Fort Weyr - Stables(#10911RIJs)
While the stables aren't elaborate or very big, the Fort Weyr runnerbeast stable is well-cared for. With five stalls down each side of the aisle, a small office makes up one end, with a tack room beside it. On the other end is a storage room, a feed room on the other side. The stalls are box variety, with the walls between stalls thick wood built two-thirds up from the ground. Stalls along the near side are a bit wider than on the far side, to accomadate Fort's ride runners, as well as hold guests' runners overnight when needed. Feeders and waterers are set into each stall, with also a hay net set against the far side of each stall, near the mesh framed doors. Lighting is dim, but there is enough light to see by. The air is nearly always the crisp scent of runners, even just outside and nearby the stable.

Obvious exits:
Forests <f>

The stables are pretty lively places. Not only are there runners moving around in their stalls, but there's stablehands and beastcraft apprentices scurrying about. Feeding, watering, scooping, exercising, giving checkups under the eye of a Journeyman… there's always something to do. Now, Arkoss had finally attained his Journeyman's knot, and is giving an in-depth checkup on two mares. He feels their sides and bellies, smiling faintly to himself. "Yep. Pregnant." he states to no one in particular. How exciting!

In the clear skies overhead, a sea-blue dragon can be spied making his way down to the ground in lazy loops. At first it looks as though the blue may be trying to land dangerously close to the stable and paddock, which wouldn't be good, but near the end of the spiral he veers farther off, to the edge of the pine forest clearing. Shortly his rider comes down the path to the stables, a crumpled slip of paper in one hand and a slightly annoyed expression on her face. It's none other than Calria, and she's on a mission. "Seen Arkoss anywhere?" She asks a random stableboy, and then she spies the white-haired young man and moseys over to him, giving the two runners he's working on a wide berth. "Heya." She starts, eyeing the runners warily in case they decide to, you know, stomp her to death or something.

Arkoss looks up when he hears Calria's voice. Taking note of her regard for the runners, he grins. "They don't bite you know. At least, they haven't bitten me." oh, how reassuring. "Yep, these two are gonna be mommas in about eight months or so." to set Calria at ease, he leads them back to their stalls, tipping in some extra hay. "So, what can I help you with?" he asks her. "Coming to trade your dragon in for a runner?" innocent smile.

Calria does indeed not look reassured by his comment. Her eyes rove over the other runners occupying the stalls on either side as she follows him, are those wooden planks really going to stop them if they decide they want out? So there is something that scares Cal, who would have thunk it. As the two of them stand in the stable talking, noises can be heard from outside it…huh, wonder what thats all about. "Trade Celephath for a runner? I think I'll pass." She looks behind her to the stable door briefly, a bit distracted, and then turns back to Arkoss again. "8 months? Really? It takes runners that long to give birth?" This is said with a hint of actual curiosity.

"Actually it takes them eleven months. I just wasn't sure until now if they were pregnant or not. It's difficult to tell at such an early stage, but now I'm certain." Arkoss goes to the sink in the stables to wash his hands. "So what brings you here? It doesn't seem like you come here often." Calria's scared of runners, whoda thunk it.

Calria indeed does not come to the stables often. Still clenching that slip of paper in one hand, her other hand is buried in one of the pockets of her riding jacket. "11 months, even longer than us then." She hedges, still not getting to the point of this visit. Outside, the clamour gets louder. And then a very flustered beastcraft apprentice bursts in through the door. "Excuse me Ma'am, but your dragon is getting closer to the stables and is upsetting the runners, will you please tell him to move back some?" The poor girl, she looks rather upset. "Well, that depends on Arkoss here." Cal says nonchalantly, and she eyes the Journeyman speculatively, her head tilted a bit. "What do you think, would you like another chance to trade your runners for a dragon? It would very much please me, because maybe then Celephath will stop nagging me about it." She smiles at him as she pulls a white knot out of her pocket.

Arkoss is silent, looking from the knot to the stable full of runners. He's quiet for a good five minutes before he sighs. "Funny how last time I was asked, you were a fellow candidate." he looks in the general direction of the Weyr. "You found your dragon, and I was left on the sands." another pause. "But how could I say no, and miss all the excitement?" he heaves a sigh, then holds out his hand. "At least I made Journeyman first, this way I have something for after the hatching."

Calria's smile fades as the silence between them draws out. During that time the yelling from outside the stables continues, Celephath is bound and determined to get his way. At his words she peers around, to see if anyone else is paying attention, and then she looks him in the face, and says with all honesty: "In a way I envy you, you know. I haven't found my craft yet, I may never find it. I wander from one hobby to the next, nothing keeps my fancy for long. But you, you love what your doing. I could see it in your eyes when you were examining those two mares. And making Journeyman, thats no small feat." She solemnly hands him the candidate knot, and continues. "But you know something? You were on the list to be Searched since you stood before. It wouldn't have mattered if Celephath took a personal interest in you or not, but he did, and that has to count for something right? So don't give up hope yet." Wow, quite a long and inspiring speech. And then the smile returns, along with the casual manner. "So, do you need help getting your things to the barracks? Celephath would be more than pleased to help if you do."

Arkoss cranes his head to peer outside the stables at Celephath. "I don't think he'd fit in the crafter's dorms." absently he slips the knot up his shoulder right under his shiny new Journeyman's knot, and nods. "All right then, I'll see if I can remember how to get to the candidate dorms." considering it's Arkoss, maybe Calria'd be better off leading him there by the hand.