Fort Weyr - Candidate Barracks
Carved from a natural bubble in the volcanic stone, this cavern has room enough to hold around two dozen occupants in comfort. Set into one of the long walls is a natural hearth area, not as large as some but more then enough to warm the cavern. Before it lays an old, well-worn rug that's colors have faded over turns of being un cared for. Mismatched chairs, an old couch, and a few randomly placed floor pillows finish up the sitting type area where candidates can relax after a long day of chores.
Along the walls are stationed sets of cots and clothes presses with curtains dividing them for privacy, each made up to the standards of the Weyrwoman. The left hand row of cots is made up with coverlets of brown and trimmed in black for male candidates, while the right hand row is made up with a lighter brown coverlet that's trimmed in white for the female candidates.
Above, the soft white light from electric lamps cast down during waking hours, while basket of emergency glows are stored in corners around the cavern for use during power outages.

The reek of hard alcohol precipitates the arrival of Asiree, the bluerider weaving about even more than usual as she enters. "Candidatesh!" she slurs, pausing to lean a hand against a wall, steadying herself as her glassy gaze attempts to focus on something, anything, in the room. "Where are you all?" she asks with great confusion, before demanding. "Line up! Get ready!" This is followed by another order, "Hold still, sharddit all!"

At the entrance of Asiree and the humming of the Dragons, Amanthis gets her robe and changes behind a nearby curtain.

Sianne grabs her robe, slipping it one and arranging it properly over her frame. She calmly then gets in line, smiling calmly to her fellow candidates.

Nimue blinks at the rather sloshed arrival of Asiree comes wigwagging in. She's currently finishing up her carving of the two dragons and their eggs with the help of her new little green. She looks over at the bluerider and blinks a few times. "Huh?" She frowns. "They're popping?" She looks down and pokes her green. "Lets hope your not a sign." She glares at the green before moving to get dressed.

Lunetta shucks off her shift and pants and digs about in her undergarments until she finds the robe. Shoving her feet into her boots, she then slips the white cloth over her head and gets into line.

Talmar looks up suddenly, and frowns. "Is … Is it time?" he scrambles for his robe, and changes quickly, fumbling slightly with the buckles on his sandals. "Is this for real?"

Hanna goes into action with the arrival of the rider then putting on her robe over top her regular clothing she is then able to remove the garments without much fuss. Leaving them neatly piled on the foot of her bed then she slides her feet into the extra thick soled sandles tightening up the straps. She does all of this with a well practiced ease.

Lunetta grins at Nimue and Talmar. "Looks like. Just think, in a little while I'll be back to my tunnels."

Any questions directed at Asiree are received with puzzled frowns and silence. A burst of dizziness overcomes the drunken bluerider and she closes her eyes and droops her head. Then she opens her eyes and tries once more to focus on something, but there's too many moving things in white and she turns a pale shade of green. "C'mon and get out of here!" she bellows, lurching to lean against the wall with her body. "Hurrrrry," she adds - though it sounds almost as though she's demanding that she be rushed to a bucket rather than the candidates hurry up and get out. "Sands!" she then demands loudly, "Now." Pause. "Now!" In case she forgot to say it the first time.

Fort Weyr - Hatching Sands
The sands. The most prominant and possibly most important area for a weyr, this section of Fort is no exception to the rule. Completely enclosed from the outside elements by a high rounded ceiling, the golden white sand glitters under the streams of sunlight that manage to make their way in from the upper openings. Ledges abound in the upper areas of the dome, perfect for riders and their dragons to watch the action happening on the ground. At the back of the sands there appears to be a raised section of sand, built over generations by the golds who have laid clutches here, a couch of sorts for basking on while protecting their eggs. Slightly to one side of that, a small nook has been carved for the weyrwoman to take respite from the heat of the cavern.

Galleries> Alisar arrives quietly and in good spirits as he seems to be early enough to find a good seat.

X'an hurries onto the sands, muttering about the cold outside and sporting a scarf and overcoat on, bleary eyed. He carries a thermos of Klah with him as he nears Izelth's side, grinning a little at the bronze, between chattering teeth. Izelth's humming loud as you like, watching his clutch alongside Wiyaneth. Elara's already here, bouncing on her toes as X'an approaches. "It'll be fine!" she says cheerfully, though she does look a little bit anxious.

Galleries> Alyanna rushes into the gallery, a sleepy looking blue perched on her shoulder and a very, very recently hatched baby brown clutched gently to her as the Jeweler finds a seat. Nodding and murmuring greetings, the sparkly Journeywoman looks towards the sands expectantly.

Z'ran arrives quickly on X'an's heels — he's looking up at somebody in the galleries, and throws a wink before addressing his attention to the business at hand. Slightly scruffy, the Weyrsecond's still straightening his shirt as he crosses the sand to his 'leaders, shooting them a grin of greeting. "Tell Wiyaneth she's got excellent timing," he informs Elara cheerfully. "If she could oblige us with a green first, that's my disposable income for the month taken care of nicely. She's picked the right day already."

Galleries> Indira picks her way up into the galleries, close on the heels of the High Reaches greenrider who brought her. The young woman abandons her as she slips through the crowd to sit by a friend, leaving the Journeyman Techcrafter to find her own seat. She bears the distinct look of someone unused to these proceedings, wide-eyed and restless as she drops into an empty seat.

Galleries> Danewt wanders into the galleries, with a little oil pot in hand, as well as one snowy-topped little bronze hatchling of his own.

Galleries> Ethne walks into the galleries quietly as she searches out a seat quietly as she watches the candidates come out onto the sands.

Was that movement? Lingering Memories Egg is coy at first, shiftling slightly, sending grains of sand tumbling down the small mound on which it lies. A mini-avalanche, and then for several moments nothing. But that? /That/ was definitely movement. A small but detectable series of rocking motions are followed up by one larger, and the egg almost pirouettes on one axis. And then, time to rest.

Amanthis steps upon the Sands and bows to both ClutchParents before taking a place at the edge of the cluster of Candidates.

Exotic Deception Egg trembles gently, the hatchling within yearning to be free.

Lunetta enters upon the Sands, pauses for a respectful not to Golden mother and Brozen sire before taking a place near Exotic Deception Egg and Lonely Moors Egg. She also happens to be near Spang off the Bucket Egg, but is keeping as much distance from it as possible while staying near the others. The rocking catcher her eye.

X'an looks at Z'ran with a shake of his head, rolling his eyes to the ceiling and back. "I don't think your disposable income is going to suffer if your betting is wrong. Personally, I think it'll be a blue." he informs, looking to the gaggle of candidates as they enter and focusing, trying to find … the possibility of a rather awkward moment. Unfortunately, it may well be the case that there is some embarassment. "Asiree." As cold as the weather outside, he nudges Z'ran and just… nods toward the rather dubious bluerider. "I swear… if she falls over in the middle of this…"

A jaunty rock, and then another, and suddenly it seems that Lingering Memories Egg is ready to join the fray. Battle awaits! Youthful energy has it rocking in a frenzy, and in a burst of fearless animation, the movements grow wilder, and less controlled. Charge! That was the call! Without further ado, the hatchling within lashes out with a tail, sticky brown emerging through one of the stark white lines that mark the shell.

Sianne moves slowly out onto the sands, pausing long enough to bow to both dame and sire as well as to look over her shoulders at the galleries as if looking for someone or someones. After giving one of the other candidates a reassuring smile, Si minces her way out towards the growing half-circle of white robed candidates.

Exotic Deception Egg continues to rock back and forth, the steady rhythm of one who will not give up no matter what the odds. Press on, and slowly cracks spread across the shell.

Nimue moves out on the sands, bowing to both Sire and Dame as she backs up from the eggs and looks around at the others. She seems rather, well surprised by all of this. And even perhaps a little shocked.

Talmar shuffles out onto the sands, bowing respectfully to Wiyaneth and then to Izelth, then continues on his way, glancing at the Lonely Moors Egg as he lines up around the eggs with the other candidates.

"What, she's not…?" Z'ran pauses, lifting his head to search the group of emerging candidates for the bluerider causing his boss so much concern. "When this is over, you're going to let me do something about her, right?" The greenrider is about to say more, but an abrupt movement from a nearby egg silences him. Time to start focussing on other things, and so he does.

Izelth carries on his loud, continual humming, eyes a whirl of blue and green in excitement and anticipation. For once, there is no slouch in the brazen couch-potato, no roguish attitude in his posture, he's as proud and alert as anything.

Hanna comes into the sands at a much slowly pace than she normally moves at, though her eyes and sight seem to dart from egg to egg then from the dragons to eggs to the sands all the while her hands figet with her robe. A bright smile is on her face as she enters with the others.

Lunetta smiles as her brother, Rukbat, settles beside Geopherson, second born of Keroon. Leaving the two men to their own thoughts, she returns her attention to the Egg which has decided to begin cracking nearby.

The confused Asiree weaves in behind the candidates, looking more than just a mite green around the gills, and totally sloshed to boot. Then again, it's not like she's really supposed to be doing anything. She just thinks she is, which is in and of itself possibly dangerous. Rather than overlook the candidates, she leans against the archway that leads into the sands.

Ancient Homeland Egg has been still for days upon days. It is time to change that. Slowly the egg tips towards the right before it leans back, nearly righting itself to its original position. But then it overshoots and tilts sharply to the left, resting there. Who said change has to be swift or drastic?

Sianne watches the eggs shake and moves to stand next to Hanna, her eyes move from one egg to another.

Sarcon moves out to the sands, bowing towards the clutch parents and falling into a spot on the sands. All done in a bored-like manner. His gaze on the eggs as he waits.

Amanthis turns her attention from Egg to Egg as they all seem to be hatching at once. No only three or four.

X'an mutters at Z'ran, something along the lines of 'Have at it', taking Elara's hand in his own as she gives him a concerned look. Oooh, scowly face alert. If looks could sober people up, X'an'd have a marketable commodity.

Youthful bravado can be controlled no longer, and Lingering Memories Egg is, moments later, just a memory. Jaunty red goes flying in one direction, a shard of pure white shell in another, and with an energetic shape, this prisoner of war is free once more, emerging to join the fray…

Youthful Bravado Brown
…From Lingering Memories Egg, Youthful Bravado Brown Hatchling emerges in a rush, promptly tripping over his own feet and sliding down a small mound of sand snout-first. An even tan makes up a neat uniform, interspersed with a swampy brown that's almost green in places, as though the neatness of his hide has been spoiled by long confinement. Does his fall put him off? Not an ounce! With a shake of his head that sends goop flying in every direction, he sorts out his tangle of limbs and comes to his feet, tail waving energetically for balance. This way? He makes a sortie of a couple of steps, and then halts, tilting his head slowly. No, that way! And this time he's more determined, finding a lanky young man with a shock of bright red hair. The lad, formerly a guard from Fort Hold, now finds himself a weyrling, and he's laughing as he addresses the hatchling. "What? An'zac? Sure, if you like. Anything you like, Flanderth. We can… what's that?" More laughter. "Sure, we can eat first."

Talmar gasps as the Lingering Memories hatches, stumbling backwards as the Youthful Bravado Hatchling emerges. "Oh, wow. I never expected it to be like this!" he says, eyes wide. It's all so exciting! "Congratulations, An'zac!" he calls, then glances to the Lonely Moors Egg once more,

Lunetta catches her breath at the first Hatching and Impression. "I didn't know they could move that quickly…" She looks rather pale.

Exotic Deception Egg finally breaks apart, letting loose the hatchling from within. Wet and dripping, the blue takes his first view of the world.

Compassionate Storm Blue
Draped in the exotic coloring of far away places, there are hues of blue on this hatchling only found in dreams and upon the evening sky. Watery topaz pours across his muzzle like the cooling hue of a quiet summer's breeze, dappled with small splashes of darker coloring - much like age spots on a venerable old man. His headknobs are soft and rounded, smoothed out in the egg to near perfect spheres. His eyes are wide and large, shadowed by darker hues around them. Wings pale to a hue so pure it's reminiscent of water running over your hands. The spars are wide, and his sails - even at this young age - promise great strength and support. His coloring darkens to a more dusty blue as it streams down his haunches and to his tail, which is a little on the short side. Another oddity of his body is almost not noticed at first, but one of his forelegs has a claw that's slightly turned inward.

Galleries> Followed by a cranky whine, Eastern's leaders make their weaving way into the galleries. Hil carries his daughter in one arm, and O'lief's son in the other. He grumbles as the wee one keeps tugging at his hair and smacking him in the shoulder with her stuffed toy. The boy, on the otherhand just shows off one gassy grin as he peers about. Ooh people. Looks like these kiddies run the show. Olarya peers over her dads shoulder and does what any two turn old would do. Fling her toy right at the Eastern Weyrwoman with enough force to make other residents duck.

Amanthis offers polite congratulations to the new Pair before returning her attention to the other Eggs and spotting the new Blue.

Sianne watches as the eggs rock, her attention remaining on this one or that when they move more strongly then others. As the bronze impress she yells out, "Congratulations."

Nimue chuckles softly as she looks at the excitement of the others before she backs away a bit. She looks a bit more nervously as she bites on her bottom lip. "hrrm."

Hanna looks over at all the activity it is apparently too much even for her to take in all at once, though the bright smile on her face never seems to dampen as she claps in excitement and joy for the lucky pair. "Wowthatwassofast.Iwouldnothaveexpectedthatonetobefirsttohatch."

Sarcon watches the brown and gives a nod to the pair. Then, he looks towards the blue, watching him for the time being, then towards the eggs again.

Galleries> Adele lounges up in the galleries, leaning her weight back on both hands and kicking her feet idly against the rock step she's sitting on. Hatchings are always so much fun to watch; it's obvious she thinks this by the upbeat hum she's got going. Mmm, anticipation!

Lunetta blinks as she catches sight of the Blue. An odd fellow for sure. Her gaze shift to Lonely Moors and, seeing no movement just yet, she returns her attention to the Hatchling.

Talmar doesn't know quite where to watch, nope. He glances from egg to egg to hatchling to other egg, shuffling his feet randomly.

Galleries> Mianyi is following Hil's entrance, a few pace behind the bronzerider with a blank expression. She looks to the right. Then the left. Then anywhere but at her own weyrleader. It's plain denial, really. Hence the weyrwoman doesn't see the flung toy heading her way and gets bopped right in the head. Stumbling back, she glowers at Hil's back and lets loose a a long string of mumbled curses.

Galleries> Alyanna catches sight of something flying out of the corner of her eye and ducks as the flying toy clears her head and sails on towards it's destination. Peeking up to the riders and their daughter, Alya chuckles and looks back to the sands as the hatchlings race or trip across the sands.

Although other eggs are shaking and wobbling about, Spang off the Bucket Egg has been relatively still. It is with little fanfare or warning that the egg then tilts gently to the right, shivering briefly after its readjustment. That was a movement that could easily have been missed during a blink of the eye.

Compassionate Storm Blue scuffles at the sand, making sure of his footing before he lifts his head to examine the world in which he finds himself. So much to see, so much to know! He turns to offer a small, baby bugle to his dam, and then gives himself a shake — the coordination required for that effort is almost too much, and one foot threatens to slide out from underneath him. With a shake of his short tail he steadies himself, lifting a damp head to inspect the collection of white-robed figures before him. And with that, he begins to make his way down the small mound on which his egg rested, going for a controlled slide that brings him up near a group of boys. So much noise! A quieter soul, perhaps. His search begins.

Sianne chews on her lower lip pensively as she watches the hatchling move about the sand. She offers a smile to those closest to her before once more looking out at the scene before her.

X'an's attention shifts off of Asiree, simply because of having to observe the shuffling off of the first weyrling pair. Elara tightens her grip on his hand, subtley elbowing him in the side at the same time.

Amanthis spots the moment of Spang off the Bucket Egg, but she doesn't reach to it much. She doesn't seem to react to much but the heat, which forces her to shift her feet from time to time.

Once again the change that occurs in Ancient Homeland Egg is slow and subtle. Continuing on its tilting path to the left, the egg slowly shifts to lie entirely on one side. Shifting out of its designated hollow, the egg then rolls a few feet, coming to a rest with a violent shake, followed by a spider-webbing of crack lines that radiate from a point along the top of the egg.

Galleries> Danewt chuckles and nods. "And that's why I get a ride with Y'ric, you owe five marks." Newt says to the old friend he came to see. His hands work the oil into the fresh little hid in his lap, much to the humming pleasure of the newly hatched firelizard, while his eyes remain on the sands.

Lunetta grins at Talmar who has also made a place near the Lonely Moors Egg. "He doesn't seem to like boys?" She offers, nodding towards the Blue.

Hanna can not help but stare at the hatchling with awe filled eyes, though even such a spectacle can not draw her attention for long as she is always looking around the sands for which egg is hatching next. Hannas wipes hands on her robe with nervous energy.

Talmar glances to Lunetta, then shakes his head. "Silly blue. Girls are /icky/." he states, with feeling. Yep, girls are pretty icky alright. Hooray for the world as viewed by an immature twelve year old.

Oh, if only looks /could/ sober one up, then this horrible spinning feeling would go away. Asiree turns a deeper shade of pale green. For a moment she attempts to focus on something, but alas, there's too much drink in the bluerider for that to work. Finally she stumbles, lurching towards the sands before she whirls around, stumbling and falling only to scramble away from the sands and out of view, nearly making it to the bowl. Though, for those unlucky enough to be within hearing range, the sounds of heaving might be heard.

A barely perceptible tremor grips the Spang off the Bucket Egg. The sandy colored egg then dips further to the right, then wobbles back to the left side. Back and forth the egg rocks as the hatchling within stirs. A slow crack appears along the meridian of the egg before the occupant tires and rests, the egg at a tilt.

X'an quietly and ignominiously facepalms, shaking his head, he peers up at the galleries to see just -who- is witnissing this minor rider embarassment session. "Z'ran, you were talking about tying that woman up in knots?" he mutters somewhat harshly.

Sianne eyes Spang off the Bucket Egg as it begins its moving, the womans eyes now more full of curiosity then before. Leaning forward as she cranes her head, Si nearly looses her balance as she tries to watch the egg more closely.

At long last the time has come for drastic measures. It is time for the hatchling within Ancient Homeland Egg to leave behind its cramped quarters and emerge into the world. Time to leave the nest, so to speak, and seek fortune and fame… or something like that. The cracks along the egg's surface deepen, before the dark paw of a green hatchling pokes out, waving about to widen the hole and fling about egg shards. Finally the egg falls apart, dumping a young hatchling onto the sands. Righting herself, and getting herself quite sandy in the process, the young green creels forlornly once free…

Desert Warrior Green Hatchling
The pale green of a desert plant covers the entire form of a small and compact green dragon. A light dusty cream coats the youngling, as though she were sprinkled with a faint layer of fuzz. The posture of the hatchling is stiff as she moves, her wings folded tightly to her body. Head swivvels about, cautiously looking about the sands, taking in her surroundings. After a moment of hesitation and glancing about the hatching sands, Desert Warrior Green Hatchling slowly lopes towards a cluster of young candidates. Stepping back from the hatchling, the candidates warily eye her as she scrutinizes them, a frenzied need evident in her motions. After a moment she half-lunges towards one of them, kicking up sand with her landing, and rubs her head against a young girl from the lower caverns. "Her name is Gerrinth!" she triumphantly announces, leaning forward to hesitantly stroke the little green before the two head off the sands.

Amanthis continues to watch the events, her eyes keeping track of the Blue until the Green arives, then she takes a half-step back and continues to lean slightly to help ease her feet.

Sarcon watches the eggs, arms crossing over his chest as he looks towards the new green. His gaze returns to the eggs once more, waiting.

Hanna looks at the newest hatching with wide eyed wonder. "Wowthatisaveryprettyhatchling." She says not really to anyone in particular. She shifts her weight from one foot to the other figeting with more of that nervous energy she seems to have in abundance.

Galleries> Hil smirks and takes a seat, gently sitting Olarya in his lap and Silion comfortable nestled in his arms. He pauses for a moment and sees someone running off the sands. Turning to Mianyi he asks, "Wonder what that was about?" Olarya turns to Hil and tries to shove her hand into her dad's mouth while he was talking, giggling the whole time. There ya go daddy, you need more abuse.

Talmar glances over at the Ancient Homeland Egg just as it hatches, then wrinkles up his nose. Desert Warrior Green Hatchling? But green is a girl colour. Never mind the fact that Z'ran himself rides green. And, there we go, the green impresses a girl. Double icky.

Compassionate Storm Blue makes his way along a line of white-robed bodies, peering up into faces, pausing now and again, short tail whipping at the sand for balance as he progresses — he's leaving a wave of sand flying through the air in his wake, but there's no indication he has the slightest idea. A pause as he nears Spang off the Bucket Egg, observing it in solemn silence for a few moments. But his search must continue, and so it does! A quick charge seems as though it might end his search, but he heads straight past a group of two leggy girls from Fort Hold, narrowing the search as he reaches the end of one row. Peering up into faces. Looking at eyes. Brown, brown, no. Blue, no.

The time has come, according to the Winds of the Chariot egg, to get a hussle on. With a sudden flurry of extreme activity, the egg lurches left, right, left again, spins around its base and then with a fierce amount of vibration, sinks exhaustedly to the sand on its side. Well, that didn't work out quite to plan.

Galleries> With a scowl, Mianyi abandons Olarya's stuffy. If Hil missed that little episode, she's not about to inform him and give his daughter back her toy so she can inflict more damage. "I have no idea," is her reply as she settles in crossly next to her weyrleader.

Lunetta watches the Blue's personal search with so much interest that she nearly misses the Green's rapid success."Why can't you find someone for your contract then?" She asks the Blue.

Amanthis congratulates the new Pair as the Green finds her match. Only the Blue left out now. And he's well away from her for the moment.

After a moment of stillness, Spang off the Bucket Egg begins to pulsate, the hatchling within exploiting the crack in the surface. Shaking, there's an attempt to cast off that shell and escape, though soon the movement dies down. A second, two, and then the egg is back in motion, that structural weakness being worked at intensely. Finally the shell gives, loudly cracking as if to draw attention to itself. A single forepaw sticks out of the opening, dark and wet in its newness. As the limb seeks purchase to help cast off the rest of its cramped prison, the egg tilts and finally spins around before the dragon manages to crack the shell further, freeing itself entirely.

Wild West Agate Gold Hatchling
Body contours are rounded and smooth as though every line and surface of this glossy beauty has been polished for eons in a rapidly flowing stream. This queen's hide is a pale amber color, washed smooth and varnished with a delicate red-tinge that evenly coats the agate base, adding a touch of warmth and softness to her smooth form. A few tiny speckles of dark ochre on the ride side of her rounded muzzle follow her subtle jaw line, curving up to her broad and ill-defined 'knobs where at last the imperfections disappear from her agate hued hide. The brilliance of color dims along her 'spars, fading to a pale buttery red color along the wingsails. The thinness of this delicate tissue is slightly light permeable, enabling the dull color to catch the light and produce vibrant golden color. Even the tail of this dragon is smooth and rounded, coming to a rather abrupt and blunt end. Perhaps the only portion of this gold which is not gently rounded and smooth would be her paws, tipped in sharp and distinct talons. These singular points, coupled with the outlines of powerful muscles along her back and in her legs hint at the queen's true strength and nature.

Z'ran is watching Asiree's departure too, normally good-natured expression drawn into a frown. "Leave it with me," is all he murmurs, a set to his shoulders boding ill for the bluerider. But there are other, more pleasant sights on show today, and it is to these that the greenrider turns his attention, catching the eye of Fort's most recent greenrider to direct her down to where the weyrling staff are wielding buckets of meat. Just the thing.

Hanna looks quickly and with interest to the Winds of the Chariots egg she watches its motions very closely with an intense stare as if trying to peer through the shell itself. Her breathing speeding with the excitement of the hatching.

Sianne ahhs as the gold hatches out of Spang of the Bucket egg, smiling to Hanna and congratulating others she watches the gold with intense interest.

X'an gives Elara's hand a brief squeeze then detaches himself from her to go and mutter to one of the tired looking AWLM's, pointing briefly at the hatching cavern exit. Noone wants to be marching through that smell after all… "Just… get a drudge, real quick…" might just be heard drifting back.

Sarcon shifts his gaze towards the blue hatchling who looks still, his shoulders shrugging. Bored still, he shifts his gaze towards the gold hatchling as well and off towards the eggs once more.

Giving a brief little shudder, the Lonely Moors egg buries itself further in the sand, a scuffle of sound that's lost in the chorus of dragon humming over the hatching sands.

Lunetta notes the Gold's apperance with no interest and returns her attention to the Blue. "Figured the smoke egg had one of those…"

Galleries> Ethne closes her eyes as she sees the gold as she reminsces about the hatching of her lifemate over six turns prior on Telgar's hatching sands and smiles to herself. "Yes dear, she's nowhere near as beautiful as you I promise." She looks back to the sands.

Talmar glances to the female candidates to the left of him, then to the female candidates to the right, then at the Wild West Agate Gold Hatchling. Another double icky, although it's one that can lay eggs so it's not as icky. Because without eggs, he wouldn't be where he is right now.

Amanthis turns her attention to the Gold as she appears and nods to herself at the various details she can spot, but there's no more visible interest in the Gold than the Blue. She's still staying well back and just observing.

Galleries> Alisar smiles quietly as he overhears Ethne. He shifts in his seat a little.

Compassionate Storm Blue takes a few steps further, tail sending up another cloud of sand in his wake. His wings are drooping — the effort of hatching is so tiring. Surely there must be somebody about who can help? A little peace, a little compassion, and perhaps a little bit of something red and raw? Would a meal for the poor go astray? And then his head lifts, a renewed sense of purpose infusing his movements. A slight figure stands ahead — quiet, thoughtful, and perhaps just his sort. A few more steps confirm it, and the little blue stumbles forward to butt his head against Lunetta's knees, bugling his choice to the world!

Wild West Agate Gold Hatchling lifts herself from the sands, new limbs unsteadily sinking slightly into the soft and giving ground. Lifting herself up, there's a light shake of her body to rid herself of excess egg shards and sand that threatens to topple her. Gingerly she takes a few steps, wings dragging along before she tests out those limbs hesitantly, pulling them in slightly. Then the head of the gold swivvels around to look at Wiyaneth and Izelth. Using the pair to orient herself in the vast space of the caverns, she half-swaggers, half-shuffles in the opposite direction towards the white objects.

The Winds of the Chariot egg tries again, to compound the sands with its occupant's presence, this time actually bouncing up and down on the spot some, as the hatchling within thunders against the walls of its prison. The final bucking motion is punctuated by a very visible crack, sundering the wheels in half and giving one brief view of a little nose-tip and a claw, then it seems to have to take a breather again.

Sianne smiles to Lunetta and says, "Congratulations." She says before shuffling her feet as they heat up.

Hanna lets out a gasp as she spies the beautiful gold hatchling 'OHsheissobeautiful.Goldissuchaprettycolour." then her attention is shifted back to what the Winds of the Chariot Egg is doing then clapping with excitment as the egg she has been so absorbed in watching finally breaks through.

Lunetta blinks. She was looking at the Gold again and then something bumped into her. "What's the big—" She blinks, her eyes go wide. "Who's Sateerth? Mine? And I'm yours?" She wraps her arms about the Blue's neck and nods at some comment. A deal well struck.

Galleries> Hil readjusts his little girl as she wiggles and twists in his arm. "Oly! Come on, sit still now and look at the draggies out there." He turns her towards the sands and she peers, wide eyed. Ooh, shiny! Though the attention on the sands doesn't last for long for the mentions of draggies reminds her… She peers over to Mianyi and places her thumb into her mouth, looking over with big sad eyes, completely glossed over. A little tear forms in the corner of her eye. "Daaaagggy." She whines and holds a hand out towards the goldrider.

Amanthis offers her congratulations to the new Pair. Maybe some of her lesson and lectures sunk in if the girl managed to Impress one of the Hatchlings?

Talmar can't exactly miss Lunetta's impression, she was standing right there after all. "Congratulations." he says with a grin.

The Lonely Moors egg gives another go at movement, this time bouncing out of the furrow it made for itself and leaning crazily to the side. A crack like black lightning, starts zigzagging from the apex, splits the tower marking assunder as if struck by the force of nature, a network of smaller cracks splitting out from it, then nothing more.

Sarcon gives Lunetta a nod as she impresses the blue, his attention moves back towards the eggs. His feet shifting a bit.

Wild West Agate Gold Hatchling is fairly swaggering across the sands now, her limbs becoming steadier as they are stretched and put to use outside the cramped space of the egg from which she hatched. As she gains ease of movement and the gold must not concentrate so terribly hard on standing up, her posture straightens. Still making slow progress across the sands, she tests her voice now, emitting a soft warble at first. Encouraged by this development, she trills brightly before her pace quickens to close the distance between herself and the white robed figures.

Lunetta blinks after a moment. "Oh. Sorry." She looks appologetic. "I did keep catching bags of tunnelsnakes in case someone wanted to try them but they kept disappearing when I checked again. But there's meat?" And with that offer she begins to lead her Blue to the edge of the Sands, taking the long way to avoid other Candiates, Eggs and Hatchlings.

Sianne chuckles at the golds bugeling, muttering. "forgot how hot the sands could be."

S'lah comes forward toward Lunetta in a rolling gait of a man long used to riding a rather large dragon. It does things to the legs you know. "This way weyrling… the meat is all over here." leading her off to the side.

Third time's the charm for the Winds of the Chariot egg. Yet again, it bounces on the sands, combining with a lurch and a lean to one side as the hole made in the shell widens with the frantic scrabbling from within. Eggshards explode out from that point, scattering around the shell as the two halves of it fall aside to reveal the hatchling within as it literally leaps out of the mess it made…

Nimue jumps up and down at the burning that her feet get and she whimpers a bit more as she watches Lunetta go off. "I knew you'd let them catch you, Netta!"

Son of Tethys Bronze Hatchling
…Covered in plates of shining brass and bronze, like some ancient suit of armour, the young bronze shakes his wings vigorously, his neck and flanks also and creels a trumpet blast at his sire and dam, tossing his little head back proudly. He is HERE! He knew he would be and was that entrance worthy of a little prince? He seems to think it was. But he wastes no time, turning his head this way and that, to find his partner and comrade in arms. THERE! - With a triumphant bugle, the little fellow races on his wobbly feet, clean across the sands in a straight line, like an arrow from a bow, to skid straight into the thighs of a gangly, pale young man with jade eyes. "Huh? Achillath? Achillath!" Rukbat, now R'bat… exclaims, suddenly grinning and crouching to fuss over his new bond. "Well of course I'm the only one that'll stop you getting into trouble, I've had a lot of practice already." Paired, the athletic and energetic bronze and his new bond look to the weyrlingmasters.

Galleries> Mianyi is trying her best not to be distracted by Olarya and watch the sands. Craning her head forward she nudges at Hil. "That's a lovely one." Of course, she would be biased. "I'm sure Wiyaneth and Elara are quite proud of her, too." She's not paying the sniffling and whining child any attention, nope. She's watching the sands and the dragons while secretly plotting revenge on Hil. Leaning towards the bronzerider, eyes on the sands, she mutters with a grin, "Seian thanks you for the ballons."

Hanna smiles and laughes with delight as Lunetta impressed the blue hatchling. "IknewyoucoulddoitIamsohappyforyou." She calls out though Hanna does not spare much attention to Lunetta before her gaze shifts back to sands and all the eggs still rocking and a rolling on it. The heat from the sands is beginning to make her sweat as the trickles are running down her forehead now.

Lunetta frowns at the Blue. "Sateerth says he can wait until the others eat?" She sounds confused, she can feel his hunger after all. "Is that normal?" The pause on the Sands does give her the chance to give a gasp as her elder brother is found. "Rukbat…"

Sarcon watches the bronze hatch, then impress and back towards the eggs. His feet shift again, idly.

Sianne sighs as the bronze pair leave, "Congratulations." She says, tapping her toes and looking at the remaining eggs.

Flakes begin to pour away from the Lonely Moors egg now. Faster and faster as the shell gives in to the internal pressure, falling like autumnal leaves and hard rain, then there's a brazen honk of sound, like pipes squeezed too hard and the egg explodes into shards, disgorging the hatchling onto the sands with a blink and a shudder of long-contained limbs.

Cry of Freedom Blue Hatchling
Giving the impression of being hewn out of sodalite rock, the contours of this dragon seem to be craggy and weatherworn over a squat, compacted frame. A pronounced bone structure over all the vista of deepest blue gives the impression of unnatural gauntness. The deep indigo hue of his hide appears mottled and daubed though, with cracking harper-tone paint, giving the illusions of swirls and harlequin patterns, broken only by deep jet that forms his neck ridges and talons. Occasionally, rogue flecks of other more vibrant sky and powder shades, combined with freckles of brown, give him a mud-flecked aspect. His wings are a shadow of veined agate, translucent at the very edge of the membranes, as if the cloak of them were ragged from age and usage.

Wild West Agate Gold Hatchling lopes easily towards the candidates now, drawing up suddenly a few paces from the first of them. Some sand is raised, though it settles quickly. Paws and lower legs are coated in the stuff, though between that and the candidates, the white robed ones win over her curiosity and attention. A deeper rumble, further testing of her voice's range, preludes her investigation of the candidates. Immediately a pair of young boys are shunned with a loud snort. Her head turns to look at the rest of the selection and - oh. OH. There it is. Right in the corner of one of her bejeweled eyes. Her voice is a loud bugle of triumph this time, as she scrambles towards one of the older female candidates, one with brown hair and green eyes, kicking up sand and nearly falling over in her eagerness to get to her.

Talmar grins as his favourite egg, Lonely Moors Egg, hatches, and hatches the Cry of Freedom Blue Hatchling. Not an icky girl dragon, yay!

Sianne is in shock, falling to her knees infront of the gold hatchling her mouth sits open. Staring at the hatchling she says in a low voice, "Of course I know you Sakrienth, and I can find a lady something to eat." Getting to her feet she looks around, totally lost her hand on the golden head of her new lifemate.

Galleries> Hil grins widely, passing a cool gaze over to Mianyi while clearing his throat. He looks back out to the sands. Yet another Impressed, the weyrlings wander off. "I'm glad." Olarya on the other hand hasn't given up. She knows that scary, old looking lady took her Daggy and won't give it back. She begins to wiggle her fingers towards the gold rider once more and whimpers while little tears trickle down little rosy cheeks. Her little bottom lip pokes out followed by a blinking of little bi-colored eyes. "Daaaagggyyy! I Daaaaagggyyy!" When the gold goes to Sianne, Hil nearly jumps from his seat and waves out. "Sianne! Congrats!" Oly peers over her dads shoulder reaching out towards Mianyi once more. "Daaaaaaaagggyyy!"

Cry of Freedom Blue Hatchling spends the first few moments out of his shell simply heaving deep breaths into the lungs that have never had to breathe before. He lives up to his name though, giving a resounding cry at his freedom. That was a little more effort than he was anticipating. He looks up then, looking around the sands at the faces that ring it, back at his parents and on to the clusters of white once more. It is a heart-wrenching, folorn sounding cry that his lungs give as he builds momentum to move, organizing all six limbs carefully before he sets off on that distance between himself and them. Each journey with a single step!

Amanthis gives a smile. The old girls seem to still have a chance after all. Congratulations are offered to the Gold Pair and attention turns to the mouth— the Hatchlings sill loose.

Galleries> Ethne smiles as she sees the candidate that Mellonath enjoyed talking to Impress the queen as she remembers her Impression fondly hearing Mellonath's excitement from the bowl in her mind.

Nimue looks towards the gold and gweees when it finds Sianne. "Well, lookie there!" She beams, giggling loudly. "That's perfect." She whews. "Still safe."

Signs of life! Last Stand Egg transforms from perfectly still to very-nearly-hatched in seconds flat, one moment not showing a hint of movement, the next rocking back and forth with a grim determination. It is time, it is time!

Hanna looks on in wide eyed amazement as she sees right next to her Sianne bonding the beautiful gold. "YouaresoluckySianne,Iamsohappyforyou.YOuwillmakeagoodmatchIknow." She is almost jumping up and down with the excitement of the event.

Once more S'lah's ambling forth, this time a little quicker than before, perhaps owing to having hot-feet himself. "This way, this way girl. Nice gold you've got there. Sikkiveth was it? Ah well, this way! Food aplenty…"

Galleries> Mianyi leans away from Olarya and eyes Hil's daughter. Evil thing. Though, considering she's Hil's offspring, that's only to be expected. "Sianne?" Mianyi muses to Hil, "I think I met her once. When I was visiting Elara. She struck me as a nice girl." No comment about Daggy. That's Hil's problem to deal with.

A shiver, and a judder, and then nothing. Did Serene Conflict Egg move at all, or did the heat of the sands only cause the appearance of a shimmer? A few moments later, doubt is put to rest, as the egg shifts abruptly, threatening to roll over. A dangerous pause, and it settles in place once more. Still for now.

Talmar glances to Last Stand Egg, that was another he'd liked. But most of his attention is on the Cry of Freedom Blue Hatchling. "You can do it, you can do it," he mumbles encouragingly under his breath, although how the blue could possibly hear that is beyond comprehension.

Sarcon watches the gold go towards Sianne and gives a nod of his head. The blue gets a look and then glances back towards the remaining eggs. Not speaking a single word.

Cry of Freedom Blue Hatchling lifts his head up carefully. What was that? Was that a whisper on the winds? He turns his head along the blobs of white, increasing his pace as he discards one, then another choice. Where? WHERE? This time a more brazen cry comes from his throat, interpersed with a mild fit of pique, as he trips over his oversized paws and scuffs his belly. He is closer now though, he HEARD that…

A determined wobble, and Last Stand Egg judders strongly, vibrations almost seeming to run up and down that weathered shell, fractures appearing in the strong facade, baked hard by time on the sands. An audible crack, and it slowly topples onto one side, lying still for several seconds on that crazy angle.

Lunetta shakes her head at Sateerth still refuses to go get food and actually gives an encouraging warble to his Blue brother. You'll find your match.

Talmar stares at the Cry of Freedom Blue Hatchling. "Is he coming this way?" he asks a nearby candidate, excitedly. "You can do it, you can do it, you can do it." he continues to chant, getting slightly louder each time until he's almost at speaking volume.

Serene Conflict Egg quivers slowly, a series of hair-thin lines beginning to run down its sides, branching off again and again until the shell seems ready to shatter — and yet it holds for just a few moments more, shuddering in place. Preparing. Almost, almost ready.

Amanthis keeps her attention on the Blue. Two more Eggs after this one and she's made her escape.

Galleries> Will no one answer this call from a damsel in distress? Those bright, tear-filled eyes begin seeking out anyone in the galleries. Olarya glances over to Ethne, the Harper, any other rider or resident that could slay the evil beast and save her beloved Daggy. She whimpers and holds her hands out to anyone who makes eye contact with the wee one. She begins to whimper and sniffle.

Cry of Freedom Blue Hatchling can do it. He can do it. He can! It seems to give him the very impetus he requires to overcome his own difficulty with his feet. With speed and agility born of a determination and stubborn refusal to quit, the mud-spattered hatchling barrels straight past a whole lot of icky girls, to rear himself up on his hind legs, aiming to nuzzle at the face and gaze into the eyes of a young boy with light brown hair and blue eyes.

Serene Conflict Egg is still, frozen in a moment, as though the hatchling inside is holding its breath. And then, just as peace seems assured, there's an audible crack, and shards crumble to the ground, their fragile assembly shattered in a moment. The figure that emerges is a deep green — glistening with goo, already trying to bellow a protest against her entry into the world with lungs not ready to make a sound. With a choking, growling noise, Rampant Garden Green Hatchling turns her head to her dam and sire, summoning a baby bugle of greeting before she turns in a series of shuffling movements to face the candidates. What have we here? Destiny awaits.

Rampant Garden Green
A tangled overgrowth of stippled light patches stretch across her verdant hide, making mottled patterns of green and black — burgeoning sage flourishes amidst the creeping fingers of malachite moss, shades twisting together over her lanky form. Shaded paths of evergreen wend around sharp headknobs and down a long neck, giving way to a riot of new growth across disproportionately large wingsails, verduous shades flourishing as they wrap around sturdy spars. A riot of vines run down her haunches, lush green bursting into life as it snakes along her tail, hints of palest champagne peeking out from behind large leaves. Beryl dominates her belly, darkest shadow cultivating a chaotic tangle of verdigris.

Amanthis gives her congratulations to the new Pair before turning her attention to the Green who just made her entrance. Must keep and eye on them.

Sarcon watches the blue impress and gives another nod. His gaze moves towards the green and then back towards the eggs. His feet shift once more as he waits.

Hanna looks at the rapidly dwindling eggs with wide eyed excitement though know that her favourite egg has hatched she is watching it very intensely no longer roaming the sands but fixed on the cute hatchingling green.

Talmar gasps, looking a little unsteady for a moment, then starts to hum. "Caldoth! Let's get you something to eat!" he says, happily. "A'mar? Oh! That's me!" he adds, with a grin so wide it looks like it might be painful.

Pale green and black-edged crimson finally give way to the demands of time, and Last Stand Egg quietly crumbles away, flakes of shell falling to the sands without a sound one after the other, thudding down softly to embed themselves until the hatchling within rids itself of the last of them with a vigorous shake…

Tireless Hound Brown
…Last Stand Egg dissolves, revealing an angular brown hatchling, headknobs dashed with a deep russet. A cautious glance this way and that to assess the situation, and then, abruptly, a decision is made! No lengthy contemplation from this fellow; he knows exactly what he wants. Charging forward, he forces a small clump of boys to split in two, for he's making for a lanky lad who stands behind them as though excluded from some game. That young man wastes no time in sinking to his knees in front of the dark brown, eyes locked on those of his new lifemate. "Mordath!" The newly named C'lin swallows, and then announced the name more loudly. "His name is Mordath!"

Lunetta nearly bursts with excitement. "Talmar!" She calls happily, she grind at the Brown's rapid search and returns attention to her friend and frowns slightly. "You let him rename you? I though we'd talked about this." Sateerth gives her a nudge and the girl offers a small smile and shrugs. "Oh well, if it makes you happy, A'mar."

Galleries> Indira has the unfortunate 'luck' to be sitting not too far from Hil and Olarya. Somehow the new-to-her spectacle of the hatching has kept her attention on the sands until now, but she chooses an unfortunate moment to look up and around. This brings her dark eyes into contact with the sniffling girl and she winces as the chubby little hands go reaching out. "Oh shells. Um, hi there," she offers uncertainly, then tries to catch the eyes of the adult holding her. "Uh… she seems to be wanting something. Sniffling and all that…?"

X'an returns to Elara's side, taking her hand once again as she murmurs something in his ear, looking a little perplexed. Shaking his head to her, he points at the exit. "Took care of it. They're throwing sawdust down." he murmurs.

For a change, S'lah hurries over, gathering the newly bonded brown pair and gesturing to Talmar to come with also. "A'mos was it? And what was that? Chalerth? Well, over here boy! Hussle hussle!"

Amanthis gives a nod as the Brown finds a mate and offers congratulations. She shifts her feet against the heat and watches the Green closely.

Galleries> Alyanna's attention is drawn away from the sands by the slight commotion nearby. After a few seconds, she peeks around behind her and spots the stuffy. Leaning a bit, she grabs it up then offers it towards the Indira and the riders "I think maybe she wants this?"

Rampant Garden Green sets off on her journey almost immediately, leaving the shards of her former home behind her as she begins her exploration. That champagne-tinged tail whips back and forth once, twice, and then steadies. Away we go! She makes her way past her newly-impressed brown brother with a soft croon, but her attention is elsewhere — she has her own mission to complete, her own chaos to calm. What manner of candidate could do such a thing?

Galleries> If it's not by tripping her, knocking her into mud, or having his daughter throw things at her, then it's by ignoring things and attracting the attention of others that Hil manages to embarrass Mianyi. Doing her best to ignore the commotion of Olarya, as well as the fact that there's a Hil next to her, Mianyi shakes her head at the attention. Oy. Next time - sit across the galleries from Hil.

A'mar, formerly Talmar, heads over to get some food for his new friend, blue Caldoth. "I… I like A'mar. It's nice." he says, to Lunetta. He nods at S'lah. "A'mar, sir, and Caldoth." and then he moves off.

Galleries> Hil catches the call from Indira, the whimpering and sniffling, pausing enough to peer down at his baby girl. "What's the matter Oly?" He frowns and wipes the tears from her little eyes, snuggling her close. "You're getting fussy, nap time soon." Olarya peers up at him and shakes her head. "No! Daggy!" POUT. Daggy? He leans over and looks about him, his seat, down below. "Where is it?" This? Hil turns about and Oly finally spots it! "Daaaaaagggyy!" She giggles and holds out both arms towards her stuffed dragon.

Hanna looks at the last hatchling focusing all her attention on her movements, regardless of all the other would be distractions around her. Though she is figeting alot more now as the hatching is clearly drawing to a close her hands gripping her robe tightly.

Lunetta eyes her Blue. "You going to eat now?" She frowns. "It's one Green and they'll eat everything and leave you with nothing." She threatens. Blue Sateerth looks unconcerned with the young woman's report as he watches the Green. She can make it on her own.

Nimue watches the remaining hatchling on the sands with a bit of trepidation. She looks over towards Hanna and grins at her, waving. "Almost!" She says, turning back towards the Green to make sure she's able to scamper away from it if possible.

Rampant Garden Green narrows her hunt quickly — others might need lengthy inspections, but this one is serene, quite sure in her choice. Damp wings opened slightly to steady her, she makes her way past several of the white robes without glancing sidelong at them. There's something in particular this green is after, amidst the chaos, and she's spotted it. Hands fidget ahead of her, and her gaze trains on them. Can chaos be calmed with an infusion of yet more energy? Some equations cannot be explained, but of this one she is certain. There are no quick movements, no raucous calls. She simply draws to a halt in front of that fidgetting candidate, crooning her choice with a soft, almost musical joy.

Amanthis gives a soft sigh. She's escaped. Now if only she could step away and cool her feet and relax in her own way? congratulations are sent to the final Pair with a grin.

Sarcon gives a nod towards the final pair, letting forth a sigh. "I knew it…" He finally utters under his breath.

Hanna drops down to her knees to snuggle her hatchling. She squeals with delight at this most blessed event then she says to "WheneveryouwantMerisethasmuchareyouwanttoo.OhthisissoexcitingIjustknowwearegoingtohavesomuchfunnowIjustnowit."

Lunetta laughs. "Meriseth!" She calls with a smile. "Congratulations, Hanna!"

Nimue gleams towards Hanna as the excitable little one impresses. "You'll never get her to shut up now." She offers before she turns to X'an and grins. "The statue is done." She moves up. "I expect payment?" There is a bit of a sadness in ehr voice, however.

Z'ran is already shifting away from X'an's side, a purposeful glint in dark eyes. Sawdust might be in place, but that's only one disaster avoided. The diplomat summons grins, winks and congratulations for the new weyrlings, tipping the newly named A'mar a salute as he edges past. There's another bluerider on his mind just now, and the Weyrsecond is intent on making sure she doesn't cause any more trouble.

Galleries> Alisar grins, "I'm hungry."

Galleries> Ethne gets up as she smiles at the newly impressed pairs on the sands as she says softly and barely audibly. "Mellonath, it'll be our turn for you next clutch soon enough dear… soon enough."

X'an looks to Elara, smiles and looks at the remenants of the clutch and the remaining candidates. Clasping her hand with his own, he looks to those left. "You are welcome to remain in Fort, if you wish to remain here. There is always next time, if you choose to stand again… otherwise, if you wish to travel on, any of our riders can take you wherever you wish to be dropped. It has been a pleasure having you here." - a glance to Z'ran and back to the gathered. "But there will be feasting here, which you are all of course, welcome to participate in."

Lunetta shakes her head and motions to her friend. "Hanna? The sooner you get your Green to the meat the sooner my hardheaded Blue will take some. And he was second Hatched."

X'an does however, nod at Nimue. "On delivery of the sculpture, as agreed."

Hanna giggles at her new Hatchling "OfCourse IwillbecomeH'nna.Ohcomealongwewillgetyoufeedthenhowaboutanicebath?Ihavesomuchtodoandsomuchtogetdonenowwehave.."Then Hanna suddenly stops in mid sentence as she looks down at Meriseth "Ohofcourse" SHe replies to the hatchling then she states to move towards the feeding area her face beaming with excitement and her steps are light as if she were watching on clouds right now.

Galleries> For once Mianyi looks on over to Hil, "Shall we go join them? You can catch up with the folks here, and I'd love to have a word with Elara."

Sianne feeds the gold dragonet quickly, and soon the is full and happy. Her hands shake in utter suprise, but she keeps one hand on the dragon at all times, like it might just disappear if she didn't hold onto it.

Izelth takes one last, rather sad look at the remains of the clutch, nuzzles Wiyaneth and takes off. It's a long, well deserved lunch of herdbeast he's going to have, for sure.

And that, as they say, is that. X'an makes his way off the sands, helping S'lah to herd the weyrlings off to their new quarters in the barracks along with the rest. Just… everyone ignore the smell.

Lunetta leads her Blue last off the Sands to the meat and, once he's assured himself that all the others are eating and that there's plenty to go around he accepts his first meal gratefully. Once he's done, Lunetta looks for instruction. Should she wash and oil him now? Let him sleep? What? She's sleepy that's for sure, now that he is.

Galleries> Y'ric watches attentivly as Yarae gets her treats and heads back towards her father. "Bubblies *and* cookies?" To which the girl just smiles cutely and puts out her elbows so that her father can lean down and pick her up, treats and all, and set her in a chair. Good thing she's small enough to still do this with. 'You stay right there, alright? I'm just going to go over here and have a word with some people, ok?" Yarae nods and Y'ric goes off to stand near to Hil. "Doesn't seem so long ago that you were out there, sweating your brains out, does it?"

Galleries> How disruptive. Yeesh. Mianyi takes a step back as she's pounced on by a dog, breaking her conversation with some random folks she happens to know. Frowning at the dog, she gives it a light tread on the toes before shoving it away with a leg.

Galleries> "Yeah, it's been a while. Though, I'm glad Sianne finally Impress, she was in my candidate class and now it's good to see her finally bonded. And to Gold no less. That was a surprise." Hil chuckles and pushes a chair across from him out so Y'ric can take it. "So, how are things going on here in Fort with you?" Olarya peers up at the other bronzer and stares owlishly, blinking and wiggling a few fingers in greeting, just like her other daddy O'lief. She giggles and covers her face, too shy. Zan yips and goes right back to Mianyi again, jumping up onto her. "ARRUU!!!"

Fort Weyr - Weyrling Barracks
The rounded ceiling of this set of barracks is high enough to accomodate growing dragons. Lining the walls lengthwise are sets of stone couches and cots for their riders. At one end of the room are cabinets holding supplies for bathing and oiling young dragons, as well as the weyrling manuals. Against the opposite wall is a table with scraps of leather and leather-working tools. Tacked up on the wall is a diagram of riding straps.

X'an enters the barracks after the weyrlings have had a chance to feed their lifemates to the point of gluttony, although he's guessing at timing of course. His scarf is still on, but he looks red in the face. Anyone would, after forgetting to take it off in the swelter of the sands. "Weyrlings! I would like to invite you to listen, whilst you feed your dragons, to the song of the masterharper craftsecond Alisar…"

Alisar arrives with his guitar. He speaks quietly to X'an for a moment. The man is grinning but seems strangely nervous. A rare thing indeed. He finds a chair and brushes his hands over the tuning pins yet again. "Good evening to you all." He clears his throat, "It has been my great privilege to offer a song to the new Weyrlings of Fort Weyr and you, and your bonds, are no exception. This is perhaps the most important song I will sing this Turn. It means much to me and I hope it serves as a gentle lullaby and reminder of this extraordinary occasion."

A'mar looks up at X'an, and nods. He's done feeding Caldoth for now, so he pays attention to Alisar, silently.

Z'ran slips in quietly, leaning against the edge of the entrance without announcing himself — Asiree is presumably somewhere safe, and the greenrider is here to report. Or perhaps not — perhaps simply to indulge. Not so many turns ago, he was busy stuffing his own new lifemate, and listening to Alisar sing.

Alisar begins the gentle rise and fall of a rippling melody, played slowly and with much feeling. The intricate fingerings weave a soft tapestry of dreamlike sound. It reminds those who listen, briefly, of a softly burbling stream. These first bars are clearly written as a ballad, and the chords are so richly woven that it could almost be called a lullaby. He fills his trained voice with gentleness, yet resting just underneath is hope, and beneath that, there is strength.

The sun rose today, as it always has done
And the stars, they burn steadily on
Called awake, yet again, as night's sweet dreams run
My eyes stray, to the robe, that loving hands spun.

Will today be the day? Is it finally here?
Will I find, on the sand, is my destiny clear?
None can say, what will come, but my fate has been cast
Will I be, when the day is gone…

The tune becomes more busy as the tempo increases. Still held in richness as Alisar's fingers fingers dance easily over the strings of his guitar, the melody becomes more urgent, almost fleeting.

Time runs away, chores complete one by one.
New best friends, standing tall, as we wait through it all
What was that? Do you hear?… The unmistakable call.
Will I be, when the shadows fall…

I am caught unaware, in a strangely shared dream.
Yes, today is the day! How unreal it does seem!
That new voice, in my head, can it really be you?
Called awake, yet again, will this dream still be true?

Alisar increases the tempo yet again, beginning a new melodic line. Listeners are invited to be caught up in the joyful energy. The melody attempts to invoke, in those present, simple, heartfelt, and welcome surprise. The baseline of the melody remains steadfast, still as soft as a lullaby.

I am found, can it be…
It's not real, is this me?
Will I be… what I am
Now that "I" becomes "We"

The Harper repeats the main melody again, once through, without accompaniment, gently slowing the song and dropping his baritone voice just a little, as he begins the lyrics again. The song softly weaves its way on, heartfelt, into the now quiet space.

Drift to sleep, day is done, I am yours… we are one.
Caught at last…

Alisar returns to the original tempo and melody, singing the last verse in the same vain as the first. His fingers renew the ballad with promise, hope, gentleness, and strength.

The sun rose today, as it always has done.
Called awake, by your voice, as night's sweet dreams run
None can say, what will come, but my fate has been cast
Caught at last….

In a dragon's dream.

Alisar keeps the last note on the strings until it fades out on its own.

X'an smiles, clapping at the concluding notes of the song. "I wish someone had sung to me like that when I impressed. I think I was too spaced out of my mind to think though."

Sianne nods with a still slightly shocked look on her face "That was wonderful Alisar."

"We liked it," Z'ran chips in quietly from his spot near the door. "Omi slept better. I've wondered sometimes whether it wasn't that early exposure that set going on about harpers the way she does."

Alisar smiles, "Yes, I'm afraid my song is usually just a blur in a very busy day."

A'mar smiles up at X'an, still reeling from the impression and the heat of the sands. And the fact that he impressed, whoa. "Caldoth likes the music." he says, with an affectionate smile.

H'nna beams a smile at Alisar 'YouareverygoodHarperAlisar.Itwasawonderfulsong." Then she rubs her Hatchlings belly and then her eye ridges. Though she is pretty exhausted today Hanna is still eager and perky as ever.

X'an watches the man leaving, smiling faintly as he finally realises he's still wearing his scarf. Blinking, the man removes it with a cough and tucks it into his jacket, looking back at the newly impressed. "When your lifemate's are asleep, you may of course, come and enjoy the hatching day feast. I'm sure Z'ran has a few choice words of advice for you though."

Z'ran's brows rise as he finds attention directed his way — so much for loitering! Clearing his throat, he raises his voice slightly, pitching it to carry to the group. "Get somebody to show you how to use the cleavers if you don't know," is the first thing he has to offer. "Seriously, seriously don't let them overeat. You'll learn the meaning of sorry." A thoughtful pause, brows drawing together as he considers what further wisdom he might hold. "Earplugs will probably help."

X'an chuckles and looks down at his feet, shaking his head at Z'ran's words. "Well said…" he chuckles and coughs a little again. "Dammit, I've got a wheeze…" and it sounds like it too. "…well, head out when you're ready boys and girls. I think I need to lie down for a while." Smiling to them all he offers one last "Congratulations." before he takes himself off to get cough medicine and his bed for a while.

Z'ran turns his head to observe X'an's departure, then reels off a salute — those in the barracks are dragonriders, now. "Good luck, all," he wishes the group. And with that, they are left to the tender mercies of the weyrling staff.

PC Impressions
Gold Sakrienth Impressed to Sianne
Blue Caldoth Impressed to A'mar (Talmar)
Blue Sateerth Impressed to Lunetta
Green Meriseth Impressed to H'nna (Hanna)