Incomplete: Touches only exist from Talmar's point of view.

Fort Weyr - Hatching Sands
The sands. The most prominant and possibly most important area for a weyr, this section of Fort is no exception to the rule. Completely enclosed from the outside elements by a high rounded ceiling, the golden white sand glitters under the streams of sunlight that manage to make their way in from the upper openings. Ledges abound in the upper areas of the dome, perfect for riders and their dragons to watch the action happening on the ground. At the back of the sands there appears to be a raised section of sand, built over generations by the golds who have laid clutches here, a couch of sorts for basking on while protecting their eggs. Slightly to one side of that, a small nook has been carved for the weyrwoman to take respite from the heat of the cavern.

X'an is lounging in a deckchair at the coolest point in the sands… which isn't really anywhere. Sands? Cool? wearing a bandana on his head and a long-suffering kind of expression on his face, shirtless and overheated. Sands duty, when you share it, can sometimes be a very fatiguing business. Izelth has taken a shine to a couple of the eggs though, guarding them against approach (1 and 2) for no reason other than a whim, crooning softly at them as he nestles them between his forelegs.

And Ree is ICly not here… silly alkie is probably either semi-sober and on duty 'repairing' things, or alternatively flirting and drinking.

Talmar enters the sands with the other candidates, grimacing at the sudden heat. "I had no idea how hot it was out here." he says softly, as he bows politely to Izelth and Wiyaneth. He looks about to see what everyone else is doing, then shrugs, and gently brushes his fingers against the Ancient Homeland Egg. For once it seems as though he's washed his hands, as there isn't clay all over them.

Ancient Homeland Egg
Against a backdrop of pale cream earthy hues blend with more vivid sunset tones. Speckles of dusty earth and dry grasses play across the egg's non-planar surface. Mingling about here and there are patches of oasis where brighter green wisps are set against small trickles of blue with white spray that spread across the surface, stretching into the regions where the sierra landscape yields to blurred bands of lavender and rose.

The candidates will have been collected by the old, often forgetful (but fully capable of remembering age-old lessons) Weyrlingmaster S'lah; a portly aged bronzerider. Don't ask him what day of the week it is, but … "Rules candidates… no running, no shouting, no making noises that might disturb the parents.. it's a nursery, not a brothel, after all." - X'an nods lightly at the man, who salutes and calls him a totally different name than his actual one.

Fierce Winds whistle across the exterior of your mind, catching in the cracks of your consciousness and billowing up eddies of faintly reddish dust. Lazily these spiral downwards again, falling straight and coming to a rest rest despite the impression of winds blowing. A fresh gust blows, bringing with it a broadening view of dusky reds and faded greens and ushering in a heavy sensation of a presence that inhabits this wind blown mental landscape.

Sianne is among the last of the candidates to enter, letting those who've never been out onto the sands proceede her. Her head nods slightly to the rules she's heard before in turns past. To the clutch parents she gives her bow of respect before heading out towards the clutch, taking time to reassure on young female candidate that the eggs won't break when she touches it. FOr her it's Lingering Memories egg that draws her, hands touching the shell softly "G'day little one." she whispers softly as her head bends close to the warm ovid.

Talmar listens attentively to S'lah's rules, nodding slightly. It's only good manners after all, and he has those. Then his eyes open wide, and he snaps his attention right back to the egg. "Well, hello there." he says softly, gently pressing his entire palm to the surface of the egg now, rather than just his fingertips. "Bit windy, isn't it?" he asks with a smile.

X'an casts his eyes over the candidates, smiling faintly but not with much conviction, flopping his head back on the deckchair and closing his eyes. Izelth watches on.

Sianne laughs softly "Adventure you want adventure? I know something about that, life is an adventure little one." The womans fingers move over the splashes of red, tracing the while lines before seeking out the reddish glow at the eggs appex. "Your going to be a strong one, a brown or stately blue I think." is whispered as she moves around the egg before her.

Fierce Winds intensify at the awareness of your presence, turning into a gale force that whips forth a cascade of pale dust particles. Slowly the forces weaken and slack into a brisk breeze that carries with it the thrumming of distant drums. A brightening of the mind occurs, much as though a brilliant beam of light were casting itself upon your mind. Shifting about, the spotlight pulsates in time with the ever present, yet muted, drumming sound. Probing gently, the light pokes at the film of memories within your mind, seeking forth those with images of places.

Talmar frowns slightly at the egg, wincing a little bit at the sensation like a beam of light in his mind, then shrugs. "I haven't really been anywhere yet." he admits softly. "I spent the winter at Igen once, but apart from that…" Talmar shrugs. "I'd /like/ to go places." he adds, in a whisper. Let's keep this between you and me, egg.

Sianne closes her eyes, trying to block out the heat of the sand beneath her feet it seems. Her mouth twitches slightly as she smiles "The forests are cool in the heat of the summer time, the trees such a dark green above you when you on the ground." The words tumble from her as she explains the things she knows by heart. More laughter spills from her but it's quickly softened and muffled by one hand that's raised from the shell. "My you're an energetic one aren't you. Perhaps your a quick witted and wiley green."

Fierce Winds bring with them change. A fresh gust overturns the previous sensations as dust clouds the bright light and drowns out the distant rhythmic drums. For a moment there is nothing other than wind, which seizes upon those previous images of locales and carries them off into the infinite distance. Hints of copper are carried on the winds, which once again intensify, this time in a fierce, dark storm of hurricane proportions, the scent and taste of coppery blood and dark ichor prominent. Brutal winds mask the inquiry for information… a gentle probing that seeks out memories of people and emotions.

Sianne caresses the shell lightly as she squats down next to the shell "Next time I will explain why I have no wings, but for now I shall let you see that I am not like everyone else." Standind she gives the egg one last done touch before moving away to let another candidate take her place.

Talmar frowns slightly. People and emotions? Well, there's his big bully brother, his cute little sister, his parents… He's angry and upset at his brother, protective of his sister, and mildly resentful of his parents although he'd never admit it. He shrugs at the egg, after offering all of these people and emotions. "You're curious." he says, with a small smile.

Fierce Winds whisk away these memories and sensations, tugging and pulling at them before ripping them free to allow them to flap in the wind and disappear into infinity. The roar of the winds is all that exists for a heartbeat, nearly deafening in its ferocity as the storm rages on, diluting the taste of blood until nothing but dust remains. At first it is the noise which fades, and then the winds weaken, leaving behind a quiet and calm vaccuum of still air and raised dust as the young mind retreats back into its shell.

X'an appears to have dozed off, though S'lah keeps a trusty, if addled eye over everyone, arms crossed over his portly barrel. Wiyaneth appears to be dozing.

Sianne turning she looks towards Wiyaneth and Izelth before moving towards Spand off the Bucket Egg. "Now you are one that had me wondering from the first time I saw you." Her hands move to the shell to splay out, just resting for now on the shell. With a soft sigh she moves around the egg, letting her fingers drag over the surface.

Talmar pulls away from the Ancient Homeland Egg, slightly dazed. "Wow." he murmurs, stumbling backwards a step or two. "That's… Just wow." His first touching, yep. He moves away from the eggs slightly, giving other candidates a chance to choose first.

Rukbat comes to the Sands, dragging Lunetta behind him. The young man bows from the waist to both ClutchParents before giving his siter a long look. Once Luna's offered a nod to both Dragons before comming to an Egg nearest to the entrance, her gaze upon the deceptive one which led to her first encounter upon the Sands. Her fingers tentively rest upon the Lingering Memories Egg, her gaze taking in the blood-red marks with interest.

Lunetta blinks at the Egg and tilts her head to one side. Adventure? She frowns, but her mind fills with images of her journey from her home to this new place. Of the scenes which awakened her unknown gift for sketching.

Lunetta pulls back from the Egg, startled at the invasion of her mind by the creature within. Her eyes remain wide for several moments, but, the contact broken, she is unable to talk herself into beginning again and instead steps away, her eyes roaming the Sands for another Egg nearby.

Her gaze caught by another crimson colored Egg, Lunetta turn her attntion towards Last Stand Egg and places her hands gently upon its surface.

Lunetta blinks. "I'm Lunetta." She offers automatically. "Um… Human. No wings and not nearly as…brightly colored." She offers, shifting slightly so that the Egg lies between herself and the ClutchParents. "And not nearly as big."

Talmar moves towards the Last Stand Egg, curiously. "I wonder if you could be near as old as you look?" he muses softly, stepping forward. But Lunetta beats him to it, so he scans the sands for another. He spots the Lonely Moors Egg and places both palms on the egg's surface, boldly. This may all be a new experience for him, but he's determined to experience as much as possible.

Lonely Moors Egg
Beneath a pale grey sky, misty moors stretch across the surface, seemingly worn down by weather, ancient and folorn. Splashes of purple stand out vividly in small clumps across a field of faded green, where the line of an imagined horizon is blurred by the feel of distance. Where the land merges the skyline, a mountain beck wends a rolling pathway from close to the apex diagonally, meeting itself once more on the other side — perpetuating the feel of endlessness and a land long forgotten. But here, at the very apex is a singular, isolated tower of rocky grey-blue leans at an angle to overlook the deserted moor - a stubborn monolith that refuses to soften and yield to the elements. The eye might just imagine a single humanoid shape there, looking out over the eerie, timeless majesty, cloak forever frozen in a windswept pose.

Sianne sneezes once, twice, then a third time as something seems to tickle her senses. "Caught me off guard, you did." is said by the woman as one hand lifts to shove her hair off her face then rub at her nose. "Intrigue and mischief, well there's lots I could tell you about both. Like the brightly colored flowers we filled a cot with some turns ago." A mild prank but funny none the less. Si lets her fingers move again as she crouches next to the egg, head bending in until it nearly rests against the ovid. "I love puzzles though, ones that take a nice long time to figure out and that always keep you guessing."

Distant Pipesong drift into your consciousness in a mournful way, carried on the sensation of soft rain. A haunting edge tickles at your consciousness, becoming gradually firmer and surprised seeming as the entity within the egg realises that it is no longer alone. Company? The pitter patter of the rain, the pipesong livens ever so gently, in happy welcome with a vague image of bracken and heathland awash in your mind.

Lunetta bites her inner cheek in thought for several long moment, her hands still spread upon the shell before her. "No." She offers finally. "No, my memories are more of places like this." She brings to mind images of caverns and tunnels, dark nights with the stars above. "Not like what you seem to want."

Lunetta tilts her head again and closes her eyes, an actual smile growing on her face. "When the wind's just right, that happens in the tunnels." She offers as she opens her eyes, and then she blinks and looks to X'an, "How long do Dragon Eggs take to mature, Sir?" When she gets the answer she nods to the Egg. "Still a little while yet. Be patient."

X'an /is/ dozing… evidenced by the fact his bandana's slipped off his hair now, flopping onto the sands and his mouth is open, with quiet little snores coming from him and his bare chest rising only slowly. S'lah was the one to answer Lunetta.

Talmar starts humming along absently to some tune that apparantly only he can hear. "Oh, you're happy to meet me." he says, with a smile. He leans back slightly to get a good look at the egg, and frowns slightly. "You certainly seem happier than I expected." he says, with a smile.

Hanna have been rather reluctant to touch any of the eggs as of yet. They seem so fragile so important for one such as her to touch them. It is a priviledge she never expected at all. But still she approachs the one she liked the look off from afar first "Thisissoexcitingcanyoubelievethisisactuallyhappen?"

Sianne sneezes yet another time "Trying to get all from me that you can, are you. Let's see what else can I tell you about." Still crouching the woman lets her eyes close, her face taking on a rather thoughtful expression. "Did you know that when you mix the wrong things together while cooking you make a near killer concoction that will stink up not only the Kitchen but most of the surrounding caverns as well." Her words are accompanied by thoughts of people running from a green fume cloud. "I know of a bronze rider that was extremely afraid of heights before he impressed as well, learned that the day I got him to climb a slope of the bowl wall when we were candidates together.

Lunetta looks over at Hanna and nods. "It's like touching a pregnant woman's belly, except that in this case the youngling thinks back.

Distant Pipesong lightly trills an elegant ruathan cant. Where it learned it, may never be known. Why would it not be happy to have company? It is lonely in here, only distantly aware of the life that lives just across the moors, in the occluding mists that surround it perpetually. It does not like the solitude, made and it knows it was on a deep level, to be -with- rather than -without-. A scent reaches your nostrils of fresh baked scones, as if in offering of shared experience. Stay a while?

Lunetta pauses a moment, as one who is straining to hear a sound from the depths might before she lets her hands slip from the shell. Looking around, she spots another and moves towards it. She really does seem to be doing well with Dragons who are safely cocooned within their Shells. She pauses beside Ancient Homeland Egg and places her hands upon it.

Talmar kneels down in front of the egg, wincing slightly at the heat of the sands on his legs. "Oh, that sounds lovely." he says, stroking the egg gently. "I'd be glad to stay." is added, and his stomach rumbles quietly at the thought of food. He's a growing boy, after all!

Lunetta feels a shiver move down her spine as that familiar feeling of being watched from the shadows comes to mind. She clears her mind of any thoughts the might be found threatening and waits to see if there will be any reaction.

Distant Pipesong curiously blows a weaselly noise, setting aside the more prevalent sounds of the music, rain intensifying across the mind and bringing with it the sensation of accomodating coolness… a mizzle of moisture that never quite becomes annoying, like a fine spray by a waterfall. In the distant mist, the tower that eludes upon the shell seems to hold the figure of the occupant, watching you over the great expanse, still so far away, but trying to get nearer. What is growth? It grows also? The flush of verdant spring green indicates a realisation that's what its' doing. Who are you?

Sianne slowly straightens after nearly falling on her rump after something evidently felt from the egg. "Rest now, I'm sure my silly thoughts have tired you." Like the egg before, she gives Spang off the Bucket Egg a last touch to it's appex before moving away to let another candidate take her place. Turning she looks over the rest of the clutch and heads towards Last Stand Egg.

Hanna reaches out to touch the egg, she is pretty tentative at first not exactly sure what she is supposed to do though she looks at the other cadidates to take cues from as she places her hand on the winds of the chariots egg.

Talmar sighs softly, relaxing into the egg's cooling touch. "Yes, you're growing in there. Getting bigger, and stronger, and preparing to hatch." he says softly, then continues. "I'm Talmar." he introduces himself, mind conjuring up the image of two people shaking hands. "I make things from clay." And here he imagines the clay versions of these very eggs that he's working on.

Lunetta looks at the Egg for a moment and then, almost unbidden, a memory comes to mind. The memory is fairly recent, that of the small cothold where Lunetta saw her first firelizard during her voyage to the Weyr.

Distant Pipesong does not quite know what to make of this image of two hands being shaken. It seems puzzled a moment, with the refreshing rain that drizzles over you, turning to a kind of… slantwise miasma that comes from all angles and makes you want to squint. Growth it understands, though. Creation.. more scent of scones. This is creation, isn't it? Earthy hues colour over this, as if it is trying to make bakery out of soil.

Lunetta steps back studdenly. Her expression betraying a deep urge to spit, though she simply forces herself to swallow the bile in her throat instead. Her gaze lands upon a lump of sand which she recongnizes as the bland ovoid that rests near the vivid one which caught her interest. Slowly and carefully, she moves towards it, keeping an eye upon the parents. She doesn't go for that one yet, not wishing to press her luck.

Talmar laughs gently, then explains. "When two people meet each other, sometimes they like to shake hands." he frowns then, and admits, "I'm not really sure why." with a shrug. The scents he's recieving from the egg make him smile. "That's right. Making things out of other things." then he smiles kindly, "But I'm not sure that scones are made like that."

Sianne lays her hands upon Last Stand Egg, just letting them rest there as she rolls her head about on her shoulders to stretch stiffened muscles. Once that is dones Si goes about rolling her shoulders forwards and back, relaxing and easing before she begins shifting her weight from foot to foot.

Lunetta wrinkles her noise and fight the urge to run. "It's not a fire. It's not a fire." She whispers to herself, being rewarded by an concerned look from Rukbat as he stands by the Serene Conflict Egg. As the smoke clears from her mind the girl tilts her head and smirks, her mind filling with the mischief that 18 children can bring. Yes, even the newborns.

Awash in the confusion of the contact she can not help but smile at the talk from the Dragonet inside the egg. Then she says aloud "A please to meet you I am hanna." She scrunches her nose as she struggles to talk slowly to the precious little one in the egg and not upset anyone. " Then she tries to think happy thoughts which is not very hard for Hanna warm cookies, her runner, all the friends she has made in the weyr and that she feels like the luckiest person in the world to be talking to this little one right now/

Lunetta narrows her eyes in mild confusion. "People's secrets are their own. Not to be taken by anyone. Yes, even you."

Distant Pipesong has no idea how you make scones, it doesn't even seem to know what it's doing when it gives you that scent of bakery. Perhaps it takes it from your own mind. The image of the faraway tower becomes more clarid, the figure that seems to haunt it looking out across a wash of heathery purple and baise. Why do you make? What is it that makes creation worth the effort to do?

Lunetta frowns and steps back from the Egg. She shakes her head and frowns as it as she just stands there for a while before turning and making her way to the edge of the Sands, passing those other Eggs she has introduced herself to. Her heart doesn't seem to be into trying to meet the vividly colored, deceptively colored Egg now. Though she does pause at the very edge of the Sands to turn and nod thanks to the Gold and Bronze before stepping off and remaining the the tunnel's shadows, waiting for her elder brother to join her. Waiting while she thinks of ways to get back at him, all while thanking him, for dragging her to the Sands in the first place.

Talmar grins at the egg, then pictures the entire process of pottery, not knowing much about baking. First, you get the clay, all wet and shapeless. Then you mould it into shapes, this one in his mind takes the form of a dragon. Then it needs to cook, in a kiln, warmer than the sands. Sometimes these things need to be painted, and he imagines painting the dragon green. Then it goes back into the kiln, if it has been painted. And then there's the pottery wheel. He imagines a spinning disc, with a lump of clay that slowly forms into a vase. Along with all of this is a sense of satisfaction and pride. "I do it because it's fun." he says.

Distant Pipesong warbles softly into the mind, the rain becoming a little harder as it concentrates on what you show it, understanding only half-formed by a mind that's never seen or experienced any of this. Heathland gives way suddenly to the rush of a brook, carrying this knowledge back toward that lonely tower and its occupant, for digestion and contemplation. Are you alone?

Hanna can not help but giggle at the images and playfulness of the egg. "You are so imaginative. I work with metal making things to help people. I like to help people and I love my runner and my lizards too. I have so much love to give so perhaps I will be able to spoil and love one more ." Then she gently wraps her arms around the egg to give the egg a gently hug "I wonder if I can make a horse out of brass just like the one you thought off."

Talmar frowns in confusion at this question, looking around at the other eggs, candidates, and riders. "How do you mean, alone?" he asks, curiously. "There are people out here, friends and family. But girls are icky, so I'm alone there, I guess." he muses, frowning ever so slightly at the egg.

Sianne stiffens as she looks down at her front for a moment for shaking her head as a soft chuckle of delight is heard. "Yes I'm here little on, I stood strong through the wind and that loud howl you gave." Si greets the touch of the dragonet with her mind wide open "I'm a person, a human, one of those that will be here on the day you break out of your shell." she offers with a grin in place on her lips.

Distant Pipesong considers. Aaaah. Family. Kinsmen. Are you all kin, out there where it is hot and it cannot see? In here, it is empty, save for itself. Washing the information down the brook of its mind, an invite is given to share something special with it, that it might know you clearer.

Talmar shakes his head slowly. "Not all, no. I have a mother and a father, a brother, and a sister. They are my family." he explains patiently, and politely. The invitation is considered, and then agreed to. Talmar also wishes to know this unhatched dragon a bit better, to experience as much as he possibly can.

Hanna looks at the egg then smiles looking at it with awe filled eyes "YesIamfullogenergy. " Then she scrunches her toes as she remembers her manners and to talk slowly always having people telling her to slow down. Then of course the images of her hours spent happily in the forge making items for people, then hours tending and playing with her runner and lizards out of doors. So always seems to have so much she wants to do and seemingly the boundless energy to do it. "Oh you are the most wonderful unhatched dragon I have ever met." Then she still hugs the egg. Though she is not sure if she should move on the others seem to but this is so much fun so exciting.

Distant Pipesong seems to 'close' its eyes, pulling you in close to it and almost so much that you could be pulled inside the very eggshell itself, as the mind tugs you in with it. It shows you a great yearning for family, belonging deep inside it and an unshakeable, unquenchable pride. It is alone, yet it is patient, knowing there will be a time when it will stand proud and tall, declaring its freedom with a strong voice and a clear pride, bugling and piping the music of its inner voice for everyone to hear. It will fly, it will fight for what it knows it must do to /be/ free and …… the highest deepest secret that it knows to be true… for all its loneliness it has a measure of distinct independance.

Sianne closes her eyes, "Well let's see…Wide open places…Well there's the openness of the skies over the bowl." The words accompanied by the thoughts of the open skies with the bowl far below. "Those are my memories, things I seen, people I've talked to, things that have happened to me in the days that have happened before today. My touching your egg will become one of them." Her explanation is a tad bit odd but it seems to give answers to questions that she only hears.

Talmar gasps, then seems to tear up slightly. That, right there, that was beautiful. He smiles at the egg. "You're an interesting one, you are. I like the way you think." he says, nodding slowly. "Freedom is worth fighting for." he agrees, stroking the shell gently. "And one day, you will be free, and then you won't be lonely ever again." he adds, then lets his own feelings of loneliness and not quite fitting in seep through to the mind within the egg. And a small part of him admits to the egg alone that maybe he doesn't think that girls are quite so icky after all, he's just scared.

Hanna nods with a smile beaming from her face not really sure if the egg can see her, but it is an honour to talk to the dragonet. "Oh of course I do it is such a wonderful feeling to do what you love from the time you get up to the time you go to sleep. It is why I try to do so much. When you love doing things it just makes you want to do your best for yourself, your friends and everyone you just happen to meet. I am so blessed to be here in the oldest of the weyrs. It is such an honour."

Sianne nods her head rapidly "Yes very soon, before you know it you'll be able to see what I told you about." Fingers move restlessly over the shell, not tapping just moving in an abstract pattern. "I like that cool breeze, I love the feel of the wind rushing about me when I'm up there adragonback." Though that's all she'll admit to as she gives another touch then steps back from the egg. "I shall come back another day but there are others that wish to meet you." With that she's retracting her hand and turning back towards the clutch.

Distant Pipesong quiets to a mournfully sad sounding aire, the music the kind that were a harper to play it, would bring the listener to tears for that haunting, folorn beauty. Something lost, something found, where secrets go to ground… it understands and whispers on the misty moors — we are all afraid, but together we stand united, divided we will always fall. Where it knows these notions it does not know, but it feels them and kinship. But it fades back into the mists, pulling away slowly to that last haunting note from the pipes, leaving you alone once again on the sands….

Talmar pulls away from the Lonely Moors egg, with a sniffle. "I hope you find your mate on the sands, come hatching day." he whispers, stepping away. And hey, look, the Last Stand Egg is available now. He slips through the crowd, drying his eyes when he thinks no-one is looking, and finally rests his hands on the Last Stand Egg.

Last Stand Egg
The fingers of age creep out across the solid grey of this egg's shell, palest green lichen clinging with desperation to the curves of weathered stone. Pale patterns seem almost carved into the shell, curling and coiling in on themselves in endless spirals, slashed through with lines that tell ancient tales in an unknown script. None of the sand's warmth is reflected here, the colours of this shell cold and windswept. Only towards the base of the egg is there a hint of real colour, the fat arc bathed in a black-edged crimson, the colours of blood long spent.

Sianne rolls her shoulders again, running one hand down the other arm as she moves to Ancient Homeland Egg. This time only a single hand is laid on the shell, the other one is left to hang limply at her side for now. "Hello little one." is whispered to the shell as she leans close to it.

Shouts in the Wind are muffled, the suggestion of an unformed mind almost concealed by the sense of wind. It blows about you, and your clothes feel almost as though they shift against your body for a moment. The wind whips higher, taking on a howl that's nearly canine, and then… contact. The realisation that you are present. A pale grey gives way to a sunlit hint of green, clouds clearing as the young mind reaches out questingly for you. What is this? What are you?

Talmar blinks at the sudden wind, then smiles slightly. "Hello." he says politely, then introduces himself. "I'm Talmar. I make things from clay." just like he told the other egg. "What about you?" Ooh, he's getting bold now.

Shouts in the Wind is intrigued, and adventurous — almost surging forward, there's a rush for discovery, and then a pause at the edge of your memories. To one so new, there are so many of them! A series of small rushes bring you into firmer contact, and the softest thrum of a harp interogates you. What are these things? These places? The young mind brushing up against yours hungers for a wide open space, somewhere infinitely different to the egg that confines it. Have you any memories like this?

Hanna says quietly to the dragonet "Sleep and rest soon there will be excitement galore." Then she breaks her hug as she slowly breaks contact thinking this was the most amazing thing that has ever happened to her. Then she looks aroun at the other eggs as she decides which one to head to now.

Talmar brings to mind Fort's open bowl, frowning slightly. "How is this?" he offers, then considers. "Or this one?" and here he brings to mind the open road between Fort and Igen, which definitely qualifies as wide open space, if a little boring. "I haven't really seen much of the world yet." he admits, then adds, "I'm sorry."

Shouts in the Wind is bolder now, borrowing from the sounds and sensations of your mind to bring that sunlit green to the foreground of its mind, contrasting it with the clear blue of a sunny sky, and then broadcasting what can only be amusement as it blasts you with a sudden rush of cold air. Far from unpleasant, the cold is invigorating, quickening heartbeats and bringing with it a tingle of excitement. Oh, to rush through the cold wind, and to see the clear blue sky. Soon, soon?

Hanna looks at the Lingering memories then slowly approaches it as she decides this is going to be a night she will always remember. SHe is alittle more confident now she knows what to expect but still careful with the unhatched dragons.

Talmar grins at the egg. "Soon enough." he replies, then sighs happily at the cold. He remembers something else to do with cold - snow! He pictures a younger version of himself out in the bowl, making snowmen and snowdragons, although he appears to have had trouble with getting the wings right on the latter. Then the sunny sky comes into it, and the snow melts. But the image was there, if only for a moment.

Sianne wrinkles her nose as if to sneeze but doesn't "Another gusty one, I wonder if the wind was blowing on the day your dame was caught by your sire." That thought is whispered so softly that only those closest to her would be able to hear. "You remind me of something or rather some place I've not been in along time but I can't put my finger on it." Si's face contorts into a mask of deep thought as she lets her fingers trail haphazardly over the eggs surface.

Shouts in the Wind has so much to learn, and so many questions to ask, but no way of understanding most of the answers. Ideas are borrowed from your mind, sorted, discarded, questions coming more boldly as you are allowed a firmer glimpse of this forming personality. A solid base of worn grey stone underpins the sunlit green and blue, a trickle of water running over it, changing as quickly as the stream of questions that come your way. Again, that thrum of a harp queries you, but it's withdrawing through the mist once more, beginning a retreat to another place.

Sianne opens up her mind, showing places both near and far. "The forests are very lovely, the paths twisting and winding and the pond there is filled with all types of wildlife." she offers as she crouches next to the egg as her words are accompanied by mental pictures of what she speaks of. "I've seen a few other weyrs too, Eastern and Telgar once a long time ago."

Talmar smiles at the egg, although he does then frown slightly at the withdrawal of the mind. "Well, aren't you a curious one." he finally says, and gets ready to move on. "I do wonder what you'll be like when you hatch." he says, glancing over the egg, filing this close-up away for his clay egg project.

X'an makes a mumbly noise that makes Izelth look that way, then lean more forcibly over the eggs and the candidates, softly snorting at them all and staring. STARE. Big eyebally stare. S'lah looks at the bronze with a frown on his old face and calls out softly. "Better make your goodbye's soon… I reckon the sire's becoming a little restless."

"Adventure?" Hanna says "Whyevery day is an adventure in the weyr." Her mind seemingly unbidden imaginations the fun and excitement as she was making the plans for the devices to help all those people. Search the river banks for fun and interesting stones. Riding Hanna's comet through the forest.

Sianne turns her head to the side, as if trying to escape the scent of something as she turns to breathing through her mouth instead of nose. "I've a young son who's living with his father now." Sadness hints in her voice as she speaks. There's more to be said but X'ans voice stops her. "Goodbye little one, I shall return again soon and that's a promise." A quick last touch and she's moving away from that egg and towards the opening to the bowl. Another bow to Wiyaneth and Izelth and Sianne is moving out towards the bowl.

Talmar glances up at Izelth, and frowns. He gives the egg one last pat, gently, then bows politely to both Izelth and Wiyaneth before leaving with the rest of the candidates. He seems to be lost in a bit of a daze, with a little smile on his face. He got to touch /eggs/! /Dragon/ eggs!