The candidates touch Zuhth and Taozyuth's clutch for the first time.

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Fort Weyr - Hatching Sands

The sands. The most prominant and possibly most important area for a weyr, this section of Fort is no exception to the rule. Completely enclosed from the outside elements by a high rounded ceiling, the golden white sand glitters under the streams of sunlight that manage to make their way in from the upper openings. Ledges abound in the upper areas of the dome, perfect for riders and their dragons to watch the action happening on the ground. At the back of the sands there appears to be a raised section of sand, built over generations by the golds who have laid clutches here, a couch of sorts for basking on while protecting their eggs. Slightly to one side of that, a small nook has been carved for the weyrwoman to take respite from the heat of the cavern.

People: M'lo Ely Meo B'ky N'shen Kessa
Dragons: Taozyuth Zuhth
Eggs: Irony At It's Worst Egg Tropical Treasures Egg Down to the Depths Egg The Sea's Stained Glass Egg Terrible Tempest Egg Sheen of Crude Poison Egg The World Between Egg Memories of Grandeur Egg

It's about mid day, many candidates still on their lunch break. There's a group of them hiding out in the barracks, maybe trying to stretch this break out for as long as they can manage, before they're found. The entrance doors to the barracks are swung open, and Meo steps into them, eying around at the gathered candidates. "Alright candidates! Everybody listen up!" She says. "The dragon healers have said the eggs are hard enough to start touching. All of you interested, gather around!"

Lunch for Galina consists of … sewing. Wait. No, that's approximately all the healer candidate seems to be doing of late — in particular, she's working on the shards-awful-looking /thing/ that she calls Nastya. The button-covered tunnelsnake puppet-thing is coming along nicely, though, if it can be described as such. Thus, the arrival of the Weyrlingmaster and her announcement is not immediately acknowledged. A final stitch is laid, she lifts her head, and a slow blink is given. After a long moment of stillness, she slowly puts her work aside for Cyanosis to inspect and rises to her feet.

Lyana is indeed still on her lunch break, with a roast wherry sandwich in one hand and a notepad bearing various musical notations in the other. Seems that her most hated class was scheduled for the afternoon. With Meo's entrance comes a bright spot of relief, and she is quick to abandon her sandwich to the ravages of her firelizards, who make short work of it between them. Taking just enough time to brush crumbs from her clothing, she slips her feet into her boots, and heads for the door.

Pralius had been skimming yet another text borrowed from the library, this one seems to be on dragon anatomy, but it's tossed aside quickly enough when Meo enters. He glances up at her, sitting up quickly enough with a, "Yes, ma'am?" He slips his feet into his shoes, assuming they're about to be taken somewhere or another. Either way, lunch is up soon, so he reaches for his jacket now that the snow is in.

Sertorius is laying on his cot, reading. It's a book on advanced woodworking techniques, of course. He's still learning, after all. Meo's entrance is registered with an abrupt raise of his head and a blink. He hears 'touching', and that's all he needs to hear. The book is put away and he stands quickly, dusting himself off unnecessarily. He's looking quite eager, a big smile lighting his face. He's ready to go.

Sado is in fact on his cot during his lunch, a book in his hand, one that he was asked to read. The few other canidates that are in the barracks keeping his attention completely from his book. And though he pays close attention to the sewing and the lunching, it is Meo' entrance that catches the his eye. He stands up, then listens to her words. "Yes, ma'am….." He moves to stand where Meo asks of the canidates. "There is almost a jump in his step, where it not for the young man trying to keep himself relaxed and calm, he'd be bouncing off the walls. "Is there anything we should bring ma'am?"

Flavia isn't really eating lunch anymore, whatever was left of it is the few crumbs left on her cot. As for herself? She's digging underneath her cut, arm stretched out a contorted look on her face as she tries to reach something on the other side. "Shard it, my other boot always manages to get stuck way under the stupid cot." Meo's arrival and her announcement trigger faster scrambling for the boot. "Ah, almost." triumph lights her features "Ha! Got it!"

"Alright, listen up. Here's the rules to this, make sure you follow them, or you might not be allowed out there again." Meo says. "Leave everything here, don't bring firelizards with you. There will be /no/ running on the sands, and absolutely no hitting of the eggs." She tells them sternly. "Be respectful to the clutch parents, and their riders, and last of all, if we tell you to leave the sands, you leave them. No if ands, or buts. Understood?" She asks, eyeing the gathering group.

"Understood." The flat intonation is from Galina, as she claims her place in the line. Clad as she is in her sweater and trousers — and smelling of the kitchens — she's not terribly inclined to retrieve her jacket for the jaunt to the caverns. While Cyanosis lifts his voice in chirped concern at something or another, the young healer half-turns to fix him with a look that seems to have meaning only between owner and firelizard. The other three are on the spectrum of abyssmally bored and sleeping and, thus, no problem at all.

Lyana nods quickly, her fingers curling and uncurling. She swallows, elation and nervousness mixed in her features. For some reason, an irrepressible lock of hair keeps flopping down in front of her face, a thorn in her side whenever calm is needed the most. "Yes, ma'am." Pure, simple, enough said.

Pralius nods, giving his fair a quick, simple order, "Stay." Ivy looks less than happy, but acquiesces, curling up into a little, unhappy ball of gold. It is only when her eyes lid that Pralius turns back to Meo with another nod, "Yes, ma'am. How… how protective are the parents, if I may ask?"

The stoic young figure eyes Meo closely as she explains and he moves to his cot dropping off everything, he moves back and then takes a deep breath. "Understood ma'am." Sado states, moving into the line.

Sertorius nods to Meo's instructions. "I understand," he replies. He claims his own place in line, quietly. He looks like he's trying to gather his thoughts, or trying to center himself somehow. Pralius's question registers, and it occurs that he should have asked, too. So he looks to Meo as the question is asked.

Joan is also laying down in his cot, just quietly reading a few pages of his smithing manual. That stopped as soon as the Weyrlingmaster came into the room. Listening intently to the insturctions Meo was giving all of them. Giving Grumo a mental command to stay put in the barracks, Joan gets up out of his cot. "Understood ma'am." he says with respect to their superior.

Flavia quickly gets her boot on her foot and hops into line while still tying the laces. There's nodding of her head at the rules even as she nearly stumbles over her other foot. "Got it, no lip and do what you're told first off." she nods again and begins chewing on her lip, perhaps finding some nerves in her about this whole thing.

Meo nods. "Right now, they're alright, though Zuhth is protective as any gold usually is over her clutch. Just follow the rules, and you should be fine." She says in response to Pralius' question. "Alright, everybody ready? Let's go then." She says, and waits for the last to gather, before she turns, and heads back out the door.


Meo leads the way out onto the sands, pausing to bow briefly. "I rounded up as many as I could." She says, and looks back to the candidates gathered. "Remember, be respectful, and no running, or hitting of the eggs." She tells them, and shoos them out toward the clutch of eggs.

While, during her time in the Weyr, Lyana has become accustomed to dragons in close proximity, nothing can quite prepare her for meeting the clutchsire and damn. It takes her several long moments before she can collect herself enough to sketch a bow to both, waiting to gauge their reaction before approaching the eggs. Her eye is on The Sea's Stained Glass Egg, which is the first she touches when the moment is right.

Pralius nods slowly, takes a brief glance at his friends there, then steps out towards the clutch. He hasn't taken more than two steps before he stops, turning to bow first to Zuhth, then to Taozyuth. When he straightens, he takes another deep, slow breath, steeling himself, it seems, then strides up to the egg that first caught his eye. But Lyana beats him to it. Managing to not glower too much, he turns to its nearby sibling, DOWN TO THE DEPTHS EGG.

Galina might be somewhere in the middle of the line but, by the time the candidates reach the sands and are shooed out, she's one of the few still lingering at the fringes. A dutiful ducking of her head in a slight bow is given to the dam and sire, but she returns to a state of unmoving while she surveys the sands. Grim-faced as ever, she doesn't seem to be in much of a hurry to wade on out there, perhaps if only to observe how the others distribute themselves before claiming an egg.

Lyana 's eyes widen at that first mind-touch, the sensation new and intriguing. And, somehow, it makes her giggle. "Nobody ever said this… tickled." Amazed, she keeps her hand upon the egg, to listen to what else it might have to say.

Flavia had to stop at the edge of the sands to tie her boot again, and this time she takes the time to do it right, though her eyes stay on the candidates out there before her. Rising she moves out, slowly giving her respects to the clutchparents first before she too hangs back, getting a feel for the whole being on the sands at the moment. Lyana's giggle seems to have her deciding and she moves towards the Memories of Grandeur Egg, reaching out to touch it gently.

Sertorius nods as Meo reminds them of the rules, and moves with the others to the clutch of eggs. Before he goes to touch any, he makes sure to give a respectful bow to the dam and sire of the clutch. Only then, after he's straightened, does he make for the eggs, carefully, to avoid tripping over them. The Memories of Graneur Egg is the first egg he sees, and he goes for that one first. Best to start at the top, eh?

There the young man walks onto the sands following Meo with the rest of his co-canidates, he moves slowly towards the clutch. His head turns towards the clutch parents and he bows towards them. "With your permission." He says bofore moving towards one of the eggs, his hand extends towards one of the eggs. He makes contact with The World Between Egg, he can feel his thoughs searching the egg, Sado's eyes close as he's lost in it's world.

Joan has a hard time trying to supress his enthusiasm. He's been waiting so long. As soon as he and the other's are given the OK by the weyrlingmaster, he spots clutch parents gives them a respectful bow. As his eyes glance over the clutch, he spots one in particular. Joan moves over towards the Tropical Treasures Egg to be the first egg he touches, as he sees Lyana and Pralius quickly pick their own eggs to touch.

Taozyuth is staring thoughtfully at these little creatures who have come to invade his sands and touch his clutch. He chuffs slightly, staring towards his rider, more than a little confused - but N'shen, having not so long ago gone through this himself - reaches out to place a hand on the bronze's leg, soothing him quietly.

Sertorius nods as Meo reminds them of the rules, and moves with the others to the clutch of eggs. Before he goes to touch any, he makes sure to give a respectful bow to the dam and sire of the clutch. Only then, after he's straightened, does he make for the eggs, carefully, to avoid tripping over them. For now he just surveys the clutch, and the other candidates, to plan the best way to begin this.

Pralius' eyes glaze over, deep and glassy as he feels the mind inside wash over him. He wobbles, all balance lost. His second hand smooshes against the shell of the egg, fingers splaying over its surface as he falls, still wobbly, to his knees. As it fades, he finds himself leaning closer to the egg until his forehead touches the shell ever-so-slightly, "Come back."

Lyana opens her eyes again, blinking rapidly a few times. But no, there is no fear. There is but wonder. She pauses a few moments, keeping her hand upon the egg, peering around at her fellow Candidates, taking in their reactions and filing them away in her mind for future reference. Before looking back at the egg, she murmurs softly, "This would make a great song…"

Galina slants a look askance to Sertorius, who seems to be one of the few who isn't making with the quick grabby-hands for the eggs. Eventually, she ventures forth to one of the untouched ones and lingers there a moment with her hand a hair's breadth from the egg's surface. With the others reacting as they do, dubiousness surfaces on her face in the form of lower lip-chewing … and, finally, she places her fingertips, just *so* on a bit of rust laid out on the Irony At It's Worst Egg.

Flavia's hand remains gentle on the egg, but her head cocks in a listening posture. Puzzlement wars with intense interest as she leans closer to the egg a moment. "I can almost hear…" a smile lights her features and she speaks, this time towards the egg itself "Hello little one, I'm Flavia." fingers stroke against the egg now before she glances towards the other candidates "I'll bet there are lots of others who'd like to meet you too."

Joan's eyes close as soon as his hand rests on the Tropical Treasures egg. As soon as the touch is made, Joan is left speechless as the mind within the shell probes his mind and memories. Joan worries when he feels the mind receede abruptly, hoping that he hadn't done something to frighten the creature inside the egg. Feeling it return again he makes sure ot allow his mind to slow and relax, so as not to overload the curious mind within his. When the mind recedes again Joan's eyes open, a frown appearing somewhat. But that is quickly fixed once he realizes just how unbelievable the sensation was. Removing his hand he looks at the Tropical Treasures Egg one last time and says, "Thank you," before looking for an unoccupied egg.

There's a sharp intake of breath from Pralius, one hand coming up to the side of his head, wiping at his face, eyes and mouth especially. He shakes his eye, then stares glassy-eyed at the egg once more, "How…? I never…" What he never isn't stated, though, instead, as he regains equilibrium, he leans back in, pressing his cheek to the side of the egg, his plea louder this time, "Come back."

Meo leans on the wall by the entrance to the sands as she watches the candidates move about the eggs. There's a touch of fondness to her expression as she does so. She remembers doing this when she was a candidate.

Galina's head cocks at a curiously birdlike angle, eyes half-lidding with her lower lip still caught in the act of being chewed on. A thin crease forms between her brows — there is no shock, at least — but she doesn't seem to articulate whatever thought she's sending in reply. The lingering of her hand on the shell — even if it's starting to trace the illusory wreckage imprinted there — should be answer enough to the entity within.

Lyana steps away from the egg, her eyes darting first between the glittering rainbow shell, to her palms and back again. She just shakes her head, no words coming this time, only a smile that spreads slowly across her face like Rukbat's rays drawing back the curtains of night. Oddly enough, the next egg to catch her eye is the Sheen of Crude Poison Egg. She pauses a moment in her approach, stopping near Pralius. "Are you alright?"

The young man's hand shakes slightly as that sensation rushes through his body, there is a long deep breath that follows after a long moment. His other hand moves slowly towards the egg shell, his fingers running along the shell as if searching for a way in. So lost in the images the stoic young man can only really show this deep emotion he feels through Sado's eyes that remain closed and moving vigorously back and forth up and down. The palm of his hand rests on a certain spot on the egg, a small twitch on his lips almost resembling a smile appears.

Flavia's eyes light up with joy before they close, as if savoring the images that are coming to her. "I knew you'd be like this, I did." one last gentle caress before she lets her hand drift upwards. "You're wonderful, I can't wait to see you." is said softly before she moves away from the egg. She doesn't approach any of the others though, in fact she looks like she's kind of lost in the images in her head.

Pralius gasps loudly, feeling the mind withdraw from him, "No! come back!" As his mind separates and reasserts itself he realizes that he doesn't know /why/ he wants it back. He just knows that he does. He straightens slowly with a dull nod to Lyana, "I'm… I'll be fine…" He lets her walk past him and takes a slow step towards his original target, THE SEA'S STAINED GLASS EGG.

Galina pauses in her scrutiny of the shell, her lip-chewing taking on a renewed fervence at something or another. She forces herself to stop, though her teeth remain gently embedded there, and her fingers ghost along that strange, ethereal wisp of gray lurking in plain sight. And, thus, does she wait.

Taozyuth rumbles slightly, head swinging over Pralius briefly as his voice comes clear through the general babble - though it's hard for the roly-poly bronze to look intimidating - or really, anything but kindly. With a firm hand on his leg, N'shen soothes the dragon again and lifts his own finger to his lips, indicating for the Candidates to keep their voices to a dull roar.

Coming out of his own trance, Joan also manages to hear Pralius' desperate plea to the creature inside. Concern for his fellow candidate in friend has him walking over to help him up, but as soon as Pralius says he'll be fine Joan just lets it be. His eyes do lock onto the Memories of Grandeur Egg. No longer able to contain his enthusiasm, he walks over to the majestic orb with a wide grin on his face.

Galina's palm flattens on the ghost-form, eyes momentarily shutting. With a slow intake of breath and a much slower release, pale eyes open again. "I see," she murmurs and finally pulls her hand away, with a much lower, "Be well," being breathed for the sake of the inhabitant. What the others are doing and saying is, for now, inconsequential; she seems intent on moving to the next egg, even if she feels as if she's moving underwater. Fingers finally come to brush against the colorful Tropical Treasures Egg and it's there that she stops.

Lyana nods, secure in the knowledge that her friend is alright. There is nothing to hold her back from approaching the Sheen of Crude Poison egg now, in its intriguing shades of blue, so like that of her own Craft. Gingerly, almost as if expecting to be shocked, she touches the shell, pulling back, and then laying her palm upon its surface.

Flavia still hasn't moved from where she'd gone after touching the first white orb. Though there is sense back in her gaze, as if she has come back to the here and now. "I never imagined, I bet its just like a glimpse and there's so much more." her words are soft though they are certainly loud enough for any near to hear them. Her feet find motion again and she moves through the eggs, not touching any just yet. But looking, only that.

There in this moment that feeling that goes through Sado's mind is so powerful, like nothing before that he's felt. He can feel such a deep sensation for the little one that has such an appetite. "What is it….what do you want?" The young man asks, his hand moving as if searching for the one that hungers so much. "I can give you only so much…." His lips upturn in a broad smile, not a twitch but a large real smile. Seems not even Sado can control his emotions, not when one of the little ones invade his thoughts.

Pralius gasps again, this one has a different quality to it, though. One hand remains on the egg's shell, pressing lightly against it, the other comes up, scratching at his hair as if trying to dislodge something. His eyes open wide, then press shut with a snap. The words that sneak out from between his lips this time is less entreaty, more demand, "What do you want? what?"

Galina stiffens abruptly after touching the shell, her other hand extending to plant next to its companion. Thus is something of a makeshift barrier made, less to feel out the shape of the egg and, perhaps, more to keep the creature within from reaching too far. Keeping it at a literal arm's length, if you will. Tension transmutes into a stubborn set of her jaw and a low-murmured, "Reciprocate," intoned just under her breath and impossible to hear beyond the scope of her person.

Joan's eyes are rolled up into his head this time as his mind touches with that of the being inside the Memories of Grandeur egg. He slumps to his knees, with a strainned look on his face. The kind of face one would make if they were straining to…hear something maybe? His other hand goes up to his face to cover his still uprolled eyes. Joan can be heard asking, "Who are you? Where are you?" he seems to ask the being inside the shell.

Lyana whispers softly, "So much like home…." A gentle sigh escapes her lips, an expression of peace borne not just in her face but in the whole bearing of her body. "I'm Lyana… who are you? Wait… where are you going?" Her eyes drift shut almost of their own will, as she follows the searing, soothing touch of the mind yet entrapped within the shell.

Pralius' breath stops. His eyes bug out as if he's not breathing. He stays in that odd position for just long enough to make people potentially worry before he takes a long, deep breath, squeezing his eyes shut against something indescribable. "No… leave it alone…" His voice gets really small, "Please?"

At that moment when the egg gives such a pleasant feeling, his hand move from it's shell. Sado's eyes open slowly to the vision of the shell, he swallows hard a huge knot in his throat. Soon his conciousness takes over again, the smiles still on his face only for a moment before it disappears. He moves back slowly stumbling on the sand slightly before he looks at the egg once more. "Maybe." He simply states while moving towards another one of the eggs.

Galina is a vision of tension, stock-still and grim-jawed for whatever the egg seems to yield. But confusion is soon writ on her face, features screwed up for a moment, two, before neutrality is found and restored. Is it lost? She seems to persist, both hands still on the shell and her mien set with intense focus. Is there more? Or, perhaps she's just grabbing blindly now, just as her hands seem to slip from one patch of color to the next without rhyme or reason.

Flavia finally lets her hand drift down to touch another egg, the Irony at Its Worst Egg. First it is only her finger tips, as if she's unsure of what will greet her this way. Pralius gets a glance and worry crowds into her features. "Pral?" is called out, a question of concern.

Joan's hand grabs at the side of his now, as he tries to take in all the images that the being or beings with in the Egg. His face shows a little pain, but only a little, as he tries to steady himself in the sands. "So many…voices…got to…slow my thoughts." He manages to say, the pain starting to recede as mind adjusts to the flow of images and voices being sent to him from the egg. He seems to ask again, "Oh there you are," he begins to say as if the being had just appeared before him, "Are you…curious about me? There's no need to worry…My name is Joan. Who are you?" he manages to ask again of the creature(s) conversing within his mind.

Lyana 's eyes fly wide open, her nose twitching as she looks about, the scent of something unseen wafting to her on a mental breeze. The peace of moments ago is shaken, however briefly, by the demanding timbre of Pralius' voice. "Pralius? Are you sure you're alright?" Her hand remains on the egg, though her gaze is momentarily focused elsewhere.

Joan's eyes finally roll down from the top of his head. Taking a moment to realize what had happened, he finally manages to say "Wow…" After a long pause, he gets up and removes his hand from the egg, but not before saying "Thanks for sharing that with me." He takes a minute to step away to recollect himself before touching another egg

Flavia seems to let her hand sink further against the egg, gentle still but an acceptance of an invitation. "So beautiful, so much. Already there's so much to them and they're just now hard enough to touch." she glances towards the clutchparents, more respect in her gaze now. "To give life to such, its just amazing."

Pralius shakes his head slowly and stands, taking his hand from the egg without any trace of reticence. He straightens slowly, eyes casting around for something to focus on. His eyes catch on one mote of sea-blue amidst all the others. Taking a step forwards, he reaches out, pressing his hand mechanically against TERRIBLE TEMPEST EGG.

There the young man still a bit shaky from the last touching, his finger tips grazing along the hard shell, feeling the smooth surface of the egg. He takes a deep breath and this time Sado attempts to keep his eyes open for the experience, perhaps it will be different. His hand touches and holds in one spot, his other hand is placed lower on the shell. "Hello….are you there?" He asks speaking to the little one inside the shell.

Galina finds herself biting her lip again and, just as quickly, forces herself to stop. Another deep breath is taken as before, her fingers lingering for a few seconds before dropping rather abruptly from the shell. What words she has for the egg were likely sent in mental form, save for the softly articulated "Be well," that seems to be a rapidly forming ritual. Pralius' state is noted, but with the others expressing their concerns, she simply moves on. The stark pallor of the Memories of Grandeur Egg seems to draw not just her eye but her hand as well. Contact is made.

Flavia slips to her knees, her other hand coming to press against the side of the egg. As she listens intently she seems not to feel the sands burning through the knees of her pants. "Are you showing me something, or only playing? I am almost positive I don't mind which one of those two it really is." there's a wryness to her words, as if she hasn't been lost quite yet to the lure of the mind within the egg.

Lyana frowns in concern, casting one more glance at Pralius. Something, though, manages to wipe the lines from her brow, and replace it with an expression of shock and astonishment. Her jaw drops as she looks back at the egg, her other hand flying to her mouth to stifle a giggle. "You can't be serious? I'd never do… well… maybe I would. Could we?" It is with reluctance that she withdraws from the egg, taking a few steps back. Some moments pass as she glances over the remaining eggs. One true cerulean blue shell draws her eye—that of The World Between Egg. Each she has touched so far has proven that she has nothing to fear, so as respect is shown where it is due. And, secure in this knowledge, she approaches the egg with a little less hesitance, caressing the shell gently as one might hold a baby. "What songs do you hold…"

At first, Pralius smiles gently, calm, happy, then he starts, physically jumping away from the egg. His eyes dart around, his legs automatically falling to a crouch. When he reaches out to steady himself, his hands fall on the egg again, what more will it show him?

Galina leans in just a bit as if that might help, both hands soon finding purchase on the deceptively white surface of the egg. Brows draw together to form a deep, thoughtful crease, but her words are withheld, reserved only for mental communion — to answer, or not, at her whim. Pale eyes shut, the better to 'hear' the images as they're relayed, and the chatter of the others is ignored as best she can to focus on whatever the egg is requesting.

"Well…" Sado says towards the little one, unsure if to react or to wait for more to happen. "…what are you looking for?" At that point he stands there and waiting for more, the egg has pushed him and prodded and he asks again. "What do you want?" There is much emotion that slips from him during these touchings, he is not used to it, but explores the feeling deeper.

Lyana gasps, her breathing suddenly labored and her eyes opening wide. Color has drained from her face, as has her smile. For a moment, contact is broken as she stumbles back a step from the egg, looking around as if expecting to be somewhere else other than the Hatching sands. The reassuring warmth of the Sands, though, soon calms her, though she remains trembling and white as a sheet, reaching out to touch the egg with just one fingertip. "Okay… I'm listening."

Flavia says "So soon? There is time yet, but… again we'll meet. You'll emerge and be yourself, there won't be anything to contain you then, not even distance." she seems to have found sadness somewhere in this touching, her hands slowly drifting away from the egg. Of course this allows the fact that she's kneeling on the sands to sink in and she rises quickly, a wince to her. She moves back now, winding her way through the eggs again slowly considering them though she doesn't touch another. Instead she seems to be heading for the edge of the sands, her attention already drawn inwards. "Its, so… huh."

Pralius continues to cower, beginning to shiver and shudder, "No… no…" His voice is still tiny. He's quiet and tiny for interminable moments, then he sighs, his expression lightening… but there's still a sense of foreboding. Of danger.

Galina remains still all the while, her head dipping forward and lips parting just a little while she takes in a deep, thoughtful breath. Or, perhaps, it's meant to steady her and keep her stable; emotions flicker in rapid succession across the healer's normally empty mien and soon resolve into a look of tension, her breath held, while she waits. Anxious? Not at all. It's more an intense curiosity that verges on hunger. But she may well never break herself of that normally rare-to-see habit of lip-chewing.

Lyana 's runaway breath slows to a more normal pace, color gradually staining her face a more normal hue. Fear fades, replaced by an attentive gaze and a small smile. "Maybe you're not so bad after all." Pause. Then, "So that's what you're all about…." Both palms now rest upon the shell, her eyes drifting shut and moving rapidly beneath the lids, as if following… something.

"NO!" Pralius' voice is loud enough that it echoes around the caverns. It's followed by another, louder, more demanding, "NO!" The he collapses to the sands, curled up on himself like a terrified child. He just lays there, rocking back and forth, for several minutes. Finally he quiets, regaining himself and slowly easing himself to his feet. One arm stays pressed over his middle, his eyes wide, "I… I… oh shards!" He turns, barely making it off the sands before his lunch returns for a second appearance.

Lyana smiles broadly now, eyes sparkling as she opens them. Her voice is soft, the whisper to the as-yet-unhatched dragon heard perhaps only by herself, the little one in the shell, and the one closest to her position. "We're the same, aren't we? Don't worry, I'll see you soon. Thank you so much." She blinks in surprise at her reaction, staring at the egg for a moment. Just a moment, for Pralius's collapse pulls her away from the egg, even though he is off the sands before she can reach him. "Oh jays… Pralius??"

"Don't go quiet….don't…." The young man almost begs of the little one, the question escapes his lips with more want and pleading than he meant. "Tell more…show me more." He asks, there is a shake in his usually calm and unshakable attitude. "I want to know everything….please don't go." He asks there is a strange emotion that overtakes him, Sado shakes his head realizing he's feeling something so strange. "I need to ask you….why?"

Galina pulls her hands away at long last and gently shakes them at her sides as if to restore feeling to them. A slow blink is given, a breathed, "Be well," and she moves from the monochromatic white egg to stand an uncertain distance between it and one of the others. Her eyes shut for a moment, some form of equilibrium being sought before moving to the next … but apparently too elusive to allow her to continue. She rubs the palm of one hand with the thumb of the other, brows knit and expression pensive. Pralius' outburst earns a look in that direction, with her eyes straying to the egg that seems to be the source of his distress. Her interest is purely visual this time, elusive as she starts to ghost along after Pralius — and never mind that her mind feels lost in some strange fog. "Breathe, Pralius. That will help."

Okay. Taozyuth can only take so much. At Pralius's shouts, and subsequent evacuation of the contents of his stomach, the bronze rears up - and, roly-poly though he may be, he's still a /very/ large dragon. Grim now, N'shen makes no effort to calm his lifemate as the clutchsire comes back down to all four feet, tail lashing warningly. "I think," he calls, "it's time you guys said your farewells to the eggs." Preferably before Zuhth comes back to find out why the bronze is so upset.

Meo pushes off the wall at the commotion, the yell, and the hurried steps of Pralius as he heads off the sands before he pukes. She makes a face. "Pral, I want you either report to the healers, or go to the barracks, and lay down." She tells him. "Galina, please go with him, just incase." She adds to the other healer candidate. She then looks to the others, and nods to N'shen as well. "Alright, fun times over, back to the barracks, and get ready for chores." She tells the rest of the class.

Pralius sucks in one deep breath, then another. He nods slowly to first Lyana, then Galina, "I… I'll be fine…" he croaks out before Tazyuth rears and the orders to leave are given. He nods to Meo, "I'll lay down… I.." he glances at the vomit, "I'll clean that up… if you want…"

Lyana hurries off the sands after Pralius, only pausing to offer a quick bow of respect to N'shen and Taozyuth. "I'll go see if he's okay… and thank you for letting us see the eggs." Though not ordered to, she moves to help Pralius outside. "Think maybe just laying down's a good idea. Don't worry, if the sire lets me, I'll be back to take care of this myself. You just get better." End of discussion!

Galina slants a look to Meo with a shallow nod. "Of course." A few brisk steps are all that's needed to bring her alongside the other healer-candidate and to keep pace — Lyana can do all of the helping she wants, the young woman will assist only if necessary. "Later. You should drink some water and rest now; it will remain to be cleaned up later." There's a slight nod to Lyana as she speaks, but the healer seems more keen on ensuring he's off the sands and to relative safety. And the mess left? She's not one to bat an eye at that kind of thing. Off to the barracks, whether poor Pralius likes it or not!

"Well it would seem that he looks around he was not the only canidate affected by it. He stands and moves slowly stumbling still trying to rationalize the many images still left in his head. "I…why?" He asks looking up at Taozyuth, his eyes search as if still not seeing the angry dragon. His gaze turns from the dragon to the exit, the feeling making him look at everything as if it was all just a dream. "Thank you…." He says again turning towards the bronze and his rider, then he moves along the cavern walls near the exit getting himself together. The dreamy haze does not leave Sado, when he leaves he is still in that deep state of reality, or not reality.

Meo shakes head at Pralius. "No, you go rest, we have grudges to take care. Make sure he gets some water, and flat bread into him, that should help." Though Galina, and the healers, were probably aware of that. "Pral, I'm giving you a few hours to recooperate, come see me when you're feeling alright." She tells him. "Alroight, Lyana since you're volunteering, it'ss up to you to come back, and clean this up."

Taozyuth chuffs and warbles at N'shen, pacing back and forth before swinging his head over the eggs, searching for any more disturbances. The rider lets him go, keeping a careful eye on him until slowly, the muscles beneath the aged hide unbunch, wings trembling to his back, and he settles, lowering a head to at last accept generous rubbings on the bright spot of his nose. "It's okay, they're gone," he murmurs, eyes on the last of the Candidates to scurry from the sands.

Pralius nods to Meo, "Th- thanks, ma'am… I'll just…" he motions towards the door with his hands, falling in step with Lyana and Galina as he goes. He's fairly certain it's just vertigo… but it never hurts to be certain.