Dartboard Room

The most prominent feature of this room is the large dartboard against the far wall. Each of the five wedges is a different color: Gold, the smallest, then bronze, brown, blue, and last and largest green. A number of holes decorate both the cork of the board and the surrounding wall. Tables sit to either side of the dartboard, sets of darts lined up with mathematical precision. Unwary firelizards often perch here, though when an unskilled person is playing, they often find themselves sharply encouraged to move. Two bored drudges hang out near a refreshment table, acting as judges but more often than not just gossiping with each other. A slate hangs next to the dartboard, detailing who is playing, in what order, and what the current score is. One of the drudges changes the score regularly.

Marika is out with a fellow guard this evening, hanging around the dartboard room. She appears to be trying to talk the man into something. "Oh, come on, Hemi. Just one game. I… I'll stand further back, if you like?" she's practically pleading. Hemi, for that is the other guard's name, just looks at her, then at the dartboard, and then at her. "I'm not playing. If you wanted to play /pool/, I'd be happy to!" the man complains. Marika snorts, and turns back to the darts area, presumably to find someone /else/ to play darts with. Hemi seems torn, but follows, reluctantly, to sit on the sidelines and watch.

Tamsyn's is a somewhat familiar face around the Weyr now, even though the harper journeywoman seems tied up with her lessons for the children of the weyr (as well as her own) that she hasn't been seen socializing much. But today proves a different story as she trails into the dartboard room, without any cohorts. No. It seems today she's just come to explore. But exploring sees her walking in on Marika and her companion debating. "What's this?" It's no a demand so much as curiousity for the situation.

There is a grey-clad wingleader in the lounge without (gasp!) paperwork /or/ a drink in hand. Indeed, the man seems to be quite intent on.. the dartboard. He's staring at it with a grim sort of coldness, and the way he's rolling a dart between his finger and thumb might suggest the bluerider is here to play - though he's standing a bit close for a proper game, and does not appear to have any opponents, as of yet. B'ky's hair is left loose to fall upon his shoulders, that midnight-hued dyed lock having faded to a sort of dingy grey, braided at his temple to fall down one side of his face. His expression is drawn, jaw set in a way that is entirely too severe for his soft features. As he raises a hand to throw, the way he does so is rather.. forceful. There is a THUNK on a green square. The dart tip buries deep, and he steps forwad to retrieve it with a soft snort, fingers closing arounf the dart and then.. just pausing there. B'ky closes his eyes, letting his breath out through his nose. The conversation between Marika and Hemi has him glancing their way, perhaps recognizing a familiar voice. "Would you like a game?" he asks the guardswoman, tugging the dart out and stepping back a ways, offering both her and Tamsyn a polite nod, face at least shifting into something more pleasant as he offers a quiet, "Hello."

Marika looks a little sheepish at Tamsyn's question, turning to the harper and quickly stating, "Nothing! Nothing. Just a minor… disagreement. That's all. He wants to play pool, I want to play darts." Extremely minor. And yet the guard looks a little on edge, perhaps startled. Though it only takes her a moment to gather her wits enough to ask, "Do you play?" with a hand wave at the nearest dartboard. B'ky hasn't gone un-noticed, after all, the guard has been eyeing the dartboards for a while. There's a slight wince at the THUNK, and she hesitates to respond to B'ky's offer of a game, finally nodding. "Uh, sure, sir. I could play."

Tamsyn looks between the guard and the wingleader. "Goodness. Is darts really such a serious thing here?" The harper half-laughs in good nature as she returns B'ky's nod with one of her own and a friendly little smile. "I … haven't really played before, but I know the theory of it." The theory of it. Right.

B'ky glances from Marika to Hemi, brow rising just slightly, although he does look faitnly sheepish when the guardswoman hesitates, sforcing his own shoulders to relax and nodding toward the board, managing a slight smile, "I imagine your friend might find he likes the game, after a few tries?" There's a headtilt to Hemi, though B'ky is then looking rather more sheepish at Tamsyn's comment. "Ah, not terribly serious.." rubbing the back of his reck and then softly clearing his throat, "Would you like to play?" offering the harper a faint smile as well. "I'm B'ky, Avideth's," is his polite introduction as he moves back to the line.

Marika shoots a glance back at Hemi, and then shakes her head slowly. "Er. Well, I'm… quite good at darts. Personally. I'm a guard, you see. Training with projectiles. My, ah, friend here, he trains with blades." she notes, with a shrug. Was that a brief scowl on the other guard's face when referred to as a friend? "He's… competitive, /hates/ to lose." And she has the higher skill. "…I stand further from the board, though. I do prefer it to be fair." she adds quickly, not wanting to scare anyone off from a game. She manages a small chuckle at B'ky's suggestion that Hemi might like the game. "Ah, no luck, sir. I've tried." she notes, stepping up to pick up a handful of darts. "We've played a few times…" she says, with a shrug.

Tamsyn opens her mouth, obviously about to say something - likely accept B'ky's offer - before there's a child's hand tugging at the back of her sleeve. "Taaaamsyn?" It's a young lad's voice and the harper's face pauses for a moment, still, before it falls, giving the other two an apologetic glance as she turns from them, ushering the young boy from the dart room before he can interrupt any of those who mean to actually enjoy themselves.

B'ky ahs, giving Marika a nod, "I imagine it.. must be difficult," with some sympathy perhaps, although there is a bit of a tugging smile for her and Hemi. "I've known more than a few people who were.. similarly competitive," he muses, although the bluerider himself is apparently not one of them, offering, "I wouldn't think it should matter? If you've the skill? It's.. rather about playing than winning, after all."

Marika shakes her head slowly, weighing the darts up in her hand. "It matters. It matters to Hemi." she shoots a glance back at the guard, who has been silently hanging around, pretty much content to let Marika play darts, as he hasn't raised a single objection since the first brief disagreement. Marika grimaces, looking guilty. "I… uh. Some other time, sir." she finally says, putting the darts back and stepping away. "I've… uh…" she seems nervous about something, glancing back to Hemi. "…anyway, later, sir." she finally finishes, though that probably wasn't what she was trying to say. She slips away, looping her arm in Hemi's, and leading the guard off, out of Shenanigan's entirely. If they can't agree on a game, they'll go some place else.

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