Ierne Weyrhold - North Beach
A long curving beach, the sand yellowish brown, facing southeastward along the Great Bay coast. Off on the horizon, far in the distance, can be seen the cliffs of Southern Hold, on the opposite side.
The beach curves southwest, stretching quite a distance, while gentle waves lap in from the bay to the southeast. The forest borders the beach, far beyond the high tide mark.

Softest hues of silver and gold adorn the clouds that sail scattered over Ierne's beaches as the morning carries on. The air and sand is warm, cooled only by the gentle breezes that puff by, moving the ever changing colors of green that brighten the forest that rests above the high tide line. A young woman sits out upon the sands, her sandals neatly placed at her sides as she uses her toes to hold a thin crimson colored piece of cord. The other end of the cord is held in her teeth while slender yet calloused fingers work to form this material into an intricate braid with the smallest of polished seashells and sea glass are intertwined to offer their own glistening touches. She huffs, puffing her short golden curls out of the way of her eyes while she works. Pausing to send her eyes towards the shore, she grumbles as her firelizard comes up the beach, dragging a spiderclaw that threatens to combat the little bronze squealy thing. "Cunning," she says through clenched teeth. "Stop playing with it if you're going to eat it, otherwise let it go. The tides too low to clean up after you!" Hrmph!

The sky is briefly colored by more than just the clouds, a cerulean-touched dragon sweeping down across the beach, wings wide to catch the air. His descent slows as he nears the waves, the blue gliding far above the girl and her firelizard, backwinging to land some distance away, and politely attempting not to raise too much sand as he does. Crimson straps stand out starkly against his hide, his rider no less colorful, with leathers in indigos and reds, accompanied by a winter jacket far too warm for Ierne's climate. His knot, however, might provide some explanation, as it's that of a Fortian wingleader. Swinging down, he begins to undo the straps immediately, his dragon's wings rustling with impatience. There's a soft smile, and a quiet chuckle for the blue, the rider carefully undoing buckles one by one. It's not until he moves around the blue's side that he spots the young woman, inclining his head to her with a friendly, "Hello," in greeting, and offering a slight smile.

The young woman pauses from her intricate workings and bites down on her lower lip as she leans forward to finish off the long cord of her gilded crimson braid. The flicker of color catches her eyes as she works and she pauses to watch the dragon land. A light smile forms on her tired face before she sends her gaze back to the different remaining ornaments to this cord. "What to end it with," she mutters quietly as she glances between an opalescent shell and a round polished piece of white frosted sea glass. The flicker of irritated dragon wings brings a smirk to her face. Her families green dragon does that more often than not before letting those bright eyes whirl red in agitation whenever her rider spends a little too much time getting frustrated at the mundane. The shell is picked up and finally added to the cord before being tightened and added to her little pile. Boredom often carries the day along with simple fiddlings. "Hello there!" she calls, as soon as the greeting carries to her and she pushes herself onto her feet. The young woman brushes clinging sand from her short trousers before clenching fists in irritation. She kneels down, taking up the red cord and she begins to quickly work it into her short curly strands in the form of a thick braid to keep the majority out of her face in the least! Evil thing hair can be.

Evil indeed. B'ky's own runnertail is being tugged slightly by the wind, a few stray wisps of hair flicking across his face as he attempts to undo the buckles with his liftmate shifting a little. "Avi.." the man murmurs, hand coming to rest briefly on the blue's foreleg. The dragon stills, though his wings continue to rustle somewhat. There's a quiet rumble as the blue turns his head to peer at the girl, B'ky likewise glancing her way, head tilting as he watches briefly what she's doing with the string. "That's rather lovely," he comments quietly, on the braided shell thing, smiling slightly and offering a polite, "Ah, I'm B'ky," and with a headtilt back toward the blue, "Avideth's."

Cunning flickers his own little gilded wings in agitation towards the spiderclaw that has now grown combative! The weedy looking little bronze lowers his head and fans out his wings, eyes whirling red as he challenges his morsel to a duel! It's hungry, he's hungry but his stomach is bigger so in theory he should come out the victor in this epic battle of crunchy crustacean goodness?! Olarya shakes her head to make sure her own runner tail braid isn't about to come undone and she turns towards the kind bluerider, offering a crooked smile. "I'm Olarya. Currently not owned by any ambitious dragon." She chuckles and nods her head in greeting to Avideth, admiring the shades of color on his hide. Dragons aren't too much of a surprise as the weyrhold is stocked with them, both her parents are riders as well as a few other relatives she sees once in a blue moon. Still, it's nice to admire. Cunning lunges towards the creature and manages to grab it, flinging the spiderclaw right to his master's feet! Olarya pauses for a moment and peers down at the agitated thing before raising her foot and stomping on it with brute force. Better she get it before it gets her! The weedy bronze flit skitters over and watches it before letting out a long croon! HE IS THE VICTOR. He told her to do it, really!

B'ky moves further along, undoing the buckles, until finally those crimson straps are removed and Avideth rumbles with gently whirling eyes. The bluerider carefully coils the leather, moving to set it further up the beach, and offering the girl a polite, "Well met, Olarya." The man pauses as he puts the straps down, thin brows rising at the battle going on. Avideth too, watches, head tilting to peer at the stompage before turning for the water. B'ky has to suppress a grimace, giving the smushed spiderclaw the briefest glance, "Ah, your firelizard doesn't hunt his their own?" indicating the flitter. There's a tremendous SPLASH as Avideth, having moved out into the waves, takes a sudden leap into deeper water. The rider smiles faintly, undoing the clasps of his jacket and shrugging it off, the garments far too warm for the weather.

"He does but more often that not the little scamp tries to hunt things too big for his little scrawniness to handle! He gets fed well enough, my parent's dragons are messy eaters, he usually eats with the rest of the horde and tracks his mess into my room." Olarya crosses her arms over the front of her cream colored tunic, peering down towards the weedy thing with a crooked frown and narrowed bicolored eyes. Cunning rips little chunks of meat from the defeated spiderclaw and swallows it whole before tilting his head upwards towards that familiar expression. He leans down, digs through the destroyed bits and picks up a small claw, holding it up in piece offering… or self defense! "Tsk, stupid thing." She kneels down, brushing the underside of her feet and stepping off to the side before picking up a large piece of shell and snapping it open to let the little lizard feed on the innards. If it's full, it'll sleep and she'll have some peace for a while.

The jacket gets set on the sand beside the straps, B'ky moving to take a seat, and chuckling softly, "I see. That is unfortunate though, ah, the mess I mean. You.. haven't been able to train him to stay out of your room after feeding?" He tilts his head a little, glancing at the creature, and then back at its owner, "Your parents are riders here?" mildly curious, perhaps. He watches her deal with the creature, faint amusement, at least, in his expression for the offering of the little claw. "I've never had one of my own," he comments, likely meaning the firelizard, as he turns bck to watch his lifemate splash about in the water, "Avideth's rather.. ah, against the idea of sharing me." And if the faintest frown flickers over his own features, it's at least fleeting.

While the bronze flit is cleaning up the mess, the days light grows brighter in the sky overhead but it doesn't seem to matter to the heat acclimated Ierne resident. Olarya gently tugs at her collar and adjusts her tunic so the wind doesn't pull it into uncomfortable positions should a stronger gust find it's way on the beach. The blue dragon is peered at with a light smile as it plays in the waters. Never a dull moment, eh? Slender fingertips brush a few strands away from her eyes as she peers back at the dragons rider. "Seems to be enjoying himself quite a bit. Wish my fathers lifemate would do that, poor things afraid of his own shadow half the time." She settles down on the sand once more, peering down at Cunning before nodding her head towards B'ky. "We try to get him to follow the other lizards in grooming before coming in but once in a while he sneaks in if he's bullied. Uhm, my mother was a bluerider, my father rides bronze and his weyrmate green. Little bit of a variety in our little home. Swear the green thinks she owns us all!" Kheyuth can be a sassy girl like that! Sharing her humans, her pets, her toys. The little bronze flit waddles over to the pair and settles down in the warmth of the sand at their feet. He puffs, curls up and tucks a little head under his wing. "They're charming little things, shame though. I suppose Avideth has his own reasons for keeping you all to himself."

Unbuttoning the cuffs of his sleeves, the bluerider rolls them up to reveal pale arms which.. quite likely haven't seen a decent amount of sun in /months/. Really, besides the indigo in his clothing, the darkest thing on him is that single lock of dyed, midnight-blue hair, unbraided and tied back with the rest, today. He smiles slightly, pale eyes on Avideth a long moment, "Mm, he.. still acts like a weyrling sometimes." The fondness in his tone is unmistakable, although there's also a bit of sadness too, gaze dropping to the sands a moment before he gently shakes his head. Perhaps it's in response to some mental commentary, for the dragon begins moving back to shore slowly, wing shaking water off them a bit. "Oh?" he tilts his head a little, returning to the present conversation on the shore, one thin brow arching for her commentary of color, "Mm, I imagine it must be rather interesting. My mother's a greenrider at Telgar. Ah.. I believe her current weyrmate rides bronze," his eyes get a distant look for a second, though he only continues softly, "And.. my father rides brown. I suppose.. I'm the only bluerider in my family." He chuckles softly, turning his attention back to the firelizard, agreeing, "Mm, they can be rather charming," and offering the creature a slight smile. As for Avideth's reasons, he only 'mms' quietly.

"I think other than my mother, my grandmother on my father's weyrmate's side is a bluerider. I think we easily have one of each color in our dysfunctional little family though we don't see our aunt and her lifemate that much. She left her home and decided to see the rest of Pern. We get letters now and then about the things she finds and some of the alcohol she's acquired in large quantities. My little cousins are starting to write, too." Olarya pauses, scratching the corner of her mouth as she watches the blue make his way towards the shore. "We have atleast… two blues and my young uncle might be going for search soon in High Reaches. Family has their marks on blue for him if he impresses. We'll see how that pans out."

"Many riders in your family then," is murmured not-quite to the young woman, B'ky sounding oddly approving of that. There's a thoughtful, "Hmm," the bluerider smiling somewhat, and then continuing quietly, "I believe.. there are mostly brownriders in my family, although I'm not.. certain why. Most of my brothers impressed brown, and I've cousins in Telgar, all on brown." His musings are interrupted by a dripping Avideth wandering over, neck stretched out to peer at whatever may remain of that spiderclaw. B'ky gives the dragon a sudden, very brief frown, and Avi wanders back away, at least some distance, to shake off more water. "Ah, your aunt sounds rather.. adventurous," he comments, slight smile returning, chuckling somewhat about her cousin. "Mm, when I stood at Fort, most who knew me put marks on green.. although I believe my father was certain I'd impress brown." There's a tugging amusement in his expression, edges of his mouth twitching upwards for that.

"Jokes on them, then, that you'd impress the one they least expect. That's what happen when they settle in their heads that you're something that they want you to be rather than accepting who you are. Avideth knows you best and sees what they don't. My auntie says that some people get disappointed when they see their family members get other colors because it forces them to admit to the difference between them and not the similarities. Course, she said that while she was completely drunk before falling out of her chair but hey, I can't complain. Wisdom comes where it will when we least expect it." And so does projectile vomiting and cursing to the other gather patrons about how weak in the liver they are and why there isn't any pie though these details the young woman manages to leave out for sanity's sake. Much love to her aunt, enough stories get around on their own without her help. Cunning stirs and waddles over to Olarya's lap, climbing up clumsily before sprawling in the warmth of her dark trousers. She begins to gently stroke the scrawny thing before rubbing her fingers together. "Still decently oiled from earlier. Good boy, means you're staying out of trouble this morning."

B'ky's eyebrows rise for Olarya's words, the man turning to glance at her a long moment. "Mm, I suppose so," he admits, and then chuckles softly, "Wise words indeed. My wey- ah, former weyrmate was.. prone to similar." Though whether he means the wisdom or the drunkness, he doesn't specify, frowning vaguely at his near slip-up of words there. He shakes his head though, tucking back a loose lock of hair and saying quietly, "It certainly does," about wisdom. His smile is thin, eyes drifting out over the ocean, even as Avideth moves to obscure the view, the dragon watching that firelizard almost.. suspiciously. If a dragon could look suspicious. But as the creature is not moving towards his rider, his posture relaxes and he moves back by the people, wings stretched to dry, steps careful, so as to get as little sand on him as possible. B'ky's eyes watch his lifemate moment, although his words are more for Olarya, "And what about you," turning to glance at the girl, "what do people expect from you?" A pointed question, perhaps, but then, there is a pointed blue snout aimed inquisitively at the girl. Hullo thar wet dragon nose. Whuffle.

Wet dragon noses get a little scritching if they stay close long enough! Olarya giggles and lavishes attention on the blue as she tilts her head to peer at his rider curiously. "Well, I don't know. Never really put much thought into it. My parents were generally busy so I try to manage the house hold and keep an eye on the siblings while they're all here visiting. I don't do work in any specific craft, not really social with the guys here in Ierne and I keep to myself for the most part. I don't hear too much as far as opinions go other than I'm a 'nice' girl that's 'sweet' now and then. Usually from the older aunties… and my own aunt when I carry her back to her weyr while she sobers up." There's an eyeroll at the fond memories. She really can't complain about the grown woman's odd taste in lifestyle too much. Her aunt was the dominant female figure in her life and has helped shaped her into the young woman she is today with both good and bad examples.

B'ky tilts his head to listen, expression somewhat thoughtful, "Mm, it sounds as if you've had some amount of responsibility." Though his gaze goes to Avideth, the blue continuing to try to nose the girl Yay scritches. He keeps whuffling at her. WHUFFLE. WHUFFLE whuffle. "Hmm.." B'ky sighs, gives his lifemate a /look/, and then reaches for his jacket. He begins to rummage in the pockets, glancing briefly at Olarya, "Would you like the the chance to find out? I imagine.. you might hear rather more, if," finally tugging a white knot from an inner pocket - does he just wander around with those? - and turning to regard her, "I had thought it.. somewhat odd Avideth wanted to land just.. for a dip. I should have realized he had some, ah, other reasons. There's a clutch currently hardening on the sands of Fort Weyr. Avideth.. would like you to stand." And he might mean that literally, because if the girl isn't moving on her own, that dragon nose is going to start doing a bit of nudging.

The thought of leaving her family behind to go do something selfish was something she swore would never happen but now that the chance is here before her, she bites her lower lip in thought and glances over her shoulder towards the direction of her home. Her father told her to never pass up the chance because you never know what you'd be missing and should nothing happen, there'd be no regrets at the least. Olarya presses her lips into a fine line, peering down at the little bronze that stirs, sending his gangly self into a tight little ball and holding extra still so the big blue one doesn't accidentally inhale him. After yet another nudge from the blue, she giggles, offering both hands for scritches as she nods her head, peering over to B'ky with a wide smile. "I'll do it," she begins before turning her attention back to Avideth for a brief moment. "What have I got to lose?" Suddenly the little flit darts his head up, leans towards the direction of home and darts off into the unknown. Must be food somewhere.

B'ky merely waits for an answer, although when the blue gets extra nudgy, he gives his lifemate a sidelong look, murmuring a quiet, "Avideth.." The blue backs off, almost reluctantly. Hey, there were scritches! B'ky sighs patiently at the dragon, gently shaking his head and then holding out the knot to Olarya, "Good." The bluerider looks a little sheepish then, gaze following the firelizard a moment, admitting with a half-embarrassed, "I.. am unsure if Avideth will allow me to leave without bringing you back to Fort, but I imagine you may have some.. news for your family." His smile warms a little, "I've always thought, whatever may be lost, it is worth it, in the end." Of course, it might depend on the outcome, but the bluerider doesn't seem to think to mention that.

Olarya pushes herself to her feet and gazes in Cunning's general direction before the little glistening blur completely vanishes from sight. "I do. I better go tell them and uh… get some riding appropriate clothing." She winces at the thought of it as she peers down at her rather boyish attire. "I'll go now if you don't mind and I won't be too long! I promise!" With one last little scritch, the girl takes off in a light jog at first before gliding into a sprint and vanishing down the shore. The loud warble of a small green echos across the way in greetings to the girl and to the distant blue. Kheyuth sees all! Moments pass and the girl returns, jogging up the beach, wearing her riding clothes and her own gear gifted by her father, neatly kept in her pack. Olarya runs the back of her hand across her face, wiping away one stray tear before she approaches the bluerider once more with her posture tall and head held high. "I'm ready when you are. They send their best wishes and greetings to Fort. They impressed there themselves turns ago."

B'ky chuckles softly, giving Olarya a slight nod, and waiting patiently. Avideth is a little less patient, rustling his wings and politely returning the green's bugle. Once the girl sprints off, B'ky gets up, dusting off sand and gathering the straps for his quickly-drying lifemate. The Ierne sun has him barely damp, and by the time the girl returns, the blue is dry and his crimson straps are back on. B'ky is just fastening his jacket again, nodding to Olarya with obvious approval. He swings up to the blue's straps, offering her a hand if she needs it, and a quiet, "I'm sure the weyrlingmasters will familiarize you with the rules, such as they are, but I imagine it should be fairly common sense things." Well…common sense to /him/, anyway. "Hm. they did?" about her parents, though Avideth is ready to go, giving the girl a quiet whuffle in greeting, and settling low, polite as ever.

Olarya nods her head to the bluerider's words in regards to the weyrlingmaster's rules. Many a night has her family shared horror stories and memories with one another over dinner. "Yes, it was over twenty turns ago. Both my father and his weyrmate impressed from the same clutch." As Avideth lowers himself, Olarya gently pats the blue before taking up the offered hand and climbs to her spot within the straps. She begins to settle herself and her pack properly, fastening the buckles and awaiting further movements from the blue. "I think the queens name was Wiyaneth, the Senior at the time. I've seen her a couple of times. X'an was the weyrleader, I remember him well. Called him uncle for a little while before I was old enough to understand he wasn't. Sorry! I'm talking too much." Too excited, poor thing.

B'ky ahs, nodding quietly and turning to make sure the girl is properly buckled in. No losing anyone between, now. Avideth rumbles, standing once B'ky turns back around again, wings stretching out. "I was only a lad myself then," he chuckles, smiling with faint nostalgia, though as Avideth whuffs at him, the rider only chuckles. "It's alright," he tells Olarya, before Avideth launches skyward, circling the beach once before disappearing between to Fort.