'The World of Pern(tm)' and 'The Dragonriders of Pern(r)' are copyright to Anne McCaffrey (c) l967, 2000. This is a recorded online session, by permission of the author but generated on PernWorld MUSH for the benefit of people unable to attend.

Hatching Sands
The sands. The most prominent and possibly most important area for a weyr, this section of Fort is no exception to the rule. Completely enclosed from the outside elements by a high rounded ceiling, the golden white sand glitters under the streams of sunlight that manage to make their way in from the upper openings. Ledges abound in the upper areas of the dome, perfect for riders and their dragons to watch the action happening on the ground. At the back of the sands there appears to be a raised section of sand, built over generations by the golds who have laid clutches here, a couch of sorts for basking on while protecting their eggs. Slightly to one side of that, a small nook has been carved for the weyrwoman to take respite from the heat of the cavern.

Wiyaneth rumbles with satisfaction. They come when she calls. Very good. She watches the Candidates intensely as they file on.

Anais walks onto the sands following the other candidates onto the sands, she pauses a moment bowing to the sire and dam before moving to join the others.

Forts WLM Sala leads them in. The candidates: Corly, Holarrien and Mazoeph, the infamous Karoon trio of troublemakers. Tydan and Karan, the fraternal twins. And several others come in. "Don't forget to bow, and keep on your toes. You're the one who is supposed to move if they're rushing past you."

Tonah begins to look quite nervous the moment he steps out onto the sands and a brief glance at the rocking eggs as he follows the other candidates. He remembers to bow to both dam and sire and then quickly moves off with the others. Tonah is quiet again as well as he tries to calm himself down a little.

Adartomus walks steadily onto the sands, his young face calm and relaxed, although his hands are trembling slightly. He offers a deep low bow to Wiyaneth and Larzith before moving towards the eggs, halting as he reaches the building semicircle of candidates ringing the ovoids.

Strange Shadows on the Plain Egg shakes ever so slightly upon the Sands. Is it time yet?

Lya finally gets her robe on right just moments before stepping onto the sands and bowing to both Wiyaneth and Larzith. Whew, now that she has lived through that she needs to find a place to stand. She settles herself somewhere in the middle and looks around at her fellow candidates.

Savitaur steps onto the sands tentatively, seeming more than a little unsettled about the impending events. Hands tug haphazardly at his robes, arranging them this way and that until he obviously catches himself and stops the fidgeting. A respectful bow goes to the clutchparents and his attention turns immediately to the eggs. He searches out Adartomus, goes to stand by his side, and smiles nervously at the other, beads of sweat already starting to form on his brow. The rest of the candidates are eyed with an anxious smile.

Anysta wanders unsurely onto the sands. From the looks of it the petite little dolphineer is shaking, save the hand that goes to gripping Kaos' in Pern's ultimate death grip. She swallows hard, bowing very clumsily to dam and sire and then looking up at the stands. Oh… So /this's/ what it feels like to be watched…

Kaos comes onto the sands and looks over towards Wiyaneth and Larzith and bows deeply to them both. A warm, if nervous smile is on his face. He troddles over, looking all the well for a large white sheet to match the weather outside. He doesn't seem to be complaining about the cold, which is a first since the snows set in. "Good luck Everyone.. Anysta, Savi..Dart… Tonah, Lya.." He calls out towards everyone. "Anysta, wait for me!"

Multi-Faceted Egg moves slowly, yet the shuddering is enough to shake a thin layer of sand from the shell. It's almost as though the hatchling is methodically checking the restrictions keeping it inside the egg.

Strange Shadows on the Plain Egg moves a bit more, the hot Sands slowly moving away from the shell, gradually creating a clearing about the ovoid.

Adartomus reaches on impulse to grip Savitaur's shoulder offering him some comfort if he can. "Just remember to breathe Taurie," he murmurs to the other man with a smile and takes a deep breath of his own as an example. "This is just another road to travel. A very /warm/ road but a road nonetheless." He chuckles and offers all a big grin, "Luck to all," he states and turns to watch the eggs.

X'ai chuckles softly in his usual cheerful manner, although the observant would note that his body language doesn't quite mirror that, as he rubs his hands together anxiously, and his gaze keeps returning to one particular candidate. Larzith's eyes whirl as he regards the candidates. A soft snort, sending a little puff of sand into the air, though that is his only objection. He is watching.

Anais steps a pace away from one clump of candidates to give herself room to manuver if needed, watching the eggs start to wobble and shake Anais feels a shiver run down her as the excitment of the hatching starts to take hold of her. She notes X'ai there on the sands with Larzith but gives no outward indication other than a small smile.

Kaos looks over towards Anysta and smiles at her before he squeezes her hand as well. "Breath, and calm down Any." Kaos tries to reassure her, but it sounds more like he's trying to convince himself. He swallows hard as many of the eggs begin their rocking.

Sala nods to herself, a pleased look on her face as the Candidates bow and take their places among the Eggs. Her Brown, Palouseth, is watching them all from above, a loud whicker being released before he drops into a sound which might pass as a humm.

Sweeping Solitude Egg shivers slightly and then settles again, relaxing back into the Sands.

The sudden movement of the Multi-Faceted Egg startles him, and as the rest of the candidates arrive, Savitaur steps closer to the group tugging Adartomus with him. "Yes Luck to all. I'll be fine Dart, just poke me if I don't inhale…is your headache better?" He becomes frozen as Strange Shadows on the Plain Egg begins to move.

Tonah looks over at Kaos briefly as he barely picks out his name being called and grins widely. "This is it!" he notes, shifting a bit to the side to get a slightly better view although still unable to see everything. "So much, so fast. It's going to be hard to remember everything." the candidate notes. A brief glance is given to the stands, but right now Tonah's attention is everywhere it seems.

Anysta shakes her head slowly. Not cool… Very much more stressful than a dolphin giving birth, mostly because there -weren't this many people- watching. She nods her head once or twice, in total contradiction to her previous actions, but her breaths don't slow. Hot sands, lots of people… Where was her ocean? ;_;

Chaos ensues, as the Multi-Faceted Egg begins to shudder and crack. A blue nose peeks out of a hole, pushing forward and widening the gap. The hatchling begins to rock the egg, back and forth. with slow methodical movements. Suddenly, the hole in the side is large enough to tumble through, and the Pixelated Blue Hatchling does. Landing on his face on the sands, with a brief but indignant cry.

Wiyaneth croons happily as her first egg hatches, and she rumbles encouragement to the little blue.

Pixelated Blue Hatchling
Millions and millions of blue squares cover this hatchling's entire body, in a patchwork of shades. The shape of this dragon is slightly blurred, the perfect squares creating somewhat of an optical illusion. The end result making it seem as though this blue is actually made up of lots of coloured cubes, like children's building blocks. Even his eyes seem to whirl in jerky movements, and his wings seem almost like tools, or pieces of machinery, rather than part of a living breathing dragon.

Lya watches the eggs carefully… Funny the eggs didn't seem this large when she was on the sands before. She watches the eggs shudder and move on the sands, "They really do like to move, don't they?… And there is the first one!" Yes, she is very excited and just might hurt herself.

Kaos oohs a bit and points, grinning. "Well look at that one.. a blue first." He grins and shakes his head back and forth. "Boy, when I tell Zipher this he'll about flip. Glad he's not around he'd be over there showing off his bigger blue brother."

Anais see's the blue hatch from it's egg and then as it falls flat on it's face, watching it carefully she sighs as it appears not to have injured itself. Anais wonders who the blue will choose as it's lifemate and which of her fellow candidate's will be the first to impress?

Adartomus smiles and nods reassuringly to Savitaur's question, finding himslef dragged closer to some of the others. At the sight of the first hatchling he gasps. "Shards, what a Blue!" he murmurs, his eyes roaming over the color variations. "Facinating." His hands shake again, the fingers of his left making a griping motion.

Anysta calms down a little, seeing the blue. She squeaks softly, and following it with her similarly colored gaze, she grins over at Kaos. "Aww, it looks just like Rekku!" …

Tonah hears the exclamations of some of the candidates and cranes his neck a bit to get a brief glance of the first hatchling to arrive on the sands. "A blue!" he says, having been able to get that much from what he could see. "And rather interesting too. Didn't see which egg though." But he shrugs a little at that and goes back to watching nervously and anxiously.

Savitaur nods at Lya's words, his eyes darting between the blue hatchling and Strange Shadows on the Plain Egg. "You don't you think he's hurt, do you, Lya?"

Strange Shadows on the Plain Egg continues to work on that clearing. Who needs Sands around them when it's so hot anyway. But soon it stills once more. Laying on its side within the clearing itself.

Kaos grins a bit at Anysta and smiles, looking towards her as she mentions her dolphin. "Maybe he'll find you, Any." He says, looking towards the blue to see where he's off too.

Sweeping Solitude Egg rumbles quietly from within before shimmering and then calming once again. It seems to be fading in the heat ripples from the Sands.

Lya moves closer to Savitaur, better to be closer to someone else then standing in the middle of nowhere. "I'm sure he is find, Sav." At least she hopes so. She watches the other eggs as they start to shudder and move.

The Keroon trio continue to joke and mutter around each other, staying close and standing dirrectly accross from the exit itself.

Strange Shadows on the Plain Egg shivers suddenly and its very summit, where the strange stones seem to dance, cracks appear between them a moment later. An explosion of shards burst onto the sands as first a muzzle then a graceful Brown reveal themselves before he tumbles from his hideaway to the burning Sands bellow.

One With The Woods Brown Hatchling
Dark ebony sweeps across this Brown's hide, interspersed with diverse bars and knots of a pale ginger, composed of a random collection of various lengths and sizes. Yet there is structure within the confusion as all the bars are moving with the grain of his growth, from slightly rounded nuzzle, down his long curving neck, across powerful shoulders and flanks to finally accent his long tail, down powerful legs towards the finely crafted talons below. Long of body yet undeniably perfectly proportioned, his every movement is filled with a grace as easily seen in repose as movement. All these facts are absorbed in the moment before his other colorings can be absorbed by the mind. When unfurled, his great wings are covered with a bright green which contains rivulets of an equally radiant blue which accent all the grooves upon that growth of green and forms a dark puddle in the dip between wingsails. The end result revealing two great leaves of surprising strength growing upon this living canvas. His eyes seems to always hold traces of blue no matter his mood, and both blue and green casually caress his body, with the exception of legs and wings, darker and beautiful where their trails cross without taking away from his true self. As pure as the morning's due and a healthy moss, they somehow complete the image of a great tree which is this Brown.

"He came from that egg that looked like a dragon's eye…sort of, Tonah." Savitaur smiles at Lya seeming a little more under control…until Strange Shadows on the Plain Egg hatches, that makes him tense up again as he admires the beautiful Brown creature that emerges from it.

Adartomus is hard pressed to find a place for his eyes to settle. There's so much to see! Another egg hatches and now a Brown is on the sands. "Oh my, they're beautiful," he can't help but comment. "Breathe Taurie," he reminds Savitaur with a soft chuckle. "And welcome to our party Lya," he adds with a smile to her.

Anais startled by the sudden hatching of the brown Anais gazes at him admiring the coloring of his hide, watching the other hatchiling on the sand to make sure she doesn't get trampled accidently if it decides to head her way to get at the person he wants as his lifemate.

The Pixelated Blue Hatchling carefully rights himself, looking over the candidates cautiously. This is no choice to be made hastily. Tharemar is spotted, and headed towards in as straight a line as the hatchling can manage. "His name is Uth!" cries Th'em, grinning from ear to ear.

"Oh, wow..look a brown!" Kaos offers, turning to look towards Anysta and giggles. "He's really pretty too!" The young smith offers as his eyes flick from the blue to the larger brown. "I wonder, look at him.." He murmurs, swallowing a bit as he flicks his eyes up to see if he can see Palouseth's reaction before commenting. "I bet Palouseth's bragging about that."

Lya jumps, but only slightly, as another egg bursts open and the young dragon spills itself onto the hot sands. "None of them really like to make an easy entrance, do they?" She looks around and smiles to Adartomus, "Hey there, enjoying the hatching? Maybe there will be another dance after this."

Anysta takes time to gape at the brown, too. More like… curious trying to see over the taller yet younger candidates shoulders. She jumps up and down, trying to peer around one extremely tall young fellow. "Hey, I can't see… I don't /care/ if you're four turns younger and bigger, I want to see!" A little nervous smile spreads on her face.

One With The Woods Brown Hatchling drops and slings along the ground happily. His graceful movments keeping him free of the Candidates as he moves about the Eggs, a soft creel starts up in him as he spots his Sire and Dam, then the Blue catches his attention and he turns to face his ClutchBrother.

Tonah gives Savitaur a brief smile as well. "Thanks…" he's about to continue when another egg hatches and he shakes his head a bit. "A brown now. I like the colour on him." His attention is then pulled back towards the eggs and then over to the moving blue hatchling. "Looks like we have the first Impression too..ahh..yes! Uth did he say?" Tonah then chuckles softly.

Wiyaneth croons warmly towards One With The Woods Brown, offering him a nuzzle as he passes by her. Her eyes ripple with vibrant shades of blue as the first of her second clutch finds his mate for life.

"Beathe," Savitaur whispers, "Yes…breath." he does so as the blue impresses, a big smile turning up his lips and his attention goes back to the hatchlings.

Adartomus cheers at Uth's impression to Tharemar. "Congratulations!" he calls to the departing duo. He offers a strained smile to Lya and nods, "If you don't have a host of others longing for your partnership, I will definitely offer you mine," he answers to the girl.

Sweeping Solitude Egg returns to being visable for just a moment before it is hidden by the passing blue.

Kahateni Yiltas Egg gives a slight wiggle in the sands, as if testing the water, to make sure it's safe.

X'ai leans forward slightly, calling congratulations to the newly impressed pair. "Congratulations Uth, and…?" a pause, to allow the first weyrling to supply his name. "Th'em, sir." he responds, swallowing slightly. The man grins. "Congratulations Uth and Th'em!" he calls, as the pair leave the sands.

Kaos looks over towards Anysta and grins as he tugs her out of the way of the much taller lad. "Come over here with me, Any.. you're not in my way!" He says, pointing towards the brown. "Look at him, how big and everything!" He offers.

One With The Woods Brown Hatchling keeps his attention upon the Blue who is revealed as Th'em's Uth. Then he turns and looks at the Candiates, moving easily for one so young towards the Candidates. So _that_ is what those white things are for!

Anysta gives a slow nod of her head, watching him. "He's got really fluid movements…" Then she pauses, tilting her head. Hm… Fluid. Water. Western… Wait, no. Blinking her eyes a little, she smiles at the brown. "Hee… Lookat him…"

Lya claps as Uth finds his lifemate and then looks back at Adartomus, "I'll take you up on that." And there goes another egg… this is happening a lot faster then she thought it would. Her feet aren't even feeling warm yet and already two eggs have hatched and one of them has impressed.

Sweeping Solitude Egg shimmers in the heat of the Sands and dissolves to reveal the dagon within.

Dusty Cerulean Blue
Chiseled from stone and then left to stand for ages beyond ages, this tiny blue is a dance of mystery and intrigue. His body shimmers with the dust and sands of time, speckled here and there with clear raindrops, as coveted as gold in the harsh land of his hide. His wings are broad, able to carry him for candlemarks upon candlemarks, soaring and circling over any terrain. His tail is short and stable, deepening to the color of the sky at midnight before it reaches its end. Talons end in ebony tips, sunken into the hot sands as if gripping life itself.

Sala moves forward toward Uth and Th'em. "Congratulations." She says with a smile. "Now let's get your lovely fellow something to eat." And with that they move off to the side of the Sands.

Adartomus's eyes dart from the moving Brown on the sands to the remaining eggs. One egg in particular keeps catching his eye and he gulps as he realizes it has yet to move. "Now I have to remind /myself/ to breathe," he mutters. Slowly he manuvers so that he is standing between Lya and Savitaur, smiling at them both. He grips Savitaur's shoulder once more, his other hand reaching to clasp Lya's in the same jesture. He barely catches the hatching of another Blue from the corner of his eye and once again he's focused on the eggs.

Tonah shifts a little on spot, still looking nervous but a little calmer for the time being. He catches another glimpse of Uth and Th'em as they head off, but the movement of the brown hatchling and the eggs draw his attention in again. "Ahh yes, he's on the move again." Tonah then chuckles softly again, "And another…" he pauses to confirm what he think he's seen "…blue!"

One With The Woods Brown Hatchling pauses and moves towards a cluster of females Candidate, but he pauses several paces from them. He half-opens his wings as he moves his head away from them, looking towards a growth of males instead.

Anysta /squeaks/. Another blue! More ocean colored goodness, just like her Thyme! And the ocean. Hm, seafood would be good to eat after this. Kaos' hand gets another squeeze from the dolphineer, and she points. "Kaos, lookat; another blue…"

Dusty Cerulean Blue drifts from side to side, his talons dipping into the sands before lifting again as he moves forward as if carried by the hot desert winds. He trumpets quietly towards his brown clutchbrother, shaking his head with wings spread.

Kaos oohs a bit and motions towards the blue as he speaks to Anysta. "Look! It's another blue!" He offers, grinning pointing towards the newest little one. "He's very.. small but very statuesque." The young man offers, nudging Anysta gently. "Ooo, that brown doesn't want a girl!" He almost sounds dissapointed.

Anais watches Sala herd off the first pair off of the sands, then returns her attention to the hatchling still looking for it's lifemate. Making sure she's not in it's way she just catches another hatchling emerge from an egg.

"Congratulations, Th'em!" Savitaur calls out, his hands clasped tightly together. His eyes dart about as more eggs shake and another hatchling appears on the sands. "I never imagined it would be like this!" he exclaims as Adartomus takes hold of his shoulder. His robes are starting to dampen with sweat now.

Kahateni Yiltas Egg makes more movements, becoming more sure as it does, the hatchling within chipping away at the shell, trying to get out of the confining space, and out into the world.

One With The Woods Brown Hatchling makes a strange noise as one of the group is spotted. Perhaps not all males after all? But then spotting *HIM* he makes his way towards one who is wearing two Robes and nudges him to get his attention.

Larzith thrums deeply, looking rather more relaxed than he actually is. Which is still not very relaxed. Meanwhile, X'ai is watching that candidate again. No matter how often he becomes distracted by the hatching going on around him, his attention always seems to return to Anais.

Lya eyes the newest dragon to grace the sands, "He is beautiful! So many different patterns, guess it's just the like personality. A different one for every dragon." She smiles and looks over at Adartomus and Savitaur, "Yes, you both must breath. Wouldn't want to pick both of you up off of the sands."

Dusty Cerulean Blue watches the Brown move before spreading his own wings and walkgliding towards the line of Candidates. It is time for him to pick one to follow him forever.

"Breath, Savitaur, Breathe." That is his mantra as One With The Woods Brown steps up to him. Savitaur's eyes widen, suddenly, his pupils expanding, just before showing all the expected signs of being besopken. He falls to his knees, arms encircling the neck of his Memminith and holding him close as he begins to weep, "It's you!" His lips touch the Brown dragon's hide and he pulls back, his smiling face and robe tearstained and sullied from embracing the egg wet hatchling. "It's you…" he whispers, "…Yes…yes, my little one," he stands now, laughing joyously though the tears are still flowing, "Let's get you something to eat." He looks at others on the sands clearly in shock of what has just occurred.

Sala smiles and moves towards the second Pair. "Congratulations." She smiles before whispering, "Did he happen to give you both names, or just his own?" She offers a wink at that. "There's food for him as well either way."

Windswept Wasteland Egg shivers, as if the great waves of emotion around it actually chill it despite the warmth of the Sands beneath.

Adartomus moves his hand from Savitaur just as the Brown moves to the man. Unable to contan his joy he yodels loudly, "Congratulations Brownrider!" His pulsing temples and annoying headache are completely forgotten for now as he cheers the new partners. He looks to Lya then Anysta and Kaos, a wide grin on his face.

Dusty Cerulean Blue finally finds the one he is looking for, and with a sharp nudge has his future lifemate on his back in the sand. Mazoeph from Keroon looks very frightened for a moment before his face registers an indescribable calm. "Yes, Sahaath, I will follow you anywhere and be your M'zoe."

Tonah is watching the movements of both hatchlings as best he can, murming a few observations to himself. "The brown seems ready to choose. He's a fine one, that's certain. And the blue…oh, looks like he's about to pick too. This is going by quick." The candidate then seems to start on one of his bad habits and begins to rub at the one side of his face slightly or scratch at his chin out of nervousness. He stops though when the brown has chosen and grins widely. "Well, well! Congratulations Savitaur!" he says, then chuckles. "The second one to Impress too."

Anysta absolutely beams at Sauvitaur's Impression. "Congrats, Sauvitaur!" the petite little candidate calls out across the sands, waving with her free hand. Then she gives another pause. "Oh wait, did he change his name?" she wonders aloud, looking around. Aww, whatever. Sauvitaur Impressed, hoorrah! "Just lots and lots of congratulations!"

Lya laughs happily and hug Adartomus because she can't really hug Sav at the moment, "Congratulations Savitaur and Memminith. He is truly beautiful!" This is truly a wonderful day as one of her friends impresses! She laughs at the yodel and laughs, "You might be more excited then he is… well almost."

Anais smiles as the brown impresses to Savitaur, "Congratulations Savitaur! Well chosen Memmith!" Happy at Savitaur's impression she notices that X'ai is watching her, she ventures a little smile his way again before returning her attention to the hatchlings and candidates around her.

Kaos looks over and gasps, pointing towards Savitaur.. "Look!" He laughs, playfully towards Savi and the rest.. "Look at those two! Perfect!" He laughs and moves to hug Anysta tightly. "Congratulations, Savi!"

The grey toned shell of the Kahateni Yiltas Egg, explodes apart in a shower of shell fragments, and egg goo, leaving a disoriented Military Fatigues Green Hatchling in it's wake. It only takes the little green a moment to get her berrings, before she rushes toward the candidate group, pushing past a few, before she arrives at a certain boy she'd had her eye on, and nudging at his leg. Jevryn, now J'vyn, blinks at the green, before touching the little greens head. "Of course Awsiath, lets go get you some food!" He states, and heads off with the green toward the WLM staff.

Military Fatigues Green Hatchling
Theres an odd paterning to the hide of this little green lady. The base color seems to be a deep rich moss green, that spreads over her hide from head to tail. But then starting at her head, and spreading back are patches of darker emerald green, and sea green, that even touches up onto her broad wing sails, and stops only at her tail, which is dipped in a dark, almost black green, the same coloring spreading down into her talons, completing the camouflaged look of this green.

Corly and Holarrien cheer M'oe's Impression with large smiles on their faces. "At least one of us will be free to make trouble here once all's said and done!" Corly snickers. "I wouldn't count on that." Sala whispers in his ears as she moves the youngest of the trio off the Sands to feed his Sahaath.

How Tenacious Are You Egg digs itself deeper into the sand, trying to burrow a stage for itself.

X'ai nods over at Savitaur, smiling. "See Larz. Now, I think he'll make an excellent rider." Though, the bronze does seem a little unsettled, still. His eggs are hatching. /His/ eggs. "Oh, shush. They are not /your/ eggs alone, you know." X'ai says, rolling his eyes. The latest few impressions are missed, though he does call out a general "Congratulations!"

"Yes, Ma'am…Sala…he did," The young man nods, "He called me S'vitaur." He manages to get control of himself. "Where…where is there food for him…where should I go?" He smiles at all the candidates as they congratulate him, shaking very nervously, but definitely breathing.

Windswept Wasteland Egg does not more. It seems that it might never break its shell at first, but then it can be spotted by those who have their attention upon it. The barest shiver and the shell splits the man of stone into two perfect halves, dropping to deposit a Hatchling upon the Sands who slinks off behind a nearby cluster of Eggs, his wings sagging slightly at his sides.

Blood of the Ancients Bronze Hatchling
A deep, almost brown shade makes the base coat of this Bronze. Copper highlights carefully trace his legs, tail and neck, giving them shape and substance. His wings are kissed by hints of all draconian colors, making them resemble great, flat rocks. His chest and stomach sport the same look. His tail is thick and powerful, and almost never moves to catch the light and show off the rich bronze which streams down to its fork and complements the veins of copper perfectly. His talons are almost gold in hue, but a deep, dark shade like nuggets which have never seen the light of day. The only element of his appearance which betrays his true Color is a final cost of bronze, a shinning finish which brings out all his tones and highlights without diluting one in favor of another.

Wiyaneth turns to glance at Larzith, snorting. Not his eggs alone indeed. A gentle nudge with her tail goes to the Bronze sire before she looks back to the eggs on the Sands.

Anysta's lips press together a little, and she tilts her head. Where're all the bronze - whoo, there's one. Though blue's the outmost winner in her mind, Anysta grins to herself. Now she points toward the bronze, and then laughs to Kaos. "Oi, lookat, a bronzer," she smiles. "Though we won't have to worry so much about that, will we?"

Adartomus notices the motion of one particular egg as he returns Lya embrace, "One should always be happy for one's friends," he replies with an odd shrug and a very happy smile. He cheers once more for the Green and Blue impressions, and raises a fist to them all in triump then he catches a new arrival to the sands. "Look at him," he murmurs, luckily remembering to breathe.

Sala nods and looks about, spotting the Green Pair. "Well done Jevr" Her eyes glaze over as her Brown speaks to her. "J'vyn. There's food waiting in the Weyrling Barracks for you both."

Larzith may not listen to his rider, but at Wiyaneth's snort, and nudge, he goes sullenly quiet.

"Oh, look at him.." Kaos offers and laughs towards Anysta as he shrugs. "I don't know.." The young man offers, pointing towards the bronze. "Maybe not for you!" He says, grinning even if he looks a bit stricken with what Anysta has said.

How Tenacious Are You Egg continues to wobble, making a little hollow for itself. Then with a nudge it rolls up onto the lip of the hollow and teeters there for a moment. Ahh, on top of the world. It likes it here.

Blood of the Ancients Bronze Hatchling stands where his Egg left him, the saddest of creels excaping him. Free, but still alone! Then he shakes his head firmly and moves towards the white thinks, looking slowly from one to the other. Searching.

Lya nods as she looks at the dragon that caught Adartomus's eye, "He is beautiful! I wonder what lucky candidate will impress him?" She cheers for the new impressions and watches the rest of the eggs. "They aren't wasting any time, are they?"

Tonah grins again as the blue finds his partner now as well. "One of the trio, hmm? Congratulations just the same though! That makes two blues and brown…and.." he blinks and then shakes his head a bit, rubbing at his chin a little now. "A green to..J'vyn? Good for him too! Oh, and now and bronze has hatched!" The candidate then shakes his head a little again "So much going on it's hard to keep up! I keep trying to watch everything at once." He smirks a little and then chuckles.

Anysta eeks. Oh yeah, that's right, she wasn't holding another… Errr, what would Juti'ni think about that? The candidate smiles and nods. "Right, right, right…" She spots the group of earlier looked over candidates, and she lets go of Kaos' hand. "Oi, I'm going to go over there. The people are shorter!" And she smiles and waves.

S'vitaur listens to Sala's response to J'vyn and wanders off unsteadily toward the weyrling barracks, all the time eyeing Memminith in amazement as the Brown follows close behind.

Kaos reaches out towards Anysta and eeeks towards her as he reaches out. "Hey, wait!" He says, stepping up towards the other group as he tries to follow Anysta. He stops nearby Lya and Adartomus and frowns, rubbing the side of his head. "Okay.." That half murmured to himself.

"Only he knows, Lya," Adartomus says, naturally wanting to comfort the sad, creeling thing. He shakes himself from the urge. "They don't like to waste time so I've noticed, not that I blame them. The sands are hot." He turns to smile at Kaos, "Come join us, Kaos," he offers the frowning candidate.

Blood of the Ancients Bronze Hatchling spots a group that looks promising. He makes his way slowly, wings drooping, head down, almost tripping on his wings as he makes his way across the Sands.

How Tenacious are you Egg suddenly splits, and a ray of light shines from the top of the galleries to reveal this hatchling. Tada! She has arrived.

Shimmering Spotlight Gold
This young Gold seems to be standing in the spotlight, drinking in the rays of the evening sun which trickle through the trees to grace her smooth hide. Her finely carved face is perfected by the light, accenting her best features and masking the flaws. Curved eye ridges bring out the color of her eyes, large and swirling with blues and greens. The light continues down her neck to her chest, pooling there before dripping down to her forelegs to end at her ivory talons.
Her neck ridges are of a darker hue, as if in the shadow of her perfect front. The dark ambers and hidden golds ripple their way down to her shoulders, across her thin back and all the way to her very dark tail fork. Her wings have the shadowed shade on their backs, wing spars strong as any backdrop of a set needs to be. When she spreads them however she is revealing her best for all the world to see. Glitter and glamour drenches the undersides of her wings, blinding to the eyes and uplifting to the soul.

Anais starts to shift from foot to foot as the heat of the sands is slowly starting to penetrate the soles of her sandals. She glances over at the bronze and other hatchlings making sure that none of the others are about to trample her then she starts as the gold hatchling appears in a shower of shards. Her breath taken away Anais examines the hatchling carefully amazed at it's beauty.

Lya laughs and nods, "That is for sure. Well at least they know who their lifemate will be because if it were left up to us who knows what would happen. Careful…" She winces as the bronze almost trips over himself, "I hope he doesn't hurt himself." Time to look around.. Oh look the galleries, and they are full of people… when did they get here? "Yes, Kaos. There is safety in numbers and thus far we haven't been eaten or trampled so I think it's working."

Kaos blinks as a Gold suddenly bursts outwards from one of the eggs. He blinks a few times and looks towards the dragon and he tugs on Dart's shirt. "Look at that!" He points towards the Gold.. "Wow, a little gold Weyrling." He says, staring.." He nods towards Dart and Lya.. "Look Lya! Look!" He says, before his eyes go back to the little blizzard egg.. not even have moved yet.

X'ai actually gnaws on his bottom lip slightly as the gold hatches, glancing over at Anais again. Larzith is leaned against for support, the man suddenly looking several turns older. X'ai closes his eyes, trusting Larzith to alert him if anything needs his attention.

Adartomus blinks as the Gold hatches. "Great shards of the first egg!" He blinks, his mouth agape. "Look at her, Lya, Kaos. She's lovely. What a beauty." He runs out of things to say as his eyes are drawn back to the Bronze at Lya's reminder. "I hope he's alright. It looks as as if he is." He squints to see a little better in the glare of the sands.

Blood of the Ancients Bronze Hatchling poses, looking to be in complete shock. He exsists!? It wasn't a dream? The transformation is sudden. Head lifted up to meet the young man's gaze, wings half open to keep his balance. Three steps and he is there, never to be alone again.

A wave of loneliness sweeps your mind as a darkness fills your mind, but then you are struck of a burst of all colors that ever were and will ever be. « I have found you, A'rtomus! » The deep love and joy in the deceptively calm thoughts would be enough to take the breath from the faint of heart. Then the colors fade, but the darkness stays in your mind as the voice continues softly, adoringly, filled with devotion. « I am not alone. You are not alone. We are together. » A pause as you feel the familiar twinge of hunger fill your very being. « But I am rather hungry, A'rtomus. May we take care of that before anything else? »

Tonah is beginning to feel the heat of the sands now and shifts a little more where he stands. As the next egg cracks and reveals the hatchling, he can't help but smile. "Well, look at that! A gold now as well!" He then takes note of the bronze's movements as well and chuckles. "Oh, another to be choosen soon, I think."

Shimmering Spotlight Gold shifts her weight, shaking shards from her talons before she skids down the slope she created in her egg, tripping and falling to her side before she hastily gets to her feet. Tada! She meant to do that, honest. Her eyes spin happily as she gazes around before slashes of red cross her multi-facited gems. Hunger? She's hungry. Help! She cowers on the Sands, suddenly scared.

Lya laughs and nods, "She is perfect and she knows how to make an entrance. One thing I must say for her, she is the picture of a Gold." She looks back at the bronze and is glad that he is okay, "Yes, he looks just fine. And he knows that everyone is watching him." The candidates winces as the Gold tumbles to the ground, "They all seem to do that alot, yet thankfully none of them are seriously hurt. Poor darling."

Anais watches the golden hatchling stumble then regain her feet and then come to a complete stop. Anais wonders what has caused her to halt so suddenly as she looks around the sands to see if another hatchling has gotten in her way or if there is another obstruction in her path. She turns to see what the other candidates are doing before returning her attention to the golden one.

Middle of Nowhere Egg. Where is that Middle of Nowhere Egg? In the middle… of nowhere… Well, not really. It's right here, and shaking to prove it.

Kaos awws a bit and nods as he notices the Bronze approach someone, beaming broadly towards it as it approaches the candidates. "Look, I think it's coming towards us!" He says, nudging Adartomus, winking at him. "I wonder whom he's going to choose!"

Adartomus's head angles down slowly to regard the Bronze before him, his eyes gazing into his. Suddenly he's not alone. "Nemmenth, I…" He drops to his knees before the creature, his eyes filled with joy and complete calm, complete love. "I am forever A'rtomus, Nemmenth. I am honored you chose me." He stands quickly and laughs, "Now lets get you fed!"

Sala winces as the Gold falls, hearing the worried whicker from her Brown above before the Hatchling is back on her feet. "Congratulations A'rtomus. Food to be found in the Barracks." She motions walks them out but returns quickly, trusting her Assistants to watch over the new Pairs.

Anais smiles as Adartomus impresses, "Yay Adartomus! Well done!" then quickly returns her attention to the gold hatchling, it's regal bearing apparent in all it's movements.

Shimmering Spotlight Gold turns her head slightly to watch her Bronze clutchbrother go off with someone. Is that what she's supposed to do? Find someone? She slowly rises to her feet, a glimmer of light catching her eyes from the galleries. She blinks, and transforms suddenly into a confident woman under the spotlight. She straightens and walks forward with a sashay, wings half spread as she trumpets high-pitched. So a wherry, a watchweyr and a firelizard walk into a bar…

Must…Find…. Someone… To…. Hug…. Lya grabs a hold of Kaos and hugs him quickly before cheering on her friend, "Congratulations A'rtomus! Your Nemmenth is a beautiful and strong bronze. Most wonderful!" She steps back to give the newly bonded pair have a little bit more room and turns back to the shaking eggs and the gold, "Looks like she knows what she wants now."

Middle of Nowhere Egg wobbles again, working itself up into quite a state. Must hatch must hatch must hatch. Then… a pause. Is it time yet? I don't think it's time. No, no. Not time yet.

Tonah glances from both hatchlings, to the eggs, and again briefly to the galleries but soon has his attention brought back to the bronze as Impression is made. Tonah smiles again, "And another one gone. Congratulations Adartomus and…Nemmenth!" The candidate then glances back out over the sands. "Oh, she's moving now. That's good. And still a few eggs to go too!" He then lifts one foot up slightly to shake it slightly. "Getting a little to warm now too."

Kaos oofs as he's suddenly hugged and he nods, laughing softly as he does so. "I saw, I saw! They make the handsome pair! And now a Gold that's coming after someone… maybe you!" He says, beaming towards Lya and Anais. "And maybe you too!" He fans himself a couple of times, the sweat starting to run off his brow

Shimmering Spotlight Gold prances along the line of candidates as if she were on a runway and showing off the latest fashions. Then her eyes stop their spinning. Time slows. That one. The one with hair the same color as her hide. That one will be a star with her. That one. You.

Whirlwind of Wonder Egg gives a happy twirl. Seeming to react to every sound upon the Sands and above, it almost dances in place. Party time!

Anysta's current outlook is sort of glazed over. The goings on around the sands, so close, seem to be a little too much for her brain to grasp all at once with its total marvel. The candidate tugs lightly at her dark as night hair, and she wanders back over to Kaos and the rest. When she stops and sees that the Gold has Impressed to another of the candidates (and not her), she lets out a soft sigh; her congratulations is quiet, approving silence.

Lya eyes go wide as the Gold gets closer to her little group and she suddenly forgets to breath. A huge grin appears on her face as she drops to the sands and encircles the darling little Gold's neck, "You are wonderful Adlevith! Yes, we are now together. Always together! Forever!"

Adlevith trumpets happily. Hungry!

Kaos looks up towards the gold as it heads towards a Candidate with the golden hair and his eyes twinkle as he watches. "Oh, my oh look!" He says, stepping back a bit, the two next to him leaving with their little ones. "Oh, wonderfull Lya! Just Wonderfull!" The young man offers, squealing happily.

Anais gives a soft smile as the gold chooses her lifemate, with a sigh she congratulates Lya, "Congratulations Lya, you'll make a fine pair!"

The Middle of Nowhere Egg quivers with pent up energy, wobbling almost as though it were laughing. A tap tap tap at the shell, then two powerful hind legs kick the side of the egg out, followed soon after by the rest of the Sunburnt Isle Brown Hatchling.

Sunburnt Isle Brown Hatchling
A red-brown mostly, this hatchling looks as though it has been under the burning rays of Rukbat's hottest glare for several turns, although only just hatched. He is, to be frank, built like a brick outhouse: large and kind of squarish. Ridges are tipped with a far lighter brown, a warm yellow-brown, like honey, while the very tip of his tail is as white as snow. Along the outside of his wings, the brown fades to a kind of sandy colour, with minute flecks of blues and greens peppering the outermost edges. Something about this hatchling seems to radiate a lazy kind of confidence, only enhanced by his relaxed posture.

Sala smiles and steps forward. "Congratulations, Lya. Adlevith is enought to make Wiyaneth the envy of all the other Queens on Pern." So she's laying it on, but the joy in her eyes it true, and that's all that matters. "Let's get her fed."

Blizzard in the Valley Egg shivers, as if it feels the chill of the storm upon its own shell. But then it lies still once more.

Anais watches as other hatchlings make their appearance on the sands and choose their lifemates leaving her fear that she will again be left on the sands again, without being chosen as she was on eastern.

Wiyaneth arches her neck proudly and croons. Who da queen? She is, she is. And Larzith da man.

Tonah watches a few of the other eggs as they too are still shaking. He then notices the gold is approaching one candidate and he grins briefly. "And another congratulations to you both, Lya and Adlevith." The candidate then glances back over the sands and chuckles as another egg hatches, "And another brown!" he says. "A rather interesting coloured one."

Lya smiles and thanks everyone for their congratulations and looks down at her Adlevith, "Lets get you something to eat and then we'll get you cleaned up." She is just full of smiles and nods to Sala, "She is a beauty."

From the sands » Kaos looks upwards towards Anais and nods towards her as he looks towards the eggs in time enough to notice Blizzard in the Valley move, and he catches his breath, smiling before he waves to Lya. "Go have fun." He says, turning to the others as he looks around the sands.

Whirlwind of Wonder Egg twirl quickly on its end having the time of it's life, or so it would seem. Then it takes the barest misstep and fall upon it's side. A crack appears just moments before the Hatchling gives a mighty shake and the shell fall away to reveal his Color.

Glimmers in the Moonlight Blue Hatchling
Shimmers. That is what makes up this young Dragon. A living, breathing pile of gems. Saphires of various shades and sizes glitter along his entire body, an ever changing background for his other colors.
Two carefully crafted piles of rubies serve him as eyes while black diamonds become eye- and neckridges. Short legs and seemingly stunted neck and tail transform him into a living representation of the well known fact that the best gifts come in small vessels.
Yet he has one more surprise for those that look his way: Great wings of clear and finely cut diamonds unfurl from between his shoulders, dwarfing his body and appearing almost invisible if not for one last addition. As a final demonstration of his worth, the "fingers" of his wings are traced by perfectly round, pure white pearls.

Anysta squeaks, quickly dropping from her quiet acceptance thing to oogling once more. Though 'Kaos, lookat a blue!' is starting to get old. "Aww, that one looks like Rekku's sister!" … Yes, random, but it'll do. Anysta clasps her hands in front of her and grins widely.

The Sunburnt Isle Brown Hatchling lumbers clumsily forward, locking eyes with the very first candidate « You'll do. » causing Lokisalia's eyes to widen. "Faerth? What kind of a name is /that/?" are the first words out of the young woman's mouth. It seems Lokisalia, O'salia now, and Faerth are well matched, indeed.

Glimmers in the Moonlight Blue Hatchling looks around in surprise, opeing his wings and reflecting shimmers all about the Sands. Isn't he something? Worth more than all the Marks on Pern? A soft coon is given as he stats up into a trot. His wings opened to keep him balance, short legs keeping him close to the Sands.

Kaos ooohs a bit and watches as the brown suddenly appears and just as suddenly impresses. "Oh, well that one was quick." He offers, before looking over towards Anysta and nodding. "He's so pretty!" The Smith offers. "Soo soo pretty, maybe perfect for you!"

Sala smiles at the newest BrownPair and laughs at the happy neigh from above. "Oh Pal…" She mutters. "Let us get your Faerth fed." She says gently, leading the pair away.

Tonah rubs now at both the side of his neck and his chin, shuffling a little in place as he tries to deal with the heat of the sands and the need to watch everything or at least seem bits of everything happening. "Oh, there goes the brown to Lokisalia." he notes, then smiles crookedly as another blue hatches. "And another blue. He's got quite the fine colouring to him. And off he goes!" A brief chuckle follows.

Blizzard in the Valley Egg shivers again before it pauses. Noise? Movement? Should it join in the games or not…That is the question.

Anais watches as more and more eggs hatch and impressions are made leaving fewer and fewer eggs to hatch and reducing the chance that she'll impress this time either. Giving congratulations to the new pairs trying to appear cheerful for the others she knows in her heart that she'll be left standing.

The young Faerth seems reluctant to move. "He… He says he's comfortable." the newly impressed woman says, uncertainly. Larzith rumbles, causing X'ai to open his eyes again. A brief moment of communication with his lifemate, and then the weyrleader steps forward. "Advance, O'salia's Faerth." he says formally, with Larzith focusing his gaze on the hatchling as well. Finally, the brown gets up, and follows his new lifemate.

Kaos swallows a bit as he notices that there are less and less of the eggs and candidates as well. He looks over towards Anais and Tonah before waving Anysta over. "Come on over here." He says, grinning towards her. "Come on over here, so we can worry together!"

Anysta trots back over to the quatro-group of personas. Hey, no skin off her feet if they don't Impress, no? Skin off feet… Is that what? "Owww! Hot!" One of the dolphineering-candidates sandals fell off awhile ago, and she doesn't know where it is… Just that the sands hurt.

Glimmers in the Moonlight Blue Hatchling shakes his head slightly. All wrong! He gives a soft creel before looking up as he hears voices. Wait! There are more!? He practically prances towards the stairs, slowing once he gets at their foot. How to get this done? Then he moves once more, finding his answer: One step at a time.

Blizzard in the Valley Egg shakes, twirls and almost seems to rumble as the storm upon its shell intensified. Then, with a loud clap of thunder, the shell cracks and rains shards upon the smoldering Sands, revealing the eye of the storm for all to behold.

Lively Beauty Green Hatchling
Well muscled is this Green, but not overly so. A deep forest green, she has slashes of jade which highlight a strong jaw and long, graceful muzzle. Mint accents those muscles, making them appear finely crafted and well built, even from the moment she cracked her shell.
Her wings begin with that same deep shade at the front, evolving into an equally dark emerald, with minute traces of jade upon them both. Her neck is unmarred by any other colors, creating a striking contrast to her tail and legs. Golden, bronzed and copper streaks move down her tail, turning lazily from right to left, while her legs are covered with large patches of navy blue which touch her chest and belly along with the underside of her wingsails. The image created is that she jumped into a large puddle of dark blue ink, which bleeds from those patches toward the ground. Taken as a whole, she looks like a very masculine Green indeed.

Wiyaneth lifts her head and gives a soft warning rumble towards the Glimmers in the Moonlight Blue. Elara waves her arms and hollers up to the galleries, "Stay clear! Be careful!"

Tonah watches the eggs again for another moment as another egg hatches to reveal a green this time. "Oh, another green! That makes…two total now I think." His attention is then brought to the blue that is heading towards the galleries and winces. "What is he doing?" the candidate asks to no one in particular. "Someone must be interesting to him up there." He shakes his head again. "What's next I wonder?"

Kaos oohs and gasps as he points towards the Blizzard Egg.. "Look, another green!" He says to Anysta.. "Look at her, look how beautiful!" He says, pointing before he dodges out of the way of the Moonlight Blue.. "Oh, watch out Tonah, Anais!" He tugs Anysta out of the way.

Anysta is tugged out of the way, and she blinks. "Aww, but where's he going -to-?" she asks. Go, little blue, go!

Anais watches the green hatchling and then notices that the blue is attempting to climb up into the galleries, "Seems that he is looking for someone there." She silently cheers on the blue hoping he finds what he's looking for.

Glimmers in the Moonlight Blue Hatchling stats at the top to catch his breath. Short legs, bit heart. He look about then…nearby? or is his companion far away?

Lively Beauty Green Hatchling looks about and croons sweetly to a nearby girl who steps forward, only to hiss and move on, her muzzle pointed to the air. Not good enough! Then she moves to move from Candidate to Candidate. Wherry wherry tunnelsnake?

Tonah looks puzzled as he tries to keep tabs on that blue. "He's stopped now, I think." His attention is then brought back to the sands as the green begins to move and he grimaces slightly when one girl gets hissed at. As for Tonah, he continues to shift a little back and forth, the hot sands still on his mind as well.

Kaos looks towards the Green and blinks as the little one hisses rather angrilly towards one of the girls that approaches it. "Ooh, well look at her!" He laughs, watching the green stalk around amongst the candidates.

Anysta awws at the green. She's going to snap out of her 'Oh my gosh! It's climbing the stairs! Nooo!' reverie pretty quickly. She walks over to Kaos, squeezing his hand. "Hee, she is pretty…"

Glimmers in the Moonlight Blue Hatchling trumpets rather loudly for who looks so fragile. He leans back and suddenly finds himself held to the top step by a pair of strong arms. "Careful there little one." The Bitran boy moves back but he moves forward with a trill. Jorkan looks down the stairs to the Sands and gasps. "Klenoth?" He whispers. Then he laughs and lifts his voice. "You can bet on that, Klenoth!" J'rkan replies before he rushes down to help his Blue return to the Sands.

Ever Changing yet Eternal Existence Egg shudders and then calms, relaxing back against the warm sands. It's time will come. It just has to wait a little while longer.

Sala mores towards the stairs and pauses, watching the Pair make their way down. "Well, well, J'rkan?" She grins, her smile friendly as the lad moves to the edge of the Sands and out to the meal which awaits.

Tonah grins again for a brief moment as the blue finds Jorkan. "Huh. Looks like he did find someone up there after all! Congratulations to both of them." He then glances back to the still wandering green and the remaining eggs. "I'm starting to loose track of everything that's already happened too." the candidate says with a bit of a smirk.

Kaos laughs a bit and nods before he turns his attention back towards the green that seems to be going down the line of candidates, one by one. He smiles as he watches it, waiting in turn.

Lively Beauty Green Hatchling makes a soft chidding warble before she looks at the Candidate and light up. No, wrong game! It's hide and seek! And oh, what a find! With a happy noice she rushes towards a… a lad, yes that's what the white thing is.

With one loud crack, Gladiatorial Areana Egg shatters into millions of splinters. Tumbling out of his shell, a plain looking Bronze reveals himself to the Candidates and those who watch from above.

Master of the Night Bronze Hatchling
A simple shade of bronze covers this Dragon with few exceptions to be made. Vivid copper highlights race along his wingsails and color his talons. A pale brown dusts his neckridges while his muzzle and eyeridges are overcome by the green which transforms that noble metal with age.
He is large, a fact which creates the illusion that his eyes are smaller than they should rightfully be, yet he appears alert despite that trick of the light.

Anysta is standing like a flamingo. Look at her! And she's starting to get pink like one, too. Curr-aww! Curr… Yes. Erm… Hot feet. She seems to be trying to steady herself at Kaos' side, and she looks to both the green and the newly hatched bronzer.

Kaos gasps a bit and falls to his knees and wraps his arms around the green's neck, tears of joy falling down his cheeks as she looks to the little green! "Oh, of course I remember you Helheakth!" She says, nodding. "I will get you food, your K's will get you food."

Ancient Village of the Elders Egg shivers as Gladiatorial Areana Egg shatters, and a small Green is dropped upon the Sands.

Rainbow of Mystery Green Hatchling
Pale jade and sparkling emerald glide over this Green beauty. Glimmers of gold dusts her chest, mingling with bronze along her belly and down her legs. Her wings are laced with strips of pale blue between a rich green, making them seem longer than they are in reality. Her tail, charmingly curled about her haunches when ever she is still for even a moment, is powdered with the barest traces of a gentle mint which also touches her neckridges and colors her eye ridges. A final mark of her odd attractiveness are twin spots of pale red along either side of her muzzle, accenting the color in her eyes vividly.

O'salia stares at this big brown friend she's now acquired. "I never… Well, I did say… But…" speechless perhaps? "So. Faerth. I hear you're hungry." she says in a conversational tone.

Palouseth trumpets above at that Greenling Pair is made and Sala laughs as she moves forward to lead them away. "There's your little Green…K's is it?" She smiles at that, "I'm sure Helhaekth would enjoy the meat in over there. It isn't far…"

Tonah suffles from foot to foot now a little more often, wipping at the sweat on his forehead as he watches more of the eggs hatch. "Another bronze and another green! Wonder who they'll go too. I think that leaves only a few eggs left now." He then grins again when Kaos impresses the green. "Congratulations you two."

Ever Changing yet Eternal Existence Egg waits, biding it's time patiently. It's still here, oh yes. Do not forget about it! It is everywhere…

K's nods a bit and leads Helhaekth over to the side.. "Come on, we'll get you something to eat… and.." He laughs.. "Do I have some explaining to do."

Anais sees Kaos impress the green and gives a soft laugh, "Congratulations K's…" then shifting from foot to foot as the heat is getting to her feet.

Kersplat onto the sands, now that her crutch is surprisingly gone. And it burns. The dolphineer stand, wincing. There's only two more eggs left. And when Eternal Existence starts to shake, Anysta grins past the heated pain. "Phew… Let's hope they all hatch?" she asks, looking to Anais and Tonah.

Master of the Night Bronze Hatchling Is not one to pause when important choices are to be made, but he stays still until he spots the Green. Back up. Perfect!

Rainbow of Mystery Green Hatchling Spots the Bronze and all the shards about her. What could have happened to all these Eggs? Something terrible!? She lets out a loud turmpet of fear before moving to move beside her ClutchBrother. This safer, isn't it?

Tonah blinks and looks over to Anysta as she falls onto the sands and turns to face her for a moment, "Are you alright? And I think they're all hatching, I see another egg moving now." He then glances back out to the eggs, as well as the hatchlings still on the sand. "Heh, look … the green is teaming up with the bronze now it seems."

Master of the Night Bronze Hatchling keeps seeking and searching, the Green at his side all the time. Then, suddenly the Bronze Hatchling gives one short cry as he moves towards a boy who stands beside his twin sister, Karan. Tydan forever becomes Ty even as he announces his discovery, "He's Zinth."

Ever Changing yet Eternal Existence Egg cracks at the end, opening and allowing a large blue to slide out into the world. He seems perfectly happy where he is put, yet he knows he has to find his lifemate. So he rises and moves with easy purpose towards a young girl from High Reaches, looking down and into her eyes. She gasps, "Riath! Oh yes, I love you too." Riath and Vicki are lead off the Sands, and into their new life.

Beyond Infinity's Borders Blue
Deepness like the boarders of eternity soar across this large blue's hide, dropping off the edge of his body into the boundless infinite. His wings sweep back against his sides, and seem an added thing which he would not have to use, being that he is always happy right where he is. His eyes spin with wisdom and compassion, and his movements are gentle and precise.

Anysta nods her head, and she runs her hand through her hair. "Yep, fine. Oh, congrats you guys! And ooh, another blue!" Squeak, squeak, squeak. Someone belongs in the ocean… Anysta watches the blue and the bronze and the green, particularly the new blue as she hobbles on over to Tonah. "They're adorable, all of them…" Is she not going to Impress…?

Rainbow of Mystery Green Hatchling gives a cry filled with sadness, fear, shock and hunger. Alone!? He didn't just leave her _alone_ with whatever destroyed those Eggs, did he? She rushes forward, following being the Bronze and moving to the to the side suddenly as she almost runs into his tail. Karan, for her part, barely has a moment to congratulate Ty before Rainbow of Mystery Green Hatchling buts her gently in the chest. "Oh, Luchth, of course I'll be your Ka'an."

An Iced Glass in Paradise Egg wakes up as if from a long nap. Oh, is it morning already? Very well…it begins to rock slowly back and forth as if it is swinging on a hammock.

Sala blinks. "The things you miss when you lead a Pair off the Sands…" She offers with a smile as her eyes glaze over for a moment. "Ty, Vicki, Ka'an, if you'd follow me?"

An Iced Glass in Paradise egg crumbles slowly, fading away into nothingness to reveal the dragon within.

Tonah smiles to Anysta as she wanders over and chuckles, "They are all quite interesting in their own way. Oh, there goes another blue and it looks like the green has found someone too!" The candidate goes back to rubbing at his chin as he seems rather thoughtful for a moment.

Murky Clarity Brown
Twisted until he straightens, confusing until he shows you the light, this Brown hatchling carries the mists of time beneath his wings. His facial structure is sharper and more defined than that of most other hatchlings, showing hints of watch-weyr features around his heavy eye ridges. His round orbs spin with muted colors, an occasional flash of orange or red marking the movements of his emotions.
His wings are broad and wide, able to soar across continents, following the retreating sun. They shimmer faintly only in the starlight, during that magical time when mysteries are revealed. All other times they are plain and drab. A message of the mundane, but if you look closer you will see things. Things which you never imagined. Creatures larger than even the dragons, and smaller than the tiniest speck of dust.
Deep chested and muscular even at this young age, his hide stretches over his frame tightly. A dark shade of brown covers his form, like a decaying wood in the swamp left to rot. Drips of amber stream slowly down his body, each one capturing a shape within of a beast from long ago. They pool in his talons, millions of creatures held for all time within his grasp.

Murky Clarity Brown shakes his head and slowly unfurls his wings, rumbling deep in his chest - a sound brought up from the depths of time. It is as if he has been hidden on these sands for far more than his clutchbrothers and sisters.

Anysta oohs softly. And remembers not to stand on her unsandaled foot… Would she have time to go -look- for that sandal, anyway? Well, seems like she's choosing to do it, wandering behind groups of candidates still left over. No… Not there. Keh, teenagers were too tall these days…

Anais watches the pair make their impressions in the stands wondering if she'd been better off there rather than on the sands? Calling out congratulations to those that impressed. The brown is given a cursory examination as she wonders who he'll choose as his life's partner.

Tonah looks over as the last egg hatches. "Look, it's another brown! Is he rumbling?" He then glances at Anysta and looks a little surprised when he finally notices she's bare foot…or at least on one foot. "Where's your other sandal? And how did you manage to loose it?" Tonah shakes his head a little, looking back over the sands and at the lone brown.

Murky Clarity Brown stands still, his head moving back and forth slowly as he regards the shards of the eggs which will no longer ever support life. The eggs have died. Interesting. He gently noses a shard of his own egg before taking a step forward. He knows where he is going.

Tonah finds himself thinking about sandals and then turning around so abruptly he barely keeps his balance and reaches out to touch the brown in front of him in wonder and for support. He winces as something, but soon his face brightens and he grins, tears coming to his eyes. "Z—Zoith." he says. "An eternity is a long time, but you won't have to wait that long for food. Come on, lets go." He slowly rises, slightly shakey as he looks for Sala and the way off the sands.

Sala smiles at the last Pair and bows to the ClutchParents as she moves with Brown Zoith and his T'nah off the Sands.

Elara smiles gently as she pushes herself up to her feet and moves to adress the remainder of the Candidates on the Sands. "Thank you so much for Standing for Fort. It was an honor and a pleasure to have you here. You're all welcome to remain here if you wish. Thank you again."

Anysta squeaks as Tonah Impresses. "Congrats!" she says, waving her sandal. Yep. She found it. "Yay, T'nah! Woohoo!" She quiets to listen to Elara, and then remembers something. Hey, not in candidacy anymore right now… Time to find Juti'ni and party, then get back to Western. Maybe?

Anais nods her head, left standing again not quite sure how she feels this time. She turns to look for the exit and starts to head out…but not before congratulating T'nah and his new lifemate.

X'ai exhales, glancing about the sands with a slightly guilty expression. He's glad that Anais didn't impress, and clearly feeling bad about it. Numbly, he seconds Elara's thankyous, not moving from his position of leaning against Larzith's side. Here is nice, and safe.