Fort Weyr - Living Caverns
This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.

Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.

Converge on the small child. That's easy enough. Or on Hall business. Tamsyn takes a long, but careful sip of the cider she picked up, useing the mug to help warm her hands back up. "Master Keane is harsh, as always. Insists my phrasing could be better." The woman sighs. "How he still manages to make my diaphram ache is beyond me. A look is given to the trapazoidal instrument case beside her. "And I've been told to expand my instrument knowledge even more." These are all challenges she seems to look forward to, however. And while she occasionally looks at the foreign bronzerider out of the corner of her eye, she'll leave the prickly man in peace. "Ah. He'll be joining in the youngest class set soon enough then, won't he? Just a turn or two more, right little man?" The last portion is said, directly to the child. Lets just see if Syn is a Scary Monster Woman in the child's opinion.

Childzen weren't such an awkward conversation, right? A'dmar appeared interested, smirking at the tot sucks his thumb, "Looks like he's still sleepy," he notes settling back in his chair with the mug of klah wrapped between both hands. "I found the fourth Turn ta be the hardest," a note as he glances sideways out of the corner of his eye toward the harper, not meaning to cut her out of the conversation but he had something against women if it wasn't obvious by now. If it wasn't, then he just continues to be prickly! He's good at that. With the klah drained, he looks over at his mail bag, the bright colored bag marked with the Quoin symbol, an alphabetic letter in an exotic language. A hand searches for his clipboard as he pulls it loose again, stuffing some of the cheese bread into his mouth as he flips the pages, chewing idly, continously peeking over the edge of it to watch the interaction with Syn and the toddler. "Excuse me…" he notes as he stands abruptly from the table, leaving his bag there but going out of conversational range as he turns on the radio at his hip, starting to speak into it, "Quoin 1, base,…" there is further static but finally a voice on the other end. He starts yammering away about an order on the clipboard… low enough that it won't disturb anyone around him.

"What is in that instrument case, anyway?" M'lo asks, peering at it. "If I hadn't Impressed Irelanth, I would have gone to Harper Hall, I think. I don't know if you know this, but I draw." He grins. "Who's got time for lessons now, though? It's always oiling or strap-mending or sweeps or paperwork or settling disputes between drudges and other riders." He makes a face. Eldann stares at Tamsyn with the same solemn fascination that he gave A'dmar, but makes no move to take the thumb out of his mouth to smile at her. "Oh, you have children?" M'lo asks A'dmar. But then the man moves away to take care of business. Eldann finally removes his thumb from his mouth and bites into the cheesy bread with little tiny teeth. He attaches his free hand to his father's shirt - a very tiny death-grip.

With muted swearing does Idralia enter the caverns, bolting in from the Bowl with a wet cape draped about her shoulds, a clear testament that the rain continues to create cold misery outside the caverns. Setting down her thankfully water-resistant toolbox the techie shrugs out of the cloak, hanging it with its somewhat drier brethren before looking about the room. The bronzerider talking on his radio catches her interest and her fingers twitch at the sight of the device. Toting her toolbox, she moves toward where he stands, nodding to Tamsyn and M'lo as she notices them nearby. At the first opportune moment she asks, "How's the signal for you in here?" of the unfamiliar bronzerider.

Tamsyn watches as A'dmar stands, trying not to peer at the prickly man. But curiousity killed the Harper. Thankfully Syn has good control over hers, though. Usually. "Mmm. I think you have the right idea there." She chuckles at the little boy, sinking her teeth into her own cheesey bread. "Yummy, right? He is adorable, M'lo." Then her gaze goes down to the case by her chair. "A hammered dulcimer, actually. It's a very sweet sounding thing." There's another dripping wet cloak to accompany Idra's, for Syn is newly arrived herself. "Careful there, miss. Us women might be carrying a plague of some sorts." And returned is the harper's humor as she nods in greeting to the other crafter, her lips quirked just slightly as she discreetly watches A'dmar's reactions. And Idra's for that matter.

A'dmar puts his finger up to 'pause' the question from M'lo when the brownrider asks after his child. The business seems to take some time, a few minutes. It's a back and forth communication that has the bronzerider switch into a demanding tone of voice and then an appreciative one. Idralia's voice has one of the communications interrupted as A'dmar looks up toward her and misses the cackling static sounding reply. He gives her the same look he gave Tamsyn with a little more accusation behind his hard gaze, a gaze that screams 'I'm going to ignore that you exist right now.' It's all about making sure the business runs smoothly, by his exasperated look as he pivots away, it'll cause him grey hairs sooner rather than later. He promptly starts to walk away from Idralia's nattering, leaving her unanswered for now as he struggles for a little better air reception, going back to quick negotiations on the other end.

M'lo nods cheerfully back to Idralia as she passes, and chuckles a little bit at her avid interest in A'dmar's radio. It's understandable, since everything like that is hand-made and probably reeeeeeeeeally expensive. "He must not be working entirely with other dragonriders," he remarks conversationally to Tamsyn. "Else he'd simply bespeak his lifemate. No fear of a bad signal with that, and it works anywhere on the planet." He grins as she compliments his son. "Thank you," he tells her. "I think so, too." He glances at the insrument case. "Oh. Neat. Maybe you'll grace us with a song, once you're warm and fed?" he asks hopefully.

Idralia is hardly at fault for her words coming at a bad time - it had seemed like there was a pause there, after all! How could she have known the person on the other end would choose /that/ particular moment to speak? A'dmar's glare and turn away elicits a raised brow from the techie, then a shrug, before she too turns and, rather than moving away, joins the others. "I just want to know how well the signal is being picked up through the rock," she says with a note of irritation in her voice as she takes a seat, then smiling briefly to the Harper and Weyrsecond. "The rain can go away any time now, or I really will catch something." Noticing the young boy she asks, "Oh, is this your boy, M'lo? Nice set of teeth." Because chewing at that age is a very visual affair, of course.

Tamsyn seems to contemplate M'lo's request of a song. "Sometimes I think Impressing would be so… marvelous. But then I know I'm happy with how my life is at the moment." Not to mention she's starting to cap that age of being searched, if she hasn't already. "I suppose I could play something, if the cold hasn't ruined the tuning." Idralia gets an impish grin from the Harper as the Techie takes a seat. For being mid-morning during an absolute downpour, people (minus A'dmar) seem to be in decent moods. "I don't think it has a thing to do with interrupting his conversation, so much as it is you're a woman. You should've seen the look /I/ got." Then again, to be fair, she was being her usual dramatic self. That might not have helped.

Returning to the table, he looks for an opening to interject his answer to M'lo, while he clips his radio back on, a half shared glanced over to Idralia. "My apologies, had to check on an important delivery…" that's about all the explanation his little tirade earns. A hand brushes through his black hair, rubbing tiredly onto his forehead and smoothing down his face, eyes blinking wide as if he had been feeling the strain of weariness on him. Finally to M'lo, "You were askin if I had children?…" a beat, "Yes. One. A girl…" there is something pained in his voice, having to clear his throat before he continues, "She's bout six now… her mom ran off with her two turns back. Haven't been able ta find 'em…" There is a pointed look toward Tamsyn, maybe he caught the tail end of her comment. He lifts his arm to a passing drudge, ordering another round of klah, shifting his eyes to the others, "Anyone else need anything?" He does have manners, somewhere in that stone-clad self.

"Hello, Idralia," M'lo greets cheerfully. He nods. "Yes, this is Eldann." He laughs when she compliments his teeth - it's true, though, the child chews with his mouth open. Smack-smack-smack-nom-smack. He nods to Tamsyn. "There's nothing as wonderful," he says quietly. "Nothing. I love Ely and my children beyond all reason, but Irelanth… I would /die/ without him." He's not exaggerating, either - it's well known that most riders suicide if their dragon dies. "It's a lot of work, though. Dragons can't really take care of themselves, you know? They need to be oiled, for one, even full-grown dragons." He totally does not comment on the whole A'dmar-is-a-chauvanistic-porcine topic, no sirree Bob. He looks over at A'dmar with wide black eyes. "Oh," he says. "Man, that's /awful/. I can't imagine what I'd do if —" he breaks off and hugs his son tighter, which the little boy enjoys. "Do you have descriptions? We can keep an eye out for them, around here at least." He doesn't need anything for himself, but he glances down at Eldann. "A little cup of juice for him, if you don't mind," he says. He looks over at the two women with a 'poor guy - don't you feel bad for him?' look on his face.

Idralia gives a disdainful sniff at Tamsyn's suggestion regarding the grouchy-seeming bronzerider. "That's not very logical. What does being a woman have to do with anything? It's not like he knows every woman to know what they will do." Idralia, lover of logic. "Nice to meet you, little man," she says to the boy, smiling at the nomming child. The talk of dragons flows past her without comment, simply listening and warming up. And then the bronzerider is coming back over and even apologizing, earning himself a brief smile and nod from the techie. "I understand. I didn't mean to interrupt - it had sounded like there was a solid pause there, but clearly I was mistaken. I was just inquiring about the signal strength and fidelity in here compared to outside," she explains. Then there is talk of a missing daughter and the techie's expression falls. "I'm sorry to hear that. I hope you receive favorable news soon," she says gently, shaking her head to decline the offer for an order.

Miki /loves/ the rain, especially running around in it with the littles. Sohnyu does not. So it's really no surprise to see Miki running across the bowl without her lifemate, who preferred to stay holed up in their weyr. Final deigning to come inside, the greenie stands by the entrance, clothes and hair dripping with water. The drudges don't seem to find this as entertaining at Miki and it isn't long before towels are being thrown at the woman right and left. It's all rather funny looking considering Miki's short height. The newly created Towel Monster then glances around the caverns and makes direct headway to little group. "Morning everyone! Enjoying yourselves?" A pleasant grin is shot to all members of the table and then…A'dmar is spotted and the smile turns into a bit of a smirk. Well hello there stick in the mud! "Unlike Idralia though I'll interrupt quite shamelessly." That much she had been able to catch. But perhaps this isn't just a social call. "M'lo! I finished talking to some littles about games. Apparently pin the tail on the wherry is a popular choice for the kids. As for the adults…well I'm not sure yet."

Tamsyn's eyes harden, her lips turning in a small frown as she takes a few more moments to look at A'dmar maybe a touch more closely. Amazingly enough the Harper doesn't add her own well wishes onto the pile of them, instead shifting in her seat to start taking out the hammered dulcimer, setting it up easily and quickly enough on it's stand in front of her chair. Idra gets a quirked eyebrow as she fishes for the bag of delicate wooden hammers, taking out a simple pair. "Logic, I don't think has a thing to do with it. Humans can be a rather illogical sort, sometimes." But she's softening the words with a smile, taking in a deep breath as she painstakingly starts to make sure the dulcimer is in tune, striking each set of strings softly. And then Syn is addressing the bronzerider again, with one ear bent to her tuning. "Do you enjoy music at all?" There's suddenly a ruckus behind her, and she looks over her shoulder to spot a soaking wet Miki. That gets a grin by itself, though with her concentration else where, her normal flare is a bit dimmed.

A'dmar lifts his hand to stall the sympathy, not a man that needs it, just telling it like it was, evidently. He does though at this time comment across to M'lo, "You see, this is why I cannot stay at a Weyr. The business I own gives me flexibility to follow leads while making marks," he does tighten his jaw down as he waits for the orders to be recieved. The server does make acknowledgement of everything asked for, A'dmar ensuring the order is taken with perfection and that no one will be left out. His lips twitch again, "She would not go to a Weyr. She knows I'm looking…" he does glance at the women at the table. It was Idralia first that holds his attention, "The signal strength is weak…" if all the crackling and static wasn't an indication. As for the sympathy from her, he nods, not about to say anything more on the subject. Miki's voice has his skin crawl, his eyes rolling as he sits back heavily in the chair, glaring across at M'lo as if it were the Weyrsecond's fault for the sudden influx of bubbly women around. Begrudgingly, he turns his eyes on Tamsyn, deadpan: "I do."

"Miki," M'lo says with a grin for his greenrider assistant. "Okay, let me just add that," he says. He picks up his pen with his left hand and scribbles down that game on the list. "We've got pin the tail on the wherry, three-legged races, sack race, a hula hoop contest, if it snows we'll have some snowball fights and maybe a snow-sculpture contest." He glances at the little gold firelizard asleep at the end of the table. "That's how I got her," he says. "I won her egg by sculpting the snow, my first winter here." He grins, and continues. "A pie-eating contest… a pie-making contest… but we need more /games/. I'm thinking maybe a trivia game for the adults, to be held in Shenanigans?" he suggests to see what they think. When A'dmar glares at him, M'lo just smiles brilliantly, oh-so-frackin'-cheerful. "Alright," he allows. "I'll find someone else for the position, it's okay. But you already promised you'd come to our Turnover celebration, so… I'll be looking for you."

"Hmm, I wonder if the relay tower here can be tuned to improve reception in the caverns for bad-weather communications," Idralia muses after A'dmar confirms the signal, well, sucks. "That is why I like machines," she adds to Tamsyn with a slight smile. "They are eminently logical. Except for computers. The code some of them use is about as logical as a runnerbeast trying to fly." Miki's energetic arrival draws a bright, "Hello, Miki! It's been a while," from the techie, and a sparkle of mischief enters her hazel eyes. "I think pin the tail on the wherry will go very poorly for the chosen beast. You might try some form of charades for the adults?" A pause, then, "What position was that, M'lo? Anything I can lend a hand with, or are you needing a rider?"

Miki pauses to look at the harper and the instrument being set up. There's a rather polite nod in the woman's direction…and then something seems to sort of click. She's seen and heard of the harper despite not having met officially. "Are you perhaps…Tamsyn?" Where'd she gets this information? She isn't psychic. A'dmar's glare towards the weyrsecond earns a scowl from the woman. And then she's pulling up a chair and pushing it riiight inbetween A'dmar and M'lo's line of sight, intercepting the glare and sending one right back to the bronzerider after which she turns a very warm smile to M'lo. "Mmmm, sounds like it's coming along pretty well. Trivia sounds good, though we'd have to think of topics. And maybe we can do a sort of winter scavenger hunt?" A pause. "A'dmar is coming. How….pleasant." The greenie turns a sweet sweet smile to the said man. "Idra! It certainly has been a while." The greenie positively beams at the woman before snickering. "I'd hate to think of the rampage the wherry might go one.
Then again, that might turn into a great chase game for the dragons. Charades though….that sounds great for the adults!"

"I think runners would fly quite nicely." Tamsyn starts off, looking at Idralia, as she fights not to smile. "If they had the right sort of help, per se from a dragon." Or a catapult. A'dmar simply gets a nod from Syn. See? The harper woman is learning. Minimizing social contact. Or… some such thing. A few more moments and the dulicmer is deemed as tuned, the strings having not slipped. "I am." Tamsyn affirms Miki, taking a moment to take another long pull from her hot cider, before putting the mug down. "To each their own. You your technology. Me, my music." She comments quietly to Idra, delicately grasping the wooden hammers between thumb and index finger. At first, one couldn't tell she's playing, she's playing that softly. But the look of concentration on her face says that unlike her guitar playing, talking at the moment would be unwise. For all the melody is soft it's almost a haunting eerie quality. There's one or two glaring bumbles, with dischordant notes, but she must have been learning the basics of this instrument for at least a small period of time now.

A'dmar finds his glare interrupted! He blinks in surprise when Miki's face is right there, breaking up the line of sight to the Weyrsecond. Miki's invasion, gets a roll of his eyes, rubbing his forehead again with an exhaustion underlying the motion. To respond to M'lo, he murmurs, "You have a whole Weyr to pick from…" the bronzer has to tip his chair back to properly talk to M'lo, to see around Miki's head, "You must have at least -one- capable person in mind?" As for the festival and Miki's response to it, he straightens, looking even more determined to come. Before it was just a careless promise made, now with Miki's drawl, it was about pride, as would be reasoned out from his hard tone, "I will make it to your festival." Self-righteous bastard sometimes, ain't he? As soon as Tamsyn starts to play, the man loses focus on the conversation around him, eyes abruptly attentive to the harper. Something with her playing the dulicmer strikes a chord in the man; he actually appears to be enjoying it!

M'lo laughs at Idralia. "It's not a real wherry," he says around his laughter. "It's a picture. The children have a little paper tail, and then they're blindfolded and spun around, and they have to try to find the picture and pin the paper tail to it. The child who gets it closest wins." He nods at Idralia. "Yes. We're having trouble keeping someone as the head of our transportation wing, R'oc. If it keeps going like this, A'dmar, here, is going to solve our problem for us, and scoop up all the marks." He laughs a little, very quietly, when Miki does her chair maneuver. Eldann, still chewing his cheesy bread, blinks at the new person. Then he takes another bite. "Charades is a great idea," he agrees, writing that down, too. "The children can do that, as well. And I like the idea of a scavenger hunt." He jots down her ideas on his list. When Tamsyn starts to play he puts his pen down and pays attention. Even the toddler pays attention, stopping his smacking-chewing to listen better. He swallows his mouthful of cheesy bread and points at her with a tiny finger. "Wow," he announces solemnly.

Idralia has contributed to social event planning. The world will never be the same. "They could always throw dye-filled balls to leave marks on the wherries, instead of trying to get close enough to tag them with something. Probably a safer option for the smaller children." And Pernese paintball is born! But for Idra, at least, talk of the preparations (except for M'lo's answer to her) is much less interesting than listening to Tamsyn play, focusing on the soft sounds emanating from the dulcimer with attentive care. Eldann's statement causes her to grin. "Wow indeed," she says to the boy solemnly.

Miki grins at Tamsyn's affirmations, but doesn't give her own quite yet. The music has effectively silenced any conversation in the harper's direction at this point. She closes her eyes for a few moments, listening to the melody and shivering a bit. Whether the shiver is from the song or from the fact that she's been out in the cold rain however, is up in the air. A'dmar's confirmation of attendance earns another grin. "I really can't wait to see you again." Eldann earns a genuine smile and M'lo's exaplanations and ideas get another nod. Idr's invention earns a whole-hearted laugh. But what's really occupying Miki's attention is the music. Even the self-righteous bastard can't distract her…for now at least.

Tamsyn looks up after she finishes whatever song she was playing, to find five people - small child included - looking at her. And she actually flushes to a deep rose hue. (Has anyone ever seen Syn blush before?) "Really. Just because I'm playing doesn't mean /you/ folks can't talk." And look elsewhere. And Tamsyn doesn't contribute to social planning, though she did - jokingly - offer up mud wrestling. She's partly responsible for providing music. Planning music, no. Providing, yes. "Anyways. I bumbled in the middle." But instead of waving her hand dismissively, she's hiding behind her cider mug, taking some unnecessarily long sips. "You know Harpers are always willing to provide some musical entertainment, M'lo." And that's her official offer to any celebration going on.

A'dmar returns Miki's sarcastic retort with one of his own, "I really look forward to returning. You're especially welcoming." The man flings back over his shoulder at her, a grating push of a smile on his face, no hiding how fake he intended it to come off. There is an appreciative look for Tamsyn, his face softening from his fake smile to show an expression of genuine praise. That's as far as it'll go, beyond a few respectful claps for her song. The interlude is filled with him slipping on his klah, smirking just a tad at M'lo's commentary about A'dmar stealing all the business, muttering as he pulls it away, "That's the plan. Though I do just fine managing most of what goes in and out of Ierne, carved out a good niche for myself."

M'lo opens his mouth to say something and then freezes. He sniffs. His nose wrinkles. He sniffs again, and looks down at Eldann, who looks up at him with that same solemn expression. "Eldann," M'l says. "Did you go poopies?" The toddler nods. "Yeah," he says to his father. M'lo stands up, scooping his son with him. "We'll be right back," he promises. "Miki, if you could watch the paperwork while I take care of this?" He doesn't wait for his answer, but takes long-legged strides from the cavern to change a diaper.

"You two sound like siblings," Idralia comments toward Miki and A'dmar as they snipe at each other. "I could help with administrative duties for the wing, but that would be about it," Idralia admits easily. "Good luck finding a suitable person." And then M'lo's departing with a distinctly smelly child, and a whiff of the scent has Idralia looking a bit green. "That is why I don't want kids," she mutters to herself before glancing at Tamsyn. "Bumbling isn't a big deal when it's a bit of light fun. Besides, you said it's a novice instrument for you, right? That was a lovely for something you don't have much practice with."

Miki smile at Tamsyn and gives a rather enthusiastic round of applause. "Bumble in the middle? Shards, I didn't even notice. You sounded great!" And then her attention is back on the affronting bronzerdier. "Can't wait." And then, under her breath, "Who needs a paper wherry when there's a handsome bronzer." Eldann's little incident earns a quiet snickers, but the greenie nods after the disappearing Weyrsecond. She was a nanny before. She knows how that story goes. That's when she hears Idra. "No. We don't sound like siblings at all. We sound like an old handfasted couple." Oh yes. Miki just went there. And she went there while giving the bronzer a great big smirk.

The smell of dirty diaper only brings a bit of a nose wrinkle to Tamsyn's nose. Experimentally the section she bumbled is hammered lightly, drawing no more than a hum out of the strings. "Oh. I've had… practice. In private. I've never played this instrument before anyone else besides a Master." A'dmar actually gets a bit of a one-sided smile in return for his clapping, before she starts in on a version of 'Scarborough Fair'. This one is just as simple as the first, if not a little more so since Syn actually gives Idra and Miki a raised eyebrow. But once again, her concentration is mainly on her hands, and the music. "Much better on the guitar." She murmurs, faintly audible above the dulcimer. "Best at singing…"

A'dmar is dismayed when Idralia comments that he sounds like Miki's sibling and visa versa. Abashed by the whole notion, he sinks his cheek into a curled up fist, the flat of his knuckles holding up his chin as he is suddenly aware to being surrounded by women when M'lo up and leaves with his child. That incites a further grimace. Then Miki's retort that they sound like an old married couple has put the icing on the cake and his hand spreads to hide his eyes, softly shaking into it as he gives a 'ugh' like sound under his breath. Shortly afterward, he drags his hand down, utterly exasperated at the situation, resigned however to roll with the punches. To Miki he does mutter, albeit surprisingly, "You'd like that too much."

Idralia snorts at Miki's reply, shaking her head slightly. "Does your mouth ever get you in trouble," she asks curiously, regarding the greenrider with amusement. Tamsyn's clarification elicits a soft 'ah' of understanding. "Still, performance experience is different from general practice, isn't it? I know working on a live machine and practicing repairs on a test machine is very different, anyway." She quiets again to listen, though it may be noted that she doesn't watch Tamsyn play - she just looks off at nothing, listening.

Miki shrugs at the browraise she receives before pausing to listen to the new song. As requested though, Miki doesn't stop conversation completely this time around. A'dmar's reactions seem to positively /delight/ the greenie. Look at the look of utter exasperation! It's a work of art! Really though. Did the bronzer expect anything different considering the last time they met? His mutterings earn another grin from the greenie. "I would." Miki can be surprising too, see? "Nope. Haven't gotten into trouble yet Idra. Maybe I've just got a way with words that gets me out of trouble too."

Tamsyn looks up from her instrument again and finishes the piece, leaning back in her chair to look at Miki as she basically torments the only male currently in the room. The harper merely shakes her head with a chuckle. "One day, they won't." She warns Miki, mostly seriously but not really admonishing the greenrider. Afterall, it's not really her place to do so. "So, should I take requests for songs? Though it seems a bit early in the day for it." She usually saves that for post-dinner, if she's about.

A'dmar does something uncharacteristic at her response, he chuffs a laugh! Really. The guy can be broken down slowly in the company of stubborn and bubbly women. The chuff of laughter, really an amused 'hah', leaves a smidge of a smile on his face. While Idralia's conversations for the most part are heard, he doesn't acknowledge them the way he has Miki. Tamsyn's play has him nod again to her, a little less prickly than when she first came by? There is a seemingly agreeable edge to a look he flashes Miki for Tamsyn's warning to the woman to watch her tongue. Instead of saying anything further to the greenrider, he nods at Tamsyn, "Know any songs from Igen, desert songs?"

With another bemused headshake Idralia comments, "The Harper is right. One of these days, you will get yourself in a bit of trouble. I just hope I'm there to see it!" As Tamsyn wraps up her song the techie rises, picking her toolbox back up. "While I would love to listen to you play longer, and watch these two throw verbal darts at each other, I need to get back to work. It was good to see you again, Miki. Pleasure meeting you, Harper Tamsyn, bronzerider."

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