Fort's Forests ~~ Fort Weyr - Firebloom Hill

Completely surrounded by tall pines, the somewhat steep curve of this hill is peppered with small wildflowers of the same variety. Some are predominately red, some orange and some have specks of yellow. Most notable, however, is a dense patch which looks to have been planted by someone. The flowers in this patch are deep red in the center, bursting through a range of orange and finally a brilliant yellow at the edges of each petal. As the wind passes over them, the colors create the illusion of tiny, flickering flames. A soft, pleasant fragrance fills the air here.

It's one of those mornings. Rukbat blazes in the distance, not up to full height yet, but glorious nonetheless, setting an added sparkle to the flame-kissed wildflowers that grow atop this hill. The extra shine comes from a sheen of dew left behind, gathered into droplets at the ends of drooping leaves, beaded up on the surface of soft petals, like little gemstones. The only ripple in the fiery palette of the flowers is the shape of a green, laying in a sort of regal repose, happily snuffling the edges of the flowerbed while she watches over her mate. Wyn stands in the center of the swaying blooms, looking down upon a blanket and a baby, Darius, who is happily nestled in a poof of flowers, asleep. Camera in hand she's taking pictures, from all angles.

The soft sound of shod hooves comes through the dense foliage surrounding the vale in a muffled echo,growing clearer with each passing moment. The sound of low conversation can soon be heard, though it seems to be a dialogue between human and something that chitters. The voices' owners soon make an appearance as Jayashri parts the last branches and rides the dun Valeri into the brightly hued clearing, blinking hazel eyes at the sudden brightness of the canopy-free sky. As her sun dazzled eyes clear she spots N'drei on the ground admist the tangerine and sanguine, dismounting the mare and leaving her to crop grass idly at the edge, the bronze Mohan - source of the earlier chittering - settling on Ash's shoulder with a sultry warble of greeting. "Didn't think I'd find anyone so far out here." Jay's voice is low, barely breaking the morning's tender peace.

So caught up in her photography, the approaching mare hardly gets a glance at first then when she breaks through the brush Wyn catches sight of the pair in her periphery. She smiles and turns to look at Jayashri then glances down at Darius and back to the techy, motioning her closer, "Me neither.." she half-whispers back to the girl. "He's napping.. makes picture taking easier in some ways.. though I will be glad when he stirs and maybe grins a little. How are you?" she asks, and then crouches to pull at a bloom, robbing it of petals to salt across the blanket and the baby, adding a flash of red. Snap! Snap! More pictures. Shisuth lifts her head to snuffle at the mare then her head sings down and toward Ash, warbling a very soft little greeting to her as well.

Scooting closer, Ash wades through the sea of blossoms with care not to crush what her steps don't have to. Her light frame weaves an easy path over to the pair and Ash smiles up at the dragon with easy familiarity. "I remember the day you hatched," she
grins. "You surely grew from that wee hatchling breaking shell." She turns back to Wyn and the baby, crouching down carefully, hands resting on her knees. "Much like we start out so tiny, no?" she asks of the Dragonhealer. "He's adorable." Mohan leans forward, crooning his curiosity, but it's quiet, clearly respectful of the "hatchling"s nap.

N'drei smiles over at Ash and Shisuth briefly then she nods, "She sure has grown.. seems like forever ago.." she says quietly, her expression becoming somewhat somber. She nods to Ash as she crouches and then looks to the sleeping baby, "He's a joy.. I found this camera.. probably spent too much on it but.. Pralius will miss so much.. being gone.. so I'm going to take pictures…" she explains. Shisuth croons softly, perhaps comforting her mate a little and Wyn smiles to the green then looks up at the techy, "Would you… take my picture with him?" she asks.

N'drei beams at Ash and hands her the camera then slides down beside Darius to lay on her side, near him but not covering him up. She nods some but then tries to hold still for focus and all of that, her expression a mix of smiling and that lingering sadness, it lurks, somewhere in the depths of her ebon eyes. Two pairs of them now peer up at the tech as Darius wakes up, looking up at his mother first, a little hand reaching, which probably makes the cutest picture, ever. Well, until the next one, and IT will be the cutest. Shisuth croons and then trundles closer, unwilling to be left out of the family picture, her big head sweeping down to hover behind the dark-eyed pair. Wyn grins and nods to Ash, "Another please.. she wants in.." and the greenrider grins. The presence of the big dragon head makes Darius kick and coo, mouth working at a grin even though he's not very good at it yet. "Yes.. I do hope he impresses..I'm so happy for him to have been searched.. we just miss him a lot.." and she smiles up at the girl. "We would both like that.." she agrees then waits, hoping for a clear shot of the trio.

Fortunately for the pair, Ash has had plenty of experience with gadgets and cameras are no exception. The lens swirls and focuses on the scene rapidly, taking advantage of the fleeting smiles Darius offers, several click-whirrs announcing the shots. "Such a poser," she coos encouragement to the infant before taking a few more shots while his mood is pleasant before lowering the camera, not wanting to waste the film. "I know it's hard being away from those you love. I miss my family a lot up here. I can't even begin to imagine what it's like being away from your weyrmate." She leans back on her haunches, looking at the trio for a moment more before offering the camera back.

Wyn waits for the pictures to be taken then she takes the camera back and sets it down, trading it for the baby. She pats him and rocks a little while she talks to her friend, "Well.. yes.. it's harder than I expected but.. we have it to do and in the end if he finds his lifemate, that's what matters," she says with a smile. Darius is back asleep and the greenrider looks to the dragon's head, which now lies on the blanket, happily inserted into the thick of the action and conversation. Wyn hrms then lays the baby on his belly along the dragon's snout and the expression is really near priceless. She gets the camera quickly and snapsnapsnaps before the dragon croons and wrinkles her muzzle. She peers at Shisuth then nods and moves the baby to her lap and turns to Ash, "Would you mind me taking your picture?" and she glances back at the dragon and nods a little before looking back to the girl for an answer.

N'drei settles Darius in her lap and takes up the camera then just as she's about to snap the picture the green lifts her head and angles around, huffing a breath toward the tech, tousling her hair. "I… don't think the picture is for your family.." she says bemusedly. The dragon stays just like that, waiting for Ash to turn her head and look, eyes whirling, tail slithering side to side. "She wants a photo of herself with her candidate.. if you'll agree to stand that is.." the greenrider says with a gentle smile to the techy, waiting to snap the shot at just the right moment.

"Well," is all Ash can manage for a moment, amusement bubbling up at this development. She does turn and look at the green, her hazel eyes meeting the swirling hues of Shisuth. "Why not?" She grins broadly, down on one knee in her half turned posture. "Can't be any worse than the first time, right?" There's a gleam in her eyes that shows she's teasing the dragon and rider slightly. "I hear the ends justify the means." And with a titter she finally holds still for the shot.

*SNAP!* Perfect picture, candidate and searching dragon nose to snout, the human portion grinning, the dragon portion whirling. Wyn puts the baby on the blanket and the camera in a bag and then draws out a white knot, offering it on open palm to Ash, "That's what I hear.." she says of ends and means. "Good luck, Ash.. maybe your mate is in there this time," she says with an encouraging smile. Darius stirs and squirms around, having had all he can take of nap time, "And there's my cue.. He needs changed and fed and I need to get these pictures developed.." she says. She starts to climb to her feet and pack things up, strapping a little baby harness onto herself as she does so, "Now you can finish your ride in peace.." and she grins.

Laughing, Ash nods as she takes the knot from Wyn. "Maybe so. I suppose we'll find out once those shells crack." She glances towards the dun mare and then back to squirmy Darius. "Looks like it'll be my last ride for a while, so I'd best enjoy it, no?"

N'drei grins some and straps in the baby then grasps her riding straps, "Yep.. you know the drill.. get reported in and get to work.. Oh and Ash.. don't tell Pral about the pictures.. Gonna surprise him.. ok?" she says then heaves herself up onto the green and waves before the pair trundles off down the hill.

Shisuth> Jayashri senses that Shisuth's shows her happiness in the faint reminiscence of a pine grove with branches swaying joyously toward the sky. The rich scent of fresh needles sweeps the senses and somewhere in the distance soft crooning joins the sounds of the verdant forest.

Camera is eyed momentarily. "If you could get a double print of that last shot, I'd be much obliged." She offers another of her familiar grins. "I think I'll want a memento." She stands then, heading toward the mare. "Thanks." A chuckle. "I think." And with a nod of acknowledgment for the request she mounts up and heads off for one last ride.