Fort Weyr - Galleries

The galleries are carved right out of the rock face, the rows and rows of benches rising high up into the air on a slight slant. Stone and wood benches that used to be known for offering little in the way of comfort, are now padded with cushions in Fort Weyr's colors. Placed along the railing at regular intervals are antique looking baskets filled with cheery fabric flowers. The curving walls sport tapestries in warm vibrant colors that seem to add a dash of color to the otherwise dreary stone. Where the galleries curve slightly at the ends, affording those attending hatchings or clutchings a decent view of the sands, shaded laterns offer warm lighting along the rows of benches.

From the sands, Zuhth lumbers onto the sands after sniffing around the entrance for awhile and giving the curious and gossipy weyrfolk a few nasty looks. Still, the egg-heavy gold can not resist nature's call entirely. She does not, however, look like she is in much of a rush as she takes a full circuit of the sandy grounds, rumblign a bit as she looms briefly over the galleries before finding something else of interest. It isn't the first time she's visited but there's something about the way she is acting now as opposed to yesterday or the day before that. Neyuni arrives a bit later and at a leisurely pace, watchign her gold check over the grounds before the two meet up near the middle. "Silly, it's not like you can keep a secret around here."

M'lo enters the galleries with his daughter Daniela on his hip. The little toddler can walk now, she just likes to be carried. Gamely, the brownrider bears her to a good seat where he can see all of the action. "Look, Dani!" he croons, and points out to the sands and Zuhth. "Gold dragon. Isn't she pretty?" Dani dutifully looks, and nods. She's got her father's eyes, save for the moss-green color. "Dag'n," she repeats, and points. M'lo is dressed in his normal, every-day wear, mostly variations of cream and brown, complete with the AWLM knot on his shoulder, but his daughter is wearing a whole lot of pink. M'lo takes her coat and wee sweater off, and then his own. "Where's Mommy?" he asks the girl, and she looks around.

From the sands, One could call it intuition - but it wasn't. As Taozyuth wings in from above, steering well clear of the pregnant gold and settling off on the extreme reaches of the sands, a rather rushed-looking and cranky N'shen slides from his back. "It's a bloody clutching," he grumbles at the bronze, thunking him on his foreleg as he staggers on the sands. "Not the hatching, sheesh." Tao doesn't care. His eggies, his responsibility, and he wants to see it. Nash just wants to go back to sleep.

Galina is grim-faced as she's all but /dragged/ into the galleries by a tall, too-chipper-looking greenrider from Ierne. The blond woman is grinning devilishly, one gloved hand planted securely on the younger healer's shoulder to prevent her from any immediate attempt to escape. "I have work to complete, Lyuba." "You need to take a break /once/ in a while, Galina. And this is as good a thing to do as any. Besides, you know how Allo gets about clutchings and hatchings. You don't want to upset her, do you?" "That is unfair and highly inappropriate, given the circumstances." But there's just a bit of laughter from the greenrider as she steers Lina to a pair of seats that have been claimed by their combined fair of firelizards.

From the sands, Kessa is like a shadow on the wall, finding a spot on the sands that's relatively out of the way and that she'd be easily able to snatch a word with her Junior afterward. For now the woman lingers there on the edge of the sands, arms crossed over a wintry blue blouse with long sleeves and a long white skirt that may just be made out of fur. Despite the heat of the sands… Fort is clearly going into another winter freeze. So short the summer this Turn. Her eyes turn to N'shen, nodding at him if the Xanadu rider notices her sneaking up there, asking with a bit of a soft breath, "Your first as sire?" a nod toward Zuhth.

Meo is headed up into the galleries. As WLM, it's a good idea that she's here, for her sake, so she has an idea of how many candidates to expect, and later, how many weyrlings. She's dressed for the cool, and windy morning weather. She waves to M'lo, and his daughter, before she goes to lean on the railing. "Man, seems like we just got the last batch into wings, and here we go again." She chuckles, though it's fond. She waves to Neyuni, and then N'shen as he arrives. "Let's see how many we get this time, and hope they're all healthy."

From the sands, Neyuni looks upwards at the rustling of wings and spies a now-familiar bronze who finds as safe a spot as there is likely to be on the hot grounds. Such timing? she feels Zuhth pull away, inquiries unanswered as the queen turns her back on the arriving male to dig at a very certain spot in the sands. Neyuni is torn, but sticks with her partner to see that things get started well, shifting from foot to foot as the first egg is laid beneath mantled wings. Muzzle shifts the egg until it is settled just so before moving off to rest just to one side allowing her rider and the gathering audience to view it for the first time.

Memories of Grandeur Egg
At first glance this egg appears plain and unassuming next to its peers, so ordinary as to be forgettable - that egg that everyone looks past. It's a typical oblong shape, a little on the large side, but not unusually so. The surface is uniformly white and very smooth, without a dimple, scratch, bump, or ripple to be seen. A closer inspection however reveals that it might not be as ordinary as first presumed. The white isn't exactly white, it's almost pearlescent. Where the light hits it directly it shines a bit, and in the shadows the smooth shell seems almost translucent and glowing, giving off the illusion of there being more to see under the surface if only one had sharp enough eyes to pierce the exterior. But alas, viewing the egg from other angles reveals nothing new - it continues to hide its secrets.

M'gaal is leading the way through the gathering crowd, with Aludra following along. "I'm not entirely sure why Zaq wants to be /here/; he usually despises clutchings unless, ah, they're his own." A glance to the dragons on the sands is given, a wry quirk claiming the corner of his mouth. "Then again, that bronze out there is one of his, so- ah. Anyway. Here we are and, ah, we won't have to stay the whole time if you don't want to; I, ah, don't know how busy you are today." And he likely has work of his own to tend to, so he's certainly antsy. He lapses into silence as he finally picks his way to a spot where two seats remain unclaimed and his gaze drifts across the sands in an attempt to pick out a familiar face.

Flavia it would seem has found a good place to get a look at the sands, and while no doubt she's seen it happen before she's just as enthralled as ever. "I always love to see what they look like, its never the same." is commented in general before she tucks her feet under the bench she's on leans forward.

Tired and a bit disheveled in the early morning, Ely makes her way up the galleries steps a bit near the end of the rest of the crowd. It may have taken her a bit longer to get ready, judging by the fact her riding jacket is poorly buttoned, or it might just be that a certain toddler refused to be dressed quickly. Either way - she's here and Milana is hugged securely to her chest as she weaves in through the crowd. It takes her only a few moments to find M'lo and, with a breath of relief, she sinks into the seat next to him, "Shells. Sorry, love. Mila was fussing horribly." Milana squirms a little and worms her way into a better positio to look at the sands, her own lavender dress a bit more messy than her twin's. Not to mention her hair isn't in pigtails - there just wasn't enough time.

From the sands, Standing near Taozyuth, one hand on the bronze's paw, the young N'shen turns his eyes to Kessa, offering her a slight grin. "Is it so obvious?" he asks softly, his eyes flickering out towards the Sands as Zuhth is on the move. "Yeah. More importantly, his, and he's as excited as I've ever seen him." See the bronze fanning his wings before he settles them against his back? He's a proud papa - even if he is tucked well away from the queen. "Woke me out of a sound sleep to be here, but - I'll deal," the Xanadu bronzerider continues, glancing up at his lifemate fondly.

M'lo grins at Meo and nods. "Yep," he says. "It's what keeps us in fancy clothes and posh quarters, though," he quips, since neither of them have much of either. "Oh, hey, there's the first one!" He points to the sands again. "Look, Dani! An egg!" Dani looks, and then looks at her father. She looks at the egg again, and then the looks she gives to her father is like, 'you expect me to fall for that one?' The only eggs she's ever seen before came from chickens, after all, and were usually out of the shell by then. M'lo laughs. "It's a /dragon/ egg, Dani. There's a dragon in there." Dani looks back at the egg. "Dag'n?" she asks, seeming confused. When Ely sits next to him he leans in for a kiss. "That's okay," he tells her. "How was your day?" He kisses Milana, too, right on the top of her auburn-haired head. "Hey, there, Mila!" he says cheerfully. Dani puts her hand on her sister's arm and babbles at her. Twin-speak.

Meo has an office with a really nice desk, and chair! Well, ok, that's not really posh, but it's as close as she's got at the moment. "You all ready for this? We're ging to be helping with Candidates as well." She asks M'lo, and then looks back to the sands as the first egg is laid. "Ah, good looking egg." She says. "Good size too." She goes to find a seat, after a bit, getting comfortable, this could be a while.

From the sands, Zuhth doesn't get much of a break before themuscles along her belly ripple again. Sensing her riders discomfort she nudges Neyuni to the side, casting a softer rumble toward the bronze in greeting. Her focus shifts back to the sands and she digs a shallower trench not far from the first, straining for some minutes before depositing a second, a minute later a third egg. Neyuni doesn't need to much encouragment to seek the slightly cooler edges of the sands where N'shen, Taozyuth and Kessa are, although she hasn't noticed the Weyrwoman yet. Such a difference from the chilly morning winds outside as she wipes a bit of sweat from her brow. "You made it!" she smiles towards the young pair, clearly excited to have them both present. "I mean, you didn't have to, but she does like that he's here. She swears it feels like forty eggs in her belly." and the rider rolls her eyes a bit before eyeing the two newest eggs as Zuhth agian settles back to the sands.

Aludra has never been to Fort, and the First Weyr is an endless source of enjoyment for her—-even at this early hour. She follows M'gaal into the galleries, carrying a basket on one arm, and a small pillow in the other. A fall from a runner the day before landed her on her rump, and stone makes a very hard surface on which to sit. "I've nothing special planned, just the decorative tooling you're having me do," the young girl says, grinning. "But, if you've got things you need to do, we can leave whenever you wish." There are drudges working their way through the crowd with mugs of klah, and she requests one for herself and one for her mentor. "Here you go, M'gaal. Looks strong enough to put hair on your chest," she teases.

From the sands, "Well, you're quite young anyhow… Some bronzeriders go Turns without having their dragon catch a queen. Some never at all." She shrugs, knowing there was only so many golds in the world for those bronzes to catch. Her eyes rove over the pearlescent egg, keeping any opinions to herself with a straight face. Kessa's eyes glance toward the galleries once or twice but she doesn't keep it for long, not really searching for anyone in particular. Shuffling her feet in the sands, her hands brush down her fur skirt, "Hard to say what that'll be. It's a blank canvas-" of the Memories egg. She gives a soft laugh for Neyuni's excitement, "I hope it is forty, make up for Choth a bit." She winks, though the other goldrider might realize it's a way to cope with the smaller clutches of the senior's dragon.

The World Between Egg
The hue upon this shell is at first an overwhelmingly crystal clear ocean blue. Upon the top, golden sunlight is caught in between the soft diamond ripples of the water. Though the light may break through, the air somewhere beyond that shimmering boundary can not intrude. Instead the clear blue water grows darker as one descends along the length of the egg until reaching an odd irregularity of gray and brown rock. It is not deep enough that shadows alone rule, and clearly visible upon the rocks are hints of life in an assortment of ugly black, gray and spackled shellfish. Muscles, oysters and abalone compete for the perfect spot to remain anchored, while something delves down from above. Two elongated wavy shadows slip thru the water, clearly not in their element a few glassy bubbles of air can be found escaping back to the surface. The strange figures seem to dive directly toward the rocks, testing their own limits. A race against each other and perhaps time itself, for will these foreign visitors find a tasty treat, or become one themselves?

Ely breathes out a gusty sigh, craning her neck forward to steal a soft kis from M'lo and give him a fond smile, "It's been alright. For the time I've been awake. Shells Mila can /squirm/ when we're late for something." There's a moment where she looks disgruntled, but it's quick to pass as she scans the sands and notices eggs, "Oh, shards. I missed one." Leaning in close to her daughter, she whispers, "Look, Mila. There're eggs. /Dragon/ eggs." Milana, her hair in almost as much disarray as her mother's, stares with wide-eyed curiosity at the sands and points at Zuhth, "Egg-howe! Egg-howe!" Giggling, she turns to her sister and makes grabby-motions at her, dissolving into a string of babbling noises. Sighing, Ely places a hand over her eyes and tries to ignore the words coming from her daughter. It only lasts for a moment before she's peeking out to lookat the next eggs, "Ah. those are nice."

Sheen of Crude Poison Egg
A luminous turquoise oceanic blue settles in ripples near the base of this great oval egg, glittering with a pearl coating that makes it twinkle with an inherent splendour. The sea green-blue colors splash dominantly over most of the egg, mimicking the treasures of untouched Caribbean waters. Yet there is something askew on what would be a perfect replica of any coastline retreat, for an underwater plume of the most toxic nature surges in smothering clouds over the shell with sheen of brown sludge. Like an under water volcanic eruption, this poison rises from one defined point on the bottom of the shell, expanding ever outward the higher it rises. Near the apex where most of the murky grease is floating, it starts to shine with an orange and red gleam, as if it had caught the light just right to set the egg ablaze with its chemical polish.

M'gaal isn't one for sleeping much; being here at this hour doesn't seem to phase him all that much, in the end. Still, he takes the klah with a nod and a murmured, "Thank you," and then he's settling into his seat and leaning slightly forward. "Interesting, that'un," he motions to the first, with his eyes hazing just a little as he relays something or another to the smoke-wrought bronze outside the cavern. As the next two are laid, he quirks a brow, musing, "Very interesting, so far."

M'lo scoots over to make room for Meo. "Yeah, I'm ready," he says. They've been preparing, as much as they could. Lesson plans. Training regimes. That kind of thing. "Are you?" He grins as he asks his fellow Weyrlingmaster the question, since he already knows the answer. "How many do you think there will be? I didn't make any bets, this time around. Didn't wanna jinx anything." He tries not to laugh at Milana's cursing, but in the end he has to smother a snicker. "Those are pretty," he agrees with Ely. "I'll have to make some paintings of them once they're all laid. I think watercolors would work nicely."

Galina just sits and watches in silence, hands folded in her lap and pale eyes fixed keenly on the sands. The line of her mouth is set into something hard and displeased, but that doesn't dissuade Lyuba from crowing delight at each one as they're laid. "Allo hatched out of an egg that looks a lot like that first one, there," she explains, motioning at the Memories of Grandeur egg. "She had some … greenish bits on the shell, too; I just remember it being one of my favorites at the time."

Eyes glued to the sands, Aludra's face is wreathed in smiles. She's used to getting up early; runners need exercising, after all, and there were chores all her life at Keroon. "The blue one is lovely, but that stain ruins the effect. I wonder what color dragon rests inside?" She cups the klah mug in both hands, warming her fingers as she blows across the top. "The white one is king of plain, until you see the light catch it. THen it kind of glows." She's watching raptly, oohing and ahhing with everyone else.

From the sands, Neyuni blushes as she hears and notes Kessa. "I hope not. She'll go crazy trying to brood over that many." not to mention dozens more mouths to feed "An even dozen was my own bet but i hear it varies quite a bit on what folks are projecting." There's an objectionable hiss from the queen, forty! See belly wiggle, as the gold gets up and shifts back and forth notably, still bulging in this early stage of laying. In fact she'll prove it, and Zuhth sets about making another wallow for another egg and spends some minutes laboring to yet gently settle it to the sandy ground.

Terrible Tempest Egg
There are mostly two colors to this egg: blue and white. On one side of the egg, the deep blue of a perfectly calm ocean sits undisturbed and fathomless. Through a trick of the light, one can almost pretend that that blue really /is/ water, for it glistens wetly. On the opposite side of the egg is a small round eye of the same blue, but it's surrounded by tumultuous white, swirling counter-clockwise in ripples and eddies. The white is actually something that can be felt, a different texture to that section of the shell, standing up in ridges and bumps in stark contrast to the smooth slickness of the blue parts. Trailing arms spiral out from the bulk of the white, becoming more slender and delicate the farther they reach, until they, too, blend into the deep blue.

Ely wraps her arms around Milana, pulling gently on the toddler to keep her from leaning too far forward. "Atleast she's right in what she says this time. It really /is/ an egg-hole," she muses with a smirk, eyeing the eggs past her daughter with a thoughtful look. She glances sidelong at M'lo and arches a slender eyebrow, "Water colors miht be nice. But I think anything you draw is wonderful, so I might be biased." She glances back just in time to see the newest egg, a slight grin appearing, "I like that one. It's swirly." Milana squirms and wiggles in her mother's grip and makes a little waving motion at the eggs, "Egg-howe, mommy, egg-howe!"

Meo sits next to M'lo. "Ready as I'll ever be." She chuckles, and watches the latest two eggs. "Looks like she's got a thing for blues on her eggs." She jokes lightly, though makes a face at the sledgy color on the one. "Though, that color, is, ugh.." She says, and shrugs to M'lo. "More than four would be nice, but not too many I hope, or I might have to go recruting again for AWLMs." She remarks, and eyes the newest. "Yup, definitely for blues, let's hope not all of the dragons are blues."

"Hey, Galina!" M'lo waves. "C'mere! Could you check something out for me?" He waves the arm that's not holding Dani secure to his lap. Dani takes up her sister's chant, but it's slightly more refined. "Egg-hole!" she bursts out, correctly pronouncing an L for the first time in her life. "Egg-hole!" She claps her hands. "Dani!" M'lo says. "You said hole! Good job, you're so smart!" Dani beams. "Egg-hole!" M'lo grins at Meo and shakes his head. "Nah, I'm sure they'll be all different colors. I forget, what did Furu's egg look like? Irelanth's was kind of like that first one she just laid." He turns to Ely and gives her a loving smile. "Well, I guess you would be," he agrees. "That, or you really hate my art and you're just rediculously patient with the fact that I painted our /entire/ weyr."

From the sands, Kessa glances over toward Zuhth's eggs so far, nodding with some approval as they seem to keep coming. "Forty… Could you imagine what that must've been like?" She turns to Neyuni with a bewildered expression, "Forty.. That almost seems too incredible to believe." Her hands rub down her skirt again before her arms cross, tossing her head and her loose curled hair back over her shoulder, "Just hope we get a strong showing this time around." No duds, in otherwords.

Galina slants a look M'lo-wards when her name is called, that lingering expression of barely veiled displeasure clinging for some moments until neutrality wins out. "One moment," she intones, then turns slightly to murmur something to Lyuba. The greenrider snorts laughter, shakes her head, and shoos the younger healer off with a flapping of hands. "Go talk to your friends, you silly bird." But, any protest that might be had is reduced to a Look (of the capital L variety) and the young woman rises, threading her way through the crowd to find a seat near M'lo. "What is it that you need examined?"

From the sands, Zuhth nuzzles her last egg a bit more, pushing some of the warm sand along the side before she is satisfied. She seems proud of her eggs but there is more yet to come in the rippling of a belly rapidly de-swelling despite the gold's indication otherwise. Talons knead the sands, testing warmth, and finding a spot to her liking sets about creating the next wallow which is filled by two eggs in quick succession. Off to the side where its a bit cooler Neyuni nods in agreement "Sometimes I wonder if the records just weren't copied correctly. Still, such a young and strong bronze, and quiet the flight, who knows." she winks towards N'shen.

The Sea's Stained Glass Egg
Glittering like glass, scales flow from apex to base on this mid-sized egg, a thousand traces of rainbow colors, from scarlets and sapphires, to greens and golds, to hues no harper has words to describe. Nor are all the scales identical in design - some ragged, some jagged, though most seem well-rounded along the edges, worn to conformity by some unseen factor. Overlying and overlapping, they create a relatively seamless stretch of shining splendor, a single whole despite being such a juxtaposed amalgamation of shape and shade. Some illusion of curve and light creates an effect of movement across the piscine facade, an endless, repetitive rippling that brings forth shifts of color and shine with even the slightest alteration in illumination or shift of shadow.

Ely grimaces with each repetition of the word 'egg-hole', pressing the palm of her free hand against her eyes for a few seconds, "Oh /shards/. Am I going to ever live down the fact my children's first words are all /swear/ words?" Letting out something akin to a moan, she pushes her fingers through her amber hair, sweeping it out of the way with a final sigh. Focusing on the sands again, she frowns, "So far they're all kind of blue. Mags' egg was kind of … yellowish." She lets her mismatched gaze flick over the sands for a moment before resting on M'lo, a smirk appearing, "Patient? Me? Please, love. I may not be good a art, but I know good art when I see it, atleast. /You/ are good." She says the last bit firmly and without doubt. Milana bounces happily and giggles, though continues her lisping version of the word, "Egg-howe! Egg-howe!" It mingles with her sisters chant and grows in pitch. Ely glances back to see the latest egg and blinks, "Wow. Irelanth'd like that." She manages to free a hand to wave to Galina, atleast.

Down to the Depths Egg
Chaotic spirals of aqua, slate and blue-green churn madly across the center of this squat egg, spinning into a dizzying vortex of color. Froth and mist shoot upwards from the yawning mouth, sending sprays of white splattering across the sky blue apex in haphazard splotches. Tiny motes of flotsam and debris have been caught in the deathly gyre, only visible as miniature flecks of gold, green and red amidst the bubbling torrents and eddies. Twisting and undulating vines of mottled blue-green border the entire circumference of the watery cyclone, writhing and coiling in the air like a mass amount of tentacles. Weaving in and out of these strange shapes is a massive blob of grainy wood brown, its great bulk being pulled inevitably towards impending doom at the core of the gigantic whirlpool. Rising from the center of this is a great swatch of pitch black decorated with a design of stark white, the colors hoisted high and seeming to ripple in an imaginary wind. Calm ocean blue, dank and dark, lingers at the very bottom of the egg, the deep shadows making it impossible to tell what monster lurks just below the roiling maelstrom of hues.

From the sands, N'shen soothes his hand down Taozyuth's leg as the bronze twitches, his tail wiggling madly, though that's really the only part of him moving - the rest is a stock-still statue staring at Zuhth as she lays egg after egg. At Neyuni's comment, he grins cheekily, his dark skin masking any blush her words may bring, though there's definately an embarassed tinge to his expression. "I'll just be happy to have them all healthy," he murmurs. "But then - our first clutch, so." He shrugs awkwardly.

M'lo carefully unlaces the rather adorable pink bonnet that was on Daniela's head, and sort of tilts the toddler's crown toward Galina. "Is that dandruff?" he asks her. "She just started getting it. I'm not sure how to fix it. Dandruff never bothered me." He glances out at the sands as the young queen lays another pair of eggs. "Irelanth is going to /flip/ over that one," he mentions, grinning and pointing to the Stained Glass Egg. He laughs at Ely. "Dani said 'Daddy,'" he reminds her. "That was officially her first word."

Pralius moves into the galleries late, but not too late, and sidles up to Milo, "Heya, little woman. Milo." He smirks, "Sorry I'm late. We had a slight emergency. But Darius is settled down in the nannies, finally." His eyes dart out over the eggs, "Pretty clutch so far, lots of blues."

From the sands, Neyuni looks pleased, caught in the glow of her partner who continues to settle in one egg and tease out the best location for the next. "Well, I suppose time will tell but I have no doubts it'll be a fine, strong clutch." The golds wings are drooping a bit now, fatigue settling in from the strong efforts she gives, as in her flight, nothing is held back. This seventh seems to take even more effort than the others combined but eventually it joins the others and Zuhth is left to tuck it properly in.

Tropical Treasures Egg
A cacophany of colors mingles over the surface of this egg, delicate pinks and creams splayed, fan-like, here and there, hiding clustered tendrils of pale purple and towering streaks of muted yellow and gold. Amongst these softer tones are vivid touches of bright orange, rounded shapes difficult to determine from a distance. Splashes of deep cerulean and violet accompany bits of what might be dark grey and long, thin slivers of green that twist and bunch together like curled fingers. Flecks of silver speckle the shell, enormous patches which seem to shift and shimmer in the light. Floating half-visible near the narrowest part of the egg are blobs of white, trailing strands like tangled tassels. Crimson, too, makes an appearance, tiny dots hidden amongst the forest of hues, the latter rising one upon another so that the wavy smudges of light brown beneath are all but obscured. Overall, the egg's appearance is chaotic, everything seeming to blur ever so slightly, ripples of blue sliding across the curve of the shell, giving it an odd, tinted sheen that changes depending upon the vantage point of the viewer.

"So far none look like what I remember Furu's being. I think it was pink, and some other colors." Meo admits, and grimaces at the repeated words. "Uh, nice language for the kids to know." She says, since it was hard to miss, considering where she's seated. She looks back to the sands. "Oh, that one was lovely." She says for the stained glass egg. "Too bad that one that followed it is rather…gloomy." She pauses. "Ah, there we go, one kind of like Furu's." She adds, noting the latest. "Mm, seven, wonder how many more she'll lay."

Galina leans in, peering at the top of the child's head with a pursing of her lips. Long, cool fingers extend to briefly move the child's hair to get a closwer look, a low-murmured noise of reassurance given for the child's sake more than for the father. Ultimately: "It might be dandruff and it might be cradle cap." Her mouth pulls slightly to one side as she flicks a look up to M'lo. "How often do you wash her hair? And what do you wash it with?" The laying of eggs? She's doing her best not to pay any attention to it at all; it's a distraction she's decidedly not in the mood for.

Ely bounces Milana on her lap to try to keep her settled and rolls her eyes at M'lo, smirking faintly, "Have to rub that in, don't you? She said mommy eventually, you know. Just …. not as soon as daddy." she does shoot Meo a look and a frown, her annoyance rising just a little, "I didn't purposefully teach them to swear. They just … " She calmsa bit, struggling for words, " … picked it up." Breathing out a sigh, she finds her attention dragged away from the eggs being laid and settle more on Daniela and Galina, "Cradle cap?" any possible ailment her daughter might have is certainly a concern for her.

M'gaal has been silent for the most part, just watching the laying and likely relaying this and that to Zaq, who has settled himself outside. The man finally draws out of his dim state with a blink and a glance to Aludra, his smile tilting slightly. "Ah. Well, if we went by shells alone, there'd be quite a few blues in the bunch. But, ah. That patch-y looking one, that might be, ah, a brown or green, perhaps." Kessa's spotted, if briefly, and he lifts a hand in a curt wave to the woman before his gaze shifts back to the eggs. Silence again, for the very good reason that he's sipping klah.

From the sands, Zuhth steps back from the clutch and surveys it, going back to the secnd laid and adjusting it just so. Her steps are careful, despite her obvious weariness as she checks on each egg before moving off to the side. Her own sides are looking much more normal, flat and empty, but it looks like there is at least one more to come. The queen takes her time selecting the last perfect spot on the grounds and digs a rather deep hole there, laboring and hissing until the eight emerges and is settled. A final count, one…two…ten..forty! Yesh, dragon math and she's seems satisfied as she curls about the clutch of egg glistening new eggs, her rider excusing herself from Kessa, though looking to see if she might drag N'shen out for a closer look as she goes to check on her partner.

Irony At It's Worst Egg
The primary color of this large egg, which is longer than it is wide, is a deep, almost black, navy blue color. There's a light that shatters the darkness near the widest part of the egg. A faint wisp of pale gray has illuminated a ghostly shape seemingly hidden in the murky clutches of bottomless blue. Bars of rust red streak across the egg, coming to a point at the end, and flowing back over the ovoid. There are places along the egg that one could almost perceive where it's seemed to of collapsed inward. Further along the egg, the rusty red seems to almost hang off the side of the egg, like ghastly icicles, that partly cover the colors of metallic grey and pale yellow. The bars of rust red seem to almost crunch together at the apex of the egg, where it fades back into the darkness, leaving one to wonder.

M'lo sort of half-grimaces at Meo. "We're trying to ignore it and hope that she becomes enamored of another word soon," he tells her. Dani looks up at Galina and reaches a tiny hand toward the Healer's face, her fingers spread out like a little starfish. She babbles something in baby-tongue and beams at the woman. "Up?" she asks, stretching out her other hand, too. M'lo glances at Ely before answering the Healer. "Uh… about every other day?" he estimates. "Sometimes more often, if she puts food in her hair, or gets into mud or something like that. And we just use that really gentle oatmeal shampoo. Could it be the cold weather? This is her first once since she was a little baby." Another glance at the sands. "Oh, hey, is she done?" he asks, peering at the newest eggs.

From the sands, N'shen is not unwilling to be dragged, and as Zuhth settles down about her clutch, Taozyuth chuffs softly, lowering his head beside his rider as he peers at gold and eggs. "Don't ask me," mutters the young rider as he moves to follow in Neyuni's wake. "She's the mother, I'm just your rider." Leaving his bronze to decide whether or not it's safe for him to approach the recumbant queen's form, he trails behind the gold's rider, looking slightly lost at his first time on the Sands since his own Impression.

Galina tilts a look to Ely, then sits back, her hands folding in her lap again. Pale eyes flick to Lyuba, who's been glancing over periodically, as if to reassure the other woman that all's well. "Cradle cap is a common affliction in infants up to a turn or so old. It resembles dandruff to a degree, but is a natural occurrence. Theoretically, it is caused by overactive oil glands." But any further rambling on the topic is cut off at the pass, with a slight, singular, shake of her head. "In either case, try washing it more frequently and use a very gentle brush. It should sort itself out soon enough. If not, or it grows worse, then you should speak with a pediatrician." With the apparent end of things in sight, she starts to rise, even though Lu seems perfectly comfortable sitting there and egg-watching. Crazy old woman.

From the sands, The weyrwoman seems to regard the final tally with a nod. "Not quite Forty, but strong enough-" at least for this day and age. Seeing the clutch parents moving toward the eggs now laid, Kessa decides to sneak off the sands, catching at the last glimpse the wave that might've been sent her direction - though she doesn't return it, maybe just for the sake of getting out of the spotlight as soon as she possibly can.

"Do you suppose there'll be a gold egg?" Aludra asks, her eyes bright and round. "I heard Fort's only got the two golds," she says, lowering her voice. "Something political which I don't know much about. Anyway, I hope there's a gold. That always causes so much excitement." She falls silent, counting the eggs and looking at each one. "I like the soft, multi-colored one, the one that looks like scales. So pretty." But, she knows pretty doesn't mean anything when it comes to eggs. A soft sigh, rather wistful. "Thanks so much for bringing me, M'gaal. I'm having a great time." She leans over and gives the bronzerider a little bump of shoulders, careful to not spill his klah. "Oh, is she done?"

"Ah. I'm not one to speculate overly much on that kind of thing, honestly," M'gaal chuckles, glancing to Aludra. "If there's meant to be one, there'll be one. Faranth knows I wasn't expecting a gold out of the egg that hatched at Ista, but-" he trails there with a laugh, then moves to rise. "Looks like she's settled and, ah, Zaq's ready to return to warmer weather already. You can stay, if you want; I have some work to get to but, ah- you can send for me when you're ready to leave?" And if a troubled look is sent in the direction of the departing senior, then so be it; he's terrible about masking that kind of thing.

Ely breathes out a small sigh at Galina's verdict, seeming relieved, "Well. As long as it's nothing serious. We can surely wash it more without trouble. Maybe we should do Milana's too?" She casts a concerned glance down at her other daughter. Milana's little hands droop a little as the action seems to be over, her lip jutting out just a little, "Egg-howe?" It almost has a sad, unhappy note to it - the dragon show is over, afterall. Sensing bad feelings, Ely quickly gives the girl a kiss on the top of her head, "It's alright, Mila love. The eggs are all out and it's time for the dragons to sleep." Reaching out, she places a hand on M'lo's sohulder, "What did you want to do for the rest of the morning, love? I don't have to be at work til the afternoon."

From the sands, Neyuni looks delighted to show off the eggs up close to N'shen, whether Taozyuth decides it is safe to follow or not. Zuhth has settled, eyes closed and looks all the world asleep but for the occasional twitch of her tail that she might be more aware than she looks. "It's different getting to see them this way then when we were candidates." although hers somewhat more distant than his, one of a few pleasures clutch parents can enjoy.

Aludra rises, chewing her lip. "I can leave with you. I really /should/ get back to work on that tooling," she says. "I wouldn't want to disappoint my teacher. He's really strict, you know. A slave-driver, he is." But there's a twinkle in her eyes. "Why don't you drop me back at Ierne. I can help with the kids. Your sister's probably ready to tear her hair out." Basically, she's not ready to go back to Xanadu, but she's not wanting to stay in a strange place alone. So, she follows M'gaal where-ever he happens to be heading. "Problem?" she asks, seeing that "look" on his face.

M'lo gives Ely a Look. There's a lot of dark eyes and wiggling eyebrows and leering grinning involved. "Let's eat first," he says, which isn't /exactly/ an answer to her question. Then he turns to Galina. "Would you like to have breakfast with us? It's been a while. How's your old mentor?" He puts Daniela's little coat on, and then his own, and stands and situates Daniela on his hip.

"Ah, eight eggs, a pretty good number." Meo says, as the final egg is laid. She does nod to M'lo, and Ely's, explination of the swear words though. "Ah, alright, gotcha." She says, and moves to get up, giving a stretch, before she heads out of the galleries, likely to go eat, or something.

Galina inclines her head briefly, then straightens with what might be a 'be well' on her lips that isn't quite articulated. The question catches her askance, her brows knitting briefly. "I will need to inform Lyuba. She was going to take me back to the Hall after-" but leave it to the greenrider to be an eavesdropper. She leans back in her seat and chuckles, "Go on. I'll just wait here and tell your instructors that we had another emergency visit that had to be seen to." Galina's mouth presses into a flat line, pale eyes slanting briefly to the eggs before setting more securely on M'lo. "Then I suppose it depends on what is being served here." Pause. "Grigoriy is doing well enough, from what I understand."

From the sands, N'shen just looks bemused. Maybe it's the euphoria from his dragon, who even now is following behind both riders, trying - and failing - to tip-toe across the sands. Ever seen a very large, very pudgy dragon try to tip-toe? Hysterics would ensue, if Nash wasn't concentrating on trading attention between Neyuni's words and the eggs piled in Zuhth's embrace. "Yes," he agrees, green eyes darting over the clutch thoughtfully, though he stays well out of reach, hands tucked behind his back.

M'gaal shakes his head a moment later, as if clearing it. "Ah, no. No problem." He clears his throat, then starts out for the bowl, canting a glance over his shoulder at Aludra. "Back to Ierne, then, if you really want; ah, I'm sure my sister could use a hand with Mal. He's, ah. He's … growing. Smart little boy, too. It's a little frightening sometimes, when he pops off with a word that he didn't know a few days ago and then turns it into a plaything." And it's outside that he goes, with a chuckle and a shake of his head.

Ely breaks into a wicked grin of her own as she glances over at M'lo, the expression just faintly visible, "Sure. We'll eat first." Of course, she manages to school it into a more suitably neutral expression as she starts to wrestle a wriggling Milana into her own jacket. "C'mon, Mila. Don't you want something to eat?" she croons, tryign to soohte the fussing toddler who seems more keen on staying and watching the eggs and the egg-holes alike. "Hopefully they have some variety in the caverns now, considering the clutching and all. But we'll be eating whatever's there," she glances up to peer over at Galina, one eyebrow arched. Finally she manages to get Milana bundled up and she scoops the toddler into her arms, murmuring quitely to her.

Aludra follows in the bronzer's wake, chuckling. She's seen M'gaal's little boy, and she seems amused by his father's pride and amazement. "They do grow up fast," she remarks, gathering her things. Fortunately, there's a warm, fur-lined cloak handed down to her by her grandmother and that will keep her nice and warm on the trip back to Ierne. All in all, it's been a really good day.

M'lo grins. "One way to find out what they're serving," he says. He proceeds down the stairs with Daniela babbling the whole way into his ear, all about the things babies like to babble about. "Mmhm," M'lo says. "Oh, tell me more," as if she made a lick of sense.

Naturally, Cyanosis is conflicted between would-be babies and /real/ babies … and it's the fussy human-babies that he finally decides to get curious about. While the other three of Galya's brood remain perched on the railing overlooking the sands, the blue wings over to perch on her shoulder and crane his head out to peer quizzically at the fussing Milana. Chirr? As for Galina, she simply nods, once, and proceeds to fall in place behind the pair and their children, intending to ghost along behind with a pre-emptively grim look on her face — after all, the last time she ate here, they were severely lacking in a lot of her favorite things.

From the sands, Neyuni points to the different eggs as if N'shen was blind. It's her who's really blinded in the excitement of the monent which finally wears down as she gets to Zuhth's side. The shoudlers are slumping and she's sagging as if all her energy too has been zapped in this effort. A long peased sigh and she sags into sleep on one of her queen's forearms, there's space for N'shen to rest as well if he feels so inclined to survey the eggs from this particular perch, for a bit longer.

Ely hoists Milana up just a little, making sure the wiggling and squirming toddler is secure before stepping forward. "Fine," she quips, steps already taking her away from th heat of the galleries and down the stairs towards the cooler air, "Let's see what they have then."

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