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Fort Weyr - Hatching Sands

The sands. The most prominent and possibly most important area for a weyr, this section of Fort is no exception to the rule. Completely enclosed from the outside elements by a high rounded ceiling, the golden white sand glitters under the streams of sunlight that manage to make their way in from the upper openings. Ledges abound in the upper areas of the dome, perfect for riders and their dragons to watch the action happening on the ground. At the back of the sands there appears to be a raised section of sand, built over generations by the golds who have laid clutches here, a couch of sorts for basking on while protecting their eggs. Slightly to one side of that, a small nook has been carved for the weyrwoman to take respite from the heat of the cavern.

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People: M'lo Edrosayen Sabrina Ely B'ky Galina

Dragons: Taozyuth Zuhth

Eggs: Irony At It's Worst Egg Tropical Treasures Egg Down to the Depths Egg The Sea's Stained Glass Egg Terrible Tempest Egg Sheen of Crude Poison Egg The World Between Egg Memories of Grandeur Egg

Meo had sent out the message, sent by firelizard to find any candidates they could. The note reading 'If interested in a touching, report to the hatching cavern as soon as possible. Meo herself could be seen leaning against the side of the wide entrance to the sands, with arms crossed, waiting to see which candidates would make an appearance.

M'lo is here, too, not far from Meo, even in a similar position, just waiting to see who will show up. "Hope no one vomits, today," he mutters.

Pralius walks in just as M'lo comments on his prior… demonstration and he blushes deeply, "I… uh… I mean…" He glances down at the sands, not really having anything to say for that. He pauses briefly and swallows audibly before inclining his head to sire and dam before he steps out onto the sands all the way, trying to walk tall despite feeling very small. Of course, the candidates had discussed initial impressions and he'd decided to finally touch the white MEMORIES OF GRANDEUR EGG.

Meo nods to M'lo. "I hope not either." She says in agreement. She looks up as candidates start arrive. "Just a reminder, and for those that haven't been here before." She says as she pushes off the wall. "No running, no hitting of the eggs, and be respectful to the clutch parents. If we tell you it's time to leave, no if, ands or butts."

Galina is certainly among those that arrive at the hatching sands. She's on a break, but what better way to spend a break than by potentially giving oneself a headache? It's clear that she's been outside doing some work — in pants, boots, and all — but it's nothing terribly dirty. Yet. While others might see fit to jump out in the middle of things (figuratively speaking), she seems to wait for a few moments before finally selecting one to lay hands on. Not surprisingly, it's the one that gave Pralius trouble last time — the Terrible Tempest Egg is touched.

Even being born and bred in this Weyr hasn't prepared Edrosayen completely for the experience of being on the hot sands with hardening eggs. Grey-blue eyes are popped wide and there's a quiet stream of consciousness commentary occasionally intelligible as it's muttered under his breath. "…shells, so much bigger… I could have sworn from there," A glance to the stands, "they looked smaller than that." He shuffles in amongst the other white-knotted candidates, still in work clothes and looking a might bit dirty. His eyes shift momentarily across the faces of the other candidates and the riders maintaining order before it's back to the eggs, and with a swallow he moves to rest his hands tentatively against the Sea's Stained Glass Egg.

Sabrina shows up for the first time today. This'll be her first time walking onto these sands and she's eager to be there. She smiles to Meo and M'lo when she spots them at the entrance. "Hello." She says with a cheery wave before walking out onto the sands. She bows deeply to the momma and poppa dragons before edging around to the eggs themselves. She finds herself near the Tropical Treasures egg and crouches down to place her hands softly on the shell.

Pralius leans in, placing his second hand on the egg and pressing his ear up against the shell. His voice is ever so quiet as he murmurs, "What is it? What do you want to know?" He sinks to one knee, possibly for the sake of his back as much as anything else, "What is it?"

Joan was one of the Candidates to appear for the touching, moving so fast into the hatching caverns he literally could have left a trail of fire on the floor, as he entered onto the sands. With a respectful salute to both the dragonrider's and the dragon's themselves. Having been to the previous touching, he knew what to expect from the Weyrlingmasters and so waited politely to finish and then moved out to the sands to touch the WORLD BETWEEN EGG

Galina places both hands on the shell, her expression screwed up into a thing of tremendous concentration. Holding on for dear life, even; such might be the impression one gets upon looking at her. Her eyes are shut, her mouth is set in a tight light that's pulled severely to one side, and she's gone just a bit stiff. Braced and ready for more, clearly.

Meo goes back to leaning on the entrance, though she keeps an extra eye out for anybody vomiting, or even sick.

Sabrina blinks at the egg and winces a little like she's been stung. She tilts her head though and caresses the egg's shell, almost like she's coaxing it to come back.

As Joan's hand connects with The World Between Egg's shell, he immediately feels his mind being probed by the creature with in. As his mind is further searched by the being, he feels a strange familiarity with it. The fearless free personality of the being inside the egg reminds Joan of himself, and a smile begins to form across his lips. "Hey there…My name's Joan, what's yours?" He asks the creature within, his eyes are rolled-up into his head. Seeking to push the limits with this fellow free spirit, Joan submerges more and more to the world between. Feeling the tugs and the illusion of needing to breather, he begins to follow the spirit down deeper to the mysterious pull

Edrosayen's breath seems to leap out of him, audible in a gasp. His eyes, though it mightn't seem possible, widen yet further. He leans closer, placing a second hand on the egg, and he stares at the colorful surface for a long several moments. His lips break into a wide smile not yet moving away from the Sea's Stained Glass Egg. "Addictive. Who cares about not drinking for months when you get to feel things like that."

Galina is all clenched jaw and gritted teeth, with eyes still shut and body gone completely tense. Sick? Not her. Stubborn is more like it. Stubborn and refusing to back down. But whatever protest she might have for the burgeoning life within is meant for its mind and her own, while she battens down the hatches to prepare for whatever might be coming next.

Pralius sighs softly, seeming to press his ear even closer, "What /is/ it?" He becomes slightly more demanding, hand caressing the egg's shell. Then he freezes, half-shocked, half-terrified. He pulls his head back, but keeps his hands firmly pressed there, eyes and head dart around as if trying to catch motion and images. His voice is small again with a murmured, "Faranth…"

Sabrina looks at the egg, not really seeing it, a look of confusion washing over her face. She's looking at the things she sees in her mind, her eyes squinting like she's trying to find something. "Where did it go?" She wonders softly to herself.

Joan feels his mind delving deeper into the mysterious world, the mind of the young dragon inside the egg is there with him as well. Joan can feel the creature struggling to dive deeper into the darkening world around them, but also feels it's contagious joy which gives him a renewed vigor. Then…he feels a hunger…not for food, but for experience. Sensing the desperate mind trying to gleam from his knowledge, Joan's smile widens. "Here little one, my mind shall be an open book for you to learn from." and with that he calms his thoughts and allows his mind to be completely open to the knowledge hungry mind that is within his.

Pralius swallows audibly against some lump in his throat and his eyes begin to glisten slightly as he murmurs a soft, "But…" He leans against the egg, this time her forehead pressing to the shell with a quiet shake of his head. He stays there for a long time, then murmurs, "Don't go… don't be sad…"

Galina pulls her hands away quickly from the egg, with a low-hissed utterance that might be a word, but is decidedly more of a sound. Her eyes open, though it takes a moment or three for them to focus, and the nearly ritualistic 'be well' she's offered to all of the eggs, thus far, is eschewed for this one. That might be the most telling sign of all. Far from dizzy or sick, she looks rather irritated instead and takes a few moments to both catch her breath and shake her hands out before moving onto the next egg. Down to the Depths she goes, a wary hand being extended to touch the shell.

Edrosayen's hand abruptly pull away from the colorful egg he was touching. The amazement his face held turns abruptly, though only momentarily, to fear and then settles into discomfort. It's not entirely unlike the progression of a man's face when a woman professes love unrequited. Too intimate, too fast. But he's not to be too easily deterred, and he's following in Galina's footsteps, hands finding their way to touch his fingertips lightly against the Terrible Tempest Egg.

Meo grins at M'lo. "Well, Galina touched that egg that Pral sick, and so far she's kept her lunch." She chuckles. "Got Edro touching it now."

Feeling the foreign mind reach it's limit, Joan begins to worry that maybe he went a little to fast for the creature. Sensing it's joy however, leaves him quite pleased and very fond of the life he's living. As his eyes roll back down from his head, Joan leans in close to the egg and whispers only loud enough for himself to hear, "Your my favorite." And with that he lets go and move to the Sea's Stained Glass Egg.

M'lo smiles and nods at Meo. "I'll have to ask him some time why he threw up, then," he muses. "Hopefully he's not actually /sick/." The thought of more illness going around the barracks is enough to furrow his eyebrows with worry.

Sabrina takes a deep sudden breath, like she'd been holding it for a while. A smile tugs across her face as she lets it out in a rush. She shakes her head then, standing up. "It's been a while, but I doubt this is something I could ever get used to." She stands in place for a few moments, getting her bearings on where she is before walking towards the next egg; Irony At It's Worst.

Galina moves her other hand up to touch the shell as well, leaning in to all but place her forehead on the egg. Listening? Perhaps. Her lower lip is caught in her teeth and worked over steadily, rhythmically, while she 'listens' and her eyes fall half-lidded. Tension bleeds from her frame, though she's never really relaxed, per se; but the effect of the first egg has been washed away utterly. While she might be wary, she's more visibly relieved, breathing slow, deep, and steady.

Fingertips are withdrawn only moments after they touch. Edrosayen's mouth droops into a disapproving frown. And for those who have ever seen this candidate with his son (or really, any father with their son), they might be able to identify the paternal cast to his expression as a single pointed finger bumps ever so gently against the egg, like a father 'booping' the nose of his child. "Behave." That's all he has to say to that egg, and he leaves it to its own bad temper, moving along until he's near enough to the Tropical Treasures Egg to lay a palm on its bright surface.

It's a long moment before Pralius finally wrests himself from the egg, eyes lingering on it for a moment before he manages to step away. They stray back to Down to the Depths Egg, lingering there as well before he forces himself to find another egg to touch. This time he presses his hand to SHEEN OF CRUDE OIL EGG's odd, almost molten surface.

Meo nods to M'lo. "Yeah, maybe." She blinks. "Well, Edro certainly didn't stay long." She says. "Edrosayen! I warned about no hitting the eggs. If you do it again, you'll be asked to leave." She says to him, even if the hit wasn't hard, they can't have them doing that.

As soon as Joan brushes his hand against the Sea's Stained Glass Egg, his eyes are immediately rolled back up into his head, as he travels into yet another mysterious world of the minds. The mind inside this egg however, seems to be the curious of them all. He feels it go through his memories as a thirsty man would with bottles of water. A little perplexed, Joan asks very amused, "My, are you a curious one. Go ahead, my mind is open." As if Joan had just witnessed something astonishing, he quickly makes a frown. "Awww, there's no need to go yet. You can keep looking if you want, i don't mind at all."

Galina's mouth opens just a little, enough to permit a sigh to escape, but she's otherwise silent and unmoving save to allow her forehead to actually make contact with the shell. At contrast to the first egg, she seems entirely too willing to enter whatever strange communion this is. Eyes shut, still steadily breathing in time to some unheard rhythm, she seems willing to enjoy whatever strange sensations this egg has to share.

Sabrina feels like she's swaying a little to the music inside her head and smiles at the friendliness she feels. "Why thank you for the invitation." She says, crouching down to be more comfortable by the egg.

Pralius' whole head is buzzing, lost in the egg like so many before it. The first word that squeaks from his mouth is, "Wyn?" But that thought leaves as soon as it comes, replaced by a second name, "Shisuth??" More incredulous this time, he eyes the egg as if it's just teasing him. As the revere continues, his glance turns more skeptical, "Who are you really?"

Edrosayen's nose wrinkles slightly in distaste and something is mumbled under the man's breath. He's distracted quickly enough and his hands drop away from the egg. "I just touched it." It's all the protest he offers, but a shoulder shrug shows the message was received. "I can boop your nose the same way, if you like, Weyrlingmaster - ahh, wait, but no. That would violate the previously stated rule against making passes at the Weyrlingmaster during candidacy, so I shan't." And with that, he's strolling gingerly away and on to caress the Memories of Grandeur Egg.

Suddenly Joan's smile returns, as he begins to talk to himself. "My name is Joanethen, but everyone just calls me Joan. I'm a human, and I'm a friend. As to why I'm here, its to meet you of course." Joan once again feels the foreign mind meticulously examining every fiber of his being and he just sits there and waits. This insatiable curiosity also reminds him of himself, but it's his younger self that he feels is most similar with this egg. A neutral expression is on his face, as Joan sits there and waits for what seems like forever in the void within his mind. He sits within the emptiness unafraid. He knows that the creature is still connected with his mind, if only barely. That is what gives him the courage to wait in the nothingness that surrounds him.

"The eggs are still not that hard, even a tap could hurt one of them." Meo says, and snorts. "Yeah, you still got a while yet." She tells Edrosayen.

Sabrina can't shake the impression that this egg is either a big ole flirt or is just very happy to have someone to mingle with. She jerks suddenly though, looking shaken even when she settles back down. "What was /that/?" She asks the egg.

Pralius' breath comes faster, fingers splaying across the egg's surface, trying to touch more of it, all of it. Even as he seems drawn into it, though, he winces, twitching is head as if trying to dislodge an unpleasant sound. He goes quiet for a long time, a sense of sheer serenity before he murmurs, "higher… wait… no, don't leave me here in the dark."

Galina pulls away from the egg with another sigh, a low-murmured, "Be well," being … curiously heartfelt. It's with reluctance that she moves away, rubbing one hand against the other as she considers the eggs that are without partners and that she has not yet touched. It takes her a moment or two to spot one, but she soon approaches The World Between Egg and extends one hand to greet it with a light touch to the shell.

Pralius says "Whoah!" Pralius' voice is momentarily loud, then he glances around sheepishly with a whispered, "Sorry." He takes a step back, still eying the egg somewhat warily. He murmurs a soft "huh." before stepping out amongst them again,"

Joan is glad when the creature's mind returns to his. His smile is genuine and warming, but his eyes seem to be following something even though they are rolled up in his skull. And then it ends yet again, this time however his eyes roll back down. He looks fondly at the egg one last time before moving onto the Terrible Tempest Egg

"Whoah!" Pralius' voice is momentarily loud, then he glances around sheepishly with a whispered, "Sorry." He takes a step back, still eying the egg somewhat warily. He murmurs a soft "huh." before stepping out amongst them again, eyes catching where others are, then taking a careful step to the other brightly colored egg, fingers gently tracing the patterns of TROPICAL TREASURES EGG.

Edrosayen's lips purse slightly and he seems to waver where he stands by the Memories of Grandeur Egg, as though trying to decide if his interest is caught enough to stay on or not. Evidently, not. His hands drop away and he moves along on the hot sand, nodding acknowledgment to Meo's words. "Apologies. I shan't." And then he's touching his hand to the Down to the Depths Egg.

Flavia arrives rather later than the rest, but she seems interested enough if a little hesitant. "Thanks for the message." is said to the two at the entrance. She pays her respects to the clutch parents before moving out further onto the sands and towards the eggs in particular. The first she lays her fingers against is Sheen of Crude Poison Egg.

Galina keeps just one hand on the egg at first, a thin crease forming between her brows. It takes a few moments but, finally, her other hand comes to join the first, planted securely on the seemingly sunlit patch of shell while her eyes fall halfway shut. Her breathing remains steady, though she seems to do a quick self-check by holding a breath, releasing it, and starting her cycle of breathing anew. Odd.

Flighty though Roo has seemed to be throughout the touching so far, not spending too much time with any one egg before he changes his touching partner, the Down to the Depths Egg seems to have caught his attention. A second hand gently joins the first and he closes his eyes, breathing slowly and evenly to some inaudible rhythm.

Pralius' head shakes again, his whole body tensed as if trying to resist the touch of the egg. Pralius is stubborn, though, his hands firmly pressed there as if waiting to see what might change.

Sabrina starts to breath heavier as her pulse begins to race. She's starting to look a little panicked until her eyes shut and she shakes her head a little, trying to fight off whatever it is in her mind. She pulls her hand away from the egg then, shaking a little as she swallows hard. "I don't like the dark." She whispers to the egg, hoping no one can hear her. She steps away from the egg and looks for another one that's unoccupied. She moves towards the Memories of Grandeur egg, choosing to sit down for this one.

Galina breathes in and out with a slow, measured cadence that continues, uninterrupted. There's a slight pull to her mouth to set it in a lopsided line, and her hands partially pull away, fingertips alone allowed to rest on the surface. The contact remains, but serves to filter — very little will be shared, very little indeed, and she'll keep her distance physically and mentally as well.

Flavia's expression is a smile at whatever she is feeling from this egg, with a soft pat she removes her hand. "You're almost like coming home." is whispered softly as she just stands near the egg a moment and contemplates the colors on its surface. Then reaching out once more she lets her fingers brush the surface.

Diving once again into an unknown world within his own mind, Joan does not prepare a defense of any sort for he needs no defense. His life has no secrets and no regrets; his is an open book to all who care to know his tale! The raging fury of winds within his mind may have caused him to loose his balance, but not his resolve! He says with a loud conviction to the egg, "Rage all you want, take that you dare to take from my mind; I welcome it! I'm not going to back out, so do your WORST!" Joan's voice echoes his resolute will, his face wincing as if he were being hit with a strong wind into it, as he endures the furious maelstrom within his mind.

Edrosayen's shoulders shudder slightly as though a burden is put on and then suddenly relieved. He takes a tiny step closer to the egg, flattening his hands gently against it, wholly taken in by sensation and oblivious to the hot sands under foot and the words of other candidates to the eggs they are touching. In this moment, his attention is consumed by the Down to the Depths Egg.

Galina pulls her hands away and lets them drop to her sides, her eyes eventually opening fully to regard the egg. A final deep breath is taken, then one hand lifts to rub absently at the back of her head with a distant, pensive expression emerging. With a singular, mechanical shake of her head, she murmurs, "Be well," and takes a moment to gather her thoughts. Joan's all-but-yelling over there elicits a sidelong look from the healer-candidate, but she finally moves on to extend a hand and lightly caress the surface of The Sea's Stained Glass Egg.

Sabrina is glad she's sitting down this time. The heaviness and complete silence ringing in her ears might have had her loosing her balance. She blinks at something unseen before closing her eyes and concentrating, trying to make sense of what's being asked of her so she can answer to the best of her ability.

Pralius calms noticeably. He even emits a soft sigh before he suddenly stiffens again, his eyes glazed and all of him screaming confusion, "Whu?"

Flavia removes her hand this time completely and she takes a step away. But there's a look to her face that speaks of wonder and delight. "I never imagined that touchings could be like this. I just, its wonderful." hands at her sides she clasps and unclasps her hands, her eyes moving to find Pralius in the sands.

Pralius straightens and steps back from Tropical Treasures without a touch of trepidation. He shakes his head in a knowing way, glancing up to meet Flavia's eyes with a knowing nod, "They are… amazing, I think… each one unique, but different." He keeps his voice low and unobtrusive as he moves towards Flavia for a brief break from touching, "that one," he indicates Sheen of Crude Poison, "Was kind of like Shisuth… but not at the same time."

Galina doesn't seem entirely sure what to make of this egg, her features drawn in an expression of wariness — indeed, the touchings seem to be the only time any real emotion is displayed on the normally neutral candidate's face — and her other hand lifted dubiously … but not yet touching. Uncertain, she lingers, but with one eye open and the other squinted most of the way shut. And if she's holding her breath, then so be it.

Occasionally Joan ducks his head once or twice, as he avoids some unseen thing flies about his head. In his mind he continues to combat the storm, his resolve preventing him from giving in. He feels a moment of terror as he endures the storm's assault, but the terror soon replaced with adrenaline and joy, as Joan relishes the kind of challenge that the storm places before him. When there is a slight pause, Joan knows better than to expect it's gone. The storm is like a hurricane, and he's only entered the eye of the storm. He knows the creature will come back. Tacking a brief respite, he waits for his opponent to return, a sly grin rests on his face as he calmly waits.

Edrosayen lingers with the Down to the Depths Egg for several long moments and then his eyes flicker open and a nearly incredulous and mildly hurt expression crosses his face. His hand rise up and rub across his visage, "Like waking up…" A few more words get lost behind his hands. He takes a moment to reorient himself before moving to touch the dark shell of the Irony At It's Worst Egg.

Sabrina reels back a little in her seat, not quite lifting her hands off the surface of the egg. A broad smile forms on her face as she watches all the images rushing over her mind.

Galina's free hand clenches, unclenches, and finally splays to rest on the egg's surface with a tightening of her jaw. Whatever is relayed in reply is sparse, scattered, deliberately obtuse. There may be abstract appreciation lingering there, but, for the most part, she seems to be enduring whatever it is that the egg has to offer with the selfsame bullish stubbornness that she endured the Terrible Tempest. At least she's not so visibly tense?

Meo looks to M'lo. "Might be good to start gathering them up soon, some look like they're getting tired."

Flavia seems content to leave off touching eggs for the moment as well. "Its just, yes." she beams "Really? That one is just so, that's what Shisuth is like?" there's wonder in her voice still. As if she can't quite get her mind wrapped around the whole entity that greets one when you touch an egg thing.

M'lo nods. "Yeah, I think you're right," he says. He strides forward a few paces and raises his voice just enough so that everyone can hear. "Listen up, candidates, in just a few more minutes we'll be leaving. Get your last touches in while the touching's good."

Pralius nods, starting to move from the sands as M'lo indicates the end is night, "Not really, but it is sort of. Shisuth's mind is a darker forest, deep scents of pine, but it has that same sense of the whole forest watching and protecting you.

Sabrina's smile becomes a little sad as her eyes open and the egg is infront of her again. "Don't worry. I'm sure things will be just as grand and colorful in the future." She pulls her hands away from the egg and stands up. Moving to the World Between Egg. She looks over as M'lo calls out to the candidates and quickly touches the egg, not ready to leave, but if there's only a short time left then she's not going to waste it.

Sure enough, the storm returns with renewed vigor. And so does Joan as well; his resolve even greater than before, the smile never leaving his face. He feels such a rush as he combats the storm once more, as he feels himself being picked up and thrown all about. He feels only slightly dizzy at this attempt to break him. Joan however is not prepared for what is next to come, as he is thrown into a vast sea. As if he had just received a sudden wake up call, his eyes are immediately back down and staring at the egg. Taking a moment to recollect his thoughts, he's just about to take his hand off the egg when he suddenly says aloud, "You gave me quite a challenge. I definitely look forward to seeing you hatch little one." and with that he gets up to move his stiff legs a bit

Galina withdraws with a slight shake of her hands at her sides, as if to shake lingering pins and needles out, and a low, "Be well," for this one as well. Pale eyes slant to the last egg — Sheen of Crude Poison Egg, that is — but her attention is soon caught by the discussion of the Weyrlingmasters and the bidding of M'lo. There's a singular nod given for his words and, rather than attempt to press her luck with another egg, she simply moves away to start heading for the way out.

Edrosayen's brows lift and a grin blooms and lights his face. His eyes indicate some surprise as he finds his second hand joining his first, as though it went of its own volition to get a better sense of the being within the egg.

Flavia trails Pralius towards the edge of the sands. "I never knew it could be like that, some of them are really different than that. The one with the music" she indicated the Irony at Its Worst egg "It was like being drawn in and welcomed, the other like Shisuth was more like being watched over."

Sabrina closes her eyes and lets herself be sucked into this eggs mind, excited herself to be taking the plunge along with it. She couldn't really tell if she'd been holding her breath for real, but she gasps suddenly as if she had been, sucking in air before looking for that free spirit again.

Pralius follows Flavia's glance, "I haven't touched that one yet… the white one feels like it's lost something… and ageless… and that one," he indicates Down to the Depths, "Is… amazing… I don't know how else to describe it, really."

Sabrina has always been something of an open book when it comes to dragons and eggs. She happily shares everything she can with the egg during the short time she has with it; wanting to give it as much of her view of the world as possible.

Edrosayen's eyes drift closed and he begins to sway slightly to some unheard melody. Boy's got rhythm, at least. His hands slide wide on the egg, as though making a dance partner of it. Thankfully, his feet stay in place so he's not about to damage the shell with an ill timed step his partner can't match.

Edrosayen takes a step back from the Irony at It's Worst Egg, grinning like a fool. His hands are clasped together in front of him and he makes a rather silly bow to the egg before sauntering away from it. His eyes flicker across the shells of the eggs he did not yet touch, but he seems content to simply stand and look at them without touching any further. His expression grows gradually more thoughtful and the looks to certain eggs more lingering than others.

Meo watches as candidates walk off the sands, and nods to them, well, at least no vomiting this time. She moves forward. "Okay guys, pack it up, time to leave, you guys have touched them look enough."

Sabrina caresses the shell of this egg, gently smiling at it. She might just kiss it if she wasn't afraid some dragon was going to think she was trying to eat it. "I'm sure you'll be a curious one when you hatch. Like Thauth." She steps away from the egg and looks around, there are other eggs she's yet to become acquainted with, but since time was already short, she decides to head back towards the entrance to the sands instead.

Flavia takes a step off the sand and turns to regard the eggs again. "I've touched the white one as well, it was amazing you're right. Very very old almost but kind of sad too." her words are soft, as if she doesn't want to disturb the eggs themselves.

Pralius nods, "It's like… feeling a mind that's seen Pern longer than we've been here…" His voice fades as he steps off the sands and back out into the bowl.