Fort Weyr - Lake Shore

This lake shares many features common to mountain lakes — a brilliant blue jewel nestled amongst the rocks. The waters are crystal clear, and the north shore slopes gently before abruptly falling away into the depths. The water itself is usually chilly — invigorating is the term the residents use.
This lake does have one significant differentiating feature, however. The south shore of the lake is a tumbled mass of rubble, rock and earth of an ancient rockslide smoothed only by the elements in the intervening years. This rubble, as well as the rather sheer east and west faces, makes for the north shore to be the only one easily accessible.

People: Tyrnal Ma'kai
Dragons: Garanth

Obvious exits:
Southwestern Bowl <sb>

It's afternoon in Fort and certain dragons like to get all squeaky clean all the time. And really, when you look like Garanth, you don't need any extra dirt and grime on your hide. So the weyrleader and his lifemate are taking part in the bath time ritual. Garanth's had a nice scrub down and he's rinsing off while Ma'kai dries off and attempts to warm up a little in the sunlight after having to splash around in fairly cold water.

Dragons might like to get themselves clean, but so do captive renegades being made to work in /stables/ all afternoon. Tyrnal isn't looking particularly happy about the chosen chore, either, what with the bits of straw clinging to his hair and a distinct film of dust all over him. He's followed by his guard, however. The man looking rather amused at the state of his charge. "You know, the /baths/ would be better! The water's hot there!" The complaint earns a glare from the guard, and Tyrnal just rolls his eyes a little bit, dropping down to scoop a bit of water up onto his arms and face. It might not be much in the way of a bath, but it'll do. For now.

Ma'kai can't help but grin and chuckle at Tyrnal being drug down to the cold waters of the lake for a rinse. "So, I was right about enjoying the stables, wasn't I." He says as he rubs the towel all over his head, drying out the water that got splashed into it. At least his shirt isn't wet since he'd taken that off before Garanth's bath time. "Is he still doing a good job?" The bronzer asks the guard. Yes, he /had/ in fact been getting good reports about Tyrnal!

Tyrnal gives a bit of a glare at Ma'kai, rubbing that cold water in his face again. "I /do/ my work! Doesn't mean I have to like it." And in truth, he doesn't. Really, who /wants/ to smell like manure? That's just not cool, and does not make one very popular. He shakes his head though, using his arm to rub dripping water away from his chin. The guard just nods a bit though to the Weyrleader's questioning. "Aye, sir. Doing what he's told."

Ma'kai smiles and nods. "One day, you might be glad you had to work so hard." He comments. In the mean time Garanth has been thinking now that his eggs are laid, what sort of people will br trying to become their lifemates. Because, ever mistrustful, he doesn't think /anyone/ ever will be good enough. At least these are his thoughts as he's swimming around in the lake. When he notices that there's that little human person always being followed by a guard up by his Ma'kai, he's quickly back closer to the shore; should anything happen. When he takes a good look at the renegade however, he's leaning his face in closer to the teenager. A rumble rolls through his chest as he considers the boy. "Humm, what's up Garanth?" The bronze had distracted him from a conversation with the guard after all.

Tyrnal quickly shoves wet hands into his hair a bit, trying to at least get some of the dust film and straw out of it. Of course, it ends up with him having even slightly dirtier, spiked back hair..but hey. It can't be helped, and he's /not/ about to dunk his head into the frigid water. There's a bit of a snort as he gets up though, rubbing at his nose and giving a wary glare at Garanth as the bronze moves in closer. After all, the dragons haven't been paying much attention to him, save for Kiri's green. And she's…quite a bit smaller than this one. "Yeah. One day I'll really appreciate all that wonderful manual labor. Ugh. Can we just get back to it, already? I wanna eat soon." The guard at least, doesn't have much problem with this, reaching to usher the boy away from Ma'kai. After all, it'd probably not look good on his resume if the weyrleader's dragon ate his charge.

When the guard seems to be taking Tyrnal off, Garanth is not happy. The dragon moves suddenly, quickly whipping his tail around to block the path, hissing at the guard in a very angry fashion. "Wait, wait a minute. We have to sort something out first before you can leave." Apparently a silent conversation had started up while Tyrnal was being weirded out by Garanth. And it continues with a few voiced word from Ma'kai as the two apparently fight with each other. "You can't… Because! No, just…. Would you jus.. Oh for cryin' out loud!" The bronzer flat out glares at Tyrnal then, though he's not angry with /him/. "Garanth says that no one will be moving from this spot until /you/ agree to stand for his and Choth's clutch, Tyrnal." Sorry guard dude, the dragon has spoken, and technically has the power to make good on his threat.

Halt! Tyrnal runs smack into the guard's back as the man stops short, grumbling a little bit and pushing himself away again. There's an eyeballing given to that tail though, and he follows it right back up to Garanth with a rather accusatory narrowing of the eyes. /Hey./ This is preventing him from /eating/ in a timely fashion! Though the weird one-sided argument earns a strange glance between guard and prisoner, before demands are being made. "What the..hey, don't look at me like /that/. I didn't do nothin'!" Lately. Though the demand itself earns a faint stare from the boy, and a jaw-dropped look from the guard. "..Uh…what?"

Ma'kai sighs and nods, completely understanding what the guard was probably thinking. But Garanth just doesn't like anyone, and if he was choosing this boy to go and stand for search, then by George, he was going to do what he could to make his lifemate happy. "He wants you to stand for search and present yourself to the eggs for one of them to maybe impress you." He gives the bronze a shake of the head then. "He's kind of particular about people, and if he thinks you're a good choice, I'm not going to fight him much. Are you?"

Tyrnal still looks..horribly confused. Really, this isn't computing very well in the teen's brain. Maybe eventually the wires will click together, but currently, things are just…sputtering in there. Though, there's something that he latches onto, after a moment. A in particular as he glances back at his guard…and then to Ma'kai again, jerking his thumb towards the silently baffled man. "Do I get to lose /this/ guy if I do?"

Garanth huffs at the guard and earns himself a very rare glare from the bronzer. Ma'kai turns his attention back to Tyrnal then and sighs lightly, shaking his head. "I'd have to talk it over with Kessa exactly what will happen to you if you agree to stand, but I'd say you have better chance of it than you do currently." And that's about the best Tyrnal's going to get for now.

Tyrnal takes in that information, brows knitting together for a moment in thought. He even looks at the guard again, frowning, with one hand absently brushing down on his still slightly dirty arm. "..Alright then.."

Garanth is satisfied with this answer and leans forward and wuffles the teen, making the wet hair go all swirly and messy like. Ma'kai sighs and nods. "Alright then. In the mean time you need to head back and finish your chores. I'll come find you when I know how things are going to be for you from now on." Garanth moves his tail while Ma'kai talks, making it possible for the guard and teen to go back to the bowl proper.

Tyrnal just..nods a little bit. Sure, he still looks confused,but perhaps a tad brighter..even if he does get a sudden gust in his hair. There's a faint 'gack' of noise, before he reaches up to cover his head, and then starts to shuffle off, with the guard giving Ma'kai a salute.