Fort Weyr - Candidate Barracks
Carved from a natural bubble in the volcanic stone, this cavern has room enough to hold around two dozen occupants in comfort. Set into one of the long walls is a natural hearth area, not as large as some but more then enough to warm the cavern. Before it lays an old, well-worn rug that's colors have faded over turns of being un cared for. Mismatched chairs, an old couch, and a few randomly placed floor pillows finish up the sitting type area where candidates can relax after a long day of chores.
Along the walls are stationed sets of cots and clothes presses with curtains dividing them for privacy, each made up to the standards of the Weyrwoman. The left hand row of cots is made up with coverlets of brown and trimmed in black for male candidates, while the right hand row is made up with a lighter brown coverlet that's trimmed in white for the female candidates.
Above, the soft white light from electric lamps cast down during waking hours, while basket of emergency glows are stored in corners around the cavern for use during power outages.

CRASH! BOOM! RUMMMMMMBLE! For a storm that isn't leaving so much as a speck of rain outside, the thunderstorm raging in the clouds above the Weyr is still more than alarming enough to keep those within the barracks, within, and those outside the barracks from returning. With little else to do, Polsie is sprawling comfortably on the beat-up old couch, stitching away at the pile of white cloth in her lap. Widget and Torpor are perched above her on the couch's dilapidated back. The little green's eyes whirl with alarm every time another lightning bolt comes crashing down; the little brown… has fallen asleep sitting up.

Lyana is perched on her bunk with a similar pile of white in her lap. There is less stitchery, though, and more song as she tries to keep the spirits of her faire of flizzen up through the terrifying storm. Every time the thunder rolls, her big bronze hisses challengingly towards the sky, as if daring the forces of nature to do their worst. The rest are curled up around her, huddling in piles of brown, blue, and even a little flash of green. Very shiny green. Uh-oh.

With a heavy sigh the nanny pushes open the barracks door, firelizards chattering and a basket containing something rather white and fuzzy looking. "For the LAST TIME! I am /not/ going to get struck by lightening!" Miki huffs at the brown circling irritatedly around her head. With each burst of thunder he shrills again, mostly at Miki and the green on her shoulder. Kyu just chortles happily with each louder noise. Finally the nanny makes her way to her cot, plopping down and scanning the room. "Pols! Ly! How's it going? Stuck working on the robes too?"

"Almost done," says Polsie, a little smugly. Her voice turns more regretful as she adds, "I wish we could make 'em more interesting, though. And just when I'd made a resolution to change my look, too!" A dramatic sigh follows, loud enough to startle Widget, who shrills a sharp note of disapproval at her owner. Who completely ignores the green's indignation. "You?"

Lyana eyes Coronet as he hisses yet again at the sky, not willing to get her fingers nipped at. "At least he's not yelling. You could hear that clear *between*." Lifting the shapeless pile of white in her hands, she shrugs a bit. "Didn't have much work to do on this, kept it from the last time I Stood."
Miki grins as she shifts the the robes onto her bed, unveiling a rather colorful array of ribbons. "Just a few more touches. But sewing gets so /boring/ so figured I could make some ribbon bracelets and such for the littles." Her hand waves at the plentiful material as she begins sorting through it carefully. "I think they might like it. Or at least they'll like the col—" CRACK! SQWEEEEEEE! Baru flaps his wings in aggravation and with an annoyed look the nanny has the good sense to throw her pillow at him…which he promptly attacks, cause that's dangerous too according to Baru.

"You got a white one, Miki?" inquires Polsie, peering over at the nanny. "I'm given to understand we can pull long hair back into a runnertail with one. And -" she makes a face "- *only* a runnertail." Such an indignity! The candidate stirs from her couch-sprawling, drawing another scold from Widget, this time for disturbing the green's tail. "Good gravy, Widge, stop with all the fussing…"

"Actually, long hair up in a bun makes a lot of sense. Sure is more comfortable, keeping the hair off of your neck when standing out on those hot Sands." Lyana nods, perhaps a bit sagely for a change. "I guess we could ask permission, would be less apt to get caught on things, too. And…." But she has no time to finish her sentence, for the fluttering of colorful wisps of ribbons have attracted the attention of the bravest of her faire, Coronet. Ah, something new to challenge than a storm one could not touch or fight!

Miki nods and throws a roll of white ribbon over in Polsie's direction, landing neatly on the other candidate's cot. "It's just for a bit y'know? At least you can get it off right afteSHARDS! Baru /why/ the pillow?" The nanny groans at the mess of feathers now strewn over her bead and floor, eyeing the brown now curled up in the remains of her pillow. "Remind me to get a neCoronet! Kyu!" As if Lyana's flit aiming for the ribbons weren't enough, it had attracted a curious Kyumin as well. Colors? Let's play!

"Thanks, and - OY, WIDGET." The acerbic green pounces aggressively on the ribbon, claws and teeth pulling strings and punching holes. "SHOO, SHOO!" Polsie's energetic flailing merely results in Widget squawking angrily, before her whirling eyes spot the bounty on Miki's bed. She zips over, with a shrill that sounds almost like a mocking laugh. "WIDGET! GET YOUR GREEN BEHIND BACK HERE." Torpor… continues to sleep.

ATAAAAAAACK!!! Coronet lets loose with a loud bugle, taking to the wing and diving at the pile of ribbons. Lyana groans, covering her face with her hands. And where the leader of the faire follows, even the more timid are sure to go—starting with a mischievous blue, whose eyes whirl more rapidly as he eyes the pile of ribbons. "Harper, not you too!!!"

Trouble? Kyu will be there! She has a knack for that sort of thing. So when the other lizards begin attacking the basket, Kyumin follows right along. But this one is taking it a step farther. She grabs a roll in her mouth before hurling it across the room, a trail of ribbon streaming behind it before it lands on another candidate's cot. Looking back at Baru the green chatters triumphantly. Instead of joining in the fighting frenzy however, the brown sits back, watching with excitedly whirling eyes, as if they were an army of lizard minions fighting against DANGER! "Oh Shards…Baru don't be all approving! Where's the danger paranoia when you need it?" The nanny sighs and waves her hands about, attempting to make them flee….but she's not getting close enough to scare, the flits were like a tiny mob, and she had /no/ desire to be bitten.

Pppppp-WEEET! Turns out, Polsie can whistle. Widget looks up at the sound of her mistress's call, eyes whirling, and for a half second looks like she's considering obeying the clear command - but then glances at the others, and returns to mauling a roll of bright blue. "Arrrrgh. Stupid bloody firelizards and their stupid bloody *tiny brains*," growls Polsie, finally getting off the couch and striding towards Miki's bed. "Someone get a spraybottle."

"Spraybottle? Spraybottle….don't have one." The nanny frowns as she looks around for said object unsuccessfully. And then seveal rolls of ribbons go sailing above her head, successfully entangling the nanny. Kyumin is apparently /very/ good at this throwing thing. Even as Miki attempts to untangle herself, the rolls continue flying past her. The nanny turns as she dodges one particularly heavy roll and watches as it lands on……Ruzara's bed. "Shells. Not /there/! She'll have our hides."

"Bother, I could swear there was one in here yesterday," mutters Polsie. She begins to stride forward, glancing around. "Where is it, where is it…" Miki's exclamation makes her glance over her shoulder. "Who'll have our - oh, Ruzara?" The Smith girl gives a loud, unladylike snort, turning back to her task of checking the side tables. "Why should we care if her sharding bed's getting mussed?"

At the mention of the target of the firelizards' antics, Lyana doesn't groan or whimper. No, she bursts out laughing, actually clapping for sheer joy. "Serves the little…" Insert unladylike curse here. "…right, it does. Oh shards, did it have to be the brown and black ones? Fort's colors, on -her-?" Now she really -does- wrinkle her nose. "That'd look better, say, on your cot, Miki. Or Polsie's."
"But if she sees this we'll have to hear her /whining/. And she set enough of the littles doing that in the nursery last week. Wherry headed girl….." There's a frown as Miki reaches to take the rolls back, but now Baru's joined in the antics and rolls of ribbon are coming in a steady stream. A few hitting Ruzara's bed and rolling on while others move over to the next cots. But Lyana's words divert her attention, "On /our/ cots? Y'know, I think blue would look good on yours." In a sudden burst of childishness usually reserved for the nursery, Miki grabs a roll of harper blue and throws it at Lyana's cot. "Pretty, real pretty!"

"Brown and black on Ruzara's cot?" Polsie glances over her shoulder again, grinning broadly. "What, do you s'pose she'll take it as an omen that she's going to impress that gold she's always saying she will? You shoulda heard her when we had maintenance duties together. All, 'When I'm Weyrwoman I won't make candidates change *lightbulbs*' this and 'Polsie, carry this for me, you need the exercise *anyway*, you're awfully chubby' that." Grievance runs through Polsie's voice at that last one. Grumble, grumble. "Serve her right if we let 'em make a mess of her things, if you ask me." Widget certainly seems to be in agreement, gnawing happily on brown ribbon, little green tush on Ruzara's pillow.

Coronet has taken up a rather large roll of brown and white ribbons, cackling happily as he flips it up into the air with his maw. However, this time he fails to catch it, Lyana groans as she watches the trajectory of the thing in slow motion, arcing up and over into one of the other candidates' cot. Yes, that's right, now other Candidates have new sleeping space decorations as well, ribbons strewn about in Fort's colors.

"Ah-HAH!" Polsie has discovered the squirt bottle - exactly where one might expect it, right next to an anemic plant sitting on the windowsill. So armed, the candidate ambles back towards the beds, and, smiling smugly, sprays Widget straight in the face. A furious squawk erupts, wings taking the green up and *between*, to pop out on the other side of the barracks, where she darts beneath a bed. "Hah! Lyana, Miki, mind if I get your fairs?"

After the few minutes Miki spends wrapping Lyana's cot in blue ribbons, the nanny steps back and surveys her work, "Beautiful! Huh? You found it?" There's a bit of relief in her voice as Miki looks over at Polsie and nods emphatically. "Please do. I need to send these little buggers ooooooffffff," another roll of ribbon goes sailing and Miki's eyes follow carefully as they land in….her cot. "Oh drats. SPRAY 'EM!"

Lyana rolls her eyes. "Good luck, when Harper and Coronet get going, they are difficult if not imposslbe to stop." All of Lyana's faire, though, is now busily helping Coronet with his self-appointed task—he holds the roll of ribbon in his forepaws, while the others proceed to snatch up the nearest streamer ends and fly about in crazy, off-the-wall patterns that seem to bear no relation to normal firelizard behavior. Still, this is -fun- they are having, what need is there of normal? Brown and white streamers bedeck Ruzara's bed, with Coronet finishing off his work by dropping a large clump of ribbons smack onto her pillow, a cluster that looks like… something far less savory. "Shards…"

One eye closed for better targeting, Polsie sends jets of water towards the various firelizards, with a chirper "Scram! Scoot! Shoo, all ya all!" Possibly, she gets too into it; the ribbons, and the bed underneath them, are quite damp by the time she's through. "… Whoops." Polsie gingerly touches one. "… If she asks, this was *absolutely* not my fault, ya hear?"

Miki giggles and slings an arm over Lyana's shoulder…or tries, doesn't really work out being so short and all, "And after I went through all the trouble to make your bed a pretty blue. Now you know what I clearn up after everyday." There's a snicker as her gaze slides in Polsie's direction and her firelizards give rather loud shrills before popping between. "Didn't see a thing dear. Not a thing…."

Lyana giggles, and rolls her eyes. "I got a taste of it the other day when I had nanny duty. Just like littles… when they're in high spirits, it's almost impossible to get them to listen to reason…" With the infamous 'them' accompanied by a jerk of her head ceilingwards, it leaves no doubt as to who 'they' are. More of her faire joins in the fun, strewing ribbons about at random, no seeming regard to colors whatsoever.

Polsie tries the squirt bottle again, but it is, alas, empty. "Oh, poot. Well, this has been…" A particularly loud *CRACK BOOM RUMBLE* fills the air, and Widget makes a green streak in the air as she dashes from under one of the boys' beds to land sharply on her owner's shoulder - "Ow!" - and bury her head in Polsie's hair. "Honestly, Widge, it's not gonna hurt you, you little wherry." Still, she gives the green a comforting little stroke, before glancing at the beds. "So, um." Pause. "Do we clean all this up?"

Miki looks around and shakes her head…approvingly. "Nope. Look at all the colors! It's downright beautiful in here. I think they'll like it. Entertain them y'know? Shake the nerves off." Riiiight. Honestly the scene looked horrid. But leave it to Miki to just notice the colors. "Sides…I think they might be missing me in the Training Complex. They gave me a break and I just kinda took off. Should probably get back…also need to get a new pillow." The nanny frowns at the mess of tattered cloth and feathers in her bed.

"Mind if I join you? I could probably use the excercise…" Usually not one to shirk her duties, Lyana is on her feet in a flash and at Miki's side, not particularly keen to court the Weyrwoman's wrath again. "You're right, it -is- colorful… wish I had a camera or something to get a picture of this, it'd be priceless! And thank you ever so much for the Harper blue…."

"I, but, my lizards didn't even - GUYS." Polsie looks, for a moment, like she's going to stomp her foot, pouting at them both. And then, abruptly, the Smith girl… smiles. Oh, how she smiles. "Aww, it's all right. You two skedaddle," she chirps, sweet as sugar. "I'll do the cleanup, no problem."

Miki looks back over her shoulder as she heads out the door, "I really did mean to leave it. You don't have to clearn up…..but um, suit yourself. Just lemme know if you need help. Got some things in the nursery that'll clean this up in no time." With a shrug the nanny hooks her arm in Lyana's and heads out the door. "To the training grounds my dear!"

Polsie waits until the door swings shut, then glances around the barracks. One slender hand lifts, fingers tapping gently against her lips. "Hm. Now, *this* will never do…" A long pause, and a smile spreads across the Bitran's mouth. "Time to, heh, clean up, I suppose." And she sets to work, whistling off-key as she makes certain… artistic adjustments.

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