Fort Weyr - Kitchen

After rising up an imposing flight of steps you enter an elaborate vaulted ceiling. The delicious smells that gently infuse the air drift out from this portion of the cavern. The head cook, Rickard, bustles about creating the masterpiece dishes that the weyr as a whole consumes. His extensive collection of prized copper cookware hangs upon their custom-made racks, reflecting soft light back out into the cavern proper. A handful of sub-cooks and helpers are engaged in an variety of food preparations, moving briskly but efficiently about their work. A pair of spit canines trot in their wicker wheels, continuously turning the spits with their slowly roasting joints that hiss and crackle over the fires.

Marika is in guard uniform this afternoon, as she enters the kitchen. She looks this way and that, scanning the room for a certain face. There's an "Aha! There you are!" when she finds who or what she was after, and the young woman heads over to join a cook of similar age. "I'm afraid I'm going to have to confiscate those pies there. Very important guard reasons." she says, though she's smiling, and the cook in question lets out a laugh, handing the guard a fresh-baked pie. Pie in hand, Marika casts an eye around the kitchen. She may be dropping in for a snack, off duty, but she's always alert.

There's a figure in crimson and indigo, sneaking out of the pantry, paper-wrapped package of what might smell suspiciously like fresh-backed cookies being tucked in a jacket pocket. Sneaky wingleader ahoy! For a supposed cookie thief, he's not being terribly stealthy about it, though there is a token cautionary glance around the area. B'ky at least manages to appear faintly sheepish, strolling into the kitchen proper and attempting an innocent-as-he-can smile. Of course, it's ruined by the obvious outline of pilfered cookies in the pocket there, but considering how often he's in here to snag sweets.. In that getup, it'd be difficult /not/ to notice the man. Marika's remark over there is overheard as he pauses, thin eyerows rising somewhat as a brief smile touches his features. B'ky chuckles quietly and comments to the guardswoman, "Ah, I do wish that worked for me.." glancing idly at the pies. He'll offer the cook a smile as well. Doesn't this hard-working wingleader deserve a pie too? Ahem.

Marika has leaned back on the counter, and is chatting away with the cook, seemingly relaxed, munching away on the pie now and then. Mmm, yes, important. At the sight of B'ky, well, she stands up just a little straighter, though it's not until he comes over and offers the cook a smile that she gives him a proper look over, including knot, evidently. "Ah. Sir." she greets the man, expression a little puzzled. "Er… sir… do you always smell like fresh cookies?" she asks, wrinkling up her nose a little when she realises the implications of commenting on another person's odour. "Not… that… I go around… sniffing people… Really." she stammers, awkwardly. Meanwhile, the cook tries to look busy, hiding a smirk, but there miiight be a pie set aside over there, pushed slightly in B'ky's direction.

B'ky offers Marika a smile as well, pale eyes warm with what might be cheer, despite the man's often-frowny faces these past few sevendays. Perhaps cookies are magically cheering? Or perhaps there's another reason. In any case, he inclines his head to her, with a quiet, "Hello," brows rising as she comments on his.. smell. Blink blink. The bluerider clears his throat softly, "I.. don't, usually," and a vaguely amused tilt of his mouth has him adding a little more quietly, "Ah.. I should hope not." He's not laughing, really! Oh, look, PIE. He miiight wander over, ever so subtly tugging the plate with the nudged-over pie a bit closer. In the meanwhile, he'll make idle conversation, "I'm B'ky, Avideth's," introducing himself with another smile. While snagging the piece of pie and a fork. Doot dee doot. Nothing to see here.

Marika clears her throat, and shakes her head. "It's…" She shrugs, eyeing her slightly pilfered pie, and then the odd cookie-scented bulge inside B'ky's jacket. She takes a moment to consider the situation, and snorts. "Never mind." she decides, finally. "I'm Marika, no-one's." she introduces, with a smirk. "And this is my cousin, Rakai." she adds, introducing the cook. Rakai tips her head at B'ky, and then bustles off to work elsewhere, leaving several more of the 'confiscated' pies behind. "Rakai's shy." Marika notes, utterly unconcerned with the woman's departure.

While some may of been in the kitchen to steal snacks, Meo's there for a different reason, for the most part. She's there to try and get a late lunch from the kitcheners. So, she slips inside, and looks around. "With weyrlings so close to graduation, you'd think it would be easier to get something to eat." She mutters, but then waves to B'ky, and Marika as she spots them. "Ah, hello!" She says in greeting.

B'ky does begin to look just a little sheepish again when he notices Marika eyeing his jacket there. He turns a bit, pretending to find a seat, so the pocket is facing away from her. Although once he's seated, on a stool by a nearby counter, he turns to face her again. Her introduction of 'no-one's' earns a faintly raised brow from the dragonrider. "Well met, Marika, Rakai," nodding to both of them, and offering a slight smile once again. B'ky chuckles, "Mm, perhaps," on the topic of her cousin being shy, "Although these are lovely." Yes, he's indicating those pies left behind, "Perhaps not so shy, after all?" B'ky has a soft spot for cooks, he does. The wingleader pauses, piece of pie raised on his fork, as he catches sight of Fort's weyrlingmaster, the man inclining his head to her with a respectfully stated, "Hello," and a warm smile. "How have they been doing?" he asks quietly, meaning the weyrlings, although those faint lines re-appear upon his brow, having heard her comment on food.

Marika tips her head to Meo, with a very polite, "Ma'am." for the Weyrlingmaster, and then, after a pause, "…pie?" she offers, picking one up and holding it out. "Freshly baked, and all." She raises her own half-eaten pie in a sort of a toast. "Good stuff." she agrees. She leans back on the counter again now, relaxing a tad. "Rakai's a good cook, one of the best, but not so good for the conversation. Still, family." she shrugs a little. "She's generous enough with the food, though." she does note, with a grin.

B'ky smiles quietly, nodding in agreement, before his eyes focus on the…pie? Alas, they go terribly distant, and then B'ky is rising from his seat, pie uneaten, and hurries out from the kitchens with a quiet, "Ah, duty calls, if you'll excuse me," and then he's jogging out to the bowl. Cargo accident? Possibly.

Meo nods to Marika. "Hello." She gives to the guard, and then another to B'ky. She does perk up at the pie though, and reaches out to take it. "Ah, thank you." She says, and takes a bite out of it. Her eyes go distant for a moment, and then she groans. "Oh come on, now what." She mutters, and nods to B'ky, and Marika. "Ah, sorry to duck in, and run, but duty calls." She says, and will grab another pie, before she ducks back out of the kitchen.