Fort Weyr - Shenanigan's Lounge

The natural walls of this cavern haven been completely covered and replaced by straight and sometimes curving walls of brickwork. There's method to the madness of covering stone with stone. It's as simple as the electric buzz in the room. New grade electric lights dot the fancy brick worked walls, with wires cleverly hidden behind, allowing more focus to be centered on the rest of the room rather than the numerous strings of wire needed to operate the lighting. Each bulb roosts in a bronzed metal flowering fixture, giving the room a rich atmosphere. Still, the walls are not the only place which has stone on stone appeal. The floor has been run smooth, the surface now slate rock, creating an imperial cast.

Beyond the actual foundations of the lounge, the luxury continues. High backed wooden chairs with padded white seats have been stationed all around the room. Between the individual chairs are benches fashioned out of the same rich wood with pillows made to flatter the cushions. There are low lying coffee tables or end tables near the individual chairs, while there's larger dinning room sized tables with chairs to match scattered as well, giving much variety to those who find themselves in the room. Decorative hangings and framed artwork has been neatly hung around the room, but to offset the meticulous method of the room, there's some pieces that give a sporty feeling to the room - such as a fishing rod or a snow shoe.

Of course, the final appeal of the room comes in the form of it's purpose; athletic competition. There are several games of darts lining the walls, various decks of dragon poker cards available, a large velvet lined pool table centered to one side of the lounge, a mat area surrounded by ropes, and an area that keeps track of all the runner races around the world via radio signal, giving constant updates on the status of the runners. Lastly, there's a bar here, small and built with brick as well. There's usually a bartender on duty willing to mix drinks during the evening hours.

It's late afternoon at Fort, and the Living Cavern and surrounding areas are starting to see the beginning of the dinner time crowd. Marika, however, does not appear to be one of them. She's seated in one of the padded chairs dotting the room, a book propped up against a mostly-full pitcher, opened to a page fairly early on in the book. Also on the table is a plate with strips of jerky, and a glass half full of whatever's in the pitcher. In her lap, she has a pouch, filled with what looks like scraps of fabric. The guard is frowning at the book, and muttering to herself. In one hand, she has a couple of scraps of fabric, held together. In the other, a needle, with thread running from it to the reel, somewhere in the pouch of fabrics. "Got the thread through the needle, finally. It can't be any harder than that…" she says, trying to convince herself, really.

The soft tap of boots goes mostly unnoticed by the crowd as one slightly bruised-looking wingleader wanders slowly through the living cavern. He's dressed, not in his usual crimson and indigo, but in pale grey tunic and pants, with his left arm in a sling and his hair loosely bound back in a runnertail, the dyed lock of midnight-blue left unbraided today. The man is without clipboard or paperwork of any kind, although there is a book tucked under his free arm. B'ky pauses at the entry to the lounge, stepping to one side, out of the way. Eyes drifting across the various games and tables, he catches sight of Marika, and her.. sewing? Thin brows rise slightly, the man walking over with a curious headtilt. "Hello," he greets the guardswoman with something of a smile, "Mind if I join you?" He indicates a nearby seat, though his gaze flicks to the book she's got propped up against the pitcher.

Marika curses out loud after sticking the needle through both layers of fabric, and the skin on her finger on the other side, dropping the fabric scraps and inspecting her finger a moment. Satisfied that there's no real damage there, it was just a needle after all, she picks up the scraps and pokes the needle through from underneath, tugging it upwards and out a little bit roughly. B'ky's greeting distracts her before the next stitch, and she takes the opportunity to put the whole thing aside, dropping the scraps and the needle into the pouch on her lap. "Ah, sir. Not at all, sir, take a seat." she offers, shooting a brief grateful glance up at the wingleader for the interruption, eyes lingering on the sling a moment. "I, ah, went back to the library. Never too late to learn a new skill, right, sir?" she says, though there's a grimace shot at the book, which seems to be some sort of beginner's guide to sewing.

K'shan wanders slowly into the lounge. Really, he wasn't /following/ B'ky or anything. And to make that quite evident, he passes right by the table, heading over toward the bar. While the more expensive things seem to be coming in shorter supplies, the greenrider doesn't seem to mind, simply getting himself something at least vaguely alcoholic. He turns then, leaning a bit against the bar to look at the rest of the lounge.

For his part, it's likely that Sertorius is just wandering about, given the rather vacant look upon his face. The way he pauses in the doorway when he enters is more evidence of that. He looks about the room, offering glances and nods of acknowledgement to those present, and saunters in, looking for all the world like he owned the Weyr. Or at least that he wasn't too concerned about much.

Despite her return to the Hall, Galina's apparently doomed to never be a stranger at Fort Weyr. She's accompanied by a tall, blond greenrider, a woman who's in considerably better spirits than the grim-seeming young woman. "Oh, hush, Galina. We're not abandoning you here — I just need to make a quick delivery and have a chat with Grigoriy-" "Then why insist on bringing me? I have work to complete, Lyuba." The blunt question by Galya is met with a singularly immature 'thppt' from Lyuba. Her grin is devilish and tilted as she explains, "Because you're going to order something for us to eat and drink while I do that, that's why. I can't be in two places at once." Silence is all that lingers on Galina's part as the greenrider turns and departs to take care of the craft-related business, leaving the younger one behind to just stand there for a little while.

B'ky blinks, giving Marika a slightly concerned look at the apparent finger-jabbing, and asking quietly, "Are you alright?" He smiles somewhat, moving to the seat, though its his book he sets down. It looks to be some old journal. "Oh?" he asks, at mention of the library, "I don't suppose the shelf has been moved again? I imagine.. we may have caused quite a commotion the last time." As for new skills, he chuckles softly, "It's certainly a useful one to know. I've a brother in the weavercraft. I tend to, ah.. send him any clothing I need repaired. I've never attempted it myself," though he gives the guide book another curious glance, though now that he has a hand free, it's the bar which has his attention. There's a, "Mm, would you like anything, by the way?" asked of Marika as B'ky steps toward the bar, a polite nod in greeting to Sertorius and Galina as he does so. And it appears, B'ky has been /followed/ … or not. The bluerider's brows draw together faintly as K'shan just brushes by without a word, faint frown flickering over his features. Still, he offers a nod to the greenie as well, and a quiet, "K'shan."

Marika looks up, and blinks a little. There are a few people milling about now, fairly predictably given the time of day, but she still seems surprised. "I'm fine sir, healers cleared me to return to work this morning, I'll be back to work tomorrow." And that'll probably be it for this sewing thing. Probably. She closes the book on the table, and lies it flat, dropping the pouch of fabric scraps on top of it. /Done/. "Mmm, it was just the first thing that popped into mind, sir." she says, of sewing, presumably. "The, ah, shelf is fine, sir. Exactly as it was." Well, the books have probably been put back in the correct order, but, beyond that, nothing new to report there. "Mm, no thanks sir, I'm good." she says, at the offer to get something, nodding at the pitcher and the jerky on the table. The guard leans back in her chair, surveying the lounge properly now. She gives a brief nod each to Galina and K'shan, if a little cold - she does only barely know them, recognise would be more the word - and frowns a little at Sertorius. He makes a good entrance, but she doesn't know him at all. Yet. "Hi, pull up a chair." she offers, out of the blue.

K'shan tilts his head a little at B'ky, though his gaze isn't quite as hard while looking at the bluerider. "B'ky. You're not doing anything you shouldn't, are you?" Alright, so maybe he /was/ following..just to make sure B'ky didn't strain himself. He sips from his drink though, hiding behind it just a little bit. He does reach out though, lightly patting the bluerider's arm before he heads over to the table B'ky chose to sit at, which happens to include Marika. There's barely a nod though, before he sits down.

Galina and Lyuba's conversation attracts Sertorius's attention momentarily, and he snickers slightly. Though he offers the abandoned Galina a sympathetic, albeit slightly smug, smile. Whether it's the conversation snippet that switched his temperament or not, Sertorius suddenly offers a warm smile to B'ky and Marika. Though granted, probably only to the latter because she is near B'ky. Though his attention is attracted a moment later by the bar and its promise of food and drink. He doesn't seem to notice the finger-jabbing. Or the faint frown from B'ky at the arrival of K'shan. But as Marika speaks, he looks around him a little, as if to see who else she could be talking to. He doesn't look particularly confused or doofy, though. It's more like he's looking around for people who might potentially be a threat. Apparently he doesn't find much that unnerves him, though, because he orders a drink and then moves to that table where people seem to be gathering. He kicks a chair out for himself and plops down in it. "Hello there," he greets as he sits. He offers something like a smirk to Marika, but he does salute the table at large with his drink. Which, if anyone can tell by sight or smell, is not alcoholic.

Familiar and unfamiliar faces alike are noted, with B'ky being given a shallow nod in response to his similarly wordless greeting. His state is noted, but no query made — if it's critical for her to know, she can likely find out through perusing reports. Sertorius' smile is met with ambivalence — or, perhaps, the look of one who doesn't know what to make of such sympathy. Galina ventures on to the bar to quickly place whatever order she deems fit, and then it's off to claim a table — which just so happens to be one that's not too far from the one where Marika is attempting to sew. She has no book to peruse while she waits, nor does she have her satchel with her — an oddity, but she didn't expect to be left, either — leaving her with a glass of water she's not interested in at the moment. Marika and K'shan are given a barely-there inclination of her head in recognition, but there are no greetings to be had.

B'ky is ordering something only mildly alcoholic, though given the way the man seems to avoid the stuff altogether, that in itself might be a little unusual. Still, he seems fine taking a sip of it. There's a nod for Marika, and another for K'shan, the latter one accompanied by a quiet sigh. "I'm not lifting anything terribly heavy," raising his drink with a slight smile for the greenie. He follows the other rider back to Marika's table, setting the drink down and recovering his book, pausing only to stealthily press a kiss to K'shan's cheek before taking a seat beside the greenrider. "I don't intend to do anything too taxing, until I return to duty," he tells the greenie, tilting his head then to Marika and adding, "Although.. if you'd like to check the shelf again before then, I imagine your brother might be more helpful than I would." There's a proper, "Hello," for Sertorius and the nearby Galina, now that they're sitting, "I'm B'ky, Avideth's," offered in introduction to the former.

The pitcher on the table smells faintly of alcohol, a rather mild beverage really. Sewing having just been put in the corner and given a stern glare, Marika now reaches for her own glass of the weak ale. K'shan's sitting down gets a very polite "Welcome, sir." from the guard, who is nothing if not respectful of rank… most of the time. Sertorius' knot is close enough in rank to her own, it seems the young guard feels more comfortable talking to him. "Hi. Name's Marika." she introduces herself, with a friendly sort of a smile. "I'm a guard here." she adds. At B'ky's suggestion of taking her brother to check on the shelf, she snorts. "Eltem? In a library? Never going to happen, sir." though, she does frown a little. "Hemi might go, though…" she muses. Which would be informative if anyone other than her at this table knew who Hemi was. "…he's a guard, too. Signed up same time I did."

Really, the quick kiss to his cheek earns a stiff look, and a blush from K'shan, glaring just a little bit at B'ky. Unfair! He clears his throat though, taking down another sip of his drink before letting his glaze flick to Marika. "..Thank you." The words are a bit clipped, attention briefly flitting to land on Sertorius and then Galina. "..Good," he speaks up again, softly, but at B'ky. There's a bit of an eyeing look from the greenrider. "Just so long as you don't hurt yourself further.."

B'ky's introduction is returned with a nod. And for all those present, the man offers, "Sertorius." He tilts his head back in salute, smirking. Marika's introduction gets a further, "Woodcrafter." Surprisingly, though he seems the sort to butt in, he doesn't say much. Not only that, but while there's conversation going on between B'ky and K'shan, he doesn't break into it. Either he has nothing to say to it…or he's creeped out by the kiss on the cheek and doesn't want to say anything about it! Hard to tell, since his expression doesn't change. He turns his gaze to Galina and her abandoned state, an expression on his face as if he was considering something carefully. A moment later, he offers a wink to Galina. It's not a flirty wink. He's not trying to flirt. It's more a comical one, as if he's trying to cheer her up slightly.

With her attention on the door, the conversations of the others at the nearby table are easily allowed to slip past as unimportant. Galina is silent all the while, her eyes taking on the slight gloss of one who is either daydreaming or simply lost in thought for the time being. A blue firelizard snaps out of Between to land with a clatter of claws on her table, a bright chirp drawing her out of her thoughts … and summarily resulting in her catching that odd wink that Sertorius gives. Puzzlement creases her brow faintly, the line of her mouth hardening all the more before she queries, quite flatly, "Do you have something in your eye?"

B'ky has to smile somewhat in amusement, telling Marika, "Hmm, even if you told him you've found something? The panel did sound, ah, somewhat hollow," on the subject of her brother, the man tilting his head slightly at the unfamiliar name and asking, "Hemi?" There's a quiet 'ah' as she explains, the bluerider looking thoughtful a moment, "I imagine.. having a few more guards present would certainly be safer." Less likelihood of being attacked by bookshelves, yep. Ahem. The glare from K'shan has B'ky ducking his head a little. Unfair indeed. Though the greenie's blush earns a faintly amused smile, which the wingleader promptly attempts to hide behind his glass. He sighs softly, promising, "I won't do anything dangerous, K'shan. There's no harm in simply walking around," though his smile does soften as he regards the greenrider a moment longer. There is a, "Well met," for Sertorius' introduction, B'ky lifting his drink again to take a sip.

Marika frowns slightly at the discarded pouch of fabric scraps. "I, ah. No, sir. Not yet. It might still be… nothing." she says, eyeing her drink absently. "I… I want to find it for myself, sir. I don't need his help." she states, finally, taking a swig of her drink. "…it can wait, though, sir. No-one else seems to have noticed it." she adds, eyeing the wingleader's sling, with a bit of a guilty grimace. She still feels responsible for that, really. Sertorius' introduction gets a nod from Marika, and the guard mouths the name, an aid to set it more firmly in her memory. "Ah, well met, then. Have you lived around here long?" she asks, tilting her head curiously at the woodcrafter.

K'shan blinks just a bit, staring at Marika as she seems to stumble over her words. But he says nothing about it, sipping at his drink now and again. There's a fairly relieved look given to B'ky though, nodding. "You say that, but I'm not quite sure I believe you." There's plenty that he could do that would be unhealthy! "..But no. There's nothing wrong with walking around." Even if he doesn't look too thrilled about it. He does look at Sertorius though, a brow faintly lifting. Might as well at least be polite though! "..I'm K'shan."

Sertorius isn't offended by Galina's statement. Fact, he only smiles bigger. "No, not at all," he states. "Just trying to help you pass the time until your friend comes back, so you aren't too bored." He grins. He lifts his drink in a salute in response to B'ky's comment, with a smirk. Marika's question draws a shake of his head. "No…just got posted here," he replies. "I've only been here a sevenday or so." K'shan's introduction draws a smile. In case the other man didn't hear his name, he offers politely, "Sertorius. Pleased to meet you."

Not that offense was meant — it was precisely what it was, a direct query about his eye-health. Galina blinks slowly at Sertorius, her expression gone unreadable. "I see," says she, with her gaze slanting only briefly to him before shifting back to the doorway. Not that it lingers long — she's summoned back to the bar to pick up whatever else was ordered and to pay for it, leaving the blueling 'lizard behind … and alone. Uh oh. Never mind that Galina's far from socially graceful; Cyanosis more than makes up for it by winging over to the other table and 'greeting' the lot of them with bright warbling.

B'ky nods to Marika, with a quiet, "I see." He sips his drink thoughtfully, murmuring, "Mm, there's no hurry, I suppose. The shelf.. didn't look as if it had been moved in some time. Although, ah.. do you know what happened to the books I had with me at the time?" The man might vaguely recall she'd picked them up at some point, although, as he notices the grimace and the look at the sling, he has to smile somewhat, "I'm sure I'll be well enough to follow along with anyone willing to check the panel." There is a brief glance at the greenrider, then, "What happened was an accident, K'shan. Although.. if you'd like to make sure I don't do anything too.. unwise, I certainly wouldn't mind the company." He might be teasing the greenie, just a bit, a flicker of amusement in his expression, still. There's a glance at the woodcrafter, B'ky smiling slightly, "Mm, a sevenday? Ah, welcome to Fort, then." Galina's firelizard receives a bit of a look, although B'ky doesn't appear to mind its presence too much, smiling slightly at the creature as well.

Marika frowns slightly at K'shan, blushing faintly at the stare, but she doesn't seem to have a thing to say about it. She shakes her head finally, and turns back to Sertorius. "Ah, welcome to Fort, then." she says, with a small smile. "How are you finding life in the Weyr? I imagine crafthall life is fairly different, though I've not lived elsewhere myself." Born and bred to be a Fort guard, this one. The firelizard's greeting has Marika leaning back in her chair, eyeing the creature warily, as though it might be deadly. A guard, afraid of firelizards? Well, fear is such a strong word, it's more like dislike. She answers B'ky without taking her eyes off of the creature for even a second, "…uh, no, sir. They must've fell when… the rest did. Probably got put on those shelves, sir. Was there anything important in there?" she asks, concern in her tone, though her body language is much more wary, now that that firelizard is there.

K'shan lets out a breath, huffing at B'ky just a little bit. But after a moment, he simply concentrates on his drink instead of the bluerider, shoulders lifting in a mild little shrug. "I'll do that, then. Since you do seem to..appreciate my company." Yes, he'll focus on the phrase B'ky has used before, even if it does sound somewhat sarcastic. But hey, the greenrider is agreeing to willingly trek about the place with B'ky, so maybe it's not a completely bad thing. ..Except for perhaps anyone else they might come across, given Kash's usual attitude. The firelizard's arrival is given a mild look then..before he pulls his glass a little closer to himself. Never know what those things might try and eat..or drink! "..Welcome to Fort." The last is offered a bit deadpan to Sertorius, looking again at him.

Sertorius chuckles as Galina walks up to the bar to get her things. His attention it drawn by the blue firelizard, and he grins, leaning to offer pets and scritches if the little blue is interested. Sertorius returns B'ky's welcome with, "Thank you, sir." Seems he's capable of being polite if necessary. Marika's query of how he's finding the Weyr causes his smile to fall a bit. Still, he's pretty jovial as he remarks, "…It's definitely quieter here." Though he doesn't elaborate on what he means. He nods to K'shan. "Thank you, sir," he also offers to K'shan politely. Before he returns his attention to the firelizard, continuing to offer scritches.

At least he's not his brown 'brother'? Cyanosis does seem mindful of Marika's wariness, at the very least; either that, or he's just keen to those who might be willing to pay some attention to him. He's not in this to get his nose into glasses or anything like that — thankfully! — he's just here for- ah! There. That thing. The moment Sertorius starts to scritch him, the blueling is like putty in the young man's hand. One set of lids down, two to go and he's dissolved into a thrumming, tail-thumping bundle of hide. Galina? She's still occupied at the bar, evidently engaged in a bizarre bit of small-talk with the 'tender. Or, rather, the man is talking at her and she's just nodding to this or that.

"Ah, no, nothing important," B'ky assures Marika, "Just a few old records I'd wanted to look through." He takes a sip of his drink, thin brow rising just a little at the guardswoman's apparent wariness. There's a brief glance at Galina over by the bar, although the bluerider makes no move toward either the firelizard or the healer girl. "I imagine, they must still be on the shelf.." he muses, settling back in his chair, "I'll see if I can find them again the next time I'm down there." He does blink at K'shan a bit, likely not quite having expected that. "Ah.. alright," turning somewhat to regard the greenie. Not that B'ky appears to mind the idea of an escort, the man smiling and murmuring a soft, "More than appreciate, perhaps." He'll quickly hide behind his glass, then, taking a slow sip, eyelids lowering in thought. B'ky does tilt his head at Sertorius' comment on the weyr being quieter, although he only asks, "Hopefully, you're settling in alright?"

Marika seems a little surprised. "Quieter? Here?" she asks, taking her eyes off of the firelizard at last, when he finds scritches with Sertorius. "With all those great dragons lumbering about in the open?" There's only surprise in her tone, her words aren't intended to offend. "I… suppose I should be glad I live here, and not some Hall someplace." she decides, shrugging it off. Her own experience is rather limited, after all. The guard does look rather relieved when the books left behind aren't that important. "Well, sir, shouldn't be too hard to find them again." she agrees, shooting a wary glance at Cyanosis, and pushing the plate with the jerky a little further from the edge of the table, further from her, in case the firelizard should decide he wanted food, though she does seem slightly more relaxed than she first was when he appeared.

K'shan glances at B'ky again, a brow lifted, but doesn't reply at all. There's a small frown though as his glass has become empty, however. Hmph. Silly thing, running out of drink. There's a bit of stiffness to him though as he looks at the guard again, eyeing Marika. "What exactly is wrong with living in a Hall?" There's a slight narrowing of his eyes a moment later, before he gives a slightly miffed snort. "I'd hardly call it /lumbering/ either."

Ah-ha! Sertorius has the blue firelizard right where he wants him! Once the blue's guard is down, the Woodcrafter goes for what he hopes is a weakness. BELLY SCRITCHES! He seems to be put at ease by the scritching of the firelizard's belly, and chuckles slightly. B'ky's inquiry prompts a nod. "I have, yeah. Still getting used to things…but I haven't had much difficulty settling in thus far." He smiles. Marika's query brings a grin. "The noises a dragon makes is much quieter, and much more pleasant, than hearing people yelling and screaming," he points out. He doesn't comment on the Hall life remark. "And speaking of getting settled in…." He pauses to finish his drink. "I still have some things I need to unpack…." He stands, offering polite bows to those at the table. "It was a pleasure to meet you all." Thus said, he walks…to the bar. Just long enough to get Galina's attention. "Pleasure to have met you, too…look forward to seeing you again." He grins, and then, pausing long enough to wave to the room at large, he walks from the room. Poor little blue firelizard, no scritches now….

Terrible human with his terrible /dark weapon/ of belly scritches! Cyanosis is thusly slain … and apparently left behind when Sertorius makes to leave. His words elicit a shallow inclination of her head and the young healer simply states, "Be well." It's as Galina's returning to her table — and with an admonishing look shot to the blue firelizard that's taken up residence on the other one — that her journey is interrupted for good. The greenrider from earlier pokes her head in, her expression one of deep concern as she calls, "We need to get back now." She's not distressed, no … but there's urgency there and it's not the kind to be questioned. There's weight on the latter word, weight enough that the girl's course is immediately redirected. "Be well," is tossed over a shoulder for B'ky, K'shan, and Marika, while Cyanosis grudgingly rouses himself. A bounce and a wingbeat later and he's landing on his owner's shoulder while she slips out of the room. So much for a late lunch, then. The food? That's left behind for anyone willing to take it.

B'ky does blink at that 'lumbering' comment, arching a brow at Marika, although he only nods a quiet, "Mm, they were probably set on the shelf when we, ah, picked up the books." He gives the entry to the lounge a thoughtful look, and a 'hmm'. Turning back to the table, B'ky inclines his head to Sertorius, with a quiet, "It was a pleasure to meet you," and then offering a, "Take care," to Galina as she also departs. K'shan's empty glass and that small frown receive a slight smile, B'ky asking, "Would you like another drink?" his own being nearly half-empty already. He glances from the greenrider to the guardswoman and back, thin brows drawing together for a moment. B'ky places a hand gently on K'shan's arm, faint smile for the greenie, "I could use some help carrying the books back from the library, if you've the time?"

Marika grimaces slightly when K'shan asks what's wrong with living in a Hall. "…well, if a Weyr is /quieter/ than a Hall, I, uh, I'd prefer the… quiet one. Sir." she says, turning fairly red when the 'lumbering' comment is picked up on. "I, ah, sir, I only meant, sir, that dragons… are more graceful in the air, sir, not… not creatures of the land, sir. I… I meant no offence, sir. I'm sure… I'm sure your dragon doesn't lumber, sir." she stammers and rambles, turning redder all the while. Sertorius' exit is followed with a helpless look, the guard perhaps hoping the woodcrafter could save her somehow. When Galina and her firelizard leave as well, the guard gets to her feet, leaving the pitcher, her glass, and the plate of jerky. The sewing book and bag of scraps are reluctantly picked up, and she heads out, mumbling something about being late for something. She does glance backwards at the table when she nears the door, grimacing slightly. "…must talk to Hemi…" she mutters, before slipping out.

K'shan snorts softly, still looking vaguely displeased when B'ky starts asking about drinks. There's a bit of a brighter look at that, looking over at the bluerider with a faint..little smile. "I would..though I suppose if I'm going to help you carry things, it would get in the way." The greenrider does get up, glancing over when Marika makes a retreat, then simply shrugs, looking at B'ky again.

B'ky blinks at Marika's exit, the man suppressing a grimace of his own, and offering the fleeing guardswoman a quiet, "Ah, take care.." in farewell. He sighs, sipping the last of his own glass and collecting the book he'd brought with him. Standing as well, there's a soft smile for K'shan, at least, the man murmuring, "Mm, perhaps afterward, then?" about the drink, as he moves away from the table. "I believe I know where the books should be. Ah, although it would be difficult to carry them all myself," just slightly sheepish there.