Incomplete: Missing first part, and only has touches from Talmar's perspective.


Fort Weyr - Hatching Sands

The sands. The most prominant and possibly most important area for a weyr, this section of Fort is no exception to the rule. Completely enclosed from the outside elements by a high rounded ceiling, the golden white sand glitters under the streams of sunlight that manage to make their way in from the upper openings. Ledges abound in the upper areas of the dome, perfect for riders and their dragons to watch the action happening on the ground. At the back of the sands there appears to be a raised section of sand, built over generations by the golds who have laid clutches here, a couch of sorts for basking on while protecting their eggs. Slightly to one side of that, a small nook has been carved for the weyrwoman to take respite from the heat of the cavern.

Hanna smiles at the Dragonnet then gently gives the egg a hug "Have a nice day" then she scampers off towards the next egg.

Lunetta slowly steps back from the Egg and nods a greeting to the Candidate who takes her place, Allie of Keroon. Luna shakes her head slightly, the girl bounds from Egg to Egg so quickly that it'd be a wonder if she got a feel for them, and the poor creature in the shell won't have a very long visit with her… She joins a random group and watches Hanna speaking to the vivid ovoid which had caught her eye since she first lay her eyes upon it. Will she likes its secrets? Seeing an opening, she moves forward slowly, with a glance to Wiyaneth for permission before she looks at the Egg. "Well then." She offers, touching the shell with care despite the harness of the shell.

Sianne almost looks around her, eyes searching for someone or something that she's almost certain is there. "I work and play with runners when I have spare time, though lately I've been helping to make a garden and park area just outside of the weyr." While she talks, Si touches the egg with her fingertips. It's warmth and hardness felt through them as they fan out and explore the egg beneath.

Talmar appears somewhat out of breath. Seems he ran here from, well, wherever he was just previously. He bows to the dragons, and to the riders, before moving in among the candidates. He glances over the eggs, thoughtfully. Finally, he picks one of the three that he has already touched, the Lonely Moors Egg.

Distant Pipesong is in a funk today. It's a strange experience to have a funk by proxy with an unborn entity… there's the scent of mud beneath your nose, a sensation of having been sitting on a cold damp rock by that mountain beck that swims through it's mind for long enough to get soaked through to the bone. Confusion is misty and occluding in the fogs and rolling hills of this desolate mind, but… as you touch it, a ray of light slants through the overcast solitude. A ray of light that it recognises. It is you. It knows you. It knows your thoughts.

Lunetta tilts her head to the Eggs questions and snorts as her first impression of Dragons as large firelizards. Firelizards, of course, stare at her whenever she eats like they'd gladly eat her if she were served up properly, and Dragons are much bigger. But that fear has become a slight unease and awe since she's actually met some Dragons (and helped to wash one without drowning). "Wrong?" she asks. "Not that I can think of."

Hanna says looking at the egg "Oh that feels nice. Hi how are you? " then she thinks of the time she was last swimming the water was so refreshing.

Talmar frowns slightly, subconsciously wrinkling his nose as if to remove an odour, although only for a moment. He sighs heavily, picking up on the unborn dragon's mood, and acting as if it were his own. Confusion strikes his mind, also, although he soon smiles brightly again. "Hello there, do you remember me?" seems like it does.

Lunetta narrows her eyes at the Eggs. I'm a nosy one, but it's trying to hide the fact. Fine. Two can play… "I'm a little warm, but that's the Sands, since it's getting rather cold outside with winter comming." She pictures the scene of the morning sunlight bouncing over a field of nwely fallen snow.

Sianne crinkles her brow as she nearly frowns "A challenge? Me looking for a Challenge? Never thought of things that way." Her head tips downward as she peers at the egg before her "I'd love for you to join me in my challenges but well that's up for you to decide on the day you break free of your shell." Her frown smoothes away into a laugh again "There's always more fun to be found out here, you'll see your lifemate will show you."

Distant Pipesong has to struggle to come to the right image, for its memory is none to great. There's a sloppy image of unformed clay and bright colours being painted on it, along with the scent of baked goods that seems to be invite. This is right? The rain abates a little, chased away in the occupants determination not to let its own mood reflect too much on its visitor.

Lunetta frowns not sure she understands the urgent pleas. "Um… Well, some Candidates are waiting their turn, but we're all staying the barracks if that's what you mean?"

Hanna looks at the egg surprised 'Yeah I think and work fast all the time. I like to go fast, though that does sound like something a mother would say. " Though she is happy try and slow down for the wonderful dragon to be. This is exciting but yeah she needs to slowdown a bit for the egg.

Talmar laughs delightedly. "Oh, very good. Much better than last time." he says, attempting to cheer the egg up. "But, it should be more like this," here he brings to mind the unformed clay, then shapes it with unseen hands into an egg shape. "And then, you do the painting." and he imagines paint appearing the clay egg to match the shell of the Lonely Moors Egg. For the scent being transmitted, he inhales, although there's nothing there to actually smell, it's all in his mind.

Sianne chuckles softly "Not much longer and you'll be climbing that wall, I promise." As to the rest that imparted to her from the mind within, she laughs again "I'll try I promise, I'm long legged you know and fast too when I want to be."

Distant Pipesong does try, the notes of its distant song turning up in a scale and going a little bit flurrious as it does so, in an attempt to form its own image of a clay egg. Unfortunately, it still looks rather like a lump of rock with colours on it, but it's better than a splodge. There's a sense of apology, given by a cessation of the rain somewhat, and invite into the arbor of a distant copse of tall autumnal gold and rusty trees. Strangely, that arbor looks somewhat like a badly represented Izelth, with Wiyaneth looking on like a gigantic tor in the Crom hills, weathered and majestic.

Lunetta blinks. "Are you okay?" She asks softly. "WeyrWoman Elara's rather insistent on people having a place to call their own. She actually made me a room despite the fact that I slept in the tunnels… Well, until I was asked to Stand, now I'm in the barracks with all the others." She pauses. "Well, as for small animals… My original contract was actually to hunt some. Tunnelsnake to be exact."

Talmar blinks slightly at the image being presented, then smiles. "That's very clever." he says, with a nod. He spreads his palms flat on the surface of the egg, trying to make as much contact as possible. "Is … Is that Izelth?" he glances up at the clutch parents briefly, then back to the egg. "And Wiyaneth, too? You're very talented, aren't you?" he smiles.

Hanna smiles "I have alot of energy, I do not know why. But I like you alot. You are kind and gentle. " Though there is a reason for her workaholic nature besides just her boundles energy the more she works the more she does not have to think about how alone she is. After all though she comes from a big family she got very little attention from her parents and was left to her own devices it was only with her helping out the local blacksmith that she go the parental attention that she had long be seeking. "You make everything seem so much better."

Distant Pipesong offers quiet thanks for the compliment, but the rain slants all sideways, as if the nascent mind is twisting its face to the side with the constant sidelong mizzle. It tries, but it cannot seem to help getting it a little skewed. Izelth. Wiyaneth. Father. Mother. Kinnain, family, sire and dam.

Lunetta blinks at the thoughts of suffering from the cold enters her minds, as well as from hunger, and overcrouding, and the stronger lording over the weak… Her mind is pulled suddenly and forcefully from that train of thought. "Yes." She states evenly. "We ate them back home, but here it's mostly because WeyrWoman Elara and WeyrLeader X'an are afraid of them."

Talmar smiles, and pictures his own family for the egg. His mother, Alara, a Harper. His father, Tamor, a Smith. An older brother, hidden in the shadows, Tamal, and a younger sister playing in the light, Latora. It seems Talmar likes his sister more than his brother.

Lunetta shakes her head. "No." She offers without a noticible pause for thought. "Back home we kill them and eat them. If there are newborns around we kill them to keep the babies safe, but otherwise we let them be. After all, if you kill them all just because they're there you'll have nothing to eat afterwards." She looks thoughtful for a time. "If it's anything back home it's the ones with the most power, those in charge, who make those choice. And it's either…" She pauses, trying to find the proper words, "It's either because they're trusted to have the proper wisdom, of they're just stronger than the rest." She offers after a time.

Distant Pipesong takes the images to heart, played out in tones of heather mauve and salt-of-the-earth tones, it seems strange to see your parent's faces done out in the landscape of its mind. It does mildly frown though, sky darkening somewhat as the winds and mists of the moors sweep a clear view to the distant, lonely tower on the horizon. Family is family. You can choose your friends.. your kin is your blood. However, the cloak about the figure's shoulders there, flaps and clacks in the wind, turning its eyes to the distant hillsides that roll around and occlude this valley from the other vales nearby, where it's own siblings reside. You do have a point though. There's very good chance it probably isn't going to like its own siblings all the time. There's just this… deep seated knowledge that it is probably going to want to thwap them on occasion.

Hanna can not help but blush deeply at the what is said to her mind "Oh you are right I love helping people. Making things is such a wonderful profession, I suppose that is why mothers have babies to have something they make in thier bodies. I think dragons are very beautiful creatures they are amazing." And yes she is liking this egg alot it seems to understand her so well already.

Sianne slowly lifts her hands from the shell with a hefty sigh, "Till later on little one." is said as she back away. "Till later." With that she withdraws and moves towards the entrance to the Hatching Sands. "If you will Excuse me Elara, X'an, Wiyaneth, Izleth. There is something I must attend to." A final bow to the clutch parents and Si is walking rapidly out towards the bowl.

Lunetta nods. "Yes." she offers, but nothing more. Despite its apparently honourable intentions the Egg is bringing up painful memories. Dredging up her secrets without actually seeming to put effort into it. Plan curiousity and concern. "But life and how things should be aren't always the same. Maybe when you come out we can talk more but… I…" Her voice putters off. She'd rather not lie to it. "I've taken enough of your time now. It was nice meeting you."

Hanna giggles at the dragonet"I know what you meanso much to do but we must always rest no matter how much we want to do. Sleep well. I have hope I have not tired you out." Then she gives the egg a gentle but warm hug.

Talmar laughs, and nods. "Well, true. It's not all bad." he agrees, pulling his sister into the front of his mind again. "Just some of the time…" he shrugs, then grins. "But, sometimes you get a chance to do something about it." he giggles, then pictures his sister, throwing a bucket of clay-muddied water at their brother, while Tal was distracting him. Then, his brother, with a wet clay-coated behind.

Lunetta slips her fingers from the shell and steps back then, with a glance at her elder brother adn Geopherson, she moves towards the exit. Pausing at the edge of the Sands, she nods towards both ClutchParents before turning and leaving, Allie of Keroon foloowing, apparently done her pinp-pong between the Eggs for the time being.

Distant Pipesong turns its attention back to the image you give it with a blank look, then seems to roar with laughter which sounds for all the world like the babbling brook and a fast wind across dry heath. It shares another image with you: one of defiance against oppression which it really shouldn't be showing a young boy, but still… a lot of bottoms uplifted into the air and slapped! Where it got the image of mooning people from…

Talmar grins. "I'm glad you liked that." he says, giggling again. Laughter can be contagious, yes it can. "It wasn't much, though…" then his eyes open wide, and he gasps. "What… Where did you get /that/ image from?" he asks, with a frown.

Distant Pipesong just … well, it's almost a smirk. The first really clear image of the hatchling's mental view of itself swims into your vision, plucked from the visitors it's met: A thin amorphous face that's as yet uncoloured by anything with jewelled eyes a'glinting. It has a sense of humour for it looks wry. As if it's going to confide someone elses (one of the tunnelrat candidates from the lower caverns) secrets!

Talmar laughs, patting the egg shell gently. "Very well then." he says, with a grin for the unborn dragon's sense of humour. "I can't wait to see what you'll be like when you're out here with us." he adds, pulling to mind a rather odd looking composite dragon, with pieces from all different colours. There's a bronze's wings, a gold's tail, the body from a brown, the legs of a green, the neck of a blue, and that face that the egg sent him. A very strange looking dragon, indeed!

Distant Pipesong gives another hoot of laughter from the babbling brook, swirling and cascading down the moors in the dragonet's mind. The resultant mishmash of the colours you give it turn quite adroitly into Ruathan tartan.

Hanna is happy to feel the images coming into her mind. Delighting in the unison of a mind as busy as hers, she mentally snuggles the egg and let the dreamscape wash over her. SHe seeks not to disturb the egg but simply sharing feelings of friendship.

Talmar smiles slightly. "That's very good." he says, with a nod. "Very creative." he glances to the other eggs then, and sighs softly. "I think I should touch some others, too." he murmurs, sending an apologetic farewell to the Lonely Moors Egg.

Talmar moves carefully and slowly among the eggs, deep in thought. Finally, he settles on the Serene Conflict Egg, and kneels in the sands beside it, wincing slightly at the heat.

Healing Waters is rather weary, but rouses itself when you touch its shell, cool mind seeping out and it feels as though it's sliding down your legs to your knees, removing the pain of the burning sands with a soothing balm.

Hanna thinks about the things she does after her long work day. Tending her firelizards and tending Hanna's comet the gift given to her by her bestest friend. Much like the mind in the egg Hanna is pretty blunt in her opinions as well. She loves to spend time tending those in her care. Though she has formed bonds with and spoils with treats and attention.

Talmar smiles slightly, reaching down to touch his knees. "That's amazing." he murmurs, in awe. "You're like a healer, but not exactly." he says, then frowns, trying to figure out what exactly he means by that. Oh, Tal's confused himself again.

Healing Waters is modest, gently soothing your burns and then returning to your mind. Any healing needed here? Anything hurt? Any lingering painful memories?

Talmar shakes his head slightly. "No, I'm good. I was upset with my brother for a bit, but I got him back." he again thinks of the bucket of muddy clay water that 'somehow' ended up all over his brother's behind.

Healing Waters has to laugh at that image, but the egg is more pleased that you got your brother back than it is amused at the mud. Curiosity pushes against your mind gently. Tell it more?

Talmar smiles, and says, "My brother is fifteen. He was teasing my sister a lot, she's seven. So we decided to get him back. I had this bucket of clay and water after a pottery session, so I gave it to my sister, distracted my brother, and then she splashed him with it, right in front of his friends." he giggles. "He's mad at me now, but I think he's just jealous because he wasn't searched."

Healing Waters thinks quietly for a time, and then very softy suggests an apology might be in order. Family is not worth loosing over such small matters.

Hanna is alittle confused by the changing images but yes she feels the impending sense that her life will be changing soon as well. The anxiety and anticipation of the whole growing up. SHe is still young enough that the sense of being an adult is still somewhat scary yet full of almost limitless potential.

Talmar frowns slightly, but nods. "I guess." he glances to the exit then, and starts to stand. "I could do that now, I guess." he says, standing. Best to get it over with while it's still fresh in his mind. He bows to Wiyaneth and Izelth, then heads for the exit.