Fort Weyr - Hatching Sands
The sands. The most prominant and possibly most important area for a weyr, this section of Fort is no exception to the rule. Completely enclosed from the outside elements by a high rounded ceiling, the golden white sand glitters under the streams of sunlight that manage to make their way in from the upper openings. Ledges abound in the upper areas of the dome, perfect for riders and their dragons to watch the action happening on the ground. At the back of the sands there appears to be a raised section of sand, built over generations by the golds who have laid clutches here, a couch of sorts for basking on while protecting their eggs. Slightly to one side of that, a small nook has been carved for the weyrwoman to take respite from the heat of the cavern.

People: Tarish
Dragons: Shidenisseth Seviadith
Eggs: Bubbles A-bursting Egg Sweet Sweet Cherubim Egg Golden Glow of Sanctity Egg Gates of Heaven Egg Raindrops on Roses, Whiskers on Kittens Egg Peace After the Storm Egg Still Before the Storm Egg Early Morning Gem Egg Harmony of Colors Egg
Obvious exits:
Entrance -E-

BOOM chucka. BOOM chucka. Maybe the earth isn't quacking, but the hearts of a few candidates that were lead in early certainly are, as the sight of the eggs is blocked completely by the form of Seviadith, who, despite being a small gold, is still large enough in size to waft out her wings and cover the view. "They're not coming to steal your loot, you dumb twit. I swear." A couple of weyrlingmasters sit to the side in case any other problems should arise. "Candidates, over here!" screeches Tarish as she lifts off of her gold's foot, and pushes on to the sand's edge, standing with her arms crossed and a look that makes her look angry, pissed, evil, annoyed, and much much more, all at once! She's talented. Yep.

Arkoss stares at the gold as she looms menacingly over the eggs and gulps, offering her a shaky bow. Yeah, he's quaking in his boots right now, for sure. When Tarish calls them over, he slides along the edge of the wall as far from the gold as possible.

Xelleen is unburdened by this self-preservation that some people seem to posess. She simply peers up at the looming gold, bows politely, and veers towards Tarish. If the goldrider looks pissed, evil, annoyed, angry, and more, she doesn't notice. She grins brightly, bobbing on the balls of her feet, and turns her dark head to peer at the eggs.

Rhalin has at least dealt with dragons for a large portion of his admittedly not so long life. But this is definitly something new and he is visibly spending energy not to look terrified and/or run. Now the question is if the real fear is the large dragon who could squish him or the goldrider. But he manages a bow, admittedly keeping his eye on that large foot that Tarish just vacated. And then he's making his way over to where they are ordered with a quick step as he shoves his hands back into his pockets. After all, he needs to look casual, right? Right.

Calandria files in behind Rhalin, peering around him anxiously to get her first good view of the eggs. She recoils quickly at Seviadith's looming form and stops so fast the candidate behind her steps on the back of her heel. To try and cover up that brief moment of fear she turns on the candidate behind her, a fair-haired boy a few turns younger than her, and sneers at him, the clumsy oaf. Once she's collected her cool she offers a bow to the gold and takes her place next to Rhalin.

"This all of y'all?" Tarish scrunches her nose, doing a quick head-count. "Good. Lesser the better. Alright kids, listen up." The woman paces a little for a moment, before raising her finger to wag it. "Seviadith's being dumb. She doesn't want to let you in. I dunno why, she's a twit, and apparently is super hungry right now. In favor of getting this overwith before it gets dark, she's putting off lunch. She doesn't like missing lunch." Her green eyes poke from one candidate to the next. "So /no/ funny business. I can't garuntee she won't eat you. Or at least throw you a few hundred lengths if you make her mad. So. Again. NO funny business." There's a small sigh, before a medium-loud roar is issued from the gold from behind Tarish, and the over-large wings flap enough to cause a slight wind in their direction. "Oh /shut up/," she quips loudly over her shoulder. "I know y'all pry know that, but she insisted I tell ya. So. Bow for the pretty lady, if ya haven't, and I'll.. er.. get her to move." The insistence does enough, for now, and the massive hulk moves over to allow sight — and passage — to the nine eggs.

Arkoss bows again to Seviadith, just in case, and looks around at the other candidates, seeing if anyone wants to go be the first victim or something. He's not sure he wants to be first, especially given the goldrider's behavior earlier. She hates him.

Xelleen will go first! Bravely goes the ignorant into the jaws of death. Or, at least, sidestepping around to see the eggs as the dragon moves aside. She continues to smile brightly, and then offers to Seviadith, "Lovely, really, a nice clutch to be sure." She glances now at Tarish again, awaiting further instruction - or prompt squishing, whichever

Rhalin might not be brave enough to go first, but after Xelleen pratically charges ahead he is willing to follow. You'd think if the dragon was going to squish someone, which he's /almost/ certain she wouldn't (there's enough irrational doubt to be nervous), she's squish the first candidate to dared to go past her. So he'll move along a couple feet back and make his way towards the eggs as well.

Calandria peers at Arkoss, noting his reluctance. Bah, whats there to be afraid of really? It's just a dragon. A gold dragon. A hungry gold dragon. A hungry gold dragon protecting her clutch. Right then. But then Xelleen is off to get closer to the eggs, and Cal can't just hang back now, for fear of looking like a wuss. So she collects her courage, offers another nod at the queen just for good measure, and sets off for the eggs just after Rhalin. She doesn't stop for further instruction though, and purposefully strides over to the nearest egg. With one last at Tarish she reaches out and lays a hand on the Harmony of Colors Egg.

Seviadith's large eyes don't blink, don't move, staring at the eggs and candidates almost simultaneously with intensity — the snarl doesn't leave her face, and a low growl consistently works her throat. Grrrroowwrrlll. Her dark eyepatch seems even more daunting, and her dark, near-bronze color just adds to the intimidation factor. Tarish? She just keeps smirking. In reality, she's enjoying this. Who knew having a huge gold beast could be so fun? But, Sevi is restless, twitching constantly, with her tail flailing about around her like a rather wiggly snake. "Go on, touch 'em already!" is snarked out in response to the candidates' hesitation. "Lovely my butt," is responded to Xelleen. "Just shush and move it." Sevi, on the other hand, seems to agree with the comment at least, offering a light trumpet in return. Course they're sexy. They're MINE. Mwahaha.

Arkoss does approach the eggs, keeping a wary eye on the gold as he moves forward to the closest egg to him, which just happens to be Gates of Heaven egg. He glances down at the shell, tracing the gold parts with a finger, and then places a palm down on it, bending down as if to hear whatever it says.

Rhalin isn't quite as quick as Cal to touch one of the eggs, but he quickly follows suit. After all, he doesn't want Cal noticing his hesistation… at least not after she's done hesistating that is. So he quickly moves to the nearest egg that isn't occupied and reaches out both hands to touch it. Fingertips make the first connection and his palms follow after testing the water.

Xelleen winks at Tarish, ever fearless. "It is always best to compliment the clutch of a gold who guards her eggs so protectively. It means they're less likely to eat you when their belly starts rumbling." Trotting the the sandy mounds, she contemplates them and finally reaches out to touch the Raindrops on Roses Egg.

Calandria seemed to be holding her breath as she touched the vibrant shell of the egg. A few moments later she visibly relaxes, unclenching her fist. She had been readying herself for something harsh, like the first few unforgiving eggs she had touched at Xanadu's last hatching. "Pretty, and harmless." Cal's hazel eyes watch the other candidates, looking at their reactions. She seems to have all but forgotten the egg she is standing at now, maybe she had been hoping it would have some fight in it. She says nothing else to the egg, simply walks away from it to another one nearby. With a warily look toward the restless gold Cal reaches for the Still Before the Storm Egg.

Sand is flung about, twitching ensues, and Seviadith stands from her seated position to pace on her side of the Sands. "You're being ridiculous. They wouldn't screw they're Impression chances by smooshing your eggs — Oooh, Faranth, you're impossible." The growling continues, and Seviadith's patched eye flings about wildly as she looks from candidate to candidate. Someone's waatching yooouu…

Arkoss blinks, squints, then shakes his head, peering down at the egg. "Huh." he lifts his hand from the surface, backing away. "Nice to meet you…I guess." Arkoss feels kinda silly talking to an egg, but it isn't the first, or the last, he'll talk to, nope. He turns to catch a glimpse of the gold and steps away from the egg hastily, looking at the other eggs. "You know, these eggs are completely the opposite of the last two I've stood for." he comments to Calandria.

Xelleen gives the egg due considerationand then steps away with her hands folded politely. See, she's being careful! She smiles, perhaps peacefully.

Rhalin lets his eyes drift closed as obviously the egg he touched is nothing too forboding. Suddenly his nose is wrinkling and he lets out a somewhat loud sneeze that decides to take advantage of the cavern's accoustics. There's a wince as he rather quickly removes his hands and darts his eyes around especially towards the gold. The gold who just happens to be well, pissy right now and twitching herself. So he'll just shuffle away to the egg Cal just left, attempting to catch her gaze as she moves on. Yet again, delicate touch of the fingertips before all out connecting with the egg. Not that you know, Cal suffered any from it apparently.

Bellanne finally takes a move forward, moving towards the Sweet Sweet Cherubim Egg and placing her hand gently upon the shell. A glance towards the other candidates with a slight smile.
Xelleen glances around thoughtfully and finally moves towards the farthest egg, Bubbles A-bursting Egg, and reaches her hand slowly towards the surface, laying her palm against it securely, but not ungently.

Calandria finds this second egg she has touched to be more interesting. The waiting stillness of it's mind surrounds her and she waits for the storm to break…and then the silence is shattered as Seviadith's pacing kicks up sand at her. The girl visibly startles, and bumps the egg she had been so carefully touching. With a wince she peers back at gold, maybe she didn't notice? Well even if she did it's the gold's own fault really, all that nervous pacing. She leaves the egg and nods at Arkoss. "Xanadu's eggs sure weren't this…nice." Which is more than can be said for the queen. Warily Cal heads to a egg farther away from Seviadith, and touches the Gates of Heaven Egg.

Bellanne smiles, nodding her head at this egg. She gently places her second hand upon the shell of the egg with a soft sigh. "Lovely.." She murmurs, smiling to herself once more.

Xelleen steps hastily back from the egg, blinking thoughfully. "Oh, well then." She murmurs to herself and clears her throat. "No, definitely not good." She agrees, rubbing the back of her neck and standing away for a moment before casting about for her next destination. Finally, she heads for the Golden Glow of Sanctity Egg.

Arkoss looks around, then decides to be brave and approach the eggs again, this time moving towards Early Morning Gem Egg. He reaches a hand to the surface of it, looking it over. Green's a nice color.

Bellanne lifts her hands after a moment, shifting to move to the other egg near by. She moves to the Bubbles A-bursting Egg with a smile, settling one hand comfortably upon the surface,

Rhalin simply gives a shrug of his shoulders as he pulls away from the rather frighteningly colored egg he hand his hands pressed again. Obviously he's not all that impressed, or affected for that matter. Sure the whole something invading your mind is strange but in general it wasn't a spectacularly invasive egg. He'll just continue on his way stalking Cal, placing his hands on the egg she just left.

Bellanne squeaks suddenly, from her silence as she pulls her hand away with a soft laugh. "Oh my.." She glances at Tarish with a grin. "Have you touched them, yet? The two I've touched are interesting." She points out before moving onto the next egg.

Calandria was not holding her breath as she touched this egg, she was not expecting an assault…but that was what she got. It isn't a mental slap, or a cloying invasion of her mind, no, nothing like that. But a dizzying flash of light and sound, so enveloping, and all encompassing, that she forgets to breathe when faced with its radiance. For a time the girl stands there; staring at nothing, completely dumb-struck. Then with a shake of her head and a couple rapid blinks she comes back to herself. "Wow." She says to no one in particular. "That was something else." She surrenders the egg, and next touches Peace After the Storm Egg.

"Figured one or two might be girly with this bunch." Arkoss murmurs, stepping away from the egg and looking around. He chooses an egg at random, going for Golden Glow of Sanctity Egg.
More uneasiness seems to settle over Seviadith, as she grows closer and closer to the eggs and their visitors; Tarish cannot stop her, trailing after her quickly, cumbered by the weight of her booted feet. "Uuggh," is muttered, but it's too late — Sevi has already plopped herself down beside the eggs, her eyes glowering straight downwards on the candidates, casting that disctinct shadow. "Uh.. Don't mind her. She's just.. impatient." Tarish tries to smirk, but… hey, she's not altogether pleased about the situation, either.

Xelleen sighs, "Gosh, I was hoping for something more.. spicey." She murmurs, reaching a hand up to ruffle her tightly formed curls. "Well.. maybe this one." She muses, heading for the Gates of Heaven Egg.

Rhalin pulls away finally after a bit of a shudder ran down his body starting at his shoulders. Luckily it didn't cause him to wiggle his butt though, that would have been mighty embarressing. That is, if anyone noticed which is actually somewhat unlikely. Well, except the gold pair, and that'd be horrifying. Speaking of the, Rhalin's eyes pratically jerk over there as the dragon plops down, stirring up some sand. Don't mind her? Well, he'll attempt, no promises though. Glancing around he spots Cal already touching a new egg and wrinkles his nose once more. He doesn't remember where she had been. So, instead he finds his own egg to touch, no longer following along.

Arkoss doesn't notice the dragon approaching as he tilts his head, listening to something inaudible. He lifts his hand from the egg, finally, looks around, then jumps back -almost- with a squeak. He didn't, though, so he still gets to keep his man card. Bowing a third time to the gold, he moves off to an egg that's farther away, the raindrops on roses egg.

Xelleen sighs, "No, I guess not." She murmurs, and steps away, disappointed. She taps her lower lip, eyes sweeping back and forth for the next egg to touch. "Eeny-meeny-minne-mo.." tap tap tap. "I choose you." She points towards the Sweet Sweet Cherubim Egg and follows her finger to it.

Calandria actually smiles as she touches this egg's mind. She leans closer to it and whispers. "Steady now, it'll come faster than you think." She could understand this egg, didn't she often feel the same way it did? As if she might explode, waiting for something to happen, something other than the daily monotony of cooking in the kitchens. She pulls back from the egg and promptly falls on her butt as Seviadith plops down next to the eggs. A squeak does escape her lips involuntarily and Cal considers her next move. Probably best to touch the next egg and pretend it didn't happen. She reaches for the Early Morning Gem Egg.

Rhalin doesn't seem entirely sure how to react to this one, hand sort of starting to retract and returning a couple times. The boy's face is remarkably confused in its expression at this point and his head slowly tilts to one side. Finally he pulls back and blinks for a moment. "Uh… right." is managed as he gives the egg a very strange look, as if it could see.

The rumbling grows. Grows. Something begins to move about the candidates… Oh yes. Seviadith's wings begin to flap, stirring up the sand and air around them. "Um. Okay. That's it. So—" Whatever, why does /she need to apologize? "Get off the Sands." Her hands begin to make shooing movements, and the growl turns from thus into a very, very audible soft roar. "Back to the barracks. Now! QUICKLY!" Another roar. Someone's a bit pissy, hmm?

Arkoss just has to smile at this egg, shaking his head. He moves away from it, with another wary look at the gold, then moves to Peace After the Storm, or at least starts to. At the roar, Arkoss acks and zips out. Eeek!

Xelleen frowns at the dragon's restlessness and sighs in resignation, walking quickly back off the sands. "Will she really chase us all the way to the barracks?" She asks curiously, almost conversationally.

Rhalin is beating a retreat as well, not nearly as fast as Arkoss but he has no qualms about a very hurried walk. "Uh.. she might?" is managed as he catches up to and quite possibly moves past Xelleen. What, he caught the conversational comment and responded, isn't that what you're supposed to do?

Calandria doesn't have time to touch the next egg. She casts an annoyed look over her shoulder at the goldrider and opens her mouth, she isn't about to talk back is she? But then the growl morphs into a roar and the girl thinks better of it. With one final look at the eggs the girl hurries a bit to catch up to Rhalin and the other candidates, and keeps pace with him back to the barracks.

"Well, let's not find out," is Tarish's response to Xelleen, but she doesn't follow the candidates; she's gotta stay with the gold, who finally begins to back off as the candidates are off the Sands; because, yes, she does trample after them, grumbling angrily, before turning about to return to the eggs. "Why on Pern did I put myself up for this," she groans as she returns to her seat near the mound, eyeing the candidates occasionally to make sure they're really gone. "Humph." She's so supportive!