Fort Weyr - Living Caverns

This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.

Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.

The pattering of raindrops outside is muffled, drowned out by the hum of conversation, quiet clatterings of dishes and scrape of chairs, all the usual sounds found in Fort Weyr's living caverns. Off in a corner, the cackle of one drunken old auntie can be heard, as she chatters on about the latest gossip. Only the rumbling rolls of thunder that follow brief flashes of lightening in the low clouds above the bowl give any sign of the storm beyond the cavern's entrance. All the hearths have been lit and klah at least is in good supply, though there's been a noticable lack of fruits and vegetables in the kitchens lately. Amongst the evening crowd is one brightly clad figure in crimson and indigo. B'ky is seated near one of the hearths, in an upholstered chair with a mug of klah held close, a plate of edibles on the small table baside him. The transport wingleader is looking relaxed, and fairly cheerful, listening to a number of weyrbrats laughing as they pass by, eyelids half-closed as he regards the flames in the hearth, letting the warmth of the fire wash over him. He sits very still, certainly not asleep, though the tired lines of his face may indicate he's soon to be heading there if he remains there undisturbed much longer.

Marika enters the living caverns from the lower caverns, alongside her cousin, a cook. Though the girls walk together, not a word is spoken, and when the pair near the kitchen their paths separate. Marika stops a short distance on, watching the cook all the way into the kitchen, frowning a little. She shakes her head finally, and heads over to the hearth, for the warmth, although she clearly hasn't been out in the storm. The young guard tips her head politely to B'ky, with a soft "Sir." by way of greeting, before seating herself nearby.

Raining. Was it supposed to rain? No, no it wasn't. Then again the weather never actually follows the forcast it seems. There's a greenrider pacing back and forth along one of the cavern's walls muttering something along those lines as well. There's a pause in the steps though and eyes zero in on a certain half asleep bluerider. Target identified! And with that R'lin is beelining over to the poor unsuspecting B'ky. "Can I beg your help?" comes rolling out of his mouth before he spots the other and her greeting. "Oh, sorry. Good day." No need to be rude and ignore others, after all.

B'ky doesn't notice Marika's cousin, though the guardswoman herself has the wingleader blinking back to the present, and lifting his head to glance her way with a quiet, "Ah, hello." He offers her a slight smile in greeting, shifting a little as he glances around the caverns briefly, as if just noticing the crowd. "How are you this evening?" he asks Marika, klah mug raised to take a sip, "You're.. still assigned to the storage cavern?" He blinks once again when R'lin approaches, tilting his head at the greenrider with a quiet, "R'lin," pausing just a moment with thin brows sneaking upwards, "Ah.. my help?" And there's a glance from the greenrider to Marika and back. People usually ask guards for help, after all.

Marika wasn't really expecting a response from B'ky, or for someone else to talk to her, so her expression is a little puzzled when she raises her head at R'lin's greeting. "Ah, good day, sir." she responds politely, tilting her head at the man, as if trying to figure out if she knows him. Still, she seems pleasant enough, shifting over a little, silently offering R'lin a seat by the hearth. B'ky's question gets a nod, "Yes sir. Just got off shift, sir." she informs the wingleader, adding, "Everything's fine, sir." and she hides a yawn. Was the shift long, or just boring? She doesn't say. She blinks a little when B'ky looks to her at the request for help, and turns back to R'lin, curious now.

R'lin flops down into the offered spot with a somewhat exhasperated sigh. "Yeah. I've got no clue what I'm doing. Supposed to be taking Sabrina on a picnic later but the weather predictions are all off… and…." really, he's clueless, we'll just sum it up that way from the somewhat wide eyed look that borders on panic. "What'd I get myself into?" And what did poor Marika just have join her on the couch? In fact even recalling her presence doesn't stop the greenie despite the realization that he's spilling this out in front of a complete stranger.

There's a nod for the guardswoman, B'ky pressing his lips together in thought before he asks, "There's been nothing unusual, has there?" nodding once again at her assurance that everything's fine. The hidden yawn has the wingleader smiling a bit more, in faint amusement, an espression which does no disappear entirely as R'lin explains what he needs help with. One thin brow is arched just so at the greenrider, B'ky saying quietly, "Ah.. I see. I imagine there are a numer of rather lovely places in the weyr itself?" He ponders a few moments, tapping the side of his mug slowly. "Perhaps.. one of the caverns? There's a beautiful one a little further into the tunnels. It's filled with small streams and is beautiful by glowlight." There is something more of a sympathetic smile forthe other man, answering softly, though with just a touch mroe warmth, "A relationship, I would imagine." B'ky might be assuming the greenrider and Marika are acquainted, for he doesn't offer introductions, as would be the polite thing to do.

Marika blinks a little at R'lin, and glances to the lower caverns absently. "Hmm. I… I don't know Sabrina, but…" she frowns, thinking. "…well, it, uh… it's…" she murmurs, looking a little pink in the cheek. "It's not /where/, it's… /who/." she says, in a rush. "I… I'd be happy with a plate of jerky in the barracks. S'long as it was with… the right person." she murmurs, looking into the hearth now, avoiding eye contact. There's a long pause, and she notes, "But, uh. That cavern sounds… nice." of B'ky's suggestion. "…not far in?" is she asking for R'lin's benefit, or her own? Who knows.

R'lin peers at Marika for a moment as she offer her input. Wait. Who is this person? And… the blank look lasts a bit longer than that. "Well, I don't know if I'm the right who either…." so that really doesn't help the poor boy. "No… haven't even been on a date yet. Why'd I not give myself more time?" Wait. B'ky is missing an opportunity to be polite? The shock! "caverns…" is muttered back to him for a moment and then there's the slightest hint of a blush showing through on his cheeks. "Hopefully." To the relationship bit. He'd like that. "Oh! Shardit! I forgot to get…." that just trails off as the rider abruptly gets up and well, leaves. Right.

B'ky tilts is head at Marika's words, slight smile for the guardswoman. "True enough," he says quietly, "The who matters more than the where, generally." His expressions softens quite obviously as his pale eyes return to the hearth, the thoughtfulness not leaving his voice. "It's not too far into the tunnels. Ah.. it does take some searching to find. It might be wise to take a map," fingers still tapping very slowly along the side of his mug, "Hmm.. I believe, the minecrafters should be able to provide one. Or.. ah, I could show you the way." That last part is offered while still contemplating the hearth, so it might not be clear just who he's speaking to just then. He does lift his gaze to R'lin after a few moments, "Hm, relax and enjoy yourself.. I imagine it isn't terribly important where, as long as-" blinking at R'lin's abrupt departure. B'ky watches him go, thin brows rising just a little.

Marika completely misses R'lin's blank look, though she does murmur, "You're the one taking her on a picnic, that's… that's a start. …maybe… no, never mind." R'lin is probably already gone, anyway. Marika frowns at the hearth, shaking her head slightly. "I, uh…" she begins to say, glancing up at B'ky, before shaking her head, apparently dismissing… whatever it was. Probably a request for directions. "…d'you search the caverns much, sir?" she decides on, letting curiosity take over. Since he knows of this specific cavern, and all, and it takes some searching to find, it's a logical conclusion.

B'ky's attention is still on the departing greenrider for a few moments, thin brow just slightly arched, but he does turn his gaze back to Marika when the guardswoman speaks again. "Hm?" head tilting to the side just a little, the man considering for a moment, though he apparently decides not to press the subject of dates. Instead, he ponders quietly, beginning to nod and then pausing, "Mm, I suppose so. I grew up here in Fort, and spent rather.. a lot of time in my youth, exploring the tunnels. I sometimes wonder if the weyrbrats don't know this place better than most of the minecrafters, at times," faintly wry smile there. "I've taken some time to explore the recently discovered tunnels, although I haven't done so recently.." the man trailing off not unlike R'lin just had, although the bluerider's eyes are suddenly distant. There isa soft, tired sigh, the man letting out his breath as he rises, setting his klah mug aside on the table with his plate. "I'm afraid duty calls," thin smile offered to Marika, "If you'll excuse me." And inclining his head, he turns toward the stairway to the wing lounges. Alas, even this brief moment to relax by the fire is fleeting, the man's work neverending.