Fort Weyr - Living Caverns
This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.

Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.

It's been a long day of celebrations at Fort Weyr. Ice-skating, sledding, snow-sculpture contests, races, dragon rides, and general fun all around. Now it's late enough that most of the small children have collapsed into slumber and been tucked into their beds, leaving the adults some much-needed relaxation time. That means it's time for charades!

Yes, charades. At least in this corner of the caverns. The rules are simple - no talking, no sound effects. There are two teams - M'lo and Idralia, versus Ely and Miki. It's apparently M'lo's turn, with Idralia trying to guess. The other two are allowed to call foul and they're in charge of the hour-glass, too. He looks at Idralia with wide eyes and holds up two fingers.

Idralia is looking a bit wan but engaged as the corner turns toward charades, settling onto the arm of a couch to watch M'lo as he takes his place. The two fingers elicit a brief smile. "Two words, then?"

Ely is sitting off to the side with Miki and there's certainly an amused and osmewhat evil smile on her face as she watches M'lo. She has one hand near the hourglass, as she apparently had just turned it over to signal the start.

Miki looks quite excited for this game, eyes wide and a large smile on her face. Even as the guessing starts, the woman lets out a small snicker, eyes moving from guesser to the timer.

M'lo nods eagerly at Idralia. Then he gets down on all fours. He tucks his thumbs out of sight, and then splits his middle and ring fingers apart, while keeping the index and middle fingers close together, and the ring and pinkie fingers close together. He waggles his behind and opens and closes his mouth in exaggerated chewing motions.

"Well, some kind of animal, clearly, but you've got to give me more than that to go on," Idralia says with amusement. "Some kind of bird?"

Ely can't help it - she breaks into a soft snort of laughter at M'lo's butt wiggling. She brings a hand up to cover her amused grin, though it's still easy to see the expression in her eyes.

Miki doesn't even try and hold in the laughter, simply letting it out in tiny bursts as she attemtpts to catch her breathe. For a few seconds she even has to turn away from the sight.

M'lo takes the time to give Idralia a roll of his eyes - and that's clearly not a clue. He's on /all fours/. He chews his cud a little more desperately, and then tries another tactic. He squats with his knees spread and his butt maybe six inches from the ground. Then he reaches out and draws his hand in a roughly horizontal line, palm down. A few times, with a pleasant little smile. Then he reaches forward and under than line by a good foot. He makes two loose fists and starts with one high and the other low. As he brings the higher fist down, he squeezes. He keeps repeating that in a rhythmic pattern, dropping his fists one at a time and squeezing as he does.

Idralia watches M'lo in silent puzzlement, following his movements with her eyes. Then she starts, asking, "A milk cow?" It's a hopeful question, not very confident.

Ely reclines a little in her seat and crosses her legs at the ankle, smirking a little as she watches the show. She casts a sidelong look at Idralia, as though expecting her to guess it anytime soon. Though her guess doesn't elicit any reaction from her - obviously not correct.

M'lo looks up at Idralia with hope, but no confirming nod or cheer. He goes on with his milking activity for a few more seconds, and then pets the animal he's milking. He's still squatting quite close to the ground. Pet, pet, pet… milk, milk, milk…

Idralia bites her lip, watching the weyrsecond intently. "Okay, smaller than a cow… a goat? Milk goat? Two words is a bit difficult here," she says wistfully.

Ely glances at the hourglass and watches the sand within drain away. She taps absently on the table - tick tock - and gives a slight smile.

Miki glances between M'lo and Idris, smirking slightly but saying nothing else. She leans forward for a few seonds, eagerly watching the hourglass time out.

M'lo nods frantically when Idralia says goat, and holds up his first finger. She got the first word! Yay! Now he holds up his second finger. Then he milks for a few more seconds, and then points to the imaginary thing his fist is holding. Point! Point-pointpoint! Miiiiiilk. Point-pointy-point! Milk, milk, milk, point, point, point.

Idralia looks rather puzzled at the pointing finger, chewing her lip again. "Goat udder?" she ventures, lip looking a bit puffy from her constant chewing.

Ely looks happy as the hourglass drains down, though her grin rapidly fades as Idralia speaks her guess. "Oh damn. She got it," se says on the end of a sigh. "Guess it's our turn? Do I get to act?"

Miki looks a bit disappointed at the guessing. But like a little child, she's giggling because Idra /said/ those words. "Ah well….I guess so? Hopefully it's not too complicated."

M'lo explodes up from his crouch, leaping into the air with a punching fist. "YES!" he roars triumphantly. "We are gonna win! We are gonna win!" he chants. Then he bounces happily over to Idralia and sits next to her. He scribbles something on a piece of paper. "This one?" he suggests.

Ely snorts and rolls her eyes skyward at M'lo's antics, "Puh-leeze, love. We are /so/ going to beat you." She gives a teasing grin and adds, "That was such a pathetic goat." Still, she gets up, collects the piece of paper, eyes it and then smirks. Sticking it into her pocket she moves to the front of the room and holds up a single finger.

Miki snickers at the Weyrsecond, "Your weyrmate and your assistant. I think we've got enough in us to figure out anything you throw." After a moment though, eyes turn to Ely and nods, "1 word."

Idralia snorts softly at the word she is shown, settling back against the couch to watch the charade. She tends the hourglass this time, giving it half her attention as the others work on their word.

M'lo just cackles and leans back on his chair, wiht his long legs sprawling out before him. He looks pretty confident that his team will win.

Ely brings her hands up and tugs and rolls her shoulders, as though adjusting something. She reaches behind her, takes hold of something invisible in her hand and steadies it in both. She plants her feet wide apart, squints across the room as though aiming at something and flicks the tip of one finger at the air over her shoulder. She makes a show of her upper body jerking back as she braces herself, hands still clutching something invisible.

Miki looks a bit confused for a few moments before leaning back and considering, "It's a….gun?"

Idralia chokes back a laugh as Ely begins her charade, shaking her head and glancing over at the timer. Miki's guess gets another slight headshake, and the techie watches avidly to see what Ely does next.

M'lo just snickers at the entire display. He tries to nudgs Idralia gently with his elbow and gives her a look that somehow conveys amusement and confidence in their ability to win.

Ely gives a slight shake of her head. She keeps a two handed grip on the invisible thing and starts to swing it back and forth slowly, her feet still planted and braced. She pauses, frees one hand and then puts it out into open air in front of where her other hand still grips empty air. She gives a pained grimace and jerks her hand back, waving it around as though the very air were hot.

Miki looks more confused than ever, simply shaking her head and shrugging. After a few moments though, something seems to come to her, thoug she's not at all certain of the answer. "Ummm, a pan?"

Idralia covers her mouth with one hand as Ely continues the charade, trying to keep from laughing too much. The timer is slowly trickling sand away, and she keeps an eye on it as the guessing continues.

M'lo's grin gets more and more ferociously satisfied as Miki guesses wrongly. "We're gonna win, we're gonna win," he stage-whispers.

Ely grits her teeth momentarily in frustration and shoots a glare at the opposing team. She points vaguely at a point across the room, aims what she's holding in the air and then braces herself. She then drops this for a moment, seems to think and turns to face Miki. She slices the side of her hand into the palm of her other in a chopping motion and then holds up two fingers, her eyebrows raised questioningly to see if she understands.

Miki peers with annoyance at the other team and makes a bit of a face. "I have no idea what that is……firewood? An axe to chop firewood?" Now the greenie is pulling at straws.

"I'm starting to think you're right," Idralia murmurs to M'lo, snorting a laugh as Ely changes tacts. "We should have sold tickets to this. We could have made a fortune," she adds.

M'lo just chuckles quietly and winks at Ely. He's having fun!

Ely makes the chopping motion again stubbornly and holds up two fingers. Then she plucks something from the air, winds up and then seems to hurl it as hard as she can at the wall. Then she turns back to Miki and holds up one finger. She pauses, strikes something against another thing in midair and seems to drop it on the floor. Then she holds up the palms of her hands to it as though warming them. She points down at it. Then she makes another motion as though chucking something across the room.

A word is a word, once given it is promised and fulfilled. A semi-familiar face returns, with a little less color this time. Clothes aren't so bright, almost to the point that he 'stands' out because his mundane colors do not go with the celebration garments. He's dressed in cleanly pressed powder blue shirt with a tan jacket thrown over with a darker set of trousers on hips, likely having left flight jacket at the check in. His hair is even slicked back and there's a white scarf around his neck and dark (sun) glasses sitting on the top of his hair to finish off the look. A brow raises at some of the commotion, ending up curious about the laughter coming from a certain section of the living caverns. Stretching his neck up, he's able to watch for a time Ely making chopping motions.

Miki fidgets, finally just standing and hopping from foot to foot with anxiety. "Fireball?"

Idralia watches the sand continue to dribble away - it's very nearly gone, now, and she bears an expression of expectation as Miki's guesses continue to miss the mark. "What will we get for winning this?" she asks M'lo curiously, pitching her voice to be clearly heard by the other team. "I never really looked at the list."

M'lo leans in close to Idralia. "Each member of the winning team will receive an /entire/ cherry pie," he says gleefully. "And I'm not gonna share mine." He pauses and eyes Ely thoughtfully. "Well. Maybe if she asks really nicely," he murmurs with another chuckle.

Ely shifts her hand from side to side in a 'so-so' gesture. Then she continues - warming her hands over open air and then seemingly hurling an invisible ball across the room. After a moment she goes back to her original charade - aiming invisible carefully, squinting and then bracing herself as she slowly pans the invisible thing back and forth. Even the whole thing with sticking her hand in her line of fire and then jerking it away with a pained expression.

Someone who was standing in front of the bronzerider of Ierne leaves, creating a gap that A'dmar is ironically pushed to fill. There's a grumped response from the man which doesn't earn any immediate friends and instead only sour looks from the teenagers who were 'rough' housed behind him.

"I don't knowwww!" The assistant practically wails into the air and flops back into her chair. "A catcher? Like for baseball?" Miki sort of grumps and glares balefully at the timer. "I don't think I've ever met anyone worse at this game than I."

As the timer runs out Idralia bursts into laughter, not holding anything back. "Miki, you have the oddest mind. How do you come up with these things? A pan? A fireball?" Shaking her head, she picks up the timer. "I'm afraid you're out of time. M'lo, would you like to tell her what it was?"

M'lo grins. "Don't be too hard on yourself, Miki," he says. "It's just a game. Maybe you'll do better next round," he says. "And the answer was…" he rapidly drums his hands on the table for dramatic effect. "A flame-thrower!" He glances around, and notices A'dmar. "A'dmar!" he shouts and waves. "You made it! Come join us, c'mon!" He's all big happy grins and enthusiasm.

Ely exhales in a huge sigh as the timer runs out and drops her hands to her sides. "Shard it all," she grumps, "Couldn't you have given us something like goat udder?" She rolls her eyes and goes back to her seat, her footsteps a little louder than would be normal. She's Bitran, after all, and it's never 'just a game'. Competitive much? She gives M'lo a rather challenging yet teasing grin, "You're going down."

A'dmar looks completely disinterested after some time standing there, his facial features drawn in a less than enthusastic freeze. He flinches when M'lo points him out of the crowd, flinches for the fact that faces are turning toward him as he's called upon to join the team. "Uh," he waves his hands in a dismissive gesture, "I'll pass on this…" and every other game that is going on. Side-lining was the best place to be.

"I do not have a strange mind. Who would ever think of FLAMETHROWER! At least we gave you something reasonable!" Oh yes, Miki is certainly getting a bit competitive. Now that she's finally gotten past her turn though, the greenie /does/ notice A'dmar and sort of freezes. After a few moments though, Miki actually smiles, and it's even a genuine smile. "Aw come on now. You afraid you're worse at this than I am?" The jab is good natured at least. She's in a festival mood!

"Shards, is it that late already?" Idralia mutters, glancing at the cavern clock. "I'm going to have to bow out of any further rounds. I have some time sensitive work to do tonight, I'm afraid," she says sadly. "Do let me know how this ends?" And she doesn't wait for a reply, rushing off to tend to whatever it is a Techie does at the start of the new Turn.

'The World of Pern(tm)' and 'The Dragonriders of Pern(r)' are copyright to Anne McCaffrey (c) l967, 2000. This is a recorded online session, by permission of the author but generated on PernWorld MUSH for the benefit of people unable to attend.