Fort Weyr - Northeast Bowl

The northern end of the bowl can be an intimidating area, being that Fort is the largest weyr. The far north wall contains the gigantic opening to the hatching caverns, and to the west of that can be seen the sprawling ledges and carved stair cases that mark the way to the administration complex and the training grounds were candidates and weyrlings can often be found. The west cliff wall towers up, dotted here and there by darker openings that mark individual weyrs before it tapers to a point at Tooth Crag.

Sertorius nods slowly as Galina explains about her own firelizards. And about the cleverness that some firelizard display. "Oh, that's quite true," he replies. "He may just not realize I wouldn't begrudge him an oiling. Or he may just want to feel that he's somehow outsmarted me." A chuckle. A look is shared between Galina and the dragon as the former explains that oiling a dragon is more difficult. "I would assume, yes, with how big they are compared to firelizards. Lots of places to get, lots of oil." A chuckle. At the mention of the far north, he thinks a moment. "How far? Is it easy to get lost?" he inquires.

Galina continues working her hand at that curve of Allo's jaw, her gaze briefly straying in the direction of the infirmary. That's where Lyuba ventured off to, but there's yet no sign of the older woman making her return. "Perhaps," is intoned for Sertorius' benefit, with the young woman finally looking back at him. "On the other hand, I would much prefer to assist in oiling a dragon than some firelizards." For his latter questions, her mouth pulls a little, distorting slightly before she admits, "I am not entirely sure. I have only ever gone with Lyuba and Allochkath — and going Between does not make it easy to determine how one gets there. I imagine it must be quite far."

Pralius appears from the general direction of the records room, a book and a few files in his arms and very possibly more in the bag bouncing against his hip. He doesn't so much hear the conversation as spot the huge green, well, huge compared to himself, and the green's rider's shadow. He shifts his acquisitions carefully and moves towards them, "Hey, Galina. Allo." He glances at Sertorius, then extends his hand, "I'm Pralius…" he pauses a beat, then adds, "And oiling a dragon isn't as fun as they make it out to be."

Sertorius grins. "Between you and me? I'd rather oil a dragon than a firelizard, too," Sertorius replies. "From what I'm seeing here, the skin feels a bit different. And I'm imagining it'd take more oil, since I hear a dragon really needs oiling, but a firelizard generally doesn't *need* it but they like it." He looks to Allochkath to confirm. As far as the length of the trip? "Ah, that's true," he agrees, with a thoughtful nod. "Probably is some distance away then." Pralius makes his appearance then, and Sertorius offers a smile. "Well, to each his own," he notes in return to the other's addendum. "Hello there. My name is Sertorius." He offers a friendly smile.

"In the end, I would prefer to oil neither. My four are enough of a handful to tend to." Galina nods, once, to the rest of Sertorius' words, then she lapses into silence for a while … at least until Pralius approaches. The green issues a soft warble of greeting to the other healer, her maw gaping just a touch in a draconic smile. Seems she recognizes Pralius well enough. "Hello," is directed to Pralius, a look slanted his way. Her fingers move further to touch on Allo's neck, as she retreats just a step.

Pralius chuckles, the bruise on his cheek having faded to that lovely sick yellow of old bruises, "I trust inventory went well?" He ndos to Sertorius, "Nice to meet you. Don't get me wrong, dragons are amazing beasts, but keeping them clean and oiled is quite the chore. Wyn would know better than I how much it's required after they're fully grown."

Sertorius nods. "Oh, I didn't say it wasn't a chore…" he replies. Though he doesn't really move to explain farther. He simply pulls back so that Galina and Pralius, who apparently know each other, can speak about what sounds like important things. The bruise onf Pralius's cheek doesn't escape his notice, but he doesn't comment on it. But while he's not talking, luckily for Allo, he can scritch! Which he does, with a smile to the pale green.

A slight nod — a mechanical up, down, center — is given to Pralius. "There were no complications. I was sent to deliver some paperwork to the infirmary, but Lyuba is taking care of it now." Pause. "Your bruise is looking considerably better than it was." Galina glances to Sertorius, briefly, then turns her attention just past Pralius to the infirmary. She'll not comment on draconic matters beyond what she's already said and settles into mutely rubbing Allo's jaw rather absently. Not that the green minds; she's plenty happy right now.

Pralius nods, "That's good. Weekly inventory is important." He takes a step to the side, setting down his bag and books carefully before he moves back towards the green, "Thankfully, yes. I'm still just glad he didn't break my jaw." One hand raises up, rubbing Allo's eyeridge, "So, Sertorius, I know why Galina and I are here, what brings you to Fort Weyr?"

"Of course." Galina appears ready to say more, but a faint noise from Allo draws her attention, followed by some waving off in the infirmary entrance. "You are fortunate he did not — or that you did not lose any teeth, for that matter. It could have been far worse." The line of her mouth hardens and then she's simply moving away without explanation — there is no customary 'be well', however, so her return will be inevitable.

Pralius nods, flexing the injured jaw automatically, "He didn't hit me nearly as hard as he could have… and for the record, he did apologize." He blinks as she moves off, then shrugs, going back to rubbing Allo's ridges, his next words just for the green, "That girl needs to learn to have fun."

With one scritching partner gone and the other replaced, Allo's eyes open again in full with a low chuff spared for Pralius. Agreement? Survey says 'yes'. She butts her head a bit more securely into Pralius' hand, while Galina tends to whatever needs to be tended to. Her return also marks the return of Lyuba, though the latter is apparently lost in draconic communion as she makes her way over. Galina did manage to catch that bit about the apology, which is what prompts, "Interesting."

Pralius chuckles, increasing the pressure of his ministration. The sudden appearance of Lyuba draws a grin and a nod, "Hello, ma'am." he smirks slightly as he glances back at Galina, "I won't say he's fully forgiven me… but he did apologize for his words and reaction."

"Journeyman," Lyuba says with a grin when Pralius speaks, her momentary daze broken for the moment. "Don't mind me- Galina, are you ready to leave yet? If not, I can find something to do until you are." This said as Lu swings up to the green's neck to settle in and so forth. Galina doesn't immediately answer, though she does nod, once, to Pralius' words. "It is a step in the right direction, then. I wonder if he is willing to make a few more."

Pralius takes a step back, giving rider and dragon their space, inclining his head to Galina, "He is a slow learner, but he does understand remorse. If the Holders were as willing to admit their own hubris, maybe trade would be open."

"Perhaps he should be the one to admit it first to them," Galina muses, though the statement is rhetorical; she shrugs it off and shifts her satchel around while she makes her way to the side of Allo's neck to start clambering aboard. "I hope things turn out well for Fort. It is due for a change in fortunes."

Pralius nods, "Perhaps most men in power need to learn to control their… hrmm… pride." He shrugs, "I don't know what happens behind closed doors." As Galina moves to mount he murmurs a standard, "Safe skies!" before moving to where he'd deposited his bag and papers a little ways away, placing his hand on the stack to stop the winds of take-off from blowing them about.

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