~~*~~ Fort Weyr - Dragon Infirmary ~~*~~

This huge cavern of smooth stone arches upwards to a rounded ceiling, high enough for even the largest of Golds to fit comfortably. Along the walls of the cavern are many carved out and worn smooth couches for injured dragons to rest on, most with a cot alongside for the dragon's rider to sleep.
Tables line the other walls, movable so they can be taken to the dragon instead of making the dragon come to it. Bolts of cloth, thread, needles and cabinet after cabinet of remedies and equipment take up the rest of the space. Two huge double doors lead out to the Center Bowl.

People: N'drei R'oc Pralius Sado Flavia Lyana Jayashri (briefly)
Dragons: Nasheth

Ah the life of a dragon healer. In this corner, in all blue, he sports a torn claw, in the other corner, in all brown, his tail is nearly as thick as his belly. The former is being treated with a bit of numbweed while N'drei talks to the brownrider about his dragon's thick tail and why oh why he was allowed to eat SO much. The smallish brown dragon is slurping something from a bucket and crooning in a sort of baleful manner, those herdbeasts don't taste so good /now/ do they!?

Pralius pushes the door open carefully, still the oldest of the candidates he's leading the few assigned to the dragon infirmary today through those very doors. Some young, some older, some local, some from out-Weyr. Candidacy has truly come to Fort. He glances up at Wyn and grins, "Okay, all. Those of you who are new to Fort likely haven't met our compliment of DragonHealers yet." He indicates first Wyn, then the two others on staff, "These are N'drei, green Shisuth's, Sh'tan, brown Hirath's, and Gloria." He smirks, "We've been assigned to do your dirty work today, what can we help with?"

And there the tall young man walks in behind Pralius, a few other candidates. The stoic young figure moves to look around the room, nodding as the introductions come. The coffee colored eyes grazing and studying everyone in the room a moment longer, his silence still remains. His arms slide into his pocket, his sight suddenly looking at that giant tail and wondering what happened to the brown.

There is a sound a half croon, warble of pain, the bronze draconic image moves intot the infirmary. Every step making Nasheth warble towards his rider that walks before him. R'oc patting him softly on his side, he looks and see's the candidates and the healers. "Well hello there everyone, seems Nash had an accident and well. Show em big guy." The bronze warbles in pain when his wing is extended, and there is a tear in his wing. "He tried to do a trick and ended up catching his wing on the wall." The bronze looks towards Wyn and then turns his head to look at his wing, rumbling softly for her to fix his boo boo.

N'drei looks up from her lecture of the brownrider and smiles at Pralius and the other candidiates. She nods toward the brown, who, for purposes of his ailment, is stationed furthest from the other dragons in something akin to a stall, walled on both sides, containment you see. "Stay with him.. you'll feel better when he does.." she says to the young girl. Wyn walks over toward the group and smiles, "Well, as luck would have it.. it shouldn't be too long before you have quite a bit to help with.." and she glances to the constipated dragon. "But until then.. the less dirty work can be your choices of.. inventory of supplies.. and some records collecting on the patients who have not been checked in yet.." And there's the bronze. Wyn turns and nods to R'oc, "We'll fix him up.." then to the candidates, "Wash your hands in redwart..then oil up.. it may take more than one set of hands to see to this wing tear..one of you get gauze..and an extra jar of numbweed.." and she turns, taking up a jar herself and reaching to drag a step ladder closer. "Take it easy..we'll make it stop hurting," she says in a soothing tone, climbing up to start slathering the good goop on him.

Pralius blanches slightly. "Thick tail." It's murmured like a quiet curse before he nods, opening his mouth to accept a task when R'oc enters and his jaw drops a little, "oh, Nash." The bronze may scare the… thick tail out of him sometimes, but he was still a friend. He casts R'oc an apologetic look before moving swiftly to the redwort and oil, washing thoroughly in both before he grabs a pot of nubweed, pointing out the gauze on a nearby shelf and moves back, "R'- Sir. Could you… ah…" So used to being in charge in an infirmary, "Is anything hurt but the wing?"

There the tall young man eyes the the new dragon, as soon as he pain is seen in the dragon's eyes. He takes a deep breath, and there is a small twitch on his lips, yes a frown. "I will get the gauze then." Sado then moves and holds the gauze up to N'drei. "Here you go miss." The dry tone sayin while he looks at the hurt wing. "It looks like it hurts."

Nasheth croons softly towards Wyn, the soothing words of Wyn make the dragon's head turn away as he extends his wing so she can better look at it. "Don't worry big guy it's going to be okay….Wyn is an amazing healer." Then he turns his head towards Pralius and then nods. "I'm not sure he's really only been talking about his wing." He shifts and looks at the new candidate that moves through the doors. "Well look at that…nice to see you got a nice load of candidates to help." Nasheth flinches and pats his feet on the ground and his eyes look around the room, a croon escaping from deep within his throat. "Nash….anything else hurt buddy?" But the bronze can do little but whine about the tear in his wing.

Flavia is much like any other person a sucker for traveling in packs, and so the fact that's theres people congregating here seems to be an odd pull. Or there was a rumour about the bowl that there was a hurt dragon and various candidates were helping, so here she is. Hair piled on top of her head with a scarf she peeks into the infirmary before scooting in and staying out of the way while she offers vocally "Is there anything I can do?"

N'drei only smiles when Pralius relies on his healer's instinct to start to work and she nods in agreement of his question regarding other wounds. She's smearing on numbweed as she speaks, smiling down at Sado, "Thanks.." when he offers the gauze, and she sets it on the outstretched wing. "With the size of a dragon and their.. ability to disrupt the entire infirmary.. getting them numbed is an important first step.. does anyone know what else the numbweed does to help?" she asks. She gently urges the edge of the wing down to show the tear a little, "Here, between the cartilages.. the flesh has no support.. and while good for flying, can be torn easily.." She smiles at R'oc and nods her head, "We'll fix him up.." then she looks to the group. "This tear will need some help, however..so someone get me a few small reeds from the shelf.."

Pralius nods, echoing Wyn's, "We'll get him fixed up, sir." Her question being easily at the apprentice level, he scurries to retrieve the reeds so that the other candidates can answer on their own. He returns with a few sizes of reed and, in a moment of instinct, needle and thread. He doesn't know if she already has some or not. He nods a quick welcome to Flavia as she enters and motions towards the pots of redwort and oil, "Wash thoroughly in both, redwort first."

Where there's commotion there always seems to be an Ash. Or at least that's how it may often seem. The girl either has a nose for trouble of the cogs of coincidence like to propel her tumultously forward. Whatever the case may be, the sound of her light footsteps is counterpointed by humming as she sashays up from the living caverns. Entering with a laden tray smelling of klah and baked goods, sweet and savory alike. Her tune continues unabated as she sets the tray down on a nearby counter before yaking in the scene with a double blink. "Well, am I interrupting?" she asks apologetically.

Sado nods and then having given her the gauze he stands there watching the skin pulling the flesh to one side. He looks and a shiver seems to shake up his spine, for what reason he will not say. The young man hears the question he thinks. "If I remember wasn't it good for….reducing fever?" There he just remembers only slightly hearing it once before, though if he's right he does not know. He then looks to N'drei and asks the woman. "Is there anything I can get for you?"

"Don't worry big guy." The bronzer moves to his side patting him softly, his hand calming the giant beast. There is a growl that comes from deep within his throat as the skin is pulled back. He turns quickly towards the healer as she works on him, numbweed taking a bit longer to take affect.

Flavia nods thankfully at Pralius before moving towards the redwort and the oil, attending to that task even as she keeps an ear to the happenings near the bronze. The question asked by Wyn has her brow furrowing in thought, even as she finishes washing her hands. "Is it something to do with keeping the ichor in?" comes the hesitant answer, clearly she's not one used to such lessons either. Her attention goes back to Nasheth at the growl, sympathy in her gaze.

N'drei smiles at Flavia and nods as she is guided to wash and oil up too then she nods to Sado, "Get those reeds from Pralius and pull up a step stool.. and I'll need a suture kit with a metre's worth of thread I think.." she says with a nod. "There now you should be feeling better.." she says softly toward the bronze and waits for an answers. She shakes her head gently at Sado's then nods fo Flavia, "Yes, it aids with clotting of ichor..not just pain." She holds up the wing a little again and points out the places where the flesh is missing, "This can not be stitched together.. scarring of wings is a deterrent to the dragon's flying abilities.. yes..they can manage it but.. anything we can do to keep from adding scar tissue is a good thing..so.. we will attach a reed cage atop this portion of wing and then stretch medicated gauze across it to encourage the flesh to grow back over.. this one isn't too bad.. he will likely be down 10-14 days.. sometimes you have to suture..but.. this is a better solution if possible. So. If you find a numbweed plant.. you can probably just break a leaf and use the sap right?" she asks, a brow lifting.

"False I believe……doesn't numbweed need to be made useable first?" The young man's voice asks, his expression as the dragon growls stays quite steady. Then when she asks he moves towards Pralius grabbing a few reeds and grabbing one of the step stools moving towards the Dragon healer. "Is this fine right here miss?" There is polite interest as he watches the wing and healer interact. Then he turns to the weyrleader and watches him patting his dragon into a calm, he then asks. "Sir….does your bronze not know she will care for him….why the touch and the reminder?" THere he goes with his questions again.

The bronzer looks to the dragon as he looks and croons softly now at Wyn, the touch not being felt too bad now. "See big guy…there…" Oh a question coming from the silent guy, hrm he looks over and grins. "So Nash you afraid that Wyn can't take care of you?" He asks Nash who looks at the boy and huffs a heavy breath towards him, eyes looking over the young man before he turns his giant head back to Wyn, licking her to show his confidence. "It's nothing Sado, just me trying to get the big baby to not cry too much." The bronze doesn't deny the fact that he likes being tended to.

Flavia ,hands now washed in redwort and oil approaches the group. "Makes the caverns stink forever when you have to watch the pots of it too." her nose wrinkles in remembrance, no doubt she's been given that task before. Eyes are on the wing and the tear, trying to perhaps get a feel for the way that N'drei is speaking of repairing it. Though from her next comments she's still listening to what others are saying "Its kind of like talking anyone through something when they're hurt right? You always like to hear that other people trust them too."

Lyana 's expression is a mixture of disgust and relief, the ink on her fingertips offering a hint that perhaps the Weyr Harper didn't let her out of her hated music theory after all. In her hands is a tray with some mugs and a large, fresh pot of klah, the people within the infirmary not forgotten amongst their draconic patients. Though her gait was slow to begin with, in taking care not to spill the klah, she stops in her tracks, emerald eyes gone wide at the sight of the tear. "Oh jays… what happened?"

N'drei pauses and looks around for a senior healer, motioning him over to have a look at the tear, just to be sure. He nods to her and says a few quiet words then she smiles and nods her head, "Thank you, sir." She smiles at Pralius and nods, "Hands likely.. and numbweed.. we need to numb a few tacking points along the wingbone where the gauze will be attached.." she explains. "And that is correct, the leaves are crushed and boiled for use. Numbweed sap can blister the skin when touched in its raw form." She smiles at Flavia and nods, "It sure does stink," she agrees then a nod to Sado at his question of where to stand, "That will do fine.. there are plenty of stools for any who want to be up a bit to watch. The reeds will help make the frame of gauze secure.." and she runs her finger along a wingbone then hrms, "Though he may not need it.. with the placement of this wound right between two bones. I suppose if I didn't have numbweed I could just give him fellis, yes?" she asks without looking up, though she nods to Pralius, "Numbweed.." and points along the wingbone. The lick makes her grin some and she even blushes, giving him a fond little pat with the back of her hand, careful not to numb his snout. "Wing tear.. Pralius would you give her a run down please?" she asks him.

Pralius hoists his large frame onto one of those stools holding his hands up where she can direct them, "Raw numbweed is actually findable simply by bruising the leaves of the plant, but it's very harsh and stings. It should only be used in dire circumstances. As to fellis, well." He grins, waiting to see what others say. When he spots Lyana he nods, doing as Wyn requests, "Lyana, don't panic. Just scrub up in the redwort and oil and we'll find something for you to hold."

Sado eyes the tear very carefully turning only to listen to what they say. "What I mean isn't knowing that she will care….nevermind….I seem to always put myself in that same situation, the whole knowing not the wing tear." He explains making sure they don't think he's trying to fly, or has wings. The young man turns back to watch Wyn do her work, though he misses the other interaction, he seems so interested in the wing and what it looks like on the inside. He shrugs at the next question not knowing at all if that is allowed or possible at all. "So is their skin the same….or rather does a dragon's skin heal like a person's?" Oh the interest more in what he's doing than the person…finally.

Nasheth rubs his big head into her hand and then the numbing seems already having taken affect. The dragon now notices others around the room, oh look theres a girl….another girl….Pralius…..oooh R'oc……wait Pralius….the giant head swings around to the healer. The giant round eyes whirl and he shakes a bit, R'oc suddenly moves to the dragon's muzzle and then pats him. "Whoa there…calm down big guy…it's okay….it's okay were friends." The bronze eyes the man and says something that makes the bronzer shake his head but grin. "No….he's a candidate…." Wonder what they are talking about.
Flavia finds herself a stool to scoot over so that she might get a better look as well. So far she hasn't gotten squeamish over anything so hopefully her stomach holds. "Just if you want me to do anything let me know, I'm good at 'Here hold this, or go stand there'" she tosses a grin at Pralius, since he likely has a clue of where she could be helping. "So, if there is enough room between bones to spread the gauze you might not have to use the reed cage that you were talking about?" There's a curious glance towards R'oc at his comments to the bronze.

Lyana blinks once, nodding quickly and hastening to deposit the tray of klah on a nearby table; the deep, faintly cinnamon-spice scent somehow manages to cut through the more antiseptic odors permeating the infirmary, offering promises of a brief respite to those assisting Nasheth. A Healer, within earshot of Pralius, takes Lyana aside the moment she sets the tray down, showing her the proper way to scrub up—first with the redwort, then the oil. The whole time, she keeps glancing back over her shoulder with a worried frown at Nasheth. "Looks like that hurt… how can tears like that happen?"

N'drei grins up at Pralius and nods her head, "Thank you," she says to him for his answer and his aide then she looks to Flavia, "Well moreso if the bones are close enough to brace it properly.. down toward the ends.. there's no bone to use to secure it.. or perhaps if the tear was deeper.. this doesn't need to last long because his hide till mend fairly quickly.. he just can't fly as soon.. just because the flesh grows over..doesn't mean it can withstand the pressure of flight.." She smiles as Lyana joins the group and then pats the big bronze, "See with his rider here and the numbweed at work..he's calm and compliant.. sometimes with more serious wounds we have to find a gold to settle them down.." she says with a nod. "What is worse is when the rider is wounded badly too, the dragon reacts much more wildly then..at least in my experience..It can be a tricky situation." She takes a needle and gauze and lays the gauze in place and begins to tac it, forming a little barrier over the torn wing. "Sometimes.. if a piece is torn off.. we put it back on using this method..well..I've heard of that.. never seen it myself yet.." She smiles at R'oc, "Almost done.. I'd like him to remain here so we can monitor the wound.." she says as she works.

Pralius nods, "no problem." It's not that he doesn't hear R'oc's side of the conversation, it's that he's all too aware of what it's about. Attempting to keep things light, he murmurs, "No, you can't eat me, Nash." He places his hands where indicated after passing along another jar of numbweed, "Fellis is a controlled substance for humans now, given only for serious injuries, be they physical or emotional." He goes thoughtful for a moment, "Didn't I read somewhere that fellis is poisonous to dragons?"

"No he wanted to do something a lot meaner than that." The bronzer states but then laughs. "Just be lucky you got searched." Yes yes it seems the man is finally smiling and laughing, the way he's meant to be. Nasheth turns back towards the people around his booboo and watches them carefully. Small light warm warbles going out to everyone.

<OOC> N'drei will need to be posing out on her turn.. but the dragon with the thick tail is about to feel much better (ie..poo to clean up) so you guys can certainly continue as long as you wish! Thanks SO much for the RP, all of you!

Flavia says "Fellis is? I hadn't heard that, but then I haven't really had much practice with such patients before." she smiles up at Nasheth at the sound of his warbles, though there's a bit of a question in her eyes. "Why's he got it out for you Pralius?" is asked of her recently found out sib as she watches N'drei go about her work."

"Correct.. Fellis is poisonous to all dragonkin.. never ever use it on them.." N'drei warns, her expression very serious. She smiles and looks to the wing, now bandaged properly and she gathers up the needle and extra gauze and turns to look at the candidates, "You guys did great..and maybe learned a little about what we do here.. and maybe a little more about dragons.." And then. There is a sound. Followed by a smell. N'drei has to stifle a laugh then inclines her head toward the stall with the used-to-be-thick tailed brown, "Now then, I believe you will see firsthand the effects of letting your dragon overeat.. while you help clean out that stall.. the brownrider will be happy to explain to you just what NOT to do.." and she nods to the group. "Thanks again!" With that, she'll clean up her mess and take her leave.