'The World of Pern(tm)' and 'The Dragonriders of Pern(r)' are copyright to Anne McCaffrey (c) l967, 2000. This is a recorded online session, by permission of the author but generated on PernWorld MUSH for the benefit of people unable to attend.

Harper Hall - Performance Hall
A huge vaulted room expands before an ornate wooden stage. Strings of thin neon red lights line two walkways down the stadium steps on either side of the center section of seats.
High-backed chairs form semi-circle arcs before the stage in several consecutive rows: totally wooden at the top, progressing to cushioned seats at middle, to very comfortable recliner type chairs towards the bottom, all done in dark mahogany finished skybroom and Harper blue velvet fabric.
Intricate slate-gray marble work outlines the stage as if it's a frame. Curving and winding vines give way to images of harps and theatre masks along the bottom, vaulting up to protruding titans that seem to hold the stage up on either side, to a Celtic inspired braid across the top, ending in an endless knot in the center.
Heavy Harper blue curtains, edged in silver cording, are drawn back to reveal the stage, made of finely varnished wood slats that seem to shine like a mirror. They give the illusion that there are two sets of performers on stage.

As afternoon wears into evening, the Harper Hall is a storm of activity. The weather is fair and bright, offering the perfect setting for the scheduled musical revue. The auditorium seats are filling up quickly as the curtain call nears, but isn't eminent just yet. Members of the pit orchestra are tuning up and going through their last bits of practice before the overture, billed as having been composed by one of the Hall's own Masters and inspired by all the songs on tonight's program. The featured stars are Master Keane, baritone; Journeyman Feran, tenor; Journeywoman Xhosa, soprano,and Journeywoman Tamsyn, mezzo-soprano. The latter of which is roaming the floors of the performance hall looking to be social as she mills about the gathering people in her new gown.

Clearly excited to be here, Amelia sports a broad smile. It might be exhilaration from the flight Between, it might be excitement for the performance, it might be that she's here with a quite handsome young man, or it might just be that she likes to smile. Either way, she hasn't been seen in this hall for at least a couple turns, and she's very pleased to be back.

D'son would probably blush a bit at the 'handsome' part of that description, as it stands he's oblivious and on his best behavior as he escorts Amelia into the hall, dressed nicely for the occasion. He looks about curiously too, in the manner of one who eiher hasn't been here before at all, or just not often. "Where looks good for sitting?" he asks Amelia quietly, gaze traveling toward the stage.

There's a gangly weaver lad wandering through, looking a bit wide-eyed, but Anaky's grinning nonetheless. He's sporting some rather odd clothes, with crooked embroidery, all in blue. He's seeking a seat, though there;s definite milling, too, bobbing his head at familiar faces and strangers alike - more the latter, as he hasn't been in Harper Hall in /turns/. The boy's gaze flicks to Tamsyn's gown and stops there, not too far from Amelia and D'son actually, offering her a head-bob and an easy smile, "Hey, it looks lovely on you," though it's probably he doesn't even know her. But a girl in a nice dress? Definitely deserving of complimenting.. even if it is the stitching and the fabric he's glancing it at more than, well, the girl.

Five minutes before the show's beginning, a well-dressed journeyman walks across stage and stops in the middle. Lights are dimmed, save one on the speaker. Turning to face the audience, he smiles broadly. "Welcome, Pern, to our autumn musical revue: all songs, no costumes! We are happy to perform a selection of art songs pulled from AIVAS. These were once widely popular with our far-distant ancestors, and we hope you enjoy them as well!" The journeyman bows begins walking to the other side of the stage, and as he walks, the musicians begin to play a rollicking two minute overture.

Meanwhile Tamsyn is noting the slowing stream of people as they settle into their seats, and the weaver lad - Anaky - gets a mischevious grin from the Harper Journeywoman. "Thank you for the compliment, sir. I certainly hope the amount of marks I paid for it does me justice." And then she's personally ushering the lad to an open - and good - seat as that music starts to play. Hers is an easy smile tonight, and her spirits definitely seem high. "I'll be along in a minute. Promise." Well, she certainly will at that.

"Perhaps near the middle- halfway back, I think, would be best. Not too close, not too far. Plus I think the front is usually reserved for dignitaries," Amelia points toward a few empty seats in that general area, and starts moving towards them. It is getting crowded, and since she's familiar with the deal, she reaches back for D'son's hand, intending to lead him through before the seats get taken. "Come on!" she says quietly but urgently. "It's getting close to time!"

"Sure, it usually is," D'son agrees about the front. "Middle sounds good," the bronzerider states and laughs a little as Amelia takes his hand and tugs him along. "Don't worry, I'm coming," he adds and moves post-haste in the direction the beastcrafter is heading.

Anaky returns the mischievous grin, replying with a light, "More than, and then some," as he heads for a seat. Dropping down into it, he perches with one knee tucked beneath him, eyes darting to where the music's started. "I'll hold you to it," he laughs a bit softly, settleing back to watch and quieting, though his gaze darts here and there.

Amelia manuvers through the crowd and excuses herself and D'son to get to the desired seats. Once there, she settles in and peers at the program. She points at one of the names, and looks at the stage with a little excitement. "Master Keane- I've heard him before. Once. He was incredible!"

As the rollicking overture comes to its resounding close, the curtains begin to open on a dark stage. Those with keen eyes will be able to see movement through the darkness. The movement stops, and as lights come on, a man is revealed: Master Keane. At the same moment, the accompanying musicians jump into a bouncy melody, and shortly the pair opens with a duet titled "Tonight" which is credited to a Leonard Bernstein. For a moment it looks as if to be a solo, but then Journeywoman Tamsyn starts singing directly from the audience, her trained voice ringing clearly as one of the spotlights from above rotates to spot her. She spares a wink for Anaky as she passes by his seat; she told him she'd be along shortly! And as any opening number should be, it is full of energy, the two performers building off one another and both smiling broadly when they are not singing, both taking on the looks of the enthusiastically infatuated. At the end, they embrace warmly and bow to the audience.
( Tonight: [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-1tCK7mnM3o] )

Waiting until Amelia sits, D'son settles beside her and bounces in his chair just a little, like he's testing out the comfort. The beastcrafter's excited exclamation though brings his gaze over to look at the name in the program. "Yeah? Good voice?" he asks conversationally then pipes down quickly as the curtains open and the performance begins.

Anaky leans forward a bit, peering at the darkness, though he settles back once more when the lights come on. Thin eyebrow arch a little, recognizing the Tamsyn up there, and there's a half-sheepish grin in return when he spots the wink. He sits quietly, eyes just a tad wide through the performance, tugging smile on his face.

Amongst those filtering into the Performance Hall are a pair of Journeymen harpers, Shael leading Ishari in, holding her hand as he looks embarrassed when it becomes quickly evident that the program has already begun. Damn distractedness. Giving his eyes a moment to adjust, he's glancing back at Ishi, giving her hand a squeeze before tugging her over towards a pair of empty seats near the back on an aisle. With a soft apology to those behind him, he's moving to pass her into the inner seat, before settling down beside her.

Unlike Shael, Ishari evinces no evidence of embarassment at realizing they were late - instead, she offers the other journeyman a faint smile, nodding graciously to those whose view she blocks briefly as she takes her seat. Once settled, with Shael beside her, she reaches out, resting a hand on his arm, and leans over to murmur lightly to him, before her attention is directed to the stage, ready to enjoy the rest of the show.

As the performance starts, Amelia grins and just points, hand low, to the stage. "That's him!" she whispers. Tamsyn's start from within the audience is all the more exciting, and Amie's face bobs back and forth between them until the stars are on stage, and then she's beaming and applauding almost before they've finished the final notes.

The opener is followed immediately by another duet between Tamsyn and Keane, called "Written in the Stars". An equally touching, if a more sentimental tune in which the pair are again playing off of each other, a faint chorus of trained (though not quite as beautiful) voices echo'ing from the area of the instruments. After this, Keane leaves the stage and is replaced by Xhosa as the ochestra continues on in a completely different key and tone of music; one to break those easily spooked into wherrybumps. She and Tamsyn sing "Angel of Music/The Phantom of the Opera", with a man's voice rolling out from behind the curtains: the invisible phantom while Tamsyn takes on the look of being enthralled yet mystified, and Xhosa concerned yet jubulant for her friend. At the end there comes a small pause, where the pair of girls curtsey to the crowd, before motioning for the maestro to continue. This is followed by Xhosa and Tamsyn singing about "Defying Gravity" in a much lighter and hopeful tone, and then sharing another duet about "Moonlight" and "Memories" in which both of them bear looks of longing.

Keane and Faren, along with six other men, come the stage to brighten up the mood after the melancholy song, leaving the two ladies to depart with a comedic number called "There is Nothing Like a Dame" which is followed by the finale of the first act. Keane and Tamsyn, backed by all members of the cast, perform a duet titled "This is the Moment" directly after which the curtains close for a ten minute intermission.
( Written in the Stars: [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fx4rBilNhvM] )
( Angel of Music: [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g13HE1eZQ7E] )
( Phantom of the Opera: [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S88rkpPu8_g&feature=fvw] )
( Defying Gravity: [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6dBW4pViRTU] )
( Moonlight: [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xym6sIw2qOE] )
( Memories: [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4-L6rEm0rnY] )
( There is Nothing Like a Dame: [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oY2Y6pxu-yM] )
( This is the Moment: [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vEfOfA7UYOs] )

During the performance: "Are they supposed to sound … all shaky like that?" D'son asks quietly at a key point during the performance but then he settles down, listening to the story in the words and a faint grin tugs at the corner of his mouth. Polite applause greets the end of the first number. Parts of the pieces that follow actually seem to make the rider look … uncomfortable though he warms up for "Defying Gravity" quite a bit. "I really like that one," he tells Amelia happily.

Anaky's attention is entirely on the performance, head tilting to the side a little as he listens. He applauds at the end of the first performance, eyes seeking out Tamsyn on the stage, thin eyebrow quirking upward again, the lad looking faintly thoughtful. The following performances have Anaky sinking back comfortably in his seat, legs curled under him as he watches. The third one, expecially, has the lad wrapping his arms about his midsection, eyes peering at the curtains, though he relaxes eventually. And by the time the curtains close for intermission, the lad is stretching out, feline-like in his seat, legs at least straightening so his feet touch the floor, though he keeps his arms settled about him.

Shael leans down and again to Ishari's ear, this Journeyman harper making comments now and again about the performance, reviewing it even as it continues, though the majority of them have more to do with the accompanying instruments rather than the singing performers. As with the others, he offers applause as the first portion draws to a close, leaning once more to Ishari's ear. "You want to give it a go?" He teases her lightly, even as he plants a kiss on her cheek to make up for it.

Amelia doesn't notice any discomfort on D'son's part- she's fascinated entirely, letting the music consume her mind. She's as enthralled as the actresses were during the Phantom number, eyes wide and glowing. "That was beautiful," she agrees breathlessly of "Defying Gravity". And of course, she can't help but laugh when the men come on stage to dance. Her grin never goes away; she may not be sitting with her mouth hanging open but she's staring all the same. As the curtains go up for intermission, she stretches out and peeks at D'son. Her expression is a tad bit shyer, though she's still glowing with the enjoyment. "Thanks… thank you so much for offering to take me. How do you like it?"

As the curtains draw closed, Tamsyn doesn't reappear this time, unless one is looking carefully at the curtained sidelines. A dark brown head of hair peeks out, a glass of water in her hand. Over the mingling of people, a soft peal of laughter can be heard from behind the curtains as the lights flash their warnings to the viewers. There's a few minutes left until the show starts again!

Lights up and D'son blinks a little, adjusting to the shift. "Sure, you're welcome," the bronzerider tells AMelia with a little smile and reaches over aiming to give her hand a little squeeze. "Worth it to see that smile," he tells her then considers for a moment. "Well I like some of the music a lot, but I'm not sure about some of the voices. And that one about phantoms was just freaky."

"Not on your life," Ishari murmurs back to Shael, wrinkling her nose at him. Leaning close so that her shoulder bumps against his, her eyes wander over the room, taking advantage of the intermission to see who else has appeared to attend the performance. "Why aren't you up there?" she wonders, arching an eyebrow as she glances sidelong at the other journeyman.

Anaky is still seated, waiting for the next part of the performance, but there's a bit of wiggling as something in his short pocket begins to stir. Alas, one little baby green firelizard pokes her head out, opens her mouth, aand.. promptly gets Anaky's hand clamped gently over her snout. "Oh, not /here/," is his soft whisper, the lad sneaking from his seat and scooting back out - alas, he hadn't counted on little flitters waking. Luckily, it did come during a pause, so he hopefully manages to slip away without too much fuss.

"Not my performance group.." Shael offers with a little shrug, settling back in his seat, even as he leans, keeping his shoulder pressed against hers. "Besides… Its more fun getting to watch, sometimes." He counters, reaching to lightly squeeze her hand, even as he quiets when the lights flash the warning.

Amelia might just have smiled wider at D'son's compliment, but she ducks her head, cheeks coloring a little though it's hopefully not noticeable in the dim light. She does, however, squeeze back with her own hand, and nods, looking ahead. "Freaky, but those singers! Those girls! So high! They must be in incredible shape to sing that well."

The lights give one last flash, and that's it as the lights dim to darkness once more. The second act opening curtains reveal Tamsyn and Xhosa, holding bouquets of flowers and grinning. They sing a beautiful but unintelligible song listed on the program as "The Flower Duet," accompanied by minimal instruments. There is a note attached to this and the next song in the program, listing them as being from lost languages. After the second act's opening, Xhosa leaves the stage and Tamsyn walks to the center, assumes a sultry expression, and throws her bouquet to the ground violently, becoming a bit more intense in the process of doing so. The song she sings is titled "Habanera" and while the language may be lost, the meaning of the song is clearly seduction- and she is very clearly enjoying every moment of this song, and enjoying singing it to a variety of young men scattered across the front row of seats, including Anaky.
( The Flower Duet: [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gGA9D55APcE] )
( Habanera: [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q763V3gJ7lw] )

Following the lost language set, Tamsyn stalks off the stage, as if in a huff and is replaced by Feran, who sings a rather melancholy tune called "Send in the Clowns" after whch he is once more joined by Xhosa. She stands with a sad expression on her face, and to her he sings "Put on a Happy Face," bouncing around the stage and trying a few comedic tricks including producing a clearly-fake flower from his blazer. After this comedic song, Tamsyn joins Xhosa on the stage with a much sweeter, more innocent and wistful expression on her face than she sported a couple songs ago. The two women then sing "I Could Have Danced All Night" while dancers waltz behind them, each of them swaying dreamily in time with the music, pleased smiles stretching their lips even as they sing.
( Send in the clowns: [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=53ZpkAhlNlk] )
( Put on a Happy Face: [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lzCsqTFogUU] )
( I Could Have Danced All Night: [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JNaIor5lxN8] )

"Sure, they have pretty voices, but —" D'son starts only to pipe down again at the last flashed warning of the lights and he leans back in his chair to watch the rest of the performance. Funny thing, he doesn't let go of Amelia's hands after the lights have been dimmed again.

When Tamsyn and Xhosa finish their wistful song, Xhosa is replaced once more by Keane and the remaining woman takes on an indignant air as the two at first seem to converse, but then lapse into the comedic song entitled "Anything You Can Do". It's clearly an act, but one the two of them both enjoy as they try to best one another, seeing who can sing louder, higher, sweeter and longer, among throwing subtle (and not so subtle) insults back and forth at one another. And as if to one-up the current pair of singers, Feran and Xhosa return to the stage not only singing, but dancing as well!
( Anything You Can Do: [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3qdn4YBwIPo] )

The finale - for it's obviously that as a mob of harpers comes dancing in pairs onto the stage - is a mash-up of both "Let's Call the Whole Thing Off" and "Shall We Dance," show casing a harper's talent for both dancing and singing with theatrics in the midst of it all. The back up vocals are on stage dancing, swirling in a waltz as they sing. After the songs come to an end, the dancers and back-up vocalists take their turn at a bow first, leaving the Feran and Xhosa, to be followed by Keane and Tamsyn. All of the four major vocalists have accumulated a light sheen of sweat on their foreheads by now, but each one of them is grinning as they take their bow, all four vocalists coming forward for one last bow as the curtain starts to drop, and the lights resume their normal level.
( Let's Call the Whole Thing Off: [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=twF4Mt-q5jw] )
( Shall We Dance: [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iHK8qWUTKEE] )

During the second act, Amelia continues to watch with the enthralled expression, but her hand remains with D'son's and between numbers she applauds her opposite hand to her thigh. At the end, however, she drops his hand and is on her feet with the rest of those who considered it worthy of a standing ovation, cheering enthusiastically. The silly grin is pasted on like a doll's, and she opens the program again to peek at title names. "I loved those! Wasn't that-ah- this 'Anything You Can Do'- wasn't that just the funniest thing?"

The latter part of the program see D'son getting into it a bit more, laughing at parts of the funnier songs though it take him a second to get to his feet at the conclusion to join in the clapping. "Those last ones were good, really funny," he agrees with Amelia and looks around at the crowd, then back at his companion. "The songs were all really different from what I'm used to."

It takes a few minutes from the end of the performance for the performers to start milling about, but the back-up vocalists come first, adding to the population of the crowd, and exclaiming over the people that have come to see them. A few more minutes pass, and finally the four vocalists are out and about on the floor. Tamsyn is heading for Anaky, looking minorly flushed, but not anything too out of the ordinary after a performance. "Did you enjoy it?" She asks of the weaver, not waiting to see if he notices her first or not before speaking.

Somebody else wants Tamsyn's attention, quite desperately. Well, more than one someone. Who cares if she was headed for somebody else? A swarthy and well-dressed man who'd also been in the front row steps into her bubble. "Harper, that was inspiring, utterly inspiring. How much would it cost to bring you to my Hold?"

And while the Minor Holder might be insisting on attention, a flock of apprentices- mostly Tamsyn's students, are eager to congratulate their teacher and swoon about the fabulous performance.

Looking around, D'son clears his throat before asking Amelia: "Did you want to go greet any of the performers? It looks like they're drawing a lot of attention," the bronzerider says, gaze traveling over toward Tamsyn. The pop of the beastcrafter's back earns a slightly more concerned look. "Everything okay?"

Tamsyn indeed never makes it to where Anaky was sitting, so the poor harper can also never figure out the weaver left half-way through it, being far too absorbed into her performance. She had been just about ready to open her mouth when the well dressed young man approaches her. And thank Faranth for her students attracting her attention! The young man gets a warming smile as she puts her arm around a younger girl's shoulders, starting to trail off with her student. "You'll have to talk to the Hall on that one, sir. I'm contracted with Fort Weyr, currently." It's a gentle and laughing dismissal, but ooo. Scary man.

"Eh, I don't actually /know/ any of them. I don't know about getting through that crush of people." Amelia notices Tamsyn trailing out of the crowd. "Well, maybe we can make it to her, if the folks in our row would finish exiting…" Then she gives D'son a quizzical look, then realizes to what he was referring and nods. "Oh, fine- just been sitting still so long." Couldn't be that argument with the runner the other day- no way. The bruises are just about healed, after all. She smiles and turns toward D'son as the row begins to clear up on his other side.

"Okay, we can try to catch up," D'son agrees and reaches for Amelia's hand again to start heading down the row and out into the crowd. "And I hear you about sitting still in a relatively small chair. Can maybe get a good stretch in back home." And there goes the row clearing out which lets them both exit.

Tamsyn is easily catchable for the pair. After all, she's using her poor students more as a distraction from the Scary Man asking to contract her work personally, than avoid anyone else. So it doesn't take much effort at all to find herself in the general vicinity of Amelia and D'son, while talking to one of her elder students, undoubtedly giving the girl tips on how to act, from the sounds of it. "Some of it is purely over acting. Else you won't get the proper signal across to everyone. But you have to know when over acting… is too much."

Nodding and smiling a little at the idea of stretching, Amelia lets D'son lead the way this time, gripping his hand while they press out the row and through the crowd. And then suddenly Tamsyn is right next to them, and Amie is practically frozen with excitement. "Miss. Harper. Tamsyn." She stumbles over a proper greeting, possibly not quite loud enough for Tamsyn to actually realize she has an admirer.

Not as star-struck as Amelia, D'son waits a moment then clears his throat. "Excuse me, Journeywoman?" he says more loudly than his companion. "My friend would like to speak with you if you have a moment," the bronzerider continues steadily and slants a smile over at Amelia.

Tamsyn really isn't so engrossed in the conversation, nor her students so un-understanding that at first the soft stammering niggles at her hearing, before D'son's louder request for attention has her turning her head first, then the rest of her body to face them, welcoming each with an easy smile, her blue eyes tracking between the pair. "What a cute couple you two make!" Well. She may not always think before she speaks. "Of course I have a moment."

"Aw thanks," she murmurs to D'son, then she blushes considerably, ignores Tamsyn's comment, and stammers, "Um. Well. You were incredible. I loved it so much. Are you ever going to tour?" Her voice is still quiet and awed, but it does grow more confident the more she talks. "All of you were wonderful, of course, but I couldn't believe some of those songs! Do you study them much here?"

That makes two people with some color going on in their cheeks. "Oh we're n—" he starts, stops, clears his throat and nods along with Amelia's compliments. "It was a really good performance is what he comes up with. I liked the funny pieces the best."

Tamsyn meets Amelia's questions with a friendly air still. "Tour? Us?" The harper actually does seem to consider it for a moment before she's shaking her head slightly. "Likely not. I'm contracted to Fort Weyr, currently. So I can come for performances like this, but Master Keane teaches here at the Hall, and doesn't really get to travel much. He was my vocal teacher, and actually still is when I can spare the time for a lesson." She bobs in a little curtsey at the compliment to her skills. "Thank you. And frankly, we couldn't believe some of the songs either, when we pulled them from AVIAS." Again, there's a pause to think about the beastcrafter's question. "But we do study them, in more than the sense of merely performing them." But it's not all about her and her co-performers, no. There's a little bit of information to gleam this night. "So you liked the funny ones, sir? What about you, miss? What did you like best?"

The Harper is listened to with wrapt attention and an admiring expression. She nods in agreement at D'son's compliment to the actress, and at the direct inquiry, Amie finds her voice more easily. "Oh, goodness, they were all so wonderful. The opener was so fantastic and energized, and the second- well, you two really felt like star crossed lovers, it was quite powerful and I thought my heart might just break for you!" She pauses, expression wrapped up in the same emotion she'd felt during the song, then she moves on. "And of course, the one about defying gravity was so uplifting, it makes me want to go out and hop on a wild runner right now, and just catch the wind."

The performance is over, with two of the Journeymen in the audience having enjoyed it quite a bit - almost as much as the after-show people watching they indulge in. Soon enough, though, Ishari nudges Shael and jerks her head, winking at him and nodding towards the doors.

D'son's head bobs. "Yes, I did, even if there were parts of them I didn't quite understand. Something to look up I guess," the bronzerider says with a smile and drops a look over at Amelia. "You know, if you're eager to catch the wind, Inimeth could do a little bit of gravity defying," the bronzerider jokes a little.

Shael finishes the quiet conversation with Ishi, and with a grin, is slipping to his feet, pulling Ishi up with him, and with a wave of his hand to the other Harpers, before he's tugging his girlfriend out the door.

"Oh, there's a few references in those songs we don't quite understand either, but we make of it what we can." Tamsyn says to D'son with a smile. "Most of what we sung appeared to be from plays and musicals from Terra, so I'm not sure how relevent things were to the culture back then, anyways." But then the harper seems to have something else catch her attention and for a moment it looks as if she's listening very intently to Amelia, giving the girl a bit of an evaluating look. "I'd take him up on that offer miss. He's cute." And Tamsyn looks to be making her exit soon, but not before offering another piece of advice. "You have a very nice timbre to your voice, miss. I might give singing a try, if I were you. Though gently at first. Don't belt them out right from the start. It's a good way to damage your voice." Abrupt much tonight, Syn?

"Do you even have enough straps to make that safe?" she asks D'son. If it was possible to be any more flushed than she was at Tamsyn's first reference to her and D'son, well, Amelia is it now. Whether it's for the advice that she should take up the offer to defy gravity, or the vocal compliments, Amelia is off-center. She doesn't duck or run away or even look at D'son, but she does get out a somewhat strained bit of laughter and smiles widely at the Harper. "I won't, I promise, I'll just pretend I'm trying to calm down a scared animal!"

"Wait, what are you thinking about that straps wouldn't be safe enough?" D'son asks, not quite following and studiously ignores being called 'cute'. "Hey if you've got the voice for it, that could be a lot of fun," he tries to stick to that subject. "New hobby and then you can sing to the runners more."

There comes a chuckle from Tamsyn as she watches the two converse now, her blue eyes twinkling as she starts edging away a baby step at a time. "Come to the Hall - or Fort - if you should want any lessons, miss." And being curteous, she curtsies to the pair of them again before one of her apprentices finds her again. "If you'll excuse me, Keane is calling. No doubt he's going to remind me I need another lesson soon." And there's both a fond grin and a bit of a roll to her eyes. "He'll train me until I'm dead, I'm sure." And this time the pair gets a finger waggle as she slips away. "Enjoy your evening, sir. Miss. I'm glad you enjoyed our performance!"

Amelia beams as Tamsyn edges away, "Good job!" she calls after the Harper, then shrugs at D'son. "Pssh. I already have a craft. And well, you said defying gravity and ah… spinning popped into my head. Oh anyway, just lifting up into the sky is exciting enough, and isn't it more difficult for bronzes to do all the tricks? Mom's girl can do them, but J'ril's can; he's too lumbering." Then she stops, apologetic expression popping onto her face, "I don't mean that Inimeth isn't wonderful!"

"Of course, Journeywoman," D'son continues polite. "Good luck with the continued study," and he nods his head as Tamsyn curtsies, waits until she's moved away before lifting his head again. "Spinning?" he asks Amelia curiously. "I was thinking more, you know, standing up in the straps and holding your arms out," he notes with a little wry grin. "Inimeth is pretty maneuverable for a bronze, but for the most part his strength is in his stamina," the rider agrees, then takes a breath and holds up his elbow for his companion. "Either way, ready to head out?"

Amelia ooohhhs at D'son's idea. "I sure like the sound of that," eyes dancing, she wraps her shawl around her upper half, giving it a last dramatic flourish with a goofy expression. "And yes, I am ready." The Beastcrafter follows after the post-show crowds exiting the performance hall, spring in her step. Were there more space, she might even be skipping.

"Okay, now see /that/ I'm pretty sure the straps can take," D'son says with a laugh and tugs his jacket on, fastening it up against the autumn winds. And if Amelia is practically skipping, once they get beyond the walls of the Hall, he'll suddenly call out: "Race you!" to where Inimeth waits now down by the road.