Part 1

Fort Weyr - Hatching Sands
The sands. The most prominant and possibly most important area for a weyr, this section of Fort is no exception to the rule. Completely enclosed from the outside elements by a high rounded ceiling, the golden white sand glitters under the streams of sunlight that manage to make their way in from the upper openings. Ledges abound in the upper areas of the dome, perfect for riders and their dragons to watch the action happening on the ground. At the back of the sands there appears to be a raised section of sand, built over generations by the golds who have laid clutches here, a couch of sorts for basking on while protecting their eggs. Slightly to one side of that, a small nook has been carved for the weyrwoman to take respite from the heat of the cavern.

===============================< Room Contents >==============================
People: Arkoss Kessa Tyrnal Aidan Ma'kai
Dragons: Garanth Choth

Eggs: Blind Notes of Madness Egg
Pearly Gates Egg
Fightin' Fo Ya Rights Egg
Colors in Motion Egg
Splattered Paint or is that Blood Egg
Flames of Fire and Passion Egg
Other Side Of Me Egg
Shrouded Emerald Isle Egg
Honkytonk For Your Badonkadonk Egg
And The Cradle Will Rock Egg
Freeform Innovation Egg

Obvious exits:
Entrance -E-

This time of Day actually sees Ma'kai awake and fresh from a bath after a hard work out with his lifemate. Garanth doesn't particularly enjoy leaving the eggs, but since niether gold nor bronze seem to like eachother very much on the ground, he knows better than to spend all his time there on the sands. But after both dragon and rider are refreshed, the bronzer has gone and nabbed a few candidates from the barracks to come and try touching the eggs. He would have grabbed them all but Garanth had freaked when such a large group had been assembled. He couldn't possibly keep track of that many at once! "Come on, don't worry, he won't eat you as long as you don't make any sudden movements." He says to the candidates with a grin. "Make sure you show proper respect to Choth too, if you don't want her eatting you either." He warns, still grinning at the lot. Garanth growls at them all and moves off onto the sands to where he usually watches over the eggs from, a good ways away from the gold.

Arkoss is one of the lucky few nabbed by the Weyrleader, which happened right before he finished eating. He didn't get that last bite! Whiiiiiiiiine. "Yessir." mumble. When Arkoss steps onto the hot sands, he doesn't flinch like most of the candidates do. Instead, he turns to the side immediately and bows to the clutch dam and sire, giving both a wary look. He remembers when Choth hatched, but of course now she's about twenty thousand times bigger! Arkoss turns his gaze to the eggs now, getting a close-up look of them before deciding which one he wants to touch first.

Kessa seems to straighten a little as Choth lifts her head up from turning a couple eggs, both rider and dragon at once noticing the commotion at the sand entrance. Kessa for her part, sweeps back her hair and tries to make herself a little more presentable and not like she's been baking in this sauna like cavern for hours already. Despite her attempts, some of her hair at the front still appears frazzelled by heat and sweat, but a smile is on her face for those entering. Ma'kai gets a friendly little wave as her eyes take in the gathered candidates. "Arkoss! Searched again! I didn't know!" She clucks her tongue and bears an accusing brow at Ma'kai, as if he should have told her about Arkoss. Nevertheless, she watches the initial gathering, leaning forward to get a better view. Choth, for her part, hunkers down around two eggs, generally opposed to anyone or any dragon nearing those two specific eggs - not that she's growled or shown any sign of this.. just her posture is enough to keep the candidates back.

Ma'kai grins lightly, moving over towards Kessa and knowing full well Garanth will keep a good eye on the candidates hesitantly moving towards the eggs. Is he going to help them? No probably not much. It's kind of fun to watch them squirm under the scrutiny of the egg parents. "Good morning Kessa. You look beautiful, as always." He says with a warm smile, a little shrug pops up from his shoulder over the look he gets about Arkoss. "You know now." He offers lightly. He settles down on the step along with her and eyes the paper work. This step looks too much like his table… minus the lovely goldrider that is. "Have you had breakfast yet?" He asks her while Garanth glares down at the people about to touch things he thinks they shouldn't be touching.

< Arkoss touches egg 1 - Freeform Innovation Egg >

There's one thing to be said about this egg - it can be interpreted thousands of different ways. Speckled, blotched, and globed with an array of all the colours in the rainbow as well as hues of black and white: one simply has to walk around the entire oblong shape to take in the full artistic view, which is why interpretations vary each time one looks at it. Yet if one were to study the seemingly meaningless splotches, they'd notice from a distance it pulls together an abstract form, a thought, an idea of free expression. There might even be a surfacing image pieced together by the rainbow speckles, though it does take the imaginative eye to spot it. The image could be said to resemble a side view of a man wearing a hat, whose tilted so that what extends from his face is pointed upward - and it could very well be some sort of musical instrument.

"Yeah." Arkoss smiles at Kessa, a little sadly. "I'm weak, I just can't say no when a dragon's interested. Plus, Celephath was upsetting all the runners in the stables and he wouldn't leave until I agreed." well, Arkoss doesn't know about /that/, but he assumed it was the case. Silly dragons. Taking note of two that Choth seems especially protective over, and also of Garanth's glaring, he moves at an egg a good distance away from both dragons. He moves to Freeform Innovation and rests his hand on the surface.

"I don't feel it, sitting here and melting in this heat-" she admits, holding up a hand to wipe away invisible sweat on her brow, "I'm anxious for a break mind you. I'll have to wait until Choth's done turning the eggs. She insists on me being here to make sure she's doing it right-" a hapless shrug given as she watches the candidates slowly drifting toward the eggs - with Arkoss in the lead since his experience likely outweighs the rest of them combined. To Arkoss himself before he nears an egg she smiles at him, "I'm glad you didn't say no! Because it's just a matter of time—" she encourages with another smile as she turns that look toward Ma'kai as he settles beside her. "So it seems," she nudges him playfully with an elbow, "you've got keep me informed on these things. I'm too long cramped up in the caverns to hear much news and Choth doesn't like telling me when she gets into her silent moods." A side glance goes to Garanth as she answers his last, "Not yet. Hoping to soon."

At the egg's introduction, Arkoss' foot starts to tap before he belatedly notices, and then its motion ceases. Arkoss smiles wryly down at its shell. "Seems like someone wants to be a harper when he or she grows up." he murmurs, rubbing the shell gently. The eggs aren't anywhere near hard enough to hatch, so he'll be careful lest he somehow damage the shells at this early stage.

Ma'kai grins at the lady and shakes his head lightly. "Well, whether you feel it or not, you always are." He nods lightly then. "Garanth doesn't particularly like it when I leave him here on the sands either. But stuff has to get done, and he'd rather be here with the 'defensless' eggs than with me." He watches as a few other candidates get up the guts to start touching eggs and nods lightly. "Well, just to keep you up on the ones I like then, one of our better guard trainee's got searched. Aidan, the one we had guarding Tyrnal a good amount of time. And oh one of the miners got searched." He rolls his eyes lightly. "A couple of the journeymen weren't very pleased, but he agreed so I backed him up. Doubt he knows about that though. Ah, Demos I think his name is. The guys' apperently keeping up with both candidate duties and miner duties." And that's all for the morning news. "Do you want me to go grab you some food? With these candidates here, I doubt Choth will be wanting to let you leave anytime soon." He offers.

Kessa bats him with a gentle swat, "Do not make my face get any redder bronzerider—" she gives him a grin as she lets her hand lower to his knee, resting it there as she watches the candidates, mostly Arkoss, make their introductions to the growing dragonets inside. "Aidan was searched?" She seems a little mirthful just then, "I hope he doesn't mind guarding Tyrnal even still. I hope with Aidan around and Tyrnal now a candidate, that Tyrnal can change for the better and realize the life he was on .. the life he was born into, isn't the only one available to him." She seems to sigh at that, absently leaning toward Ma'kai, before she lifts her face up to him at the mention of a miner becoming searched, "Demos? Oh. That's… hrm. Well, as long as those tunnels can be mapped without him around…" She sounds a little distracted by this last admission, as if her mind was already thinking further to what she had to ensure was still being done without Demos being there. At his last, she ohs, "If you'd like. Though I can say I prefer the company over food for the time being."

Arkoss flinches at some of the discordance evident within this egg, though his mouth twitches in amusement. "What a loud one you are." he murmurs. And even all the way over there, Arkoss still somehow manages to catch a few words that the Weyrleaders are speaking, and he frowns slightly when they discuss Tyrnal. He has a question he'd like to ask Kessa… later. Eggs are more important right now. He leans towards the egg, as if hoping for one final curtain. After all, some shows have the curtain go up one more time after the show is over, for more applause and bowing!

Ma'kai grins almost cheekily at Kessa. His arm slips behind her on the next step up and gives her a little squeeze. He nods lightly then. "Yeah. I hope so too. He can't be too bad of a guy inside, everytime I see him, he seems to be behaving just like every other sixteen year old I've ever seen. And yeah, I don't know how Demos is holding up or anything, but the last time I went down into the tunnels, things were looking pretty good." He smiles at her then and nods. "Alright, I'll stay then and when those two get sick of people poking around I'll cook you a good breakfast. I've been meaning to talk to you about something anyway. This isn't the place for it though." He says as he gives her a meaningful look.

Arkoss backs away from the egg now that it seems to be done with him, and he laughs. "Well that's certainly interesting." he comments to no one in particular, then moves to a nearby egg, And the Cradle Will Rock. He lifts his hand to the surface of that egg, resting his palm on it.

< Arkoss leaves egg 1 - Freeform Innovation Egg >

< Arkoss touches egg 2 - And The Cradle Will Rock Egg >

Kessa doesn't seem to mind in the least that Ma'kai's arm has swooped in behind her, listening to his opinion on the boy. "Hard to think he's only three turns younger—" she murmurs quietly as they speak of the renegade turned candidate. Her eyes bounce toward his face again from where they were distractedly turned upon - a cluster of candidates doing rock paper scissors (or a Pern equivalant) to see who approached one of the eggs that apparently garnered the eye of all three. "You'll cook? Do you cook?" She asks teasingly, "Not going to end up burning the eggs I hope." She does seem to consider his more meaningful look however, causing her to have a curious glint in her eye, paired with a bounce of one foot.

Arkoss flinches again, blinking at the eggs. "All of them seem to want to be Harpers!" he exclaims, then blushes as he realizes he's being pretty loud. Ooooops. Don't eat him please! Ahem. Moving about the egg so that it's between him and the dragons, he hunkers down next to it, hiding from sight. Nobody here but us eggs!

Ma'kai nods lightly. "Six for me, but still. He's not that much younger than us. Might be bad for me to say it this way, but I hope he /does/ impress out here. Give him a /diffrent/ life, a little more secure one at least." He gives her a mock offended look then. "I'll have you know that I've been cooking ever since I was tall enough to see over the skillet. Cooking got shuffled around amoungst the family just like the rest of the chores." He says with a grin. Garanth growls lightly at Arkoss for his outburst, but otherwise doesn't move. He's more concerned with this group that looks like they might break out into a fight over the egg.

"He still has time to change," she notes softly, but underneath her agreeable nod is still the reluctance to have such a person as a candidate around. That fight has been dealt with and she doesn't raise an issue of it, letting her fingers squeeze on the top of his knee as she considers Arkoss, "Harpers? Did you say they want to be Harpers Arkoss?" She calls out, sitting up just a bit to see over heads the one egg that Arkoss is currently at, "Why do you say that?" Back to Ma'kai however, she grins impishly at him, "You'll have to prove it then."

"Well, both of the ones I've touched so far seem to like music a lot." Arkoss replies as he slowly stands up again now that it's clear the dragons aren't going to leap on him and eat him for being noisy on the sands. He blinks down at the egg and shakes his head, though leaves his hand on the surface. "And I don't know if I like the idea of Tyrnal being a candidate either. Even if he wasn't one of those who attacked you, he was still /with/ them." frown.

Ma'kai nods lightly. He's not going to get into the argument either since they've settled on a conclusion for it. A grin is sent out to Arkoss then for his comments on Harper dragons. "Oh really now? That's, interesting. If you really have a problem with Tyrnal being a candidate, you're welcome to talk with the dragon who searched him." He says pointing over to his Garanth. The bronze is eyeing Arkoss, a brighter red than normal whirling through them as he regards the white-haired man.

When it all comes down to it, Arkoss is a wimp. Seeing a rather angry looking bronze staring at him with red eyes is enough to scare most people, nevermind Arkoss. He gulps and backs away from the egg. "A-ah, well…." he stammers, then hides behind another egg, this one the Shrouded Emerald Isle egg. You wouldn't attack me when I'm right next to one of your babies, would you?

< Arkoss leaves egg 2 - And The Cradle Will Rock Egg >

< Arkoss touches egg 4 - Shrouded Emerald Isle Egg >

Kessa lets her lashes lower as Ma'kai speaks to Arkoss on the matter of Tyrnal, or rather gives Arkoss the option of trying to argue with a red-eyed bronze. Not something even the young woman would want to do without the support of her Choth. To which, Choth has rested her head down on the sands, looking half asleep as she keeps one eye open to watch the candidates with. Otherwise, the gold isn't making as much of a fuss over the eggs now.

Ma'kai can't help but grin as Arkoss moves to hide behind another egg. Garanth probably won't be forgetting this particular candidate for a while as he watches him move behind one of the eggs as well. Ma'kai turns his attention back to Kessa then, knowing Garanth won't actually go after the stablehand while he's so close to the eggs. "So besides eggs, what would you like? Bacon? Pancakes? Bisciuts? Toast?" He can pull off the works with what he's got stocked in his nice new ice box and kitchen.

"I do hope you have fresh fruit too," she shifts in her spot, stretching out her legs after what looks like they've cramped up a little on her. "Though whatever you'd like to prepare is fine with me. Just speaking of it is making my belly ache." At this time Choth rises, like a pale aspiration out of the mists, or in this case out of the sands. She snorts heatedly at the three squabbling over the one egg and manages to get them scampering off. Kessa rises with a look of concern on her face, "Well then. I think that's all for them for the time being."

Arkoss blinks as a third egg has musical influences, and he looks down at it, distracted from staring at the angry bronze who seems to be focusing on him and him alone. Huh… maybe Choth was thinking of music when the eggs were being laid.

Ma'kai nods lightly. "Yeah, I've got some of those as well." He says with a smile. Garanth decides that if Choth can get up and run some candidates off, than so can he. So making his way carefully towards Arkoss, he snorts at him, a rumble of a growl reverberating through his chest. Obviously he isn't really going to hurt him, but the warning is made. The bronze isn't going to put up with this one any more for now. "Ah, yeah. I think that's about all they're gonna take. Arkoss, I'd back away slowly if I were you then High-tail it off the sands." He calls to the stablehand as he himself gets up from the steps and holds out a hand to help Kessa up to her feet.

Arkoss hightails it off the sands as soon as he sees the bronze heading his way. Yipes!

Part 2

Having sent a message to the barracks, those around would've been informed that Garanth is away from the eggs and that Choth was tucked away from the majority of the eggs. She's not even hogging any of them today, but seems exhausted enough to be snoozing with her muzzle on the tops of her forepaws. So Kessa patiently waits to see if any of the candidates take in the egg touching offered. It wouldn't be every day that the clutch parents would be so willing and the candidates had to get to know the feelings within to get more accustomed to them. The young Senior rubs a hand along her belly as she takes up a position on one of the gallery steps, the lowest one and closest to the eggs.

They had a choice in this? Tyrnal doesn't seem to think so, from the way another candidate is pushing him along. "Oh..come on. This isn't..I ain't /required/ right?" Alas, that other candidate is a bit bigger than himself, and the teen is muscled right onto the hot sands. Not a place he's completely comfortable with being, even if Choth /is/ snoozing. Hey. She could wake /up./

Arkoss is glad that Garanth is gone, he was definitely being growly and hungry looking in Arkoss' direction. Of course, it didn't help matters that a second bronze was /also/ angry at him that same day. what is it with the bronzes in this Weyr?! Bowing to Choth whether she's asleep or not, Arkoss goes over to the egg whose 'conversation' was interrupted, Shrouded Emerald Isle Egg. With a glance around the area, he sets his hand on its surface.

Kessa feels her back straightening and if anyone could see, the hair on the back of her neck would be standing up as she notices one of the candidates walking in, to whom such an ill reputation is paired with. It takes all the effort she can not to stand back up and grab him by the back of the scruff and boot him from these very sands. She seems to be expressing as much as her hands tighten on the bench seat to either side of her hips and her head lowers with a bit of a grind to her teeth. Though fortunately enough, she could pass it up as something else. A look is given to Arkoss for how quickly he resumes touching the eggs, and some where, she finds her voice to welcome the others, "Be my guest, come on in and go out there to familiarize yourselves with the eggs. Be delicate when touching though."

Was Aidan the only one who didn't have any bad blood between himself and a dragon? He's not pushed onto the sands - it would have been a tall order anyway, with his size! - rather, guided. He notes the bowing, and does so as well, bowing to whatever dragons are on the sands, awake or not, and to Kessa. Then he takes a look around. He sees Arkoss touch one of the eggs and tilts his head, watching for a brief moment. Then he looks around at the eggs…and his attention is caught by the fiery Flames of Fire and Passion Egg. He walks over to it - carefully! - and then pauses, hearing Kessa's words. He nods. "Aye, I'll remember that." He then crouches down to examine the Flames egg a moment. Then…he puts out one large hand, hesitantly touching the shell of the egg with just one finger at first.

< Aidan touches egg 6 - Flames of Fire and Passion Egg >

Tyrnal takes a few breaths once the other candidate stops pushing at him, and just..looks around. Well, he's already../there/. Shouldn't he touch /something/? There's still quite a bit of hesitation, and his feet shift and shuffle in the sand for just a bit before he does move forward. A wary eye is given toward Choth now and again, however, peering around the shell of the Blind Notes of Madness egg to look at her. Just to make sure. He raises his fingers though, carefully…tentatively starting to touch it.

< Tyrnal touches egg 11 - Blind Notes of Madness Egg >

Arkoss is experienced with egg touches, having gone through three candidacies before this one. "Hmm, that's a lot different from where I was born." all that green! He keeps his hand on the surface, frowning faintly. "Hmm."

Aidan's eyes close for just a moment, suddenly, as if something had flown into his eyes and he was blinking it away. It was so sudden. So startling. This is his first egg touching, so he isn't quite so experienced with these sort of things as Arkoss. He's kind of resistant to the seeming probing of his mind, at least for a moment; it's a reflex. He is a guard, after all, and isn't used to people - or in this case, eggs - going into his mind. But he doesn't draw away, no…he's not going to run from it. Mentally, he proudly draws himself up, presenting to the mind-voice in the egg his memories. Yes, this is who he is. And he's not ashamed of it.

Tyrnal certainly doesn't have any more experience with this sort of thing than Aidan does. And although his eyes do fall promptly shut at even the barest touch of another mind to it, he doesn't seem nearly as appalled by it as he had when there had been a full grown dragon in his head. /That/ was unpleasant. But this..well. His eyes open just a little bit again, head tilting mildly to the side. His tongue whets his lips, and the teen stays right where he is, halting those quick glances in the gold's direction in favor of giving his attention to the egg before him.

Arkoss straightens and lifts a hand to his eyes, rubbing them as he turns away. What. He's totally /not/ crying, shut up. He eyeshifts about, then another egg catches his eye. He pats the shell of the egg in farewell, then moves on to Honkytonk for your Badonkadonk egg, moving to splay his hand over its surface next.

< Arkoss leaves egg 4 - Shrouded Emerald Isle Egg >

< Arkoss touches egg 3 - Honkytonk For Your Badonkadonk Egg >

Kessa narrows her eyes on Tyrnal to the extent that Choth has lifted her muzzle from her forepaws, craning her big wedged shape head toward the said candidate, eyes flashing with flecks of orange and red amongst the green. Though, as far as dragonic kind goes, if a person was truly bad, they'd be chased off the sands in a heart beat. For now, the young queen allows the renegade turned candidate to explore his hands over the egg he's currently at. It makes Kessa sigh and roll her head to the side, "Alright…" she seems to say in a defeated voice. She notices Aidan's reaction though, giving him a soft smile for his surprised reaction, "Definitely something new and exciting for those who've never had the opportunity to touch eggs before. Some people say … when touching them, everyone gets a different reaction, but the feeling within is.. a hint of what the dragon behind the shell is like."

Aidan nods, dimly hearing Kessa's words coming from…somewhere that the egg isn't. "Aye…definitely new…" he agrees. "A bit disorientin', though…" he notes. The egg he's touching wants his saddest memory? Likely something he doesn't want to dwell on. But no, he's not going to leave. "…I will not run…." It's murmured under his breath softly, so that it may not even be heard. A man is more than the sum of his memories. But they do shape him. The egg wants to know? That's perfectly fine. What memories does it want? Aidan may not have had the hardest life on Pern, but he has enough sad memories for the egg. Rumble and flash your thunder and lightning all you want, egg! Aidan is not afraid! Matter of fact, he stays for a moment more, wanting to know more about the egg in turn.

Tyrnal blinks just a little bit, brow furrowing slightly in confusion. Even that bit of rumbling doesn't seem to reach him just yet. "What's..left of what?" Oh yes, the candidate is /quite/ confused now, even if he isn't really keen on moving away from it. The curiosity can't be helped, hand moving lightly against the shell of the egg.

Arkoss blinks a few times at this egg, staring down at it in what could be interpreted as disbelief. "Uh, thanks?" is it insulting or complimenting him? Shrugging, he keeps his hand on its surface, since it doesn't seem to be done with him just yet.

Tyrnal shakes his head. Well that didn't help at all. There's a small frown on the boy's face as he remains, trying to figure out what that…what anything was about before he finally does accept that the creature inside the shell…just isn't going to answer. He peels himself away then, fingers giving a light scratch to h is jaw, and then he rubs them against his clothes. That same tentative look is shot around the sands then, looking for any hint of danger before he finds himself rather nose to no—-shell with a strangely splattered egg. Huh. Still frowning just a bit, he reaches out, letting his fingers make contact with the Splattered Paint or is that Blood egg.

< Tyrnal leaves egg 11 - Blind Notes of Madness Egg >

< Tyrnal touches egg 7 - Splattered Paint or is that Blood Egg >

At least it ended on a high note. So to speak. Aidan moves his hand away from the Flames egg, and blinks at it. Then he stands. "…Hmm…this 'un's very curious," he notes. He moves to another egg that caught his eye on the first look around, the Pearly Gates egg, and crouches beside it. He pauses a moment, to examine the egg, and carefully sets his fingertips against it. He seems a little more confident this time, but he's still carefully measuring the amount of force he uses, since he doesn't want to break the egg. That would be unfortunate. And would make him dragon-chow! Doubly unpleasant!

< Aidan leaves egg 6 - Flames of Fire and Passion Egg >

< Aidan touches egg 10 - Pearly Gates Egg >

Arkoss wrinkles his nose slightly, shaking his head. Well the dragonet in this egg is certainly a character! Arkoss shifts his feet, sighing in exasperation, but he can't help but smile. Nor does he remove his hand, since it'd be rude on /his/ part to leave before it's done.

If Tyrnal looks a bit…spaced out..well..maybe he is. Or at least it seems to feel that way. There's a furrowing of his brows, and a vague sway as the boy rocks mildly on his heels, able to balance himself out a moment later. He blinks rapidly though, one hand coming up to reflexively rub at his eyes as he glances about. Well. One thing is for certain. The teen does not have epilepsy.

Arkoss sways in place, then suddenly lurches backwards away from the egg, looking almost like he's had one too many. For him, one /is/ one too many. Clearing his throat, he shoots a mild glare at the egg, turning away from it. Hrmph!

Tyrnal is still…so very, very still for a while. His own silence is oppressive, his hand lingering on that shell as the rest of his frame hardly even moves. There's a shuddering of breath, however, eyes closing..before scrunching tighter, until the teenager does at least wrench his hand away from that shell, both coming up to rub intently at his eyes. He's unwilling to say anything though, standing there..a bit lost for a moment.

Trial by fire! /OUCH/! Aidan seems to shudder slightly, and frowns. He's a bit defensive…who is the dragonet to judge him? But he accepts it; each will react differently. Perhaps this one just wants to see the good in him. There's a lot of that, so there's a lot for the mind-voice to see. Yes, he's a good man. Look at all his shining good! Gaze upon it, and marvel! Aidan gives a bit of a smirk. Not one easily daunted by something like burning like the Terran concept of purgatory, Aidan actually nears the mind-voice mentally. That's right, who him who you are, little eggie.

< Tyrnal leaves egg 7 - Splattered Paint or is that Blood Egg >

Tyrnal takes a few breaths where he stands, once again rubbing his hand against his clothing. Maybe the eggs have…some sort of icky film on them..or something. Or maybe he just wants to scrub something away, since he can't really wash out his brain. It's in a bit of a daze that he walks over to the Other Side of Me egg, more than a little hesitant now as he touches it.

< Tyrnal touches egg 5 - Other Side Of Me Egg >

< Arkoss leaves egg 3 - Honkytonk For Your Badonkadonk Egg >

< Arkoss touches egg 6 - Flames of Fire and Passion Egg >

Aidan frowns, but it's not a frown of displeasure. It's a frown of concentration. Aidan's fingers seem to move a bit closer to the egg, if possible, so as to touch more of its surface. He seems to like the mental conversation with this dragon-to-be, and wants to hear it all.

Arkoss turns towards the next closest egg, then narrows his eyes as he sees Tyrnal already at it. Hrmph. Moving deliberately away from the renegade candidate, he finds himself at the Flames of Fire and Passion Egg, touching it gently. As he does so, he flinches, lifting a hand to the top of his head as if to ward off some sort of attack.

Tyrnal is already cringing by the time that sound starts. He tilts his head, trying to block out at least some of the noise..although there's really no escaping from it. Not without yanking himself away. And since there isn't an ice pick being driven between his eyes..the teenager endures it for now, brows furrowing together just a little bit. He shakes his head after a bit though, letting out a faint sigh of relief. Well..whatever it was.. It's over now?

The frown on Aidan's face eases slightly, and he looks almost…comforted? As the mind-voice fades, he releases a breath that he hadn't even been aware of holding, as if awed, and pulls his fingers from the egg. He pauses, and looks around. Arkoss seemed to have made a beeline for that one egg…so Aidan moves towards it. The Shrouded Emerald Isle egg. He crouches beside it, examining it closely for a moment, and then places his fingers against its surface, too.

< Aidan leaves egg 10 - Pearly Gates Egg >

< Aidan touches egg 4 - Shrouded Emerald Isle Egg >

Tyrnal is just..plain..dazed. Dazed and confused. There's not much else he /could/ be at this moment, other than perhaps deaf of having a seizure. Thankfully, he's neither of those..just..standing in quietly dazed confusion. Wha..?

Well, isn't this egg just pushy! Having no problems with showing it what it wants, Arkoss shrugs at the egg, bending closer to it as it concentrates. Hmm…. "Not so rough." he murmurs.

Tyrnal's confusion remains. Questions! Questions everywhere. The teenager makes a face, pulling away from the egg..although not with the same intent as he had the last one. This egg…it's just making him tired. He shakes his head though, tugging himself away before looking around…and then just flees the sands as quickly and politely as he can.

Arkoss regards the egg thoughtfully, straightening and stepping away. Running his hand across his face, he absently wipes the sweat off on his pants. Eww. Laundry after this, definitely. And a bath, he's all hot and sweaty! Noticing Tyrnal leaving that egg, he moves over to meet that dragonet. What drove off the renegade?

< Arkoss leaves egg 6 - Flames of Fire and Passion Egg >

< Arkoss touches egg 5 - Other Side Of Me Egg >

This…is something different. Aidan closes his eyes, and frowns at the bittersweet tone to this mind-voice. Mentally, he pushes the mind, cheer up! It's happy! The dragonet is going to be born soon, and find the one who will be with it forever! That's happy! It just has to develop first, and then hatch!
A tragic past uncovered? Aidan is curious now. What kind of memories does this one hold, even before it comes out of the egg? How is that even possible? He'd heard something about that, but…didn't know much about it. Most of the knowledge of the ancients, aside from silly little tidbits, is beyond him. However, he's curious now. This looks like something he's heard about from some of that stuff he's read….

Arkoss flinches in a way totally unlike the other times he's flinched in reaction to this particular set of eggs, and he grimaces. No wonder Tyrnal ran away. Arkoss shakes his head quickly, trying to dislodge something, it seems. Wow, that's… interesting. He frowns at the egg.

Aidan smirks. "…Th' sun will always rise in the mornin'," he notes quietly, giving a sigh. He draws back as the mind-voice retreats, still smiling. That one was interesting. He looks around, observing how Arkoss flinches, and raises an eyebrow. Tyrnal had seemed a little disturbed over that one, too. It just makes him curious. But for now, he's going to 'talk' to another egg. the Colors in Motion egg catches his attention, so it's that one he goes to next, gingerly placing just the tips of his fingers on the shell.

< Aidan leaves egg 4 - Shrouded Emerald Isle Egg >

< Aidan touches egg 8 - Colors in Motion Egg >

Arkoss is starting to get dizzy, especially since this egg is doing its best to drive him crazy with sheer bombardment. Turn it ooooffffffff! He shakes his head again, a quick, jerky motion, and eyes the egg distrustfully.

Oh, a wily one, eh? Aidan gives a bit of a smirk here. After the sad egg, now a playful one! That's a good thing. Mentally, he plays along with the little mind-voice game, 'chasing' the presence that's touched on approaching his mind.

< Arkoss leaves egg 5 - Other Side Of Me Egg >

Arkoss sighs a little in relief as the egg finally goes quiet, and he moves away from it, eying it warily. No, he doesn't really like that one. Noooo sir! Shaking his head, he turns towards one he hasn't touched yet, moving towards Splattered Paint or is that Blood Egg.

< Arkoss touches egg 7 - Splattered Paint or is that Blood Egg >

Aidan jerks slightly, as if startled. But he chuckles anyway. He's willing to let the mind-voice that's just mentally pounced him to explore his mind. He doesn't play the same game of hide-and-seek, though. The presence caught him fairly, and he's offering his open mind as a reward.

Oooooh, pretty. Arkoss has to say, he's pretty easy to distract, especially with something shiny. The end result, however, leaves him puzzled. What just happened? Confused, he leans towards the egg. Hey. You. Come back and quit sneaking around!

Whimsical and happy. That's a good sign. Though hopefully the dragonet inside will be a little more serious and thorough. But since the mind-voice has retreated, Aidan lets his fingers slip from the surface. Now that that egg that has disturbed everyone else is open, Aidan decides to see what's so disturbing about it. He moves to that egg, and after examining a moment, touches the Other Side of Me egg.

< Aidan leaves egg 8 - Colors in Motion Egg >

< Aidan touches egg 5 - Other Side Of Me Egg >

/OUCH!/ Okay, now Aidan sees why this egg was so disturbing. Loudness is unpleasant, and with his free hand, he reflexively rubs an ear. Ow. But it's not too bad so far…so Aidan will stay with it for now and see what else this mind-voice has….

Arkoss tilts his head. Well, he did want it to try a different way of doing things, that's for sure…. hmm. He blinks several times, looking around warily, though he's willing to give it one more try. Hmm…. let's see…

Confusing mind. Ouch. Random things popping up every which way. Eek. Ouch. Then quiet again. Ha! That all you got? Ouch again. Aidan shakes his head slightly, though through it all, he chuckles. Whether he's a glutton for punishment or just curious, he stays with the egg, to see what else it's going to 'say'.

Arkoss hmms. "Well that's certainly interesting." he mutters, rubbing his nose. He steps away from the egg, though glances back at it wonderingly. Anyway, next! Let's go meet the one Aidan was just at. He moseys on over to Colors in Motion egg, hunkering down next to it to place his hands on its surface.

Aha. This egg brings Arkoss exactly what he's been used to for the first fifteen turns of his life. Arkoss shares in this egg's amusement, a small smile tugging at the corners of his mouth. He inhales deeply, then sighs. Ok, hit me with your best shot.

Aidan shakes his head as the mind draws away. "Only you know…" he breathes. And then he pulls his fingers from the egg again. He looks around at the eggs. One catches his eye, and he goes to it, examining the Splattered Paint or is that Blood Egg. A pause…and then he touches the surface. This time he's a bit hesitant….

< Aidan leaves egg 5 - Other Side Of Me Egg >

< Aidan touches egg 7 - Splattered Paint or is that Blood Egg >

Ah! A ninja mind-voice! It snuck in and grabbed a thought! What'd it grab? Aidan blinks. Sneaky. But he stays with the egg anyway, almost feeling as though he wants to 'catch' the 'thief'. Either sneaky…or just shy. Aidan wants to know which.

Whoa! Sensory overload! Yeah, it's doing its shiny thing again. Arkoss rubs his eyes, blinking them furiously as he tries to regain his vision of what's real instead of what's just in his head. One hand remains on the side of the egg, however.

Ouch! Assassin mind-voice. Not pleasant at all. Aidan frowns, and squeezes his eyes shut tightly. Evil thing. Well, he knows there are such dragons out there. Perhaps this is one of them. Nonetheless, he stays on, wanting to hear the 'end' of the 'conversation'.

"Hmm." Arkoss stands up, staggering a little as he's suddenly bereft of… sparkly shiny stuff in his head. He takes another deep breath, smirking to himself, then spots Fightin' Fo Ya Rights Egg, moving in that direction. Hi. What's your name?

< Arkoss leaves egg 8 - Colors in Motion Egg >

< Arkoss touches egg 9 - Fightin' Fo Ya Rights Egg >

Aidan smirks. There we go…a bit of silver lining anyway. Still, though, he's actually quite pleased to be pulling his fingers away from that egg. That's a creepy one, to be sure. He pulls back and puts some distance between himself and that egg. He finds himself next to the And the Cradle Will Rock egg. So…since he's there…he puts his fingertips upon the surface of that egg, curious at what it might hold.

< Aidan leaves egg 7 - Splattered Paint or is that Blood Egg >

< Aidan touches egg 2 - And The Cradle Will Rock Egg >

Arkoss raises his eyebrows at this particular egg. Well, ah, that's certainly, erm…. interesting? Sorta? "Hrm." he has a good idea what the egg is asking of him, it's pretty easy. "Ok, what else do you have for me?" he murmurs to it.

Wow…that's something to hear. See. Think. …Perceive. A rhythm, like that of a drum. Aidan almost swears he feels his heart trying to beat in time with it. It's thrilling! Aidan smiles, and 'listens' closer. How does this one go?

Igen, that's familiar to Arkoss. That's the second or third egg that reminded him of his birthplace. Well, that and the fact that he's standing on burning hot sands, also just like home. Ok, Arkoss gets it. Anything else, egg?

Aidan closes his eyes quickly. It's not bright, no…but seeing the world and feeling all that the egg is throwing at him is a bit much. A bit…overwhelming. So he tunes out the world for now. The world will be there when he comes back. The mind-voice in the egg will only stay for a short time.

What a performance! Aidan chuckles, pulling his hand back. There didn't seem to be anything majorly invasive there…did it learn what it wanted? He'll just have to wonder. So it is that he looks around again…and sees another egg that catches his eye. The Honkytonk For Your Badonkadonk Egg (can you say it five times fast?) is there, so he looks at it a moment, before his fingers make contact with the surface of the egg.

< Aidan leaves egg 2 - And The Cradle Will Rock Egg >

< Aidan touches egg 3 - Honkytonk For Your Badonkadonk Egg >

Arkoss's feet wriggle a bit in his thick boots, though that might be just because it's really hot here on the sands. "Yeah, you'll be free soon enough." Arkoss smirks at the egg. "Soon enough." he looks a little sad at that, then turns away to the next egg, Pearly Gates. He's almost met all of them by now, nice.

< Arkoss leaves egg 9 - Fightin' Fo Ya Rights Egg >

< Arkoss touches egg 10 - Pearly Gates Egg >

That's a switch. But it's a pleasant thing to experience. Aidan smiles. It's not something that he experiences often, and it's something to be savored. So he stays with the egg, to see what all it has to say about itself, and what all it wants to know about him, if anything.

Arkoss read a story about something like this once! What was that bird called again…? Oh well, doesn't matter. "Must say, this clutch of eggs is a lot nicer than previous ones, I haven't been attacked at least." he mutters out loud. None of these eggs seem, well… evil.

Oh yes. Now THAT is familiar to Aidan. Doesn't everyone have at least one person they remember thus? And Aidan chuckles. A self-assured mind-voice can be a good thing. The hatchling within might not be hesitant or scared at hatching. This one is…very comfortable! What's your story, then?

Arkoss lifts his eyes upwards, his brow wrinkling in thought. Absently he pushes back a lock of white hair, then he looks back down at the egg. "Well…." he trails off, shrugging at it. "If you say so."

"If you say so." Arkoss repeats, stepping back. It's not like he's calling the egg a /liar/ or anything, but forgive him if he doesn't quite believe it. He scans the eggs, making mental tallies of all the ones he's met so far, and then he notices the one he hasn't. Alrighty then. Time to go meet Blind Notes of Madness Egg.

< Arkoss leaves egg 10 - Pearly Gates Egg >

< Arkoss touches egg 11 - Blind Notes of Madness Egg >

Hmm…on second thought, Aidan's not particularly enamored of this mind-voice. Being drunk is not something he likes…and the sudden lightheadedness and wooziness causes him to sway a little, dizzily. He pulls his fingers away abruptly at the sudden snap. And he frowns a bit. He pulls back a little, and then looks around again. The Freeform Innovation egg presents itself, and Aidan takes the invitation.

< Aidan leaves egg 3 - Honkytonk For Your Badonkadonk Egg >

< Aidan touches egg 1 - Freeform Innovation Egg >

Arkoss chuckles at the egg. "Everyone messes up." he murmurs to it. "Don't worry about it, try again. That's the only way to succeed." he blinks after telling it this, looking a little ashamed. Right, maybe he should practice what he preaches?

"What do I have?" Arkoss looks puzzled. He's no harper, that's for sure. He doesn't know the difference between a quarter note and a quarter pounder with cheese. So he closes his eyes and thinks of his favorite song. Is that it?

Aidan blinks. A confusing one! But then…this one wouldn't be the only one that's confusing. Still…very obtrusive. However, Aidan's learning not to resist the intrusion into his mind. It's still a little tough at this point…but he does tamp down the slight urge to move away, and leaves his fingers on the surface of the egg.

Arkoss sighs. Well, that's it. Arkoss now moves away from all the eggs, standing back and looking at all of them with his hands shoved in his pockets. He broods over all the many different personalities he met today, and wonders. But then he's distracted from this wondering by the heat that's making him shift his feet. Hey, just because he was born in Igen doesn't mean he's invulnerable to intense heat. A wonder the eggs don't fry in this heat. With a bow to the clutch dam, he departs the sands.

There it goes, Aidan thinks. Perhaps the obtrusiveness was because it was frightened he would leave before it could learn anything? So it is that Aidan remains yet, coaxing at the presence in that egg. Come on out, Aidan doesn't bite.

Aidan pulls back, with a smirk. That one was eager to be heard. Enthusiastic, it seems. As the mind-voice retreats, Aidan pauses a moment, to look around. He mentally takes stock of which ones he's touched. Two left. He meets them, and he's met them all. That in mind, he goes to the Fightin' Fo Ya Rights Egg, and touches. Hello, hello!

< Aidan leaves egg 1 - Freeform Innovation Egg >

< Aidan touches egg 9 - Fightin' Fo Ya Rights Egg >

This one's odd! But not at all unpleasant. Aidan has never experienced anything like this one. It's…inspiring. Thrilling. Why does he suddenly want to dance? He almost seems to nod his head slowly, imperceptibly, with the beat. He wants to hear this!

"…How very true," Aidan notes softly, and smiles. He is a fighter, too. Where are we going, then? Can he make a difference there? Can he go with you to make a difference? To change what no one else could?

Aidan chuckles, pulling his fingers back from the egg. "…An' again…how very true," he chuckles. He gently pats the surface of the egg before he pulls his fingers away from it completely. A sigh. One last egg. Aidan stands a bit, and moves to the Blind Notes of Madness egg. He seems to have a bit of hesitation for this one too…but eventually, his fingers touch the shell….

< Aidan leaves egg 9 - Fightin' Fo Ya Rights Egg >

< Aidan touches egg 11 - Blind Notes of Madness Egg >

Aidan doesn't pay much attention to a fumble; everybody makes mistakes, right? He just encourages the mind-voice to continue, to tell what it has to tell, and learn what it would like to learn. He's not over-eager, nor impatient. The young mind may take its exploration at its own pace.

Aidan presents his own 'melody' for the being within. Not an actual song, no…but that indefinable something that makes people more than just lumps of flesh…the 'song' that just living sings. Here is his 'song', and this is how it goes. Does it harmonize with yours? What's the key? He doesn't go out of his way to 'harmonize', but neither does he try to create dissonance.

Aidan half-smiles, wondering if it found what it wanted to find to be pleasant or not. Though as the voice retreats, there's no way of knowing. Not until it hatches anyway! So Aidan pulls his hand away from the final egg, and stands, taking a few steps back from the clutch so he doesn't accidentally step on any. He gives a bow to the dragons and their riders. "Thank you," he offers respectfully. That done, he leaves the sands. That was an experience!