Fort Weyr - Center Bowl

The wide center of the bowl is often bustling with activity as riders come and go. Off westward can be seen the entrances for the candidate barracks and the guest weyr, while to the east is a large opening that leads into the dragon infirmary. The bowl stretches off both to the north and to the south, where the sheer stone walls rise steeply to the sky.

People: Aidan Ma'kai Isa
Dragons: Caluprith Perkineth
Objects: impression in the sand

Obvious exits:
Dragon Infirmary <di> Candidate Barracks <cb> Guest Weyr <gw> Southwestern Bowl <sb> Northeastern Bowl <nb>

"No! That's mine!"

"Oh it is not! I paid for it fair and square!"

"You were short two marks!"

Believe it or not, it's not two children arguing. These are two grown men arguing over a sale that was apparently made. Or, not completely made. Aidan has been assigned to break it up. "'Ey!" His voice is firm but not angry, just loud enough to get the two arguing men's attention. He looks to the storekeeper and inquires, "A' right now…tell me yer side." He pauses long enough to look at the customer. "I'll hear yers in a moment."

The shopkeeper notes, "I told him I would sell this for five marks." He holds up a beautiful blue glass vase. Or rather…what had been a blue glass vase. Now it's broken. "He agreed. But he only gave me three and started to walk away. So I chased after him, of course!"

"Liar!" the customer pipes up.

Aidan looks to the customer. "You'll get yer turn ta tell me yer side. Be quiet fer now." Then he turns back to the shopkeeper. "Please continue."

The shopkeeper continues on, "He wouldn't give it up, so we fought. And the vase slipped." He extends his hand, and displays three marks. "See? This is what he paid."

Once the shopkeeper quiets, Aidan nods, and looks to the customer. "All right. Now I'll listen ta ye."

The customer's version is much different, as Aidan suspected, "He said he wanted three marks, that he wanted to get rid of it. I gave him three marks and took the vase, and then he started to chase after me. He caught me right there—" The customer points to an area of the central bowl —"And started to hit me. Said he was going to take the vase back, keep my money, and resell it for a better price. I dropped the vase, of course, and he started swearing at me! Look!" He points to a black eye.

Aidan sighs. "A'right. Price dispute gone horribly wrong. You say five" He looks to the shopkeeper as he says this "And you say three." He looks to the customer. Then he looks back to the shopkeeper. "Given that ye had a hand on breakin' the vase, whether 'e pays ye five or not, 'e's still stuck wi' a broken vase. Refund one mark, and let 'im keep the' vase." To the customer, "A cheap vase isn'a worth gettin' yer arse kicked over…when 'e came after ye, ya shoulda just' giv'n it back ta him. Yer both in trouble fer causin' a ruckus. You now 'ave the vase…a broken vase. I'm not gonna make 'im replace it." Grumbling all around, but the required recompense is made on both parts. "An' YOU" Aidan indicates the customer "Get ta clean it up. YOU" He looks to the shopkeeper "Get outta here." He points the way the pair came in. "Next time call a guard if a customer's tryin' ta take of wi' yer merchandise."

He sighs as the pair go their separate ways (the customer after cleaning up the vase), shaing his head. Sometimes being a guard isn't all it's cracked up to be, even if he WAS still a trainee. Perhaps ESPECIALLY because of being a trainee; he had to deal with the things no one else wanted to!

Ma'kai just appears like a shadow from behind Aidan. He'd been intending on breaking up the fight himself, but when Aidan stepped in, he just watched. Giving the trainee guard a clap on the shoulder, he says, "That was a really good job there." He gives the man a smile then, like the guard had just been caught putting a cookie back in the cookie jar after a younger sibling stole it in the first place.

Meanwhile, in the sky, there's another issue Aidan might have a good hand with… or at… or whatever. It seems like that once again, the fierce and personable Isa has gotten into an argument with the vaguely-protesting-anyone-that-has-to-do-with-his and the commander-type brown Caluprith. Needless to say, the two of them are arguing over how and where to land… especially since it is the central bowl.

"Caluprith, no - that's the glassworkers out there, you can't land there in the centr- no, what did I just say?" Isa asks, annoyed, even as the brown lets out a sharp retort.

« You let me before! Even when it was the glassworkers! »

"Yeah, but then we were more reckless, we're AWLM's now, Calu, we have to show how a proper rider ac- "

« You aren't a proper rider, and I'm not a proper dragon. Deal with it. »

With a sudden pull-in of his wings and a quickly found downwind, suddenly the brown is plummeting to the ground and Isa is flat on his neck, muttering to herself even as they land gently, "My dragon will not kill me, my dragon will not kill me, my dragon will not kill me…" Without seeming to register that… she's on firm terra.

Aidan jumps a bit at the clap on his shoulder. "Ah…Weyrleader." He smartly salutes Ma'kai. "Thank ya, sir. I do try me best." Anything else he was going to say is cut off as the brown and rider land. He blinks, and looks to Ma'kai as Isa and Caluprith land, as if he might know something about it. He does look confused. But then, he notes how Isa is muttering and hanging on for dear life, and approaches a little. "Are…ye all right, ma'am?" he inquires.

Ma'kai smiles a little, used to the title now sort of, and nods lightly. "Well your best is a lot better than most people's." When Caluprith comes in for that landing in the center bowl, a lot of complaining can be heard from around the bowl. Chuckling he follows after Aidan. "It's fine now, you're on the ground." He calls up to Isa after giving a nod and a sly sort of smile to the dragon half of this pair.

Caluprith lets out a bugle of gleeful noise at the look Ma'kai gives them, then he swings his head around with unerring accuracy to *Stare* at Aidan. Isa is momentarily startled, then she slides off of the browns back, laughing. "Yes, yes, I'm fine. Thank you Weyrleader." She says, blushing slightly, then gently thwaps Caluprith's neck. "Darling, what is wrong with you?" She asks, as the brown eerily doesn't move his head at all… just stares at the guard.

Aidan salutes Isa as she dismounts her dragon and notes, "Glad to hear ye're a' right, ma'am." He blinks as the dragon locks his gaze upon him, and offers a respectful bow to the dragon. The stare is a bit unnerving, but he does not flinch away from it. In fact, he draws himself up. If he's going to be stared at, he's going to give Caluprith something to stare at!

Ma'kai chuckles at that glee, but then blinks a bit as Caluprith is sudden;y staring quite intently at Aidan. "Ah, no worries there, Isa." He takes a stab at her name, he knows the names of the AWLM's hasn't actually met them all yet. Though it was something he'd meant to do. "That looks like a very familiar stare…" He trails off, after having just seen something like this not too long ago. "He's gonna eat you." Ma'kai whispers to Aidan.

Caluprith gives Aidan a tri-over, blinking, whuffling, nosing all around the larger guard-type even as Isa stares at her brown, conflicting emotions running over her face before she finally gives a quiet sigh. "Are you sure? You've only been staring at him for like… three minutes…" Then Ma'kai gets a startled look, and gives the oddest grin. "Wrong dragon, sir." She says, quietly. "Caluprith, are you absolutely one-hundred percent sure?" The brown whuffles and takes a step forward towards Aidan.

Caluprith would find Aidan tough and stringy if he tried! And very difficult to swallow; he IS armed. Granted, it's only with a dagger, but still, it's pointy! Aidan snickers, however, at the warning from Ma'kai. Noting the comment from Isa, the guard inquires of both Ma'kai and Isa, "Did a dragon try ta eat somebody 'ere?" He looks between them, then back to the dragon as he's whuffled at, confused.

Isa grins. "Not eat them. Except on the hatching grounds, where baby dragons are hungry." Caluprith lets out an amused snort, then dips his head a couple of times. "Well… if your sure…" This time, she gets bowled over. "Fine!" She says, then digs into a pocket and holds out an edited set of shoulder knots… this one being pure white, and one loop. "As an assistant weyrling master and evidently, search rider, I, Isa of Brown Caluprith would like to invite you to stand for Choth's and Garanth's clutch that is on our hatching grounds." She pauses. "Do you accept?"

Aidan blinks at the offer, and looks at the knot. Then he looks up at Caluprith. He'd always wondered how dragons 'knew' who should stand. But in this case…he won't question providence. He'd heard all the negatives about candidacy and weyrlinghood…but since he didn't drink much anyway, that should be a problem. Other than the occasional ale, of course. But the question is…ale or candidacy? No competition. He smiles, gives a nod, and accepts the offered knot from Isa. "Yes, I do. Thank ye both, it is an honor." Since Isa seems to be formal, so too will Aidan be. And he bows respectfully to them both.

Isa bows back, surprisingly enough. "C'mon this way… need to show you the candidate barracks, and after that, go ahead and settle in and welcome to Candidacy at Fort Weyr." Cal lets out a happy bugle.

There's a little bit of shifting around of the knot he already has and the new knot. But soon he has things worked in the proper way. "There we go," he murmurs to himself. "Jus' tell me what I need ta do," he notes, with a smart salute. Yes, he's happy.

Isa giggles. "First off, don't start saluting me yet…" She notes. "I'm AWLM, not Candidate anything, although you'll see a lot of me if you do impress. This way, please." She motions towards the door to the candidate barracks.

Aidan chuckles as she instructs him not to salute. "Ah, my apologies," he notes. "Force of habit." He enters the candidates' barracks behind Isa, looking around as he does. This is one area he doesn't enter often. Matter of fact, he's never been in here before!

Isa steps into the candidate barracks, and she moves towards a bunk in the middle of the room, surrounded by one or two other candidates, but no one else for now. "This'll be your bunk, for now. Move your stuff when you have the chance, and make sure to keep your candidate knot on at all times." She says, firmly. She points at large signs on the walls. "Read the chore list information, the rules, and any other information up here, trust me, it's pertinent. Is there anything else you need before I go back out, eh?" She glances back to see if Ma'kai followed in.

Ma'kai had followed in, a smile on his face about the guard trainee being searched, he's happy with the choice. He nods along with everything Isa tells him. "Ah, no, I think that's about it. If you have any questions, Aidan, just come looking for myself or Kessa, I'm sure Isa wouldn't mind helping where she can. Right?" He asks the lady, grinning at her.

"Aye ma'am, sir," Aidan replies. "I'll certainly make sure I'm familiar wi' all th' rules." Gotta know how close to the line to be without actually breaking the rules after all. Disobedient? Nah. Just…adventurous! "Thank ye, I'll keep everythin' clear."

Isa sticks her tongue out at Ma'kai briefly. "Yes, I'm here if you need help. Anyways, I've got to go… duty calls." The apprentice-baker grins.