Fort Weyr - Central Infirmary
This room looks fairly similar to most other infirmaries, with it's faint scent of antiseptic and an eerie quiet that goes along with convalescence. Rows of cots line both walls, each separated by a privacy screen. Breaking the line of cots along the outside wall is a entrance to the dragonhealing section of the infirmary. The far end of the oval room is filled with metal cabinets that hold the tools of the Weyrhealers trade, as well as a desk from which the healer can supervise his domain. Upon one wall rests a thick 'chart' containing the information on all patients within the infirmary.

It's a fine afternoon at the Weyr — for a day, it seems the weather is properly warm and cloud-free, though such a thing is doomed to be short-lived according to the crotchety aunties in the living cavern. A severe-looking, lab-coated Galina — clad in the usual purple tunic of a Healer on-duty and in dark skirts — is finishing up with a scratched up child that's brought in, while the young girl's distraught mother wrings her hands nearby. "This will heal in a few days," she's saying to the woman and child, while a bandage is applied to the child's scraped knees. "But you," pale eyes fix on the young girl, "should know better than to run in the living cavern. Have you learned your lesson?"

Speaking of living caverns, from said egress a petite figure wanders in. Clad in unusually lightweight clothing, the Computer Crafter looks even slimmer than usual, the clinging tunic hugging what little curves she does possess. Jayashri peeks into the infirmary with a faint gleam of trepidation before fully stepping into the too clean interior. Hazel eyes quest about for someone to snag, only to find Galina the most apparent but occupied target. Sneaking closer, she awaits a lapse in the Healer's occupation before clearing her throat gently, a look of discomfort clear across vissage.

There is much enthusiastic nodding from the little girl, her eyes still red and puffy from some amount of sobbing. A small, wax paper-wrapped morsel of something is withdrawn from one of Galina's coat pockets when she's done and it's handed to the child, the Healer withdrawing a step away and motioning for her to hop off the cot. "Return if there are any indications of infection," is relayed to the mother, the Healer's pale eyes fixing on the woman before the pair are summarily dismissed. The throat-clearing of Jayashri might well be the catalyst, for the next words from the woman's mouth are: "How may I assist you?"

Normally quite outspoken, Ashri is momentarily subdued as she licks her lips in consternation. Finally the young woman gets her gumption up to inform the Healer as to the purpose of her visit. "I've… got a zit." Clearly this admittance causes her no small discomfort. She sucks her cheeks in momentarily before blowing out a sigh. "I'd take care of it myself, but I can't reach it." With a quick motion Jay pulls her shirt off, turning about to display the angry red spot on her back twixt the shoulder blades. "I'm rather sorry to bother you over something so… mundane." She glowers over her shoulder at the offending pore.

"I see." Perhaps it's fortunate that Galina's the deadpan, matter-of-fact type. There's no smile of sympathy that could be misconstrued as a display of schadenfreude, nor could it be a thing of judgment. As the offending blemish is revealed, the young Healer examines it without touching it, her expression one of neutrality. "There are a few treatments that are possible, however … I will see what I can do that has the least amount of discomfort. Please take a seat on this cot, with your back facing me." And, trusting the other young woman to do so, Galya retreats slightly to gather a small tray with a select few things on it.

If Jayashri has a rebellious streak it certainly isn't making an appearance today. She meekly climbs atop the cot, settling atop the sheet bedecked rushes and hunching forward, leaning on her knees. Forethought has the Computereer's hair bound up in a somewhat messy bun, but it is out of the way of her back, leaving the afflicted area free for Galina to work her magic. "I can't say that I care how you make it go away so long as it does." She makes a face the Healer won't likely see. "I scrub every day so I've no idea how I got it." Her posture shifts slightly as she leans her chin on her palm with a faintly resigned patience.*

"Sometimes, a lack of sleep, a change in diet, or stress can produce these blemishes," Galina intones. While it's unseen, the sounds of her rinsing her hands in redwort and then the sound of something rattling around on the tray can be heard. "Typically, draining them manually is not the best alternative, but given the location, it will alleviate the discomfort more effectively." Redwort is then daubed on the area gingerly, the excess wiped away and then followed up with the sensation of an oily bit of cloth — laced with numbweed to kill any ensuing sensation — being rubbed lightly. "Please remain still." Pause. "You may feel slight pressure in a moment." Which would be the needle that's introduced about three seconds later.

Jayashri listens to the ambulatory lexicon for a bit, her hazel eyes half closing as the Healer drones on. "Well, however it happened doesn't seem relevant at this juncture, does it?" she asks, trying to make conversation with the professional nurse. "I'm just glad I'll be rid of it soon." As the redwort and numbweed are applied Jay tries not to stiffen, but she does manage to stay still as the syringe is inserted into the pus filled pocket. "So I'll just need to keep it clean after this?" Her tone is hopeful.

"You stated that you did not know how you acquired it. Those are the most common reasons for them occuring. For my purposes, it is immaterial to know why, unless this becomes a chronic issue." Matter-of-fact and bland as ever. Another cloth is brought up, something damp — possibly with redwort — after the needle is removed. Further pressure can be felt as the contents of the nodule are drained and cleaned up. Then, more coolness and the sensation of gauze as a bandage is loosely adhered into place. Galina answers with, "Yes. Keep it clean and it should heal sufficiently. If the skin troubles you, an aloe-based lotion or a paste made of oatmeal should alleviate it without risking additional blemishes."

Jayashri's head tilts slightly in acknowledgement of the Healer's monotone explanations. There really isn't much she can say beyond to acknowledging the instructions and glancing at Galina's handiwork. As the Apprentice finishes, Ashri starts to pull her shirt back on and then thinks better of it for a moment. "Will the redwort stain it?" It's a valid concern given the creamy hue of the knit cotton.

Meanwhile, the Healer's washed her hands in another rinse of the stuff and is in the midst of drying them off when the other young woman speaks again. "The bandage should cover sufficiently, however-" her lips purse slightly; contemplatively. "One moment. I will see if there is a spare tunic that you can wear until you have a chance to wash it off." That said, Galina doesn't wait for approval or acknowledgement; she's stated what she's doing and goes to do just that, leaving poor Jayashri alone for a little while.

Given Jay's size, it would have hardly seemed out of place if she had begun to kick her legs to and fro like a child. Fortunately, allthough her shins twitch for a moment, the desire to fidgit whilst waiting is surpressed and instead the techie pulls the tunic off her arms and folds it to set in her lap, arms now crossing her bare chest which has begun to protest the cool environment its being exposed to. After a while her gaze begins to roam, however, boredom beginning t set in. Hrm…

Thankfully, it doesn't take too long — maybe a minute or two, though any time spent in the infirmary has a tendency to feel like an eternity to some folks. Galina returns not with a full tunic but, rather, one of the infirmary tops with the lacings at the back. Plain and white … but at least there's no back to get stained with redwort. The crisply folded garment is offered without preamble or apology; instead, there's just a flat, "If you want some of the oatmeal paste or a good aloe salve, we have plenty of both, as well as a few other things that smell slightly better."

While there is a faint wrinkling of the nose in distaste of the stark covering she is being offered, Jayashri finds herself without any other real alternative and, swallowing (possibly her pride) she accepts it with a gracious "thank you" and begins to don the garment without further preamble. "Could you help me tie it?" Clearly Ash has given up on the notion of casual conversation with the stalwart Healer. Or perhaps the imfirmary itself has the normally animated woman subdued. Either way, the conversation is going nowhere fast.

Jangle, jangle. Scuff. An irritable creel, and — "Shhh!" then silence. How Alzanbri managed to make it past any lurking healers is unclear, but the boy's a smart one, and sneaky as anything. It's probably not too surprising that he makes his way back to the cots without a problem, or that he's clearly /looking/ for somebody. Stealthily he pads along, peeking here and there and generally being somewhat pesky. Finally — "Eep!" Surprise colors a squeak and he dives out of sight of changing-girls. "Oops." That, from the next cot over, not exactly an apology. "Galina! Just the lady I was lookin' for." …she's treating a patient, you say? Zan laughs in the face of…social properness! Hahaha — "You're not dyin', are you? Or are you gonna get something cut off? Can I watch?" Okay, so maybe he hadn't quite forgotten about said patient. Hopping up on the next-door cot, the lad lets his feet swing freely, grinning and peering at the seperation-curtains.

"Of course." Galina, it seems, gives social ineptitude a whole new definition. Sure, she can apply sutures without batting an eye … but small-talk? That's a whole realm of things that she's naturally bad at. The creel, the shh, the eep, and the oops are all picked up on at some point, though when Alzanbri speaks, the Healer is at least focused enough on her task of tying the laces to not look over at the lad. Instead, she simply intones, "She will live and with all of her naturally appointed appendages in place. However, should there be a situation where amputation is necessary, I will be certain to send for you." … at least she has a sense of humor? Poorly placed, sure … but it's there! "Why were you looking for me?"

As oblivious as Jayashri can be, she is hardly such to the impending disaster that is Alzanbri. Her cinnamon brow quirks a thin, querelous line at the 'brat, clearly waffling somewhere between amused and appalled. "Well-" she starts, only to be cut off by the even more startling Galina. "Uhm." And that's all the Computer Crafter can manage for a minute, hazel eyes flicking between the pair, trying to decide who is more serious. And then a faintly nervous chuckle falls from her lips and she shakes her head, trying to appear less unnerved by the idea of lost life or limb than she might actually be. "I'm Ash," she offers by way of introduction, clearly hoping the raggamuffin will follow suit.

Alzanbri's feet swing happily as he absently plays with the crisp sheet covering his pilfered cot. At least he hasn't tried to steal the poor girl's cot, so maybe he's not completely insane! "…cool." The boy breathes, likely ready to make the healer keep her word if it comes right down to it. He giggles all the same, though, beaming at the curtain. "You're the best. Uhhh…glad you're not gonna lose any limbs or anything. Probably." He's so comforting, Zan! "I'm Zan. Nice to meetcha." Brightly said of the introduction, before there's a sheepish pause. "Umm. I need…help. You're a girl. Both of you are! What do girls like to get for their turndays?"

Done, Galina pulls back and starts to take care of the tray she'd been working with — mostly, by just handing it off to whatever unfortunate apprentice is passing by at the time. "That should suffice; you should be able to remove the knots yourself when you need to do so." Despite the slinging of introductions back and forth, the young woman doesn't seem to be inclined to divulge her name — not with Zan having oh-so-helpfully blurting it earlier. Instead, she just ventures right along with a bland, "It depends on individual preference, more than gender." Her head tilts. "Some are content with practical items, others prefer something edible, still others have an inclination toward clothing- the list is endless." And one eyebrow creeps up, ever so slowly, as she turns her head toward the youth.

"A gift for a girl?" Jayashri blinks, clearly unprepared for this jump in topics. Hence Galina is allowed to continue her monologue uninhibited. Upon the final lacing of her "shirt", however, Ash slides off the cot and moves about experimentally in the new top, clearly stress testing the lacing. "Well, what does she like?" Jay offers a query more constructive than Galina's listing of arbitrary items. "Maybe we can figure out what to gether based on her interests."

Alzanbri thankfully doesn't pry as to why exactly Ash is here — beyond the oh-so-required making sure he wasn't going to miss out on any mauling — and instead peers happily into space. Likely trying to think of a million things at once, he grunts vaguely and doesn't respond for a minute. Eventually, though, a huffed snicker does issue forth vaguely. "…what would /you/ wanna get?" He wheedles. "Or, um, when you were my age. Esi's…" What Esi is — beyond somebody able to get a bright genuine-grin out of Zan — isn't forthcoming, though, as he kicks his feet absently. "She likes the feline I got her. And um…she's real smart." Helpful, Zan!

"I receive the same gifts I have received for the past twelve turns," is Galina's helpful and deadpan reply. "But, I do not prefer to celebrate it." With Jayashri squared away and Alzanbri not terribly forthcoming with details, she pulls away and simply intones, "Return if there are any complications or if you need any of the items I suggested earlier." That, of course, being for Ash. A sidelong look is given to Alzanbri, then, with a mild, "A book, perhaps. Or a stuffed feline toy." Narrow shoulders rise and fall, with the young woman tilting a ghost of a smile to the youth. "Be well." And then she's off, slipping away like a geist to move onto the next patient.

"Felines?" Ash looks between the two with a faint frown. "Well, if she /likes/ felines, but any animal is a responsibility." Ah, practical Ashri. Galina's instructions are acknowledge by a nod - what else is there to do? - and then her attention centers more fully on Zan. "How old is she? I always liked getting some new gadget or book, but I'm weird." At least she acknowledges the fact. "Flowers are /usually/ a pretty safe bet." Then she frowns. "But you'd have to get a rider to take you somewhere they're blooming right now." Clearly dreary Fort is not it.

Alzanbri's eyes narrow and he squints at Galina thoughtfully. "Yeah?" Curiously, the boy nods, and picks at the bedding. "Hmmm." Not-so-sure is his response, and he files it away and then grins. "That might work! Do I gotta come in with a broken arm to talk?" The boy certainly doesn't whine (and also doesn't grin sneakily), before waving the older healer off with a smile. Ash's response to the feline gets an impish grin, and he rubs the back of his neck, feet kicking. "Mister Emhall would gut me if I got her another feline, I guess. Lady was ours, but I let her keep 'im…" He sighs, then tilts his head thoughtfully. "You both said books. Maybe I'll get her a book." A beat, before he's squinting off into nowhere. "Hmm. Oh, erm —" Finally, the lad has the sense to look a little sheepish, ducking his head and hopping down from his cot. "Sorry to bother you."

Jayashri shrugs and offers gthe cheeky lad a smile. "I was just as precocious at your age," she admits with a chuckle. "I figure I'm due for some payback." She rolls her shoulders and adjusts the top a bit, eyeing the exit toward the living caverns and hence the bathing caverns. "I think I should go wash this mess before I have to endure some awkward questions." A lopsided grin. "Nice to meet you. Best of luck on that gift." And with her tunic under her arm, the girl departs with due haste. Scurry away!

Alzanbri, probably used to the 'your age' remarks, still groans. "I suppose." He mutters somewhat mutinously, but can't stop a little smile from twitching on up. "Nice to meet'cha, too. Umm, good luck. With the keeping all yer arms and legs and stuff!" Beaming, he waves after the girl, and sneaks off further into the infirmary. What? Think he was going to /stop/ being a pest? Fat chance!

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