Fort Weyr - Lower Caverns

This volcanic bubble is smaller than the Living Cavern, but no less well crafted. The walls are smooth, with electric lights placed into niches that used to hold glowbaskets. Another hearth burns here, with a pot on always keeping water hot for making tea or cider. Worn but comfortable couches and chairs are arranged by the hearth around a few tables where game boards and a few packages of dragon poker cards are laying.

From this cavern you can get to many other places - the tunnels of Fort Weyr having been dug far back into the caldera where the Dragons make their home.

It's just past the morning meal and the candidates have already been distributed to their various chores for the day. While Galina could opt to continue her work in the infirmary, she's at least being enough of a good sport about the whole thing to do the chores as they're assigned, rather than buck the system entirely. Today finds her in the lower caverns, working with Bogdan — the pair have managed to flip a couch onto its back and are busily working on the guts of the poor thing, while a few other furniture sacrifices are scattered nearby and in need of fixing. "It's dead-dead, Gilly. I don't think we can save it," Bogdan mutters, poking at a spring and flailing a bit when it springs back. "Should see if, uh, that one guy — you know /that/ guy — he can fix it." Galina says nothing and continues probing around with a screwdriver to no avail. People? She can fix people. Couches? Way too alien, even for her.

Squeals and high-pitched giggles echo from the tunnel to the bathing caverns, followed by the pitter-patter of bare little feet. Then, a streaker comes running naked into the lower caverns. Well, it would be more startling if the streaker in question weren't a turn and a half old girl named Milana, her damp klah brown hair looking almost black and wearing nothing but her birthday suit. "/Milana/," echoes a far more menacing voice down the tunnel and Ely soon appears, looking harried with damp spots on her tunic and her amber hair in much more disarray than usual. Daniela, the other twin, toddles along behind completely clothed and looking rather innocent with her wide dark brown eyes. Clutching a pile of clothes in one hand and a towel in the other, Ely advances on her wayward offspring with the sound of exasperation in her voice, "Mila, /please/. You're still sharding /wet/." Indeed, Milana is still damp but having a wonderful time evading her mother. She seems to have made it over to Galina and her maintenance companion now in all her naked glory, giggling as she moves to partially hide behind one of them. "Shells, Galina," comes Ely's voice as she stops, grimacing, "Sorry to interrupt."

Bogdan, ever the gentleman, looks up to the ceiling with a comical look of mock-horror as the naked girl-child comes a-squealing their way. "Go over to Gilly, Milly," he says, motioning wildly for Milana to accost the other healer-candidate. "Her bun will hide you, /promise/." Helpful, no? Galina, for her part, just watches the whole thing unfold with a slow blink and a wary distortion at the corner of her mouth that just /might/ be amusement for Ely's sake. The screwdriver is set down and a look — unreadable but potentially ominous — is shot Bogdan's way before pale eyes slant back to Ely. The healer-girl is in dark trousers and boots, her linen, button-up shirt with the sleeves rolled up to her elbows and her bun already slightly in disarray from the work. "No apology necessary," she intones for the greenrider's sake, though it's Bogdan who says, "Not interrupting anything, anyway. This old girl isn't movin'." Cue a prod at the couch.

There's another giggle, high-pitched and delighted, as Milana creeps around behind Galina, dripping droplets of water along the way. "Giwwy! Hide!" She pokes her face around the candidate, reaching out with one chubby fist for any bit of clothing she might grab. It's all a game - a fun, fun game called 'avoid mommy'.

Ely breathes out another sigh, long and low, and stalks forward a few steps, obliging her daughter in the game, "You know you can't hide whether there's a bun there or not." She shifts slightly, shuffling around to one side. Then, in one fell swoop she snatches the girl up, causing Milana to wriggle and squeal with happiness as she's wrapped up in the towel. It's enough to make Ely stagger back a step, though she manages to balance herself and still hold onto the struggling toddler. "Sorry … again," she repeats with a grunt, glancing tot he two candidates and then the gutted couch. "What did the couch do to you, then? Poke you with a spring in your backside when you sat on it?" Sarcasm still lingers in her voice, even as she moves to sit on the ground nearby and start to try to dry the squirming Milana. Daniela, in the meantime, has toddled forward in her dress of pale pink and tiny sandals. Wie brown eyes regard Galina for am oment and she giggles, "Gilya." the tall red-haired man is also inspected and she waves a litle fist, "Boggen."

Although Galina tenses a bit for the child's mad grab for a bit of her shirt, the healer doesn't utter a verbal protest; she just cranes her head around enough to glance at the child from the corner of an eye — and, perhaps, to move the bun out of the way so poor Milana /can't/ hide behind it. Ely's resultant swoop and successful capture of the girl — and her eventual stagger — are noted and Galina's brows lift and draw together in mild concern. "Do you need assistance?" Bogdan answers with a chipper, "Well, it did try to eat an uncle, but I think that's the old man's fault more than anything." Another vigorous poke is given. "No, it's dropped a few springs and that leg is uneven-" "The leg is not uneven." Galina, there. Bogdan coughs. "-… right, so the leg is /uneven/ and a few other things went weird with it, I guess." He shrugs. "Technical stuff, I know. I don't wanna bore you or anything. Er. Ma'am. And, uh. Milly. Danny." Galina, for her part, just nods, once, to Daniela and only mildly corrects, "Galya. Can you say Galya?" Bogdan will just have to be Boggen, not that he minds from the grin Daniela gets for her fist-waving.

Ely wields the towel viciously, or as viciously as a towel can be used - she works at rubbing at Milana's wet hair and body, eliciting some protests and some giggles at the same time. "No no no mommy! No towdel!" comes the muffled girl's voice, even though it's interspersed with high-piched squeals and giggles. Ely lets out a breath, sending a wayward strand of amber hair flying out of her face as she offers Galia a smirk, "If she gets away again … maybe. But maybe you can go grab their bag of supplies? I left it against the wall over there." She jerks her chin towards a baby bag nearby that has been left to one side before adding, "I have to get this little monster's hair sorted out and sometimes it takes two hands. That can count as maintenance, can't it? baby maintenance?" She smirks a little at that, though her attentio drifts to Bogdan and the couch, "So that's where that Uncle went, did he? Hm." She eyes the couch in question while still maintaining a grip on the wiggling Milana and purses her lips, "So .. the handyman in question left you in charge of fixing the couch on your own? A man-eating couch? And … " She pauses to eye the leg, " .. it doesn't look too uneven to me."

Daniela, slightly shyer than her twin, toddles forward a few more steps. It seems her hair has yet to be fixed either, as it still hangs in damp auburn curls. Galina is eyed for a moment thoughtfully and she repeats happily, "Galya." Happy with herself, she giggles and says again, "Galya!"

"Towels /are/ evil, you know," Bogdan supplies oh-so-unhelpfully for poor Milana's plight. Galina just angles a look his way and then pushes to her feet with her usual, mechanical kind of grace. She dusts her hands off, then glances down at Daniela before issuing a singular nod to Ely. "Of course." Dutiful, that. "It qualifies, in a semantic sense. I do not think they will begrudge us the opportunity to assist others." But she doesn't go /right/ away, not with Daniela giggling like that. The child is given a flickered smile and offered a hand by the healer-candidate as she intones, "Well done. Would you like to help me get the bag, Daniela?" Bogdan, meanwhile, leans over the gutted mass and starts prodding at things. "Well, yeah. I mean. There are a lot of candidates, so I guess the Weyr could do without the weakest in the herd or, uh, whatever it is they say." Poink. Sproing. "But, uh, Gilly and I, we're healers, so of /course/ we'll be alright. I think she brought her bag, anyway." He squints at the leg, then turns a pout to Ely. "It is too." It is so, so not uneven. Silly boy.

Ely gives the towel one last twist and then pulls it away, causing Milana's head to pop free of the fluffy fabric with a halo of damp klah brown hair around her face. "Now stay /still/, Mila love, while I get you dressed," she chides in a loving way, reaching out to one side to start to get tings - diaper first, of course. With practiced ease, she settles the girl on her back and starts to put the thing on, thankfully with cooperation from the toddler in question. "Evil, indeed. But oh so usefulw hen trying to recapture runaway toddlers." This she supplies to Bogdan along with a smirk before her mismatched eyes flick to the gutted couch, "So … do you even know how to fix the springs? I don't think poking things every really helped." This is said with a hint of amusement and her usuals arcasm, the corners of her lips twitching, "I hope you don't have this approach to healing. Poke at the wound and see what happens?" Galina is given a grateful nod and she works at wrestling with Milana while the other candidate goes to retrieve the bag in question.

Daniela seems more than happy to help and gives Galina a bright little smile that shows off a multitude of little baby teeth, "Galya." She does seem proud at her mastery of the name, atleast, and reaches out one tiny hand to take hold of Galina's outstretched ones. She can walk, but she's a little slower at it than her more boisterous twin.

"Pah. It /is/ a valid approach to medicine," Bogdan replies with a wrinkle of his nose. "Which is precisely why you are still an apprentice," Galina intones blandly, though wry amusement might be caught at the fringes of her words. "We will need to have an actual handyman work on it. The chairs will be much easier to repair," given that, from the looks of things, the chairs are just in need of new nails or legs. Galya guides the little girl over to the bag — thankfully at a nice, slow pace so the wee one isn't forced to hurry — and hefts it, keeping her cool, long-fingered hold on Daniela's hand. "Very good. Now we go back to your mother." Brightly, Bogdan calls, "Try 'Gilly'! Can you say 'Gilly'?" And if ever the healer's given anyone a dark look, it's what's being sent Bogdan's way right now. He sticks his tongue out, then looks to Ely with, "And I think I know. I mean, it shouldn't be /too/ hard to fix." Except he's been poking at it for a long time now, from the looks of things. Muttered: "Stupid springs."

Ely twists the edges of the diaper and pins them into place, making sure the cloth is snug and yet not too tight. "Alright. Up," she says, giving Milana a hand so the girl can stand - atleast she's only partially naked now. "Poking things," Ely remarks to Bogdan with a snort, rolling her eyes, "Poke it and ask 'Does this hurt?' until the patient either says 'ow' or punches you? /Real/ intuitive." Smoothing out the lavender dress, a match to the other twin's except for color, she picks it up and reaches out towards Milana, "Hands up!" The girl giggles and raises her hands up, allowing her dress to be slipped on with ease. "Yeah, right," Ely remarks to Bogdan, glancing his way, "If you could fix it, you'd have done it by now. I think you're more likely at this time to loose another spring and have it hit you in the face, hm?" It's all said in sarcastic joking tones, of course - a usual for Ely.

Daniela toddles on forward at a leisurely pace, keeping her hand in Galina's as she wanders along. As they turn to head back to her mother, she falters a bit at Bogdan's words, giving him a confused look, "Gilly?" Craning her head, she peers up at Galina with wide dark eyes as though contemplating something as she walks. Then, in a firmer voice, she says, "No. /Galya/." It's almost said as though she were correcting Bogdan.

"Well." Bogdan sniffs. "It usually works alright. And I can duck pretty fast." He'd be the type, too; duck and run, rather than engage in fisticuffs. He wilts a little … and then a bit more when he's corrected not just by Ely, but by her daughter, as well. "Aww, c'mon." There's a bit of scuffing while he gets to his feet, the couch getting a solid glare from him for good measure, and then he's off, muttering something about needing a better hammer and screwdriver from the stores. Galina, meanwhile, just closes up the distance between herself and Ely with Daniela in tow, the bag being offered over only when the greenrider seems to have things well in hand as Milana goes. For Daniela, there's a mild, "My full name is Galina. But, Galya might be less of a mouthful for you. I agree that it is better than Gilly." Not that's going to make /too/ much sense to a child her age, but … there it is.

Ely breathes out another breath, sending another stray bit of amber hair flying away from her face. "Almost done," she says, more to herself than anyone else, and glances over to find the bag staring her in the face. "Thanks, Galina," she says with an actual smile flashing briefly as she reaches out to take the bag. Contents are dug through for a moment and things are drawn out - a floppy purple firelizard that looks like it's gotten quite a bit of love considering one wing is frayed and a bug-eyed stuffed goat that looks a bit beaten, too, considering one bug-eye is loose. A few other toys are drawn out until she gets what she wants - a small hair brush. She waves thisa t Bogdan in farewell before starting to attack Milana's damp klah brown hair. "So," she begins, glancing back at Galina, "How's candidacy been treating you? Did Mags make the right choice?" Milana squirms a little under the ministrations, but stays still after a while.

Daniela lets her lower lip jut out a moment as she thinks and tries out the full name, "Gahleeena." It's possible to see the strain on her face at that, but afterwards she immediately goes back to, "/Galya/." Still clinging to the candidate's hand, she leans forward and makes grabby hand motions at one of the toys that has been removed - the stuffed goat, "Guht!"

"Of course." It's as much a 'you're welcome' as it is an acknowledgement of Ely's other words. The bag is eventually put down after the item in question has been pulled out, freeing her up to lift a hand in an effort to smooth down her hair and tuck a stray strand or two behind an ear. The state of the toys draws a briefly thoughtful expression, though she says nothing for now on it. "Galya will suffice." Pause. "Close enough. Goat." Galina reaches for the toy in question in an attempt to hand it over to Daniela, though her attention soon flicks back to Ely. Her expression shifts subtly from amiable neutrality to something a little more difficult to define; it's not quite displeasure, but it's certainly not happy by any definition. Resigned. "It is a constant reminder of why I was grateful to be finished with my stint as an apprentice," she finally says. "The chores are not too dissimilar." But the latter question is answered a few moments later, with a slight shake of her head and a flat, "The hatching will tell more accurately whether or not Maglinoth chose well. I cannot judge the whims of dragons."

Ely smooths the brush over Milana's hair, gathering it into two small bunches at either side in preparation for pigtails, likely enough. "The chores are supposed to build character … or something," she remarks with a snort, as though remembering her own stint as a candidate, "Or atleast prepare you for caring for a baby dragon. Even though changing poopy diapers isn't anywhere near to what a hatchling dragon can produce on a daily basis." With deft movements, she starts to wind the hair into mini braids and carefully tie them off. "I suppose you're right," she remarks on the other answer, glancing back at Galina, "I'm betting on you, anyhow. Mags /was/ rather insistent." She pauses, eyeing her again before adding, "You don't regret the decision, then? It's hard to tell with you. You're always so … " She falters, trying to think of a word before adding, " … calm. Flat. Not that I mean it as an insult."

Daniela gives a happy little noise as she squeezes the goat to her chest, causing the eyes to almost bug out a bit more and the loose one to go a bit more lopsided in the process. "Guht," she repeats stubbornly, lifting the thing and wiggling it at Galina, making the things floppy ears wag and wobble comically as she giggles with apparent delight. Ely pauses briefly to explain, "His name is Mr. Guht, apparently. And … shells. His eye." It seems she's only just noticed the eye coming loose.

With Daniela released to play with her toy, Galya just nods, once, to Ely's words. "In the case of apprentice healers, it is to familiarize us with everything a healer might need to do, from laundering clothing to knowing what kinds of foods should be prepared for those who are recovering. In the end, they all result in the same thing." There's a significant pause, then: "It means the Hall — or the Weyr, in this case — has a ready supply of willing workers to do the tasks that others do not want to do." Wry humor? Maybe. "I see," is for the goat, of course. The wiggling of the goat at her draws a slight tautness to her lips, mouth flattening a bit before she turns to walk a few steps to get the bag she'd brought with her. "She must have been," the healer muses, "to not wait until the eggs were properly dry before making her query. I-" is the start of an answer that doesn't come right away, her head shaking sharply, once, before she digs something out of her bag. Eventually: "If there was a regret to be had, it would be in allowing myself to be so easily tricked by another into a promise that should not have been made. That is not your fault, nor Maglinoth's." One corner of her mouth pulls distinctly to a side. "Clinical, aloof, distant … those would also suffice, I imagine."

Ely twists her fingers through Milana's hair again, braiding a second pigtail with deft movements as she listens. "True," she remarks with a smirk, making sure she has every stray bit of hair gathered up before tying it, "And a steady pool of workers that never seems to diminish, even after the hatching. But it's always been that way. People are willing to do anything for the sake of a chance at a dragon." She leans forward and gives Milana a quick kiss on the forehead and releases her to go play. The girl giggles and rushes off, grabbing up the floppy firelizard plushie and sitting down to play with it. "Either that … or a human computer with a massive store of synonyms at yourd isposal," Ely remarks wryly, smirking a bit as she glances back at Galina, "But what if you hadn't made that promise? Would you have still accepted? I'd hate to think you were tricked into anything." She pauses, frowning, "Granted … Mags can be stubborn about many things. She probably wouldn't want to take no for an answer." She blinks, watching Daniela and her stuffed goat, frowning, "I'll have to get that eye fixed or she might try to eat it." There's a hint of mother's worry in her tone.

Daniela does't seem to care and flops down onto the ground next to her sister, contentedly pushing the goat around on the ground with little burbling noises. It sounds nothing like what a goat would make, but perhaps Mr. Guht makes different noises.

"And the same can be said of those who join the healercraft as well," she muses. "Different motivations, different goals, but, ultimately, the same principle applies." A shoulder rises, falls, and she falls silent for a moment. Galina turns, a small leather kit of some sort in her hand and her gaze drifting to Ely as she replies, "I would have denied it." Simple truth. "I have done so before; it would not have troubled me to do it again. However, the promise was made and I am not willing to renege on it. I may be many things, but I am not a promise-breaker." She's been doing the candidate thing long enough; no harm in seeing it through to the end, right? Even if she is still a bit grim about it. "She likely will, although it will be harmless. Indigestible, yes, but it should not cause harm." Not that it matters; the healer-candidate seems to have something in mind. "Daniela. May I see Mr. Guht? I would like to do something so he can see better." It might be funny if she weren't so serious about it … then again, that might be the one thing that makes it seem positively silly and surreal.

Ely brushes at her legs and rises to her feet, trying her best to rearrange her hair to some seblance of order. "It'ss uch an odd thing to deny," se says after a moment's silence, staring at Galina with a thoughtful and pensive glance, "You're strange at times. I mean … everyone usually wants a dragon. They'd jump at the chance of being Searched. Yet you denied it before and would deny it again?" Fidgeting with her hair, she scowls and lets out a breath, rolling her eyes, "Whatever, then. Atleast Mags was able to get you to accept this time, even if it /was/ because of some promise from long ago." She does pause and shrug, "Not that she even remembers that she Searched you now, but … I'll remind her from time to time." She crosses over to Daniela and sinks down to the floor beside her, starting to brush at the other twin's hair now that her sister is done. "Really?" Ely asks, peering over her daughter's head at Galina, "Swallowing a stuffed goat's eye won't hurt her at all?" She doesn't seem very convinced of that fact or that might just be her mother's worry clenching at her.

Daniela pauses in her wiggling of the stuffed goat to blink her dark brown eyes at Galina, looking thoughtful, "Guht?" There's a brief pause and then with a beaming smile, she holds the toy out to Galina, the movement causing the one eye to fall just a bit more. She's a good girl - she shares.

"Is it so strange?" Galina takes the offered toy and seats herself, her sewing kit laid open just long enough to get a needle, thread it, and then start her work. It's a deft thing, the mending of an eye … but she's likely been handling a needle far longer than her training might imply. "To know what you want in life and to pursue that with single-minded devotion? I would like to think I am not alone in thinking that I enjoy my craft enough that I would pursue it to the exclusion of all else." Narrow shoulders rise, fall, and she's all but done with the task of fixing Mr. Guht's eye. But, any further thoughts on the topic are kept to herself while she clips the bit of thread and gives the toy's eye a once-over. "Pebbles, small rounded things without sharp edges … they will not cause harm to the digestive tract, provided they are small. It is sharp or large objects which are more liable to cause injury. However, that does not preclude the risk of parasites — but if it is sufficiently clean, yes, it is utterly harmless." And, done! Mr. Guht is as good as new and summarily offered to Dani.

Pralius' entrance is slow and the whole of him looks like he just climbed out of a hole. Even his usually neatly kept hair is dishevelled. Some might have heard that he excused himself early from his infirmary shift. Mags can likely inform Ely that Shisuth rose, if she chooses to. But for the moment he just flops into a chair, not even really noticing anyone except for Dani, who gets a tiny wave from the infant in his arms. Through one method or another he's acquired Darius for at least a short while, cradling his son against his chest. After a long moment he murmurs, "Hi… is the goat going to make it?"

Ely is quick to pull Daniela's fine auburn hair into two tiny pigtails, tying them off with a deft movement of her fingers. "Well," she begins, glancing up at Galina and frowning faintly, "It's not like you can't work on Healing after Weyrlinghood is over. that's what the Simurgh wing is for, afterall. I'm in it and am on the way to getting my Journeyman's knot in the Beastcraft." She gives a faint shrug of her shoulder and pushes herself to her feet, letting out a sigh, "Whatever floats your boat, though. You seem more dedicated to the craft, I suppose." She moves to start collecting toys and pushing them back into the carry bag, except for the ones the girls have taken, "I have to wonder, though. What the shards are you going to do if you Impress? You'll be out of Healing for a couple turns atleast." She doesn't wait explicitly fora n answer, though, and instead starts to herd the twins towards the living caverns, pausing only to blink at Pralius, "You look like crap, Pral. But hello, anyways. And .. goodbye. I need to get the girls to the nannies before I go to the stables."

Daniela watches with wide fascinated eyes as her toy goat is sewed and she gives a delighted giggle as it's handed back to her. Wrapping her tiny arms around it, she squeezes it tightly and gives it a sloppy kiss. Ely does manage to say, "Can you say Thank you, Galina?" Daniela, on her way out with her mother, pipes up with a highpitched, "Tank yoo Galya!" And then they're all gone.

The scene is likely a startling one, though a distracted Pralius might not immediately notice the scattered, broken chairs and an upside-down, gutted couch off to a side. Bogdan has yet to return, though Galina's dressed to do maintenance work — boots, trousers, long-sleeved linen shirt with sleeves rolled up to her elbows and all — and has been at it for a little while this morning already. Well, except for the part where she's mending Mr. Guht, but that's done. "I believe he will make a full recovery," is Galya's determination as she puts her kit away. To Ely, however, there is just a singular shake of her head and nothing more than a "Be well," tossed in her wake. It's not something she'll care to give much thought to … so, it's dismissed for now, while she offers only the faintest of smiles to Daniela until the girl and her mother and sister have left. Only then do pale eyes flick to Pralius again, though without any expected sense of curiosity.

Thankfully Darius is sleeping so when Pral emits his soft "Oh, shards." The child neither hears nor begins to fuss, "I'm sorry Galina, I was supposed to be on your detail today, wasn't I?" Unlike Ely, he doesn't push the question of what if she impresses. It's not a line of questioning worth pursuing a second time. Instead he just smiles, it's a thin, wan thing, "I'm sure Dani will appreciate the work done on him." He glances around again, "I /am/ sorry I bailed… I needed to… clean the… closet, yeah… closet…"

"The work needed to be done, regardless," Galina intones, though she doesn't seem irritated either which way. She's been surprisingly compliant when it comes to chores; doing them without question, rather than handling her other duties for the most part. Playing along. She puts all of her things away and moves to start picking up the various tools, with a glance given to the gutted couch and to the broken chairs that are awaiting the hand of other maintenance-minded sorts. "Bogdan offered to assist in your stead, although I imagine he is conveniently lost in the storage caverns." As he tends to be. One brow quirks at Pralius' words. "Of course." Flatly uttered, it might either be a sign she's taking them at face value … or that she doesn't feel it's a topic that needs to be pursued. A small courtesy, perhaps.

Pralius runs one hand through his hair, which makes it look at least a little bit more presentable, at least, "Remind me to thank him. I need to take Darius back shortly for his nap, so I'll help right after that. I /am/ sorry." Darius shifts a little and he shifts his arms until the baby calms again, "Any specifically assigned tasks or just general repairs?"

Coming down the stairs leading from the Living Caverns to the Lower Caverns, Joan quickly descends the stair case. With a /Thump/ he lands at the base of the stairs. He is dressed in his usual attire, save for a rather bulky tool belt around his waist and hammer in his hand. Turning to the group, Joan gives a respectful greeting. "Hello everyone, good to see you agian. I'm here to help, so just point me at a place to start and i'll get cracking." He says with enthusiasm.

Flavia is perhaps on her way to the nursery, or she's just coming this direction after breakfast. Either way she's distracted by the candidates gathered here, especially the one with the baby. "Oooh! Well good morning you guys." fingers are waggled in baby Darius' direction as she peers about at the various things to be fixed.

"Of course." The lack of context is likely meant to encompass everything and Galina's quick to settle down on the ground near one of the less afflicted chairs. Missing a nail? Easily fixed. Though she doesn't really start in on much of anything, since there /is/ an infant there. "General repairs. We were given these to work on," her chin lifts, indicating the sea of furniture, "but we are to help the maintenance workers with any other situations they may have." Her words are loud enough that even Joan might hear them — it looks like it's just a case of 'pick something and fix it'. Flavia earns a slight nod at her approach, but the healer seems to have naught else to say at the moment.

Pralius nods to Joan as he enters with a soft "Hey…" his non-baby hand indicates the sea even as Galina intones their instructions, but it's Flavia that his eyes lock onto, "Oh, thank Faranth you're here!" He stands slowly so as not to disturb the sleeping baby, "I'm already several hours late to start with the maintenance… could you take Darius?" His eyes plead with her a little, screaming 'pretty pretty please?'

With his mind set on getting the job done, Joan grabs the nearest chair and sits down to start fixing. Before he begins however, he takes a moment to examine the extent of the damage. "What in the world happened to all this stuff?" he says with astonishment linning his baritone voice.

Flavia beams in delight and holds out her arms, already prepared to accept the baby. "Sure, I'm on my way back to the nursery anyway." the array of stuff gets a glance again "I have to agree, is this like an accumulation of various months or did someone get in a fight over a pool game?"

"Nothing out of the ordinary," Galina replies. The damage isn't terribly extensive — just a lot of things that have lost nails, lost legs, or just generally seem squeaky from having had too many butts loitering in them. The healer just examines the bit she's sitting near, then sifts through a pouch of nails to dig out one. "An accumulation of things, to my understanding," she intones to Flavia. "I suspect they remove nails intentionally to keep us occupied."

Pralius sets the babe gently in Flavia's arms, "Thank you… I got distracted this morning…" He hunkers down near one of the chairs and frowns, "Well, this one at least was attacked by a child before it broke." There are tiny toothmarks in the wood. Instead of a hammer, though, he grabs a screwdriver, beginning to carefully extract the screws to replace the offended leg, "Work is work. And talk is to take your mind off of it. What eggs do people like?"

Joan gives a shrug at Pralius' question. "I don't know what eggs everyone else likes" he begins to say "but my favorite so far is that Down to the Depths Egg. Ever since I touched that egg, i've been feeling a growing hunger for adventure." With that said, Joan quickly gets back to work.

Flavia finds a place away from the work to perch herself, but still be able to talk. Nanny work is the same if you have one kid or more than one kid right? Suuuuure. Darius is cradled gently and she keeps a smooth rocking motion up so any noise might disturb him only a little. "My favorite is still the white one. Though I like the blue one that almost looks like it has music notes on it too." she grins at Galina, clearly an attempt to engage the other in conversation. "You think so? That's just ornery."

Ah, egg-talk. Galina quirks a brow at Joan, perhaps just not comprehending, but her attention soon drifts back to the task that's immediately at hand. A nail is hammered home with a few brisk swings of her hammer — and if it's a little lopsided, well … she's not a maintenance person. It's in there. "It depends, I suppose," she finally says, her mouth drawn to a side rather sharply. But, she doesn't immediately offer an answer, her eyes gone somewhat glazed in deep thought. Distantly, she adds, "They might. I cannot imagine this many chairs missing nails otherwise."

Pralius quirks a brow at Joan as he dislodges the second screw and moves to the replacement parts pile to find a leg the same shape and size, "Ummm… which one is that? I like the one that looks like it has a whirlpool caught in it. Not the storm one, but the whirlpool." He nods to Flavia, new leg clutched in his hand, "I really like the white one, too. And the music notes and the funny yellowish one, but not as much as the whirlpool." Like most candidates, he grasps on the topic, unlike most he has ulterior motives. He crouches back down by the chair and begins the long process of re-inserting the screws by hand.

"Oh" Joan says apologetically. "Sorry thats just the name that i've always thought of for that particular egg. It's the whirlpool one." Turning to give Pralius and Galina both a nod, he continues to say, "I liked those eggs as well, but they aren't my favorite like that whirlpool one is." Joan appears to be a bit distracted, as he tries to talk and work at the same time to his fellow Candidates.

Flavia points at Pralius with her free hand. "The yellowish one too, that's the other I like. I like the others too of course, but those three are my favorite." she shifts the baby in her hold and then rises. "I need to get back to the nursery though, no doubt they'll have missed me by now even if I bring one back." she grins a bit and waves to the three of them "Good luck with your repairs!"

But for Galina, there is no intonation of her preferences, nor any noise to indicate she might voice such. Instead, she looks to Flavia as she prepares to leave and replies, "Be well." And, lapsing into silence, the young woman continues her work, though with a dogged sort of determination. She's not /good/ at this kind of thing, so she's just taking her time with it all. Slow but steady and all that.

Pralius nods to Flavia, "Take good care of him for me, please." Then he stiffens, eyes glancing up at Joanethen with something as close to a snarl as he's so far ever produced, "You can't have it." flat and simple. He's already decided that that egg is his. The wood squeaks as he gives the first screw one more good twist, too hard and too fast for the fibrous material.

At Pralius snarl, Joan just gives him an unflinching stare. "Pralius," he begins to say, his deep baritone voice speaking in a calm even manner and his stern eyes unwavering from the his friend and fellow candidate. "You should know better than to play the claim game with the eggs." As he speaking his baritone voice resonates throughout the room, giving him a air of command as his words are amplified in the caverns. With a calm, even-tempered face, Joan presses onward. "We have no say on whether or not we'll Impress or not. That" he pauses to make sure his words sink in enough. "Is up to the hatchling inside the eggs." His face softens after that, as he continues. "Besides i just said i liked the egg was all." he says in a more friendly tone as he returns to work

Pralius' vehemence is met with a slow blink and impassivity from the other healer, who moves onto the next chair with a sense of grim determination. "It is as I told Ely," she murmurs after a long moment, "that I cannot know if Maglinoth chose correctly. That is for the hatchlings to determine." Her brow knits slightly. "Nor would it surprise me if the hatchlings are having the selfsame discussion amongst themselves, which of us they would like more than the others. The difference is that they control their birthright." All obvious facts, given, but Galina's tone is peculiar, soft and thoughtful — at odds with her normally deadpan tone. Muted. She shrugs, discarding the topic as easily as that and moves along to consider a chair that has a broken back slat.

Pralius' glare stays the same, flat and level, not burning or heated, just a stark glare, "Who're you to lecture me on dragon choice? I'm weyrbred, I know these things. But if I can do /anything/ to influence that egg to me, I will." He jabs at the chair with the screwdriver, then looks a little sheepish, rubbing at the divot he made. It'll come out, right?

Joan can understand with Pralius' reasoning, but deciding not to push the subject any further. Finishing the last of the repairs on the chair he currently has on hand, Joan quickly grabs another an d starts getting to work on that one. He does however say one last thing to Pralius. "I don't think there is a way to influence the eggs Pralius. But it never hurts to try though." With that said, it's back to the repair grind for Joan.

Lingering silence on Galina's part, though the line of her mouth pulls taut for a long moment or two before relaxing into bland neutrality. The broken slat is worked out of the chair and the pieces set aside before she rises and goes on a short hunt through the pile of supplies to dig up a replacement of some sort. The topic is clearly not one she seems as fervent about … or, at the least, not fervently vocal about, so the boys are left to sort things out for themselves.

Pralius snorts, still rubbing at the slight ding he'd gouged in the bottom of the chair, "Don't think I won't touch it every chance I get." His glare shifts slowly to a frown as he fiddles with the next screw, silence falling from him like as if the sound had simply been turned off. The second screw is inserted, then the third before he murmurs, "I can't be left… I just can't." and shoves the now repaired chair aside, moving on to the next.

Joan can sympathize with Pralius, he was having the same thoughts. Or atleast, he was until he touched that whirlpool egg. Now he doesn't care so much about what'll happen if he doesn't Impress. Joan is about to say something, then stops himself. Feeling it's best just to drop it now, he goes and grabs another chair. He does however think of something else to say. "Have you guys heard the rumors about the candidates going out camping sometime in the future?" he politely asks the two healers.

"Yes." And that's all Galina seems inclined to say on that topic. A look is shot askance to Pralius for his words, but there's nothing to be said for it; the younger of the healers simply finishes up the chair she's working on and moves it to the others that are fixed and ready to be sent back out into general use. "I should see what Bogdan is up to. He has been gone too long." Flatly uttered, that.

Pralius nods, whether to Joan's question or to Galina's comment is hard to say. His current chair is just loose, not broken, and is a quick fix before he straightens with a long stretch before carrying to the line to be returned before finding another chair to fix. "I need to make up for the time I missed this morning, I guess…"

Joan nods to that, he was rather tied up himself this morning too. "I know what you mean, Pralius. So," Joan begins to say with one of his eyebrows cocked in a questionning look. "Who all out of the 16 candidates do you think is going to Impress or is most likely to Impress at the hatching.?" Joan says with honest curiosity.

Pralius gives Joan a look that clearly says he think the younger candidate has /no/ clue what he means. The newest chair is added to the finished line before Joan's last question draws him straight up, "I don't speculate on impressions. Not ever." He swallows, then turns on his heel, missing time or no, he needs to be elsewhere.

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