Fort Weyr - Bathing Cavern

A high, domed ceiling stretches far overhead, voices echoing in the distance. Warm, moist air fills the room, coming from the variety of pools scattered about. Vines have been planted in baskets and grow up the walls, thriving in the soft artificial light provided by glows placed at random intervals about the room.

Pralius was about to say something to Flavia when Kessa's comment cuts through and he can't hold back the bark of laughter that comes out, though he manages to bite back the immediate comment that comes to his mind. The mention of a proddy Choth draws him to a bright flush and small cough. To avoid certain… memories, he ducks under the water to wet his hair, stringing poor Flavia out with Kessa's question.

"Oh stop being that way…you know I oogle you when ever I see you." The bronzer grins and wades through the water and his arms sliding around her while she's tangled in her hair. There is a playful grin on his face, he moves in and kisses her softly. "Now this isn't so bad….you know….me…you….them…?" He seems unsure of the last statment, but the grin gives way to the joking manner of the comment. "It's for the celebration…..for impression love." R'oc smiles then tickles her before moving to one side, he eyes the canidates and then says. "Does that mean I"m proddy all the time." HE chuckles stealing one last kiss from the weyrwoman. "So what do you think, should we contact the harpers hall now or later?"

Flavia shoots a look at the spot where Pralius ducked under the water and sticks her tongue out. Good thing the steam is still floating around so that R'oc and Kessa at the other pool aren't likely to see her juvenile reaction. "Entertainment for the post Hatching feast, the candidates are working on planning it this time. I've mentioned it to the Headwoman and so far she hasn't seen a problem with it, though I'm sure if we mess up she'll have us all by the hide." as R'oc goes into the whole cock of the walk mode she turns her attention back to the sibling of hers thats disappeared beneath the water, and reaches out to prod at his arm with a foot.

Indeed her fingers are caught up inbetween the tangles of her hair as he sneaks up toward her. She was in the process of rinsing out her hair of oil that she had used to wash it when he sneaks in some public affection. Kessa nearly loses her balance on the tips of her toes in the water as she squeaks, her brows knitting down as she puts her hands up on his chest to push him back. "I don't care if I know them… and I don't even know them that well-" she clears up after she's gained some space from him, the water beading down her face as she regards him with an undecided expression, torn between further irritation and something more easy going. Still, she sighs, "In any case, I wouldn't be naked in front of just anyone. For Faranths sake.." she tries to fiend off his next advances, putting a hand between them as she scoots back, "I'm trying to bathe…" exasperated as she nervously looks between him and the others in the caverns. She half listens to Flavia but is fighting to keep a proddy bronzer from kissing her face off. "Sometimes, I think you are!" She backs up against the wall, grabbing some of the soap sand and thrusting it up against his chest, "Be useful. Scrub my back.." She turns her back to him once he's taken the jar, shrugging, "The sooner you give warning the better. But, we won't know when the hatching will be.. so you'll have to see if they'll be on stand by for us and our feast."

Looks like someone took a tumble in the pillow cavern … but not in a lewd way. Dust- and spinner-web-covered, Galina ghosts on into the cavern with a towel, a change of clothes, and a couple of pouches containing something or another. The healer-candidate is picking bits of webby stuff from her hair with a bland expression, save for the slight tightening of the corners of her mouth when the stuff seems persistent. She seems intent only on finding as empty a pool as possible to claim for herself, patently oblivious to what horrors she's due to walk in on.

As the steam rose once more to conceal those within the Bathing caverns, a shadow of a figure could be seen stepping out of the shadows of the main entrance. As the mist parted once more, the figure turns out to be just Joan. In one hand he has a towel and a bag of spare clothes, and in the other could be seen his newly accquired blue flit, Zaffiro, who was still glistening from being covered by the liquid within his former home. Noticing the abundance of people within the bathing caverns already, he does atleast take the time to greet everyone. "Oh hello everyone, I hope your day has been as interesting as mine has been." And with a sly grin he seats his new companion and himself into the shallow pool, where he could be heard whispering "Now to get you cleaned up little guy, that goo your covered in was awfully sticky."

Pralius surfaces, giving Flavia a dark look for the nudge. He does glance in the general direction of Kessa and nod, "A plan would be nice. Getting some harpers who'd be willing to be availab- oh, hi Galina." He smirks and shifts to try to hide the bruises on his arm, "How are you today?" Joan's entrance is more distracting, "Um… hey Joan I've been fine… why is he sticky?"

The Weyrleader smiles as the soap is tossed in his chest, he smiles and then watches her turn around he takes the soap. "Fine, you need to relax….I'd thought you'd be used to me by now." His large hands go over her back, the soap suds begin to form, strangely enough he is quite gentle as he goes over her back. His eyes flicker up towards the door when the healer girl enters, a grin flashes a moment before he says. "I don't suppose they would mind staying a while around the time of hatching, and we could have the ingredients about by then." The weyrleader looks to the other pool and then again to the door when the new figure enters. "Hello there…." A pause till he see's who it is. "Joanethen." The bronzer tickles the weyrwoman a bit before he reaches to the water cuping it in his hand then pouring it over her shoulders, a few more dips in the water and his hands along her back before he moves and wraps his arms around her giving her another kiss on her cheek. "Love….I'm going to have to leave soon…getting all prunny and wrinkly, gotta take care of my fair skin." He chuckles and waves to those entering once more.

Flavia smiles sweetly in Pralius' direction once he resurfaces. "Plans are great, really I need to sit down and get it all planned out. So far its just been recruiting through the candidates when I see them in the barracks and so on." the usual big grin is offered to Galina when she notices the other. "Hey! The Weyrleader was talking about more sweets for the feast, so we're really going to have to look into getting those bananas." She cranes her head to get a better look at the firelizard and awwws. "He's cute Joan."

She can never wash her back properly, so she's thankful for R'oc who gives in and does start to scrub her back for her. She pulls her hair up, arms held up with hands pushing the majority high, elbows out and up. There is definitely a blush on her face as more people start to filter in and the weyrleader is showing such public affection. She didn't know these people after all, at least not on a personal level with herself. A weyrwoman could hardly afford to make friends with people she would eventually have to tell what to do. So her eyes strayed away from the others in the caverns, mindful of the conversations but halting her own words now in regards to them. She was claming up. Although she did smile for Joanethen as he wanders in, lifting a hand off her head to wave that way. Such she becomes distracted by everything when R'oc tickles her, making her splash around to avoid it. Ticklish she is. Once she's moved away or at least turned to dunk herself once more in the water, she surfaces to regard the bronzer, hearing his means of escape, "Then I'll come with you. I just wanted a quick bath anyway."

"I am well enough." Thus is Pralius answered, with a lingering look from the healer for the way that he moves. Suspicious, perhaps, but her attention soon moves on as others address her. "I see." Galina inclines her head to Flavia when she speaks, though she does add a bland, "Keep in mind that timing the delivery of bananas is critical. Too early and they will not be the right consistency; too late and they will be useless." Pause. "And I cannot promise I will be here." She finally spies a nearby pool that's thankfully unused and sets her things down before hunting down some secluded nook or another in which to change into her suit. Joan is acknowledged with a slight nod, as is R'oc, with Kessa included in that selfsame gesture. But the acknowledgement is fleeting and she's soon off to get changed. Too many people.

Smiling proudly at the compliment his newest companion is receiving, Joan can't help but brag a little. "Yeah, he just hatched not even 2 hours ago. I was taking care of my chores in the Living caverns when I meet Lyana in the kitchen with little Zaffiro's egg there. Lyana said it was a wild one and didn't want it, so she gave it to me." Stroking the little infant flit lovingly on his head, Joan begins to gently scrub his little hide to get all of the dirt and goo off as the little blue gives a delighted chirp. Turning towards Flavia, "Banna's huh? i think i remember a trade manifest my father sent me not to long ago that mentioned one of the minor lord holders purchasing a shippment or two of banna's. Maybe i'll pay a visit once i get some free time, or see about getting a rider maybe to handle it." Joan's analytical mind was beginning to go deep into thought, until the annoyed chirp of Zaffiro brought him back to the task at hand.

The bronzer leaves the pool, walking to the other pool grabbing his towel, he moves back towards his pool wrapping it around his waist. He smiles and reaches for the weyrwoman's robe and holds it up so she can slip into it. As Kessa does after she is nice and rinsed up, he watches her then leaves it for her to wrap herself up. Once that's done, he moves near her and kisses her lightly on the cheek before he slips his feet into the sandals and then waits for her to move to his side and they both walk out. R'oc waves and smiles to everyone, Kessa nods and gives a very polite and propper wave as she moves to leave with the weyrleader. "Have a good night canidates….don't miss curfew." The bronzer says with a smile, the weyrwoman rolling her eyes to him as he tries to be all proper and leadery.

Pralius chuckles softly, "R'oc, you're making me jealous… sir." oops. He averts his eyes again as R'oc /again/ reveals himself, "Okay, /that/ fixed it. So… Flavia, Galina, are you baking sweets for our feast?" He glances at the little blue, then frowns, "You waited two hours to wash him? Poor little thing." A pot of sand is pushed towards him, "Hurry before the rest of the goop dries and damages his hide.

Flavia seems to be ready to go to, though she's slower about it than the leaders of the Weyr. "I'll bake what I can, I'm sure my ma will help." she tilts her head at Galina "Well I'm sure those who impress won't be up to the cooking, so we'll just have to have lots to volunteer." she moves to the edge of the pool and gets out, pulling her towel around her as she goes. "We'll have to talk more about it later though. Curfew reminds me I've got some more things to do before then."

It doesn't take long for the healer to change into her dark blue 'suit, and to take her hair out of the pins and braid and bun to leave it falling freely down her back. It's just in time to catch her fellow candidates' words, no less. "That is not what I mean," Galina replies to Flavia, her mouth pulling slightly to a side. "I will likely be recalled back to the Hall as soon as possible afterward. I may not be here at all in order to help prepare food." Shoulders rise, fall, and the departure of the Weyrleaders is watched with a bland, "Be well," before she slinks into her chosen pool. A pouch is opened, followed by the jar inside, and her nigh signature vanilla-scented scrub-stuff is set to work quickly on her dusty self.

At Pralius' statement, Joan gives a shrug. "I tried getting as much off of him as I could. But then everything started getting hectic in the Caverns again, and i didn't want to risk the little guy getting hurt because I had to finish with my duties." Seeing that his little blue is all squeaky clean, Joan takes him out of the water and dries Zaffiro off. Eying the little blue straight in his half closed eyes, Joan tells him in a firm voice, "Stay right here, ok? I just need to scrub myself off now and then we can go and get some sleep." No longer having the energy to either agree or protest, Zaffiro curls up and falls asleep on the towl.

Pralius nods to Flavia, shocked at the speed at which the baths empty, "See you there." He glances back at Galina, one brow raised, "I know you're not as into this as most of us, but what will you do if you /do/ impress? You keep making plans for if you don't… but everyone out there has a chance." He glances back at Joan and smirks, "At least he's well-behaved."

"What's all this nonsense about you being suddenly gone after the hatching?" Edrosayen's baritone butts into the conversation of the four candidates, strolling over from where he had been moments before with a nanny and a four turn old. He, himself, seems to be quite clean, which, given the work the candidates do every day, can only mean that he's already visited the bathing caverns for himself tonight. A friendly nod and smile is given about in greeting to all four. "And cooking. Do you even know how to do that? I mean, beyond the bits we're taught and all that." This is again directed to Galina, "What would you have to cook for anyway?" The query is made of the group at large.

Flavia waves at the group as she heads for the door "Hey, we'll talk more soon." she dodges the incoming folks and grins. "See you later!"

While Pralius might speak first, Galina tilts a look to Edrosayen to address him with a blunt, "I have a craft and studies to complete. I also have other duties at the Hall that need to be seen to." She slinks under the water briefly, long enough to soak her hair through, and then her fingers are quickly set to work at lathering up. "I can cook, although I prefer to bake." But that's all she feels inclined to say — there are those who can vouch for her talents far better than she could. It's then that she looks over at Pralius, a slow blink given. The line of her mouth draws taut, but all she says is: "Then I will figure it out in that highly unlikely situation."

Joan had just emerged from having held his head underwater to scrub when he heard the familiar baritone of Roo walking into the Caverns. With a wave, Joan lets his own baritone ring out and resonate within the Bathing caverns. "Hello there Roo, good to see you again my friend!" checking on little Zaffiro to make sure he was alright, Joan steps out of the pool and gets quickly dressed. With his empty bag in one hand, and his limp, sleeping firelizard in the other, he turns toward the group one last time. "I'll see you all tomorrow. I need to get this little guy situated and get some sleep myself." And with that he departs toward the barracks.

Pralius glances up at Ed and chuckles, "She's quite a good cook… but we were discussing the hatching feast. Flavia's trying to organize candidates to help with it… oh, g'bye Joan…" He pulls himself up and grabs his towel, "It's almost curfew… we should probably… go… yeah…"

Edrosayen's expression turns comically devastated. He pulls his hands up to slap lightly over his heart (well, he tried - his hands are on the wrong side). Could it be that he's truly deeply affected by Galina's potential departure? "You can bake and you've never made anything for me?" No, no. Such deep concerns are really unreasonable to expect from this former handyman. "I thought we were friends." He sniffs deeply, exhaling long and loudly, as though restraining tears. He breaks his not-at-all convincing act to bid Joan a goodnight with a two fingered lazy salute, before the canine-eyes are turned back on the most neutral of healers. At Pralius' words, his face doubles, "You've cooked for Pralius and not for me?" He snorts and then casts a grin towards Pralius. "If I'm a few minutes late, Pral, could you tell them I'll be there in short order? Kaedyn wanted me to come for his bath. I'll duck out soon as I can - just going to tuck him into bed right quick."

She's a bit late with her "Be well" farewells, but they're there nonetheless for those who have left already. She's quick to finish scrubbing up, even in spite of Roo's (accurate) accusations; heck, she even has enough time for a quick round of moisturizing. Soon enough, she's out of the water and toweling off, even while the young man continues with his puppy-dog eyes and his whimpering and his snorting and all of that. Galina is not affected, naturally; she regards him with an impassive expression and a slow blink before holding up one finger for him to wait. Off to the changing nook she goes, only to emerge as … well, herself in her skirt and blouse, though her hair's down and unbound to allow it to air dry. "You never asked," she finally says to him, her path drawing her terribly close to where he is. She stops abruptly beside him, lifts one vanilla-scented finger, and taps the tip of Edrosayen's nose with it before retracting that hand and retreating for the door with all of her belongings in tow. "I will keep that in mind, however. Until then, be well." A flickered smile, faint and elusive, is granted before neutrality takes hold and she slips on out without a sound.

Pralius inclines his head to Ed, "of course. I can distract Meo for a few minutes if you need. Can't do more'n that though, since she prowls so." He rubs at his hair with his towel before snagging up the bag with his clothes and toiletries, "Try not to be too long." And then he follows Galina out, primarily by coincidence.

"Consider this me asking!" Roo calls after Galina's retreating form, mumbling something about the confounding nature of women and that healer woman in particular under his breath, before grinning to Pralius. "Thanks! It shouldn't be more than a few minutes. I appreciate it!" And he's off himself to crouch by the pool and lift his son out of the waters where Kasiela was bathing him. "Ready for bed, Kaed?" And soon enough the three are heading off to tuck the little in.

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