Fort's Forests ~~ Fort Weyr - Amethysts in the Pines Camp (#1389RJM)

The camp is nearly finished! New buildings and new trails have been laid down, and everything is fresh and new. The main building is a large structure with a peaked roof, crafted from pine logs. Above the door is a large sign that declares this "Amethysts in the Pines Camp". The trails have been lined with gravel making walking along them after a rain less likely to result in muddy rooms and buildings. Trees have been cleared from an area around the camp lessening the likelihood of a tree being blown down on top of one of the buildings. The main areas of the camp have wood chips covering the ground though some areas have been left in their natural state.
One trail leads to the main cabin, and another path leads down to the lake and the stage.

The weyrleader can't seem to get enough time with his children and the four little ones are actually once again dawning the very puffy bloated outfits. Their little hands in mittens as the waddle around the snow camp. There are still snow men, goats, and the such around. Lili has been left with the nannies, she was far too sleepy to go out so soon. "Hey guys what do you guys say we make….a big ol snow man!" R'oc's three triplets suddenly cheer in unison. "Shno man!!" The waddle around cheering, when suddenly Kiesi falls over, she looks like a small fluffy turtle. "Oh Ki….." The man says laughing.

N'drei is sans Darius this time, it's just too cold to have him out in it again so soon. The greenrider, however, is here as a result of a restless hike, seeking out any snow designs left by the previous party. She draws up short to see littles there and then she grins, seeing the big bronzer out playing in the snow again. "You gotta have coal for eyes.." she says of a snowman as her snow-crunching steps draw nearer to the group. "Didn't expect to see anyone out here," She comments, smiling.

"Well hello there Wyn, come to help us make a now man?" The weyrleader smiles and then eyes the little ones as they skip around, he walks over towards Kiesi and picks her up. The whole time she's yelling. "Daddy….I've felldeded….daddy!' She whines till her father picks her up and he looks over towards Wyn. "Hey Kiesi…this is Wyn you wanna say hi?" He smiles as she waddles over towards the green rider until she stands in front of her. The little mitten hand raises and she puts on a very proper face through her thick hood. "Hello….vewy nice to meet you." The bronzer is smiling huge from behind her the two little boys see their father leaning down and pull a sneak attack. "Get hium!" The two say, R'oc looks over but it's too late they are bringing him to the ground. "Ah…renegades." The bronzer yells.

Wyn grins at R'oc and follows a he heads for the little girl, "Well I might.." she says of snowman making. She can't help but grin at the little voice and then crouches down to be eye level, "Hello, it's very nice to meet you too," she says then offers her own gloved hand for a shake. The greenrider blinks but tries not to let on as the two boys approach then she laughs and scoops Kiesi out of the way, "Look out, boy cooties!" she yelps, leaving the bronzer to defend himself.

"Was cooties?" The little girl says, her cheeks super rosy, her giant big green eyes look like jewels as they ask of Wyn. The two little boys roar as the pile on top of the bronzer, he tosses off Quinar slowly rolling him along on the snow, the little boy squealing. HE rolls onto his belly and starts to stand up only to fall back with a fluff onto his little backside, Zayt is being held int the air until he too is rolled and spun in the snow. "Oh you little renegades you'll never defeat me!!" The little girl reaches out with her mittened hands to touch her face. "Face…." She says in an adorable voice.

N'drei giggles, "All boys have 'em.. and they're icky little critters.. they don't bite or anything scary but.. they are smelly!" she says, teasing the little girl. "When you get a lot older they won't bother you anymore.. like.." and she glances to R'oc then back to Kiesi, "When you're.. twenty..then boys are ok.." she says with a wink. Yes, wait til you're 20! She smiles again when the little one touches her face and Wyn returns the favor, touching her nose, "Nose," she answers.

"Retreat!!" The two little ones say waddling back behind a snow mound, peeking around waiting to see the bronzer weak again. The bronzer smiles towards the the tow as he stands and turns to WYn as he watches the little one. Her hands covering Wyn's and she holds it there, a little stuffy voice says. "Mine!" She says as the bronze moves over and then quirks his brow. "What are you telling my little beauty right here….twenty….no boys never." The bronzer eyes the little one. "You don't want to go near boys right Kiesi?" The little girl's beautiful eyes look over towards R'oc and she says. "But Quiny and Zay are boys daddy." The bronzer smiles. "Okay no boys other than your brothers." Protective dad much?

The call for retreat draws Wyn's attention for a moment and she laughs then squints back at the little girl, "Your nose?'s cuter than mine.. I might want it," she says, giving said nose a squeeze. She looks up at R'oc then laughs, "Oh right.. never.. no boys but brothers ever.." she says with a nod, who's gonna go against big daddy while he's being all protective?

"Come here little one." He says pulling her into his arms, before he looks and smiles at Wyn. "So what brings you out here, I just thought I'd spend some more time with these little rugrats." He turns and pinches her little cheek softly. "Hey Keisi you wanna go see what your little brothers are doing?" The little girl shakes her arms as she lets her father set her down on the snow, then she waddles off running off towards her brothers. "So Wyn what are you doing out here?" He asks more seriously he looks around and then says. "Not running from something are you?"

N'drei lets Kiesi go and keeps her own nose, darnit! She looks to R'oc and grins then watches the little girl waddle off, "No not running.." she says then shuffles her feet, "As if anyone could run in this." Yeah it's a lame sort of joke but oh well. "I just wanted to get out and stretch my legs a little.. Shisuth is off doing the same, somewhere, though it's wings and not legs..I figured I'd come back up here and see if anyone left a big snow monument.." she says as she looks around.

"Oh well I've got to say….these little ones have decided to make sure there is a snow monument left here for years to come." The weyrleader smiles towards her and then gives her a chortle. "Oh well a real person can run in anything…why I remember when I was younger and I was made to run naked around the bar on a bet." The little girl and boys are listening quite a lot. "Daddy's runs around naky!!!" They all laugh and squeal, while the bronzer's face sinks. "Oh…that is….to…." He sighs realizing the little ones listen far too well for him to say anything about his life as a bronzer.

N'drei giggles some then blinks as he relays his nakey story, her giggles turning to laughter right along with the kiddos. She gives him a thumbs up, "Good job, pops.." and she nods to the littles, "I bet he still does sometimes!" she chirps toward them, egging them on, then she ducks a bit and steps back, waggling brows at the bronzer.

R'oc watches the greenrider with a very playful look. "Don't egg them on." The little girl and her two brothers suddenly squeel and run towards Wyn, the start running around her chanting. "Daddy's naky…daddy's naky." The weyrleader turns suddenly towards Wyn and then licks his teeth with a grin trying to be surpressed. "Oh now your gonna get it." He bends down grabbing up a large ball of snow and glomping it towards Wyn. "This means war!!!"

N'drei waggles her brows and then claps her hands with their chanting, laughing all the while. Dark eyes flick to the gathered up snow and she squeals like a little girl, trying to take off running. Her boots, however, do not have that much traction and she does one of those cartoon-like woosh-woosh-woosh-spinning-feet-on-snow moves, taking the brunt of the snowball in the chest and neck. "Ahhh!" she yelps and splats right down on her butt, gathering up her own ammo as she tries to get up. She hurls a snowball at the bronzer then starts crawling away on all fours, you know how it is, panic, being chased by the bad guy in a horror movie, scramblescramble!

Kiesi, Quinar, and Zayt run off along with the woman as they see the snow fly. "Snow fight!!" Zayt yells as he turns bending down trying to ball up a snow ball, but throws just a flurry of flakes towards his father. "Oh yes little ones….it's the big bad weyrleader." As his hand bend down to pick up some snow, he's hit and then he laughs and falls back. But his little girl watches the snow hit her father, and though she'd usually attack him for some reason she turns. "Don't hit daddy!" She charges at Wyn and rolls over her as she attacks viciously. "Dun hit daddy!" She squeels and pouts as she attacks.

N'drei is busy trying to get away then..she's tackled!? "Hey you're supposed to be on my side!" she protests to the little one. "Easy.." Wyn says as she tries to still Kiesi's attacks. "Snowball fights are fun.." and she squirms around trying to see where R'oc is, knowing full well he won't care if she's detained by the little girl, he'll throw anyway!

Oh how true is that fact, the bronzer watches as his loyal minion attacks Wyn. The snow is gathered, and not just a snowball, but a giant pile of snow that he carries over. "YOu got her Kiesi…teach her not to mess with daddy." R'oc laughs and then suddenly he feels his body falling forward, the last thing he see's before the white covers his face is two little traitors holding his legs "You little… mmmfmmfmmfmf." YEs thats snow talk for little traitors. The two little boys run off, hiding behind the greenrider. "Kiesi….we playin….be on our team." The little girl looks at her two brothers before she pouts. "But I wanna be on daddy's team!" There is a pout that seems to near crying, slowly her lip begins to quiver.

N'drei laughs and then when the boys take down R'oc she cackles and peels Kiesi away, "Ok you go be on Daddy's team.. me and the cootie-boys will take you on!" she chirps, eyes flicking to the bronzer. She turns to her cohorts, hopefully they are anyway, and she starts gathering up snow, "Get 'im boys!" she squeals, then pelts R'oc with another snowball. She looks to Kiesi and holds up her hands, "Oh no, don't get me!!" she calls out, giving the little one ample time to do just that, trying to lure her from tears to playing.

R'oc looks up from the snow watching them and then he grins and then roars. "Revenge!!!" The little girl looks over and ten as her daddy looks down at her she is about to cry when he says. "Lets get'em my little warrior!" She turns and charges at Wyn again. "Ahhh!" She squeels, her brothers running and tossing snow fluffs towards their father. "Attack daddy!!" Quinar yells, they watch the bronzer grab piles of snow and toss it towards them, it just turns to snow flakes by the time it reaches them. They laugh and run away from the snow storm the bronzer brings, their eyes sparkle and twinkle as their little smiles are flashed.

N'drei screeches in protest then falls prey to the cute little girl, tickling her in response to the attack. When her backup, the boys, run away laughing she gets to her knees a little then spins Kiesi around and gives her enough of a push to urge her toward R'oc while the greenrider retreats too. She gets to her feet and bends over, hands on her knees, "Whew.. ok ok.. truce!" she calls out, panting to catch her breath. Her nose is pink and so are her cheeks, snow packed in splotches on her arms and chest, "Need a breather.."

The little ones move and slow, Kiesi almost as if trying to be as adorable as possible wipes her forehead with her mitted glove. 'Whooof.' She looks at her daddy and says. "I have some warm." The boys listen to her and rush over as well. "Ya daddy, can we haze sometin warm?' You guys wants something warm….okay fine guys…let me go pick up Wyn and we'll go inside and make something warm." The little ones cheer and rush over to try and help Wyn up. "Come on….we get warm." The bronzer looks and then asks. "You still think they have any of that warm milky drink they had the other day in there?" He walks over to Wyn and offers his hand to pick her up. "Come on we'll get something warm to drink." There is a broad happy smile on his face.

N'drei grins some as they all seem to be amenable to a cessation of the snowballs. She looks up at R'oc and grins then takes his hand, standing upright, then starts dusting herself off, "I hope so.. I could use some klah.." she says then turns for the community building and hopefully some warmth. "I will have to get back soon too.. Darius likely needs to eat.. and I miss my lil guy.."

The weyrleader laughs and then nods as they all move inside the community center, the three little ones moving up the stairs crawling up them. One foot….then a few hands…then they all make it and waddle into the room followed by their father. "Oh that little fella, yeah he's going to missing you." He laugh and then he looks to the room. "Your more than welcome to join us if you'd like."

N'drei follows them inside long enough to shake off the snow and get a cup of klah, sipping it and talking to the bronzer, watching the children too. She smiles then puts her empty mug wherever the empty mugs go and turns for the door, "Thanks for the fun today.. your little ones are sweet.. I'll see you later.." she says to him. She looks to said triplets and wiggles her fingers, "Bye guys.. don't forget to remind your da to keep his clothes on.. no more running around nakey.." she says with a wink then rushes out laughing. Wyn-1, R'oc-0.