Fort Weyr - Library Archives

Surviving the ages is something that books are known to do, especially if they are left untouched for just as long. In this room, that's exactly what has happened. Put aside as trivial information or simply determined old enough to not impact present day life, these numerous articles stored in ceiling high shelves are the forgotten histories belonging to Fort.

Miraculously, the design of the room itself has prevented any of the books from damage. The rock base of which the room's foundation is actually one of the toughest rock known to man and cannot be surpassed by any creature living, while a layer of tiles of the smoothest stone gives this room a vibrant and mysterious appeal. The door itself on the room was sealed tight and allowed for a minimum amount of circulation, thereby preventing natural decay, although most articles may be brittle despite this. White marble has been used to create an insulating layer wall against the natural rock, giving the room an unnatural brightness and a enchanted atmosphere - while also giving it four distinct walls. The ceiling as well has been made smooth with an arching apex.

As for the books and mounds of information stored in this vault of information, the organization is clear. Books bound with hard covers are kept alphabetical in the towering skybroom wood shelves, where step ladders and scrolling ladders actually attached to the shelves move to assist a person in selecting a volume. The shelves are ornately carved, many crafted with a mastery none have ever seen. Meanwhile, scrolls have a sectional shelf where each scroll based on how they were itemized has a cubical square into which they are kept in. This shelf alone has over a hundred squares in which the scrolls stick out of. As well, any loose bits of information have been assembled in files that are stored in boxes along the back wall. Apparently, recording history takes up vast amounts of space and every where one looks in this room one would find a wealth of information. The ancestors of Fort live here.

Far off in the exterior areas of the weyr, a cold rain falls, a thin veneer of clouds blotting out the sky. It's a light dusting of moisture more than a storm, but enough to make being outside mildly unpleasant. As a result, the library is a little more populated than usual. One of those people is Marika, although the guard hasn't been here long, and looks a little lost. She's poking her nose into the stacks, though it isn't the shelves she's looking at. She goes from one row of shelves to the next, peering down each in turn. Looking for someone, or something.

The rain, it seems, has brought the Roc wingleader down into the old library as well, the man clad, not in his usual crimson and indigo, but in pale grays, long pants and tunic nearly the same hue as his eyes. A matching pair of boots tap softly on the tiled floor as he walks amongst the shelves, hair bound back loosely in a runnertail, with wisps of it escaping to frame his face. The bluerider's expression is thoughtful, somewhat distracted as he wanders. That midnight-blue braid that curves from his temple to just behind his ear is the darkest thing he wears, though in his arms are several volumes, harpers' copies by the newness of them. B'ky pauses here or there, eyes flickering over the various tomes and hides, the man not so much searching as exploring. It's by chance he walks down a row Marika happens to be peering down, steps slowing as he spots her, giving the guardswoman a slight nod and a smile, "Ah, Marika, hello," inclining his head in greeting. "How are you?" he asks, a glance given to the shelves and then down the aisle, the man likely having noticed her searching.

Marika automatically takes a steps towards the next row after B'ky greets her, already in motion at the time, though she falters, and then stops entirely, turning back to the wingleader. "..ah, hello, sir." she says, glancing sideways to the gap between the shelves, almost nervously. "Fine sir, fine… thought I'd poke my head around down here, since it's my day off. Best I know the Weyr I'm guarding…" she explains, looking a little sheepish. Didn't she say at some point that her parents were guards here at Fort? Shouldn't she have a weyrbrat's familiarity with the Weyr, then?

B'ky smiles slightly at Marika's wandering, thin brow sneaking upward just faintly at her apparent nervousness. There is a nod, the man saying quietly, "Mm, it is always a good idea for guards to be familiar with the layout of the tunnels. I remember, the collapse a little while ago was.. rather frightening. I was glad to have the guides when searching through the rubble." He pauses, seeming thoughtful a moment, "Hmm, you've never explored down here?" likely remembering her having talked about her parents. Although, the library itself was not discovered till a little while ago, so perhaps he's assuming she's just never had the time. The bluerider moves to set his books down on an empty section of one of the shelves, asking politely, "Were you looking for something in particular? I could reccommend some lovely history stories," smile warming somewhat more.

Marika shakes her head slowly, backing away from the library shelves, as though caught red-handed. "Just… looking. Not /for/ anything." she explains quickly, adding a belated, "…sir." She does glance down the shelves, though. "…don't really have the time for stories. When there's no work, there's training, sir. Always training." Even her days off are devoted to work, if that's what she's calling this. "I, ah… I heard about that cave-in, sir, yes." yet was conspicuously absent. Though, at the time, she would have been just a trainee guard, if that. Best kept busy with training, and all. "But this is the first chance I've had to get a look at some of these tunnels." She obviously knows how to get to the storage cavern, though. "Certainly… a few, tunnels and caverns, and all. Must've been some cave-in." she says, glancing back at the exit to the tunnels.

The wingleader does give the guardswoman a rather curious look when she starts backing away from the shelves, head tilting a little as a thin brow begins to arch upward, ever so slightly. "Mm, well, if you'd like, I could show you the various sections of the library?" he offers quietly, indicating the aisles, "I've a restday myself, although I haven't been down here in some time." He sighs softly, giving the nearest tomes an almost wistful look; alas, the B'ky does love books. He ahs, nodding somewhat in understanding, "That's a shame. Although I imagine, work does come first," sympathy in his tone, "How often do you have training? Roc wing sometimes delivers equipment and supplies for the guards, although I've only seen the exercises a few times." There's a more solemn expression on his face for the cave-in, the man murmuring, "Mm, it was.. rather something. Only a few were injured, thankfully. I was, ah, in the lower caverns at the time. Although I believe the actual collapse was.. hmm.. somewhere deeper in the tunnels. I haven't had the chance to see where, though the minecrafters have said the area is safe for travel once again."

Marika frowns a long moment, and then shakes her head, as if to clear it. "…silly notion. Someone, uh, someone I know, once suggested there was… a secret tunnel off of the library. I'm /fairly/ sure they were just kidding, but…" she shrugs slightly. "…even I get curious, sometimes." But the moment seems to have passed, as she isn't even glancing to the gaps between the shelves any more. "Hmm? Oh. Training, right. I work six out of a sevenday, and if there's guard work to be done I'll be doing that for three of them, but if there isn't, it'll all be training. Depends on what needs guarding, and who's available." though, she does note, "Not all training is done out in the open though, sir. We guards… like to keep a few surprises." She almost pulls it off, but then she blinks, repeating "We guards." softly, cautiously, as though the words were foreign to her.

"Oh?" thin brows rise, B'ky's smile touched with faint amusement, "Hmm, not so silly, perhaps," as he half-turns to glance around at the aisles, "There are a number of tunnels, hidden away within Fort. I wouldn't be surprised if there's one.. or perhaps even two or three leading from the library, that haven't been discovered yet." The shelves receive a longer, more searching look, the man clearly intrigued. "I wonder.." he runs a hand along the edge of the shelf, quite forgetting his books for the moment. He nods somewhat about the training, "I see," with a quiet chuckle, "Mm, more than a few surprises, I imagine." He turns to regard her as she repeats that last phrase, the man looking thoughtful once again, asking quietly, "You've always wanted to be a guard?"

Marika shakes her head slowly, "I… I really don't think that he had any sort of… knowledge. Of tunnels. Pretty sure he was just… trying to make me fall for it. …sir." though, B'ky's attention to the shelf does seem to draw her own attention that-a-way, if a little warily. "…and I'm /here/, aren't I? Curiosity. Terrible stuff." she says, with a shake of her head. Though, B'ky's reaction seems to have stirred that curiosity up again, as Marika eyes the shelf, and almost forgets B'ky is there. "I, uh, sir?" she asks, tilting her head at B'ky's question. "Never really thought about it, sir. It's just what I do, sir. Parents were guards, grandparents were guards, friends are guards. Just… how it is. Sir." She seems to 'sir' a lot more when talking about work.

B'ky has to chuckle at that, "I see," although as he turns his gaze from her back to the shelves, there's a, "Hmm, I suppose it is," about curiosity. "When I was younger, I'd spend hours exploring the old tunnels, looking for rooms everyone else had forgotten. I found a few, although I was never as adventurous as some of the other weyrbrats. Mostly, I think I just wanted to find somewhere hidden. I've always had rather a lot of fondness for the secrets Fort holds.." his expression softening as he moves a little way down the isle, still speaking quietly, "I remember getting lost a few times as well." Another chuckle, "Although, I've gotten rather, ah, do sometimes find myself lost now and again, even these days." His hand runs along the shelf, a thoughtful 'hmm' for whatever seems to have his attention, "I suppose, even if your friend weren't serious about a hidden tunnel, there might still be one somewhere. It would be rather ironic if there was, and he turned out to be joking," glancing back to smile at Marika, "Did he specif where in the library it might be?" There's a nod about her reasons for joining the guards, "Ah, it runs in the family then? That is rather, hm.. lovely. My father, and my father's father, as far back as the last pass were all dragonriders. Although.. I suppose that's less work and more, ah, chance. Certainly we never truly chose it.." His eyebrows do draw together slightly, "Hmm, you like your work, though?" all that 'sir'-ing certainly having been noticed, the wingleader tilting his head to the side, in thought.

Marika glances to the bookshelf, taking a tentative step towards it. "Hrm. He was remarkably unspecific as to how to locate the tunnel. I figure, though, it'd probably be around by, uh, the walls. I was… I was looking down between the stacks, at the far walls, seeing if there was anything out of the ordinary…" But it'd probably take closer inspection than that. She shrugs a little, eyeing the bookshelf thoughtfully. "I, ah… I've never gotten lost before, sir. Is that… a danger?" Does she have that good a sense of direction, or is she just content to stay where she is usually? She tilts her head at B'ky, then. "If they're all riders, all the way back to the last pass, that seems like a little more than chance to me, sir. Though I've no idea how dragons choose, it's never come up." she says, dismissing the thought with a shrug. Likely a weyrbrat or two from her childhood have impressed, and good for them, but that's their life, not hers. "Do I /like/ my work?" she repeats, giving B'ky an odd look, as though he had just asked if she might please stop turning into a penguin, or something equally as bizarre and unexpected. "Huh. I've… never really thought about it. It's… not bad work. I'm on my feet a lot, but I keep fit. Kind of dull, but that's the best kind of guard duty." After all, she regards her position, while guarding something, as largely a preventative measure. "…I suppose I do. It's my work, can't think of anything I'd rather be doing." That may be true, but her tone doesn't exactly exhibit enthusiasm for the work she does do.

B'ky hmmms quietly, moving further down the shelf, quite forgetting the stack of books he'd had with him, leaving them on the cleared space there, pale gaze going to the far wall. "It makes sense, that there might be some passageway, hidden perhaps.. behind a shelf, or, hmm.. with a door that opened somehow. I know there are rooms in the older weyrs where the entryways are completely hidden, unless something is done to reveal them," said softly as he examines this spot or that, murmuring again, "I wonder…" He pauses, slight smile touching his features, "Ah.. it can be, especially in the older tunnels here," about the danger of getting lost. There's a faint nod, "It does seem weyrfolk have a greater chance of impressing, although I've never understood how they're chosen. Avideth's not been able to answer, save that he just knew I was his. I imagine.. it might be something which runs in families, although," and here there is a soft chuckle, "I've known people who've stood for every clutch since they were a dozen turns, and never impressed, while others have their first time standing." He pauses then, quiet a moment, before he continues, "I, myself, was searched at fourteen. Avideth found me for that same clutch. Although my brother D'ven had stood several times. No one knows how the dragons chooce, I suppose.." his musings trailing off, though by his tone, it's likely he could go on and.. on about such things. He pauses once mroe at the odd look he receives, turning to Marika to hear her answer, and then commenting, "I've always thought, to devote oneself to something, a craft or a duty, should be something.." thinking a moment, " should at least like what you do." It's said a little weakly, the man perhaps attempting to convey something, but not quite finding the words for it, even as he turns a thoughtful regard upon her.

Marika follows B'ky, absently picking up the pile of books left behind as she goes. The bluerider's curiosity appears to be contagious, as she gives a little more attention to her surroundings now, looking around for anything that might indicate 'secret tunnel entrance'. "I… hmm. Well, I don't /not/ like my work?" she offers, though even she realises it's a half-hearted attempt. "Mmm, I've… I've seen friends impress, other friends stand and stand, and stand." She's young though, most of her friends are still young enough to continue to stand. "Their dedication amazes me. If it were me, I wouldn't stand more than once. Maybe twice." Though she does apply a skeptical emphasis on the word 'if', rather doubting that she'd even stand once. "…guard work is work." she says, with a slightly furrowed brow. "I… don't know what I /want/ to do with my life. But I don't think I'm doing too badly. I'm… content." she murmurs, looking a little unsure about that, however. Is 'content' enough?

B'ky likely hadn't /meant/ to question her so much on her happiness, although that thoughtful look sent Marika's way does not diminish. Still, his gaze returns to the shelves closer to the walls, studying them as he goes, apparently unaware that she's picked up the pile of books, preoccupied with the sudden search for hidden passageways. "I wonder if anyone's actually looked for other tunnels out of here," murmured absently, although he the bluerider has to chuckle, "Though I would be surprised if the weyrbrats haven't searched for one. They do have a tandency to, ah, find the most tucked-away places." Having been one, once, he's likely found more than a few interesting nooks around Fort Weyr. "Mm," is his reply to her not disliking what she does, grey eyes flicking briefly back to her before returning to the walls. "The dragons always know… although, I've never once heard of a dragon left on the sands. At least.." a pause, "I don't believe it's ever happened. I don't know if I'd have stood again. At the time I was searched, I had been about to leave for Harper Hall. It might have been turns before I returned to Fort, or even considered standing if asked.." his musings continuing quietly, "I suppose, in the end…there is no way to know. Even the dragons themselves cannot tell." He stops, a hand reaching out to press a palm against the stone of the wall, head tilting to consider her words. "Ah, I imagine content is.. better than most," and there is a sudden odd look which crosses his own soft features, a half-startled, half-worried expression which is fleeting, but leaves faint lines between his brows, as he considers, "As long as you are happy, I imagine it's all anyone can hope for." And if there's a faintly apologetic note to his voice, perhaps he's noticed the unsure look on the guardswoman's face.

Marika shrugs just a bit, idly peering up at a shelf as she walks past it, frowning at the contents thoughtfully a moment before moving on. "Mmm, well, true, sir. Content is better than some. It isn't a bad life, really." she decides, shrugging off the doubts, at least for the time being. The seed has been planted however, eventually she'll come back to it. Possibly not today, or even this turn, but some day. "I… we're happy." she decides, as though saying it would make it true. It is said with a /little/ more conviction, at least. Finally, she takes a look at the books that she'd absently picked up, if just a quick one. "You… like reading?" she asks, changing the subject, or attempting to. Tunnels? What tunnels? …though she is still following B'ky as he studies the walls. "Maybe we ought to find a weyrbrat, then? Or… think like a weyrbrat. What would a weyrbrat do…" Other than probably steer clear of the library? Hmm…

B'ky nods quietly in agreement there, although he does not comment, hand instead running along the surface of the wall, hos own gaze also moving upward, although it's a few moments before pale eyes move to the closest shelves. He may perhaps regret how words a little, glancing at her a second or two, although he doesn't voice any more thoughts on happiness, or work. Though he may have his own seed of doubt, deep down, somewhere. The subject change has him blinking, and turning a bit to look back at her, thin brows rising once again, just momentarily, as he realizes she's brought his books along with her. They're all history texts, of one sort or another, harpers' copies, of those originally found in the old library, journals of riders past and accounts of Fort turns and turns ago. "Ah.. I do," B'ky smile somewhat, "I imagine I'd have become an archivist if I'd continued with harper training. I am rather fond of the old histories, the way of life we used to live when Thread still fell, the everyday stories.. there's much to learn, even from a simple inventory of the storage caverns during a pass." And if the man is passionate about anything, it is history. Chuckling softly, then, he agrees, "Mm, I imagine we may have better luck.. weyrbrats do tend to be able to find the smallest nooks. Ah, I imagine my youngest brother might havew found this interesting, although.. I believe Anaky has returned to the Weaverhall for lessons at the moment." Alas, no convenient weyrbrats available. "Hmm, it's been turns since I've thought like one," the man smiling somewhat more, "I suppose.. a weyrbrt might poke at everything…" the man trailing off as he takes a closer look around.

Marika isn't the type to really dwell on things. She may not be happy exactly, but she's certainly not /un/happy, and that's enough for her. There's still plenty of time to figure out what she really wants out of life, she's still just a teenager really. "Mm, I see, sir. Archivist is… work." she says, frowning a little, giving the position a moments thought. "…it seems like good work." But not quite her thing? That seems to be what her tone is indicating. "Do you ever regret… not being an archivist?" she asks, giving the books a slightly longer look. "Weyrbrats love to get into stuff they shouldn't. And they're annoying little pests." she says, frowning a little. "It was my brother who mentioned a tunnel down here, a while back. Not long after the cave-in. Claimed to have discovered it himself." she snorts, shaking her head, thinking that highly unlikely, actually. "…he's a guard too, takes the job very seriously when on duty, and not at all when off."

B'ky smiles slightly, "Mm, I suppose it is," although his gaze continues to flicker over the surrounding shelves. He pauses to consider her question, "I sometimes.. wish I had taken up a craft after impressing," indicating the surrounding shelves, "I'd have been able to help the harpers here instead of.. ah, my current work." He raises a hand to brush through his hair, "Although.. I do not regret what I do currently." His smile is a little sad, at that, the man lost in thought a moment as his gaze drifts over the various books. Still, the comments on weyrbrats earn a bit of a chuckle, "Hm, that they do," gently shaking his head, "I suppose the adults thought the same of us when we were younger," faint amusement in his tone there as he glances at Marika. There's a quiet 'ah' at mention of her brother, "It's.. possible, I imagine. Weyrbrats do sometimes seem to know the tunnels better than most," with an upward tug at the edges of his lips.

Marika nods slowly, absently flipping up the cover of one of B'ky's books, though the contents don't seem to hold her attention at all. "Mm, I suppose… that's normal. So many options, so many choices. Suppose, as long as you're happy, the choices were the right ones." she offers, though she doesn't seem quite so sure herself. Her own life seems to have taken the path of least resistance so far, going into the family business so to speak, as was probably expected of her. "It's possible, perhaps, but you'd never catch him in the library in the /first/ place." she says, with a shake of her head. "He was the annoying one, I was, uh, quiet. Behaved. Boring." Really, boring does sum her life up brilliantly, at least, so far. No big moments, for better or for worse, just a childhood contently lived through.

A brow is quirked at that, "Hmm.. the right ones?" B'ky tilts his head a little, "I imagine there are many.. paths that might be taken," voice soft, "Although.. I don't know if I would call them right or wrong." He ponders this awhile, silently examining the walls and shelves, even as he steps slowly toward one or another. "Though, I don't think I could imagine life without Avideth," features softening just a moment, "Whatever choices I made after the day he found me on the sands.. I sometimes think it doesn't matter, so long as he's there…" And then the wingleader blinks, looking suddenly sheepish, "Ah.." hand brought up again to rubs the back of his neck. "In any case.. I suppose, if your brother did find something, it might be.." he trails off again, gaze coming to rest on one particular section of shelving. Thin brows draw together, as if puzzling over something. "Mm, I was rather quiet myself when I was young," half-amused, sidelong glance there, "I still managed to find a few rather.. interesting things."

Marika gives B'ky an uncomprehending smile and a nod when he talks about Avideth. "That… must be nice." she says, really more out of politeness than anything. She's lived in the Weyr her whole life, she understands that there /is/ a bond between dragons and riders, but she doesn't understand the bond itself at all. She shrugs a little, and glances at a nearby bookshelf, frowning slightly and taking a step closer, absently running a finger along the spines of the books. She pulls her hand back and peers at B'ky. "Might be..?" she asks, turning to peer at the shelving that B'ky is frowning at. "I was… not especially curious, I suppose." she says, of her own childhood, with a shrug. She's making up for lost time now, however.

Alas, the man can go on a bit, especially where Avideth is concerned. But he does turn back to the shelf, pale eyes coming to rest on that section there, brow furrowed lightly. B'ky moves forward a little, arm reaching to brush two fingers along the edge of the shelf just above his head, pulling his hand back, to examine the dust. "Hm?" he blinks, attention returning to Marika a moment, "Ah, if he did find something, it might be possible to find traces.." trailing off again, he hms, suddenly thoughtful, asking, "Your brother doesn't have a.. particular type of book he likes to read?" As for curiosity, B'ky chuckles softly, with a bit of a nod, giving the guardswoman a faintly amused glance for a moment, rubbing fingers together to brush the dust off again, and then tilting his head up to regard the volumes on the higher shelves. Hmm.

Marika frowns a little bit, and gives the bookcase in front of her a more critical look over, as if looking for signs of tampering. "I'm /fairly/ sure he was making it all up." But, she is taking a closer look at the bookshelves against the walls now, looking up, as if there might be some sign on the walls overhead. "Like I said, he'd never be in the library in the first place. The type of books /he/ likes to read… can't be found in here." she rolls her eyes. "…he did find healer references interesting at one point, but that was turns ago." She frowns a bit, deciding that looking /higher/ isn't of much help, as a tunnel must be accessible on foot, and looking at the bookshelves themselves doesn't help, because a tunnel would be /behind/ them. So, she lowers her gaze to the ground, absently poking at the bases of bookshelves with the toe of her boot. "Hrmmm…" she murmurs, dropping to a crouch, and running her fingers along faint lines in the stone. "…is it my imagination, or… has this bookshelf been moved?" Obviously quite a lot, if it's left marks in /stone/. She may not be especially fond of standing around guarding things, or training, but apparently she doesn't miss a clue.

B'ky chuckles quietly, "No harm in looking? Although from the dust, I suspect this part of the library hasn't seen much use lately. Perhaps another section?" A brow is arched at the guardswoman's mention of the type of books her brother likes to read, the bluerider shaking his head slowly, "I see," and not commenting further on that. He follows along after Marika, gaze on the shelves as well, examining the walls behind them as best he can, although admittedly, his gaze continues to drift up toward the books instead. When Marika stops at a shelf, B'ky pauses as well, blinking a bit and then raising a hand to indicate something. "Hm, the dust, here.." he murmurs, head tilting toward a few higher volume, just out of reach. "Moved?" he glences back down, "It may have been.. I don't know if the harpers have re-arranged anything in the lirbary since it was discoverd, but as far as I can tell, layout hasn't changed in turns." There is a curious note to his voice, the man glancing around, as if looking for something. After a moment, it becomes apparent, "Mm.. there aren't any ladders I can see.." as he moves to the shelf. "Perhaps someone attempted to move it in order to bring it closer to the ladders on the rails there," hand lifted to indicate the nearest one. Though as he brings a hand to the place where the dust has been disturbed, he murmurs, "I wonder if we could shift it over. I'd be interested in seeing what's on the higher shelves. It must certainly e something interesting if someone attempted to move the shelf.." any previous search quite forgotten as he leans a bit on the lower shelves, attempting to reach those upper volumes. Distracted history geek is distracted.

Marika glances up at B'ky, leaning on the lower shelves, and her eyes open wide. "Hey, careful!" she warns, scooting backwards quickly. The shelf creaks ominously, and Marika scrambles to her feet, using another shelf for support, oblivious of the risk of bringing it crashing down, but miraculously /that/ one stays up. The same can't be said of the one that B'ky is attempting to climb, as it now seems to sway away from the wall a bit. The guard stares a second, and then leaps into action, attempting to grab hold of B'ky's legs, and tug the rider away from the shelf. That action may well have been the one to /cause/ the shelf to topple, but, whatever the cause, topple it does. Whoops!

Whoops indeed! B'ky pauses when Marika speaks, glancing back down, although his gaze flicks back to the volumes on the upper shelves there. "I'm sure it-" and unfortunately, not looking where he's leaning as he steps up on a lower shelf, the man is suddenly face with creaking swaying furniture. And then his legs are getting tugged, but alas, too late! The whole shelf topples over, the bluerider giving an off, undignified 'erp!' type sound just before losing his grip on the thing. Luckily, he manages to get his arms up to shield his head, hitting the ground with an OOPH, an instant flat on his back before the rain of books, and then the bookshelf itself lands on top of him. Dust flies everywhere, and then there's silence. Followed by a moffled groan. And coughing. Much coughing. Ouch.

Marika manages to scoot back at the last second, the reflexes of a guard, but the cloud of dust does obscure her vision a moment, and set her to coughing. Once the dust settles, the coughing seems to stop, and she groans. "Oh, my head." she mutters, having scooted backwards so fast she hit the bookshelf behind, though thankfully only books fell. And then, she remembers B'ky, and opens her eyes wide. "Are you okay?" she asks, staggering to her feet, and attempting to raise the bookshelf off of the man. It's a good thing she's stronger than she looks, thanks to all that training.

There's an unintelligable, muffled noise from under the book pile there, before is begins to shift and one semi-squished bluerider becomes somewhat visible. "Ah.. I'm.. fine," B'ky replies after a long moment, silence then, before me mumbles an extremely sheepish, "I.. uh.. seem to be.. somewhat pinned down." When Marika tries to raise the bookshelf, the man starts attempting to scoo sideways, trying to get out from under the thing. "Are you alright?" he asks as he does so, with a grimace at all the bruises he must be getting, books sliding aside, though he's apparently trying not to damage them, either. The bluerider lets out a breath, taking a moment to survey the damage and wincing, "…Farial's going to kill me," it's said very softly, and somewhat miserably. Poor wingleader, all he wanted was a book! It probably doesn't help that the commotion's drawn a bit of attention, crashing noises from falling books and furniture having startled more than a few in this quiet place, though luckily this spot was far back enough that it's unlikely anyone else actually sawy what happened. B'ky's pride might never recover is someone /had/.

Marika lowers the bookcase as soon as she's sure B'ky is out from under it, not really paying much attention to the books still trapped underneath. There's only so much she can do, the bookcase is too large for her to put it back all the way upright on her own. "I, uh, I think so, sir. Managed to get out of the way. Hit my head, but… I'm fine." she assures the man. She leans against a sturdy bookcase, regaining her breath. "Could, uh, use a hand…" she waves a hand at the fallen bookcase, "getting that back… uh…" she blinks, and eyes the gap where the bookcase had been. There's a sheet of rusted old metal there. "Huh. Hey, uh, sir, get a look at this." she says, waving B'ky up, and carefully stepping around the bookcase and books to take a closer look. Not going to check on B'ky? Well, he /said/ he was fine…

B'ky leans against the nearest wall, wincing at he rubs at his arms, and looking perhaps a bit more than embarrassed. Really, climbing a bookshelf? Not so smart. "I.. thought it would take my weight," is mumbled sheepishly, as an excuse. The wingleader rubs his head, brushing somewhat dishevelled hair back away from his face, a further wince for the books beneath the fallen shelf. "You should probably go to the infirmary, just in case," he tells Marika with some concern when she mentions she'd hit her head, "Ah.. as should I, I imagine.." He looks down at his now-dusty clothes, a quiet sigh escaping as he brushes himself off. "Of course," he nods about the bookcase, moving forward to take one side, pausing then and blinking at the spot the guardswoman seems to have noticed. He moves to follow her when she waves him over, carefully stepping around the fallen books. "Hmm.. that looks.. rather old," is that surprise in his voice? He leans closer, hand reaching out to touch the surface, any bruises momentarily forgotten. Apparently, the man is easily distracted today.

Marika frowns at the strange panel, glancing over at B'ky when he mentions the infirmary. "…I /guess/. This… whatever this is, isn't going anywhere." she notes, though her tone indicates reluctance. Even so, she takes a step towards the metal sheet, gently rapping on the surface with her knuckles. Tap tap tap tap. The sound echoes slightly. "…it sounds hollow." she murmurs, frowning at it. The guard shakes her head slowly then, and steps back. "Okay… Help me get this shelf back up, and then… then we should go to the infirmary, sir. We… can come back later." Preferably with some kind of light source, and possibly a few other things.

B'ky nods slightly, agreeing, "Mm, I imagine it's been here rather a long time. Best we make sure nothing's, ah, too badly bruised." And he does give her an apologetic look there. He tilts his head a bit to the side, blinking at the hollow noise when Marika taps the panel, "It does.. I wonder if there's something.." bit he just shakes his head, turning back to the shelf. "Of course," he gives Marika a nod, stapping carefully around the books again, "Here.. if you take the other end, we should be able to right the shelf, at least." He takes hold of one side, redy to lift it, the man managing a slight smile, "I don't imagine the librarians will be too happy with us for a while. It might be best," to come back later that is. Possibly much later, with proper equipment even. Yep.

Marika nods slowly, and steps into place on the other side of the shelf, eyes on the floor to be sure she doesn't accidentally slip on any books. "Mm, that's a point. I hope they aren't /too/ upset. It was only one shelf!" And some books from the shelf she scooted backwards into. She looks down at the bookshelf, and gets a grip on the sides. "Ready to lift. On three?" she suggests, waiting a moment before starting the count: "One… Two… Three!" On three, she pulls the bookshelf up, shifting around to stand in front of it rather than beside it once it reaches a certain angle, all the better to push it back the rest of the way.

"Ah, that it was," B'ky agrees, with a bit ofa grimace. It's a big, heavy shelf. He's probably all kinds of sore right now. He gives the woman a nod, and on three lifts the shelf, likewise moving in front to set it back in place. He is somewhat stronger than he looks, though given what he does for a living, that might not be so surprising. "There," he sighs, dusting off his hands and regarding the shelf a moment, before leaning down to gather the books. He begins setting them on the lowest shelves first, not bothering to sort them or anything. "I, ah, do apologize," he murmurs, indicating the shelf, and glancing briefly at Marika, "I suppose I was a bit.. distracted." And there goes the sheepish look once again.

Marika crouches beside the bookshelf, picking up books as well, and putting them back on the shelf, frowning absently at the disorganised books a moment, but shrugging it off, and putting more away. That pile of B'ky's books she picked up earlier are in the same pile as the rest of the books, as she'd dropped them when the bookshelf started to fall. Marika just puts 'back' whatever she can find, it's all the same to her. "Mm. Was it worth it? Anything good?" she asks, eyeing the shelf. Well, whatever the book, it's certainly in reach /now/.

If B'ky remembers he'd had books with him, he doesn't appear to too eager to sort through, looking for them. Instead, the man sets the fallen books back on the shelf, stifling a cough as some dust lingrs in the air. Perhaps he'll return some other time, to find those ooks again. There is a soft laugh, "Ah, I suppose so. I don't imagine I'll be returning to the library anytime too soon," said with a glance over his shoulder. But no angry librarians are descending, and B'ky seems ready to slip out of the place before someone does come by to inquire about the commotion. "We should head to the infirmary," he talls Marika, wincing somewhat as he absently rubs a shoulder, turning to do just that, steps slow. "Hopefully, when I have some time, we can return to check that panel.." murmured thoughtfully to her as he goes.

Marika nods slowly, getting to her feet and dusting herself off. "Right. When… when there's time. But, uh, sir? I can come check it out too, right?" she asks, falling into step behind the bluerider, though she shoots a glance back to the shelf. "…to keep you from getting distracted, sir?" Because who knows how much trouble B'ky could have gotten into on his own. It was a good thing that Marika was there to raise the shelf, for one. In a slightly softer voice, she adds, "And because I'm /curious/ now." as though curiosity itself was strange and new to her.

Fort Weyr - Central Infirmary

This room looks fairly similar to most other infirmaries, with it's faint scent of antiseptic and an eerie quiet that goes along with convalescence. Rows of cots line both walls, each separated by a privacy screen. Breaking the line of cots along the outside wall is a entrance to the dragonhealing section of the infirmary. The far end of the oval room is filled with metal cabinets that hold the tools of the Weyrhealers trade, as well as a desk from which the healer can supervise his domain. Upon one wall rests a thick 'chart' containing the information on all patients within the infirmary.

B'ky does blink a bit at that, glancing back briefly to regard the guardswoman, "Ah, of course," with a soft chuckle, "I'm glad you were there. I can't imagine what might have happened.." He rubs the back of his neck, expression rather sheepish, "I don't suppose your brother mentioned having to move the furniture, when he found the hidden passage?" assuming said brother wasn't joking about the whole thing. Still, the man does look rather thoughtful as he heads up through the caverns, steps slow, with the occasional wince. He isn't limping or anything, at least. Even if his clothing is a bit dusty from all those old books. He clears his throat softly, embarrassed expression flickering again over his features, "I, ah, did get somewhat distracted, didn't I?" although there is a hint of a smile as well, "I'd appreciate it, certainly. And.. thankyou for the help, ah.. back there." He continues to rub the back of his neck, not looking at anyone as he makes his wat through the weyr. There's a chuckle, the bluerider murmuring, "Mm, as am I. I do wonder what.. we found. Perhaps one of the minecrafters might know.." Once they arrive in the infirmary, he pauses, gaze flickering over the various healers, the man looking rather more embarrassed now. "Ah.. perhaps it isn't neccessary to, ah.. explain what we were doing," said very quietly to Marika. Ahem. Because really, there's enough gossip going around - he wingleader doesn't need tales of being attcked by furniture to spread as well.

Marika snorts, and shakes her head slowly. "No, sir, he would never have found that… by accident. Those books looked all… old. History texts and the like. Not his taste at all." Though she doesn't comment any further on his taste, feeling that point to have been well and truly made already. "And he'd have a difficult time moving that by himself. Suppose he could've had help… But mainly… I don't think that thing had been moved in turns. The amount of dust… I mean, /really/." So. Definitely joking, then? Interesting. Unless there's some /other/ library tunnel, but how likely is that? But, when they reach the infirmary, she does fall quiet. Well, mostly. "He's going to be so jealous." she says, with the hint of a smirk. Sibling rivalry, how lovely.

B'ky nods quietly, "Ah," and then has to smile a little, "That is a shame. Those books can be rather fascinating. Accounts of riders and weyrfolk from the past, the way they lived.." And there goes that somewhat distracted expression, once again. The wingleader has to agree, "Mm, there was rather a lot of dust. I suppose.." brow crinkling justa bit, "someone may have set the shelf in front of the panel, without bothering to check what was behind it." The bluerider does make an attempt to dust off his clothing, stifling another soft cough, and running a hand through his hair. He's still rubbing the back of his neck and shoulder, likely having bruised it in the fall, although he slowly heads for a cot once, with another chuckle for Marika, "I imagine he will be.. You aren't going to tell him what you've found?" Because of course, she's the one that found it. All B'ky did was get flattened by a bookshelf.

Marika is still looking a little dusty, not having really bothered to dust herself off yet. It's just dust, after all. She does rub absently at the back of her head though, and follow B'ky to a cot, plopping herself down on one nearby. "Mm, I'm sure that's fascinating, sir." she says, on history, though she doesn't really see it herself. "I don't suppose whoever moved it cared much what was behind it, possibly drudge work." Archivists aren't known for their heavy lifting, and all. She shakes her head slowly, "Ah, no, not yet. I don't think I'll tell him what we found, until we know what we found." she says, with a shrug. Hey, it was B'ky that moved the bookshelf, in a manner of speaking, he deserves credit too, though Marika does like the idea of taking /some/ of the credit.

A'deo is slight. So when he enters it's always surprising how much space he can actually take up in presence. "B'ky?! B'ky!? I want to know where he is -right- now!" Bullying a healer probably isn't the best idea, but the bluerider already looks more than a little frazzled. He darts from healer to healer till one kindly looking individual takes his almost flailing arm and points down the row of cots towards the dust covered rider. There's a long pause in the ward as A'deo's eyes narrow. He strides towards his wingleader, looking scrutinizingly over him till he is stopping before him, arms settling over his chest. The look is somewhat accusatory. "The way Xaventh went on I thought you would be a pancke of human remains or something." Because, you know, dragon overreactions are totally B'ky's fault.

There's an odd assortment of color that flurries around the entrance of the infirmary. It's certainly odd for K'shan to be in the infirmary when he's not on duty, but the greenrider is definitely there now. There's a fairly upset look upon the greenrider's face, and he quickly takes a look around, mouth opened to likely /tear/ into a very dusty bluerider. And yet then..there's a pause, mouth closing again as he takes in the bluerider. And the other bluerider, as well as a guard. Expression forces down into rather blank indifference before walking over, eyes narrowed somewhat. "What is /with/ you Roc people, and having accidents?" He won't mention his /own/ incident with the stairs.

B'ky smiles somewhat, though thankfully perhaps, the man does not start talking about the past again, instead waiting patiently for a free healer. He settles on the edge of the cot, and one hand continues to rub absently at his shoulder, while his pale gaze returns to Marika. "Ah, I suspect you're probably right," he agrees quietly with the guardswoman, "It's possible drudges may have moved it. I suspect more than a few things may have ended up forgotten that way," expression thoughtful for a moment while he considers. Yes, blame the drudges. Thin brows rise, the wingleader commenting, "Hmm, I'd rather know what we've found before causing a commotion," a pause, "..any more of a commotion, rather. Ah, are you sure you wouldn't like to ask your brother to come along? I imagine it could be rather-" And then the man starts abruptly, the sound of his name having him half-turning in A'deo's direction. There's a wince, and a sharp intake of breath, a soft hiss as his hand tightens on his shoulder. Bad idea that, sudden movement. The wingleader blinks a bit as his wingsecond strides over. And does he ever look sheepish as he greets the other bluerider, "Ah.. A'deo. I'm ..alright. There was something of an accient," the man suppressing a grimace, "You.. may have to take some of my work for a few days." An apologetic expression for the other man, B'ky bringing his other hand up to punch the bridge of his nose with a quiet, "Avi.." He glances back at A'deo, "I.. don't suppose you could re-schedule a few things?" He might have gone on, but the sight of a certain /other/ rider has B'ky's eyes widening. Alas, he's just going to hunch down just a little, given the expression on the greenie's face. "Ah.. K'shan," he murmurs, B'ky's own garments pants and pale grey tunic today, this being one of his few - very few - restdays. "Ah.. this one wasn't work-related," is mumbled sheepishly in reply, gaze flicking briefly between the other three.

Marika practically shrinks into the cot at the arrival of A'deo, and K'shan. "Er. It's… It was my fault, sirs." And yet, B'ky is the more injured of the dusty pair. No wonder she's feeling guilty. "…I was curious." she says, with a sheepish little shrug. How very cryptic. She does offer an awkward, "Er, sir, I'm not a Roc person, sir?" to K'shan, looking a little confused, but that may just be the knock on the head talking. She nods slowly at B'ky, and looks a little thoughtful. "Well… I could /ask/… but, ah, I can think of someone maybe more… useful." she muses, frowning a little. "If he'll /go/."

A'deo's accusatory glare moves from B'ky to the guard and back. Hrm. "Figures." Is said of the work. But hey, not like he's not passed on his share. K'shan's arrival gets an approving look. Until, you know, the slight on their wing. He turns back to B'ky, expression looking muleish now. "I -can- I suppose. Mind telling us -why- you were squashed?" The last question thrown between the two of them. His arms have remained crossed as he cocks his hip the side a bit, looking ever the more feminine.

K'shan's narrowed gaze zeros in on Marika, giving a rather scathing look. "Well obviously you're not. You don't seem very hurt, even, for it being /your/ fault." Though the skepticism there might hint that he doesn't even quite believe that. No, it must be B'ky's own fault, for his wing is /cursed/. Or something. Hands settle onto his hips, directing his glare back onto B'ky once again. Of course, the use of the term 'squashed' has the greenrider looking startled again. Apparently, Nawyth didn't get /that/ part of the details. "/Squashed/?"

B'ky blinks, tilting his head slightly at Marika's claim of fault. "It was an accident," he states, with a vague sort of frown. "If anyone's to blame," the wingleader protests quietly, "it would be me. I.. should have been more careful," the man beginning to shake his head, and then stopping with a bit of a wince. He's definitely feeling all those books now. The man sighs somewhat, bringing his hand up again to just rub the bridge of his nose, "In any case, I'm /fine/ and.. there wasn't any serious harm done," although his unfocused eyes might indicate the present company aren't the only ones he's attempting to reassure. There's another blink for Marika, "Someone more useful?" his own curiosity evident, although A'deo's question has B'ky turning to regard the other blueie, face coloring just a little. "Ah.." he begins, looking rather embarrassed, and wincing again at K'shan's tone. "One of the shelves in the library.. fell," glancing between the two other riders and sinking down a bit. "It's not important," he decides, "And I don't believe anything's.. broken."

Marika seems about to say something, but thinks better of it, scooting back a bit on the bed. She knows better than to butt in, though she is staying put, at least for the time being. "…if you say so, sir." she says, when the Roc wingleader claims the blame, though her tone is just as sceptical as K'shan's had been. "But, sir…" and she looks a little uncomfortable as she says it, feeling that perhaps she's stepping out of line, "…you aren't looking so good, sir." So, she noticed the wincing? Though her own eyes seem a little squinty, as though she's having trouble focusing. "…besides, coming here was your idea. Sir." she points out.

A'deo looks back and forth between the two before raising his brow at the exchange. "Please don't tell me you were climbing on it." Why? Because it's something A'deo might do. But A'deo is little. B'ky, not so much. "Because if so, yes… shards are certain it was your fault." Some not knowing the pair might be shocked by this tone A'deo takes towards his wingleader. But there certainly are days where this is common place. And anyone knowing the little auburn bluerider might figure much the same, but A'deo has had little to no interaction with the guard. Still his expression remains grumpy, even sulky.

"It doesn't have to be broken for you to die in your sleep of some brain hemorrhage!" Really, K'shan's voice didn't just crack a little there. Honestly. That glare is shot off towards the healers on duty though. /Someone/ needs to see to the bookshelf-squashed people. He brings a hand up though, rubbing at his forehead a moment..and then just turns and storms out of the infirmary. Gone greenie!

When healers do eventually come over, B'ky waves them towards Marika first, insisting her possible head injury is the more pressing concern. After all, he's used to.. heavy things landing on him. Cough. "I'll be alright," he offers the guardswoman a thin smile, "I've has rather worse.. ah, accidents." And he /has/. "How are you feeling?" he asks quietly, having noticed the bit of squinty there, and looking rather more worried. It's one thing if his distractedness got himself injured, but quite another if someone else is harmed. At A'deo's question about climbing, the wingleader looks somewhat more sheepish, running a hand through his hair and murmuring, "Ah.. not…exactly." Cough. B'ky certainly doesn't seem surprised by his wingsecond's tone, giving the other man a rather apologetic look, "I'm sorry about Avideth. He.. was rather upset, his own shoulders sinking a little as he regards the sulky blueie. "I shouldn't be out of work too long," he adds softly. And then he blinks, "A.. what?" K'shan's outburst having B'ky wincing yet again. "K'shan…" the bluerider even starts to rise from the cot, to go after the greenie, "I-" and then he just deflates, sitting back down and closing his eyes. Sigh.

Marika blinks a little, then eyes A'deo carefully. "It wasn't his fault, sir. Honest. The… the shelf was old. It fell. It just fell, sir." she says, trying to be proper and respectful, but also stick up for B'ky, whether he needs it or not. As far as /she/ can see, he could use all the help he could get. K'shan's outburst has Marika rubbing the back of her own head, and falling sheepishly silent. Her eyes do widen a tad at the mention of worse accidents, but she doesn't say a word on the subject. "I'm fine. Don't get to be a guard without a few knocks in training." she says, softly, though when the healer comes over she does cooperate, falling silent now, except for answering the healers questions.

A'deo opens his mouth to inquire more on the shelf except that K'shan makes a valid, if dramatic, point. He watching the greenie stalk out, turning on his heel with an unreadable expression. There's a pause before he turns back, as if debating something. "Just fell." A'deo repeats. "Because the way the dragons were carrying on I thought the whole bookcase went over on you." Perhaps A'deo's belief in this is furthered by the fact that it's very likely something he would have have to himself. He gives a small snort and goes silent, though the glowering expression, now more one of mild annoyance, is still flitting between the two.

Bringing a hand up to rub the bridge of his nose, B'ky gives Marika something of a grateful look. That's right, the blueie was accosted by a bookshelf! It was a complete accident. The wingleader clears his throat softly, murmuring, "In any case.. as long as you're alright," regarding her for a long moment, as if to be sure. "Ah, I imagine.. training must be rather.. demanding," he comments, "Will you be able to to take the day off?" lines between his brows deepening. The man sure is a worrier. His shoulders hunch briefly, B'ky sighing quietly and saying a rather hesitant, "It.. did." About the whole bookshelf landing on him. Clearing his throat again, the wingleader also falls silent, and when the healers come over, he removes his shirt, attempting not to wince as he gets poked and prodded, and finally handed a jar of very mild numbweed salve, though the bruised ribs and shoulder get rather more attention.

Marika nods slightly at A'deo, which gets her an admonishing by the healer, who is at that point taking a look at the back of her head, or trying to. "Just fell, sir." she repeats, though she grimaces a little at the suggestion that the whole bookcase went over, not saying a word. She does look a bit guilty, however, and is avoiding eye-contact. The young guard frowns slightly, and glances to B'ky briefly. "I already have today off, sir. If a healer says I need more, I'll be granted more." But only if a healer says so. The healer continues checking Marika over, moving around to stand in front of the guard now, inspecting the girl's eyes. Marika has to concentrate to follow the healer's directions, but the reaction seems satisfactory. The diagnosis: "Probably a minor concussion, you should take the next couple of days off and come back to be checked over again, just to be on the safe side." and then, the healer is turning to B'ky.

A'deo snorts again, turning to look for a healer at this admittance, but he nearly walks into one. With an odd squwakish noise he jumps back and lets the healer pass. He observes the inspecting, looking more than a little grumpy at nothing being -said-. …wait, who is B'ky's weyrmate again? A'deo sure is fussing like one. After a moment of realizing that this will not be swift he plops back in a chair. And yet there is something still keenly graceful to what should be an ungraceful movement. "And the wingleader?" He prompts after the guard is diagnosed. Perhaps his tone was a bit snappish.

B'ky gives Marika a slight nod, lips pressing together at the healer's diagnosis. "I am sorry about hwat happened," the wingleader tells the guardswoman, "I'll, ah, let you know when I have some time to set aside, so that we can check the panel." He pauses, thinking a moment, "I imagine it would help to have a few more hands along," though instead of mentioning her brother, it's A'deo he turns to. "I don't suppose you'd like to come along? We.. discovered something rather interesting in the library." Exactly what, he doesn't say. He blinks at the odd, squawkish noise his wingsecond makes, head tilting to the side a bit. "Ah, careful," he murmurs, then smile, just slightly. And if he's surprised at all by his wingsecond's behavior, he doesn't show it, though more than a few in the infirmary must be wondering. Good thing B'ky doesn't have a weyrmate? Cough. The healer answers A'deo's question without blinking, the diagnosis for the wingleader being bruised ribs and a fractured collarbone, the latter of which requiring a sling for a few sevendays. B'ky just groans quietly at the news, sending his wingsecond another apologetic look, "I'll, ah.. take your paperwork for the time being," he offers, slightly sheepish still.