a whisper amongst the rest of the noise on the sands, heard only by those close to her as her fingers settle on the underjaw of her new lifemate. To the rest of the crowd, she remembers them abruptly as the instant dissolves but leaves her with a content smile, "Her name is Choth" And with a turn, dragon and weyrling stare lovingly at eachother as they walk off the sands.

Jeread see's that the gold has found a partner and smiles, clapping his hands together. "Oh yes what a totally perfect pair! Congratulations KESSA!" he turns to Arkoss, "Now that is the perfect pair!"

Jedrek blinks at Xelleen, decidely still distracted due to the wandering hatchlings. "Huh? Uh. Maybe, sure." Too preoccupied to really get the drift of her question. Soon the gold has picked her match, the other weaver candidate Kessa. "Oh! Congrats, Kessa. Dat's great! Anodder gold at Fort." Hopefully this one won't be as scary as her mother.

Arkoss grins at Jeread. "Didn't I just say she'd Impress the gold? Didn't I? Congrats, Kessa." Arkoss beams at her, then looks at the eggs….no, at the brown. Last dragon. Sigh.

Slothful Moonlight Gazer Brown Hatchling seems to have zeroed in on something, because while his pace doesn't increase by any stretch of the imagination, he does seem more focused. He lumbers forward to peer at one of the Candidates, blowing hot dragon's breath at him. Hi there. Feed me. Now. Please?

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Slothful Moonlight Gazer Brown Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

[Fort Weyr] Kessa unquiets her knot.
[Fort Weyr] Arkoss: Congrats everyone.
[Fort Weyr] Calandria: Grats everyone. :)
[Fort Weyr] Navi throws confetti!
[Fort Weyr] Xelleen loves! Congrats everyone! I gotta go check on the neighbor's dogs x.x
[Fort Weyr] Kessa waves to everyone. "Well, now that Kessa impressed, I'm gonna log her off. I'm just puppeting for tonight. Congrats to everyone that impressed! I hope you have a wonderful Weyrlinghood. Send Kessa a congrats @Mail if you want, I'm sure she'd appreciate it. :)
[Fort Weyr] Kiri: Congrats all.
[Fort Weyr] Arkoss: Won't she be surprised! Heh.
[Fort Weyr] Rhalin hops the puppeteer called her or something ;)
[Fort Weyr] Xelleen is texting her right now! ^_^
[Fort Weyr] Kessa: I have no way of calling. Haha. I don't have her number anymore, but I may send her an email with something like: OH SNAP KESSA You didn't impress, :( I'm so sorry. Hahha
[Fort Weyr] Xelleen: OMG, she's going to FLIP! *dancings*
[Fort Weyr] Tanvi grins.

Jedrek blinks as the slow-moving brown heads his way. There's a moment of complete stillness from the smith as suddenly everything seems to fall into place for that one perfect moment. /Now/ he knew why he was here, on these hot sands! Of course his feet are instantly forgotten as he looks into the eyes of the wonderful creature before him. "Misoganth, hello. Yes, I t'ink we can find you somethin' ta 'round here. Den a nap, 'course." Jedrek, now J'ed, grins and heads off with his brown.

Tarish, having watched the hatching with a bit of interest but rather 'oo, wow, a dragon', finally lifts herself up from being seated next to Seviadith, plodding her way over to the candidates left. "Heeeyy kiddos," she says with bit of a smile, trying to seem at least a little sypmathetic — for Tarish, that is. "Well.. Thanks.. so much for coming and standing. Hopefully next time around, you'll.. ya know.. Find what you were lookin' for." She looks from each one to the next with her smile growing, but it fades a little as she pats a lonely kids shoulder. "Next time."

Jeread gives a cheer as Jedrek impresses the brown, "Congratulations Jedrek!" then he looks around noticing that again he's been left behind on the sands, a slump of his shoulders shows the air of defeat he gives a slight shrug at Tarish's statement and turns to walk off the sands and to his cot. He whispers to himself softly, "Next time, yes I wonder if there will be a next time."

Arkoss sighs softly as he's left on the sands yet again. "Bad things come in threes." he states. Not third time's the charm. "Yeah, thanks. Congrats." he adds to Jedrek. "Should've bet a mark on that, I'd be richer." he smiles, then walks off the sands.