Fort Weyr - Western Coast Line

Forest falls away from the craggy edge of the coast, leaving dark rock bare of any greenery save the odd burst of lichens and whatever strange plants are purged onto the shore by the sea. This is no sandy shoreline by any means, but a rather pebble- and rock-choked region with the odd fragment of a boulder here and there. This is also where the dragon tail river finally ends, flowing into the sea — fresh water colliding with its salty cousin to create a place where no fish can be found.

The coastline continues onward into pebbled beaches and rocky tidepools, with the periodic flaring of beach grasses here and there. The waters themselves are blue-gray, flecked in the distance with white caps of foam and waves. Sea avians and the odd firelizard can also be spotted in the air and distance, fishing in those places where fish can presumably be found.

Dew lingers on the leaves of early morning, Rukbat barely cresting over the trees. It's the chill wind that wakes Pralius from what was probably his first full-night's sleep in two sevendays. The remains of the bonfire pit from the party he slept through are still slightly warm, but Pralius really isn't anymore. He shivers and groans as he starts to rise, "Where…?" He casts around, eyes lingering on R'oc, giant bronze Nasheth curled up around the WeyrLeader, and something of a fire lights in them, "R'OC? What did you do?"

Flavia appears at the line where forest meets coast, glancing over her shoulder only a moment. A sack is secured over her head and on her shoulder, a tug or two to be sure its not going to fall off. Clattering over the first part of the rocky coast she heads downwards near the shore, though her steps slow considerably as she begins to look for something. The look in her eyes is intent as she peers closer to a few rocky spaces and then straightens, apparently not finding what she's looking for at least not yet. Certainly she wasn't expecting the sight that she finds the next time she glances up, that of her half-brother, a bronze dragon and the Weyrleader himself. Stopping in her tracks she just stares, amusement quirking the edge of her lips. Yes she was so intent she didn't notice the giant dragon at first. Its early!

As if one dragon isn't enough, a pretty green lands somewhere down the beach in the early morning light, her verdant hide glistening with a sheen from flight. Her rider, an ebon-haired slip of a young woman, slides down in an almost gingerly fashion, though the green crouches low, a croon of greeting offered to the bronze in the near distance as Wyn begins to plod their direction. Worry gave way to annoyance, hours ago, after all he wasn't hurt or working, he was out.. partying.. and with his favorite bronzer, the pair getting a look, each in turn as she walks between where Pralius stands and where R'oc is curled up with his mate. She says nothing.

R'oc wakes to the dsound of a question from Pral, eyes open and he looks over. "I didn't do anything, you fell asleep, s'not my fault you can't keep your eyes open." THe weyrleader says stretching his limbs until finally he sits up cracking the bones in his back, and then neck. The bronze rumbles awake as well, though it's not Rukbat glow that has his attention, his eyes whirling before a soft croon comes. Oh but it's the precence of not the green, but her rider that suddenly jars him from his groginess. "I didn't do it….he did it…and I was just here to make sure he didn't do anymore." His bulky arms pointing towards the young healer. Nope R'oc did nothing…nothing at all…he never does anything.

The sound of rustling brush, snapping twigs and the odd nicker serve as announcement of Jayashri's arrival to the developing scene. A pack is tied down snugly to the simple saddle from which the tiny crafter perches, clearly comfortable atop the dun mare as the steps turn from shod clops to softer sounds as they moves onto the cool sand. As usual, Ash has her nose stuck in a book, held aloft and open with one hand while the other holds the reins and rests on the saddle horn. It isn't until the sound of courses registers that her hazel gaze breaks from the pages to glance blinking at the ensemble, putting her book down against the tawny shoulder and pulling the mare up short. "Morning?" she ventures.

Pralius goes very quickly from wondering why he's alone with the bronzerider to surrounded by people, but it's Wyn's appearance that draws a 'shards!' from his lips. His eyes dart between Flavia, Ashri, Wyn, and R'oc, lingering a glare there as the bronzerider decries his innocense, before pleading eyes turn back to Wyn, "I don't know what happened! I went for a swim and then he started playing guitar," he finger genstures futilely towards R'oc, "And next thing I know it's morning. Please don't kill me, I didn't mean to be out." The appearance of the mare draws his eyes long enough to nod a greeting to Jayashri, then Flavia before he turns pleading eyes back to Wyn.

Flavia says "I'm never going to find that herb if people've been trampling all over this last night." in a much agrieved tone. The arrival of yet another dragon and rider has her attention swinging that way, and all the protesting from the menfolks is quite helpful in figuring out exactly who she is. "Don't look at me, I just got here!" is called out helpfully as she tramps closer to the R'oc and Pralius. Maybe she just wants to watch the results of what's going on, who knows. Eyes focus on Pralius a moment and she just shakes her head. "And here, all you'd have to ask was for me to babysit or something and everyone could have gone out!"

Wyn just stands there a moment and her dark eyes flick up to the arrival of Flavia and Ash, a smile touching her lips, at least briefly before she looks back to the Dynamic Duo. She tilts her head at her mate and her eyes narrow, "First of all, quit quivering around like I'm some sort of whip-cracking wench," a pause, huh.. ok maybe quirt..anyway. Then she looks to R'oc, "Do any more? More what?" she asks, blinking as she glances between the two. "I'm glad you got to go out to a party and play your guitar.. I just didn't realize that when you said you'd be out a while, you meant.. OUT. A WHILE.." she says in a less than happy tone. "I'll have to remember that's how things work," she says with a shrug then turns to smile at Flavia. "I don't think we've met.. I'm Wyn," and she waves, Atilla the Wyn, according to Mister Shakey Knees, apparently. Then she smiles at Ash, "Long time no see.. what a pretty runner, she have a name?" she asks, content to just ignore the boys.

R'oc watches the two others that arrive, his eyes flickering between all of them now. THough Nasheth wonders little as he stands stealing his bulk away from the weyrleader almost making him fall as he trods towards the green, softly crooning. "Traitor." The bronzer whispers with a grin before turning towards Ely. "Hey I was jus playin and it's not my fault, we had some fish, and we sang, and then we fell asleep." The bronzer stands up dusting the sand from his pants, eyes looking innocently at Wyn. THough he turns his head towards Flavia and eyes her a moment. "When did you get a babysitter?" He asks Pralius and Wyn, but as the words of Wyn come he smiles seeing as he's home free. "Yeah Pralius you should be more conciderate of your weyrmate….tsk…tsk." The bronzer shakes his head almost mockingly towards the duo of his dynamic.

The tension in the air has for once not run past Jayashri completely oblivious and her tone is subdued, almost soothing. "I'm sure it wasn't intentional, Wyn," the Computer Crafter starts as she nudges the runner into motion toward her friend. "I'm sure he would have told you had he intended to stay out all night." She moves up next to gthe greenrider, glancing toward Pralius. "You know he's very reliable. But sometimes life just catches up to us. A new baby can be quite exhausting, as you know." Not that Jay has any experience, but the bags under their respective eyes don't take a genius to figure out. "I'm sure sleep deprivation simply caught up with him. We're only human." At the question regarding the mare, the garralous Ash is somewhat more succinct. "Her name's Valeri."

Pralius gawps at Wyn, "I didn't mean to, I was just going for a swim…" He blinks twice, turning to /glare/ at R'oc, which at least lets Ashri get in her piece, "R'oc. You should've known to wake me… or at the /very/ least send Wyn a note so she'd know I was okay." He takes a slow, deep breath, then takes a step towards Wyn, arm outstretched to reach for her, "I'm really sorry, love." He sort of turns towards the others, but his attention is still on Wyn, "Flavia, these are Jayashri and N'drei. Jay's a computer crafter, Wyn is my mate, obviously, I think, and rides green Shisuth." He takes another slow breath, "Everyone… this is Flavia, K'rius' daughter."

Flavia beams at them all, her sack getting adjusted with one hand. "Hello, you'd think I lived at the stables for all the few people I meet in general." a gesture towards the runner "I've seen her around though." yes runners she knows, people not so much. However N'drei gets a wave "A pleasure to meet you Wyn, I can't wait to see your baby. Pralius was supposed to let you know about me so I could drop by sometime." a gaze is cast at the other here that was fathered by K'rius.

"I'm sure," Wyn says to Ash, though her eyes roll a little, she was the one up all night with the baby, she's entitled to rolling eyes. "And, if it's slipped your mind that we have a son, he's with M'lo.." she says to the healer, a brow lifting as she holds out open, obviously empty arms, only to find herself drawn close to Pralius, that wasn't what she intended but oh well. She smiles as introductions are made, lifting a hand to wave at Flavia then she looks at Pralius, "You think? Do you need to check with R'oc to find out what all happened last night to be sure?" Yeah, she knows how he meant it, she's just being persnickity now. Per. Snick. It. Y. She spares a glance to the green whose sidled up to the bronze and the groans, really? Him? Isn't there a nice blue somewhere? She exhales then her eyes unfocus and she hrms, "I need to wander down the beach a ways.. little brown has something in his paw.. I'll be back unless we end up at the infirmary.." she says then gives Pralius a pointed look. "Or, I'll see you tomorrow.. I might fall asleep at a party somewhere." She smiles at Flavia again, "Well now I know and you're welcome any time.. maybe not in the next couple of hours though.." and she winks at her. Yeah, the rest of the day may be tense with Atilla the Wyn.

THe bronzer laughs, then watches Wyn leave, though as she moves down the beach. "Don't you worry Wyn I'll have him in his bed by nightfall." He chuckles again, eyes flickering over towards the group that has made a place there. "Pral that poor woman, you should have told her you were going to spend the night out with a friend, she was with your child…." THe teasing doesn't stop, and won't for a while seeing as R'oc see's a figurative wounded animal. "Don't worry, she didn't have the whip." The weyrleader turns his gaze upon the two that come up on them. "And what brings you two out here this early in the morning?"

Wyn's hasty departure has Jayashri frowning even as she looks to the new arrival, a flicker of recognition in her gaze. "Flavia." There's a nod but her hazel gaze flicks back lingeringly after the greenrider, laced with concern. "I suppose she just needs some rest." Jay's expression is pensive and a heavy sigh falls from her lips before she turns back to those assembled. "Well, this wasn't how I thought my day off would start." She chuckles, clearly trying to inject some humor into the situation and disperse it. She pulls out a bookmark and stickss it where her fingers are holding her place. "Guess I'm done reading for now."

Pralius gives Wyn a gentle kiss as she departs, "I'll wait here." He swallows, "Where Darius was was going to be my next question… really…" He glances at Flavia, looking a little guilty, "We'd been busy…" He might've been about to say something else when R'oc's continued teasing finally pushes his over-tired mind through the roof, "Go sit on an egg, R'oc. Faranth, can't you ever shut up?" Yeah… not happy, "At least my weyrmate was able to give me a child. At least she doesn't send other men to do my job!"

Flavia just stares from Pralius to R'oc at that little explosion. "And on that note, I think I'm going to head off in that direction to look for the herbs I was after." she nods towards the trio and then heads off in the opposite direction that Wyn did. "Yes, need to get that all finished. Indeed." and clearly she doesn't plan on sticking around to hear the answer to those heated words either.

R'oc suddenly the eyes of the bronzer turnfrom warm and lighthearted, those cold cold eyes stare daggers at the young healer. The bronzer's thick arms shoot out and grab hold of the healers shirt lifting him into the air. The anger seeths out of him, the words cutting him deep, but the way he looks up at his friend. "Say it again….say it again!" There's the barbarian weyrleader we all know and hate. "How dare you….how dare you speak like that to me….you of all people!" The bronzer's knuckles turn white, his tanned face begins to redden. His teeth clench, and every fiber in his being wanting to pound the healers face till he can't recognize it. "Say it again….and I won't stop myself." The bronze turns and rumbles deep in his chest the eyes once amused now swirl with fire, he moves away from the green approaching the three others. "If you ever….EVER! Speak that way to me again….I will beat you until your in the infirmary!" R'oc's fist is thrown and connects on his jaw, he throws the healer down onto
Jayashri leans back and tucks the book in her pack, her stomach growling as the aromas of choice morsels waft up enticingly from the opened satchel. "Hmmph," she grunts, glancing over at Pralius' outburst and Flavia's departure. Her mouth opens as if to spew the sands. He turns the giant bronze growls deep within his chest, eyes locked onto the healer. «Should I eat him….» "He wouldn't taste good….lets go." The bronze doesn't take his eyes off of him, the low rumble giving much warning to the healer before he turns. some words of wisdom to the Healer, only to be cut off by the suddenly roaring Weyrleader. "Stop that!" she howls, dismounting rapidly and racing toward the pair. "Let him go!" Her short form jumps impotently, trying to grab hold of the bronzer's arm and force the Weyrleader to drop the Healer. But the end result is not quite what she had hoped for and she rushes to catch the discarded Pralius as the bronzer flings him away, cradling him and trying to inspect the impacted jaw with clear concern. "You bastard!" she calls after the skuling R'oc. "When will you grow up?" Clearly she has more anger than sense right now.*

Pralius coughs a few times, turning away from Jayashri to spit out a mix of blood and spittle, then coughs a few more times, "No… let him go. If he can't do anything but insult my ability to care for my family, he can go." He'll be sorry later, but the teasing plus the punching have pretty much killed his remorse factor towards the bronzerider. The lovely pre-color of bruising is already spreading across Pral's left cheek, but thankfully he doesn't seem to have broken anything. He grits his teeth, then groans. Great, that was painful. "Ash? Could you get me some willow from my bag…" He waves in the general direction he thinks he left his satchel the night before. Hopefully it's stillt here.

Impeccable timing. Wyn may not be too happy with Pral at the moment but.. "Hey you big bully!!" she shrieks at R'oc. Shisuth is worriedly crooning, shifting around to get to her mate's side, perhaps a bit right up behind her, the bronze forgotten. "What the shells do you think you're doing.. RIGHT! All just stories!!" she yelps and glances at the green then stares a hold through R'oc's backside as he's already walking away. She rushes to Pralius, "What happened?" she asks, then looks up at Ash, she'll take answers from anyone as she starts to inspect the wound, "Open..Let me see your teeth.." she says.

The bronzer turns back to glance at Pralius, as Wyn and Jayashri yell towards him, only a momentary glance and he's moving again. The bronze turns and rumbles warningly towards the group, though he turns and looks to the green. Before he turns and walks off with his rider, stories that are only half truths, are still stories.

At Pralius' instruction, Ash extracts herself carefully from her embrace of the Healer, heading in the general direction he pointed, fist-addled or no. Several seconds of frantic hunting ensue before she finds the aforementioned satchel and snatches it up and runs back over, trying to dig through it as she goes for the willow. "Is this it?" she asks as she skids to a halt and thumps down ont her knees in the sand, pulling out some container with long, thin bits of plant in it, looking hopeful. Wyn gets a distressed look. "R'oc kept goading Pral and he…" She trails off, shaking her head helplessly.

Pralius coughs again, wincing at the yelling and sounds going on over his head. He glances at the jar, then shakes his head, "Wyn? Help her find the willow?" He nods, indicating that Jayashri had the right of it, then opens his mouth with a half-joking "aaahhh" to let Wyn inspect his teeth. He winces again, stretching bruised muscles hurts.

Wyn only spares a look of contempt for the departing bronzer, big muscle head! She nods and turns then smiles at Ash, "Yes, that's the one.." she says, then turns back to look over Pral's teeth, wiggling at them a little with her fingertip. "Jarred loose right here but.. they should be ok.." she mutters. She looks to Ash again at her explanation then sighs, "You two fight like…" and her eyes unfocus as the green warbles again. "Pral.. you shouldn't have said that about Kessa..not carrying a child.." she says with a frown, a deep frown. It's a sensitive subject for any woman, especially one whose been there. "And he shouldn't have hit you..but..still.." and she shakes her head.

Now it's Ashri's turn to come to the Healer's defense. "He wouldn't have said it if R'oc hadn't kept goading him needlessly." Her hazel eyes take on a slightly flint hue before she licks her lips and blows out another sigh, digging through the sack for a few more items before Wyn identifies one as correct and she offers it to Pralius, unsure on the next step in this procedure. "Isn't there some numbweed?" she asks, eyeing the purpling jaw. "That's going to swell." As if it hasn't already. "We need to ice it quickly, minimize the capilary bleeding, right?" She does at least recall some of her first aid training it seems."

Pralius holds out a hand to Wyn, "I need… to chew it…" Yeah… because that's normal. He nods to Ashri, "Side pocket… outside only." His words are clear, at least, it's just his sentences that are suffering. He locks eyes with Wyn and nods, "I know… it just… came tumbling out."

N'drei nods and takes Pral's hand though she doesn't seem happy with the reasoning, she lets it go for now, there's some things people just don't understand. "And yes, Ash.. ice would be good.. as well as cessation of speaking, which.. all in all seems to be the order of the day, considering.." and she snerks a little, much truth is found in jest.

"Chew it?" Ash's eyes widen a bit at the notion, a faint grimace crossing her face at the idea. "Well, if it helps." She looks around, glancing back the way they came toward the Weyr. "I think we'll have to head back for ice." She looks to the dun mare and the green dragon. "Maybe you should take him back to the Weyr, Wyn?"

Pralius takes the bit of willowbark and winces as he begins to chew it, "Mm sorry." he blinks at Wyn's words, then grins with a suitably guilty nod, and shifts to lay in her lap, letting the girls decide how best to get him to ice or ice to him, trusting them both in that.

And that's what flits are made for, especially helpful obedient ones like Gemma. She scrambles in from the tree line like a kid whose been out playing in the mud then at Wyn's behest is off in a flash. "I think..with Darius taken care of and no broken bones.. we'll stay put.." she says as Pral shifts around to lay in her lap. She sighs and strokes his hair back then smiles up at Ash, "I didn't know you had a runner.." she says questioningly, easing right into a change of subject.

"I don't," Ash responds, relaxing now that things are starting to be smoothed out. "She's one I regularly borrow when I'm stationed at Fort, though." The dun, off cropping grass at the forest's edge, seems oblivious to being the topic of conversation. "She's rather used to me, however, and we seem to have an understanding, so it works out. Ind certainly buy her had I the marks." With the Healer no longer in her lap, Jay settles back onto her rump and crosses her legs, taking out the numbweed and starting to gently apply it to the tender jaw, nevermind lacking redwort or oil to keep her own fingers from numbing. "Well, that feels odd."

Pralius winces a few times, then sighs happily as the numbing takes effect. It's Jayashri's next words that make him wince again and murmur, "Other pocket" motioning towards another jar-shaped bulge, but it's too late for oil to help her now… she'll either have to wash it off or ride it out. He glances at the mare, then nods to Wyn, "Stay… Sorry." He's likely to be saying that a lot.

N'drei smiles at Ash, "Ohh.." she says as she explains the mare then she nods her head, "She seems a gentle sort.." she says as the girl sits down. She cringes and nods, "Oh dear I'll bet it does.. you can try to wash it off.." and she exhales as Gemma returns with a skin of ice. You gotta love being able to get messages to kitchens with dragons and sending flits to do your legwork. Go green team! She looks down at Pral and rests the ice against his jaw, "Not smart.." she says to him simply.

Chuckling ruefully, Ash tries to use the sand to remove the excess numbweed from her fingers, resulting in a goopy mess. "Well, at least we know it works," she quips positively. "I'll just be careful till it wears off." The firelizard gets a smile as she returns with a skin of ice. "I can only really get Mohan to do that." She looks a bit wistful. "Maybe you can help me teach them, Wyn. When things are calmer," she ammends.

Pralius startles at the sudden cool touch, flinching away momentarily before purposefully pressing his cheek back against it and eventually emitting another of those 'okay, this is helping' sighs. His eyes linger on the goopy numbweed mess and he murmurs, "Should bury… so no one steps on…" He nods, still looking as remorseful as anyone can in his position, "Stupid."

N'drei smiles and nods to Ash, "I think I just got lucky and got one with a helpful disposition.." she says of her little Gemma-flit. She frowns some and then starts extracating herself, "The brown is giving them fits at the infirmary..I need to go check on him.. I'm not even off maternity leave yet.." she says with a grin. "Then I'm picking up Darius and heading home.." she says with a nod to Pral. She kisses his forehead then slips away.

Burying the sandcrusted numbweed globs as instructed, Ash offers Wyn a nod regarding her helpful flit. "Perhaps so. Mohan's always eager to please me." Then she scoot away from the burried medicine, moving the satchel with her as Wyn moves away. "Be careful," she offers in parting as the greenrider tends to duty. "Guess it's just you and me," she observes to Pralius, getting up and walking over t the mare and removing the pack and trundling back over. "Well, at least we have food-" the basket is opened to waft tasty aronas ."-and entertainment!" The book she was reading earlier is brandished. "I hope you like mysteries." She chuckles, cracking open her book with a hopeful expression.

Pralius nods mutely, waving to Wyn, then shifts slightly to be as comfortable as possible on the sand to listen, and maybe nap a little, icebag pressed gingerly against his chin.

Taking this settling down as an affirmation, Ashri flips the story back to it beginning, a delighted grin as her face as she begins to read: "It was summer, the Istan landscape quivering with heat…"*

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