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Log by Aeyric: 7-1-08

Fort Weyr - Galleries(#10420RIJ$)
The galleries are carved right out of the rock face, the rows and rows of benches rising high up into the air on a slight slant. Stone and wood benches that used to be known for offering little in the way of comfort, are now padded with cushions in Fort Weyr's colors. Placed along the railing at regular intervals are antique looking baskets filled with cheery fabric flowers. The curving walls sport tapestries in warm vibrant colors that seem to add a dash of color to the otherwise dreary stone. Where the galleries curve slightly at the ends, affording those attending hatchings or clutchings a decent view of the sands, shaded laterns offer warm lighting along the rows of benches.

People: Aeyric Ysa R'hem Kessa

From the sands, "If there's any complications. ANY. I SWEAR I am going to rip out your ribs one by one! Through your mouth!" The loud uproar comes from the entrance as Tarish leads Vi'leko onto the Sands, dragging him by his shirt sleeve — how very loving, really! The small gold — although still large in dragon terms — is standing rather timidly on the Sands, swishing around the ground beneath her with her tail, getting it.. you know.. prepped.

Kessa had stopped by Fort along her way back to the Weaver craft Hall, detoured by the rider who belonged to Fort for this very occassion. Hence, she's climbing the stairs with the greenrider, smiling as the greenrider rushes off with an apology to the cluster of friends she usually bets with - leaving the Journeywoman by herself to gather her skirts underneath her in a seat off to the right side down at the front.

From the sands, "Let go of me, you crazy bloody woman!" Vi'leko yelps out, though this doesn't stop him from being dragged. A few times even almost losing his balance and falling flat on his face. Shidenisseth has already made his way onto the sands and stays towards the sides, his rumbles trying to be soothing and all that. "If there /are/ any complications, it'll be your dragon's fault, not mine! And you'll need to catch me first, you blood-drinking she-devil." That last part? Totally said under his breath.

Aeyric makes his way in, the bespecticaled miner carrying a package of paperwork under one arm. The label says, to Aeyric Osidian, the data you asked for. The miner grins at the noise Tarish is making from below. Chuckling he takes a seat towards the front of the stands to get a better look. When seated, he slips a few sheets half out of the orange envelope, counts them briefly and checks to make sure everything is there, before sliding the data back in its neat pouch. "All of that's there. Best of luck to the clutchmother." He says with a small smile.

Xhaine has never actually been to a dragon clutching. This is UNFORGIVEABLE for a Harper Journeyman! After all, if he's going to know everything one day, he needs to experience as much as possible! Sidling into the galleries, he nods around at no one in particular, then goes to avidly watch. Heh. Look at that goldrider, all in a tizzy!

From the sands, A low rumble beings to start at the back of Seviadith's throat, her eyes turning towards her rider with a dark red burning within them, and her tail still slathering the Sands smoother and smoother; although, not for really any purpose. "Oh, right, you want me with yo— Well you could've /said/ something," the dark skinned woman pronounces at the gold, groaning deeply as she approaches the dragon's neck, and pats it rather awkwardly. "Oh. Oh right." Tarish obviously forgot she was dragging along Vi'leko, and releases his shirt, a bit too abruptly, before whacking him on the back of the head. Yeah, she heard that. "You just.. be a good sharding bronzerider and… Do what bronzeriders are supposed to do!" Stand there, and be her personal punching bag, right?

The little argument is of no concern of Seviadith's now, for as Tarish is now there, the pirate queen finally gives a last shudder, and brings her legs down more into a squat. Heave! Ho! Heave! And, not wasting any time, out cometh Egg Numero Uno!

Harmony of Colors Egg
Lightly washed over the gently curved surface of this egg are a multitude of colors splashed together. Clear blue, brilliant pink, vibrant green, and rich purple play across the leathery surface. Where any two colors meet there is a veritable explosion of brilliant white before wispy tendrils of color take over before quickly merging into the main patches. For the most part the egg is vibrantly colored, but here and there are small patches of dullness, as if the egg has undergone some weathering upon the sands. And, here and there, is a smudge of brown, as if dirt or sand were smeared and still clinging to the egg's surface.

Kessa happens to notice the orange envelope held by the gentleman beside her, peering curiously off to the side at the label. In response to what Aeyric has said, she quips in easily enough, "If anything, I feel sorry for that poor chap—" she points a slender finger at Vi'leko.

Elara hastens into the galleries, late, and looking rather irritated about it. "Sorry, sorry," she mutters as she finds a seat, and waves down to Tarish, studying the eggs intently.

Aeyric blinks, then blinks again at the colors on the egg's surface. "Oh my." He comments. "That is….. bright." He says steadily. "Yeah, I do too." He chuckles at the bronzerider's misfortune. "I'm glad I'm not down there." The miner shakes his head. "She really needs to calm down."

From the sands, Vi'leko winces as her hand meets flesh and instantly jerks back, his own hands going up to rub the offended spot. "Shards, did'ja have to?" The bronzerider scowls and takes a few steps away from the goldriding pair. Safer for him at any rate. "I'm not any more pleased with this situation than you are." He hisses out, his bronze coming closer to try and be helpful. Aka, be in the way! Some sand is kicked up, and a perpetual scowl is now etched on his face. "So uh…" The first egg is watched as it comes into the world. Awww, babies! "What would you err… like me to do? I'm good at standing in one place and looking hot." And yeah, Vi'leko makes sure to move even farther away. Just incase.

"Ah, a blue egg…" Xhaine pauses uncertainly, looking at it. "And other colors too, I'm sure. Nice." Vi'leko getting beaten up draws a delighted laugh from the Journeyman. "Makes me glad I'm not a bronzerider if that's how they're treated." he remarks to no one in particular. "Poor guy."

Kessa brushes her hands against her knees, flattening the wrinkles in her skirt out of sheer absent-mindedness. To her credit, she doesn't miss the first of the eggs laid, flickering her gaze though respectfully to the fellow in whom she struck up conversation with. "It must be quite the feeling though to have your lifemate lay eggs." She leans back with a folding of her hands in her lap, "She looks like a wild feline down there—" whether this was in regards to the gold or the rider is unclear.

From the sands, Tarish continues huffing, but more just tries to contain herself as she notices the people up in the galleries. Today likely isn't a good day to make a public spectacle of herself — especially when she sees Elara. Gulp. A timid wave is offered back towards her Senior, but she's too busy to make her way over; or, in better words, being restrained by a massive golden lump on the Sands. "If you /really/ want to know what I want, I'd like you to take off your shoes and dance in the heat. You know. For entertainment." And draw the eyes off herself and her dragon, which, at the moment is causing her dark-skinned face to go even darker than usual. "But, since that wouldn't be very presentable, just um… …" She glares at him, but, at the urgings of Sevi, she rolls her eyes, and stretches out her hand. "Hold it, or I'll make you hold it."

Seviadith thinks that's all really fine and dandy, but she's busy, here! Keep the tragic romance for later! She gives her hips another little wiggle, and one set of eyelids closes over as she tries to concentrate; Tarish notices, and begins to stroke the 'patched' eyeride gently. Oops! That must be the signal for egg release, because out comes Number Two!

Early Morning Gem Egg
Very light pastel green engulfs the surface of this small leathery egg. Here and there are dabs of darker lines stroked across the shell. These darker lines are etched in a deeper, yet still muted, green hue with just a tinge of rose at the very utmost edge. The lines give the vaguest suggestion of an abstract depiction of a newly budding flower, an optical bias that is most obvious from a fair distance. Indeed, even the light splotches along the apex of the egg are suggestive of morning dew upon such a bud.

From the sands, "Yeah, not going to happen." Vi'leko says darkly, his arms crossing at his chest. "Plus, Shidenisseth is technically Seviadith's mate, right? So that means you need to be treating me nicer. Those eggs," His thumb jerks towards the second. "Wouldn't be here without us!" And so he gives a proud smile. The bronze tries to do his best at hovering around the gold and her increasing clutch. His rumbles turn to gruff sounding croons. Still need to sound manly, after all. Keeping Tarish at length, Vi'leko starts sidestepping, trying to get a better view at the two current eggs. "They're kinda… smooshy looking this close up, aren't they?"

Aeyric squints slightly to try and see the second egg. He answers Kessa evenly, "Yeah, she does look like a feline, even down to the temper. It has to be uncomfortable. I heard dragons share sensations with their riders, it has to be confusing." Then, referring to the second egg. "Do you think the colors of the eggs indicate what color is inside?" He means the green egg that was just laid. "Like that one, it looks feminine, maybe a green hatching out?" He asks Kessa.

Xhaine stares at the next egg to come out with a slight frown, listening to people around him talk about it. Ah, that egg's green. "Well it's just the gold that you can tell what color comes out, right?" he asks Aeyric.

Kessa double checks on her ride, not wanting to lose sight of the greenrider for fear of getting stuck at Fort longer than was intended. It's in the brief instance that she returns her gaze to the sands that the second egg is laid. She cants her head with a quiet appraising look in her eyes as she listens to the man beside her, "Perhaps it would be something to ask the lady when her gold is done clutching. Mind you, you can go first—" she winks teasingly at Aeyric whilst she considers the second comment. "No. The colours on the outside don't really give any clues. I stood once. All my guesses were wrong.. and I thought the egg shell might have something to do with what's inside. Maybe it's reflecting their personalities some how?" She shrugs, not too certain, but opening an ear Xhaine all the same - a hapless shrug though her only response to what he adds to the conversation.

From the sands, With two eggs out, Seviadith pauses for a moment to concentrate on covering the laid ones with a bit of sand, using her tail to swoosh it around and scoop up. With that being satisfactory, she goes back to her concentration on popping out Number Three, lidding over another set unconciously. "Alright, fine, fine, I'll be /nice/. For now. But just. Hold. My hand. /Please/." Her voice grows quieter and quieter, with the please almost being unperceivable at the end; she can't let anyone in the galleries think she's desperate, can she? "'Course they wouldn't be here without us, you tard, but the only reason Sevi picked your.. Shidenisseth is that she /didn't/ like him. She was never too bright about picking anything. But — wait. Is this your first clutch?" Likely why he's being so smug.

Seviadith isn't taken too keen to her rider's comments (though they've been fighting about this for sevendays), but she's sudddenly too distracted as both Three and Four come out in one gllooop! "Yeah.. They do look pretty mooshy." This is one goldrider who's a bit repulsed by her dragon's creation; but, a slight smile does edge in here and there. At least they're pretty eggs, right?

Still Before the Storm Egg
Dark clouds pile over a pale, washed out blue sky. This small egg is rounded, with mounds of cloud-like shapes overlaying each other. The sweltering heat of the sands piles up around the shell, and the colors give the illusion of a heat haze. Hidden within the haze, the clouds are approaching. Can you smell rain?
Peace After the Storm Egg
The storm has broken, and washed the world clean. This egg is an articulating grey, shafts of sunlight sprinkling through in tiny rays. Droplets of refreshing spring rain sprinkle along the shell, which almost seems cooler to the touch than its fellows.

Aeyric nods at Xhaine, "That's an established fact, aaaaah." Aeyric regards Tarish agreeing to be 'nice' for the time being. And the goldrider's appearant anxiety. "I don't think that's a very good idea." Two more eggs come out. Aeyric adjusts his glasses carefully. "I guess there is no reliable way, that one is grey and blotchy, and that one is kind of rosy."

From the sands, Vi'leko finally lets his eyes rest on the offered hand. And slowly, oh so slowly, he scoots closer and grabs a hold. "There, better?" He grumbles out, refusing to look at the goldrider, instead keeping his attention focused in front of him. But just because, he does give Tarish's hand a small squeeze. "Shardin' right it's our first clutch. I never wanted to be stuck on these sands, so I never let Shiddy try to fly a gold." Oh yeah, that's so obviously a lie! "Erg… well, he's /tried/. But not hard. Yeah." He shifty eyes, hoping no one else can really hear him. "Bah! Shidenisseth was the best dragon to pick. I'd say she made a darn good choice. About time too, her other choices weren't the best." Vi'leko can't help the snarky smile that now seems to be in place, but it's laced with some pride as well.

From the sands, Tarish, at this point, is at least becoming sensitive enough to rub Sevi's eyeridges at a constant rate, and thus attends them often, but the gold is a wee bit too unsteady now, hopping from one foot to the other, wiggling about, and just making a silly scene of herself. "Oh stop putting on a show, they are not /that/ hard to push out," the woman snaps as she notices it, raising one brow over the other in question. Sevi rumbles deep in her throat, before going back into concentration. "Yeah, better," Tarish says with a bit of unease at having to tell the truth. She listens to Leko's ramblings, but rolls her eyes at more than half of it. "So, what you're saying is is that your bronze is stunted and has tried to father a clutch every time he could but never did. It's alright. I wouldn't be impressed one way or the other." She snarls a bit, but squeezes his hand — maybe she is a softy, under all those poisonous green spines. "Uh huh, right," she responds to his last statement, but then Sevi bobs a little, and she leans on one foot to try and get a sight of what now is Egg Number Five!

Raindrops on Roses, Whiskers on Kittens Egg
Wine hue a Benden would envy encloses three-fourths of a small, eliptical egg, deepest in color at the top, where, with the curvature of a waterfall, it flows into livid pink at the base. Thin veins of darker and lighter shades matte over this portion of the shell, but are encapsulated by bead-like glossy spots that dot over them. The blotches, all perfectly round, touch the edges of the color, before pulling in to the last part of the shell: a collection of calico oranges, grays and browns, that appear as haphazard as thrown paint splotches on the shell. Yet, that too is not left undisturbed; where would this furry section be without thin whisps of whiskers that pull outwards to the sides? There's no mistaking it; these are all just a few of my favorite things.

Kessa laughs a little at Aeyric, eyes pointing to his knot, "Yes, but out of all of us, you're supposed to be able to handle diplomacy matters. Right harper?" She teases as she only catches the fourth egg, having to bob her head around someone in front of her to see the view of the third one laid. "Not until they hatch—" she adds in at the last, shrugging, "I suppose that's why people bet on them. No one really knows. It's all chance."

Xhaine glances over at Kessa, then points to his own knot. "I'm the harper, not him." he tells Kessa cheerfully. "If I'm not mistaken, he's a /miner/." he grins, then looks over as more eggs come.

Kessa squints in the galleries, "Oh," she leans in closer, "Sorry. Got your knot mixed up …" She's a fool now. So she goes quiet.

Aeyric rolls his eyes and points calmly to his badge. "Miner." He corrects simply. "My name is Aeyric. I was here getting some information on the landslide at the far end of Fort Weyr's bowl." He explains. "While I work with Harper's frequently, I'm not a Harper. I have no talent in music." Then Kessa apologizes and he smiles. "That's alright, everyone makes mistakes."

From the sands, Vi'leko mimics the gold as he also starts to wiggle about. Just… not exactly the same. Instead, his feet are being picked up and dropped, which of course causes his hand (and thusly Tarish's) to start swinging back and forth. "That's five, right? Nice one! Look Shid, five!" The bronzerider throws a look over his shoulder and waves his free arm at the bronze. Said bronze only ignores his rider, as per normal, and starts digging small trenches into the sands. Even if they aren't used, at least he's doing something! "Stunted? He's not /stunted/! You're the one with a small freaking gold, here missy." Vi'leko hmpfs! His demeanor switching to sulk-mode.

Elara perks up and turns to Aeyric, "You are? That's been there for ages and ages…we think it's pretty stable, though. Do you think it's not? Do we need to shore it up somehow?"

Aeyric shakes his head urgently. "You misunderstand me ma'am. I'm not interested in the slide's stability. I'm interested in what might be found /behind/ it." He explains. "I study abandoned or blocked off areas in Holds and Weyrs as part of my studies, looking to figure out how to get in and out and see what's inside." He explains.

Kessa looks abashed. But mistakes happen. The lightening doesn't help. Distraction doesn't either. In any case, she nods meekly at the correction from two places at once, looking mildly uncomfortable then, twitching a finger over the hem of her blouse. "Aeyric," she bobs her head, muttering her name into the din of the gallery noise, too low to be heard as her embarrassment has gotten the best of her.

Xhaine hears this and perks as well. "Exploring? Behind landslides?" the tall Harper rubs his hands almost /gleefully/. "I'd love to help you! Er…just don't expect me to do any digging, though." he examines his fingers. "Can't damage my hands. Ah…I'm Xhaine." he turns to smile charmingly at Kessa. "What was that? I didn't hear you, I'm sorry…"

Elara ahhs, "Well, if you find anything do let me know," she says, smiling. "Do you need anything to help your search? Fort's got plenty of old tunnels, who knows what you might find."

From the sands, "Hold still!" Tarish snaps at Vi'leko, tugging his arm downwards to try and cause the solution herself. "Five, yes… Don't get excited yet, that really ain't that many." Not that Tarish cares; her feet are starting to burn, considering she didn't put on the right boots, and she's just too darn impatient, anyways. "Don't make me feed you to her for dinner," is her last comment on her gold being 'stunted', with her nose scrunching. Seviadith seems pleased by the proposition, casting her gaze on Vi'leko rather hungrily — "I was /joking/," is stated, but Seviadith doesn't really seem to care… Although, the expression on the dragon's eye-patched face holds for a moment as her legs squat down deeper, after digging another dip into the Sand, before, lo and behold, six and seven make their way out with a bloop and a blop! "Seven. /Now/ you can feel a bit giddy."

Gates of Heaven Egg
Light, feathery, and smooth; a shade of blue stolen from the sky above wraps like a thickly folded blanket around this small, perfectly round egg that stands almost hidden amongst the rest. It wisps into pale, whipped white, and curls into light azure on the edges, like the texture of a happy cookie batter stirred into spirals. But, the celestial colors are broken by two sprouts of gold, a shining imprant on the egg; they seem to glitter innocently on the surface of the shell, reaching from the tip top to the very base of the egg. The same shade, perhaps a bit duller, spills like an eccentric fence away from the two 'poles, to meet on the other side of the egg, like a circular wreath holding in whatever lies inside. What little bit of heaven could that be?
Golden Glow of Sanctity Egg
White and only white, blaring from lack of tint or tone, encompasses the entirely of this egg. The color is quite blinding, the eyes almost repelled by the light reflecting from the shell. Though towards the top a golden band begins, thickly wrapping around the ovoid. The gilded line reaching from the midsection of one side to the top of the other. A halo on such a bright white egg, if there ever was one.

Kessa looks flustered, just utterly not herself in the strange environment. She's not shy, it's just that the abrupt correction and her mistake made her bite her tongue hard, hard enough not to want to say anything else. However, Xhaine, in whom she catches flash a smile at her, speaks to her again - asking her to speak up. Taking a deep breath, she tries her best to brush up the foul up by offering, "My name is Kessa."

Aeyric laughs reassuringly at Kessa's shyness, "That's alright Kessa. I get that a lot. A miner who looks like a harper." At Elara's mention. "At the moment, if you have any maps of the area inside the cliff, specifically that section." Then two eggs come out at once. "Oh my." He shakes his head. "They're beautiful. Very simple patterns on them." Then to Elara again. "Right now I'm gathering data on possible sites. My last dig ended in a nasty accident, and because we were so isolated it took the rescue riders awhile to get everyone out. I was told I needed a wher and handler on site at future digs, or I would not be allowed to hold them. So I'm stuck gathering data and waiting for my turn on the wherlist."

From the sands, "Don't tell her that!" Vi'leko says, his eyes shifting between dragon and rider. "Not that she'd eat me anyway. She'd have to get through Shid." So nyah! But the bronzerider does stop dancing about, only for a moment at least. Than both his hand and Tarish's, which is being clenched to death by this time, get shot into the air. "Whooo! Thatta' girl, Seviadith! Pop those babies out. I bet there is at least a bronze in the bunch! Maybe even two. Heck, maybe they're /all/ bronzes!" Highly unlikely, but he can dream. "What do you think, Tarish?" Talk about mood changes.

Elara smiles, "Then you're in luck, because Fort has its own wher. He's stationed out at the beasthold, but I'm sure we could get him in to help you. I don't think we have any maps, though. Not that I've ever found, but you're welcome to dig through the records." She giggles at her little joke.

Aeyric nods and smiles. "Gladly," He says with a smile. "It would be a good break from the monotany of the hall. And if need be, I can ask a mine dragonrider to take me up to the Yokohama. They can take aerial photographs up there that might be useful." Aeyric takes a deep breath. Then Vi'leko's exclamation gets a shake of his head. "I doubt that queen's rider will react well to that."

From the sands, "Yeah, but in a battle between the two, I'm sure Sevi could take him." This is said in jest, accompanied by one of the few winks that will probably ever be seen coming from Tarish. "You can keep your hopes high, Vi'leko, but just watch.. They'll all be greens, and the Weyr'll be in lust fever when they all rise at the end of Weyrlinghood." She chuckles a little, but offers his hand another squeeze, before rubbing Sevi's head again.

And while the goldrider may be loosening up a bit, the gold herself doesn't look any happier; but, she's had that permanent fixture snarl on her face since she herself hathced, so it's too much a surprise. She huffs — and she puffs — and she bloows-er, pushes another egg out, carefully adjusting it over with the rest with the tip of her tail. "Eight. And, she says she still doesn't feel done. Happy, now?" Snarl.

Kessa rolls her eyes at Aeyric, "Doubtless. Just like I get mistaken for a woodcrafter." She smirks at him, looking back toward the sands to count all the eggs with a pointed finger - catching up on what she had missed when twisting her finger around the hem of her blouse.

Sweet Sweet Cherubim Egg
This egg is neither big nor small - it is, however, a bit rounder than oval, perhaps even considered pudgy by most standards. Decorating its smooth hide are patterns not unlike clouds, but rather than white, they are varying degrees of pink on baby blue, with a darker mauve for the shadows and near-white for the highlights. Lest it be confused with cotton candy perfection, near the top the pink fades into a bright white color tinged with a hint of gold. Over the cloudy pink puffs are swirls and patterns that look like a pale, fat feathery wing here, or a pudgy foot or hand there - and one splotch even resembles a pair of merry blue eyes winking at the observer.

Xhaine perks even more at the mention of going up to the Yokohama. "THAT is something I'd love to do!" he exclaims, looking eagerly from Aeyric and alternating this with looking at the new eggs to come out. "If I could go to the Yokohama…why, that's a lifetime of songs I could write!" Xhaine's already got stars in his eyes by the looks of it. "Huh….lots of fluffy eggs." he peers down.

Aeyric laughs at Xhaine, then turns at the entrance of the Cherubim egg. "Dear me, are the eggs /always/ this bright?" Aeyric grins and shakes his head. "Aye, but for the most part its the satilite photographs that catch interest there. I've heard of dragonriders using them to map damage after earthquakes, floods, and the like."

From the sands, Vi'leko flicks some sweat from his brow, the sands getting to him rather quickly. "All greens? That's… far too disturbing a thought. I'd feel bad for the Weyrlingmaster. Poor sucker. That many greens, all going up at the same time." It's an idea that causes even Leko to shudder. "More the reason there will be sev— no, eight bronzes coming out of all of them. Just wait and see, Tarish." The giddiness only grows, and the goldrider receives a grin. "Not done yet? Excellent! Let's give the lot of them," His hand waves towards the galleries. "The best darn clutch they've ever seen."

From the sands, Tarish's brow furrows as Vi'leko's optimism only grows and grows. "Or, you /could/ be realistic, and think about it logistically. Three greens, two blues, two browns, and a bronze. But, whatever. Believe what you want. You sound completely dumb, though." The goldrider just rolls her eyes at him, but still hasn't let go of his hand — maybe his opimitism and her pessimism equals normality! "I'm not sure about it being the best, but… I'm sure no one's gonna complain. I mean, they aren't /ugly/." In fact, most of the eggs are actually quite pretty, which causes Tarish much surprise. Who knew Sevi had it in her — though, it's likely aaalll Shidenisseth. "Oh, here it comes!" With a final squeeze, shudder, and a rather loud groan from Seviadith's mouth, the sands get their final egg, Number 9, and after covering it with a fair bit of sand, Seviadith plops onto the ground. "She's pooped." Way to state the obvious, Tarish.

Bubbles A-bursting Egg
This small egg has a decided shimmer to it, like the colorful film of soap bubbles floating on a spring breeze. Cozy peach, antique pink, and lively lavender ripple across the shell, catching any spare glint of light and reflecting it back in a subdued though chipper show. Near the apex however, is a darker, irregular indigo spot. Perhaps a point where the 'bubble' is most likely to pop?

Aeyric fights back giggles at the last egg. "Interesting, is nine a respectable clutch?" He inquires politely. Then quietly to Elara. "I'd be delighted to see what I can remove from the rubble. Perhaps, as its the first and oldest Weyr and help is close at hand if something goes wrong, /and/ there is a wher handler in residence, the masters at the minecraft will allow me to run a dig here while I wait for the next wher clutch."

Elara smiles, "We'll talk to the Minecraft and see how far you can go with this. I am always curious to find out more about this weyr."

From the sands, Vi'leko snorts, "Thinking things logistically blows. I'd much rather assume the best." And be horribly disappointed? Not likely. "The eggs really do look pretty nifty, if you get past the… gooey-lookingness." That alone makes him wrinkle his nose. "Oh, oh! So she's done? We have 9 babies?" And now the celebration begins. Even Shidenisseth let's out a triumphant, albeit quiet, trumpet. And now he's shuffling closer to the gold, going into clutchdaddy-mode and protecting their clutch. "Aw, Tarish," Vi'leko sniffles, just a little. "We have babies!" And with their connected hands, the bronzerider pulls the weyrwoman towards him, dropping her hand only to wrap both his arms around her. "Look how precious!" And he gives her a quick kiss. Aww!

"Well it's only three less than the last clutch at Ista. Isn't this Seviadith's first clutch, too?" Xhaine asks. "Nine's a good number. Not that I'm an expert or anything." he dissembles.

From the sands, "/We/ have nothing," Tarish states with a pointed finger. "Sevi and Shid have 9 /eggs/. Not babies. If you got me pregnant with nine children, I'd — you don't want to know." It would be painful, to say the least. "Yeah, we d—" she's cut off by the squeeze, which throws her completely off-guard; all she can do is stand there in horror, the most grotesque expression on her face — which only worsens when there's a smooch involved. "Yeah. Precious. Um. Get off me." Before I kill you. She shrugs a little to rid herself of the bronzerider, before loping her arm over his shoulders, and pointing towards the exit. "Well, sounds like she wants to take a nap before feeding, so… I need some drink. Let's go, shortie." Before he can say otherwise, she begins dragging him — again — off towards her weyr, likely enough. "Make sure Shid stands guard, or she'll kill me for leaving," is said with a final groan.

Kessa regards the extent of the clutch with out another word, mostly because the greenrider who had brought her there was leaping down the steps and tapping her on the shoulder - hussling her out of there in no time at all.

From the sands, Seviadith wraps her tail around the mound of eggs, before lazily drifting off to sleep… WIth her patched eye open. Yarrr.

Aeyric listens to Tarish and laughs. "All's well that ends well I suppose." He nods at Elara. "I'm going to need as many details as I can, the people at the minecraft /love/ details. The more I can send them about the project the more likely they are to allow an excavation."

From the sands, Vi'leko promptly drops the 'rider as fast as he picked her up. And then, the dragging begins once more. "You know, having my babies wouldn't be /that/ bad. So long as they look like me. If they come out looking like you, they'd be screwed." And he has much more to say, but the rest is all muffled as he is angled towards the exit and once again tries to not trip and he is dragged out. And Shidenisseth? He does his dragon-y duty and start protecting, swirling glares already being sent at those in the galleries.

Aeyric, a very effeminate looking minecraft journeyman, attends a Fort Weyr clutching, and is somewhat shocked when Kessa mistakes him for a Harper. Then Elara inquires about secret passages and closed up corridors.