Fort Weyr - Living Caverns
This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.

Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.

It's cold outside, but toasty inside. M'lo has decided to leave his cold, unispiring little office to do some of his paperwork in the Living Caverns. A little unconventional, but he's crazy like that. Hot klah at one hand, a heaping plate of crackers and fruit on the other for nibbles (since it's between lunch and dinner), and a little blue firelizard curled around his neck complete the picture.

Idralia enters the cavern shortly after M'lo does, weaving around the occasional obstacle to fetch food and drink. Noticing the weyrsecond she gives him a brief smile and nod of greeting, and a warmer smile to the firelizard about his neck. "Afternoon," she offers as she passes by him.

"Afternoon," M'lo says to Idralia. He sets down his pen and rubs his eyes for a second. Tauri chirrups sweetly at her. "My firelizard likes you, I think," he says with a chuckle. "You can sit here if you want. Fire's nice and warm."

"Hello to you, too," Idralia says to the blue, her nose crinkling as she continues to smile at him. To his owner she offers, "It's better to be liked than not, I think. Ah, thank you, I will once I pick up my drink." And so she continues on her way, collecting a meatroll and mug of klah before returning and joining M'lo, seating herself quietly.

Tauri croons at Idralia when she sits down, and then crawls across M'lo's shoulders and down his arm. He waddle-walks over to her and sits down. He chirrs and looks at her plate. And then up at her. And then down at her plate, and up at her again. Someone's begging for a meat roll, apparently. He arches his skinny little neck and flutters his wings appealingly. M'lo laughs quietly. "He just ate a couple of hours ago. I don't know where he packs it all away. He's so skinny." He laughs again. "I think there's a doorway to /between/ in his stomach, I really do."

"That would be awfully uncomfortable," Idralia replies to M'lo wryly as she watches Tauri's antics. "Hungry all the time, and with a cold belly!" Deft fingers make short work of tearing a piece of the meatroll free and she offers it to the blue. "Just the one bite, little man. I need the rest of it to fuel myself."

Tauri takes the offered piece and croons again, his eyes whirling in happy colors. "I call my son 'little man,'" M'lo says with a grin. He holds his hand off the ground about mid-thigh-high. "He's about this tall," he says. "He just turned two."

"Really? What an odd similarity," Idralia says with amusement, glancing toward M'lo's hand to see the measure. "I've been told two is a rough age, so my sympathies. I hope it is largely uneventful." She begins eating the rest of the meatroll, careful to not drop crumbs on herself.

M'lo laughs again. "Well, I'm hoping that after twin girls, my son's terrible-twos stage won't be all that bad in comparison," he says. He grins at her. "Do you have any children?" he asks curiously.

Idralia's eyes widen slightly at his reply. "Twin girls and a two Turn old? I certainly don't envy you. How old are the girls?" she asks curiously when her mouth is clear. "No, no children here. I haven't the time, or, really, much interest."

"They're five turns old," M'lo answers with another easy grin. "Well… Ely and I didn't plan on having children this young, either. But it happened, and…" He smiles again, decidedly doting. "You just fall in love with them. I wouldn't change a thing. Irelanth and Ely and our children are just the most important things in the world, to me. But not everyone has to have children. What is it that keeps /you/ busy most days?" he asks.

It's cold and Ely has had the misfortune to spend much of the day outside. She comes in bundled up and with te tip of her nose and cheeks slightly pink from the wind. She's got a satchel slung over one shoulder, though she doesn't get rid of even that - she instead heads straight for the warmth of the fire. She sighs in relief as she sinks into a seat next to M'lo, "Shard it all it's cold out. Makes me wonder as to my sanity when I agreed for a posting here all that time ago." She only then notices Idralia and gives her a nod of greeting, "Hey there."

Neyuni emerges from the kitchen. She's a bit dusted in flour which she trys to pat from the ruffles of her blouse. It looks like she's been in teh nice toasty kitchen for awhile and in a pleasant mood at that from the smile she flashes to a few that glance her way.

"Five and two, hmm? That's not a bad separation in ages. At least they aren't all in diapers at once," Idralia comments with visible amusement. "I'm glad your family growth has been a positive experience. It doesn't always work out that way. As for what I do, tech maintenance. I've been working hard on keeping the heaters running at optimum output." Ely's entrance and her pinkness elicits a concerned, "Do you need a blanket?" from the techcrafter.

M'lo wraps his arms around Ely when she sits next to him and rubs her arms to warm her up. "You're all pink," he says, half-chiding, half-delighted. "Here, let me get you some klah." He disengages to pour some more from the pitcher into his own mug, and hands the steaming dark liquid over to Ely. Tauri finishes his snack, finally, and burps a tiny firelizard burp. "Techcraft, huh?" M'lo asks with interest. "Excellent. Important work." When M'lo sees Neyuni, he waves at her. "I've got some paperwork for you," he calls. "All ready done, just need your signature."

"No," Ely is quick to respond at the offer of a blanket, giving a slight shake of her head, "I'll be fine. If the cold hasn't killed me yet, it isn't going to kill me now." She makes a face, "I just need to invest in a better scarf or something." She gives M'lo a fond smile and is quick to pull her gloves off to take hold of the warm mug, "Thanks, love." She takes a few sips before explaining, "I was out with the goats. It's not cold for /them/." She does offer up a wave to Neyuni, though she's busy sipping klah by now.

"I've always thought so, yes," Idralia agrees cheerfully with M'lo's statement about her work. "But it certainly is time consuming, with everything being all spread out." Ely's response elicits a thoughtful look and a solicitous comment, "Maybe some earmuffs, too. And a warm hat. My mother always told me you lose the most heat off your head." Neyuni is outside of Idralia's line of sight, and she doesn't bother craning around to see who M'lo is talking to.

Neyuni's stance goes form star stones to cold storage as she hears M'lo. paperpwork? Look fades to resignation as she comes over to see what M'lo has for her.

"You're welcome," M'lo tells Ely cheerfully. He nods at Idralia. "Without you guys… no refrigerated food. No electricity. None of those gadgets in the Infirmary that the Healers like to use…" He grins. "Yeah, earmuffs. And you can use my scarf." He jerks his thumb toward the 8-foot-long striped monstrosity draped over his chair. To be fair, it is a very warm garment. He smiles up at Neyuni. "Oh, man, wow. I'm sorry. I just threw a snowball at your happy bubble, didn't I? Forget it, the paperwork can wait. Have a seat, take a load off. What've you been up to?"

Ely seems to be warming up quickly as the klah infuses itself into her body. She lets out a happy sigh and just holds the mug for a few moments, letting it warm her fingers. "Don't mention earmuffs. Maglinoth will think they're cute and insist that I get a pair of fluffy pink ones immediately," she replies drolly, " … maybe if they were green." She hms thoughtfully and, at the mention of paperwork, digs around in her satchel and pulls out some to look at. From the look of it there are lists and family trees. "And that scarf is big enough for Maglinoth to wear, love," she replies with a laugh, her eyes on her paperwork.

"I'm pretty sure refridgerated food is my favorite part," Idralia offers. "You can make some truly delightful dishes if you can maintain a steady cold temperature on demand. There are these egg treats…." And the crafter sighs wistfully. "Yes, technology is wonderful stuff." Now Neyuni is visible to Idralia and the techie offers the junior a respectful nod and soft hello. "You can not only get green ones, but you can get non-fluffy green ones," Idralia assures Ely. "Or you can get one of those hats with the long sides to cover your ears?"

Neyuni sighs, spirit lightening as she settles into an empty pair near the trio. She listens, catching into the conversation, paperwork delayed for a breif instant. Let's see…kids… weather and…"Dragon earmuffs?" she gets confused, not catching that entire bit.

"Maybe if we gave Maglinoth earmuffs, she'll leave you alone," M'lo teases Ely. He laughs and shakes his head. "It's not /that/ long," he protests. He grins at Idralia and nods. "I think I know what you mean," he says. "Where they hard-boil them and cut them in half and mix the yolk with stuff and then put the yolk back in and sprinkle it with that red powder?" M'lo is /obviously/ a Master chef. Not. He nods at Neyuni. "Pretty much," he chuckles. "What've you been up to? Baking?" He looks around like she might be hiding treats behind her back. "Were you making bubblies?"

Ely slides her hand down her jacket and unbuttons it, gaze still on her paperwork. "I know non fluffy pink ones exist .. though the problem is will my dragon let me rest if I don't have a pair," she reasons with Idralia, a laugh escaping her, "She likes pink." She grins a little at M'lo, though it quickly turns into a smirk, "Though it'd be pretty useless on a dragon, considering they don't really have ears .. per se." She considers this as she sips another bit of klah, "And those egg things /are/ good. I like them. Very addicting." She wrinkles her nose, "Watch them be my next craving if I get pregnant again."

"People earmuffs," Idralia replies. "Though M'lo's right, that might work." As for the food… "That's exactly what I was thinking of," she agrees brightly. "Those are wonderful. I've had some with hot peppers diced into the yolk, and that zesty touch is just about perfect," she says, sighing happily at the idea. "Without refridgeration they would be impossible." She's finished her meatroll, and her klah too. "Well, I need to get back to work. Have a good afternoon, everyone. It was nice to meet you, little man." The last is said toward M'lo's blue firelizard as she rises and, nodding to everyone, slips off to put away her dishes and get back to work.

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