Wilderness - Jungle Trail

It is hot in here day or night, and it might be getting darker out, or the trees are growing denser. Either way, it is getting harder to see, and the only plainly visible place is the path that you stand on. Beautiful trees and colorful flowers adorn the ground on either side of you. The sweet smell of pollen lets your mind wander as you walk down this place. Creeping vines hang over the trees as if dragons had carried and dropped them to where they lay as carefully as they deliver runners. The natural compass of the trees and your own eyes tell you which direction you're heading. To the south, it becomes denser, but the sweetness seems to come from that direction. To the southwest, it becomes darker still in this jungle. Your last possibility is to leave the thinning jungle and return to civilization.

Fruit has been found, the location carefully made note of by several dragonriders. Now in the bowl, preparations have been made to get the fruit and bring it back for the residents of Fort Weyr. Every able dragon is loaded up, straps checked, outfitted out to carry passengers and cargo. In the middle of it all sits Irelanth, the pale speckled brown looking excited. He extends his head toward the tall young man adjusting his straps and rumbles quietly. M'lo slaps the pale hide affectionately. "It'll be fun," he says. "You'll see." Then he turns to the assembled weyrfolk and looks around for volunteers. "We're ready," he announces. "Who's riding with us?"

Pralius emerges from the lower caverns dressed a bit more ruggedly than usual in stiff boots, rope tying this pants down over them. A wide-brimmed hat rests atop his head for shade. His usual shoulder bag has been replaced with a much larger copy, likely filled with jars and bags. If he's going to the southern continent, he might as well gather herbs while he's there, right? He glances up at Milo, then grins, "Hey, there, Milo. Irelanth. I hope there are plenty for transport."

Flavia is outfitted for Southern weather as well as the growth that goes along with it, machete in a sheath her side and a basket slung over her shoulder she mills about the bowl with the rest of the folk that are going. As M'lo speaks she perks up, all ready to head out it seems. "Um, I suppose I can. Wherever is fine, though." she waves brightly towards Pralius, a hand going to her own hat to be sure she hasn't forgotten it no doubt.

A chance to help ease things at Fort? Count Sertorius in! There might be some recognition to be had here! Which is more than enough reason to go. Without another thought, he makes his way to the group forming in the bowl. "Any more room for another passenger?" he inquires, tilting his head, a bit of a smirk on his face. He's dressed normally, light but sturdy clothes. His bronze firelizard, Blaesus, clings to his shirt over his shoulder.

Small, dainty and delicate, Maglinoth is certainly dwarfed by the rest of the assembled dragons being likely the smallest green in the region. Even so, she's outfitted in her cheery sunshine yellow straps and seems ready to cart back as much fruit as her tiny frame will allow. She certainly makes a bright contrast to the pale speckly form of Irelanth that she's crouched next to, her wings furled elegantly against her sides. It's not that hard to miss her rider, Ely, considering that bright amber hair is almost a beacon, despite the fact she's currently tucking the thick mass underneath her riding helmet. Whatever she might be dressed in for the jaunt south is covered in her riding gear, though there's a small bag clipped to her dragon's straps that might contain tools, supplies or extra clothing. "Ready when you are, love," she says warmly to M'lo as she steps up, making final adjustments to straps, gear and the like. She does manage to wave tot hose she knows - Pralius and Flavia being among them.

M'lo nods and grins at Pralius. "The main idea is to bring back food you know," he tells the Healer in a wry voice. He looks around at the other assembled dragons - there are at least a dozen, of ever color but gold. "Yeah, we have enough. They'll be coming back and forth as people fill their bags and baskets." He makes a stirrup of his hands and jerks his head toward Irelanth with his eyes fixed on Pralius. "Up you go," he says. There's a smile for Flavia, too. "Right, then. You can sit behind him. I've got room for one more!" he bellows. Ely gets a warm smile, but she's got her own ride, after all.

Joan is more than prepared for this voyage. After all he's a native of the southern continent, he knows what to expect from the area is well prepared for it. "I'll go with you M'lo if you got room, that way I can at least see how good my repair job was on those riding straps of yours." With a bag over his shoulder and hat on his head, Joan moves over toward the brown dragon and his rider so as to climb aboard the great brown beast. The entire time he has a smile on his face, as he thinks of being back home. "Which area of Southern are we going to anways M'lo?" he asks, trying to hold back his enthusiasim

Pralius chuckles, taking Milo's hand to pull himself up into the straps before extending his own hand down to Flavia, "Doesn't mean I can't keep my eyes out for herbs while we're there, right." He glances back down at Flavia with a wave to Ely, "C'mon, Flavia," 'sis' just doesn't come naturally yet, "You ever ridden a dragon before?"

Flavia reaches up easily to clasp Pralius' hand and hauls herself up. "Been on a dragon a time or two before, sometimes need to go faster or farther than a runner can take me." her grin is wide as she waves forward to Irelanth and M'lo "Thanks for the lift! It'll be good to get some fresh fruit for the caverns again."

Sertorius will board whichever dragon has room for him. He will also greet with a smile whomever he knows that is here. But for the time being he will remain quiet and listen.

Ely jerks once on the straps and checks clips and fastenings before straightening up. She gives a look over the assembled crowd of dragons, riders and residents as she fiddles with her riding helmet. "I can probably take a passenger or two if they're not /too/ heavy," she calls out to anyone else who might remain, gesturing once towards her tiny green, "Honestly. I don't bite no matter what sharding rumors you've heard." Rolling her eyes, she stays standing near Maglinoth's foreleg and waits to see if she'll get any takers for a ride. It just so happens her gaze falls on Sertorius and she jerks a thumb over her shoulder, "You. If you're coming, come and board up."

M'lo grunts a little at Pralius's weight, but not at all for Flavia or Joanethen's. He clambers up after they're all on and hangs off the straps like a monkey to make sure that everyone is trapped in. Then he sits, unsecured, backwards, so that he can face his passengers. "We're going to the jungles in the Southern continent. It's wild lands. There are no Holders around, anywhere near. They jungles are dense, and it is /not/ a good idea to wander away from the group. You might get lost, and the canopy is so thick that it would be impossible for a dragon to spot you. We'll be collecting citron fruits mostly, though there is a purple something-or-other that grows on vines. Anyone nimble enough will have to climb to get them. Stick together. Gather fruit. Don't wander off." Then he turns and rights himself in the straps and buckles in. He puts his goggles in place, fastens his riding jacket, and Irelanth surges into the air with a leap and a downsweep of his wings. The small brown isn't the first into the air, nor will he be the last, so he lets the space around him be clear of other dragons before M'lo gives the signal and they go /between/.

Sertorius follows the instructions from Ely and boards Maglinoth. He's a scrawny fellow anyway, not too heavy, so he shouldn't be too much of a problem for the green to carry. He does so without complaint, even offering a pat to the green's side as he gets up on the green's back. "Thank you," he replies, to dragon and rider both.

Joan was listening intently to the instructions the brown rider was giving and at the same time trying to prepare himself for the unreal experience of between. He could hear his heart beating in his hears at an increasing speed the entire he was listening to M'lo. It wasn't fear that had his heart racing a mile a minute, it was the excitement and the pure adrenaline rush that results from getting on top of a dragon.

Though she's decidedly late, Siobhan appears at the edge of the bowl, darting for the center as fast as her legs can carry her. "Sorry, sorry, didn't mean to be late, sorry!" Indeed, the beastcrafter looks a tad shamefaced about lollygagging, but she's apparently caught at least a few of the words of instruction Ely had offered, climbing up Maglinoth's side carefully before following Sertorius's example and offering a relieved, "Yes, thank you, Greenrider." Whew. She'd made it, if only in the nick of time.

There are the usual eight seconds of utter cold and blackness, absolute lack of any sense other than temperature against the skin, mind-numbing cold. Then Irelanth bursts out of /between/ and into the humid heat of a Southern mid-morning. Below them, the jungle extends to teh south and west. Far to the west and beyond the edges of the forst in the south there are rolling plains, but those disappear as Irelanth descends. He carefully lands in a large clearing and quickly steps to one side to make room for other landing dragons. "We're here, no one's dead, good," M'lo says, twisting around to see everyone. He unbuckles himself and swings down. All around them are fruit trees bearing a variety of citron fruits, and twining over some of the older trees are vines with prickly purple fruit. "You know what you're here for!" he calls out. He grabs his own back and saunters over to a citron tree bearing orange fruits.

First there's empty air and then with a sudden pop there's a dainty pear rgeen dragon wiht three passengers. Maglinoth sweeps her wings sevearl times, every downstroke slow and calculated as she spirals towards the ground. There's barely a rustle of foliage as she touches down, furling her wings agaisnt her sides and letting out a soft whuffing noise. Ely spares no time in unbuckling herself from the straps and, after twisting al ittle in her seat, helping her two passengers to do the same. With agility and ease of practice, she slides down the green's foreleg and helps both Sertorius and Siobhan down to the ground - though it's not a huge drop considering the size of the green. "Now try not to get lost and find fruit," she says with a smirk, crossing over to the bag suspended frm her dragon's straps. It's time to get rid of that hot and stuffy riding gear, afterall - it's so not as cold as Fort here.

Pralius chuckles, sliding down the dragon's side and onto the springy grass, "of course. We're here to harvest as much foodstuffs as we can pile onto dragons, sir." The sir is half-joking with his friend before he turns to look around the clearing, "Aaahhh, redfruit!" He heads that way, fruit bag in hand.

Flavia unbuckles herself with a deftness of one who's undone her share of runner harnesses. She slips to the ground and is off with her basket, her hat plopped on her head in the process. "I wonder if I can get up there to some of those purple fruits, they look delicious from here!"

N'drei gets wind of the expedition and joins up just as the others are landing, sliding down to the ground and taking off her riding leathers. She shakes out her hair and takes a shoulder bag from Shisuth's pack, wandering off to find some fruit as well.

It takes a herculean effort on Sertorius's part not to try and holler into the cold darkness of *between*. Just to see if he can hear himself in the nothingness. But there are more important things to concern himself with, and acting like a child takes a back-seat to this mission. His mind is very serious, very concentrated on what he's supposed to be doing. And on the words of the riders and others. "Thank you," he says once again to Ely as she assists him in dismounting from Maglinoth. Everyone seems to have brought a bag or basket of some kind, and Sertorius is no exception. He's got a large bag looped over his shoulder, hanging against the opposite hip, so it will stay secure. He doesn't immediately wander away, but as he searches for fruit, he makes sure he keeps at least one rider in sight.

Siobhan definitely takes that helping hand from Ely, offering a grateful, "Thanks a bunch" for it, too. As much as she enjoyed brief dragon rides, they were few and far between, and she was hardly practiced in the art of getting /down/ once she got up. Hitching her satchel up higher on her back, Sio unbuttons her vest for a little more breathing room in the Southern warmth and then sets off towards the trees, flickering an amicable smile in Flavia's direction. "Bet if you got a leg up, you could climb the branches up to 'em," the girl says, linking her fingers together and imitating the motion in the air, either offering or demonstrating, depending on whether the other beastcrafter wanted assistance.

M'lo sheds his jacket as he goes and lays it folded neatly on the ground under his tree. Then he shucks his heavy trousers as well, to reveal some lighter, knee-length shorts underneath. The goggles he keeps, because they give him a comical, half-rakish appearance, and serve the dual purpose of keeping his long hair out of his eyes. "Sir?" he asks Pralius. "Hah! That just sounds /weird/ coming from you, man." He shrugs at Flavia. "Go for it, girl," he encourages. "I've heard they're tasty, whatever they're called." He clutches his sack in his teeth and jumps. His shirt rides up to show a solidly muscled stomach, and then his hands latch onto a low branch and he hauls himself onto it. It doesn't take him long to start filling the bag with the round orange fruits. "Pickin' fruit to take back home!" he sings loudly, with a white-toothed grin at anyone nearby, particularly amber-haird greenriders. "Glad I'm not pickin' fruit alone! Fill up the bags and fill 'em up high! Maybe the cooks will make some pie!"

/between/ was like nothing Joan had ever experience before. As they came out from the void and landed on the ground, he took one long deep inhaltion of air. "Home," he thought to himself as the familiar smell of the sea that filled his nostrils, "I'm really back home!" Unbuckling himself from the brown dragon and making sure he's still in one piece, Joan quickly dismounts. As he lands on the ground, he turns to great beast and, looking straight into the many faceted eye, says "Thank you for the ride Irelanth, that was just unbelieveable!" And with that he sheds his jacket, quickly climbs up the nearest tree, and starts picking the succulent varieties of fruit and places them in his bag.

Pralius' face bursts into a big grin when Shisuth appears, "Wyn! Over here!" Big wave for his mate, "Red and Orangefruit over here."

Wyn glances toward her singing brother and just sort of blinks then shakes her head and moves on to find something to pick. She smiles and wanders toward Pral then starts to pick the orange ones, a few red too, trying to keep the balance even between the two.

Ely slides her fingers down the front of her riding jacket, carefully flinging the thing open to expose a thin cotton blouse the color of cream that's obviously a lot more suited to the weather. Worming her fingers underneath her goggles and helmet, she strips them off and lets her amber hair fall loose - or as loose as it can be in a thick plait. Even the thick wherhide pants are stripped off in due course to reveal pale tan shorts that leave most of her legs bare except for her sturdy footwear. Soon the contents of the bag are unearthed as she extracts a woven sun hat from within and plops it on her head easily with a faint smirk. Slinging a bag over her shoulder, she pushes her way through the low foliage and off towards the nearest fruit trees. Not that she gets far - the sight of M'lo's muscled abs is enough to have her halt in her tracks, something of a grin spreading over her lips. Tilting her sun hat up a little with the tip of one finger, she arches a brow up at him, "How are we supposed to get any work done at all with you flashing everyone in sight? Not that /I/ mind." To start with, she opts to go for some lower hanging fruit, casting a sidelong glance at Pral and Wyn, "Darius with the nannies, then?"

Irelanth blows life-scented air at Joanethen as he rumbles and dips his enormous head to acknowledge the young man's thanks. Then he closes his inner lids and basks in the warmth.

Flavia beams at Siobhan "That's not a bad idea. You mind giving me a leg up?" she moves in the direction of the other Beastcrafter and gestures upwards "Seems that might as well start at the top and work my way down before I'm really tired from all the sun."

Galina has been here all along, of course, brought by another rider with a few other people. It's easy to miss her among the others, especially given that she's in a broad-brimmed hat, a plain linen shirt with sleeves rolled up to her elbows, and earth-toned trousers and boots in contrast to her usual color scheme. She has a satchel over one shoulder, a basket braced against her hip, and she seems intent on poking around one tree in particular that seems to have plenty of citron fruit hanging from it. Unhelpfully, Cyanosis is curled on a lowhanging branch that's just /barely/ out of reach.

Sertorius is taking all this very seriously. He's not just picking fruit at random, no. He's carefully choosing only the best pieces, those that will survive the trip through the numbing cold on the return trip. He's even got his firelizard looking for pieces, too. Though getting him to retrieve them is difficult. And getting the bronze not to eat them first is harder still! "Hey!" he calls out, shooing Blaesus from a particularly nice redfruit. "I saw that first!" The firelizard squawks angrily, looking like he's going to nip at Sertorius…but thinks better of it, and flies to another branch. "Sharding thing…" Sertorius mutters, picking the fruit before it can be eaten.

M'lo laughs down at Ely. "Dunno," he calls down to her. "It's so sharding hot here. I might have to take off my shirt /entirely/." He laughs again, and picks some more of the fruit. It doesn't take him all that long to fill up the bag, really, and he drops out of the tree to deposit that bag next to his lifemate. He looks around at all the people gathering, and inhales the humid air. "Good turnout," he says.

Siobhan flashes a return grin and nods, lining up with a tree and lowering her linked fingers to an appropriate stepping height. "No problem, step here and I'll hoist you up." Squinting up in the general direction that Flavia gestured, Sio quirks an eyebrow with a contemplative nod. "You know, that might be the best idea, doing all the climbing while you're fresh and ennervated from Fort's cold. Good job." Obviously appreciative of the plan, the teen nods to show she's ready to lift Flavia whenever the other girl was ready!

Well, now. That's not going to do. Redwort skitters out from Between to hunt down another branch to claim for himself, only to find one that's not terribly far from where Blaesus seems to be at. Much rattling and hissing ensues. Galina, on the other hand, discards of the basket and moves around the tree she's at, only to pull herself into the thing with calculated movements. If the fruit won't come to her, then she'll just come to the fruit!

Joan had just about filled his bag half way full with fresh fruit when a familar *pop* sound appeared over head. 'Right on time,' he thought to himself as he felt Clott affectionately rubbing his head against Joans. Spying a particularly large and very ripe fruit hanging from a nearby tree, Joan turns to Clott, "Love, do you think you could go bring that fruit to me? Just fly over and bring it here if you can, but don't go between to get it alright?" he says to the little brown firelizard, also reinforcing the instructions metally. With a chrip, Clott performs the task with ease as he lands the fruit right into Joan's waiting hand. "Thanks love." Joan says appreciatively. Having heard only low conversations between those who were close by, he lets out a mighty bellow, "HEY, how's everyone doing so far? Is it looking like we'll get to eat tonight?" he asks humorously.

Flavia says "Yeah, sometimes I've got a good idea or two." she approaches Siobhan and gently places her booted foot in the other girls laced fingers. "Ready when you are, just that branch right there." she gestures above her head at a fairly sturdy looking branch. "After that I'll lean down and haul you up too?""

Pralius moves over towards Flavia and Sertorius, "Need another hand?" He cups his hands together to offer a balancing hand, "Steady there?"

With Pral on the move Shisuth edges closer to help Wyn, craning her head up to clamp on a branch and pull it downward gently. The greenrider grins some and reaches to pat her mate's neck, "Thank you dear," she says to the pretty green.

Oh yes, Blaesus will indeed hiss if someone's planning on taking his branch. His perch! No one else's! HSSSS! The commotion draws Sertorious's eye upward, and he sighs, rolling his eyes. "Oh shells, Blaesus…knock it off," he grumbles. "It's a /tree/ go find another one to sit in." As he picks a fruit and puts it in his bag. Pralius's question comes, and he offers a smile. "I think they might," he states. "But thank you." He smiles. He hasn't gotten into the trees yet, but he's planning on it. Climbing up things was a common way of hiding as a child, so…up he goes…shimmy, shimmy, shimmy. Fact, he's climbing a rather tall tree….

Ely tilts her sun hat a bit higher, the sun filtering through it making a crosshatch sort of pattern on her face. It does nothing to hide the wicked grin that's spreading as she eyes M'lo sidelong, "I don't know. There /are/ a lot of other women around. And I might be too busy /ogling/ rather than picking fruit." To tell the truth, she's spent more time watching M'loat the moment than actually picking anything. Seeming to notice this, she clears her throat and starts to shovel fruit into her shoulder bag a bit more quickly. Maglinoth seems to be enjoying herself thoroughly - though she's doing nothing more than sunbathing at the moment. Wings spread, she lets the rays soak into her dappld wingsails.

Siobhan chuckles, a mirthful look appearing in her eyes. "I bet you've got more than one or two, you just don't share them all. But sure, if you wanna lift me up afterwards, I'd appreciate the hand." Making sure she had a good hold of Flavia's foot, the beastcrafter sets her shoulders, tucks her legs, and lifts with her back, aiming to lift the girl to the branch she had indicated. She's a bit too preoccupied at the moment to respond to Pralius's request, but perhaps there's a nod there, as if both a hand up and a foothold would be welcome when it comes her turn to scale the tree.

M'lo watches as Siobhan offers to help Flavia into a tree and grins at the sight. "People are really getting into it," he says to Irelanth, and grabs another sack for fruit. He ambles over to Galina and nods at her up in her tree. "Candidate," he says. "Good to see you." He turns at the sound of Joan's bellowing and laughs. "Tomorrow, there might be bubbly pies!" he shouts back, all excited by the idea. He grins at Ely. "I'll keep my shirt /on/, then," he assures her.

Joan shambles down the tree with Clott flying overhead. As he lands he checks on the contents of his now completely filled bag, making sure none of the precious cargo was bruised or damaged upon his landing. Seeing that his bounty hadn't been bruised at all, he makes his way towards the sun bathing Irelanth. "Well looks like a good haul today!" he says outloud, forgetting that Irelanth was basking in the warm sun, "Oh, my apologies Irelanth."

Flavia uses the lift to snag the branch above her head easily enough and from that she hauls herself up and over it. A leg is hooked before she stretches out flat on said branch so that she can offer a hand up to Siobhan. "Alright, I think I'm good to give you a hand up, worst happens we both end up in a pile." and from her grin she's likely teasing so its only a small chance. Floppy hat even managed to survive the trip up! "Canines are your thing right? Don't see you much down at the stables really." conversation begins to flow as she gets into the spirit of it all.

Irelanth ignores Joan. He's good at that. Sun, good. Shouting, none of his business. Bask, bask.

Redwort will not yield! Wings flare and he stomps his wee, 'lizardly feet over one part of his chosen branch that has quite a few bits of fruit hanging on it. The ruckus finally draws Galina's attention, the young woman tipping her hat up slightly to peer at the brown … and then at the bronze and, further, to the young man shimmying in that tree. "Redwort. /Cease/." The brown doesn't stop posturing, though he does fall silent — just ignore the fact that his mouth is still gaped and his wings are all mantled and furious. /His/ branch. As for the healer-turned-candidate, she's seated side-saddle on her branch, which doesn't require her to turn overly much when M'lo speaks to her. There's just a slight nod of her head in response.

Sertorius reaches out from his perch up the tree and nabs Blaesus off the neighboring branch, leaning dangerously far from the tree. The bronze gives a squawk of surprise, suddenly funding himself nabbed, and turns instinctively to bite Sertorius. "OW! HEY!" He doesn't drop the little bronze, though. That might get Blaesus hurt. "Ow, you little terror." He returns the firelizard to his shoulder. "Now you stay there," he instructs, and goes back to picking the fruit. He's also keeping an eye on the others, to make sure everyone's all right. Because he's being so picky about what he collects, it takes him longer to fill up his bag. But once he does, he brings it over to Ely and/or Maglinoth.

M'lo kind of cracks up when Irelanth ignores Joanethen. "You sure are chatty with my dragon," he says, sidling up to the young smith. "Sorry he's being rude." He turns to the small, pale brown, and assumes a stern expression. "Love of my life," he says to Irelanth. "That's no way to treat someone. Why don't you apologieze and help Joanethen here out?" Irelanth cracks open a whirling blue-green eye and rumbles. M'lo claps a hand to his mouth to hide his smile, and nods a couple of times. Irelanth sighs like a bellows and heaves himself to his feet. He might be a small brown, but he's /still/ a dragon, and he's immense. He towers over Joanethen. And you know, dragons have hands, sort of. With thumbs and everything. Before the smith can say boo, Irelanth reaches his paws forward and wraps them gently around Joanethen. And he picks him up. And up and up, raising on his hind legs until he holds Joanethen well over the heads of everyone around, including most of those who've swarmed up into trees. Incidentally, Joan is now within easy reach of some of that purple fruit. M'lo doubles over with laughter and Irelanth tilts an enormous eye at Joan. Ripples of opalescence wash over everyone in the immediate vicinity - Irelanth's mental laughter.

Siobhan openly laughs at that, hesitating only long enough to see what the others were up to before reaching up and clasping on to Flavia's hand. "I trust you won't squish me to death, then. I've been told that if I break any more bones, I've got to mend them myself." There'a good-natured twinkle in her eye for that, and then the beastcrafter is using Flavia's hand for support to scramble her boots up the side of the tree and swing a leg over the same branch. "Whew, thanks for that. I would never have been tall enough to get up here on my own." Pushing to her feet, Sio takes a leap for the next limb over before answering, giving the other girl room to get up. "Yep! I work with hunting canines though, so it's a lot of work out in the forest clearings. We don't get much time for stable visits, outside of dropping off, picking up, and cleaning." Naturally chatty, Sio doesn't mind the addition of conversation one bit. "And your specialty isss… runners?," she guesses with a tilt of her head, already pawing to find a handhold on the next branch up.

Ely tilts the brim of her sun hat back down, partially hiding the smirk that's aimed M'lo's way, "Maybe later, then. When there isn't as many witnesses to the shirtlessness." Amusement fills her voice as she toys with a citrus fruit, finally pulling it from the branch and stuffing it into her bag. She's not all that fast at fruit picking, by the looks of it. Perhaps being sidetracked is just the issue. She's just about to reach out and pluck another fruit when Irelanth does his Joanethen-grabbing and she immediately drops what she had grabbed. "/Shells/," she says, startled, though soon breaks into laughter soon afterwards, "Irelanth. I think you're supposed to pick /fruit/. Though …. " she tilts her head to peer up at Joanethen, smirking, "He may be a sort of fruit? Maybe?" She chortles a little at that. Maglinoth opens her dainty muzzle in a wide yawn and casts a lazy eye on Irelanth and his prize, rumbling faintly. She's too comfortable to move just yet.

Pralius finishes filling his first bag with redfruit, moving to deposit it with the slowly growing pile of filled bags before moving over to join Wyn, "Well, kind lady. Mind if I give you a hand?" He gives Shisuth a gentle pat as he approaches, "I didn't realize you were coming."

N'drei smiles over at Pralius and shakes her head, "I don't mind.." she says with a sort of shy grin from through the smaller branches of the large one Shisuth has pulled down. "I didn't either til I saw everyone running off..I followed.." she explains.

Joan isn't the least bit frighten when the great dragon's arms take hold of him. Nor was he afraid when he felt his feet lift up off the ground, or when he saw how high he was. Trying to speak loud enough so the great brown could hear him, he shouts "Irelanth, grab hold of my legs and let me hang upside down instead. That way i'll have both hands free to grab some of that purple fruit!"

Back to silent again, Galina moves to hang her satchel on a higher branch, allowing her to start picking from the one she's seated on for the time being. A sidelong look is given to the antics of the brown and the boy, then to the others as they're in the trees or otherwise milling about — always a healer, even if her knot says otherwise. Cyanosis moves out of the way with some lazy chirping, though Redwort remains steadfastly where he is now and nothing will move him. That cluster of fruit is just doomed to never be picked if he has his way.

It's the opalescence that gets Sertorius's attention. He looks to what Irelanth is about, snickering a little. Mainly because of the mental 'laughter' from Irelanth. Though Joan's request has him grinning. "That sounds like fun," he comments. Then to M'lo, teasingly, "Be careful, you might start getting requests to have him pick people up and hang them upside down after this."

Flavia's concentration is on making sure she gets Siobhan up to the branch, that done though she glances around a moment. "Going to be tons of fruit in the Weyr before nightfall, I can't wait." as the branch sways with the other Beastcrafter's leap she pushes to her feet and heads upwards as well. "Runners, yup that's me." the sight of Joan rising above her progress has her commenting loudly "Hey now! Take the stuff on the other side of this tree, I don't think I'm going to be swinging to another tree and you've got a rather interesting ladder there." the giggle that escapes can't be contained even as she snags another branch and moves further upwards.

M'lo laughs so hard that he actually falls to one knee, clutching his stomach, with tears rolling from his eyes. He nods at Ely, but he can't speak for a while, he's too busy laughing. "By thunder, lad!" he shouts, once he can catch his breath. "I like your style!" Irelanth very carefully maneuvers Joanethen so that the lad is hanging upside down, and holds him within easy reach of the purple fruit. M'lo grins at Sertorius. "Heh, he'd probably like that, but he can only really get one at a time." Irelanth's laughter ripples out again, sparks of beautiful color felt gently on the edges of the mind, with warmth. M'lo sets his own bag down and climbs up his lifemate, using the ridges on his neck to hoist himself about even with Joan's upside-down face. "Here," he says. "Fearlessness is something we need. Irelanth agrees." He's holding a white knot in his hand. "If you take this, you're agreeing to hard, grueling, thankless work until the eggs hatch… and then a chance to stand for a dragon of your own. If you Impress, it'll be more hard, grueling work under me and Meo. /Maybe/, just maybe you'll be lucky enough to be found by a dragon who will hang you upside down to your heart's content." He grins again, and wiggles the knot invitingly.

Pralius grins at her through those same branches, reaching for the fruits on his side, "I'd thought you'd heard or I would've told" He glances back at the green, "And you, Shisuth? Doing well?" The ripples and and shouts about Irelanth draw his glance, "Milo, are you torturing people over there?"

N'drei smiles and shrugs, "I"m out of the loop sitting at home," she says then keeps picking. The green croons a positive response, she's fine, she's always fine. One sack full and Wyn moves to the green's side to get another bag and starts on it.

Siobhan's nod is fervent and excited, a wide smile on her lips. "Me neither. It's awesome to see everyone working together and bringing something back like this. Makes it special." She, for one, will be boasting about the fruits at breakfast time, but that's how Sio is. "Any particular kind of runner? Racing, draft, the wee little ones?," she asks, swishing her hand around at pony height. At Flavia's remark, Joan is likewise eyed and laughed for before before Siobhan cups her hands around her mouth and calls up a, "Watch that all the blood doesn't run to your head! You'll be blushing for a month!" Grinning from ear to ear, the girl watches M'lo scale his brown towards Joan and shakes her head before returning to the task of climbing, occasionally snagging one of the other fruits if they are close enough to her reach.

Sertorius snickers a little at the sight of Joan hanging there by his ankles. But he has to admit, it does put him within easy reach of the fruit. M'lo's statement draws a nod. "That's true," he agrees. "There'd just be a very long line." A grin. Then he pauses as Joan is offered the knot. There's a moment of jealousy. But then, he's not one to show how he's feeling. Instead, he grins up to Joan.

Ely crouches forward, hiding her laughter by working at picking more fruit. There's rustling foliage and leaves as she deftly snatches one after the other, stuffing them quickly into her shoulder bag. Even with all her hard work it's barely bulging - so much for efficiency. Straightening up, she seems surprised at the words flowing out of M'lo's mouth. Tilting her sun hat up, she squints through the sunlight at the odd scene, "Well." She rolls her eyes and smirks, " … seems Irelanth's got one of his own now. Congratulations then!" Breathing out a sigh, she crouches forward again - for the moment now only her back can be seen, as well as the amber braid poking out from underneath her sun hat.

Maglinoth folds her forearms daintily, surveying the scene with amusement. But, being as energetic as she is, she can't sit still for long. So, craning her neck awkwardly, she sticks her great pear green head in between Pralius and N'drei. Perhaps she thinks she should help somehow, even though she's far from being able to lift anyone up in her forepaws. Instead, she lets out a whuffle of draconic laughter, sending some of the foliage skitering away from Pralius' outstretched hand.

with his incredible slight of hand, and Irelanth's precision flying, Joan manages to fit two of the largest pieces of purple fruit he can find in each hand. "Alright, now take me over to M'lo so i can hand these off to him if you would please Irelanth!" Joan says, his voiced saturated with his excitement. This, he says within his mind, was a good day. "Hey if you got any flame left in your belly there Irelanth, maybe we can see about roasting some wherries in mid air!" he says as soon as the idea dawns on him. As he's maneuvered over to M'lo, the rider quickly hops onto the back of his dragon. After hearing M'lo's proposition, Joan face makes one of the biggest smile that he's ever done. With a joyful laugh, he yells out excitedly "You got yourself a deal dragonrider!" he throws in "but first, grab some of these fruit so i can grab that knot!"

Flavia climbs at a steady rate, somewhat parallel to Siobhan's progress. "Racers mostly, but I haven't my own yet. Only an apprentice you know, been hanging out at the stables since I was old enough to toddle though." she snags a redfruit and stows it in her basket before moving upwards, nearly to those purple fruits finally! "Hunting canines though, I've seen them around. Ever hunted them from the back of a runner? Easier to keep up I'd bet."

The touch of draconic laughter at the fringe of her mind is something that elicits only a thin creasing between her brows. Galina remains quiet, though her attention eventually slants across the people to catch brief sight of Sertorius. It's back to Joan and the brown her gaze goes, lingering for a beat or two before she settles into the task of picking more fruit … and eventually moving up another branch. Pleased? She's not. But, then, it looks like she might rather be pulling teeth out of a tunnelsnake for all that she's grim-faced and displeased-looking.

M'lo looks down from his perch on Irelanth's neck to Pralius and grins. "No torturing," he promises. He grins at Siobhan and nods at her. There is more laughing, and M'lo grabs one of the fruit in Joanethen's hand, trading it for the knot. "You know, dragons don't make it a habit to just have 'fire in their bellies'. They have to chew firestone, and it's not something that just sits there. Once they've no use for it, the ash comes back up." He beams. "It's pretty disgusting, actually." Irelanth nods his head in agreement, and more of that opalescent mental laughter ripples out from his mind. Then the brown cranes his neck down and grabs a back with his teeth. It gapes open, ready for fruit, and M'lo tosses his in before scaling back down Irelanth's neck and picking up his own bag. "Hey, Ely," he says casually. "I think there's some pink citron over in that tree. Want me to boost you up?"

Sertorius shakes the bag that he's holding, to shake down the contents a little, so he can fit more in it. He finds another tree — whether by chance or not, it's the one Galina's in — and he climbs up it, jumping up to grab onto the lowest branch and swinging up on it. He gives a grin over to Galina, calling out, "Hello there. Nice day to be up a tree, isn't it?" Clearly he's kidding. But he's going for more fruit, nonetheless. He's not letting anything distract him from this mission!

Aludra has a basket full of bright orange citrus fruit she lugs back to the clearing. Vallis, her bronze flit, thinks he's helping, but by sitting on top of the mound of fruit, he's actually adding to the weight. "You're going on a diet soon," the girl informs the 'lizard in no uncertain terms. Once she's reached a spot where other foodstuffs have been piled, she lowers the basket and takes a break. "And no nibbling! This's for everyone, not just you." Still, when the bronze chirps and leaps onto her shoulder, Aludra can only laugh. "Go play, Val. I've got work to do here." She shoos him off, and the firelizard leaps into the air. She picks up an empty basket and turns to head back toward the fruit trees, no stranger to hard work.

Pralius starts to move to give Wyn a hug as they pass, then /bamf/ Maglinoth head. "Err… Hi Mags." One hand comes up to gently stroke the green's eyeridges with a soft chuckle, "Hello. Can I do something for you."

Siobhan nods, accepting that answer, though there's a touch of dreaminess to her expression. "Fantastic. Racers are my favorite - they always seem so well proportioned, and a good balance between power and grace. Not that the others aren't nice in their own way, of course, but I'm… picky," she decides after a moment of thought, stretching herself out on a branch in the hopes of snagging a particularly juicy fruit off the bough, but it wobbles far too much. Lip purse. "You've been a beastcraft-kid since you were little, too?" Surprised and pleased with the revelation, Siobhan grins over at Flavia before flattening herself against that branch and inching forwards like a worm, /determined/ to fetch her fruit. "To be honest, though, I haven't." She ponders this for a moment. "I mean, I usually hunt in conjunction with Gryphhawks, so it isn't always necessary to follow them far, but in the event that a hunt went awry, or we wanted to go off by ourselves…" Sio makes a soft 'huh' noise. "I'll keep it in mind for the future. Are there ones at Fort that aren't skittish around canines?" That'd be a must, after all…

"There are worse days to be in a tree," is matter-of-factly offered in oblique agreement. Galina's straddling a branch one tier above Sertorius, requiring her to lean a bit to one side to look down at him. "There are some heavier branches of fruit further up," she intones, tipping her head back to glance further up into the tangled greenery overhead. Cyanosis chirps a 'hello' of sorts, then wings on up like a good little scout to poke his nose into things further up there. Her satchel is only half full, but she leaves it where it is for the time being; firelizards exist for a reason and she's going to put hers to use soon enough.

Some might wonder whose going to be looking after the Weyr when the leader's dragons appear above the sky above the scene Fortians are so diligently working at. Both the Senior's gold and the Weyrleader's bronze have come in from *between* together, shaking off the snow that follows them through. Since both dragons are quite sizeable in nature, they wing some distance away until a vacated clearing can support both landing. The climate change as they come into the southern atmosphere has them shirking off jackets and heavier garments made for their northern autumn and early winter temperatures. So it's some time before the pair find themselves marching through the bush to get to the group of gatherers. Kessa is dressed in trousers that have straps on them, looped over her shoulders (coveralls for the win!) and her hair is tied in a knot behind her. She looks ready to help out, stepping alongside R'oc as they share some inside joke, the woman smirking at him. Then she's waving to the crowd, "Hello!" An approving finger waggle points out all the crates full of fruits already, "They've been doing excellent. We should be able to manage until we wrangle Lord Fiawke into better terms."

Ely straightens once more, hefting her shoulder bag a bit as she twists to peer back at M'lo. Using the tip of one finger, she carefully slides her sun hat back, letting the brim cast criss-cross shadows across her smirking face, "Sure. I know you're not just asking that to get a better look at me in shorts, are you?" True, the loose cotton shorts are shorter than what she usually wears, for sure. She eyes the tree for a moment with a faint frown before glancing back at M'lo, waving a hand, "Boost away, then, love. I'm sure I can climb a tree as well as a dragon." Hefting her bag, she steps forward, readying herself fro a leg up.

Maglinoth chuffs once in a draconic version of a laugh, her white-tipped tail twitching slightly. There's really no answer to the question except a slight tilting of her head as she accepts the scritches, a deep rumble building in her throat. Turning her dainty head, she stares at Pralius straight on, amusing herself by letting out a gust of air at that funny thing he's wearing on his head. Crackles of static and amusement flicker from her mind. How fun!

"I can only imagine," Joan says as he makes a disgusted face aftering hearing that bit about the ashes. Starting to feel the rush of blood going towards his head, Joan shouts out "Hey, as much fun as this has been and still is, the blood rush to my head is starting to give me a serious headache. I'm good for another minute or two if you want me to grab some more fruit there M'lo." He manges to pull his upper body up a bit so he could face the brown rider better. With a smile on his face "Just have Irelanth position me and i'll grab as much fruit as i can!" And while he's somewhat right-side up, he deftly and securely fastens his new knot to the badge thats woven onto the right shoulder sleeve of his shirt. With a thumbs up he mouths the words "Good to Go" and returns to his original position.

Flavia chatters as she finally reaches a height to begin snagging those lovely purple fruits. The branch she chooses to settle on is a sturdy enough one for all that its way up here. "Racers are grand, they've got great heart too." she reaches up to snag a purple fruit and toss it in the shoulder basket of hers. "As for beastcraft-kid, kinda but not really I was born at the Weyr. I just liked to hang out at the stables as much as possible so grew up there, was just natural to join when I was old enough." another is snagged and she pauses a moment to consider the fruit that she's not really seen before. "Pretty shade of purple. Hmm. The runners? There are some sure, but we'd have to see about using them. Maybe we could try and train some others though, it'd be a handy thing with us needing to pick up the shortages ourselves."

Irelanth turns Joan rightside-up again, and holds on around the boy's torso, leaving his arms free. Then the dragon presents the smith to the vines again. That bag is still dangling from his teeth, ready to receive any fruit. He rumbles, still pretty amused by the idea of picking up a person like a little doll.

N'drei smiles at Mags's antics then Shisuth releases her branch and follows Wyn down to another tree where she crouches and looks over some of the fallen fruit, picking over a citron, flicking the seeds from its center, ponderous.

Sertorius nods. "Quite right," he agrees to Galina's statement. he looks up at the branches higher up and nods. "That's where the best fruit always is, isn't it?" he replies with a chuckle. "Be careful you don't fall out," he cautions. He has every intention of doing so himself, going splat on the ground isn't something he thinks is fun. However, he stands up on the branch he's on and starts to climb a little further up the tree, looking for better fruits. The arrival of Kessa and R'oc draws his attention, and he looks up, offering a wave as the pair and their lifemates appear. He goes back to picking fruit until Kessa and R'oc appear, offering a whistle of greeting from his perch high in the tree. He's almost unseen up there.

M'lo gives Ely his best innocent face. "Me?" he asks. "But I'm just an innocent fruit-picking brownrider, ma'am." He can't stop the snicker, and laces his fingers together to make a stirrup so that he can boost Ely into the tree. He can't help but notice the arrival of Kessa and R'oc, thanks in part to Irelanth's heads-up. "Kessa!" he calls cheerfully. "R'oc! Glad to see you could make it!" He beams at the both of them, rather more cheerily at the goldrider. Then he jerks his head toward Joanethen. "I got me a Candidate," he informs them, his voice thick with an assumed, backwoods accent.

Pralius smirks at Mags, taking a careful step back to get a few inches of distance between his chest and the pear green head as he continues to rub those eyeridges. His eyes squint down against the sudden exhalation from the green. His hat, however, doesn't survive the encounter, flapping off into the air and across the clearing amidst Pral's exclaimed, "Shards! My hat!"

"I will be careful." Galina might offer the words with wry amusement, but it's hard to tell. "Be mindful to avoid the same fate, however. My first aid kit is not equipped with anything to scrape you up from the ground, Sertorius." She picks her way slowly up, not with the skill of on accustomed to such climbing but, rather, with careful calculation. A few more branches up and she's sending Cyanosis to run picked fruit down to the satchel and, further, to the basket on the ground. Kessa and R'oc's arrival is peripherally noted, in the sense of just being aware of who's present, but much of her focus is on relaying fruit.

The weyrleader steps through, a rather thin tunic is worn as he steps through the to the group. "What are you talking about….I could live just fine here." R'oc eyes the group then smiles towards Kessa. "Well hello there everyone….sorry were late….she just had to be all dressed up." He jokes then looks up into the tree's, he turns to Kessa and laughs. "Well what do you think, those branches can hold me up?" He looks to M'lo and then says. "I do hope that everyone is doing their job." He states before looking to Nasheth who is at this point looking into the branches where people now take up spots among the fruit. "So where do I go…up in the branches?"

N'drei grins and her head turns as her eyes follow Pral's errant hat then she shakes her head and looks toward the entering Weyrwoman and Weyrleader. She waves in greeting to the pair then goes back to studying over a few of the fruits on the ground, collecting the seeds of some of the fallen ones.

Siobhan flickers a wide grin up at Flavia for that, chin dipping in a nod of understanding. "It shows when they run. Full speed? Nothing's prettier, not even my Jex." A beat. "Er, Jex being my canine." That explained, the girl goes back to her fruits, successfully snagging two or three plump citrines in one hand before she makes the same wiggly-worm retreat to the thicker part of the branch before depositing them into her pack. "Born at Fort? Still more we have in common. I'm from Eastern Weyr. My father used canines to herd the weyr's caprines, and my mother trained 'hawks. Seemed natural to go for a blend of the two. Adding in runners, though? That'd just make the business seamless." Verbally approving of Flavia's plan, Sio jumps for another branch, throwing her arms out for balance before going to town on the fruit, carefully not looking down at the weyrfolk below lest she grow dizzy. "Do you really think they'd let us train runners just for that, though? I mean, it'd be logical because you're right, it would help us all make up for the deficit, but…" Cue a hopeful glance over one shoulder.

The fruit trees aren't that difficult to climb, but Aludra's not much of a tree-climbing expert. Instead, she opts to catch the fruit someone else drops down to her. She makes a good teammate this way, and soon has another full basket to lug back to the central clearing. This time she pauses to drink some water, and divest herself of her vest. The heat of Southern is quite a bit different than she's used to, even if she's been in Xanadu for the past couple of turns. Wiping her forehead with a damp cloth, she watches as people come and go. Grinning, she has to be amused by the antics of dragons and people, especially when a few are chosen for Candidacy. It's rather a fun group, though she knows no one present. Still, she'll keep working, gathering fruit, hauling baskets and other things which need to be done.

Kessa looks at least a bit chipper than the last time she was seen out in big crowds and though she's not dressed to impress, there is a smile on her face as her eyes encounter all the busy bees. She nudges R'oc and points toward the trees where the branches seem to be full of … people! She finds herself waving with a laugh toward Sertorius, eyes bouncing between the faces as M'lo calls out for her attention. "Oo! That's great news. How many does that make so far?" She seems to rely on M'lo for the answers, since her log book is back at the Weyr. Her eyes focus on R'oc, narrowing some what as she levies him an elbow to the ribs for the comment and a quick tongue stick when she thinks no one is looking. Nah! "Admit it, you got lost-" she openly teases, moving toward some of those purple looking fruits. She's immediately shifting through the various types collected so far.

"A young man arrives just after the pair, his eyes searching around the new inviroment, having never been somewhere the like he watches everyone around him. Sado then moves past the weyrleader and weyrwoman, he brings his hand up to salute. "My apologies I was just a bit turned around, where should I go?" The tall young man asks towards M'lo, knowing he was the one organizing this search. "I am not so nimble but I am strong." The flat tone comes speaks his question.

Ely rolls her eyes, though the exprsesion is mostly lost with the semi-shade provided by the wide brim of her hat. "Sure. I believe you," she says airily, sauntering over to M'lo with a bit more hip swagger than absolutely necessary. She gives him a smirk and settles her foot firmly in his cupped hands. Then, with the added boost, she loops an arm around one of the lowest branches and deftly climbs up. Certainly there'd be quite the view frm anyone standing directly below - atleast until she manages to scramble into one of the top branches. Settling into a seated position, she lets her legs dangle as she leans forward and peers down at M'lo, her grin wide, "Well? How'd I do?" She's now sitting amongst a huge amount of pink citron fruits that bob slightly in the wind near her head. She lifts a hand from her perch and waves to the arriving Weyrleaders, "Weyrwoman! Weyrleader!"

Maglinoth seems even more amused now that the funny thing has gone flying, her draconic laughter almost uncontrollable. Rising fluidly to her feet, she stretches one foreleg out and settles her paw right down onto the errant hat. Snuffling at it several times, she chuffs once and then swings her head to peer at Pralius again, head cocked to one side. The very tip of her tongue flickeres out, though it stays well away from the man's face. It almost looks like she were sticking her tongue out at him.

Upon hearing Kessa and R'oc's name being shouted it out he takes a deep breath of air and bellows out in his deep voice "Hey look you two, no hands!" he says, his voice completely filled with joy and laughter. Grabbing as much fruit as he could, he gives a short but loud "Alright right Irelanth if you would be so kind as to bring me down to the ground, i can put this fruit away and we can all call it a day. I sure you've been having fun from the looks of that draconic smile you got going, but i could use a break." He says, still having that broad face grin of his showing.

Flavia has her legs wrapped around the limb she's on, leaning to and fro in her effort to gather the purple fruits. Her talking doesn't seem to suffer from any of the odd shudders the tree gives if there's the slightest breeze. "I don't see why not, might be something we have to take up with the BeastMaster but figure we could always put it to the Weyr leadership first." a glance across the clearing to note the golden hide of the Senior Queen. "Course, that'd require actually asking… " there's a grin that follows that as she tosses a few more of the fruit at her basket "Maybe we could do a test run first? See if its workable, just in our spare time."

Sertorius grins to Galina's words. "Exactly my thoughts," he states, giving the healer a wink before disappearing into the higher branches of the tree. Though he can't be seen too well, the leaves of the tree rustle up there as he's moving around and picking things. One fruit drops from the tree, though, despite his best efforts to prevent it. "Ah, shards!" he declares. "Look out below!" he calls out, to make sure no one's under the tree. Wouldn't do for the dropped fruit to knock someone out!

M'lo surely looks up at Ely as she climbs the tree over his head. That's why he doesn't see the huge pink citron fruit that falls from its limb and smacks him full in the face. "Bwah!" he shouts, and goes down. He lands on his butt and blinks, quite dazed. "…ow."

ON her next trip back to the central clearing, Aludra is drafted into helping count the baskets of purple, orange, red and yellow fruit. It's quite a haul, the tally being much larger than she'd thought. The arrival of the Weyrleaders gets her attention, and for a few minutes, she studies the pair. They look different than they did on the sands, and she definitely wants to make note of their appearance so she'll remember them. It wouldn't do for her to ignore someone important, even inadvertently. Not only would she be embarrassed, but her grandmother would probably disown her. (Of course, her grandmother's probably already to disinherit her anyway, but that's a story for another time.)

While Sertorius vanishes further up, Galina seems content to stop where she is and continue picking — she's in a good spot right now, high above the ground and safely settled on a branch and in the coolness offered by the foliage. She scoots back, resting her back against the trunk and her feet dangling to either side of the branch. Another fruit is retrieved, but this one isn't to be handed to Cyanosis; it's purely for her. The warning call is heard and, after a quick look to make sure she's not in danger, she looks down and around, trying to spot where the thing is going to wind up. Cyanosis is a bit too slow, too, chirping dismay for not seeing the fallen fruit in time to catch it. Dun dun DUN.

The weyrleader smiles towards the new face and then nods at his salute. "A strong man is always needed…." Though Kessa's comment gets him to turn his head and he smiles. "I did not get lost…." The bronze rumbles and then finishes his sentence. «We do not get lost.» THe bronzer shifts back to M'lo and at that very moment he is no where to be seen, M'lo where…." Oh look down and the fruit on the ground, he looks up and eyes the man up top. "Hahaha…..hahaha." He laughs loud and strong, his hand shooting out for M'lo. "Have to be careful…these are those killer fruit tree's." He does however look around seeing so many people about. "THere are quite a few…now aren't there."

Pralius is pretty much oblivious to R'oc and Kessa's arrival… and well, most of what's going on. His eyes are wide on Mag's paw smooshing flat his hat. His jaw hangs a little, then closes again, "umm… eep!" He jumps slightly as Mags sticks her tongue out at him, very close to him, "Ummm… do I… can I have my hat back?"

Sertorius hears the cry from M'lo and there's some shifting around in the tree he's in. After a moment, he makes his appearance, dropping down to a branch. He makes a good monkey, swinging down the tree like that, despite the chafing of his hands, and the possibility of falling. He's more concerned with M'lo. Was it his fruit that hit him? He drops from branch to branch until he can hang from that lowest branch that he grabbed hold of to get up there. Then he drops down to the ground and moves to M'lo's side. "Shards, I'm sorry…are you all right?" he inquires, making to help the man up.

Siobhan pauses mid-stretch, craning her neck up towards Flavia with a thoughtful expression on her face. "That sounds like a lot of work…" It isn't that she's running from it though, necessarily, it's just something that has to be noted. There's also a wince for the fact that, yes, they /would/ have to talk to someone higher up eventually, but, "It'd be worth it, though. First of all, to see their faces when we tell them we want to take runners out for a quick hunting job, and second of all, to actually have it work." Failure, apparently, isn't an option. Plucking the fruits she was reaching for, Sio adds them to her satchel and climbs for another branch, glancing up to mark Flavia's progress on the purple fruits with a grin. "Sounds like a plan. We can test the whole business out, and if it's a success, then we can draw up a good approach for the higher-ups. Give them a good shpeal that they can't resist saying yes to!" A shout from below earns a glance downwards from the beastcrafter, but woo, was /that/ ever a mistake. Nope, no more of that. Focus on the branches…

There Sado stand when the fruit falls, his eyes catch glance of it and a finger is raised but too late. "Fruit….." He states very dryly, then he nods to those around them. He looks around and then moves towards a tree, his tall figure reaching a bit high and pulling himself up. His long arm reaches for a sack that sits at the bottom of the tree, throwing it around his shoulder and he being up the tree. "Maybe it's here?" He says moving up the branches, seeing other above him he silently eyes the areas full of fruit and with little people, moving towards them carefully.

Kessa throws a fruit at R'oc's head.. well at least she aims for it, when he laughs at someone else getting clobbered by fruit. Watch out! It's likely that she'll miss or it won't hit him that hard. Should he look over her arms are on her hips and her brow is arched, a finger wagged a bit at him, "Don't laugh." She squints, eyes searching for the fallen or stunned dragonrider. "At least we've a couple healers on site…" lucky them. In any case, she glances at Aludra as she passes by, regarding the white knot on her shoulder. Then another one passes. She starts chuckling, "At least Zuhth has good timing. We're slowly getting our own work force. Could probably do this a few more times…" a comment made outloud, moving toward someone keeping track of numbers. She peeks over at the numbers, giving an impressive humm at the tally so far.

Ely glances back down at M'lo just in time to see him fall tothe gorund ina daze. For a moment she can't seem to help but say, "Well. I didn't mean to knock you out with my looks, love. But … really." Sarcasm aside, some concern flickrs over her face then and she frowns, "Are you alright?" She looks almost about to slip down from the tree, though oddly enough she seems to find herself kind of … stuck. Or atleast sidetracked by her dragon'sa ntics. eyes unfocused, she frowns, glaring over at her green, "Mags … /please/. I can't … I'm … " She gestures at herself and her high perch lamely as some excuse. Maglinoth is not abotu to hear excuses from her rider - no way. Nor is she going to hear pleas from the healer in front of her. Nope. She keeps the hat squished under her paw and brings her muzzle fairly close to Pralius, staring the man down with intenseness as though trying to find something deep inside. Then, with a whuff of air, she seems to make up her mind. Ely lets out a groan from her high tree perch, "/Mags/" Maglinoth makes a little whiny noise deep in her throat - a threat of a temper tantrum perhaps. Ely, stuck and partially sheltered by fruit, waves her hand high in the air to try to get Pralius' attention, "Pral. /Pral/! Up here." She has to be sure she has the man's attention, afterall, in this huge crowd.

M'lo grunts and stands up, blinking a little. There's a great big red spot on his forehead where the fruit hit him. He nods to R'oc and then laughs, himself. "Yeah. Killer fruit. Scary stuff." His smile broadens. "One of the hazards of the South that we'll have to be on the lookout! At least it wasn't one of those spiky purple ones." He looks up at Sartorius and nods. "Yeah, I'm fine. I'm good." Then he turns to Kessa and blinks. "Uh," he says, scrunching up his face around the big red mark. "…four? Five? Hold on, I'll get back to you on that. Just as soon as the forest stops spinning."

Back on the ground, Joan takes a few seconds to regain his composure as his blood starts flowing back into his long legs. Putting the fruit he had in both hands into the nearest empty or partially empty backs, he takes a moment to stretch a bit and dusts off his jacket a bit before he puts it back on. Clott shortly rejoins him, taking up his usual spot on Joan's shoulder as he sits down on a nearby stump. Feeling rather hungry, he takes out a few meatrolls that he had stashed away in his jacket pocket and divides them up with his little brown companion. Letting out a yawn, he says in a soft and affectionate tone "This has been a good day."

Cyanosis utters a sharp squawk of dismay when he spots M'lo and the dreadful fruit, which seems to be just enough to pull Galina's attention down. Ah. So /that's/ where the fruit ended up. She clambers down from her perch, leaving the fruit in the cleft of branch and trunk for the time being, and soon makes her way to the ground with a soft 'thud' of boots. She's no monkey, but she's not inept, either. "You may wish to sit down, M'lo. Slowly." This is intoned in matter-of-fact, full-on healer tone. "Rest on the ground until the dizziness passes." Concern? Well, it might be concern that colors her tone — or just a professional need to make sure all's well. Either way.

That person with the tally sheet would be Aludra, who is in the process of handing it over to someone else. She's aware of someone very close peeking over her shoulder, and looks. Then eeps. Well, a little squeak. "Weyrwoman, m'am," she says, nodding respectfully. Quickly handing over the tally sheet to the person she's supposed to hand it to, she nods again to the Weyrwoman, backing away slowly. "I, um, better get back to work," she stammers and immediately turns away—-tripping over a vine on the ground. Grace, thy name is not Aluda.

Wyn's eyes lid for a moment and she glances to Shisuth who's already padding toward the fringes of the group. "I have to go get Darius," she calls out toward Pralius. "Nothing's wrong.." she assures him with a smile then she tucks away her seeds and deposits her collected fruits to the crates and waves to everyone and climbs up to green's back, heading out.

Sertorius nods as M'lo stands. "Fruit's flying everywhere, it looks like…" he observes. "We should have brought helmets. We'll know to bring some next time." He chuckles. He nods to Joan's words. "It has indeed. Especially for you," he teases good-naturedly, with a grin. Galina comes down then and he chuckles. Though he doesn't say anything about her sudden doting manner — she's a healer, it's to be expected, he figures. He snickers a bit at the person who tripped, but does go over to help nonetheless. "Careful, there are killer plants everywhere. If they're not dropping fruit on your head, they're grabbing at your feet, looks like." There's a bit of teasing in his tone. He looks up, too, as the one rider leaves, blinking at the seeming abruptness. Then he shrugs. None of his business….

Flavia peers into her basket absently and considers her numbers as she moves down a branch or two. "Hard work isn't anything new, just be something that might not have been tried before. Mind you it'll take us awhile cause I'm sure you have about as much time to spare right now as I do." a grin is tossed up at the other beastcraft girl. "Think my baskets about full, going to start heading down before I can't fit anymore in it."

At that moment the weyrleader laughs before the fruit hits his face, there is a squish and juice runs down his face. "Ah!" He yells turning ever so slowly towards the weyrwoman, his eyes watching her as she stands there. "YOu….." He reaches onto his shoulder where the mashed up fruit is laying. "You think this is funny….?" He pauses taking it into his hand and moving slowly towards the weyrwoman. "Excuse me M'lo….I seem to have heard that my dear weyrwoman was in need of some fruit." There is a playful look in his eyes as he takes one step..then two….then three. "I'll give you a head start." There is the light playful side of the weyrleader, something not seen in quite some time.

Pralius just kind of goes still, stock still, as Mags nose inches closer… closer… "yikes!" The second exhalation catches him more off-guard than the first, jumping back slightly, "Hi…" He blinks a few times, eyes darting up at Ely, then back to Mags, then up to Ely, his voice raising to be heard over some of the din, hand sheltering his eyes from the light, "What, Ely? Need a hand down?"

Irelanth doesn't seem all /that/ concerned about M'lo. One great whirling jeweled eye is trained on his lifemate, but otherwise, he's acting cool about it. M'lo can't be all that hurt, really.

Joan laughs at the tease, knowing full well that the man intended it as a good willed jest. Wearing a straight face and giving a slight shrug, he says "What can i say, when your an optimist everyday seems brighter than the last." Realizing the man was rather unfamiliar to him; Joan sticks out his hand with friendly smile, "And if you didn't already know, the names Joan." Noticing more fruit whizzing through the air, he sliently thinks to himself: Boy am i glad i got out of the line of fire.

M'lo looks at Galina. "Huh?" he asks. "Oh. No, I'm fine. I'm already feeling better. Just a fruit smacking my face, that's all." He sends a dry glance at R'oc. "I've been hit with /worse/, believe me." He raises his hand as his sister leaves to go check on her son, and chuckles at Sertorius. "Better than giant felines and swarms of biting insects," he says, going for the bright side of things. He snickers at R'oc. "Go, chase, have fun," he tells the bronzerider. "Don't wander off! It'd be /impossible/ to find you if you got lost in this jungle!" He looks up at Ely, squints to see her. He really does look all right. Even the red mark is fading. "Well, are you gonna get me some vengeance, or what?" he demands. "Rip off some fruit from that tree, already!"

The long limbs of the young traveler moving smooth and slow between the branches, stepping carefully forward on the extended. His large form though at one point steps on a branch that might have been to weak to bare his weight when the branch snaps. "Whoa!" He actually says with a suprised look on his face, though luckily he catches a branch with one arm keeping himself from the very eager to catch him ground. He takes a deep breath, the cool, calm, expressionless face returns. Oh lucky him there are three large fruites that hang just before him, his arm reaches out picking them quick and throwing them into his bag. He pulls himself up and gets better footing, before his arm were to give out, he eyes the ground again. Close one perhaps Sado says, or that would have hurt.

Kessa glances at the squeaking Aludra, a brow lifted as she says lightly to her, "No need to feel intimidated. I was just like you… standing where you were once." She touches the other woman's hand gently as she takes the tally sheet with a studious eye, making mental notes of the tallies and the crate counts. When Aludra tries to scurry out on her, she regards the other with an empathic look, "You were working. Here-" she passes back the tally sheet, "-continue keeping track. Make sure all the numbers are right. If not, I'll give you a lesson or two." She says with a smile though there's a warning hint in her eyes. Numbers are not something to mess around with, not with a woman who depends on having them be right so the Weyr can function properly. Then the Weyrleader is coming at her. Her shoulders stiffen up at his threatening posture and how he stalks toward her, she tilts her head just so, "Don't you do anything stupid, Weyrleader." She shoves the tally sheet in Aludra's hand and starts picking her way through the maze of crates and toward the pickers in the trees, walking at a fast pace, eyes shooting over her shoulder, "I already wasted one fruit on you!"

If she were more worried, she might employ the usual 'how many fingers am I holding up' schtick … but, as it is Galina seems satisfied enough when the brownrider seems more or less alright. "I see," says she to M'lo, then ducks her head, once, before moving along. Back up into the tree she goes, but only long enough to pull her satchel down and then to empty the fruity contents into the basket. With that full, it's hefted and moved to join the others, while a new empty basket is taken and another tree is approached. Odd fruit? She eyes it dubiously but, seeing them among the kinds in baskets already, she rolls a shoulder and climbs on up. As for her abandoned citron? Cyanosis will fix that soon enough.

Siobhan considers that for a long, hard moment before her shoulders twitch in another shrug. "You've made a good point. It's just a different type of work, one that takes just as much contemplation as it does action." The idea of free time is laughed at, openly and perhaps a little overdramatically to emphasize its nonexistance. "/Yeah/, okay, that's definitely true. My spare time is down to zilch, and that's on a good day." Matching her grin, Sio nods and cautiously slithers down onto the branch below her, pack half-full, but she seems to be gathering more as she goes. "Good idea. Wouldn't want to clock anyone upside the head with falling fruit," she says with a wince, unawares that a similar incident had been the source of the yell from earlier. "I'll make my way down too, just a little slower. You work fast."

Ely breathes out a sigh and calls out to M'lo, smirking a little, "Give me a second, love. Mags is being a beast again. Are you sure you're alright? You look like you've got a third eye on your forehead now. I suppose I must really /have/ knocked you out with my beauty." She turns her attention to Praius, grimaces slightly and shifts on the branch, the wood creaking just a little under her weight, "Well. I /will/ need a hand down eventually. This is uncomfortable. The wood is digging into my … well … " She decides not to go into much more detail and merely leans forward, hands gripping the bark to keep herself in place. Maglinoth, her whirling eyes fixed on Pralius, rumbles impatiently from her nearbyy station. Ely lets out her breath in a short gust, "Keep your panties on, Mags. /Shells/." Pursing her lips, she peers down at Pralius again and starts to dig around in the pocket of her shorts, "Mags /insists/ that someone like you would be good for the clutch on the Sands right now. She's threatening to have a fit if I don't ask you right away." She hesitates, pulling a slightly rumpled white candidate's knot from her pocket and dangling it in thin air over Pralius' head, "I know it's a huge responsibility, Pral. You've got a son and everything. But … will you accept? Mags thinks you, and the funny thing on your head, would be greatt for the hatchlings And she seems to think she knows best." She lets the knot wiggle in the air - certainly not a fruit. Maglinoth eyes Pralius with great intensity, almost quivering with excitement.

Sertorius nods to M'lo's statement about the felines. "Quite right," he agrees, chuckling. "Hope there aren't any around here." He pauses, to look around, as if confirming that. Once he's sure that no one was hurt by all the flying fruit, he gives a mock salute to M'lo, and then goes to attend to his fruit bag, emptying it into whatever containers were brought to hold the fruit. Once it's empty, he goes back up the tree to get more.

feeling the hairs on the back of his neck begin to stand up at the mention of felines, Joan goes over to M'lo. "M'lo if you want i'm sure we can get some of the firelizards to scout around the area see if they spot any movement in the shadows. That way we can still have the dragons with us incase there are felines close by." he says

Flavia says "Think I just got into a big patch of the purple fruit." towards Siobhan, giving up any mention of quickness. "Besides, knowing my luck I'll fall on the way down and no fruit at all will make it." there's a chuckle there, but its kind of wary in a knock-on-wood fashion. "I'll start when I'm exercising the runners I think though, maybe bring them around the canine pens more often so they get used to the barks and such."

Hearing the worried tone from Flavia, Joan offers encouragingly "Don't worry there Flavia. If you fell i'd be right there to catch you Flavia. I'm not about to let anybody take a tumble out of one of these tree. Believe me, it's not a fun experience." He addes in "If you want i can get little Clott here to go get that fruit for you?"

There are some ways holds and weyrs are not so different, that being everything runs by numbers. Aludra is no stranger to keeping tally of things, including foodstuffs. And so, she scrambles up from the ground, accepting the tally sheet back from the Weyrwoman. "Yes'm," she says, saluting smartly. "I can cipher very well," she assures Kessa, "so you won't have to worry about giving me lessons." Indeed, Aludra has a feeling those "lessons" would be very similar to a session with Lady Masopia; her grandmother isn't known for patience, especially with numerical mistakes. The person whose job it was originally to keep tally just grins and moves on to another task, happy to not have to worry over numbers.

Pralius blinks a few dozen more times in rapid succession, "I… what?" He shakes his head again quickly, "I… candidate? Me? I mean… if it's okay with Wyn… And the craftmaster." He shudders, Fraille.

The young man turns his face towards Ely, Maglinoth, and Pralius. He watches the show and then the offer of the knot, he then turns to move higher in the branches, moving towards a few more fruit he spies. HIs footing is checked very carefully, he'd rather not experience that all over again. He grabs two more, slidding them into his sack and he looks over towards the weyrleader and watches that show a bit. Nope different thing to watch, and it's when he looks over towards Flavia and her words. "A simple check of footing and grip should keep you from falling." He says, a small crack can be heard in the last moment he looks down and moves back a bit.

M'lo laughs at Ely, but then… there's a few seconds of just being stunned at the idea of Pralius as a Candidate. He blinks and swallows. "Well…" he drawls quietly. "This is gonna be awkward." Yeah. His sister's weyrmate as a Candidate, under his authority. You do the math. He looks to Joanethen and his eyes go wider. "Uh, I'm sure it's fine. There's been people here all day. And aren't felines nocturnal?" He'll clap the new candidate on the shoulder, if he lets him. "Don't worry about it, I'm sure we're fine."

She might be a distance away, but the mere mention of the Craft Master in a familiar voice sets Galina's body to tensing up again. It doesn't take much to piece out what's happened — the dragons are clearly on a rampage today — and a look is given to Pralius. Sympathy? It's not quite that, but there is some sense of mutual understanding. No words from her, though; there's naught to be said, in the end. She has some fruit to pick, after all, and better to focus on that than dwell on the details of other, less pleasant things.

There is a slow movement of the bronzer once he reaches the unmoving, the unwavering figure that is the weyrwoman. "Oh don't do anything stupid…oh you mean like waste another fruit…." He looks into his hand where the fruit is already ruined. "Oh don't worry weyrwoman, I've made sure to not do anything……" His finger digs into the soft flesh of the fruit, there is color and some fruit guts all mashed up in his hands, he takes it and smears it on her cheek and across her forehead. And then there is a large broad smile on his face, the fruit….er that is the wilderness crown is placed on the weyrwoman's head. "….Stupid." He laughs moving away ever so slowly…..eyes kept on the weyrwoman who by now is turning eight different shades of red. "Now retaliation now would be petty." Oh yes if she's any better than him she will not counter attack.

lets out a small chuckle, "Your right haha, just rather not be caught off guard when i'm feeling this tired." Eyeing the great brown dragon who had he all the reason to thank for such a unblieveable turn of events, Joan asks with a questioning look, "So, just how much fun was Irelanth having when he was using me as a human rag doll today?" he asks with a grin. At the mention of craftmasters, Joan's thoughts turn to his own Master Metallo at the smithy in Fort. The man was a kind and generous individual who possessed a friendly demeanor. Joan was more than sure that Master Metallo would be estatic to have one of his students searched as a candidate for Fort

Ely wiggles the white knot several more times before letting it drop right at Pralius' head, "That's a good enough answer for me, then. I'm sure Wyn'd be fine with it. And Galina seems to have survived Fraille … so …. " She trails off, considering before shrugging her shulders with a smirk, "It seems Mags has a thing for Healers. Congratulations, anyhow, if you're accepting." Maglinoth lets out a rumble of agreement and actually lifts her paw finally, allowing Pralius access to his now crumpled hat. Ely tries to get comfortable on the branch and twists awkwardly, starting to yank down as many citrus fruits as she can, stuffing them in her shoulder bag. "Um … Milo?" she ventures, glancing down at her weyrmate with one fat fruit held aloft in one hand, "I hate to say this. But … I don't think I'm going to be able to get /down/ out of this sharding tree now that I'm up it." She shifts a bit, grimacing, "And it's sharding /uncomfortable/ up here."

Siobhan chuckles and bares her teeth in a grin for Flavia, hand swishing through the air. "Don't be modest! Maybe you're in the wrong craft - you should totally be a farmcrafter picking fruits," she teases, shaking her head against her fellow beastcrafter's unfortunate predictions. "Nah, you'll be fine. If you do fall, I bet you land like a feline. I hear they always go down on their feet no matter what." Seemingly confident in that, Sio smiles crookedly when the advice from others rolls in, choosing to observe a few fruits with a critical eye before deciding they were too ripe to pick and moving on down to better, more heavily laden branches. "That'll be good for the runners, just so the barks don't get associated with fear… and I figure it won't do any harm to bring Jex and a few of the other canines into the actual stables on the way to the pens, too. Usually we try to circumvent, but a slow adaption would likely be best," she agrees in an amicable tone, pleased with the way their plans are going.

Flavia glances down at all the advice coming her way as well as the offer to catch her. "Thanks guys! Hopefully my luck will hold." she scrambles down another set of branches and tugs her basket after her. Whatever else aside from climbing advice left alone as her attention seems to be mostly tuned to descent and talking shop with Siobhan. "See that's what I figure, once they don't shy away or try and have a nip at each other automatically maybe we'll move on from there. Seems the best way to go about it, maybe even bring treats when we happen by. Treats always make a fellow happy." she nears the bottom finally, and peers through the branches looking for the best way to finish her dismount from the tree.

M'lo rubs his forehead where the fruit smacked him. He looks a lot better, now. "He was enjoying himself quite a lot," he tells Joanethen. "Take five. Have some water. Then get back to work. There are a /lot/ of hungry people at Fort who need this fruit!" He takes his own advice and guzzles down some water before swinging back up into Ely's tree to start filling his bag. "No need to get down, love," he says to his weyrmate. "I'm here, now." He kisses her cheek and then carefully stands on the branch to start filling his bag. "How about you hold the bag and I'll pick the fruit?" he offers. "Or if you want I can let you down and toss it down to you?" He glances up and spots R'oc smearing fruit on Kessa, and he gapes. "Oh, shells," he breathes. "I'm so glad I'm in a tree."

After a brief moment of deja vu (what with Joan going into the same exact position to laugh his head off as M'lo had done not to long ago), Joan gets up and with a congratulatory pat on the back, he says to Pralius "Congratulations my friend! I guess it's safe to say that with you, me, and Galina as candidates, that this upcoming hatching ceremony will be one for the Records!" Wiping a tear from his eye, Joan shakes his head side to side and says "i said it once, i'll say it again. Today was a good day."

Kessa looks stunned when the man rubs fruit on her face, even with her arms having flailed up and tried to protect herself from him. She knocks the fruit from her head as he crowns her with it, swatting it aside with a glare for him. She uses her sleeve to wipe off the mash on her face. "Oh don't worry, my retaliation you won't see…" She wrinkles her nose as her eyes revert back to Aludra, checking that the young woman is doing her best with the records. And once more at the Weyrleader, "You… are… terrible!" she folds her arms, eyes glancing toward the commotion of another candidate being searched… "Is that not your… friend there?" Distraction tactic, she points to Pralius.

Aludra will continue to keep an accurate tally of the varying fruit types and the containers into which they are loaded for transport. She even manages to come up with a sequential numbering system to keep the varieties separate. Won't the weyr cooks be pleased when most of the sorting is already done for them? The Candidate continues her work until the final piece of fruit is picked, and the final container is loaded onto a transport dragon. Then, and only then, does Aludra get a ride back to Fort, soak in the baths for a while and collapse onto her cot. So goes her first day of Candidacy.

After feeling what must have been like a blizzard crawling up and down his spine, Joan's survival instincts tell him to get the shell out of the immediate area. With out turning around he asks M'lo "You feel that sense of forbidding doom as well there M'lo? On a scale of 1 to 10 how bad would you say it is?" he asks still to afraid to turn around and find out for himself.

Perched in a tree, her back to the trunk and legs hanging idly to either side of the branch she's settled on, Galina splits the skin of the citron in her hands with a thumbnail and proceeds to skin it with deft motions. Joan's exuberance about the whole thing isn't precisely mirrored … or even remotely reflected by the healer, for that matter. Pale eyes flick from one person the the next, with distance making the task only a little bit more difficult … but not by much. Take five? She plans on it, though purely for the sake of needing some kind of nutrition.

"What Pral….." The bronzer laughs and turns towards the skinny healer, he moves towards him with a broad smile. "Well…well…about time…" He laughs winking towards the young man. "I can't wait for thisfow .who

Pralius eeps again as the knot falls atop his head. He takes it in his hands and just /stares/ at it for a moment, "I… this'll be a change…" He's mostly dumbstruck at this point. Despite talk of what if, he never expected it. After a moment he leans forward, trying to hug Mags around the nose, "Thanks, Mags."

Ely smiles just a little at the kiss from M'lo and she quickly turns her head, craning her neck forward to snag another one before he climbs out of reach, "My hero." There's some amount of amusement in her voice as a smirk overtakes her features, "I think I'll hold the bag. It's easier. I think it might be safer up here, afterall." She casts a sidelong glance at the commotion happening on the ground level and grimaces once. She twists slightly in her spot, managing somehow to pull herself up a couple more branches. Batting away foliage, she swings one leg over until she's straddling one of the thicker limbs and braces her back against the trunk. "Pass me the bag, love?" she asks, reaching out for it. Glance down, she smirksa little at Pralius, "I hope I haven't shocked him too much." Maglinoth, pleased as punch, is happy to accept the embrace and chuffs happily, wings twitching in happiness.

"What Pral….." The bronzer laughs and turns towards the skinny healer, he moves towards him with a broad smile. "Well…well…about time…" He laughs winking towards the young man. "I can't wait for this….congratulations Pral! I'm so happy to hear that you….." Oh no there is a sudden surge of cold fear that creeps up his spine, he let his guard down…..she is behind him. "Don't you dare…" He states turning around slowly, ever so slowly while the healer hugs the green.

Siobhan finally wedges the last piece of fruit that could possibly fit into her satchel in place with a pleased sound, clipping the bag shut and swinging it onto her back before increasing the speed of her path back down to the ground. "Ahha, well, you know what they say. A best way to a beast's heart is through his stomach. What do you treat the runners here with? I used to slip cubes of sweetener to the runners back at the crafthall, but one of the handlers got mad, saying I was going to spoil his runner. Been a bit shy about it since, but if you think it'd help make a positive association between the canines and the runners, I'd be happy to do it." Reaching a similar predicament hovering so far off the ground, Sio purses her lips and guages the distance from her bough to the ground below. "Think we can make it, or should we call for help?"

Up in his tree with Ely, M'lo is far too distracted by watching the drama of Kessa and R'oc to answer Joanethen. He passes the bag to Ely and picks fruit, rather slowly, and hands them to her. Whenever it won't risk his safety or his life to do so, he looks up at the weyrleaders. Several times he reaches for a fruit he's not really looking at, only to miss. Those dark almond-shaped eyes of his are as wide as they go, watching his leaders. There is an added level of distraction, too - he's not really close enough to hear them, but Irelanth is, and the little brown dragon is relaying information as he gets it.

Pralius stays there for a moment in a cling, then steps back, "Thanks, Mags… now the hard part begins." He glances at R'oc, eyes a little wide with shock, "Uh… thanks… I should…" He glances to the general point in the sky where Shisuth disappeared /between/, then over at Galina and swallows, "Galina?… just how… umm, upset /was/ the craftmaster that you were searched?"

Flavia says "Sometimes I use a bit of fruit, but not too often. So perhaps just a bit of grain with some honey in it here and there to trade off." she leans over the branch and lets her basket dangle until it nearly touches the ground before she lets it go. "I think I'm going to jump, ground seems soft enough. Just bend your knees when you land, otherwise it'll hurt more." and with that she tosses a grin at Siobhan and swings down to dangle herself from the branch before letting go. She lands with a muffled whumph onto the grass and casts a glance upwards "Ha! If you want I'll come steady you."

When R'oc turns back, Kessa isn't there. She's walking away and rolling up her sleeves as she starts to tackle a tree like the rest of them. It's likely that the rest of the duration she'll be up there with the rest of them, filling up satchels with fruits to help stock the Weyr.

Eyes shift to the weyrleader as he turns away from his most feared of opponents. "That was a mistake." The young man states, his attention fully on the pair. "Then perhaps something else….not planned…." He watches and seems to speak to himself, dry tone fixing and he continues on his work, and like the weyrwoman will just stay quiet.

Galina sucks on a wedge of fruit, her gaze eventually settling on Pralius when he speaks to her. She's silent for a long moment and somewhat difficult to spot for the fact that she's tucked up in a tree and well-shadowed, but she's there. Eventually, some moments later, she intones, "She denied it twice. Her acceptance was grudging, for lack of a better word." Pause. "It may be different for you, however." Everything else? Noted in a very peripheral sense, but not a thing of terrible importance to her for the time being.

Sertorius smiles as Blaesus flies over and lands on his shoulder.

Pralius nods and swallows slowly, "I hope you're right… I'd… never stop being a healer, I can't imagine it, but the opportunity… it's…" He goes silent, feeling the words need not be spoken.

Ely tucks the bag of fruit between her legs and sets to relaxing on the branch. It's easy enough work to grab any citrus that M'lo hands to her and stuff it into the bag - atleast it's easier than trying to get down from the tree. That, and she has a good view of M'lo from her position, anyhow. She does cast a glance over to where Kessa used to be, as well as R'oc. "What do you think is up with the Weyrwoman?" she asks her weyrmate, glancing back towards him as she reaches out to take another citrus from him thoughtfully. "Granted, I'd have done more than disappear if someone smeared fruit on me."

Siobhan repeats Flavia's suggested treat under her breath, giving the girl a nod when she's finally got it committed to her occasionally, ah, bad memory. "Right, got it." Following her fellow crafter's lead, Sio drapes herself across her branch and swings her satchel off her shoulder, giving it a moment to stop swaying before she drops it to the ground with a delicate wince. Good thing citrines had tough skins… "Sure, jumping it is. I'll try to remember that bit about the knees," she says, watching Flavia go. "Ha! Feline reflexes!," Siobhan crows in a victorious tone, already scooting off her branch to she can hang by her hands. "Maybe just spot me in case I lose balance on the way down?" She does seem a bit nervous about the drop, but at this point, it's inevitable. One, two, three, release!, and an oof and wobble for the landing. Certainly not perfect, but hey, she didn't break any bones! "Woo. That went well, if I do say so myself."

"The difference, Pralius, is that this is something you want." There is no smile, just a thin distortion at the corners of her mouth. Galina pops another wedge of fruit in her mouth and sucks on it, though it's without any particular desire to do so, now. It's consumed rather mechanically and the rest of the fruit is regarded with a bland look. "I do not want this," she decides, glancing back to Pralius again. "Would you like the rest?"

Flavia steadies the other girl with a chuckle. "And we return triumphant! I'm going to go check my basket in and then find out what else I can do to help." a wave as she heads off into the crowds of weyrfolk "See you later!"

Eyes flicker over the weyrwoman expecting a sudden attack, perhaps he had nothing to fear, but just to not look bad he follows his last statement. "Don't you dare forget to check your footing." Saved right…yes I think that is right.

M'lo shakes his head at Ely. "Don't know," he murmurs to her. "But I am /so/ not gonna get into the middle of that. Not my business." He tilts his head at Galina, though, and frowns at her. "Listen, Gal," he says. "If you really don't want to Stand, then why /are/ you, huh? If that knot is so heavy on your shoulder, you can always give it back. The last thing we need is a rider who resents their dragon." Maybe the heat is getting to him, but Galina's sour attitude isn't something M'lo apparently wants to tolerate. "If you want to be one of my Candidates, I expect you to put a good face on it, instead of scaring others off. It's hard enough to find good people without someone acting like the entire idea is /distasteful/."

Pralius blinks, taking a mental step back, "I… have to agree with Milo… if you don't want it why did you accept the knot? I don't want to get into personal things or places I shouldn't go… I guess I just… don't understand…"

"Because, sometimes, there are obligations that need to be fulfilled." Galina swings easily down from her perch, her bag of fruit being dragged along to be dumped into the basket on the ground. She's doing her share of harvesting at the very least; one can't accuse her of shirking her duties. "I have had a very difficult couple of days. Far more than I feel either of you would understand." She eventually finds a recipient for the barely touched fruit and moves to shoulder her bag properly. "Keep that in mind, before you leap to judgment." And while she puts up her usual front of impassivity, something pained flashes in her expression before she ducks her head, the brim of her hat shadowing her features. Her basket of fruit is added to the rest and she soon moves off with some of the others destined to return to the Weyr.

R'oc turns back towards Pralius and walks over, he over hears Galina's comment that makes him smile and shake his head. Though he looks over towards M'lo and Pralius as they step back. "Boys…boys…" He eyes them, he smiles patting Pralius on his back. "I'm sure she will change her tone…..yes even she will change her tone when she stands." Though he looks to the man next to him and his other hand reaches patting him on his chest. "Congratulations!!" He laughs and then turns to Galina. "She would not have accepted if she didn't like it." He smiles and then takes a deep breath.

Siobhan utters an appreciative "thanks" for the steadying, having needed it for sure. "So we do!," Sio laughs with a scrunch of her eyes before giving the beastcrafter a nod. "Good idea. Think I'll just unpack my satchel, m'self, and then brave another tree. Maybe one with lower branches." This is all said absently while eyeing the conversation over yonder, and wisely or not choosing not to become part of it. It wasn't her place, with folk she barely knew, so Sio sidles along to empty her bag and find something useful to occupy herself with.

M'lo shakes his head and follows Galina down, his face grim. "I haven't leapt to any judgements, Galina. I asked. And I don't appreciate the attitude." He lowers his voice and steps closer to her. Not threatening, no, but just trying to keep anyone else out of their business, and that includes the Weyrleader, to whom M'lo gives a look that says please back off. "If you are having a hard time, then it's my duty to help you through it. Talk to me, explain things. Make me understand. If not me, then Meo. I'll do what I can to help. But I /will/ not have you continue in the way you have been. Something needs to change, all right?" His voice isn't loud enough to carry to anyone's ears but Galina's.

Ely leans forward, bringing her back away from the trunk of the tree to peer downwards at the scene below. It's hard to see with the sun dappling her face and the shade provided by the brim of her hat, but she does grimace a little at Galina's abrupt departure. "So much drama and angst with Maglinoth's candidates," she says on the end of a breath, leaning back against the trunk of the tree with a sigh, "I'm sure she'll feelb etter about it after a while. She might be sore after talking with the Craftmaster." Legs still dangling from either side of the branch, she clutches at the bag of fruit and watches M'lo pass by her on his way down. Unable to follow, she remains in her lofty perch and peers down after him, falling silent for now. She certainly doesn't want to make things worse.

Pralius frowns slightly, but nods, "I may not know your story… but I may understand better than you realize." He glances at Milo, then over at R'oc, "She's more than capable of defending herself, sir. I think we should just all take a step back and be glad that, since a dragon chose her, she chose to give it a chance, even if she's not as gung-ho as many. Faranth knows I'm not fond of the idea of leaving Wyn alone to care for Darius."

R'oc eyes M'lo and shakes his head, and though Galina is a bit off, he leaves it to M'lo to help her. "Alright then off to the trees then." And off he walks looking back to Pralius. "Well congratulations Pralius." The weyrleader states before turning and leaping into a tree, snaggin one of those bags. And off he goes for the rest of the venture.

"Now is neither the time nor the place for any such discussion, assistant weyrlingmaster." That's offered in a typically bland tone, with Galina slanting a look askance to M'lo. A flicked look is cast to Ely, drawn to Maglinoth, and then returns again to the man with: "I trust you will understand that much." That look is extended briefly to Pralius, but there's no further response to her fellow healer on that score, with pale eyes fixing unblinkingly on the brownrider again. Her tone is as empty as ever as she concludes, "If you wish to persist, I will discuss it after I have had a chance to return to the Weyr, clean up, and get some good tea in my stomach. Is that acceptable?"

M'lo nods at Galina. "Yes, of course," he says quietly. "I understand." He glances back at Ely, then to the Healer Candidate. "Be right back," he says. He jogs to Ely's tree and helps her down if she wants. "I'm going to bring some of this fruit back to the weyr, and Galina, and have a talk with her. I'll see you later." He leans in for a kiss, and then jogs back. "Help me load him up," he tells Galina, and then starts tying sacks of fruit to Irelanth, who crouches patiently. "I'll take you back for that bath and the tea."

Awkward is Ely's descent from the tree, even with M'lo's strong arms to help - foliage catches at her clothing on the way down and all. There's two bulging bags of fruit slung over her shoulders and it's enough to unbalance her. She wobbles and sinks into M'lo, clutching at him to regain her balance. "Shards," she grumbles, glaring at the tree over her shoulder, "I don't think I like trees." Though all her worries about such things are gone - erased by a kiss. She leans into it, letting it linger for a few seconds before breaking away. "I'll follow later, love," she remarks, offering her two bags of fruit to M'lo to take back with him. Readjusting her sun hat, she moves to try to find another empty bag. Perhaps it might be easier to collect some fruit closer to the ground.

Pralius nods, still half-staring at that white knot. After a moment of silence and a nod to Galina. Some day he might ask, but not today. Milo's enough prying for one day, likely. Instead he slides the white knot up alongside his journeyman's knot, not willing yet to replace one with the other, then grabs his own empty bag, moving to join the gatherers, "So… fruit?"

"Of course," is flatly uttered in reply. It's with the utmost of duty that she sets to the task, with her bag slung around to hang at the small of her back all the while. Galina has enough knowledge of straps and their workings to load her end of things with efficiency, even if she's a bit slower at it than experienced hands would be. She lapses into silence for the duration of the task, her pair of firelizards likely having been sent far ahead and back to the Weyr by now for their absence. "Whenever you are ready to depart," is offered to the brownrider, leaving him to set the pace for their departure at least.

M'lo helps Galina up onto Irelanth's saddle if she needs it and then climbs up, himself - after everyone has donned appropriate riding leathers, again, of course. Making sure that he and his passenger are secured, he gives the signal and Irelanth springs into the air with a mighty bound. A downsweep of his wings, and then another lifts them into the sky, and over the tall canopy. From this view, the world is a vast green carpet of forest, with greenish-gold plains in the distance. Somewhere to the west, a river gleams between wicked cliffs. Then Irelanth disappears into the cold darkness of /between/, taking his lifemate, Galina, and a whole lot of fruit with him.

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